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There have been several important
visitors in our town for the past
week. Among them were Dr. T. It.
Robinson, of Virginia; Mrs. Miller, of
Knoxville, and several others.
The Odd Fellows are building a hall
which will be more accommodating to
them than the old one.
Dr. I. H. Hampton will move his
office to the Odd Fellows' hall in a
few weeks.
The City High School will open in
September. A practicable Normal
course will be taught.
Mr. J. S. Bonner and Rev. Wm. Rey
nolds are still supplying the wants of
the people in the grocery line.
Todd, Hacher and Dismukes are still
furnishing plenty refreshments for
thoe who May call on turin
Bright, Washingtons and Taylor are
still having much success in their
boarding and soft drink department
The Colored Fair of Lincoln County
will begin on the 27th of this month.
Mr. Brit Buchanan, Alonzo Com
mons and John McCotney are over
run in work in their blacksmith
Rev. Johnson (the house contrac
tor) is now constructing a beautiful
mansion, which will be one of the
most costly houses in the city.
Mr. Edd Robinson, the finished plas
terer and brick mason, is now doing
some work in Spon's Hotel.
Mr. Joe Carter is now doing some
desirable work on the new school
Miss Maude White is yet confined to
her bed and has been for two months.
Rev. Greggs is now preparing for
annual conference. Get ready and
help the good cause.
Rev. Bedford is now preparing to
meet the Association which convenes
at McMinnville.
Rev. R. H. Goodloe has gotten some
what over with his nervousness.
The picnic and barbecue given by
Richard Allen Lodge No. 74 K. of P.
Friday and Saturday, August 13 and
14, was from all viewpoints a marked
success. The members are now con
sidering the advisibility of having
those dates set aside for their annual
outing. Music was furnished by the
Waverly String Band.
The Waverly Baseball Team played
a series of three games with the Cen
terville, Tenn. The Centerville Team
took two out of the three games.
Chattanooga Saturday in company
with Rev. Wm. Christian to spend the
Mr. Frank Benton, of Oinie, was
here this week.
Rev. Mr. Lindsey preached at the
Cement Plant last Sunday night to
an appreciative audience.
Mrs. Elnora Burrell, of Montgomery,
Ala,, will leave for her home in a few
Quite a number of Columbians left
last week for Chicago.
Miss Arizona Wyatt, of Birming
ham, is visiting Miss Mildred Dillard,
of High street.
Will Marshal was drowned Monday
afternoon in Duck River. He was a
faithful member of St. Paul A. M. E.
Church and Sunday-school. His fun
eral was held at that church Wednes
day at 2 o'clock.
Mrs. Laura Brown, of C53 Bass
street, Nashville, was here this week
to attend the funeral of her uncle, Alex
Jones, who died Sunday, 15th. His
funeral was held at First Baptist
Mr. James Gorden is visiting his sis
ter, Mrs. P. Nelson, in Chicago.
Prof. J. W. Johnson was in the city
this week.
Mrs. J. H. Slatten is visiting rela
tives in Arkansas.
Miss Nola Bills has gone to Wil
liamsport to assist Miss Ella Collens
in teaching.
Mrs. Lottie Chanault, of Gallatin,
passed through here last Monday in
route to Mt. Pleasant to visit Mrs.
The Presbyterian Sunday-school had
their picnic in the beautiful lawn in
front of Mr. Felix Webster's home
on the Williamsport pike.
Miss Lizzie Bradshaw, of 6 Glade
street, was quietly married Sunday
evening at her home to Mr. McCon-
nico, of Theta, Tenn.
Dr. Jones also says that in his opin
ion, much harm has been done by the
continued agitation of the subject; that
the tone of many letters from parents
and former students indicate that they
are waiting for the matter to be set
tled before they can decide what to
do. Although most of the room in the
building has been engaged for the
coming session.
Dr. W. Sampson Brooks and his wife
are spending a few weeks of rest and
recreation on Turner Normal campus.
Others are expected soon from Nash
ville. It is Dr. Jones' aim to make
Turner Normal a pleasant summer re
sort for colored people.
Rev. George Dartis, of Nashville, is
spending a few weeks in Shelbyville.
Mr. Anderson Buchanan, of South
Pittsburg, visited his people here this
week. He was accompanied by his
Mrs. Nannie B. Benson and Mrs.
Rev. F. W. Gardner have opened up
a hair dressing parlor and Art studio
down in town. Their place of busi
ness is quite attractive, and they are
already doing a rushing business.
Rev. J. W. Sebastian, of Denver,
Tenn., is visiting his parents. His
bride accompanied him.
