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Home Office Itiickei?
jUIHICB Bldg.s Atlanta, Georgia
Gharter was granted June 21, 1911, by (he Secretary of the State of Georgia to 11 of the strongest and most successful business and professional men, for
an Old Line, Legal Reserve Life Insurance Gompany with a Gapital Stock of $100,000.00 and a Surplus of $10,000.00.
A Safe Proposition. The Life lnsnrar.ee
Business, conducted on the Legal-Reserve
plan, as prescribed by the Insurance Laws
of the State of Georgia, andi other States, is .
almost an exact science. There is nothing
indeterminate or haphazard about the busi
ness, so conducted, the elements of chance
and risk are entirely eliminated. Under this
plan the Standard Life Insurance Company
will conduct its Business.
Experience and actuarial computation
have produced what is known, as The Amerii
can Experience Mortality Table. Under the
Georgia law all Companies incorporated un
der tlie legal-reserve plan are required to set
asde, as a Legal Reserve fund, at interest,
under the superv-sion of the Insurance De
partment of the State, such a percentage of
each premium as the table shows is required,
together wilth future premiums to meet death
losses as they occur. Therefore, a new Com
pany operated on this plan is scientifically and
conclusively just as safe and secure as the
largest Company in the world. , No other
business has suih inherent elements of
strength and unusual safeguards thrown
around it by law as. the business of life in
surance. The colored man has long felt the need of
Old Line Legal-Reserve Insurance. His at
tempts to fill the nee i have thus far been con
fined to assessment associations and fraternal
orders. Experience has clearly proved that
these organizations cannot, from an insur
ance standpoint, be placed on a satisfactory
and permanent basis. The colored man not
only needs life insurance, but he needs
and should have the best The Standard Life
Insurance Company is the outcome of con
ditions and the re sponse to the needs wihich
call for an Old Line Legal-Reserve Life
Insurance Company, with the proud dis
dinetion of being the first and only Company
organized in accordance with this safe,
scientific and approved method.
It is very gratifying and augurs well for
the success of the Company, to say that be
fore Charter had been granted, applications
for stock had been received aggregating near
ly $30,000, or practically one-third of the en
tire capitalization. Some of the best known
professional and business men in Georgia and
other States all over the South have purchased
stock. They realized that a good, substantial
life insurance company is the kind of invest
ment that makes money.
The indications now are that the entire
1,000 shares of stock will be greatly over-subscribed
an;l that the stock will be withdrawn
from the markets inside of 30 days. It is the
plan of tlhe Comppjiy to scatter the stock with
influential people in limited quantities through
out the entire United States, especially in
the States where we plan to begin business,
thereby securing a local identification, pres
tige and influence in each State that, we
could not otherwise get.
The favorable influence of so large a num
ber of persons over such a wide territory prac
tically insures, in our judgment, large divi
dends on the stock.
Twenty-one of the many reasons why yon should invest in a safe, sound and conservative Insurance proposition
(1) Because: In the location of its head
quarters ithe Standard Life Insurance Com
pany is exceedingly favored. Atlanta is the
center of the colored population of the United
States It has trunk line railways to all' parts x
of ithe country. It is the third largest insur
ance department 'center in the wihole United
States. Its banking facilities are excellent,
and it is the most progressive city in the
South. A city so favored will afford unlim
ited scope to the Standard Life Insurance
Company in which' to expand and flourish.
(2) Because: The Company will be under
tho strict supervision and closest inspection
of the Insurance Deparament of Georgia, and
every otlber State in which the Company op
erates. Every business transaction, every
agency and policy contract, every investment
of reserve funds, and every disbursement of
funds for whatever purpose, are all subject to
tho careful scrutiny of the Insurance Commis
sioner of Georgia and all other States entered.
(3) Because: The Standard Life Insurance
Company is the first and only Company to be
organized by colored men in accordance with
safe, scientific and approved methods; its
growth and development will naturally be
rapid, and it will receive the "cream of the
race" as its patrons.
(4) Because: The Standard Life Insurance
Company da being organized on a strictly busi
ness basis. (The Western Insurance Re
view, St. Louis, Mo., says: "The promoters
stem to have gone about the business in the
right way.")
(5) Because: The men forming the Organi-
H. E. PEiRRY, Insurance Chairman of Organi
zation Committee, Atlanta, Ga.
J. O. ROSS. President Atlanta State Savings
Bank; Grocer; Tretureir Organization
Committee, Atlanta, Ga.
