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Jfined and sold directly to the consumer for
more than forty years. , ,
JI high-grade coal at a low price-the best and
most economical for furnace, stoves or grates.
per ton
St. Bernard Mining Co.,
Jas. R. Love, Manager.
main Office 34-36 Arcade.
Mrs. William Leonard, wife of
V;iliam H. Lenoard, a printer for
many years until of late employed "by
The Press, was found dead in her bed
at 1O4J0 Springwood avenue early this
morning by Mrs. Annie Alexander,
who went to call her to breakfast At
her side slept her daughter, Miss
Elizabeth, a young woman. Mrs. Leon
ard, physicians said, had been dead
two hours. Her death was due to
heart disease.
Mrs. Leonard last night was appar
ently in her usual health. She at
tended a meeting of her lodge and re
tired rather late. Mrs. Alexander lives
with the Leonard family, Mr. Leonard
being employed in. Philadelphia. She
went to call Mrs. Leonard and her
daughter and discovered that the
former wa3 dead. She died during
her sleep.
Funeral arrangements have not
been completed.
'Mrs. Leonard was well known in
this city, having lived here in the ear
ly nineties. Mr. Leonard was in
Nashville last year and a part of this
employed at the Sunday-School Union
publishing house. He returned east
during the summer to accept a posi
tion with the Book Concern of the
African Methodist Episcopal Church
in Philadelphia, where he was at the
time of the untimely death of his wife.
The friends of them both in this city
will learn with much regret the sad
Rev. J. II. Hale, of Chattanooga,
Tenn., left Nashville Sunday noon
over the Dixie Flyer for his home
after having spent a strenuous three
or four days in Nashville mixing bus
iness with pleasure. He was pres
ent Thursday night at the State Cap
itol during the meeting of the Educa
tional Board and made a masterly
speech in behalf of the location of the
State Normal School for Negroes in
Chattanooga. His argument was ex
ceedingly forceful. He kept before
the committee the advantages offered
by the Lookout Mountain people.
When seen at the station Sunday
morning he was still hopeful and
bouyant of th 3 success the great east
ern city would have in triumphing ov
er Nashville in the school matter.
Professor Hale came to Nashville
with the heaity endorsement of both
the white and colored citizens who
arc doing everything in their power
to locate the first state institution
for Negroes in East Tennessee. Pro
fessor Hale purposes to fight until the
school is finally located, as he is
working in the Interest of Chatta
nooga first, last and always.
Robert Herbert and Emma Jane
Fred Ca-1 and Emma Smith.
Green Baoley and Kallie Hodge.
Ed Robinson and Mattie Dunavant
per ton
Firston McKinley Moody and Ella
0?' of i ,r- ,r v
John Staley and Virgie Vaughn.
Mason Woods and Mary Baines. j
uuju Auucmuii ami aiiie ivi. iur-
Scales and Mary N. Beas-
Infant of Beaunchor Buford, 815
Woods street.
Annto Killaa P.m Prkhlnenn ctriif
Mollie Lee Stewarts Ferrv nlke 33 !
Infant of John and Mamie Porter.
207 Whiteside street,
Emma Davis, 1621 Pearl street, 47
Caroline Burllson. 20 Maury street,
100 years.
Sallie Copeland, 671 1-2 Louis street,
23 years.
Lucy Buchanan, 117 Green street,
38 years.
Chas. Clark, 20 Mulloy street, 46
Louise Thornton, 422 Eigth avenue,,
North,, 60 years.
Oscar Collier, 916 Tenth avenue,
South, 78 years.
Infant of Clarence and Katie Claud,
1000 Overton street.
Martha Stewart, 1101 Eighteenth
avenue, North, 50 years.
Katherine Vanleer, Murfreesboro
Pike, 3 years.
Randal Hoggatt, Jr., 206 North
Eighth street, 2 years.
Johnnie Lewis Jackson, 413 Craw
ford stret, 12 years.
