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Washville Globe Office, 447 Fourth Ave.,
National Baptist Publishing Board. 523 Second Ave., U.,
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An extra large supply of these dolls has just been received, and if history repeats itself they will
not last very long. Don't be late. Get your doll in time. Keinenibor there are four different sizes.
No girl is happier than Avhen she has a beautiful doll.
Collier's Weekly, one of the greatest weekly papers published in the United States, in speaking of
ese dolls, said: "There is more involved than appears on tlie surface in encouraging little Negro
girls to clasp in their arms pretty copies of themselves. The white race dosen't monopolize all the
beauty and lovableness, and it will be a happy day when this is realized."
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Atlanta. Ga. -October The "Ti
mers" of Baptist College played the
second game of (lie season this after
noon with the City Y. M. C. A. The
"Tigers" .were greatly surprised when
they found the city team so strong. In
the first half the battle was hard and
fierce.;; but in the last half th'e city
Fooys grew weak, and the "Tigers" ran
'the score up to 27. The Marooner's
goal was not even threatened at any
-stage of the game. The principle fea
ture of the game was the hard tackling
by the Y. M. C. A. The "Tigers." as
usual, played great ball. For the Y.
M. C. A., Franklin and Marion were
-vastly, the stars. It is always a hard
job to pick A. B. C's stars. I think
"Vic" Turner, the Huberts and Wade
-were the stars in this game. How
ever, old "Sandy" Jackson, known to
many as "Kid Sandy," played great
ball and because of that I make special
mention of him. The "Tigers" miss
Dickson their old guard who is now
playing with Meharry. Of course,
"Gene" Allen, a former member of the
"Champs." and who is now at Howard
University, will be ever remembered.
Referee, Dr. R. II. Carter; Umpire,
Dr. A. T). Jones. A. B. C, 27; Y. M.
C. A.. 0.
After a defeat by Franklin last Fri
day G to 0 in which Franklin was
outclassed but won. the Tigers of Pearl
Hiirh met the Walden Cubs and de
feated them by a srore of 5 to 0
Wednesday afternoon.
Fifloen minute halves were played,
and it is due to this f;vt tint the High
shool did not score another touch
down. I
During the t'.rst half after an ex-,
change of punts and several rushes
Feari brought th bull to the middle
of the field. Two more rushes a forr
ward pass, and end run put the ba.ll
inside of Walden's yard Una. Time
for the half ended bere with the ball
in Fearl High'a possession.
During the second half by good punt-
inc and line rushes, the High School
brought the ball t Walden's 25 yard
lino, riere Allisom got around Bass's
end nnd had clear field ahead, but af
ter running fifteen yards stumbled and
fell. The High School then made two
fforta to crush the "Walden line and
ward pass from Hurt to Upshaw en
abled the latter player to cross the goal
for a touchdown as time for the half
ended. Hurt, failed to kick goal.
The Pearl School line worked in the
same magnificent manner that it has
in every game of the year and the back
field was there with the goods all the
The High School was especially weak
in handling punts in the back field,
and plunging the line with the play
ers a little too high. With the faults
remedied, the High School will be
able to make all teams of its class
hustle. '
In this game Walden was entirely on
the defensive and seemed to be out
classed. , .,
TheMine-up follows:
Tearl. Walden.
Upshaw ' ...I, E Dill
Summers L T
Whittaker L G
Anderson C Bibb
Caldwell It C
left tackle is on the field again. Like
most of the rest of the squad Smith is
in the game all the time
The team as a whole is light but fast
and as plucky as they make them.
Aside from the handicap in weight
which is regarded very slight, the boys
have a few injuries.' King, the mighty
left half, seems to be out of the game
for the season with a bad shoulder
school, had the following to say to the on the team, and to be without his
Globe correspondent: help in the game is a big blow to the
"It was one of the cleanest and hard- team. We are hoping, though, that he
est fought games I have ever wit
nessed. Both teams were keyed to the
highest pitch and played their best.
The teams were about evenly matched.
The first. half the State Normal played
in Tuskegee's territory and it looked
! as though a touchdown would be
Upshaw, Fisk's great hooter and right!made as Tuskegee's goal was repeat-
half has a slight leg soreness which is eiy tnreatenea.
Duncan R T Maclin
Carey, Allison... R E Morrow
Leach Q Trice
Hurt L H B Bass
Floyd R II B Alexander
Davis F B"
Officials : Referee, Mr. Randals,
Pearl; Umpire. Mr. Dobson, Meharry;
Head Linesman. Mr. Johnson, Mehar
ry; Timer. Mr. Davis, Meharry.
Something Doing on Bennett Field.
"Work, work, work!" and "unend
ing toil" seem to be the watchword of
the Fisk squad. Nothing is being
trusted to chance, for the men have
had it beaten into them by ceaseless
work and suggestions that fail 'Is on
the side of the heaviest batallions"
and that the heaviest batallion is made
not by avoirdupois, not by the process
of any Individual man, but by a dead
ly, accuracy and absolute precision In
.... . i
every little aetau or tne game; Dy
careful and untiring drill In the ma
chine like operation of eleven men,
links of the same chain and that chain
is no stronger than Its weakest link.
