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jTlte nnday Scliool Congress Meets Sn Nashville June 13 to IS, 191 T
Kev. J. P. Hobinsou, A. M.t D. D., LL. D., Pastor
of Che First Bapt. Church of Little llock, Ark.
President of the Progressive Bapt. State
Convention Visits Nashville
Young Men and Young Women of the Baptist Sunday Schools of Nash
ville Form a City Union-Plans for the Coming Sunday School
An Entertainment to be Furnished Visiting Repre
"The Prodigal Son" Subject of a Discourse
Nashville's Well Known Minister Attracts
Large Crowd Hundreds Turned Away
Auditorium Packed
After spending a very busy stay i
111 nUDUVUlC llllO MC"., 1117 JVOV, o.
P. Robinsou, of Little Rock, Ark.,
left Wednesday morning fur his homo
In the Arkansas capitol. While here
Dr. Robinson was the guest of Dr. ,
and Mrs. R. H. Boyd, of Heiman
etreet, and Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Clark.
!of Jo Johnston avenue. For eighteen
years Dr. Rub'nson was chairman of
the Home Mission Board of the Na
tinnul BBntist. Convention. Retiring
IV) after eighteen years of service, he
. jwaa again cauuu oijck. unu is uuw
serving In that capacity, being the
chairman of the Home Mission Board
of the National Baptist Convention,
unincorporated. In addition to this
ijlie is a member of the National Bap
tist niMisning uoarc- oi wis cny
k Civil War Veteran and Pioneer Citi
zen Funeral Largely Attended
A Man Among Men, His Life
An Open Book, His Good
' Deeds Will Live Forever
The organized Sunday school class the officers would have to be elect
work received a mighty boost lasted,but that each officer would have
Sunday afternoon at the Pleasant! to be named in accordance with In-
r ji
f-" . ' I
l ' is
Green Baptist Church when the
Metokas and Caledas from the vari-j
ous churches of the city met and per
iected an organization that is city
wide, at which representatives from
those classes already erected as well
as those that are to be erected later
on, :re to take part. The plan and
purpose of t'ne meeting, which was
called by Miss L. U. Chamliers, the
national secretary of the Galcda De
l artmeut and editor of the M. &
G. Magazine, and Dr. J. A. Sharp,
the superintendent of the tcjeher
training work and superintendent or
the Mefokas and Galedas, was set
forth in a brief talk made at the
opening of the meeting by the Sec
retary of the Sunday School Con
gress. The coming together and the
fnrmtnp- nf thft ore.-inizatton is tn bi
known as the Buffalo Hunt. This
unique plan was worked out through
the national secretary of the Galedu
Department, and each class from the
several churches will be given Indian
names. These names when angli
cized or interpreted hi English w!ll
relaiy of the Sunday School Con
Kress, after which reireshmcnts were
Eerved 1 y a committee consisting 01
.ady rci.resentalivos from each Sun
day schocl. The various meetings
will be known or styled as wigwams,
and tilt next one is to be held at the
Mt. