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(X5O00OOO00OOOO0OO0O00O0O0O luncheon Monday in honor of Mr. and is thy victory? Death, where i3 thy
sting? He was assisted by liev.
Mrs. Isaac Fletcher, who left Tues
day for Indianapolis.
Little L. O. Fereuson. son of Mr.
DOQQQQQQOQQOQQQOQQQOQQOOOQ I and Mrs Ferguson, of 913 Eleventh
Mrs. Emma Battle, of 1723 Scovel avenue, North, who has been quite
street, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. i", is rapidly improving.
N. B. Easterling, at Chattanooga. Mrs. Anna Pendleton left the city
The Week End Pit Club will meet Wednesday for Chicago. Mrs. Pen-
dleton i a member of Mt. Olive Bap- N
at iiic iiuLi ui uiaaoo u voiv uuu 4u.umi i - - -
itiuoe, j.ixo ittuC1Wu once, uu xuvo - - r:v,j .itl, oTi-ot tnftm'rlofl
tvt qv n wi make her zutn summer soent in ruu-u6uu a,,v v.-
v"l-r . . I fJ nnA fair
Alts, muocrs iuajucn;, Ul HUW-p"" . . .. r.Vf-1, ,tn Knorl. h cVr
1 rnr, J cr.QH,'r.r V,Q maalr In I Pcv Wm TWlrhum Tl TV Field i lUllin. ui uue aoiccy uCu
tho Htv thP frnpst nf rp nt vfsa and Secretary of the National Baptist lliUlu lu,ucu. Ul -v...,
friends. Convention, will deliver a special lec-
HJT 'CVnnV T-... m. -9 I Innnln XTnn I hifQ hcfnra UTt C' ra iTionHcf SllTI.
1 ricHW Mro ITntt a P Stftwnrrt rInv.Bfhnnl nt 1fl a m. fiimdav morn- l "uc " uu L"c lcuuvl
In Memory of Miss Emma Densley
By John R. Robinson.
When violets bloom, and crooning
and sister, Miss Ophelia S. Alexan- ing.
der, of 1107 Stevens street. Rev. W. 'S. Ellington, D. D., has re-
Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah Hopkins enter- turned from McDonald, W. Va., where
And hoped to find it in God's far,
fair land,
God's good grace
For that strange port upon a dis
tant strand.
fice from $1,500 to $1,800.
File and Pension Clerk in Comp
troller's office from $1,500 to $1,800.
Assistant bookkeeper In Comptroll
er's office from $1,500 to $1,800.
Clerk to State Funding Board from
$1,500 to $1,800.
State Superintendent of Public In
struction from $1,500 to $2,000.
Salary of Clerk to Commissioner of
Agriculture from $1,350 to $2,000.
Members of the State Board of
Prison Commissioners increased from
$2,500 to $3,000 per annum.
Warden at main prison, from $1,200
to $1,800.
Physician at main prison from $1,
200 to $1,800.
Warden at Brushy Mountain, from
$1,200 to $1,800.
Physician at Brushy Mountain pris
on, from $1,200 to $1,800.
go. : ' 11
The purple blossoms nodding in her
For "Dear, I shall not be afraid, you
She whispered, "if I find my violet
And so in springtime when the vio
lets bloom,
And all the air is taden with their
Fond memory comes to sit beside her
lui, auu mi o. xouiciu iiuftwu milieu uvui luu-njuctiu. t . ia. t uw i . , . . n .
tained Mrs. Frank Porter and Miss he spent a part of last week attending wh ?,he shuld sail some tIme of
Ophelia Alexander at dinner Tuesday, the Baptist State Sunday-School Con
May 4. A three-course menu was yention.