Infant of Lula Hart, 720 Smiley
Josie Anderson, 51 years, County
John Knight, 1 year, 32 Perkins
Jno. Harris, 58 years East Hill
Geo. Oneal, 52 years, corner Church
and Walnut streets.
Wm. Heard, 55 years, 310 Twenty
second avenue, North.
Jno. William Martin, 2 years, Man
sker street
Mrs. Shott, 53 years, 408 Sixth av
enue, South.
- Y. M. C. A. NOTES.
Lost Sunday as well as the two
previous Sundays, the Y. M. C. A.
members and friends enjoyed some
very fine addresser and musical num
bers. On October 30th Mr. W. G. Upshaw
dellve'ed the adiress and Mr. Holden,
the president of the FIsk Y. M. C. A.,
s-ang a solo whifih was highly enjoyed.
On November Cth Dr. Miller spoke
and Mr. Peyton sang a solo which
every one enjoyed.
On November 13th Mr. V. T. Griz
zard spoke and the "Elevator Quar
tette" of VandTbuilt sang. Mr. Grlz
zard's speech was much enjoyed and
very beneficial. He paid a special
tribute to his colored friends and the
work tT.e colored Y. M. C. A. wa3 do
ing. The meeting proved very splr-
Six Phones.
itual. One confession wag mad and
every 0ne seemed "fille(i wfth the
The Bible study class continues un-
uer the careful instruction of Dr. W
fc. Ellington. Let every citizen at
tend this class on Wednesday nights
from 7 to 8 o'clock. Tuition free.
Next Sunday there will be a real old
fashioned covenant meetinz at the
rooms ginning at three o'clock. Be
0n hand!!
. lue ltev- A- marker was
:back to serve another year.
' . Mrs- Illa Cole spent several days
last week with Ler sick mother.
Mrs. Mary Duke epent Sunday with
Mra. John Nelson.
Mrs. Martha Hibbett Is on the dek
list this week.
'Mrs. . Charlie Goodman, a member
of Lodge 1805 had the misfortune of
falling and getting his leg broken
test Tuesday.
Mr. Allen MeGlaughlin spent Sun
day here.
Mr. and Mrs. John Norvel visited
here Sunday.
Dr. Rice was the .guest of Miss
Georgia Davis Sunday.
Any one desiring to have their fruit
cakes baked for Christmas apply at
1044 Edgehill avenue. I will be
pleased to take your order for Fruit
Cake, No. 1, 2 or 3.
1044 Edgehill avenue.
NIVERSARY. Rev. Joe Keil, pastor of Zion Bap
tist Church, East Nashville, on last
Sunday celebrated his twenty-fifth an
niversary of his pastorate of the
church. Rev. A. 0. Kenney preached
for the occasion. Ills subject was
"Time Will Tell." A large congrega
tion was out. The choir of the First
Baptist Church furnished music. Mr.
A. Bennett, superintendent of the Sunday-school,
made the welcome address.
Miss Annie L. Huff read a paper. The
president and students of Rogers W 1
liams were present A large collect
tlon was taken. The cnurch, under
the pastorate of Rev. Keil, Is doing
an excellent work.
The publ'c is cordially Invited to
attend special eleven o'clock services
of pleasant Green Baptist Charch on
Sunday. November 20, 1910, at which
the "Great Tlan ' of the Various
Neighborhood Circles" which are be
ing held each week, will be unfolded
bv Prof. II. L. Keith, superintendent
of Manual Training of Public Schools,
stated by other members of the
charter, Misses C. S. Ba'ley, L. B.
Coleman, M. A. Frazier. Don't fail
to rome to se what "Great Plana"
these kind teachers have mapped out
for our children, in whom they feel
such a deep Interest, even after they
j i i .
itave me scnooi room.
rieasant Green Baptist Church has
kindly opened its doors for these meet
in?s, and already two meetings have
ncen new. uvcry Friday at 3 p. m.
these teachers, after toiling in the
school room, meet the children and
give two tours of real hard work to the
children. North Nashville is up and
aoing. uev. J. C. fields is using
every opportunity and every meens to
do his part of the work of uplifting
our people.
