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IASITVILLE GLORE i the worltl wnat tney have accom-1 quarter of a century and who made j CI
. iiisum in mij jrais. ress uemies uunng ine iniriy ii
ncSAed r-rmy FHdsr in tki yrar it U7 Fourth
Arcime, Nrtl, Nhu;e. Ism., by the
Telephone, Main 1S.
The Negro Press.
The Negro press of this country
is as rar apart as individual men
FnftBfd ma aroood-clnM mutin .l.nnin 19 tlOR
t te pwt-ottc at Nthi!le. TrnoMe, under i . . . .
eaf ccgr( of March s. is:9. First of all they have no understand
Ho Botk tjiknn r
One never knows what the
other is going to do about a cer-
$ 1 50 ! tain thins;, and as a rule they are
M) i
Six Unnthi
Ttow Month'sV.V.V.V.V.V.'.V.V.'.V.".".!;'.!!'.!;;; 40 j always fighting single-handed. If
aleC)py 03 ! two papers agree on one thing it is
by mere accident, and as a conse
quence the effective service that
might be done through organization
and understanding all goes to naught.
The press is continually hounding the
Notify the office when you fail to Jet your paper.
wading turn rattx.
I cents prr line for rach insenlnn.
M cents per line for each insertion in (black
Advertising copy should be in the offii-e not later people S.bout getting together, but it
than a. m. TuesJay of eaohweU. , , ,:, ... , . 4 . .
Any erroneous reflections upon the character, ,
' is like a blind man trying to lead a
blind man, for the press is further
standing or reputation of any person, firm or cvr- i apart than the people. It Is a short
poration, which mav appear in the rnltm-.ti of the
.Nashville GLOBE he gbdiy c rrwied nnoa i coming on the part of the press that
Mni brousht to the attend o the m.nJfie- ! fhotfd overcome and must be be.
fvtZit: !:r",." fore can wield the ,nfluence n
for current issue which itivm as late a T! i;rs- should.
day can appear in that numiier. as Thurki.y is : . .. . . tI
press day. ! Aside from the estern Association
All news sent ns for publication mut be written f . naner thpro U fin nrirani7l.
only on one side of the paper. r.d should be ac-,, 01 -R Papers mere IS TIO organiza
eompanied by the name of tU contributor, non tion that we know of that is doing
necessarily for publication, but as evuaoct of food '
taith. anything toward working eoneertedly
! for the welfare of the people. There
have been instances in which the
rress got together. These were
cases where the facts were so plain
that no one could err. In such cases
the results have always been mar
ve'ous; but where one of these ac-cidi-cts
happen it is possible for un
told gocsl to be done if the press
would get together, have an under-sti-dxs
ari work in unison.
odd years of public life than any man!
hi this country. Senator Taylor was 1
a big-hf arted man. He-was in the I
truest sense of the word a servant of '
humanity. Political y, he was a '
democrat, but he never allowed his
po'itical btliefs to outweigh his de-j
sire to do justice to all people at all '
times. He was applicab'y styled the
apostle of sunshine, for wherever he j
went he carried a smile and words of j
cheerfulness that enlivened the hearts I
of the people. Senator Taylor was i
a friend of the weak and oppressed. ;
He did not believe anjj jiuman being j
should 'or. punished unnecessarily, and j
as Governor of Tennessee he was j
ofte.i censvred for his pardon record, j
lie was well known throughout the;
country and Tennessee was made to !
be known throughout tl)e nation by j
Robert L. Taylor, the statesman, lec-i
FRIDAY, APRIL 5. 1912.
Manners in Public.
It is too often the case that people !
In pubic places forget how to deport
themselv3. The Globe does not claim
to be an authority on manners, but
it will not be out of p'ace to ca'.l ;
attention to the matter in a ger.er&l
way. Ycung people as a m are
given to much levi:y, and it tickers
into old rge if the chili is net rrcp-
ter'.y trained, and when they shcIJ
be calm r.nd sober, they tzi t.r
selves given over to feiireie-j r.b
and vulgir convera:iea. I: :s
common z. thin? to hear y
using larruage is pMLc ; i --;- thx:
is unbecoming.
