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Miss Julia Arvilla Jones
GOLD MEDAL. Ewing was christened by Father
Who is it that does not feel proud ! cxo.ds, i-nest of the Holy Trinity
p,,wuw W, i. ii7 ! or r fcunaay bcnooi Union, wnicn, i cnurch last Thursday. The spon-
Ae, inn. fcMBvwe. lenn.. by tae almost at the last moment, carne to -sera being Miss M. W. Fletcher Mrs.-
NASHVILLE GLOBE PUBLISHING COMPANY. Philadelphia, put up its exhibit and J. A. WilL'aiiis and Mr. I. C Brown.
Telephone, Mala 1989.
RntMttd as mimnrtwtfifta matter .Tnnnarv tQ IQfti
I tfc post-afllce at Nashville, Tennessee, undtr 1 daring thing for the
tue Act ( congress or March s. 189. Union to come here to exhibit. But
it showed that much of the vigor of
N bo(1m taken of anonymous contributions, 'the fathers has descended upon the
. , sons; that the younger men of the
SUBSCRIPTIONS I ADVANCE. I church, of whom Secretary Bryant is
On, Year $ 1 50 ! t,ne ure m,t on'y zealous for the
Six Monrtia. ho church they love, but have intelli-
1 nn"fl raonias 4U
received for its display a Gold Medal j Mrs. Williams Btandlng as God
certificate from the Emancipation ; Mother. The party together with
: Proclamation Commission? It was a Mrs. Coombs and Mrs. H. A. Cam-
Sunday School I eron were charmingly entertained at
Single Copy.
gence and ability with that zeal. If
i given a half chance they will show
dinner by Mrs. Williams.
Mrs. Ida Marshall of Pittsburg,
Kansas is in the city visiting her
sister, Mrs. Fannie Clayborne.
Mrs. Ellen Floyd reached home
last Thursday, October 2nd, after a
pieasaut mree months' iay in the
leading cities of Illinois and Mis
souri. Mrs. Floyd's health is much
Notify the office when you fail to let your paper.
8 cents per line for each insertion.
W rents per line (or each insertion (in black face)
Advertising oipy should be in the olfice not later
than 9 a. m Tuesday of each Week.
Any erroneous reflections uoon the character,
standing or reputation of any person, firm or cor-
Rirarton, whicti mav appear in the columns of the
ASIiVlLLE GLOBE will be gladly corrected upon
bring brought to the attention of the management.
Send correspondence for publication so as to
reach the otfiee Monday. No matter intended for
current issue which arrives as lata as Thursday
can appear in that number, as Thursday is press
All news sent us for publication must be written
only on one side of the paper, and should be accom
panied by the name of the contributor, not neces
sarilly for publication, but as evidence of good
ithe fathers that African Methodism improved.
is safe. The Missionary Department, Mrs. Fannie Belle Washington
I under Dr. J. Y. Rankin, Is also to ba j and ijttie daughter, Hazel have re
I congratulated upon the award of the j turned from their viist to friends in
Silver Medal certificate for the dis
play of photographs of its work.
Christian Recorder.
Plea For Men.
As far back as history records the
The Board of Directors of the Peo
ple's Savings Bank and Trust Com
pany held their regular monthly meet
ing Wednesday night in the Directors'
room in the bank building.
The reports of the officials showed
the bank to be in a prosperous condi
tion. Dr. A. M. Townsend, the rs-
Cincinnati, Ohio and also Lexington,
tained. rH
Mrs. Nellie Etter and Miss Ger
trude Taylor of Paris, Texas, who H
tutve ureu visiuug icuiLivea tuiu
friends in the city for the. last three
weeks returned to their home Sun
day afternoon.
Miss Lavinia P. Harding left Tues
day evening for Chicago, 111., for
an indefinite stay.
I Irs. Sophia Jackson-Smith left
Hast Monday night to join her iius-
tiring cashier, made his last report i Kang
which was for September. He pre-j ' , w fl chMr&a
faced, his report with a brief rev ew , p&
?LMle. tnkJ visiting her father, 'who is quite L
"irrXi:V,lir" ' , v. A. G. Coombs, Priest of the,
' ,,,rXr,- Vnfl, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church left
the bank and would g.ve his Influence the"cUy fop New
UnstlnCtetliy. Vrrlr in QtronH tha fjatlm-ol flnnvan.