The Missionary and Educational
Union will hold its quarterly meeting
Friday afternoon, December 2, at
Kayne Avenue Baptist Church, at 3:30
Song by the Juvenile Choir
Scripture , reading Mrs. McGavock
Song Union
Prayer Mrs. Clara James
Song Choir
Bible Lesson
Mrs. Florence Burnett
Report of National Convention...
Mrs. E. M. Lawrence, M. H.
Report of Auxiliaries
Song Choir
Scripture Reading . .Rev J. C. Fields
Song Fifth Avenue Choir
Invocation Rev. A. M. Phillips
Song Choir
Welcome address. .Mrs. J. H. Murdix
Paper, Missions ...Mr. J. W. DeWees
Mrs. K. Campbell and Mr. A. L.
.Sermon Rev. G. N. Dickerson
Solo Mrs. A. L. Skye
Rev. E. M. Lawrence, Supt Missions
Remarks, collection, benediction ....
Master of Ceremonies, Rev. J. H.
Among the good messages brought
to us since the opening of school the
gnat sermon delivered by Dr. Du
bose, Editor of the Epworth Era had
its place in the front rank . It was
the means of showing the value of
religion in its true sense. In narrat
ing on the spiritual race of man, the
able speaker touched on the scientific,
ethica". and aesthetic side of the ques
tion. In summing up the speaker j
thundered out the following: " The re-
ligion of t!he Jews has made a Jew,
the religion of the Greeks has made
a Greek but the religion of Jesus
Christ makes a man."
At 3:00 o'clock Sunday 20th inst.
the Woman's Christian Temperance
Union will conduct a great meeting
at the ciuditoriaim when some of their
prominent speakers- will be present.
At 8 p. nv the same evening Dr. M.
C. B. Mason, Secretary of the Freed
man's Aid Society, of Cincinnati, Ohio,
will deliver one of Ills' famous ad
dresses in aid of that Institution. The
public is very cordially Invited to
these meetings.
Mr. G. C. Fowkles.Ph.C. of the clas
ot 1910, who passed the Tenn. Board
of Pharmacy during the past year has
recently passed the Alabama Board.
The steam heating apparatus of the
George W. Hubbard Hospital has
been completed and satisfactory
tested on last Saturday. This plant
was furnished by the American Radia
tor Co., and the work of installation
was done by John Mogan, of Nashville,
the trick and concrete work of the
boiler house was done by Norman
Dr. C. V. Roman, professor, dis
eases of the eye, ear, nose and throat,
leaves for Austin, Tex., where he de
livers an address before the Lone
Star' Medical Asociation. The doctor
will return via Tuskegee and will
be absent for about two weeks.
The junior medical class had its
first examination in medical chemistry
under Dr. W. E. Grey, this is the sub
jects which tests the ability of the
juniors as to their fitness to finish
their course in four years.
The Internes at Mercy Hospital are
doing signal work, preparatory to
their removal to the new hospital.
SOCIATION. There will be held in the city today,
to-morrow, and Sunday, a Student's
Sectional Young Women's Christian
Association Conference. It will be
for Tennessee, Kentucky and North
Alabama. The first session of the
conference will be held ot 7:30 p. m.
in the Fisk Memorial Chapel. Ses
sions will be conducted throughout
Saturday and Sunday. An invitation
is- extended to friends Interested in
such work tc attend the evening ses
sions, and especially to be present at
the Sunday morning and afternoon
sessions in the Fisk Memorial Chapel.
Miss Elizabeth A. Rosa, the National
Secretary of the Y. W. C. A., of 125
E. 27th street, New York, is the exe
cutive of the conference. There was
also a student's sectional conference
rof the Y. W. C. A. held at Tougaloo
Univrsiity, Tougaloo, Miss., Novem
ber 11-13, for Mississippi and Louisi
ana. The meetings are aid to e ex
ceedingly .interesting and beneficial.