Recent'y in a $tre shtrf s-ftf rt.'
boys tad giiheri who rf :S tia:.
age that txlilrc. cr??; liLihJi.r,
and sc'jfirg jre if : ti.ir
'"being aa i th Jesi ct. ti-f-.r 5:ih.
Several of the jT-Lrrscics i--einble.1,
i, the custom with l:r- " i.5- li:v:
all one could l?xr :o h-m
you inters, b: vll't -Juj Tr lin
ing their frc-'ic a t-?
on to hi Eijortrj-, rjtuiitr -js i.
iady in the prtei.'i c i?f :tv
used language Hie ti-i: eaii'
r n rv n rrs cr-a n trs cr-za n n ra r cra htn r2
turer and orator. He w
in this commonwealth, bu
of his kind deeds will li
11 be missed
the memory
e forever.
Parks in Nashville.
Negroes ia Nashville will soon be
ia a po:;:-oa to boas: cf their pArks as )
n-ch :hey da cf their schools.)
"SV.-.h Orr.icoi Park the soath.
:h- C:t P-xri oa the zona. iParfnt, wipe off the falling tears.
Mr. Jordan Helm, Jr., of Franklin,
Tenn., died March 11, 1312, at the
age of sixteen years. I
O dear Jordan boy, you nave gone,
Your cares and sorrows here are
o'er; 1
You have laid by your cumbrous cells,
And we shall see you here no more.
The clouds that love the 'golden tints
Of life's bright, joyous morning
raj; j
How soon thfy vanished from the
And with them you have passed
And o'er your peaceful, silent dust.
The lovely flowers shall sweetly
While angels oft will gather round
And safely watch your lonely tomb.
day oiiooG
A strong cast of players will portray this strong 'moral story. Supreme
satisfaction is guaranteed the audience. Watch the.
Globe for particulars.
singing "No one can do me like Je-1
&us.:' the house proceeded to carry 1
out the program. Discussion: "Who i
is the most responsible for the child j
the parent, teacher or preacher?" led ;
by Mr. B. F. Ralmey. . Evening ses- j
sion, the house reassembled at 7:30
p. m.. and was called to order by the
president. Rev. R. Batson led m j
singing "Here am I, send me." The
hour haviug arrived, Rev. J. S. Fuller
selected for his text Rev. 3:18, sub
ject, "Get your goods from the sample
case." Song,. "Sabbath has no end."
Col ection, doxology. Friday morning
session, the convention reassembled
at 9 a. m. and proceeded to carry out
the program. Discussion: "Man's
First Duty to God." At this juncture
Miss Percy L. Beam, principal of Cab
in Row School, and Rev. Jones were
j introduced to the house and ad
i dressed the audience most eloquently,
adjournment. Afternoon Session. The
; topic for discussion was announced:
; "Which should the parents be most
; interested in, the girl or the bov?"
3.v r0T the loved one ! ,ed by Mrs- Eliza Wiley- Thls Aas
you law death. I one of!h ? nt eTMt,n topics
Th-i of th? chaar-M.ss hereafter. discussed dunng the meeting.
Wh?r- life is cota fitting breath. ! AdJ0urnmctt Afternoon Session.' At
; :3t p. m. Rev. Jones announced h3
S:5"-?r bjvei down ia orrow. too, i text and Preacned a most excellent
Ar1. e&r. and bani-h gTief ' i srraoQ- Collection, doxology. The
'Iitl ti X'rrj Z2 -v'lL't ceo Fr thscra rtra iH ar thns bereft. . tnIrd d.v s session was a continuation
Lca-?r s Part oa the east .
$:;. :i fca :hx: t7 Nrro ia the
i ;.tj coa hxt? & ciAzoe to set a whi?