Mrs. J. A. Jones is in town and
settled at Turner Normal, where she
will serve as Preceptress for the next
Dr. J. A. Jones is in town, again
for a few days, but will leave again
soon to nil an engagement in West
The people of the M. E. Church are
already begining to make preparation
to entertain the annual conference,
which meets in this town in October.
On last Sunday evening Mrs. L.. M.
Wendell conducted the reading circle
which she organized here two months
ago for the last time before leaving
for her home. She has been here two
months, and during that time she has
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j u T..i 1 n I " "
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witn gooa auenaance, wun Misses h AU her haQd
MaKol P TIall na PrlnHnal flnrt Mvr- . . ...
1 V T' Ti - i I)ve- un saturaay nignt sne con-
tie u. X amiJUii oaoiauuiu Mnrtprl a verv BiiPPPof,,l ontoratn.
A large crowa auenaea me annual f. fhfl . flt nf f. . .
dinner given ai j. r. unurcn oaiur-
Mrs. Amanda Dozier, of Elkwood,
Ala., was visiting friends and rela
tives here last week.
Prof. T. R. Robinson, wife and three
children, who have been out two weeks
from Chase City, Va., visiting their fever"
parents, are now m rayeuevuie.
They will leave for home very soon,
where they will begin their school on
Monday morning she and her son left
ladden with gifts and tokens of her
many friends. She was accompanied
by Mrs. Eva Perry, who will spend
the week with her.
Miss Eva Green is visiting here.
Mr. T. Turner is very sick with
Manager H. T. Crosby is looking for the 7th o September,
some strong team to cross bats with
his 1909 champions.
Miss Rebecca Cox was in town Sat
urday. Mrs. Yela Walker left Monday for
Williamsport to visit her father. She
will be gone several days.
Misses Mary Tucker and Sophronia
Mayberry, both teachers in the county,
spent Saturday and Sunday in town.
Mrs. Carrie Caruthers, of Shipp's
Bend, while at the barbecue Saturday,
had the misfortune of losing her purse
Misses Hall and Pamplin spent
Thursday night with Miss Pamplin's
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Pitts.
Misses Annie and Alice Fulton are
able to be up again after a severe at
tack of fever.
Mr. and Mrs. Moore, Mr. Jno. Ful
ton, Prof. Robinson, Mrs. Robinson
and children took dinner with Mrs.
Carrie Buchanan last Wednesday. A
three-course menu was served.
Rev. Van B. Gilbert, of Decatur,
Ala., .was with us Sunday at C. P.
The remains of Miss Nannie McAdoo
was brought here from Antioch Mon
day and burled by the Benevolent So
ciety of that place. Rev. Strong will
preach the funeral later, as it was her
request. Before we close the sad news
of the death of Mr. L. Turner Is re
ceived. He win be burled at Sand
Hiir in the Cemetery of the United
Sons- of Relief of which he was a member.
The finest piano, that money and skill can
produce, extra massive case, extra finely fin
ished; made only in the best fancy figured
burl walnut and finely figured mahogany or
quarter sawed oak; double veneered inside
and out, is what the National Baptist Pub
lishing Board offers in their many styles of
pianos. Such as styles 5,6, 10, 12 and 14.
The tone of these instruments is unexcelled
for its exquisite quality.
are pre-eminent. The tone is clear, liquid,
mellow and well sustained and affords in all
the registers a harmony clear and equal, and
of that sympathetic nature which, under the
hands of an artist, arouses the enthusiasm of
the listener. The prices and terms are with
in reach of all.
National Baptist Publishing Board,
Lytle, Windrow, Tommy King. Games
and music were the features of the
Miss Florence Napier entertained a
few of her friends Tuesday evening.
Those present were Misses Maggie
n l n w t i rrf 1 . . J
ANTIOPH NOTES ivucK.er, lviary xjmmrr xeimio auuci-
Mr TTnwn.rrf Owens was the moat nf son Mal7 Resell, Albert Claybrookes,
- It tit n .u. si a i J J ft.
Mr. and Mrs. Stams Similar. vvaauy, uarueiu Aiiaicws, lum
Miss Joe A. Hill left for Chatta-
and its contents which were some $20 j aRd delivered a soul-stirring
or $25.
Rev. B. Dobbins being absent Sun
day, his pulpit was filled by Mr. M.
A. Halerburton Sunday and Sunday
Rev. Wm. Christian, a prominent
minister of the Church of God,
preached two splendid sermons here
last Friday afternoon and evening.
The afternoon service was held on
the street. The night service was
held at. Odd Fellows' Hall.
The entertainment given at the Mid
way one night last week by the mem
bers of Mt. Bethlehem Baptist Church
was a success.
Miss Bertha Clark, of Chattanooga,
!3 visiting Prof, and Mrs. Patton, of
this place.
Prof. Frank Greer, of Jasper, vis
ited Miss Janie A. Lightfoot last Sunday.