served during the evening. Among Tne Globe takes this method to in-
the cuests besides the above men- fnrm Ua nntmno nnrl t.h eren era! nub-
tioned, were Messrs. Sam McCanse, Uc that Mn N. B. Callier, who was at 1 watched her at that time of sailing
rranit tjaiupueu auu jjchj. one time tne ssoutn isasnvme ageni,
Miss L. E. Phillip will represent is no longer connected with the
. the Normal Department oi tne Aium- paperi
ni Association or waiaen university tPv and Mns. MrRwinsr. of 1037
Wednesday evening, May 12. Her Sixteenth avenue, North, who have
subject will be "The Power of an been SpendIng the wintfir In paS3
ideal. Christian, Miss., have returned home
ut. j. w. ivxia, ui AJi, f0r the summer.
win preacn at uayers Di ouuu-j The mle son of Mr and Mrg j p
?!lLnA aS!Dr- & I5TJ, Iron, of 1115 Gay street, is up again,
Durumu xca.., .r- after two weeks of serious illness,
huw ncni vr 4-?l Z- Among the notable college presl
ciass unaeruoa xl'mnT.; dents who will attend the Educators'
reasonable. Call at Globe office, 447 ConferenC to be held In connection
rourtn avenue. with the Sunday-school Congress in
Mrs. Leminea Goodman died last T.. . t tv- n a t
Thiiradav nieht at the home of herHuue. 3. .v, ! RESOLUTION
.n rh an fVoodman 1226 TWrd av- aent i Auama K Al' MISS SARA H. LEEK.
Smith Her remains were car- lata. al. . . ... Whereas. The Almighty God in his I a Sunday-School.
...tww Misses uazei ana lviaiue . nmvMP11(,fl vafl cPpn fit to take 7. The Sunday-School: Its Rela-
m neiia Sanford left the citv toTuW. Baker and VIvla a.n Thef!8Ba from our midst Miss Sara H. Leek, Hons and Obligations to the Church.
Npw York last Tuesday. Clark were the. quests of Mrs. Chas. whQ a member of Brook's Chapel 8. The Duties and Obligations of a
,Miaa Carrie. Goodman, of 403 Lea H- Thome bunday. M m Church, and. Baptist Church to Its Sunday-School.
To Be Discussed Before the Fourth
Annual Session of the National Bap
tist Sunday-School Congress and
Young People's Chautauqua to be
Held at Mt. Olive Baptist Church,
Nashville, Term., June 9-14, 1909.
1. The National Baptist Sunday
School Congress: Its Origin and Pur
2. The Origin and History of the
Sunday-School Movement.
3. The. Modern Sunday-School: Its
Origin and Methods.
4. The International Sunday-
School Lesson System: Its History
And lay her fragrant offering at feet, and Influence.
5. The Bible: Its Place in the Sun-
IN MEMORY OF day-School, and How to Teach It.
6. How to Organize and Conduct
AH Styles and Prices.
it f
avenue, is very sick.
Mr. Berry Roberson, of Tremont av- "whereas Miss Leek by her devo- 9- The Pastor Place and Oppor-
l tut. c!mo"nn t? Waiver nf enue, who has been suffering with a
tr r rlntipo oa a nipmhsr and worn- tunities in the Sunday-School.
i II . (1 11(1 ill 1 i3. kJlLUVVU J.VI wv.t I - . . . ,iwWVMV-'WkJv-M-w ---i -
nno ctnnnri in the rft.v en route dreadful cold, is much lmprovea. . dennrtment from time to time. 10. Baptist SundaySchoor Litera-
hnmA to see his mother. Mrs. Lucy The rally at tbe Gay st.reet Chris' and by her Christian charity, won the ture: Its Authors and Publishers
woiw tw h hPPn t.n Chatta- tian Church on last founday was a .mirt,.T1 f hpr friM1(1s. ani(1 the H- Sunday-School Officers: How
nnnza to see his father, who was so thorough success. The excellent mu- , kh h she came in and by whom selected.
