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i ca
Fine Pariffine wax, ssorted colors; red. -white, blue, fireen
and yellow. Three s;zes furnished. Cut shows exact size of
ofeacl). ,
PRICES (Postpaid. )
No. 5071-H (See snial ist cut at siiie.) Box ei.miiins J6 can
i -fur 4uc . two Boxes, 6(c. .
No. 072-H. (See Sicond cut ut side.) Box contains .4 candles
for 40c. two boxes, fide
No. 7073-H. I See largest cut nt side.) Box contains 18 candles
for 40c, two boxes, GOc.
No boxes broken.
These Banners or Streamers nre made of colored tii-sne purer,
manv sheets in thickness and frinjied the entire depth A fine cam
bric ha-d extends the whole length to add totheir strength and to
"aid in putting ui. The letteiinR is in colors. The banners arc
each 8 to lltcet in length and 14 inches in depth, tan be used
either for inside or outside decoration, and ate very cflective.
.j ...'?.A7IWv (... 7TJ...7i W. JPW WAP
No. 5065-G-
"Merry Christmas.
Prlc. 60c each, postpaid.
Prlw, 60c each, postpaid.
No. 50G7-G-"Wclcome."
NJWT. M T' . r.- IJ , t III'' M l l I Vl.. U W li iTT.t-
' IW W in lk V I i.i,. ,U
'Happy New Year." Price. 60c each, postpaid.
Our Paper Bells and Santa Claus Masks
A New and beautiful room decora
tion which should be included in every
014 fit ordered. Not a picture, tint a
real bell maiie 01 many snecis 01 ussm-
papoi , so constructed tnat it cm lie
kleil into small compass .mi n
. i.. r . . . 1. .
again anrt ngain vie pur imi ii
styles solid red and solid white. Also
two sizes small and l i ge.
1 No. 5056-H Large size solid red be I !' 1-2 inches
ijr 1 ai d 37 inches in circunifen nee. Price, 25 Cts.
itch, postpaid.
No. 5057-H.-I.arge size solid white bdl, 9 1-2 'tidies
h'fyh fin d:t7 inches in circnmfcrence. Price, 25 Cts.
jach, postpaid.
V No. 5058-H.-Small size solid red hell 7 inches high and 25 inches in circumferen. e.
Price, 15 Cts. each, postpaid 1
f No. 50D9-H.-SmKll size solid white bell, 7 inches high and 2o inches in cireum-
crence. Price, 15 Cts., post pain.
Captain J. Milton Fasterling, of
Chattanooga, tbo Grand Lecturer of
the Knights of Pythias, will begin
his annual tour of the state, visiting
the various subordinate lodges in the
different cities, on January G, 1908,
at which time he will speak at Orme.
He will be in Nashville on the 2Cth
of February.
On the several other occasions thai
Captain Fairterling has been in the
city, ho has met with a very enthu
siastic reception from: his Pythian
brethren, and the present occasion
will scarcely prove an exception. Ills
Hrtures have also been instructive
as well as entertaining. So popular
in fact, ha- he proven with the mam
hers of the Order that at the recent
Innd Tope session hot was re
elected by .acclamation.
. -
The twenty-fifth anniversary of the
martiage of Uev. and Mrs. George V.
Moore was celebrated Friday, Decem
ber 20th, at their residence, 92G Sev
enteenth avenue, North. They did not
have a formal celebration, but they re
ceived the congratulations of a large
number oi friends at home and abroad
mil were the recipients of many fo-
krns of esteem. Among the pleasant
surprises was a beautiful set of silver
from the faculty and teachers of 1 lsk
University and their neighbors. They
also received a number of beautiful
presents from friends in the city and
vaiious part3 of the country and a
large number of letters of congratu
lations. They were married at the home of
Prof. Geo. L. White, the leader of the
original Jubilse Singers, and the fol
lowing announcement of the marriage
was sent out:
Wednesday Evcnina.Der.emher 20, 1SS2
At the
Residence of Mr. Geo. L. While,
Fredon'm. A. Y.
