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Umployoiemt Ageaey
When out of employment call at Alt
Cedar St. where all classes of service are
And to get clean, snew white lauadry
at reasonable pikes
New Majestic Laundry Agency
429 Ctdar bt.
M. 21S3
Coli li and Goldberg
Yards Car. Fiftk At, mmi Dtatitrtm 8
ad 169t 12V Fiflk At. S.(k
Phone M. 1&8 NaskviAe, Tenn.
BRIDGEPORT (ALA.) NOTES. dered satisfactory to all present On elation of the Missionary Eaptlst
Miss Hattie Mai Lewis has been Sunday evening the Y. M. C. A. and church n Hollywood, Ala,, September
here visiting her mother and friends ! V. V. C. A. postponed their meeting 4 through trie 7th. The convention
for the last week. She will leave for at the public school building to meet an(j association both ere reported a
Tullahouia shortly. Miss Lucy Sib-; with the Woman's Missionary Society , great success and harmonious
'ley, of Birmingham, is visiting her . of said Convention. All other mis- throuehrmt the cession. Mrs. Bes-
nioiher, Mrs. Win. Hatcher. Miss ' i-iouary societies of other churches of Bje Smith and daughter
Not content with presenting to his
patrons the regular streotyped form of; auut and mother, Mrs. Rachel Fox, I val at the C. C. P. Church is getting
entertainment, Con T. Kennedy, general
director of The Con T. Kennedy Shows,
which will provide all of the amusement
features for the Tennessee State Fair,
September 29 to October 4, has assem
bled a musical comedy organization,
featuring La Zoria, a premier dancer
and entertainer who has scored a marked
success in the music halls of London, Pittsburg, was entertained at cards with those who came to witness the
Euierline Fox and Miss Janle Town-'the town were invited and the ser-
sand, of Gurley, Ala., visited the'r vices were most excellent The revi-
last wetk. Born to Mr. and Mrs. P. interesting to both the Christian and
J. Thompson ou Monday a fine boy. sinner. Great results are expected to
To Mr. and Mrs. James Gilliam a buist forth from same and a fruitful
tine girl. To Mrs. Maggie Flipper a harvest reaped. Rev. Win. Fowlkes
girl und boy. Rev. Pita?, Talley, tf had the pleasure of uniting in holy
Hollywood, spent Monday here, aiso : matrimony at one of his churches
Mr. Geo. Middletou, of 'ioUy wood, Sunday evening, Mr. Jim Wllkins and
who is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Susie '. Mis Thula McKnight. The house
Redd. Mrs. Kittie Tumor" of South : was packed to .its utmost capacity
Morse JShoere
419 Fcurlh Ave., N
CeelkSyra, CM TaUete. Liver Cif
! Meat i tko werk mt wwr ie
haded Nashville Draft C.
Free Delivery Maia 1200
12th and JMmmmmm'
The National Life and Acci
dent Insurance Co.
Nashville, Tean.
Cash Capital $200,000.00
Life, Health aid Accident In
surance in one Policy
Weekly and Monthly Premium
m mil 11
Berlin, Paris and St. Petersburg and
other European cities.
, Manager Kennedy, appreciating the
importance of surround'ng th'.s star with
a competent supporting company, has
spared no pains or expense. The ward
robe is lavish and the scenic investiture
worthy of Rn organization playing the
first-class theaters. Nor has Manager
Kennedy overlooked the orchestral re
quirements. Mirth, music and melody
reign supreme with the La Zoria Show.
To provide the electrical effects which
add a distinctiveness and charm to this
remarkable musical comedy offering a
half dozen expert electricians are carried.
Spot and flood lights are utilized and
novel mechanical effects interwoven,
making the La Zoria entertainment at
once unique and meritorious. A beauty
chorus of twenty comely ladies assist
in the performance. The latest song
hits are brought out in a striking man
ner, and altogether it is a performance
which will appeal to folks who enjoy
high-class, smart, clean entertainment.
by Mrs. Bessie McFarland at the all air. Miss McKnight is a most in
home of her mother, Mrs. Lula Hill, fluential Christian worker in the
Those present were: Mr. Robert El- said church. Mrs. Henry Cowers hai
liott, Mr. Floyd Bonner and Mr. Jesse ! returned from a very pleasant visit
Osborn, of South Pittsburg; Mrs. ; to friends in Rialto, Tenn. Mrs.