r-iur ni thru ha nassed awav. sic rendered by the choir was com-1 nntnt, aru, 12. Sunday-School Officers: Their
Mr. Wm Leonard had to leave his mendable, also the sermon on the ,whereaB We the members and Character, Qualification and Duty,
post of duty at the A. M. E. S S. "Foundation of the Church, delivered friends realize our great los9 and feel 13. The Sunday-School Teacher:
Union Wednesday on account of y the pastor, Samuel D. Cottrell. tnat such aiosS to us cannot be atoned His Duties, Opportunities and Itespon
Mr W. P. Phill'ns of 703 Sixth av
e'.i'ie, South, Is somewhat indisposed. lts debt
M'.ss Soph'a Overstreet was called
L..-n-e on last Friday to attend the
fiu-.eral of her sister. .
Mrs. E. J. Kennedy visited First
Ttnntlat Kundav-Rphnnl last Sundav
and delivered . a very interesting ad- v?;lker
dress. Mrs. Kennedy is the guest of
Mrs. A . L.aird, of 1917 Cedar street.
Miss Gertrude Mayberry spent
last Saturday and Sunday in Hills
boro, Tenn., visiting her parents, and
looking over the ruins caused by the
disastrous storm which visited that
section last week.
Miss Hazel Doyle, Messrs. Charles
and William Farmer, of. Franklin,
were the guests of Miss Estella Camp
bell last week.
Mrs. Jessie R. Whiteside, of 506
The amount raised is $84.00. This
will go to rid the church of a part of
1jv A
' ft
3 , VU
i r. : - r
w te i mm
Andrew White and Leola Talley.
John Foster and Francis Holloway.
Frank Patterson and Louise
Oscar Dibrelle and Llllie Hyde.
Henry Perkins and Mary Liggins.
Robt. B. Hatton and Minnie P. May.
Ben Sanders and Nancy Peebles.
for: therefore be it siDintie-s.
Resolved. That we think of her only me bunaay-bcnooi superinten-
as having gone to receive that reward dent, His Co-Workers ana Advisers.
the hoDe of which the Master shall ii. ine bunaay-acnool Teachers'
nronounce unon all those who love Meeting: How to Conduct It.
and serve Him, saying, "Come ye 16. The Problem of Sunday-School
blessed of my Father, inherit the king- Teaching: Whom, How and What to
dom prepared for you from the foun- leatn.
dation of the world." 17- The Sunday-School Library:
Be it also Resolved. That we ex- "9 contents, ana How Circulated.
tend our heartfelt sympathy to the i- music: its Lnaracter, Place
. !. . upland TnflnpnpQ In tho Hnndnv.SfVinnt
oereavea iamny aim our uuntru .-v, ... v.... , r
prayers that the comfort of the peace wesson ueviews: now to con- ail KinQS OI DaageS IOf SO
of G'od be with them as a source ot uu 1"CU1-
uruunifi me ounaay-scnooi:
TDc are prepared to make
iTVmcrlaac TnVino nnd 7,ofla P.hnrrh.
Salem Hughes and Parlee Abston. solace and strength and unfailing VJS
liiancne fiiuo
Quintard Walker and
Earlv Shelbern. 6 miles Granny Don't stop praying! the Lora is nign
White pike. 31 years. Don't stop praying! lieu near your
TloHa Turner Wntlrlns otrppt rrv
yuarry street, ieu monaay nigm, may 4) g God has promised, and He is true:
6, ior inicago io join ner nnsDana, Mare-arPt finndman 12S.1 Smith Col- Don't stoD Dravine! He" answer you
l r T11V TTTV,11.I a " "
ivir. naiyu vvuitcoiuc. 1pp. tropt
Mcwairy mu unuea rnmmve iiap- T, M wwt(1 fift1 onnth Tpnth r.n,-t ctnn nravin? for Pv'rv need.