J'i'v. Geo. IV. Moore,
Of Fisk University,
Ella Sheppard, . .
Of Fisk, University Jubilee Fingers.
mother, Mrs. Sarah II. Sheppard, now
in her eighty-first year, and Mrs. Cor
nelia liohelia, Mrs. Moore's step-mother.
The Globe extends to these beloved
citizens and Christian workers its
hearty congratulations and best wish
es on their twenty-fifth anniversary,
and wishes them many more years of
happiness and service.
Walden University and Meharry
Medical College will celebrate Eman
cipation Day on January 1, at 10
o'clock , a. m. Preparations havo
been made for an Interesting program,
cons'sting of -appropriate vocal and
instrument a1 music by the Walden
hoial Club and the Meharry Quar
fctte, an1 orations by representatives
of the variou? departments of the col-
'ege, Law, Theology, Pharmacy, Lib
eral Arts, Dentistry, and Medicine.
This occasion from year to year has
been one of unusual interest and
orofit and is largely attended by the
frienls of the colleges.
All Styles and Prices.
Strong papier-
No. 5075-H. For Christmas Santa Clause fare
niaclie, painted face, lotitf white heard.
P Ice, 40 Cents each, postpaid; two for 65 Cents.
r M ran rnrfnci. sinii henrl ffirmin? n luMI-
. .j . j j .j j . . -
plete disguise. Pa pie--maehe painti d face, colored
cambric hood, long white beard.
. Price, 60 Cts. Each, nostpaid; two for $1.00.
If there is anything 'in the line of
Christmas goods that you want and can't find,
write us, as we have a complete line of Christ-
- , ' . v: v t.
mas goods.
dr Santa Claus Log and Brick Houses
Give the Little Ones a Nice Timo.
; 'I'
1,, ufciiiJi i!jiljL!.i:,ikJ!ii
1 A'
M 1 '..'!. I
... .1 .1. iu
'V. ..- ''v4:'3
No. 5128-H For Platform
Decorations. Size ol house is
b feet wide, 7 feet de p anil 7
f et high. Const' tin "flight
wood fianiew rk Ir nt and
both ends covered aith brick
p. 1 per Roof of loose boi'ds
c .vertd with cotton, the latter
oprinkled with Snow Spark e,
to Riv a frost effect House
trimmed with preen paper
festoonii.K. We furnish li."
sheets of liri k paper, sufficient
to cover one snle an ' t w end s,
and for niakintr chimnev; also
five I "tl sheets for door and
window H tels.aml f ur small
wind w- lie o tfit fur
Home after Jan. 1,
Oberlin, Ohio.
Mr. Moore was at that time a sen
ior in the Theological Seminary of
Oberlin, and Mrs. Moore, nee Ella
Sheppard, had just completed eleven
years of service with thy original Jubi
lee Singers of Fisk University.
As a member of this company she
traveled five years in Europe and six
years in America. She has sung be
fore Queen Victoria and many of the
crowned heads of Europe, and has been
entertained in the homes of Gladstone
and many distinguished people in Eu
rone and America. She has been ac
live in missionary and church work
and has been President of the Wom
en's Missionary Union of the Ten
ncssce Association 01 uongregauonai
I churches for the pat twtlvc years
Mr. Moore was the first pastor of
Howard Congregational Church, 0
this city. It was organized under his
ministry when he was a student of
Fisk University. He was pastor of
the Lincoln Memorial Congrcgationa
Church, Washington, D. C, from 1SS:
to is:i2. During this pastorate he was
active in missionary, evangelistic
charitable, temperance and Y. M. C. A
work. lie led a successful crusade
again.-t the Unit en sahons in Hell
Rcttoni, the lo ation ol the church
making it one of the best residence
of the Pi t'U't of Columbia
for five years Professor of
History md Literature in the
Dera'tnunt ot Howard
t,:8i25-H.-LrKe sheets of paper. siZl-:r;xR printed in color. A ik-Hc t in.itnti. n
For makn-K lojf .-amiiH wri"- ; ' f .. - s , u lf ,r ,.,.. s
lie 1 wide, 7 leet H inches deep and ( lii'i i iiicnes a.gn. . -
.'ol, ,1 I'rllllT. -2 WllKIOWS. KCII
Chimney I'apcr, and 111 1 nrc-
for buildiupa ne. hir me rooi
fi 1 s are to oc ueo, no. v . .