Little Miss Lucile Lamberson la re
covering from a spell of fever.
Mrs. Josephus Johnson was called to
Birmingham last Tuesday on account
of serious illness of her niece.
Mr. James Pope has been very 111
Also Mrs. Robert Arendale. Both,
however, are much better at this writ
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Martin enter
talned a limited number of friends last
Sunday evening. Ice cream and mel
on were served. Dr. Holmes was
cmong the number.
Little Misses Kathleen and Mabe'
Northcut have been on the sick list
for several days.
Mrs. Ed. Gill, of Bridgeport, Ala.
visited here this week the guest o
Mrs. J. J. McElroy.
, Mrs.. Annie Merrlman, who has
been sick for some time, Is thought to
be improving.
Mrs. Jackson Hill Is sick this week,
Mrs. A. II.'Eldrldge Is a successfu
Insurance agent at this place.
The Box Supper given by the M. E
Church at Odd Fellows' Hall was not
what the- committee hoped it to be
Mr. Henderson Lamberson went to
Mrs. Wm. Dismukes and two little
grandsons spent the Sunday with' Mr.
and Mrs. T. A. Moore.
Prof. C. H. Dozier, formerly of this
place, who Is now teaching at Blanch,
Tenn., was with us Sunday in- our
rally at C. P. Church.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Gant, of the
.1-11 -1JSl 1 Oi i. A.
nooga Thursday,, where she will spend nuernwn was ui ,
two or three davs the home of Mr and Mrs. Green Wray
I rt j rrvi x iL.
ATfj T?.th1 rr stums -n th bMH luesaay. mose 10 enjoy uie repm
kj w- I r rr i A j r
js. jg ryj were jyusses i eiuiue Anuei-Bun iviai y
Rev. S. S. Stubberfield, Mrs. Thomas "uweiU Florence wapier ana Anna
BrowtT and Mr. Sneert were th srnests "ray,
of Mr., and Mrs. Robinson Sunday.
Mrs. S. S.. Stubberfield and little
daughter spent Sunday with Mrs. Ben
TWi WT Q TTirmtin w5 htra irletf trior
nutuiii ivuiiu, uun uiiucu urn hjs grandmotner SUttday.
nome sunaay aiiernoon Among spent Saturday in Lavergne.
uiose present were ivir. auu xura. reiii , Qn,aw
Webster their daughter, Mrs Smith fQr HumDoldt where sbe wm attend home after spending several weeks in
Delegated Assembly.
Mrs.. Woods Is here visiting rela
Dr. T. W. Stephens, Mrs. Gordon, Dr
C. Shoffner, Miss Gant and others.
The menu consisted of several courses
among which were served Boston-
baked beans with tomatoes, stew and
cabbage, salad, potatoes, salad salmon
barbecued mutton, old-style fried chick
Miss Lucittda Hittes has returned
from Nashvilte.
Little Miss- Minta Murrell, of Hill
street, Columbia, is visiting: her aunt
and uncle, Prof, and' Mrs. B.. H. Mor
Mrs, Gussie White has returned
Nashville- and LoatsvUle Ky.
Mrs. Waggle Mae Morrison, of St
Louis, aad children are spending a few
weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
James Lewis.
Dr; Sv M. Utley. District Superln-
The public school was opened last tA(,nt nf oA1,th v.,wmfl nut.rt m.
en, sherbert and cake and fruits such Hnv ay, by M1SS Mary Gregory E. Church, preached two able sermons
The delegates who attended the G.
U. O. of 6. F. and the H. of R. Con
vention have returned home. Those
who went were Prof, and Mrs. T. P.
Turner, Mr. N. N. Reynolds, Mr. Wm.
Burch, Mrs. Mollie Tiers and Miss
Leola Facin.
Rev. H. L. P. Jones held his quar
terly meeting here Sunday at C. C. A.
M. E. Church. Two able sermons
were preached at 11:30 and 7:30.
There were two socials given on last
Wednesday and Thursday nights In
honor of Mrs. Mattle Saunders and
Mrs. Josie Freeman. Mrs, Sammie
Ray entertained on Thursday night
and Mrs. U. S. Caldwell and Mrs. Ce
lia Fleming on Wednesday night. A
limited number of friends were pres
ent each night and games were the
features of the evening until a late
hour, when an ice-course was served.
Mrs. Annie Gray entertained at her
beautiful home on last Tuesday eve-
i ring In honor of Dr. and Mrs. S. M.
Utiey. About 5:30 o'clock the guests
were ushered into the dining-room
where a menu of three courses was
served. Later on In the afternoon
ces were served to the delight of all.
Those present were Revs. S. M. Utley,
R. Norman, Dr. Lewis and Mrs.
Ada Lewis, Mr. S. S. Jordan, Msr.
