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m x ''l'l.;t,T: "".'. -i
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We manufacture X. P. Lodge Banners
is per illustration given above, at prices
ccording to. quality, of materials and
trimmings,-ranging from $o0 to $7"i; silk
embroidered work from .$80 to $110; hand
embroidered bullion work from $111.) to
$200. Specifjcationsfuruished on banners
at any price desired. :: :: ::
I t
ft. Til S.
jl 1..
:J-''V- i A'v..,-' -,.i,t
1 G.U.O.ofO.F
work and pack baskets, and from that
place dozens of baskets, filled with
food and just as many bundles of
clothing, siioes, toys, dolls, brooms,
etc., would be sent into the homes of
the poorer people to gladden and
brighten their lives. Since then the
ladies have planned and arranged their
baskets at their own homes. Each lady
does her part to carry sunshine into
the nearest needy home- to her. There
has not been one single Christmas
since our organization, fourteen years
ago, that our baskets have failed to be
.sent out, filled with something to
gladden and to help. It was also de
cided at this meeting for each lady
to make and to bring some article, use
ful or ornamental, to be sold for the
benefit of the club. We are anxious
to have a certain, amount In our
treasury by February.
At the close of the meeting we were
ushered into the dining-room, where
a tempting Thanksgiving' repast
awaited us. A vote of thanks was ten
dered the hostess, Mrs. Campbell. Mrs.
M. S. Peyton and Mrs. Laura J. Har
lan assisted the hostess.
The December meeting will be held
at the home of Mrs. M. S. Peyton, G2
Lewis street, Thursday, December 26,
at o p. m. sharp.
MRS. G. L. JACKSON, President.
The. Meharry football squad and a
few friends , were delightfully enter
tained last .. Friday evening at the
home of Rev. and Mrs. Geo. WMoore,
92t. Seventeenth avenue, North, by
their daughter, . Miss Elizabeth B.
The guests began to arrive about 7 p.
m.; and were received by Misses Clark,
Frank;. French and M. Harris, of Fisk
University. After a pleasant chat in
the parlors with the hostess and her
parents, the guests, lead by Manager
Landry, entered the dining-hall, where
places were prepared for twenty-two;
In the room the decorations were car
ried out in Meharry colors. The
chandeliers were twined with crimson
and black streamers. In the center of
the tabic was a large T,eddy .bear
reined with crimson and black ribbons.
On each place-card was a brown-candy
Teddy bear attached with a Meharry
cravat. A large Meharry pennant,
floated directly above. The . following
menu was served:
Baked Turkey. - Escalloped. Oysters.
Potatoes O'Brien. Celery Salad.
Rolls. Butter.
Pickles. Olives.
English Plum Pudding. Vanilla Sauce.
Tea. Coffee. Chocolate.
- After you; have considered tne lily,
you are- convinced that the iove of tne
beautiful in nature and art Is an inborn
trait of man, which is approved of
and encouraged by man's Maker.
You can content your Little girl, may
hap, with ungainly garb on a broom
handle doll, but thla crushes back the
longing for : something better that
should generate loftiest ideals later.
Don't do it!
Let the "little mother" have a doll
that is shapely and a costume that
is as tasty as you want her to be when,
as the young lady, eh represents your
family in the social whirl of this so
cial old world.
Go to Phillips & Buttorff Mfg. Co.'s,
217-223 Third avenue, North, and con
sider those dolls and outfits for prices
surprisingly low.
Taste in selection Is the very oppo
site of extravagance. When you buy
tastefully you get your money's worth.
See our ."Diablo" games and wond-
der wrhy the world went wild over
Guess at the dolls in show window
and win Mie Columbia for your own
brood. Have , a happy Xtmas this
year and leave the next to care for
The Willing Workers' Club, ot
Kayne Avenue Baptist Church was
entertained Monday night, December
16,. by Mrs. J. W. DeWees. The programme-feature-being
a paper, sub
ject, "Kindness and Love," by Deacon
O. W. Stokes, followed -with a discus
sion and a vocal solo by President A.
u." Anderson, which was enjoyed by all
present. Those present were Rev. and OFFICE: I4J8 Cedar St., "West
Every style in Men's, Boys' and
Children's Clothing. The best
goods for the least money. Give
us a call.