JJr. J . n. riait- ic.iu me iriiuit ii
the executive committee, after which
the election of a cashier was taken
up. Mr. W. D. Hawkins, the assis
tant cashier, was unanimously elected
cashier and teller. Mr. Hawkins ha
world has always had great adniira-j eni with the bank since its organisa
tion for manly and courageous men. tion, and has risen from the position
V... iM.mr... F.imtl,, 1..... ,'r,.i,.. iof teller to cashier. He has mnd( a
in knowledge opinion has changed to
good record in the bank, and enjoys
the confidence of the. public. He Is
some degree as to what constitutes a j thoroughly familiar with the work
manly and courageous man, but funda- ine of the institution, which means
mentally there has been little change, that the business will move alo-i-i
, . , . , , ,. . without a hitch. The Board of Di-
There is one principle of manliness ; rtorvot,,r l0 pn mit t'0 Roger Wil-
that the American people have always ;liams university on the 15th to wit
stressed, and that is respect for worn- ness Ex-Cashier Townscnd's inauj;u
anhood. An American who will not ration as president of that institu-
protect a woman is considered le;i3
than a coward. Strange to say, how
ever, Negro men are slow to becowe
imbued with this great fundamental
principle. They make a great noise
about their women, but when the test
comes they shrink from their duty,
and in too many instances leave the
Negro women exposed to the humilia
tion and abuse of the world.
No stronger proof of this weakness
may be cited than the case on the
Jefferson street car last Sunday, when
a lot of Negro men permitted a white
man to jerk a colored girl from a seat
and strike another with his fist and
then call her all of the vile names in
the vocabulary of blackguard and pro
fanity. A true man would not con
sider his life one moment under sum
conditions, but would spill his last
drop of blood as willingly as he would
take a drink of water. It is hard to
conceive of Buch cowardice. Such
are not worthy to be called men.
Think how helpless a woman would
be who should chance to have such a
coward for a husband. Shame on
those creatures with men's attire as
a covering.
But there was one man on that car.
A Negro man with the pure iron in
the blood. He was not dressed in
loud stockings, green vest and big
legged pants, Just ordinarily dressed
no coat on. No attention had been
paid him, and the women on the car
did not dream that their lives were
in his hands, but when the test came
he proved that he was a man, and the
brute who so cowardly assaulted those
two girls wil! always remember him,
and if he has one lota of manhood in
him he has more respect for the man
who plunged the knife in him than
he has for all those who sat cringing
as he committed the cowardly as
saults on those two girls.
We are glad to sav that our town
is still alive. Rev. C. Gray preached
two wonderful sermons for us Sun
day. Our B. Y. P. U. is getting on
fine. Sunday evening the lesson was
taught by Deacon W. S. Darrell, Matt.
7. As we have not received our
quarterlies, the president, J. M. Bat
tles, appointed Mrs. T. B. Phillips to
conduct the lesson for Snndiv At
tion of the Episcopal Church which
convenes every four years. The
session will continue for a month.
Mrs. A. D. Simington of Mobile,
Ala., who has been here visiting
relatives and friends returned home
last week.
Mrs. Eliza Sanders of 1309 Jack
son sireet, who has been ill for the
last three weeks is improving.
Mrs. Mattie Stiles of Milledgevllle
Ga., is in the city visili'iig her broin
er, Bishop Phillips who has been ill
but is rapidly convalescing. Mm
iiiiles will spend some time with the
Bishop and family. Mrs. Stiles
has a large circle of friends here
who will be delighted to learn that
she is in the city.
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one of whom will be the state grand
master by virtde of his office. This
property was boughfr and the deeds
made to the National Order of the
Mosaic Templars of America. The
national officers purpose to have
the deeds framed and placed right
at the entrance of the building so
that all may see that the property
belongs to the people and no individ
ual or set of individuals.
The Freewill Offering.
In erecting this building the Mo
saics have done what no fraternity
in the world has done and that is
complete a building without levy
ing extra buildi'ng assessments on
the people. At Paducah they levi
ed a national temple tax of 20 cents
per ' annum on each member. This
tax has been accumulating slowly, j
but it would have taken many years I
for a small tax ilke that to amount
to sufficient to erect the temple. On
the other hand, the endowment
funds have been piling up at lan
for home Thursday last. They were j immense rate. The Insurance com-
miitfcfoners of Arkansas recom
mended that the safest investment
for the endowment surplus would be
City Items.
Mrs. W. C. Shelton is back in the
city, from a Ave weeks' stay, with
friends in Chicago, 111.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Work of
1532 14th Ave. North., was visited
by the stork, Friday morn'ni. Ort
3rd, and left an 8-pound baby girl.
The young lady hag been named Essie
Jordan. '
'Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Charles and
Mrs. Martha Foster Jone3 of Pensa
cola, Fla., who have been the guests
of Mr. Foster Jones and Mrs. Eliza
Jones during Convention week left
the recipients of many social pleas
ures while in the city.