Utley, Mrs. Mary Francis Lewis, Miss
es Inez and Mary Upshaw.
as peaches, grapes, melons, etc. The
hostess spared no pains to make the
occasion one of pleasure, and all pres
ent enjoyed the afternoon pleasantly
lasti Sunday at C. C. A. M. E. Church.
I At night the church was almost
crowded. He left Saturday to hold a
quarterly meeting at Lawrenceburg.
Mr. Abraham McKlssack left for
Nashville Monday. He will begin
Mr. Peter Thales continues very 111
Mr. Andy King is better at this
Mrs. Willie Bass, of Paducah. Ky.,
Is visiting her sister. Mrs. Plea Ward
LAVERGNE NOTES. Mrs. Rab Murrell was the guest of k, Ma w, Wmm m,.
fM, TT O nllsf V. flwa lima ... . " vl "'""""I
me kj. o. ul n xio,m a u uui jvixs. nanweu rwenuy. mtsiv rha aroUopf
oamiuay. Mr. ana mrs. wauer ft.mg were me -t-m o,j, r t i,mn
Prof. T. A. Miller was tie guest of Uests of Mr. and Mrs. Tom U mlTZrJr.
TTita TrMa Cr,Av I 3 ua iuiuw ,uiU 0uu.ub
Miss Willie Baker is visiting Dil- Mr. and Mrs. E. Hartwell were very
ton the guest of Miss Lizzie Newson. highly elated at the home of Mr. and
Mr. u. 13. Alexander, irom Aiaoama, Mrs. Joe Clark Sunday.
u rt j it. A n rl p -
vvc ueie oauuty, lue Kue&t ui , Mr and Mrs. Ples Ward entertained
xj. rial i is. I m in VAnm. v iv(i nnn viv.
V 1 lUdJ 111 UUUU.l UL L11C11 OVJIX O Ull IU'
day. An excellent menu was served
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Swiff, Mr. and
Mrs. Willie Malone and Mrs. Wm
Wade were the honorees of a most en
Joyable ice cream party Thursday,
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Wal
Revival started here Saturday night.
Rev. Sago will assist Rev. Davis in
his work.
Miss Mary Gooch is sick.
a rew weeks with her mother, Mrs
Cella Flemings.
Mrs. Josle Freeman, of Friars Point,
Miss., is the guest of Mrs. Flemings
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bridgeforth have
returned from Murfreesboro, where
they attended the King Solomon Con
vention. They report a pleasant trip
Miss Inez E. Upshaw has been
elected delegate to the Mite Mission
ary Convention to be held at Mt,
Pleasant, Tenn., August 17, 18, 19th
The Giles County meeting was held
Thp rwp-nf tnllr rt Tn(wlri! Tumor ter King; Mr. and Mrs. E. Hartwell,
Normal from Shelbyville has created Mr. and Mrs. Pies Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Saturday. A number of teachers were
quite a stir here among both colored G. Hockett, Mr. and Mrs. Buster present
and white. The suggestion is meet- Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Easter, Mr. Henry Henderson, of Auvergne
ing with a vigorous protest on everv Mr. and Mrs. Willie Malone, Mr. and Ark., Is spending a few weeks with
side. Dr. Jonfts, the president, states, Mrs. Lucy Wright, Mrs. Willie Bass, his grandfather, Mr. Henry Hender-
however, that there will be no change of Pulaski, Mrs. Emmerllne liowse, son
for the present session, and that the Misses Samuella Ward, Jennie Easter, A goodly number went to Athens to
school will open on schedule time, Messrs. William, Frank and Lewis attend the Missionary Baptist Assocla-
September 20th. I Wa-d, Henry and Jessie Burrus, Paul 1 tlon.
Miss Agnes M. Parker, of McMinn
ville, visited Miss Willie M. Ready- last
The Pleasure Seekers Club gave an
entertainment Thursday night it hon
or of Miss Agnes M. Parker, at the
home of Miss Mary L. Mitchell. Tho
house was beautifully decorated in
white and yellow crysanthemuma.
Miss Charlie Spurlock spent Satur
day and Sunday In Readyville.
A large party of the younger society
set chaperoned by Misses Agnes
Parker and Willie Ready enjoyed an
outing in the Brewer Grove Wednes
day evening.
Mr. Robert Fugett and Miss Katie
L. Pinkelton were married Sunday
last. Rev. W. M. Ready officiated.
The U. S. R. give their annual an
niversary the twenty-first of this
Mrs. Ed. McFerrin gave a lawn fete
In honor of Misses Ready and Parker
Saturday evening.
Miss Willie M. Ready will leave
Monday for McMinnville, where she
will spend a week with Miss Agnea

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