$3.00, $3.50 and
The bestshoc on earth. All styles.
All Leathers. Also Ladies' and
Children's Shoes.
Corner Public Square and Cedar Street.
This snows a very popular design for
. U. O. of (). V. Lodges. Front made
sf white flag silk, l.anihreouiu, or Cur-
ain, of red silk. Painted in cold leaf
ind oil colors, back of red banner sateen
I" rimmed with imported gold lace, frinj.'f
tassels, etc. Hardwood pole, woodcro
bar, r-5 u cover ai.d holster. Prio-s fJ
t. '' the a15anners will $
made for any other orj-,-. 'on at san.4
prices, changing emblems ana lettering
to suit the Order. :: ?
Yot further information write to
National Baptist Publishing Board.
R. 11. BOYD. Secretary, '
'23 Second Ave- N Nashville. Term.
Captain Dobson acted as toastmas
ter and after speaking humorously,
yet sadly, because of having played his
last game, proceeded to introduce the
speakers 'of the evening.
liev. Geo. W. Moore gave the squad
a hearty welcome and instructive ad
vise. Coach Giles, of Fisk University,
talked interestingly on "True Sport in
College Athletics." ..
Dr. J. A. McMillan, of Meharry, gave
a sliort address on "Progress in Medi
cine and Athletics." Mr. Fhillips, on
the part of the team, eloquently re
plied to Rev. Moore's welcome, and
thanked the hostess for giving so fit
ting an end to the past football season.
Those present were Prof. Giles, of
Fisk; Prof. McMillan, M. D Meharry,
Hey. Moore, Messrs. Mozee and Games,
Dental '09; Manager and Coa'h Lan
dry. and the football squad, composed
of Captain Dobson, Messrs. Dickerson,
Phillips, Harris, Petty, Davis, John
son, rsapier. mitler. Foster. McDew.
ferry, Stevenson and Scott.
Mrs. J. C. Lott, Mr. and Mrs. O. W.
itokes, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Maddux,
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Campbell, Presi
dent A. L. Anderson, Mesdamea R. L.
.diles,- EL M. Lawrence, Rachel Thom
son, Janie Brown, Nannie Sinuns, Rosa
Moore. J. W. DeWees, Misses A. L.
Morton .and Millie Simms. Refresh
Jicnts were served as a final feature.
The club will meet with Mxs. E. M.
wrence, Thirteenth avenue, South,
Monday night, December 23.
Under the auspices of its lady
boards, Bethel A. M. E. Church ten
dered the pastor, Dr. W. B. Denny, an
elaborate reception on Tuesday night,
December 10. The joys of the occasion
were started off by the following pro
Song Choir.
Invocation Rev. G. L. Jackson, P. E.
Song Choir.
. Welcome AddresB in Behalf of City
Pastors Rev. N. Smith.
In Behalf ot Church Officers Rev.
j W. A. Anderson.
Solo Miss Annie M. Kucker.
Welcome Address In Behalf of the
Young Ladies of the Church Miss N.
Eva Murrell.
Each speaker vied In setting forth
Phone, Main 4J50-Y..
9 to I J a. m.t 2:30 p. m.t 7 to 8 p. m.
dr. j. a. McMillan,
Genitourinary Diseases a Specialty.
RESIDENCE: 67 FIRST AVENUE, S. Phone, Main 2595.
10-11- '07tf
A. D.McNairy,
Wood and Coal Dealer.
Wholesale and Retail.
Telephone. TYlaln SO.
Ut4 07lf
day school will render a beautiful
carol and recitation service.