Mrs. Ross and daughter, Miss
Fannie, iMrs. Owens, the wife of to put money into a national build
the President of Central Mississippi ing. Hence last March the temple
Baptist College and Mr. R. H. Ewing trustees arranged with the Endow
of Natchez, Miss., after a pleasant tnent Board for money to complete
visits among friends and relatives, the temple. ' Now the National
accompanied by Mrs. R. H. Ewing Grand Master will start his let cam
and children have returned to j paign to replace this money in the
Natchez, Miss. 'endowment treasury and that will be
The young men who organized th
"Booster Club" struck upon a scher.i
that will do much toward the better
nicnt of Nashville, if properly han
dled. It is not a new move in tiiM
city, but it is a commendable move.
It is well that the young Negro men
of Nashville realize th.it they owe
something to their home; and that a
part of the responsibility of pushing
Nashville to the front rests upon
them. We hope the new club will
grow strong and live long. That the
members will count themselves men,
and not as charity seekers. That
they will always feel that the ex
penses of the club must be borne by
the members of the club and not by
donations from others. We hope
they will be "Boosters" and not beg
gars. The initial trip to Knoxville- Bhould
receive the most hearty support of
all. Every man should realize that
the city's reputation is at stake.
Every Negro who works for n Nash
ville manufacturer or merchant
should feel it his duty to boost that
man's business. Negroes are pretty
good boosters as a rule, but, they can
he better boosters through on organ
ized effort. Let's show Knoxville
who we are. Let's tell the world
about grand old Nashville and her
1 V'Ji
jnr t t c
By Special Arrangement with
National Negro Doll Company
- J
u t
; .. . 1 !
V . I' i
;,t ; ; 1 i ,
made it possible for even) girl to
have a Negro Doll FREE. .You
can get a 12 inch Doll or you get a
36 inch Doll. It all depends on how
much you talk.
A 12 inch Negro will be given to
every girl who will secure
two yearly subscribers to the
Nashville Globe at $1.50 each
A 15 inch Negro Doll for four
yearly subscribers at 1.50 each
A 17 inch Negro Doll for five year
ly subscribers at 1.50 eacfi
An 18 inch Negro Doll for six year
ly subscribers at 1.50 each
A 20 inch Negro Doll for seven
yearly subscribers at 1.50 each
A 22 inch Negro Doll for eight
yearly subscribers at 1.50 each
A 26 inch Negro DoW for twelve
yearly subscribers at 1.50 each
A 30 inch Negro Doll for fourteen
yearly subscribers at 1.50 each
A 32 inch Negro Doll for eighteen
yearly subscribers at 1.50 each
A 36 inch Negro Doll for twenty
yearly subscribers at 1.50 each
You do not have to secure all annual subscribers. If you
can get enough subscribers at 6 months or 3 months to have
money equivalent to the amount a given number of annual sub
scribers would pay, you get the doll' just the same. For example:
Two annual subscribers at $1.50 each would amount to $3.00
Any girl who will secure a number of subscibers and collect $3.00
from them, will get a 12 inch doll.
This is the first time girls have had a chance to get a Negro
Doll free. It only requires a little work after school. This offer
will remain open until December 25th. Get busy girls, and get a
Negro Doll for Christmas. Call 'at the Globe office and get a sub
scription blank. Begin early so you will have time secure a 'Great
Big Be lUtifulDoll Free. If you live out of the city write a letter,
and the blanks will be mailed to you.
D. A. HART, Manager
a 447 4th Avenue. North. ' rVnshniJIp Tonn
II 1 ' v ' J j v- f l f l I II
Dr. Josie E. Wells has- just returned
from Battle Creek, Mich., where she
went to take a course in Hydrothera
py and Electrotherapy. Dr. Wells
the same as wag employed at the
Rock. City Sanitarium on the east
side of the river and is practiced at
the sanitarium conducted by the
Seven Dav Aventists. It is what
has been connected with the manage- is commonly known as the water and
mum ot me nuDnaru Hospital since
its opening, and is fully prepared for
her work. She hopes to combine
the use of Hydrotherapy and Eleclo
therapy in her practice thls winter
in the treatment of rhepmatism, gas
trictis indigestion and all forms of
nervous disorders.
Dr. Wells will treat diseases
women and children only.
The new treatment
duced at Meharry by
electricity remedy, and is gaining in
favor with the people as they under
stand it. Aside from the medicinla
curative powers of the remedy the
people have learned to a degree the
virtue in taking a good bath under
ihnt svetem. There are many in
this city who when the sanitarium
of'vas in operation never used any oth
Iit treatment. Dr. Wells' efforts
to be Intro-: will be hailed with delight by the
Dr. Wells is (people as a whole.
a national freewill offering at the
dedication. He will . have prepared
a great Honor Roll and every lodge
in the United States will he asked to
contribute something in the free
will offering Amounts from $1 tip
will be accepted. The roll will be
called and the name of each lodge
recorded and this roll will be placed
in the archives of the- Order to re
main forever and be read by those
who wil come in after generations
and see what their fathers and moth
ers accomplished.