Ii Cotton battiiiB.etc. Price of out-
T is a deev ed
UUr l-Oe V-aDlIl novcltv.and
create Rrc it intenst at cni tstinas
rta binients or cnurcii imiv.hs.
n niccl put toj;eth r. s it can 1
, i ire- IDUS Of r.SOII ,11. will l 1 l I n
intention and tie a special ic
vV'irchitdren our I' i- r Ki stootnn can be
ilscS-.s shown incut el ewhere.
used i : connect on with the
itional Baptist Publishing Board,
R. II. BOYD, D. D., Secretary,
Nashville, Tenn.
fie was
In SS9 he tavcled extensively
through Great Ilvitain and Continent
al Europe. As a dfi'-git? to th
World's Sunday S Inol Crmvntion, lie
delivered an address in Citv Temple
London, on the ' Colored Sunday
Sdiool Work of tin UaitM. States."
He has been a delegate and speaker at
international g;ithe;ings of the Y. M.
C. A.. Christ i in End avor, Stud:nt
Volunteers nnd Natiotvil Co-iruil. In
1n92 be was appointed Field Mission
ary and Supei intendent of the South
ern church work of the American Mis
sionary Association, this l iing the siv-
tecnth year of his field service. He
is a trustee of Fisk University and has
lrn aclive in the work of educating
the rate. lie has held evangelistic
s'M'victs in most of the churches of his
denomination and in the schools ot the
South and has extended his labors
among the churches nnd sdiools of
other denominations. He has done et-
tivo service among the churches of
iho North in raising lunds to carry on
the work in the South.
Three children have brightened the
home of Uev. and Mrs. Moore two
boys, George Sheppard and Clinton
Fisk Russell and one daughter. Sarah
Elizabeth. Elizabeth U-nton Moore,
their niece, is a teacher of cooking in
the colored public schools of the
city. Their son, George Sheppard
Moore, is a graduate of the Colleg"
Class of Fisk University, IfiOfi, and is
iu his second year of study in North
western University, Medical School.
A unique feature of the family gath
ering was the pixseiice of M,rs. Moore's
The public schools closed Friday,
December 20 for the holidays which
' xtrnd to Monday, December 30.
A Christian program was rendered
nt the Colored High School Friday, the
20th, before going out for the holi
January 1 will be celebrated at the
schools also. A public program, in
eluding speeches, patriotic songs, etc
under the ausnices of the G. A. R
Post, at the Odd Follows Hall.
The musical and literary program
managed by Miss M. E. Kelly, under
he auspices of the Roger Williams Uni
versity Club. Friday night, Dec. 20th,
it the New Odd Fellows Hall, was as
Invocation Rev. J. B. Sprattlirg,
Vt. Lebanon T5v tist Church.
Introductory Remarks Purpose of
the Club and the Movement that
Prompted It Dr. A. M. Townsend,
Solo "'Some Day When Dreams
;ome True Mrs. inos. wingneid.
Poem "Transit ion" Miss Luella S.
Solo "Cast Aside" Mrs. Allen
Piano Solo Miss Minnie Fite, Nash
Solo "The Choir Invisible" Dr. T.
W. Stephens.
Declamation Mr. Early Johnson.
Piano Solo Mrs. W. A. Townsend,
Recitation "Progress of Madness" I
rs. Rebecca Johnson.
