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Suffered With Weak
Lungs for Years
Takes Care of Twenty-eight
Rooms in a Hotel
"I had suffered for years
weak 1 tines and the doctors
I would die," says Mrs. Lulie Luuds
ford of 214 Fourteenth avenue. North,
In her statement to us "My lungs
Mid chest vere so sore that every
tireath I drew was painful. I won
in bed and not able to sit up when
I started on Lung-Vita. I have used
five large iwttles and today I am
- - -
-wonting in a notei and taxe care
of twenty-ight rooms, so you con seelTotten, is visitins her old home city.
On Wednesday evening January 31st
the death angel entered the home of
Rev. K, D. Wells and claimed his aged
mother, Rebecca Elizabeth Wells.
Mother Wells had been In ill health
for a number of years and her going
was a long looked for event. Funeral
services- conducted from the home,
213 Summer St.. Thursday afternoon
By Rev. Allison, pastor C. M. E.
Church. To the bereaved family we
extend our deepest sympathy. Miss
Daisy Todd, formerly of this city but
now of Wingo, Ky., spent a few days
with her mother, Mrs. Caldwell on
College St. Mr. David Carter is spend
ding some time in Franklin, Tenn.
Miss Myrtlo MeCord, who has been
ill for some time is much improved at
this writing. Rev. Bryant of Ridsely
is spending a few days in the city.
Mr. Charlie Johnson left Wednesday
night for Toledo, Ohio. Mrs. Johnson
has returned to her home in Rives.
Mrs. Sarah Taylor of Brownsville, at
tended the funeral of her sister, Mrs.
Rebecca Elizabeth Wells. Mrs. Jas.
that I am not dead yet, but living
ly a lig majority, and am iloins;
more work than most people. But
had it not been for Lung-Vita 1
would have leen resting beneath the
sod instead of working in a hotel."
I.unp-Vita is sold by all druggists
and dealers. Fifteen-day treatment,
$1.00; thirty-day treatment, $1.75.
Chattanooga, Tenn. Mr. Samuel Long
of Hickman spent Sunday with his
brother, Mr. Frank Long. Mr. II. C.
Howard of Buffalo, N. Y., is spending
the winter with Mr. and Mrs. C. M.
Taylor. Mr. Harnett of Hickman,
spent a few hours in the city Monday,
on business. On Friday afternoon,
February, 'J. Mrs. Howard Towers was
Club. The president, Mrs. A. B. Pat
ton, presided. The members responl
el with dues and quotations from
Dunbar. Mrs. Chas. M. Taylor read a
paper, subject, "Home the heart of
the Nation." This subject was heart
ily discussed by all. Mrs. Powers led
in singing, 'Home Sweet Homn."
and our race will take a leap upward
out of the pessimistic ditches of sup
erstitions and get out of the old house
of long remembered adages that our
race never was anything and never
will be for the man who says such,
need but to take a peep into the days
or antiquity and see a Nimrod found-
perfect maturity as missionaries of
This is a bigger job than Samson
or Hercules ever had, but with Gods
grace we can succeed.
Satan has foreign missionaries.
Many ships are carrying liquor and
ether curses to the Negroes in Afri
ca. Those engaged in this work are
Satan's foreign missionaries. It Is
an awful truth that there at a more
missionaries of Satan trying to de
stroy the Negroes lu Africa than
tl.ere are missionaries of Christ tor
their salvation. I.
That awful condition prevailed ' in
Nashville so long that probably over
half of our boys have 'been polluted
vith evil. I want' .these things
changed. I want every home to be
Kxtsnaire Coarse Splendid Faculty
After business the hostess served a ing ancient Nineveh, Cush and Canaan
toothsome menu coasting of hot j Tyre and Sidon. Notice the first fleet
. , . .u,4 oomii uu ui war amps anu see meni Dunt and1 . . ,,, , ry.
ettuce After a very pleasant social run across the Mediteranean Sea by a I",,0 r chr.,?uJ h., , ...
hour the meeting adjourned to meet I Negroes if you please and what ha. L-J ..W"id.?.BSL,t,!S?
reuruary , witn .Mrs. A. D. been will be again so says Solomon.
Cooper on Grove St. Mrs. Mary Bal- Read and become posted, you win
ey of Newborn spent a few days with see signs in the Globs every issue.
cr uuugmer, airs, uertrude Wade.