tist bunaay-scnooi was visitea last Ktrppt 71 vpars vw stnn nravlne! the Lord will
aunuay uy tvevs. xv. awtui ami rar- ike Pratt, City Hospital, 26 years. heed:
tee. uev. issman aenverea an aa- Amanda Andrews, rear 16 Fifth av- No petition to Him is small:
UreSS. OTHie Smith 41 vpnrf TVin't etnn nravlntrl TTp'11 clve VOU
miss nura varruway, ui v,iain.- Dlcev Ashworth. 2843 C fton P ke. all
vine, renn., nas Deen visiting ner sis- 70 vears
ter, Mrs. b. J. Ferguson, 01 )16 wev- Tanes Evans. 407 North Second hwt. ston nravine when led to sin.
enth avenue. North. ctrppt Rfl voara. nnn't ,tnn nrQvinr that P-nrvd mav Their Character and Purpose.
Mrs. S. T. Shelby, who has been 111 Ella Com Howard. 1100 South win- 29- Children's Day: How to
Beveral weeks, is able to be out. street. 20 years. rhrist was temnted and understands: serve It
Mrs. b. u. Haraiman, rormeny or Martha Gilbert. 508 Fourteenth av- Don't stoD Dravine! He'll hold your 30. The Child's Place In Sunday-
tnis city, out now residing in urena- enue, North. hands School
da, Miss., arrived Sunday morning to j0hn Coure, Jr., 909 McCampbell 31. Bible Day: Its Claim Upon the
attend the Dedside or ner aunt, Mrs. street. Don't stop nravine when bow'd with Sunday-SchooL
Lane. Willie Barnes. 134 Fifth avenue. o-iof. 32. Country Sundav-Schools: TIow
Miss Sadie Washington, or Louis- South, 23 years. Don't ston Dravine! vou'll eet relief: to Organize and Conduct Them.
ville, is the guest or Mrs. Maria Jno. David Little, Murfreesboro Troubles never escaDe God's sight: 33. The Value of Sunday-School
Blankenship, 614 Fern street. pike, 20 years. Don't stoD Dravine! He'll make it Statistics: How to Obtain Them
Mrs. Alexander Talley and sister, Fannie Nelson, 213 Eleventh ave- rjffht 34. Sunday-School Prerequisites
21. The Cradle-Roll: What is It,
and How to Conduct It.
22. Primary Department: Who
Should Teach It.
23. The Sunday-School Home De
partment: How Conducted.
24. Modern Missions: Their Claims
Upon the Sunday-School.
25. Sunday-School Finances: How
26. The Adult Class Movement-
Men, Young and Old: How to Reach
27. Sunday-School Teacher Train
ing Course: Its Benefits and How to
Encourage It.
28. Sunday-School Entertainments:
cieties and associations a
prices that are as reason
able as can be had any
Tftej are made of the best
satin ribbon, stamped with
pure gold leaf and trim
med with imported gold
bullion fringe. a
Mrs. Van Vincent, spent Sunday in nue, North, 18 years.
Allensville, Ky., visiting their broth- Amanda E. Hyde, 1613 Mallory ave-
er, Mr. Albert Talley. enue.
Mrs. Alexander Talley will leave Infant of Julia and Robt. Richard-
the city Friday to spend a few weeks son.
in Smyrna as the guest of Mrs. Jan- Herbert T. Vaughn, 50 North Hill
nle Gooch.
Mrs. Dayton Jones, who has been
visiting her aunt and cousin, Mrs. M.
L. Work, has returned to her home
at Edgefield Junction.
Mrs. Dan Keeble spent Tuesday
street, 5 years.
Samuel T. Gooden, 1914 Cartwrlght
street, 37 years.
Don't stop praying but have more Maps, Charts, Blackboards, etc.: How
Don't stop praying! for pray we must;
Faith will banish a mount of care:
Don't stop praying! Gtod answers
to Use Them.
35. The Present Demands of the
36. Women, Young and Old, in the
Sunday-School: Their Opportunities
for Good.
Any Sunday-school or religious
Write us for prices and specification
stating the number of badges
you want.