M. Martin and Dr. Astrapp and Mr. Chas. A. Simmons has been seriously
Holly Edge, also from South Pitts- j ill, but we are glad to report her
burg; Misses Cora and Liilie Branch, j much improved. Miss Vira Daven
Misses Sadie and Jessie Mai Sims, port is convalescent Miss Robenia
Mr. Sam Barnes and H. R. Sutton.
They played games and danced, after
which cream and punch were served.
Miss Kittie Turner left for Cincinna
ti on the N. C. and St L. fast train
and Dr. Astrapp left on the Memphis
Special west. Miss Jessie Gilbreath
will leave for Gurley, Ala., this week.
Mr. Andrew Gilbreath is here for a
few days with his wife. Dr. J. W.
Boyles, of Chattanooga made an in
teresting talk for us Sundday while
in Bridgeport Mr. Zenea Hill, of
1 Piano Richmond Make
1 Sewing Machine
1 While Enameled Combination
Safe Mosloy make.
Call at Ne. 1508 Harding Street.
Solicitors Wanted.
Both men and women
of good address, good
For further information write the
Jackson, Davis&Co.
716 Hawkins St. Dallas, Texas.
Cedar sal 11th Avunua., N.rlh.
Em, Ear, Nose and Threat Diaeowee te a
fermaaMatly leeeied r hie new haildan
1303 Ckmk Si.
Perry 4 Lester Coal Co.
Wholesale and Ketail Dealere m
Yards: 606 Second Aye. N.
S CT8.
Rooma for light housek eitping, private
family preferred in good neighborhood.
Phone M 30(12 L 411 Slh Ave , N-
Tim are interested in Tennessee-. Von
would like to know more about the
progress we are making. The Tennessee
State Fair oilers you that opportunity.
Do not forget the dates, September -0
to Ortolwr 4, inclusive. The railroads
appreciating the great value of the fair,
have given extremely low rates. Take
a week oir and visit the Tennessee State
Fair. Yon will go back home convinced
that our own state of Tennessee is in
the front rank of agriculture!, progress
and development.
The directors of the Tennessee State
Fair are to he felicitated upon having
concluded arrangements with The Con
T. Kennedy Show to provide the amuse
ment features this year. Transported
on thirty-two sixty-foot cars, carrying
twenty-two individual attractions and
three riding devices, thoroughly equipped
in every department, The Con T. Ken
nedy Shows are recognized as the great
est amusement enterprise of its charac
ter in the world.
The Flaza of Pleasure, mt night, pre
sents a bewildering picture a veritable
World's Fair, in miniature. Thousands
of electric lights make this section even
brighter than day. To provide the clea
trical illumination is carried two com
plete lighting plants, and this part of
the equipment alone represents an out
lay of $40,000. The wagon fronts arc
resplendent with gold leaf and allegor
ical carvings. A world of money has
been invested In the paraphernalia.
To get away from the usual method
of presenting amusement attractions in
separate exhibitions the freaks with The
Con T. Kennedy Shows have been as
scmbled under one canvaa, one price of
admission being charged to see them all
in tne selection ot tnese curious peo
ple for public exhibition, Manager Ken
nedy has been careful to elimniate anv
feature distasteful or at all unwelcome
to the most fastidious patrons.
The Congress of Nature's Mistakes
which Is a decided factor of the Midway
is most comprehensive and unique
Hill has returned to her home, St.
Louis, Mo., from a very pleasant vis
it to her parents and friends of this
place. Mrs. Rebecca Brewer is on
the sick list. Mrs. Matt Hill Is vis
iting her son in Chicago, 111. Mrs.
Cassle L. Fowlkes will be glad to take
your subscription for the Globe or
bring you a copy each week. Mrs.
Nannie Wade was the guest of Mrs.
Rebecca Brewer Sunday. Mrs. E. D.
Walker, of Grove street, was the
charming hostess of the Y. W. E.
of Pueblo,
Colorado, are the uest of Mr. and Mrs.