Mrs. A. B. Hoover of Memphis, is the
house guest of Mrs. Pearl Fowler on
Mr. Earl Bryson nas been confined to
his bed for several days is now able
to be out. Mrs. Maud White Donegan
Greenwood Avenue. We are clad tolformeriv of thi rttv w
write that Mr. Hasalee Branham is up ing in Huntsville, Ala., spent a few
and out again. Mr. Geo. Armstrong! days here visiting her sick sis
spent a few days in our city as the ter. Miss Florence White. Miss Pau-
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Berdine on Dob
bins St. On Monday evening, January
.v, .Mrs. Mary Overby was the hostess
line Hatcher the daughter of Mrs.
Annie Bryson met with a serious ac
cident a few days ago but she is con-
oi a uanusomeiy appointed dinner valesoing rapidly. She is an ardent
party to compliment Rev. R. H. Vann. student of city high school. We hope
mo iianur uua aimng room were to see her In school at an earlv date.
beautifully decorated with
plants. The table had for its orna
ment a handsome cut class vase
lined with beautiful flowers. The
and nine-tenths of the world's Ne
groes are only half civilized. It Is
because civilized people have not
dene their duty.
"Go ye Inta all the world and
preach . the Gospel to every crea
ture." That is our commission. Sa
tan has gone, preaching his evils as
if they were b'essings. We must go
and warn a credulous world of Sa
tan's deceptions. We must go
preaching Christ's gospel of patience,
charity, industry, simplicity and per
lection. In our own good city we have
seen how Satan's missionaries have
corrupted our youth and taired
thousands with bad habits.
We must, with God's help, declare
and everywhere against
In spite of the snow, services were! ar here
hostess was assisted in receiving by 1 neItl at tne respective churches. Rev. Satan and his evila Duty done is
her daughter, Mrs. H. W. Watson. R- H. People's preached at eleven Joy complete. Ou- greatest heroes
The following menu was served: i o'clock. Rev. H. H. Boyd filled his '"e like unto Joseph, Daniel, Saul,
roast chicken, cranberry sauce, : P"lpit also, at six thirty the B. Y. P. Livingston, who were among God's
creamed peas, sweet notatops n-la' ' U. held its regular meeting with the ideal missionaries.
the charming hostess of the Bon Ton : Georgia, celery, tuna salad, silver president, Mrs. Mattie E. Roberts There are hundreds of women In
cake, heavenly hash, French " drip in the chair. The discussion was in-1 Nashville, white and colored, who
- -- - - ' coffee. Those seated at the tabl teresting and spirited as usual.. The ' tue perfect Christian missionaries.
were Rev. 15. H. Vann, Rev. and Mrs.: Epworth league convened J at six I Cue ol them is our good rriend and
W. A. Smith, Rev. R. L. Pent, Miss o'clock at McCabe's Temple tho les- j lister, Amanda Cotttmer, whose god
ira Davenvort and H. C. Davis.
Music was enjoyed throughout the
evening. Misses Stella Moore, Leora'last Tuesday afternoon, January 9th.
VUnkcn.ore. and Chester Dinwoodie
and Messrs Wallace Tipton, Gentry
Wade and .Tames Browden attended '
the Grand Ball in Hickman Tuesday!
in-'ht. Tliey report a fine time. Mr.
Whitens dark or brown skin. Bleaches and
c'ear3 sallow or swarthy complexions, re
moves all blemishes and causes the skin to
grow whiter.
See That You Get the Genuine
Terre Haute, od., May IS. 1916. '
The Jacobs' Pharmacy Co., J
Gentlemen: I have been using Dr. , -Palmer's
Skin Whitener ointmt-nt, soa; and njv-'jprs and tliey nr-s
just grand fur the skin. My lir 's looking so nice now
and everybody that knows irn rj"-;3 WUK 1 ,iln using on
my face. Please find enclosed two dollars rill for six
i'oxrs of Dr. Palmer's SliVn Whlieuer ointnwnt. two of
:-ca:i. 1 do nut like to be without it. Yours truly.
son discussed. The Ladie s Aid met I b' lii'e has brought hope and joy to
at the home of Mrs. Ellen Cavct. On I "'any homes and lives. There is
that wonderful laundry woman of
The Aid is planning to do great I'k University, Mrs. Alice A. D.s-
work this conference year under the iniikcs, who will live in sweet mem
influence of their able president, Mrs. j fry like the widow who gave all she
Mary Street. On last Thursday, morn-!
ins the prim reaper. Death visited the1 To bo a Christian missionary may
l.lidin Henry Smith of Ledford, Tenn.. 1 home of Mr. James Moss and carried : mean poverty in this world's goods
U visiting his mother, Mrs. Martha away the loving wife and mother. Mrs. I'Ut it guarantees everlasting nie and
j Hcan. Rev. . A. Smith has been ill Rebecca Moss, who has been sick for! peace. Let us he prepared.' A hun
: df !a grippe, however he was at his hove time. The funeral was attend-; died reasons call us and our children
! po-.t of duty Sunday and preached ' ed at the Oak Grove Baptist Church to "i,ii supreme duty. Gratitude for
! a'lite an inspiring and sou! stirring, by Revs. H. C. Swain of McKenzie. j t ur wondrous blessings should make
i sermon. The Freewills . have just j Tenn., and R. H. People's. The death I us spread them through the world.
