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Diamond Shaped Paper Garlands
';'" , View of Garland Partiy Open.
N O 5064-H. One of the finest, ilea taud most tffective
f decorations ever devised. It is made of imported tissue paper of
f a dark ''Christmas green,'' and red. Kach Garland is twelve feet
long when extended.
r.sj. rbey are easy to handle. When closed they occupy little
. spice. Their extreme lightness reduces transportation charges
y to minimum, thereby cheapening Cost to the purchaser. After
use they can be quickly closed into compact form and thws readily
preserved for future occasions. The possibilities of this devise
7-f are almost without limit. For decorating churches, schoolroums.
' halb or private residences, these Garlands may be used with the.
fi'K- effect," their flexibility permitting the carrying out of many
'"if different I leas. '
Price. Each Garland (12 feet in length) 10 cents, by mail,
K:S prepaid.
ti'A One dozen Garlands (144 feeti $1.00, prepaid. In ordering
mention No. 506-1-H.
Superior to any other material for producing a brilliant decorative effect.
More elegant than real Christmas green and k-ss costly to start with.
Is much cleaner: does not dry up and litter the carpet.
Can be ust d again and again from year to year for an indefinite period.
One investment will avoid the usual annual expense for Christmas
Beside using for festooning, may be easily made into various
designs -monograms, mottoes, letters, figures, etc. j?tj-
Three Colors: Solid Green. No. 3049-11; SoliJ White. No. 3048 11; Red, White
and Blue. No. 3015-11.
When not otherwise requested, all orders will be tilled with
solid green,
Price, per roll for ten yards, 25 cents, charges prepaid by us.
Owing to the lightness and strength of this festooning, it is easi
ly put into position, an I gives a harmonious and beautiful effect,
when wound around letters, ball, and other decorations.
Order Liberally. Nothing else in the line of decorative ma
terial will give auywhere near the satisfaction for the money in
vested .
$3.13 pays for I'O yards (13 rolls1, prepaid which will o, far twards maklna a large
church look dellahtful.
N0IE. Ihls festoonina bclna made of light tissue paper,
1ranspnrIallon, button be quickly restored by passing th? roll
should be joined together by Ulna
the ends with a bit of cord.
R. H. BOYD. D.
Preston Taylor.
Funeral Directors and
' Embalmers.
cakkia;f.s ron iiiue.
449 Fourth Arenue, Sortli,
Nashville, - - Tenn.
The Missirmnry and Educational
Union held their fourth Quarterly
Meeting at the Fifteenth Avenue
Church Friday, December 13. Quite
an interest was manifested in the
work of ithe Union. Money collected
for missions and education, $0.00. The
meeting adjourned to meet the
fir t Friday in' January at Mount
Olive Daptist Church for the election
of officers for the ensuing year. We
P'.vc thankful for the interest manifest
ed by soane of the District Vice Presi
dent. We hive organized three new
societies in the past month in the fol
lowing churches: Mt. Zion, Mt. Gilead
and Fir. t Street Baptist. We hope
other doors will be opened for the
women who are anxious to work to do
something; we appeal to the pastors
to help us.
Sunday, December 8, at the appoint
ed hour the Union held its rally for
Roger Williams University at the
New Building. Many of the pastors
wore called away at another important
fathering, but we had itbe foi'owing
brethren present, who helped and en
couraged iv very much: Revs Page,
Keil, Kenny, Ilaymos, the financial
nvent for Roger Wiilliams, also Presi
dent of our State Convention. We were
aiso' highly favored by having Presi
dentelect of the University, Prof.
.Johnson, pro-cut. Ho gave a flirting
address which inspired our hearts
rvo-'tly ar.d made u:-i feel that it is
food to be iXTC Th-st Baptist.