:f. frri 4. - iirjar ih h-:? sL3r
ii7'? Li-, yetr litre is
i And oh remember all must dies;
When in your gtave you too
a p-iri.
If a
c: tils'
Huddleston-Cooper Go
Clothing, Hats and Furnishings
. Men and Boys
fxl V- rr liT maf xi ia
The Lori will brlag t you relief.
BeartcLa. it yoa e dro? a tear.
T7 see j!i ia raoamm? clad;
loci Esus yoar tender form.
So Tery fniL so pal?, ?o sad.
ju:a-'ca Ta Lxs
on. nigger, co-si grre zx-jia . j..r -
that; I wont r-aiz3 vjs v. - jjci. r.
horrifying, and y if rcax 3 r.t.s?iZ. iai
meant no tana or lirw;r. r ' - 5 cct.t- ai) a city cf
i.- u w. t".:t ,i.v ti i'T -inrt-. ir.nK-.rat. vh-er? taanaaaii cf Perahaae
lessness; irhere a yocr? saia cf rroi - viie vzZ ccarr-ate and
breeding had allowed to fir-1 Kj'-T tir znsz. lsrlr'.e c"er-
get hia training; who ti-i cr.-'-ei at cf aataaaieat. The
ed into the habit cf taiiag wr taN5r- ixt -a gr?ai rrx ai a
unguarded tongue. briit to t? thii fajtitatk-a alir
of the preceding day's program. On
Sunday morning at 10 a. m. Sunday
school was conducted by the assiat
ant superintendent. Chas. (Batson.
Revs. Jones, Fuller and Miss Lizzie
Collins Instructed the lesson. The
hour having arrived for preaching,
Rev. J. S. Fuller selected for his text
Matt. 15:16. Subject "Universal
at. ha ta ss- Jejc wip the tears tha-4ink!e down, t News." This was .quite an inspiring
lca.7 uiaii Pirt ; xha: they may flee to thee and live, sermon. Every Christian in the audi-
COIT-Kt! Oi) a CJ Ct price fe't the unirit- rnllectlnn Hen-
d'iar mends, youTI meet l ediction.
aad grt,
Jordan Hlai la Hear'n above;
Beyond the far-o3 utarry sky.
Ia thvt bright world of Joy aad love,
By B. H. January, Nashville, Tenn.
O Go!" ta all a blesaiag- s-nd.
Aid m each -mourner, cpmfort giTe;
Too much attention carnot t giTei -lz-X ncti cajrol ccili ke tater-
to the training of the yoaag, Pa-'ti to da Jat -whit tie proprietor
rents should not turn fceir chi:ira ' C:ri to do; tel hl this ia Ui
out to run at will; for they' :s-5 5'-. aotir Et eTeat U also
go wherever their mmda lead then cosia to It Tery prcb-
or wherever they are attracted. They ; able that toe tie year b out a
come In contact more often with the , p-ark will taTe ta wtahlished by
bad and vicious than with' the good. th city for tie rtdaiiTe cm cf Ne-
and In most cases they take to the rroe. It will t the eaal o! any
bad. As a result they pick up. hereia tiia rate or tie Soth, ard If k
and there language that would taake cated ia tie tpot that is generally
the oldest person blush, and thatjipokea o?, it will vxMt tatura! re
when used by children, shocks the j sources sMora foaid 5a park. So
most debased and corrupt people. No. tie lots of "Coney Lslaad" will be the
one likes a saucy child; no one can sain of a better" park, owned and
tolerate a child that uses vulgar lan-maintained by the city,
guage, therefore parents would do ; Greenwood Park U well k&own an1
we'l to pay more attention to their; needs no comraent here. Ttouwrndj
children. They should instruct them i will continue to visit this celebrated
how to deport themselves abroad as; park each year and the cana?emtnt
well as at home, and see to it that ' is as relentless as ever in beautifying
they use decent language, and re- j and properly preparing for the amuse
member that they must be corrected i ment and comfort of aM who will
every day by precept and example, 'viait this park. Liner's Park on the
; e&Et sidf is a new venture, but gives
I great promise. So with these places
iMiiWmoniponnW!of oul, amugen)ent Nashville
Mrs. Eliza J. Lewis departed thU
life March 23th at 11:25 a. after
a brief illness. She was 78 years old,
having been a Christian and member
of St. Eli Baptist Church 49 years.