Cpnnon Rudder. She will no doubt
visit many friends while in this part
cf the land. The p; tor and mem-1
bers of the M. E. Church celebrated
thf fiftieth anniversary cf the Free
dom of the Negro last Friday and
Saturday. The district superinten
dent, Dr. A. W. McKennedy was pres
ent and rendered good .service. The
revival that has been going on at the
M. E. Church i concluded mt! many
souls were fp.ved. Mcs Anrie Daniel
is in the city of Nashville this week
The pastor and the faithful members
of the A M. E. Church have made
quite an additoin to their church. Mr.
A. Joseph is leading the way and the
rest are following. The school board
has been called a mass-meeting for
Friday night, September 12th. No
doubt there will be much business
trnnsreted. Don't fail to read the
Globe, it will keep you well posted,
and pay as you go.
Mr. A. P. Hampton LiUard enter
tained at her beautiful home 3306
Indiana Avenue, In honor of her
guest Miss Mable B. McKay, of Naeh
ville, Tenn. MiES McKay is domes
tic to chor In the city school of
Clarksville. A party ef twenty-live
v f -s . ' ' lww jjiiim, .i.jiii.n,iAWu m i.' vr,'r ww w m u 11 iw i i iipifj, mv pm,.w milium uj. MJ'WT WJVmmi JI'M"".
Decherd, was refused the privilege of
preaching in., the Primitive Baptist
Church, with which he claim to be
connected. However, he got in the
Missionary Baptist Church and
preached to a fairly good congrega
tion. The people here do not ap
prove of ministers who are expelled
from their own church. Mr. T. J.
Sharp was In Scottsboro Monday. Our
school is progressing nicely and Miss
Pearl Hunt is a competent teacher.
The children are learning rapidly..
Mr. John Franklin, of New York,
who has been visiting friends and
relatives in Gallatin, was the guest
nf Mrs. Tlnttio Mctfwen. at niilcptnn
last Sunday. They went to Nashville;1"11" ll'lu
Club Friday afternoon. After an
hour of needle work the hostess serv
ed a dainty ice-course and cake. Every
one reported a delightful afternoon.
The next meeting will be "with Mrs.
Florence Cole on College street, Sep
tember 12th. Mrs. William A. Fowlkes
and little daughter, Willie E. Minola,
will probably leave for St. Louis, Mo.,
and Springfield, 111., to visit relatives
and friends September 12th.
Quite a number ot people went from
here to Sand Hill Sunday to attend
the annual sermon of the U. S. of
Relief. Misses Willie Thompson.
Maggie B. Blackman, Myrtle Black-
Mr. Mitchell Thompson
The announcement that the truster.'
of the Tennessee State Fair have con
cluded negotiations with the Con T. Ken
nedy Shows to provide all of the, amuse
ment features this year, comes with
more than an ordinary degree of inter
est and insures the patrons of an en
tertainment diversified and high-class.
Among the twenty-two shows which
Manager Con T. Kennedy is to.bring us,
one feature which should appeal most
strongly to our people is the Cabaret
Show. Having spent months in Chicago,
New York and the capitals of Europe
during the past winter, Manager Ken
nedy evolved the idea of presenting to
his carnival patrons a form of variety
entertainment such as has not heretoforq
been in evidence with this class of an
amusement enterprise. From advance re
ports it would appear that the Cabaret
Show ii of exceptional magnitude and
While the management has exercised
great care in the selection of talent and
in the form of entertainment, we are
led to believe fhat although the objec
tionable features of the Europoan cab
aret have been eliminated the corps of
Kennedy entertainers present a program
of unusual interest. Vaudeville plays an
important part in the amusement of the
masses all over the world, and it is fair
to presume that the entertainment to
be accorded the patrons of the Cabaret
Show, a leading feature of the Con T.
Kennedy aggregation, will be entertained
in an exceptional manner. There will
be ten high-class vaudeville acts, to say
nothing of the exponents of modern
and spent a pleasant day and Mis. H'nt Sunday evening with Mr. and
Steve Pierce, of Pearl street, enter-iMLrs; Brad, Buchanan. Mrs. Josie
tained them. Those who enjoyed '1 helps and sister visited their moth
he r hospitality were: Mrs. McEwen, j er Mrs- Susie Gooch, and returned
Mrs. Jack Bond, Mr. John Fruuklln, t0 Nashville Monday evening. Miss
Mr. Steve Pierce, Mrs. Annie Web- Ella Cartwright went to Nashville
ster. Mr. John Smith, of Nashville, ; Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Hill and
spent the day at Ridgetop the guest ,neir little neice, Cora Buchanan, Mr.