WM. DRISKELL, Secretary and General Man
ager Union Mutual Association; Director,
Atlanta State Savings Bank; Vice Chairman
of Organization Committee, Atlanta, Ga.
HARRY H. PACE, Cashier Solvent Savings
Bank and Trust Company, Secretary of Or
ganization Committee, Memphis, Tenn.
H. C. DUGAS, Cashier, Penny Savings Bank;
Secretary and Treasurer Georgia Mutual
Insurance Company; Assistant Secretary
Organization Committee, Augusta, Ga.
E. W; LEE, President, Morris Brown College;
Trustee, Wilborforce University, , Atlanta,
EMIMETT J. SCOTT, Executive Secretary,
Tuskegee Institute; Corresponding Secre
tary, National Negro Business League, Tus
kegee Institute, Ala.
JAS. L. REDD1CK, U. S. Revenue Storekeeper,
Gauger and Farmer, Macon. Ga. .
W S. SUMTER Real Estate and Insurance,
Jacksonville, Fla.
N. B. YOUNG, President, The Florida Agricul
tural and Mechanical College, Tallahassee,
zation Committee, forty-four in number, in
eight states, are men who have made splendid
success in other enterprises; they are men of
means and ability, having the reputation of
being careful, successful and trustworthy
business men.
(6) Because: The Board of Directors will
be scattered throughout the entire country,
men of the (highest standing among the busi
ness), financial and professional men in their
respective communities, whose duties will not
be perfunctory, but who will be active and ad
visory in their several localities.
(7) Because: Twelve month were spent
studying the plans and best methods of tHe
Old Line Companies which have been tried
and proved highly successful, consulted and
received advice from several of the leading
(8) Because: Of the fact that a very few
Old Line Companies extend their operations
to the colored risks.
(9) Because: There is a greater demand for
Life Insurance among our people to-day than
there has ever been.
(10) Because: The Standard Life Insurance
Company is to be a National Company in its
investments, and its gency policies, and also
in its directorate.
(11) Because: The entire United States will
be our field of operation. We can and will
enter all States vare the colored population
will justify the necessary payment of licenses,
taxes and fees. In a report given out last
year, ther 3 are in the United States 40,000,000
insurable risks, with only 4,00000 insured.
ThJnk of tae field, the tremendous possibil
ities. (12) Because: The Standard Life insurance
Company will write Industrial, Intermediate,
as well as the Ordinary Insurance Business.
(13) Because: The investment will be safe
and sound beyond all doubt whatever. Old
Line Insurance has been tested in the "severe
school of adversity," iand it has gKven abundant
proof of itg enduring qualities. No man, un
less he be utterly uninformed on current af
fairs, and particularly of financial affairs, will
to-day question the soundness of the principles
upon whichi such insurance is based, and the
absolute security afforded investors and pa
trons. (14) Because: Unlike any other commercial
organization, the 'capital stock of a Life In
surance Company cannot be impaired, and
must be invested in securities prescribed by
the State.
(1!" Because: The Old Line Companies
yield returns to their stockholders that no
cihi?? ' usiness can equal. -Stoc'i
l the Standard Life Insurance Company
is sure to pay large dividends.
(16) Because: The investments of the Com
pany will be limited largely to Real Estate,
Mortgages and loaned in the States and among
the ieople from whom the business comes,
and at a low rate of interest.
(17) Because: The stock is being scattered
among the most prominent business and pro
fessional men, whose influence and prestige
and work will giVe to the Standard Life In
surance Company a large volume of the very
R. L. ISAACS, Department of Mathematics,
Prairie View Si ate Normal and Industrial
College; Assistant Cashier, College Bank
and Trust Company, Prairie View, Texa3.
Merchants rnd Buyers of Cotton and Seed,
Edmondson, Ark.
L. G. WATTS, Grocer. Atlanta, Ga.
JAMES M. HENRY, Dental Surgeon, Albany,
S. S. SYKES, Undertaker and Funeral Direct
or, Decatur, Ak
L. S. BALLARD, Letter Carrier, Jackson,
B. BOUTTE, Contractor and Builder, Houston,
C. W. ADAMS, Proprietor,, North Texas Sales
Stables, Houston, Texas.
AMLMION COTTON, Railway Postal Clerk, At
lanta, Ga.
ADOLPH N. GOKDON, Physician and Sur
geon, Augusta, Ga.