She waa conscious to the end, calling
her family around her bed and bid
din? them good by. She told them
to nhout, not cry. for she was only
going to leep; to call the neighbors
and let them se a nalnt go home.
Aroind her bed when the end
came were hr family, pastor and a
tost of friends. She requested Revs.
Green Thompson, Martin Slater, Sam
uel Bryant, Bob Estman and Wm.
SneJ to srak ever her remains; to
rpeak truthfully of the life he had
Uv!. Text: Psalm 23:1, "The Lord
Is my khepherd I shall not want."
She leaven to mourn their loss a hus
band. thre daughters, one son, three
bro.b:n. two sister and several
cently In the courts and were thereby!
able to f.tave off what Is feared will i
be the inevitable. The people of j
.SVgroes can feel a deal of pride In
their horn-j city.
this country are hoping that this
grand old organization wi!l eventual-
San Antonio Hustler.
. i !.. J 1
ly settle all her troubles in an hem-1 The e.iuy nus-ier, puuiibnea in
orable, straightforward, business-like j San Antonio, Texas has passed hito
wav I new hands. One of the members of
jthis new company Is Mr. L. D. Bum-
: brey, who was for several years con
Emancipation Semi centennial. j nected with the National "Baptist Pub
News haf reached this city that a i.hiiig House in this city. He Is
bill has passed the United States ' we!l known here and wag wise enough
SenaUs appropriating $2oOKK to aid before returning to his home state to
In the celebration of the fiftieth an-j select for his life partner one of the
niversary of the Emancipation of the ! charming daughters of Tennessee.
American 'aves. The bill Is now up 'other members of the company are
to the Lower House, and it is be! lev-! experienced newspaper men and the
ed It will pass this branch of Con-
gress without much opposition. Thej
Senate Is strongly Republican and
would naturally be looking to econo
omy at this time, being as It In on
the eve of a presidential election, i
They havvj paseed the bill and It is'
expected that the Lower House will
concur in heir action, being as they
are majority democratic and from the
Bection of the country where the
exposition would most likely be held.
Every Negro in the country should
see to It that his Congressman is
urged to support this bill. The na
tion owes It to the Negro, and the
ex-slaves and their children have
made such progress as to deserve
this much aid rn an effort to tshow
Hustler should Bet a hot pace In the
Ione Star State. There never
was a company of Negroes or
ganized for the purpose of publishing
and printing bettter qualified and
more evenly balanced than the pro
prietors oi the Hustler Publishing
Company. The Globe hopes for
these yung men great success
and we believe that such will be
their reward, for they know how to do
It, and the knowing how is a guaran.
tee of KuoceKH In anything.
Senator Taylor.
In the death of Senator Roberw
Ivove Taylor, Tennessee lows a citi
zen who has held the admiration of
this commonwealth for more than a
Mrs. Call! Thomas is quite sick at
her home. Mr. Lem Utley. one of our
most influential citizens ans business
mn. lost two fine horse Sunday night.
Tfcy wr killed on the railroad. Mrs
Lu'a Matthews was called to the bed
side of her sick mother. Mrs. Callie
Thomas. Miss Evalena Crossroy is
still quite ill. Mr. and Mrs. John
Utley spent last week In Nashville.