The making up of the general re
port for Mount Olive Baptist Church
for the past year is already well un
der way. The deacon board of the
church will hold the last session on
next Thursday night, at which time
they will submit their final reports
and make recommendations for the
year. It can. be said that no
The Colored Teachers' Institute of ensuin
Davidson County met last Saturday better board of officers and deacons is
with a good number of the teachers to be found in Nashville than those
present. By vote of the Institute the having in charge the work of Mount
day of meeting was changed irom
second scholaistic to second calendar
Saturday in each month.
Superintendent W. C. Anderson fa-
the Dastor's cood Qualities and he re- vored the Institute with remarks
sponded in words well chosen. But touching chiefly upon
the best was yet to come as is shown tion. which is in all
Olive. They have performed, to the
man, their duty faithfully durins the
past year.
The Sunday school work of the
church will undergo some changes
the examina- the first week in the new year. The
the district election of officers will be one of the
by the menu here given: schools of the county this week. The changes, as the present incumbent,
Oyster soup, crackers, ham, chicken meeting was honored with the pres- Mr. Jas. E. Hurt, has already an-
salad, beaten biscuit, salmon salad, ence of Prof. Wm. Allen and Prof, nounced that he will not be a candi
plckle, celery, lettuce, potato salad, p. m. Green, teachers in the city date for re-election. It can be said
bread, ices, cake, fruits, coffee, cheese schools. The latter favored the in- of Mr. Hurt that during his period of
sandwiches. stitute with a lecture. He took for office he has administered affairs of
a subject" "Impression." He said, !he Sunday school in such a way that
DEATHS. among other things, that teachers the school has increaised both in attend '
Infant of Henrietta and Byron Folk, should live up to what they teach, pnee and finances greater than it has
G13 Seventh avenue, North.
Infant of Cecilia Matthews and John
Walker, 215 Kirkman street.
Charlott: Brown, 710 Joe Johnston
avenue, 30 years.
John Ferrell, corner Commerce and
Ninth avenue, North, 76 years.
Lottie Washington, 1717 James
street, 60 years.
Sarah Baker, 911 Blank street, 40
If ithey teach honesty, they should be since 18S8, so say some of the older
honest themselves. He further stated
that this rule must be adhered to if
we would make the Impressions de
sired in the schoolroom and in life.
As the teacher, so is the school;
and as the 'school, so are the
people. The fact further suggested!
that the work o fa teacher is far-
reaching, making Impressions far
members or the church Hopes are
being entertained that the board in
electing his successor will find an
other one as capable, as ambitions and
one that will have the interest of the
Sunday school at heart. The moving
of the Sunday school from the base
ment to the main auditorium, which
takes place next Sunday, the 22nd, Is
one, of the latese plans for Improving
The Nov.-:im
lis Whcatl-. y Club', was
home of Mi's. l!ini t
I.afayett' strict. Ojiiu
the members v
meeting vns fill of '
Mr ( tin of tho Phyl
held at the
CampLcdl, 104
i number qf
:h and the
t iv-t. Mrs.
H. T. G. M. CLUB.
Miss A. K. Davis entertained the
members of the H. T. M. Club, Sat
urday evening, December li. The
young ladies indulged in music and
pair.ts of amusement, after which the
piesidnit,-Miss Mollie K. Berry, called
a business meeting. .The Assistant Sec
retary read the constitution and by
law", of the club lor the beneFt of the
new members, Misses Lillian Bright
and Clotflle Chappellc. Those present
other than club members were Mrs. A.
G. Price, Misses Grace Lurlle Prir.H.
Matlie Bailey, of Dalton, Ga., and Miss
Hobb. The hostess served a delight
ful lunihfdu. The next meeting will
Willie- Page, of 1303
Saturday evening, Dh
hevond his to-dav. Should the early
William Whitside, Hamilton street, hmDression unon the young minds be the school and increasing the attend-
9 A irrAci I i n . t. I
J" jta.io. ot .an injurious nature men mere ance.