R. R. CHURCH, JR, Banker, Memphis, Tenn.
JOHN E. FORD, Pastor, Bethel Baptist Insti
tutional Church, Jacksonville, Fla.
ALEX. D. HAMILTON, Contractor and Build
er, Atlanta, Ga.
SOIPIO A. JONES, Jones and Price, Lawyers,
President, Arkansas Realty and Investment
Company; President, Arkansas Negro Busi
ness League; Vice President National Ne
gro Business League, Little Rock, Ark.
J. B. BELL, Capitalist, Houston, Tex.
.). M. FRIERSON, Undertaker, Houston.
WADiE C. ROLLINS, Treasurer, Pra;iie View
State Normal and Industrial College; Cash
ier, College Bank and Trust Company,
Prairie Vw, Tcxac.
F. M DUGAS AND SONS, Undertakers, Au
gusta, Ga.
S. B PERRY, Cotton, Houston, Texas.
SOL. C. JOHNSON, Editor and Proprietor,
The Savannah Tribune; Director, The Wage
Earners Bank; Superintendent of Agencies,
Guaranty Aid and Relief Society; Vice-President,
Roy"JI Undertaking Company, Incor
porated, Savannah, Ga.
L. E. WILLIAMS, President, Wage Earners
Savings Bank; ) resident, Guaranty Aid and
Relief Society; President, Royal Undertak
ing Company, Incorporated, Savannah, Ga.
M. C. B. MASON, Corresponding Secretary of
Freedman's Aid Society, Methodist Episco
pal Church, Cincinnati, Ohio.
SILAS X. FLOYD, Principal, Mauge Street
Grammar School, Augusta, Ga.
son Fish and Oyster Co., Jacksonville, Fla.
WALTER S. SCOTT, Dry Goods, Secretary
best business from other sections an asset
of great value.
(18) Because: The Company has the en
dorsement of fifteen (15) of the leading In
surance Journals, North, East, South and
West. Also the hearty endorsement of the
lead ng papers of the South.
(19) Because: The Standard Life Insur
ance Company lias enlisted the interest of a
large number of men of reputation and relia
bility in -the business, which means a large
and efficient agency force at the very begin
ning. (20) Because: We should develop our own
great Insurance institutions, and thus keep pace
with the rest of the world in this as in other
great movements. The Standard Life Insur
ance Company proposes to be a factor in the
development of the Insurance business of the
race and to demand by its inherent merits
(he confidence and patronage of the insuring
(21) Because: The organization will give
employment to thousands of our people.
Now is the time to buy. A safe and profita
ble investment and is sold on such terms that
every one can buy.
The, stock of the Standard Life Insurance
Company is now for sale on the following
terms and conditions:
One Hundred and Fifty Dollars a share,
par value One Hundred Dollars.
Subscriptions to this stock shall be paid
20 per cent in cash, balance in four notes, each
for 20 per cent, of the purchase price and due
respectively in three, six, nine and twelve
months from date.
and Treasurer, Tho Wage Earners Ixjan and
Investment Company, Savannah, Ga.
HENTY A. BOYD. Assistant Secretary, Na
tional Baptist Publishing Board; Treasurer
and Manager of the Nashville Globe Pub
lishing Company; iManager, National Negro
Doll Company; Secretary of the Sunday
School Congress; Treasurer and Manager of
the National Church Supply Company,
Nashville, Tenn.
II. STRAWBRIDGE, Insurance, Birmingham,
T. II. HAYES, Undertaker, Vice-President,
Solvent Savings Bank and Trust Company,
Memphis, Tenn.
ARCHIE G. REEMS Bookkeeper, Solvent
Savings Bank and Trust Company, Mem
phis, Tenn.
J. M. KING. Insurance, Birmingham, Ala.
A. L. LEWIS, Secretary and Business Man
ager, The Afro-American Industrial Insur
ance Company, Jacksonville, Fla.
lic Moneys and Special Disbursing Agent,
U. S. Land Office, Jackson, Miss.
chants, Ginners, Hard Wood Lumber Manu
facturers, Farmers, iMadison, Ark.
G. IT. TILLMAN, Baker, Live Oak, Fla.
Central Bank and Trust Corporation, Asa G. Cand
ler, President, Fiscal Agents and Depository.!
A Powt Card From Yon Will liring OurTISeprcNCiilaiive or Full Information
Home Of f ice Kiickei? JBnilding
Atlanta, (&a,
i r

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