The exercises will close Friday
night with a big banquet in the new
auditorium where spreads will be
laid for the delegates and visitors
to the celebration.
The Mosaic Templars was organ
ized in 1882 by the present Na
tional Scribe. J. E. Bush and the
late C. W. Keats. During its exis
tence over $.")0fl,000 has been paid
to widows and orphans.
This Order has never levied an
extra tax upon its members to pay
off any kind of obligation, and not
a simile instance can bo cited dur
ing thirty-two years, where the Or
der has failed to meet promptly its
just obligations to the people. In
our Endowment department, the
ninety-days waiver, which appear
in most certificates, has never been
taken advantage of, because the Or
der has always had sufficient funds
to meet its claims whenever proof
of death is- made. Our Endowment
department is national and has been
inspected from time to time by vari
ous Insurance commissioners. The
Order has come out of each inspec
tion with flying colors. As we grow
older, instead of decreasing, our
Endowment surplus is growing, as
the following will show:
Endowment surplus, 1907. .$ rj.049.57
Endowment surplus, 1908 .$ 9,394.97
Endowment surplus, 1909. .10.039.9f
Endowment surplus, 1910. . 18,4 10.f9
Endowment surplus, 19.11 . .30.O6S.P8
Endowment surplus, 1912 ..51,678.90
Enodwment surplus, 1913 ,.71,198.2(
(6 months)
The following is the invitation and
program sent out:
You are requested to be present at
the Dedication Exercises of the Na
tional Temple Dullding of the Mo
saics Templars of America, October
15, 1G, 17, 1913,, Little Rock, Arkansas.
First Day Oct. 15. 1913.
10:00 A. M. Welcome Exercises.
2:00 P. M. Closing of National
Membership Campaign Dedication
Free-Will Offering.
8:0.0 P. M. Dedicatory Address
Booker T. Washington, LL.
Principal of Tuskegee Normal
dustral Institute.
Address by Hon. H. . L. Remmel
S. Marshal.
Address Hon. U. S
of Little Rock.
Address by Hon C.
or of Little Rock.
Bratton, P. M.
E. Taylor, May-
Second Day Oct. 16, 1913.
10:00 A. M.--State Grand Master's;
Symposium, "The Best Method of
2:00 P. M. Zephro Mistress and
Mosiac Master's Symposium, "How
to Keep Local Lodge Interest
S:00 P. M. Address by E. C. Morris
D. D., President of the National
Baptist Convention, Helena, Ar
kansas. Address by Rev. Sutton R. Griggs,
Memphis, Tenn.
Dedication of Temple by National
Grand Lodge Officers.
Third Day Oct. 17, 1913.
10:00 A. M. Meeting of the National
Committee of Management and
State Grand Masters. Trolley
ride over the city for delegates
and visitors.
8:00 P. M. National Temple Ban
quet In Auditorium of Temple
National Temple Trustees.
Wm. Alexander, National Grand
Master, President. J. E. Bush, Na
tional Grand Scribe, ecretary. A.
W. Weatherford, Treasurer. S. A.
Scott, Attorney, J. J. Scott.
National Officers: Wm. Alexand
er, N. G. M., J. E. Bush, N. G. S.,
Leona Richmond, A. N. G. S., J. E.
Henderson, N. C. G. D., A. W. Weath
erford, Treasurer, N. T., J. F. Franks
N. G. I. G., Dr. E. A. Williams, N.
G. Marshal, Dr. J. W. Darden, N. G.
M. E., J. II. LAfcConico, N. G. A., D.
G. Hill, N. A. G. M., J. A. Davis, N.
G. T., S. A. Jones, Atty. General, C.
E. Bush, N. E., Jacob Humphrev, N.
G. W., P. C. Roundtree, N. G. O. G.,
Dr. J. G. Thornton, P. N. G. M., G.
W. Fowlkes, N. G. L, Rev. B. Craw
ford, N. G. C. C. C. Eakin, N. G.
National Committee of Manage
ment: M. J. Moore, Lillie Kirvin,
Janie I. Biakley, Annie T. Jackson,
F. K. McPherson, Betty Jackson.
Diseases of Women and Children
PHONE 1477
Office, Napier Court, Hours 10 to 12 A. M.
Afternoon 1 to 4 P. M. HUBBARD HOSPITAL
Phone Main 4997, Residence Phone Main 1318

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