Chmch cho'r rendered excellent mu
re Notwithstanding the inclemency
r f the weather, the occasion was a
suec e:-3 and $10.00 contributed for the
sionai y
r 1-urch
following churches and mis
son; 1 tie? and friends were flu
Sylvan Street Baptist,
Missionary Society, $11.05;
Third Avenue
North .Missionary So
Zion Baptist. Church,
First Baptist Church Mis-
'Society, East Nashville,
may be somriui crusneo in
through the hands. Sections
D., Secretary,
Telephone 895.
$:i.fi0; First Baptist Church, $3.0,'); Mt.
Olive Baptist Church, $2.25; First
SMcet Baptist Church, $U)3; Mt.
Uctbcl Baptist Church. $1.00; Taber
nacle, $1.00; Kayne Avenue, $1.00;
Alt. Nebo. 71 cents: Sixth Street
Church, 50 cents; Fifteenth Avenue
50 cents; Friend in Chattanooga,
Tenn., $5.(10; Mrs. Lizzie Walton, Sel
ma, $1.00; Rev. Pago and Wife. $1.50
Pro. Huddles ton. 5.0 cents; Mrs. K.
Bred, 25 cents; Bro. Kenney, 25
cents, Sunshine Home, 45; miscella
neous; $2.07. Total, $40.00.
... 4
I.ightfeiot Lodge, No. 17, K. of 1 .,
iv ct in their regular session and had
their senii-alinual election of officers
- follows: .T. P. Porter, C. C; A J.
Bram-rord, V. C; A. W. W. Upslnw,
M. of W.; V. A. Potter, P.; A. L. Had
d'). K. of R. & S.; G. B. Dodson, M.
( f F, ; Dr. W. A. Reed, M. of E. A.
J. Bransford, Wm. Griggs, Trustees;
J. P. Porter. G. B. Dodson and A. L.
iT:ib!oA, Grand Representatives.
Adf or A. N. Johnson
Mis-s Willie M. Andrews-, of 710
Ewing avenue, recently entertained
1 ii'in.bcr of friends with a "linen
Lhnwe!" in honor of Miss Verna Mai
Bingham, who
F'cd Randal?
ThY present
was married to Mr.
on Christmas eve.
were Misses Verna
Irene Nixon, Susie L.
Mai Bingham,
'"!), ('ovii.e and Selene Teterson,
nUn Fvnns, .lennie anil Nina Porter
('(!d, Alberta and Maggie Stubln,
Vila vu ho Randals, Rebecca McCants,
M'.ry and Viiginia Whittaker, Aft
er a tempting lunch music and games
wei:e enjoyed by the young ladies.
Many beautiful articles of hand made
linen were received. Miss Radio
Alsup and Lucile Dobson received the
fir I; 1
(.Continued from Page 1.)
and, worse than all, criticised by a
number of our own Negro Baptists, I,
hope, sir, that you will not remember'
it, and so far my own brethren are
concerned, I believe their criticism
was sincere, for they had been told
that there was a Negro in the wood-,
fonle. '
"I think', siivsince knowing you soi
well, that you simply prayed for them:
as Stephen did his persecutors, say-;
ing, 'Father, forgive them, for they
know not what they say.'
"But, sir, 1 want to step from that
day to this day, and tell yon that you
sowed in better soil, and better seed'
than you .were possibly aware that
you were sowing. From that little be
ginning eleven years ago I have In
vited you here to see a plant located
on four large lots, six brick buildings,
four of which -we have erected with
our own hands. I shall not discuss
the first cost of these, for it was not
more, perhaps, than $25,000. But I
tell you, sir, that a wealthy syndicate
of Tennessee has asked me a third
time if our Board would consider a
cash proposition of surrendering our
entire real estate and buildings for
$50,000, which proposition I have not
even so much as laid before our Board,
for they would only laugh and say,
Tliis properCy is not for sale.'