J closed their annual Convention which; of Mrs. Moss is one more link broken! "Have you bad a kindness shown?
! was a meeting of much interest, a ! in the citizenship of our city and in Pss it on! Pass it on!
goodly number of delegates were pres-i the Order of Richmond Court of Ca-i 'Twas not given for thee alone,
ent and all seemed to be filled with'lanthe and the House Hold of Ruth' Pass it on! Pass it on!
enthusiasm. The pastor Rev. Mayes, of which she was a member. Deep ! l ive for self, you live in vain,
the ex-pastor. Rev. E. n. Wells and sympathy is expressed for the family. l-ive lor Chrht you live again,
the moinhers made superhuman ef- Mr. James Moss, Mrs. Carrie Busby, ! Live for Him, with Him you'll reign;
forts to entertain the delegates and Mrs. Eahi Randels, Mrs. Mary Utley
isitors. Mrs. Nannie Reiser is still the sick this week. Prof. Shel
sick. Miss Nell Moore Valentine is Dowell who is visiting his parents,
convalescing. On a date not distant Rev. and Mrs. R. A. Dowell, is indis
far an effort Is going to he made to posed somewhat,
organize a young people's club. The;
aim of this club shall be to rais.j the
standard of morals and to feiter sociability.
On account of the inclemency of
the weather, we did not have very
much services in the city Sunday
nisht. Each fhurrh in the city have
evf-pllnnt Snml-.iV Schools. We at
tended the A. M
last Sunday and
There arc two kinds of missions :
missions for Christ and missions fvr
Satan. There are two kinds o mis
sionaries: those for godliness and
those for wickedness. I want every
Pass it on! Pass it on!
(Sexagessima Sunday.)
The Epistle :!nd Cor. 11:19-23.
The Gospel St. Luke 8:4-15.
Morning Christian Patriotism.
Evening. The Rechabite'S Vow
Baseball aspirants are beginning to
person to be a Chrh-tian missionary, j dream dreams at night. Last week
I conic to join you in the effort to! Coach Harvey began a series of in-
2 4H 1 Xorth 1 Tth ,f
Te;-;.- Haute InJ'
j Sol by druggists, or sent direct, anywhere,
;, for postpaid. Remember the name, Dr.
!l Fr- Fdmer's Skin Whitener. Write Jacobs'
:!. 7li3racy
:y, Atlanta, oa.
door baseball lectures which will con
tinue untill a break in the weather
conies, which, no doubt, will follow
close behind this cold spell.
!tast Sunday under the auspices of
,lie Neighborhood Union was begun
make every son and daughter a mis-
E. Sunday school i wonary lor Christ.
,we found the ' Some may he home missionaries
superintendent. Mrs. ViiQ- C. i'ar-i ' '
tv. doing all she could to malSe it' atiU'TOriMrtii tcvry cln.d should become
f'rt t.-nn Trr n t Unit foil a!u Christian mir.sioTiarn
f-... :.,' .. 'i,' i',.i tt,o "ct. i: ! The truth is that every child is a i a Community Singing Club. This
room of Mr'.I V V,".;ii taker's and was ! l-orn missionary of life, love, pence-j Club is composed of the people of
painfu'Iv" hurt 'but 'he 'is able to at-! tion and peace. Christ tells us wejtho community. Eacii Sunday at
tend his duties in the school worn, i must become as little children to I three o'clock they are tu render musi
Mr Gearse McCoy was i'n to see the: make sure of heaven. Our great I cal programs in the college Chapel
Globe' man to tret last weed's naper. ; duty it not to let our children be- j to which the public is cordially in
Messrs Kliis Moore. Cornelius Smith.! "mo missionaries of evil. vited.
-liell Ransaw John Small. John! If all children grew up as good as Major R. K. Moton, principal of
SM"c expressed' delight in reading Uiey tire !)"rn this world would be ! Tuskegee Institute, visited Morehouse
ihe Globe' and purchased one eacii I a Paradise of love and peace. Ion last Friday, and addressed us at
'before leaving. We call these l'.ce! Satan surrounds every child with morning chapel.
but! evil to worit his uestruenon. wo i i.esi we iorgei me inree uay ceie-
must surround them with good ex-' fratiou of the Fiftieth Anniversary
ainplcs, with good words, with noble of the college is now less than three
ideals: so as to shield them from I weeks off. It begins Sunday, Feb
Satan's evils and hnng them into ; ruary 23th and closes Tuesday night,
A Hair Grower that won for itself over
4,000 Patrons Last Year.