The "changing sled," "tackling dira-
my" and other little devices are not
snared their share of making up In
elding the individual links for their
Rreatest efficiency in this chain.
;Thft students wear the "smile that
puzzling, while McMillan, tackle and
Jackson, end, all on the right side of
line, are at present reminded that they
have legs by minor injuries. All will
be around perhaps by the Baptist Col
lege game on the 14 of November.
Clarke, end and veritable adamant
of last year, will be shifted from full
to left half, while Thompson, one of the
greatest toe managers oh' the checker
board of today, 13 expected' to don his
armor and do battle for Fisk at full.
Warner, McKissack, and Booker
Washington are bubbling over with
energy and desire to mus up their togs
on some big half back. In fact, the
whole squad, including some rugged
but unseasoned scrubs, are anxious
to do service under capt. stun, ap
pointed to take charge in the place
of King.
If no new Injuries result from prac
tice, the people or Nashville can ex
pect one of the hardest battles ever
ushered on the field by the passing of
the sun into the western sky. We
have a tough proposition and we know
it, because Baptist College is without
doubt the strongest; team west of the
mountains, and you may well search
their record for clean t football. There
s sure to be "something doing" on
Bennet Field.
"In the second half. State Normal
fumbled a punt and this enabled Tus:
kegee to get near their goal and with
only one minute to play Tuskegee exe
cuted a beautiful pass. In the next
play Tuskegee carried the ball over for
a touchdown. The game ended 5-0,
Tuskegee having failed to kick goal.
The Normal boys were highly enter
tained by 'the Tuskegeans and though
the city 'boys lost, it was in such a
hard fought conest that they can feel
honored by the fight they made."
Tuskegee is to meet the strong
Atlanta Baptist College team on the
fourteenth of the month.
Tuskegee Defeats State Normal.
Special to the Globe.
Montgomery. Ala., Nov. 3. The
schools in this district are as inter
ested in football as ever and it would
seem from some of the contests played
each one is represented by a strong
team. Last Saturday, October 31, the
boys of the State Normal School, of
this city, stacked up against the husky
representatives of Tuskegee.
Concerning the gam Dr. W. F. Wat
kins, who will be remembered by stu
dents of football lore, as the famous
"Watt" of Meharry, one of the best
AfP" now that Smith, the Quarters ever turned out by that
The game to be played Saturday, Me
harry vs. Talladega, will no doubt be
a good one as both teams are strong
and confident of victory. Talladega
comes with a long string of scalps
dangling from her belt, and is very
anxious to take the coming game
from Meharry. This would add pres
tige to the team. Meharry, on the
other hand, is compelled to take this
game to hold her place in the football
world a3 one of the strongest teams
in the country. If all reports are
true, she will have the time of her life
to down the boys from Alabama. The
team comes well drilled in the new
game, and with as fast a set of backs
as she has ever had; in short, noth
ing has been left undone to make the
team a good one. Meharry will have
to play some good hard football to
There seems to be plenty doing
on Bennett Field. Every day Coach
Giles has his boys out early carrying
them through a stiff practice, and they
seem to be rounding into fairly good
shape. His back field Is giving him
considerable trouble. He will have to
develop a new man to fill the place left
open by King, as it Is hardly likely
he will be able to play again thU sea
son. To AH .his place will be no easy
Job, for he was by far the best man
will soon recover, and that the public
will again have a chance to see the
big boy in harness. r
Despite the fact that .Coach Giles has
only light material on hand with
which to work, he will have a won
derful team. And when they play the
A. B. C. boys on the"; 14th, ' they will
present an aggregation that will be
hard to down. While the boys are
light they are also fast and, above all,N
they have that old Fisk spirit that i
will keep them fighting until the last. I
The Globe man was out several days '
ago to look at the team In motion.
While they are a bit . light they have l
speed to burn, and it is safe to say J
Fisk has never had ,a . faster team.
Coach Giles has also given some at-
tentlon to the forward pass, and it is if
a common thing to; see some of thef .'
boys throw the ball from1 ten to fifty!
yards. . . ' i
Fisk will play her first varsity game ,
on November 14; and until then it v,$tl
be hard to get a line on the team. But
there is no doubt but that she will be ,
strong, and that Fisk will still be in i
the running.
Simple Method That May Be of Use
to Campers.
(From the Scientific American.)
Perhaps some of your readers would
be interested to know that I have
found a simple, inexpensive way to
waterproof matches.
Into some melted paraffin (care be-J
ing taken that it was as cool as pos-
sible.) I dipped a few ordinary parlorJ
matches. After withdrawing them!
and allowing them to cool it was found
that they scratched almost as easilyi
as before being coated with the waxi
Several were held under water for.
six or seven hours and all of theiri
lighted as easily as before immersion.
When the match is scratched the par
afflne Is first rubbed off and the match
lights in the usual way.
Matches treated as .above would I
very useful on camping or canoelig
trips, as they do not absorb moisture.
Since more rubbing Is . required . to
light them than the ordinary match;
It would be practically Impossible to
set them on fire by accidental dropping.
failed. On the third play a neat for
n t vt. - ' w -l

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