'1 tell you, sir, that we have recent
ly taken stock,, and made out an item
ized inventory, which shows our stock
and machinery are invoiced at. $200,
000. 1 Hence from that little beginning
tne plates tnat you mrnisneu us,
the advice and encouragement that
you gave us eleven years ago,, took
root, sprang up and has grow n to a
riant that must stand valued in the
market to-day at more than $250, uOo.
'As a small token of our apprecia
tion, or pci haps 1 had better say, as
an attempt to convey to you some of
the gracious appreciation for allowing
u-1, the thin 1,700,000 Negro Baptists,
but now 2, 5011, (.)()(,) Negro Baptists, and,
if possible, in your declining days to
give to you the assurance lhat you have
to-day move innocent Negro children
asking blessings upon you and you
successors; more poor, yet proud and
ambitious Negro Baptist honoring the
name of J. M. Frost and his succes
sors, than any other one man in
Ameiica; to serve as a memory or a
sign, I to-day present to you this
e' eny woo I, gold headed cane. Sir, this
ebony wood will remind you that two
million Negro Baptists honor' the
name and appreciate the acts of J. M
Fiost and his associates.
"Tho gold upon this cane, sir, is not
presented to you for the intrinsic
value of gold, but because it is .the
purest 'metal known to civilization;
we desire that this. shall serve to re
fresh your memory that the hearts of
Ngro Baptists, and the gratitude
there in to you, is as pure as the gold
that, covers the surface of this cane
"You will notice, again, sir, that the
knob upon the top of this cane iH
round; that is, it is endless. The true
appreciation and the gratitude of the
two million Negro Baptists are as end
l' ss and as boundless as the circle that
forms the h- ad of this cane.
"We have had simply engraved upon
flie head of this cane five words
'National Baptist Pnhlishing Board
1 s;G. These hve words, sir. represent
five million piople (two million Negro
Baptists and three million followers)
Winn you shall at Figure examine this
engraving, do not think of the little
llvit of sp brick buildingv, the dozrn
or so printing presses, the binding ma
chinery, the boilers, steam engines, the
el-etric liar.t, stereotyping, the en
graving.-etc., .which are in them, but
think of, their meaning and read it
from bottom towards t he top, from
light towards the left, and you will
read, '1K!C, Board, Publishing, Baptist.
National. "
"We use th" won! 'Board' here, sir,
to represent n Christian organization.
We use tho word 'Publishing' to tell
'bat. this organisation is spreading the
glad tidings of a resurrected Christ
throughout the Failed States. Canada,
Mexico, South America, West Indies
Islands, Hawaiian Islands, Philippine
Islmds, West, Central and South
Coast Africa, calling the benighted
ons of Ham to awnke from their
long drowsy slumber, and get ready to
rr-unitfi with their brothers, the sons
of Shem and .lapheth.
"We use ho word 'Baptist' to tell
that this organization holds dear and
sacred tho same principles advocated
by .1 oh 11 the Baptist, .Icsiis Christ, the
Arostb' Paul, the Apostolic Fathers:
the same principles for which the
SMnts of tic mi bile and dark ages suf
fered martyrdom and torture; the
mini it Irs for which men wore public
ly whipped at the whipping vosts in
Ami'iirn; the sanv principles for
vhhh Roger Williams fl d from his
co'vfo' tilde lio'nc in Mi-'sachus'dt'-?nd
S'dt'ed in the swamp-; and wild'
of Rbod-1 Island: t.h" same princi'do?
for vbb-h tlr1 rnloriies furrlit. H"d
and suffered: tho same iviueivbs that
have made the rame of America fa
mous. ' ,
"We us" h" v.ivd 'National' to inti
ivat" to yoii t)"t a whole nation a
o.iiryrc j,, V,.S,-. nrincii)lc. us"
tne ionr comrin'u ngures. 1v.11;, to in
dicate the dar that these principles lie
;an to be put in book and pamphlet
form from the pens and the presses of
Negro Baptists.