For Details Write
3100 Pine St., Dept., R. St. Louis, Mo.
One thousand agents wanted. Good money mini
Want nisenis In every city and vintage to Bell TfHB
STAK HAIR UU0WKK. This le a wonderful prepara
tion. Can he mod with or without BtralghtenliiK lroa.
Sells lur i per lxxone tc box will prove 1U value.
Any person who will use a 2io box will be convinced..
No matter what has failed to grow your hair Junt glv
TI1K STAK II 4IKIiK0WER a trial and you will be con
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Sond all money bv Monev Order to
The Star Hair Grower Mf&r.
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P.'rom in tho South will tet their iowl lhrecl'7 eirlieri
will write tha Star U ur Growar'UKr. Bnx 812 Grcimibbjro,
lovins: men. who not, only say
1 show by doing something that they
! want to'see the race go fonvnrd. May
j the Lord inspire more of us to be
I come imbibed with the same spirit
Februarys i27thi lEach day has
a special feature to which the public
is invited.
In connection with the Anniversary,
the formal history of the college has
been prepared by Prof. B. G. Brawley,
Dean of the College. This book will
be ready for distribution by February
25th. The cost of the volume will
be $1.25. Orders may he placed at
any time. Any correspondence about
this book shrould be addressed only
to President John Hope, Morehouse
College, Atlanta, Ga.
Do You Need any Small Money Barrels
or Collection fcggsY
Ve have all kinds of collection device. Wooden Barrels 48c per dozen.
Wooden Etftfs 48c per dozen. Express not paid.
i y
VyrOST people are interested in the exterior of an in
IVi strument. Our pianos embody both the exterior
beauty and interior high grade of work. They are
voiced to suit the church as well as the home. Prices
and terms are right. For further information! with a
complete price list and our terms
National Baptist Publishing Board,
It. II. BOYD, . D., Sec'y
523 Sscond Avenue, Nrth, n-.' NASHVILLE, TENN.
THE national baptist ' a. Religious
. ' ' 0! Special Interest
-r-feli 2ND. DAYS SESSION Supermini.
-ga" dt.j. im-.c..ia FiHs a long fell want
his paper is: A Pastor's Help.
A Surday School Superintendent's Guide.
The Educators and Superintendents' Information Bureau.
A Reference for University, College and Academy.
Contains a Complete Directory of the Many State
Special features that win be carried in review.
R. H. BOYD, Secretary
y 523 Second Ave., North, NASHVILLE, TENNFfSr
Have Your CRurch Keep Records
Boyd's Church Record, Roll
and Minute Book v
Keep up with the membership. It has a place for recording minutes
and the cash. Always in demand. Get that church record today.
Send $1.60 post office money order and the book will be sent charges
National Baptist Publishing Board,
R. H. BOYD, D. D., Secretary
523 Second Avenue, North, NASHVILLE, TENN.
First, General Revlews.Composed of
Ikorials, editorial comments and de
nominational questions.
Second, Pastoral Reviews-Contributions
oT interesting nature from successful
Ihird, Homoletic Reviews-Interesting
homoletical writing and sermonizing.
I ovth, Sunday-School Reviews-Which is
devoted to superintendents and teach
ers and the work of the Teacher'
Training Service,
fifth, Educational Revlews-What the uni
versities, colleges, academies and high
schools are doing in the religious
Sixth, Missionary Rev lews--A list of State
and Territorial Conventions, the time
and place of tUeir next annual meet
ing; the names and addresses of the
presidents and secretaries and the
reports from the missionaries upen
the fields.
Seventh, Publication Reviews-Comments,
on books, magazines and newspapers.
Special attention to the religious
publications, with what they contain
of interest to denominational workers.
These seven departments will hp
kept up for the benefit of the readers
of all good literature.
Tin National Baptist Union -Review, the mouthpiece and official organ of the Korae
Mission and Publishing Boards, will also espouse the cause of the Nafl Bapt. Convention.
PKICE: I year, $1.50; 6 months, 80c; 3 months, 40c; in advance
will be sent FREE to anu Superintendent or Pastor for One Year, who will send in
two subscribers at S1.50 each for tu elve months.
Nnt'oiial ISaptiBl l'iihliKhiiig Hoard
II. II. IIOYI), Merrclnry
r,2:i Second Ave.. N.. NASH VII.I.H. TKXXKHSKK

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