Mrs. Sallie Thompson's school was to
have gone on a fishing trip last Thurs
day afternoon, but on account of te
rain, the trip was postponed until a
later date. Rev. Stewart, pastor of
the C. M. E. Church, is doing a ireat
work for good In this community
Mr. and Mrs. Larson Kilgro 1 st
their infant last Wednesday. The In-
term-nt took place at Round Pond
Cemetery. Those on the sick list are
Mesdames Susan Eleazer, Settle
Rainey. Anna Daniel, Dona Hegwood,
Elizabeth Batson and daughter,
Messrs. Robert Levia and Floyd Bat
son. Mrs. Fannie Worly, of String
Town , visited Mrs. Ada Hopkins last
week. Mrs. Percy L. Beam and lit
tle Miss Mabel Beam spent last Mon
day evening and night with Mrs. Jo
ash Collins, near South Side. They
were most royally entertained. At
6:30 p. m. a three-course menu was
served. The people of this vicinity
have become very interested In read
ing the Globe. The following sub
scribed three mo-nths for the Globe:
Miss Lizzie Collins, Messrs. Westly
Slayden Mack Smith and H. H. Kirk
man. The W. H. and F. M. S. of the
A. M. E. Church had quite a success In
the entertainment last Saturday night,
realizing the sum of $6.04. The Cum
berland River Baptist Association
convened at Cabin Row Baptist
Church March 28-31. Thursday after
noon at 3:45 p. in. the house was
called to order by Rev. Fuller. Rev.
Northington offered prayer. After
At 3:30 p. m. quite a timely pro
gram was rendered by the young peo
ple, which was as follows: Welcome
address, Miss Mary Collins; response,
Mr. A. H. Kirkman, paper, "The In
fluence of Woman," Miss Mary Hunt
er; response, Mrs. Eliza Wiley; paper,
"Obedience," Miss Vloletta Key; re
sponse, Mr. Allen Hughes; trio,
"Abide with me," Misses Lillian
Ralmey, Lottye Jackson and Alice
Clark; paper. "The Duty of Woman
In Her Home," Miss Elanzrie' Klrn-
man; response, Mr. Westly Siayden;
paper, "Advice to the Young," Miss
Lillian Ralmey; response, Mr. Mack
Smith; paper, "Our Boys and Girls,''
Miss Lottye Jackson; response, Rev.
J. S. Fuller; paper, "The Unbeliever,"
Miss Alice C'ark; response, Rev.
Northington; paper, Miss Lizzie Col
lins, "Some of the Failures of Our
Boys and Girls;" response, Mrs. Percy
L. Beam. Adjourned to reassemble
at 7:3.0 p. m., at which time Rev.
Northington preached a most excel
lent sermon. The total collection
raised during the meeting was $17.83.
Quite an Interesting revival service
is being conducted at Payne Chapel
under the pastorate of Dr. H. L. P.
Jones. Several have made profession.
Rev. Jas. Childress, pastor of Salem
A. M. E. Church, North Nashvire;
Rev. Richmond, of Braden Memorial
M. E. Church, East Nashville, and
Rev. P. G. Turner, of Carthage, Tenn.,
have rendered able sermons In the
meeting. Monday night's service
was conducted by Revs. Webb and
Presiding Elder F. W. Gardner,
D. D., held his Quarterly Conference
here Sunday and Monday night. He
preached two very able Bermons to
the delight of all present. The fol
lowing cash reports were made Mon
day night to the Quarterly Confer
ence: Stewardess Board, $27.50; Trus
tee Helpers, $30.02; Willing Workers,
$27.12; Minnehaha Club, $20.00: Class
Leaders' reports, $27.35; total, $132.09.
This leads all quarterly conference re
ports in the South Nashville District
this Conference year. Three Stew
ardesses from St. Paul A. M. E.
Church were present, viz.: Mesdames
Jackson, Campbell and Bates.
475 North College Hi.
Nahvills Tenn.
Icansiveyou $10.00 on each suit. $2.50 on each pair of pants.
My suits and pants are made !y the best tailors in the country. I
hive suits fully worth $25.00 and up to $35.00 which I sell at
half price. If you want to find out see
475 North College St.
XaMhville. Tenn.