"And sir, in my feeble financial
youth, I, their representative, leaned
upon you for support, which you so
eadily gave. As you are slightly on
the decline, and are liable to grow
more feeble as time passes, we desire
that you shall take this cane and lean
upon It for physical support, as I, the
representative ef this organization,
earned upon you for moral and finan
cial support."
After the presentation speech by Dr.
Boyd, Rev. Dr. J. M. Frost arose; sur
prised, bewildered and amazed, as he
did not know, until Dr. Boyd pulled
the beautifui ebony caae from the
look-case above his head, what was'
really taking place.- There was noth
ing in the first part of the speech that
would intimate what would occur; and
not until the cane was really being
presented did he realize that he was
the honoree of the occasion. Notwith
standing he had been startled and con
fused by this well-laid surprise, he ral
lied and his speech was a master
piece. He began it by confessing that
he did not know what to say. which
proved just to the reverse. He did
know what to say, and he said it with
the earnestness of purpose, and with
that true ring of sincerity that has
ver' been characteristic of him to
wards this institution and its man-
ement. He delivered the most time
ly, the most appropriate and the most
instructive response in accepting the
cane that has ever been heard in these
six years that the institution has been
conducting these exercises.
A beautiful part of his speech was
that while the work of the institution
and its great progress was due to the
management of Dr. Boyd, that its Suc
cess now and In the future depended
first upon the support by his constitu
ents; second, upon each employee per
forming his or her duty. In other
words, that the making of history now
meant the doing of the thing well that
you are appointed -to do, and that
'aeh employee was as responsible for
the future success of the institution by
the performance of his or her duly
correctly as was Dr. Boyd. He closed
by saying what we do now in the min
or positions we hold. Is just what we
will do in the fnture. should we be
promoted or find other employment.
The dosing remarks were made by
Dr. Boyd, in which he assured Dr,
Frost that he had put forth every ef
fort to keep any inkling of what would
take place from reaching him not
even the Chairman of the Board or the
Editorial Secretary, Rev. Ellington,
knew what had been contemplated.
$53.65 TO DAY HOME.
Result of Old-Fashioned Spelling Bee
in Odd Fellows Auditorium.
One of the most enjoyable enter
tainments of the season was the old
fashioned Spelling Bee given at the
Odd Fellows Auditorium last week by
Mrs. Preston Taylor for the benefit of
the Day Home. In addition to an
elaborate and up-to-now menu, good
old-time supper 01 barbecue and corn
light bread was highly enjoyed, bring
ing as it did to the older minds vivid
'lictures of times gone by and to the
vounger ones, keen delight in par
t-iking taking of tlm uriiicacles en
ioyed by their grand mothers. The
?h '!ii:s bee wrw the amusing feature
of the evening, the (many young peo
;ie entering into it with zest as well
's merriment. Every colored schoo
-f nieher learning In the city was rep
Cf the many partieipnnts all fell out
ire by one, beaten In the
"rime by me English word given
iiit to them by 'Prof. F. O. Smith,
irincipnl of Pearl High School,
1 11 til two only were left. Mr.
of Fisk University, and Mis-sl Mabel
r:tt, cf Walden University. It was
"illy seM, for when Mr. failed
'" y-M a word Miss Seott failed to
-pell the same. .After three trials on
liferent words with the same result,
"hrf. Smith clci-d the match and
'nno'mco'l one dollar in gold which
was to gn to the successful competitor,
ev-;ted to the Dny Home treasury.
Other inferos ting features of the
vcTvrg were short, forcefHl addresses
by Hon. J. C Napier and the Rev.
riT! "'en Taylor on tho necessity of
net only sustaining the Day Moimo.
'M't bunng a building and making this
r-nr'i nf pilling and caring for little
'hibben in our city permanent. The
amvTfr of the Home, Mr?.. A. M.
told of its needs. The
were Introduced iu happy
'errs bv Dr. .1.15. Well-;, the physician
f the Home.