The above is the text of the wom
en's rally next Sunday all over the worker may select and write a paper
Neal Webb, 64 years, City Hos- country in an effort to raise ?6,000 on either one of the subjects.
National Baptist Publishing Boar J
and Wednesday of last week at Oak ing street.
Burrell Brooks, 63 years, 1417 Hard
R. H. BOYD. 3ecY.
523 Second Ave, N-
Hill. She was delightfully enter
tained by Mrs. Charity Summers.
Mr. and Mrs. James Fletcher, of
Woody Cress, served a delightful
Maybe that Headache
caused by defective
eyesight or badty
Better See
C. V. ROVtflN, Fh. D., VI.,
Oculist and Jurist,
r4Hulll2, Tnnesao.
Jno. Wesley Charlton, 64 years, 26
Lafayette street
Jackson Collins, 31 years, 1015 Sev
enth avenue, North.
for the Baptist Training School lo
cated at Washington, D. C. MADE GOOD OUR CLAIM SHOWS
MUKfc MUlNfcY rUH o I M I C tw can Rhow hv aptun.1 rnnnt from vMIa fVlnhe Thnso llvlnp- onr nf tha
PLOYEES. 1 nnr ollhcrrlntlnr) hnnlro and malllnff I rtv eVirmlrt ccnil tnr camnla rvnloa
1 . . J I 1
oeverai salary increases were luiuo st tht u.Uh lh. vMon0 Smr(,5 nt Kaahvna nannia th
Henry Clay, 60 years, 45 Mill street. 5ii J?L ?i! o!nf,magSS rf conclusive that the Nashville Globe is Globe to their friends throughout the
read by sixty per cent of the reading united States. ou should do the
Dicy Edmondson, 71 years, 57 La
fayette street.
nearly $10,000 per annum. The re
cess committees this vear cost some-
r: rSZ. Z;a: People out of the 35,000 Negroee in same. Call and leave a subscription.
Sam Patterson, 92 years, 305 Third Z ni , rnpr m Greatw Nashville. We are now go- THE NASHVILLE GLOBE,
avenue, North. 1"1 Vxnpris The Trv increases inS to rnake an effort to the oth- 447 Fourth Avenue, North, Nashville,
u .(1 11. Tl . I FT-, r
-xv yci icut latvu LllK vjiuuu. kvc 1 x tun.
Saphronia Fisher,
Creek street.
month, 1256 nnthnHzpd fnllnw
Private secretary to thft Governor. can sena 11 10 ou 6 montns ror 4U
fmm 9 ((C tn $9 K(( cents; six nionins ior &u cenis. ine
Residence, 182
Jefferson St.
Clerk to the Stato Treasurer subscription price for twelve months Office Phone M. 4732 L
I from 12 t i JSo 'a l-50. We want lo Invite every cit- Reldenco 1'hoae M. W92-
1)11. S. S. I IIIUIII KS,
Mrs. Narcissa Reeves departed increased
thi3 life April 26, 1909. She leaves to Secretary of State from $3J0OO to izen ln Nashville to call at our office
mourn her loss a husband, three $3500 at 447 Fourth avanue, North, and
daughters and a host of friends'. The Additional clerk allowed Secretary leave a subscription for one year, six
funeral was held at Mt. Gilead Bap- 0f State at $1,500 per annum. I months or three months. It is lm-
tist Church, Wednesday, April 28. 1 Bookkeeper in Comptroller's office possible for you to keep posted on
TIia nastor. Rev. Robert Pae offlci- from $) ftfin in inn I tho lmnnpnlntra rf n oront rfv Ilka
ated. His text was "O grave, where Warrant Clerk in Comptroller's of-' Nashville unless you read the Nash- N.Cherry St., Sashv lie, Tenn.
Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon,
Rnm S First Floor, Odd Felisws Hall.
Office Hrs. o 11 a.m . 3 104 p.m. 7 to 8 p. m

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