DR. R. H. BOYD, D. D., LL. D.
Monday Night, April S(li, 1912
for the benefit of the church. A special invitation is
extended to the schools.
Tickets on sale at One Cent Saving Bank, The Palms Ice Cream Par
lors and the People's Bank and Trust Co.
Chicago, 111., April 3.
Mtb. Patsey Jones,, formerly of
Nashville, Tenn., but for the lost
twelve years a resident of this oily,
died at her home, 3GG8 Wabash ave
nue, Sunday,. March 24th. She had
been ill for several months, but not
until Wednesday before her death.
did her children realize that the cad
was so near. Telegrams were sent
to her three absent sons, two of
whom hastened to her bedside. Mrs
Jones was loved by all who knew
her, and gained the confidence and
esteem of all with whom she dealt
In a business way. She survived her
husband, who died fourteen years ago
in New York City. At her bedside
at the time of her death, were seven
The Only Sporting Goods House in the City
Largest Line of Base Ball and Fishing Tackle Goods
in the South Let us prove it
Dixie Sporting Goods Go.
of her children. Her death Is a sad
b'ow to her children and to a host of
friends In this city, and also at her
former home in the South.
She leaves to mourn her four sons,
four daughters and sixteen grand
children. Mrs. K. J. Bills, Mrs. C. R.
Lewis, Mrs. Sallie M. Downs, Mrs.
Louise. Langston, Mr. G. W. Jones,
all of Chicago; Mr. Andrew Jones, ol
New York; Rev. J. A. Jones, presi
dent of Turner College, Shelbyville,
Tenn., and Mr. Clarence Jones, of Sail
Lake, Utah.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to thank our neighbors
and friends for their kindness during
the illness of our beloved mother, and
their assistance after.her demise, also
for the beautiful floral offering to her
sainted memory. (Signed)
(Mrs. K. J. Bills.)
THE W. E. H. C.
The V. E. P. C'ub met with Miss
Ella B. Driver, 934 Main street, Tues
day, March 2Gth. The meeting was
called to order by President Leslie
Rowan. This being a regular busi
ness meeting, quite a deal of business
was transacted. After the indulgence
in few ganes 'he enjoyment of
which was interspersed with music,
the club was favored by short talks
and words of encouragement from
many of the visitors, among which
was an able address by Mr. A. F.
Williams. At the next social meet
ing which will be held April 23rd will
be a debate, subject: Resolved, that
woman's love is greater than that of
man." Afflrmatices: Miss Geneva Ben
der and Mr. Robt. Sumner. Negatives:'
Messrs. Alex. Tipton and John Brown,
Jr. Friends are invited to be pres
ent at all meetings. The club ad
journed to meet with Mr. Immanuel
Glbbs at the home of Mr. Charley
Powell, 304 Clay street. Just before
adjournment Miss Driver served a de
licious ice course. The visitors pres
ent were Miss Hannah Davis, Miss
Dorothy Bennett, Messrs. Steve Mc
Call, R. W. Wade, Henry Matthews,
McKlssack and A. F. Williams.
The services at Holy Trinity
Church on Easter are: Blessing cf
Memorials at 10:30; Holy Commun
ion at 11 o'clock; Children's Service
at 1:00 o'clack. Even Song in
honor of Guilds and distributing of
Medals and Awards. Gounod's Mass
will be sung with the Celebration of
the Holy Communion, and the final
blessing with Stainer's Seven Fold
Amen. The choir will be assisted by
well-known vocal talent. The pub
lic is welcome to these services.'
We highly appreciate our pastor,
Rev. J. H. Kerr, for his good and
wholesome instruction and his good
management. We feel that he is
leading us from conquest to victory.
On Sunday, March 31st. we raised
$30 . of our educational money for
Shelbyville High School, and. have the
rest in sight. The church is In a
prosperous condition, ;

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