of Mrs. Ilortense C. Murdie. Mr. and Mrs. Pleas Jordan and little son,
John Osborn, of Nashville, spent thejttuAis PU'as, Messrs. Hurley Tucker
day at Ridgetop the guest of Mrs.1 and Edward Kirkpatrick made a fly
Siillie White. Mrs. Marv Terrell was ', ing trip to Atlanta last week. Mr.
were present. Whist and dancing were
the features cf the evening. The
dinning room was beautifully deco
rated with plants and ferns. In the
center of the table was n large cut
glass bowl of Americans beauties
with whlto buds forming the name
of the honored guest (Mablo). Mrs,
Lillard- being a Btudeit of Chicago
Musical College and eweet singer
favored the guest with tie selection
Miss McKay's charming disposition
won for her many friends.
the guest of Mrs. Murdic and Mrs
White at Ridgetop. Mr. and Mrs.
Porter Powell entertained in honor
of their niece, Miss Callie Purdue,
with a birthday party last Wednesday
night, the 3rd of September. Music,
dancing and games were enjoyed un
til a late hour, after which a nice
repast was served. All left express
ing a nice time. Miss Pardue re
Rufus Fricrsou was the guest of his
mother Sunday. On his return to
Nashville he carried his little sister,
Eureka, to spend a few weeks with
him. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ward
were the guests of their mother, Mrs.
Lizzie Ferguson, Monday. Mrs. Wil
lie Elder has returned from Wartrace
where she vited her mother and re
latives. Mr. Wm. Elder has been
ccived many nice presents. Mr. Al- cry sick but is able to be out at
On Monday morning, September 29th,
the. pites of the Tennessee State Fair
will he thrown open to visitors and for
six whole days the people of Tenuessi-e
and neighboring states will have an op
portunity to see exemplified the progress
we are making agriculturally, and tiny
ore going to he astounded at the progress
wo are making. While many men and
women know something about one or
more of the country's big stato fairs,
not bo many know about the organiza
tion and the effort expended in success
fully conducting one of these expositions
Inly a few know definitely the how and
Lhe why of the state fair of todny. You
nn learn all about It by visiting the
Tennessee State Fair.
fred Roscoe is very ill. His many
friends wish, for his speedy recovery.
The Sunday-School Convention and
Woman's Missionary Society which
convened at the A. M. E. Church last
week was a decided success. The
presiding elder, Rev. Picket, presided
during the meeting and Is to be con
gratulated for his ability and manner
of conducting the meeting. On Fri
day night a mest ekcellent concert
was given by members of the church.
Many excellent selections were ren-
hls work again. Mr. Elder Is a fine
blacksmith. Messrs. Will Gill, Wil
liam Klble, West Morton and James
Williams came from Murfreesboro in
a surrey Sunday and visiter Mr. and
Mrs. Will Charlton. Mr. and Mrs.
James Carter and their sister, Ida,
spent a few days with their mother,
Mrs. Jennie Matthews, and returned
to Nashville Monday evening. Mr.
Joe Robert Etter la ill.
Quite a number of people of Stev
enson attended the Mud Creek Assc-
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Best Announcement Yet About the Ten
nessee State Fair.
The best announcement that OM be
made in connection with the Tceaexee
tate Fair and the one that is looked
forwMrd tu with the niot intercut ta the
miounceiuent of the low ratw eflved
by the railroads and the territery fwe
rutin cover.
t.f eouise every nun, womaa m4 iikl
in Tennessee knows that tlie Taniwee
Fair. September 29. 30, October 1, t, 3,
l'JIU, will ' be right up to th Kirk
n way of an educational expotfiiioa, o'l
with an amusement feature tWil will
rank with the best fairs in this niry.
They know that the exhibits of atva
btock, poultry, woman's work, rkikkv's
work, and all that goes to make up a
reat show, will be collected aU eMb-
ted. They know that the amueiWaat
features, the raeing, the night bm
show, and the fire works, and ih fee
acts will be right up to the staaAwd,
and there will not be an idle m)Mt.
Something to learn and sornctliing to
amuse every minute of the week.