The elite of Nashville- was present
Mi l t' e youirci r set added enjoyment
'o the pleasure by keeping time to
-tr:-jr 0f rnusle. Every one missed
h r-r?en( e of Mrs. .1. C. Napier, the
r i'leut cf the Day Home Clnb. who
vVt'n? Yvv n ether and relatives
!n V'.-vhingteii. but ;il felt the genial
Vmlly presnico of Mrs. I. B. Scott,
fi'C woct, womanly woman who pre
Mi-p.-!.'od over the club, and carried
n H ' b'.'iness during the absence of
This onteilain'-i'cnt was not or.lv
mrre'-efiil in fdvInT pie a si we and in
dorsation conrernlii": a cause that
I needs as--list-in re but. helped that cause
morally and financially to the
s m y a u
Dry Geciis cud Garpoi Co; v
Third Afenue, between Union Street
and Public Square.
Carry the Ssst Stoci q! Carpets,
j The Best Assortment ol Silks and
Dress Goods,
The Handsoaas Line o! Cloais
1 1 DeGrafenried,
U?-73-DaTE TftlL-R.
Strict Allfiiliod Faiil U tallies' Work.
FALU1NU. 430 Geda: St,, Naslwilla, Tenn.
7- 2-08-tf
Richard Hill
Pension Vouchers and other Impor
tant papers llxed wlih prompt
ness and dispat'h.
Is your life insured? Is your nous
and furniture insured? Aren't
you tired raying rent?
Office Tlioaf, Slain 18S1 Home 'Phone Main 3812,
Nashville, - Tennessee
The well known COAL DHYUJH
JAM E Mcr.OOPi;, i delivering co.il
daily whojesa e. (J tm at once and j,'ive
tne your order for the wi iter. OITicb 409
Kij:hUi AiK-nue North
'l.cdiate extent of $"3.fi5. what the final
r-fir't. will b- only the future can
tell, for on this occasion was started
1 t.lnn to bey a Tiny Home.
Words of praise of the lovely spir
ited woman who conceived this enter
?a:nn:ent and carried it emt so success
fully for the benefit, of tho Home at a
time of its groatest need cannot be
teio many or' too hili. There is no
trreater jny on earth to brine; con;
roit pnd mnrhine to an unfortunate
little one. This Is what Mrs. Taylor
has done.
Every one who so graciously aided
Mrs. Taylor in any way in making a
'iicfri ef the en'erta.inniCht has the
'-'nece tlnnKs of Mrs. Taylor, every
member of the club, a.s well as of he
little children of the Home. Th;i use
f the Auditorium for the entertain
ent was riven by Itev. Preston Tay
The. ChrisMuas yerei-cs of the Ten
nessee School for the H!ind were held
'or l,v nis lit, Dece.mber 2'.l, in the
chapel of the in.f titution. Tlie prtv
cram, which had been prepared with
care bv the principal. iMrs. Susan
,oy ably as .'; tod by Misscp Comp-
ton and Hunter, was a rare treat. It
showed careful attention by the In
mates of iho institution, and vns nn
enjoyable affair. Many (if their hearts
were made glad by the receint of'
presents and tolus f:nn. loved ones,
't wr.; puthetie to "--re them n-vs? their
hau ls over 'o've little token that thev
-,.1 ver eivr-i 'n t'"i! ..r(i t.he'r faces
k'ht. up with siriles of Joy and appro
"at on.
Mr. Abx. Rogers, an old Nashville
boy. Mho has figured conspicuously in
vrf' '-'sioval (ircles as a composer and
who for some time was with Williams
e V-11--V. pvci't a t n-t. of last wop'.
In tb" city. He is a baritone s7-r
of the best schools. He ran down f'o:n
Ncav York to visit, relatives.
- n itr Trriir M nm B im m mm uhiuluji
j aad'Saits.
I fVo7tf

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