. Monday of this voek. av the first
actual meeting, and possible getting
together of the ministers of the two
leading "raoes of Nashville. It was
the first mjce'ing of its kind held in the
city for a number of years, and is aid
to have been the direct result of the
Rev., Dr. Weaver's sermon on the Ne
gro some weeks ago, which caused no
little favorable comment. A splendid
crowd, representing, possibly, a ma
jority of the leading pastors of the
city from both races was present at
the First Baptist Church, white, when
the meeting was called to order. It
was presided over by the Rev. Dr.
Lofton. Among the Negro minis
ters present were Revs. G. B. Tay
lor, Jno. Slaughter, I. J. Jordan, S. 8.
Cumby, C. H. Clark, R. H. Boyd, E. M
Lawrence, Win. Haynes, J. C. Harding,
T. J. Turner and Prof. J. D. Crenshaw,
Editor of the National Baptist Union
Revie' About two hours were spent in the
discussion of problems for the better
ment of conditions ot the two races in
INashville. It seemed to be agreed by
the ministers present that they would
give sin and Satan no quarter, and
that they would be out-spoken as us
ual against. crime and vice.
The Dfavidstom Cjounty Colored
Teachers' held their regular monthly
meeting in the county court room last
Mr. R. H. Brown, presiding. Prim
ary arithmetic was intelligently
taught by Mrs. Pinky Bumbry. Prof.
Hamn discussed Denton's primary
in reading. The teachers were much
interested in his tallk. Prof. Erwin
and Watson of the city schools spoke
encouragingly of the work. Prof. W.
C. Anderson, County Superintendent,
demwjnstrated with a beautiful ma
chine the subject of astronomy and
geography with special reference to
the relative movements of the sun,
moon and planets.
Program for December 10: Prim
ary reading, Mrs. Ella Thompson;
Geography, W. P. Irvin; Song by
Fisk Quartet; Address, Pres. Gatea,
of Fisk University.
The Ladieo' Auxiliary of Spruce
Street Baptist Church met with sister
Burrows, Friday, Nov. 11, at 3 o'clock.
The members were invited to a beau
tifully decorated table where a tempt-'
ing menu was served in elegant style.
The club is progressing nicely. All
of the meribers gf the church are in
vited to meet with tlie club elacb
-Mrs. Emma Boetiek and little on,
JoLn, Jr., who have been Yisdting her
mctlitir, Mrs. Mary L. Bailey on the
Brick" Church Pike and her friend,
Mr?. Minnie Thcimipson, 204 Fights
street, has returned to their home
Chicago, 111. Mrs. BoBtlck's friends
of this city have lost no time in mak
ing it pleasent for her during her vis
it. Mrs. Bosti"k left Friday night
S:20 p. m..
Having been appointed administra
tor of the estate of Lillie Peters, de
ceased, by the county court, of David
son County, this is to notif yall per
sons having claims against said estate
to present them duly proven to the
undersigned, and all persons owing
said ostate to make payment to the
A. N. JOHNSON, Administrator,
422 Cedar street, Nashville, Tenn.
Wm. A. CROSTHWAIT, Attorney,
Nashville, Tenn.
October 15, 1910.
Having been appointed administra
tor of th- state of Lillie Peters, de
ceased, by the county court, of David
son County, this Is to notify all per
sons having claims against said estatt
to present them duly proven to the
undersigned, and all persons owing :
said estate to make payment to the
A. N. JOHNSON, Administrator,
422 Cedar street, Nashville, Tenn.
Wm. A. CROSTHWAIT, Attorney,
Nashville, Tenn.
October 15, 1910.
In keeping with the Increased de
mand of up-town people with limited
time for lunch, and to whom prompt
and quick service means so much,
The Palms, the popular Creamery and
Delicatessen parlor, has Inaugurated
a steam-heat, quick service lunch
from 11 to 3 for the small price of
10 cents. The menu consists of soup,
roast beef, vegetables, etc., which
will be served in Dairy Lunch style.
Come early or late, you will be
promptly served just the same.

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