Solo "Dreaming" Mrs.
Pinno DiKt Dr. and Mrs.
Townsend, Nashville.
Solo "Dreaming, Love, of
Miss Mamie Foster.
Recitation Little Arthur
end, Jr.
Oua'Ptte- "The Maiden
niar-kbird" Misses Foster,
Hunnington and Gwyn.
Piano DiKt Miss Fite
TownsT.d, Nashville.
Penedi'tion R"V. T. N.
'Vthel A. M. E. Church.
A large and appreciative audience
heard the program. The general ooin-
ion is en" of tv-uhe for the mimgf
"nent nnd rartici'nnts in the prog-am.
Urfreshm'ts, were served by the local
members of the Club. Tho- University
colors, "nurpp and white." were to
' e sern here ami thee. A nice dona
tion was raised for the University. .
Mrs. A. M. Townsend and littl" son,
rthur, nnd Miss M. Fite, all of Nash
ville, sonit Friday evening, Saturday
-nd Surdav in the city. While at the
home of Miss A. J. Dew, they were the
recipients of many social calls.
A. M.
and the
and Mrs.
, ; . ' ) ;. i-
. ' : : 1 . . 1 ; .
m M mm
TjDc are prepared to make
all kinds of badges for so
cieties and associations a
prices that are as reason
able as can be had any
&!cj are made cf t!:e best
satin ribbon, svamped with
pure gold leaf and trim
med with imported gold
bullion fringe. ji
Elahoiate preparations ate being
made to crbbrato the E'irn'iivition
Proclamation Irre, January 1. Thh
oroTiii-rs to be the greatest tirn oil
of its kind in the history of the N'c
'irors of this section. Tb c' l -brtio '
encomtass's th? whole countv. AM
the chin cIks, with thir ch')i:-s, v,l!
join in the arrai". The mciting will
tal e rlace at the Mt. Zion Baptid
Chirrh. Dr. J. A. Jones, of Tu -no-
Mistitrt". and P;nf. J. C. M'Adams. oi'
the Pol lie S'boel, will deliver the
tirinci'al addresses. The students of
.Turner Institute will tip-n out and
render some rat'lotic selections.
A urand N w Year's Ibanquet will
take place out at the College at night,
eomplimmtary to the now students.
A holiday social and Chiistnns t'-oc
onteitainment will take ida-e at the
"olhge F' idav night, the 27th.
A number of students left for th-i"
homes to spend the holidays. Among
them were Misses Cornelia Battle, of
NashvilP: Malnl Hall, of Petersburg:
Valoe Pcnson, of Winchester; F.nmia
-avis, oi l'wisinirg; uoneria l-rier-son
and Geneva Cranberry, of Mt.
Rev. M. .1. Jaebson, the new paslor
of the A. M. E. Church, has entered
'iron his work with good cheer. He
seems 1 Pased with his work.
Manv of the tt a'hers are now -in
from their wtvk to snend the holidays.
Quite a tew contemplate eiiWrj-u.,:
Write us for j-ri::3 .md specifications
stating thz number of badges
ycu want.
National Bd;1ist Publishing BoarJ
It. 11. ilOYl). f
523 Second Ave., fi
WSIlVlllt. TtVN
Messrs. Hugh May ; nd 1-M. Whitta
k"r, of Nashville, wire the guests of
Miss Lor 11 Hi ow n umhy.
Mr. John Qualle, Jr., of Chattanoo
ga, was iu the ily Sunday.
Mr. Dan Alexander, of Nashville,
wa-; in the city Sunday.
Mrs. Mary Smith is visiting friends
in Nashville.
Mrs. Mattie Stenhcns. of
ga, was the guest of Mrs.
iairs Sundav.
Chat tan 00-
T. S. Wil-
MPs Matilda C.n-"",'A1ined tjja.
Ladis' V.W- .Mingly
Satin "iuess

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