The low rateM, then, is the moat im
portant announcement that can be aia4e,
as the cost of getting to the fair te al
ways the first consideration. What will
be the charge for a round trip ttekei
will be asked if you are contenipktkg
going to the fair, and, of ceurso, y
have made up your mind to go prvnle4
the railroads will do the proper twwg
n giving a low rate on account of tle
reat annual event visited by over W,-
000 people.
First, we want to tell you that u yen
live in a radius of 200 mile you ean
come to the Tennessee State Fak kr
one fare for the round trip, pine 25
cents. Now, understand, if the raaweiMl
lare from your station to Nashville 's
a certain amount, then it will vly eort
an additional 25 cents to get ywm W
the fair and hack home again.
This cheap rate will be erven prac
tically all over the Nashville, Owtfcv
nooga & St. Louis System, the Tcwwea
see Central, and to points as faT nrta
as Horse Cave, Ky., and as far (wwth
as Decatur and Tuacumbia, Ala am the
L. & N. R. R., and the other railieevda
that are members of the Southeastern
Passenger Association, will fall hvU Vm
and give these same low rates.
The Interurban cars running eat of
Nashville will meet the railroada ant!
these reductions and they wiU ale give
a one fare round trip rate.
With cheap transportation and with
the facilities of the large number ! k
tels, boarding houses and private fam
ilies who throw open their houses te te
publio during fair week, fully 150,W
people will visit the fair of 1913.
These low rates will prevail dorKg
the entire week of the fair, and tickets
will be on sale a day or so before tbe
fair opens in order that people who de
sire to come from quite a distance ea
start in advance and arrive in time. Tick
ets will he on sale from all stations crv
ery day of the fair week, and the ifck
eti will be good to return two days lift
er the fair shall have been over.
Now, that you know' the railroad f.wr
will cot hut a trifle, maUe your r
nuigemonts to take in the groat tSlZ
Tennessee- State Fair.
Send for catalogue, containing all
about this big Exposition.
Miss Annie Dunlap and Mrs. W.
L. Miller have returned from Bait!
Mrs. Chas. Payne of 1704 Jeffer
son street, who has been visiting
her cousin, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Terry
of Oaskey, Ky., has returned. Many
social functions were given in her
i1 ,. . .? . .... c-rf" - - - . i . ' ,
f' . ' '- I , f i ? .i'i
I it- -'If IF U' u li-l.-r -ix v a p'tii 'a i
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' .'-.,
, x , , ' i s ' " ' " - ' -
It is a far cry from the days of Mon
tezuma, but the Con T. Kennedy Show9
will bring the Tennessee State I'alr
what many believe to be the only !nr
viving members of the Aztec race, Irwn
dreda of years ago the Aztecs peopled the
region now known as Mexico. They en
joyed a high degree of civilization and
controlled a vast territory on the North
American continent. Their rule was
tnrbed by the invasion of the Spaniards.
The Btory of the Conquest of Mexiee U
a thrilling chapter in the history of the
Western world. It is miraculous tkat
Manager Oon T. Kennedy in assembling
his mighty amusement enterprise baa
been able to secure the last survviijr
members of a race which once played an
Important part on thia continent. TFbBe
in Mexico last winter Manager Kennedy
was informed that two Aetw chiMren
were living up in the mountains a few
miles from Chihuahua. lie ht no time
In locating them and made arrangement
with the Mexican government to bring
the children to the United State for ex
hibition purposes, obligating himsMf te
return them upon the conclusion of tho
present tour. The Aztec children are
an educational feature, and will be on
exhibition with the Con T. Kennedy
Shows at the State Fair, September 29
to October 4.
From the. colonial beginning of this
lountry there has been some apprecia
tion of the fact that our really big de
velopment problems were agricultural
problems. For many years this appre
ciation was merely latent. After vast
tillablo ureas had been added to our pos
icssions, and as the possibilities of tor
millions of fertile acres began to bo un
derstood, this appreciation incrcastMl
amazingly. Long since it has become mi
active force in our national life. Today
men in all walks of life are studying the
farm, farmers and farming. Giant armies
are marching forward under banners
bearing such inscriptions as, "IW'k to
the land," "Improve your seed," "Wfop
robbing your soil," "Rotate your crop,"
'Systematize your farm," "Rne Tiiif
and better live Rtock." You can sveiire
b formation on all these uubje 4 thu
rer.nessre State Fair.

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