Jennie McMullen, 1124 Twelfth ave- jg begun the existence of an evil whose
nue, fcoum, u years. end is unknown and through a re-
Willie D. Pendleton, 612 Ash street, lapge of tlme amounts to tameasura
1C13 Patterson
be with Miss
Laurel stre:t,
cember 28.
Graves ren-l a i
n i T'lan'-'s ,'lving.
liev. T. A. Hurt, pastor of First
The Christ'.v.as work of the club was Baptist Church, preached Sunday. A
anard and ivn y ?-cirb'?r win oi goon many were out, and a collection
riMn ana or i.iV was raised
ror bas- The excitement caused last week by
rnn"T the se'in? a cuiious star, notwithstanding
ssevvo the cvstoM ot r'f.
scr.clin! to some dr-i vuv
kcts of fo-'d, rlnthin'i, "tc.
f.wt rt-''i, i he nembcrs and
Mn ls of V
fny Si b A, ,!
r '. wo-Id send ail urn
s : to the A. M. VI Sun
rv,.,;:. Tiny would meet
the vftin and clouds, hai erown lets In
ttr-v. T. A. t Hi' t is recbrter for The
(?!ob in CaU'-nder, and U a hvsth
pastor. jrNver'ii additions id Vh
Sarah Simpson,
street, 79 years.
Sheoda Ncal, 5S Maple street.
Pcarcy Robinson, Pearl street, 65
Henry Lee Kilcreose, 921 Ament
street. 1 year.
Robue Butle. 319 Highland street, 57
Infant of Ella and John Evans, 922
Overton and Archer streets.
Gertrude Fort. 40G Seventh avenue,
South, 14 years.
Johnnie Savage, rear 007 Williams
street, 11 years.
Sallie Parker, 216 Seventh avenue,
South, 22 years.
Wm. Seward, 108 Fifth avenue, S.,
39 years.
Aggie West, 1822 Batavia street. 32
Touise Walker, Vanderbllt Medical
College, 24 years. 1
George Sanders, 27 North llill street,
32 years.
Jas. Henry Davis, 24 Green street,
18 months. '
Dock Yearpdn, L. & N. Freight
Houw 3 ! years.
ble volume. Prof Green also referred
to the fact that crime in its various
forms often has its origin in evil com
munications and associations at the
time in our lives when our minds are
in their most plastic state.
Organ Voluntary Selected.
Processional Hymn, No. 73.
Opening Sentences.
Ceneral Confession, Lord's Prayer
nnd Gloria.
i Responsive reading of Tsalms 143-
"Venite Chant" Langdon.
Reading First Lesion by the Minis
"Te Derm I laud imms" Russell.
Reading of Second Lesson (Minis
"Uviyiti "TTnvk! thp herald aneel
Creed and prayer.
Hymn, "It came upon the midnight
Wmn ip. 78, "As with gladness."
The members of Household of Ruth
Union are notified to attend the quar
erly convening of the Household at
Odd Fellows Hall, Fourth avenue,
Xorth, Monday evening, January- 6,
2:30 o'clock, 190S. Each member is
expected to bring something toward
the table spiead.
Mrs. Callie M. Voorhies, M. V. G.
Mrs. Itosie Hoard, R. N. G.
Mrs. Josie Britt, W. R.
Mrs. Mattie R. Perry, W. T.
Nancy Tate, P.. P. N. G.
fin M dpcomtf vftttir " Christmas
AmX'M' nl tour
Mrs. Sarah Sinimons, who had been
quite sik at the home of her grand
son, Mr. James Ilowland, of Patter
son street, died last Thursday morn
ing and was buried Friday from the
Gay Street Christian Church.
Mis. Burton Campbell, , of Claiborn
street, is al le to be out again after a
long illness.
Otllce 'Phone 1271. Residence 'Phone 3443 R.
. 6. Singleton,
408 Cedar St UI6 Jefferson $t-
Dr. J
t 5
t s
ChUVfU h!HM 'r.M. A(V UlS (MM'
(WMdr ln Win

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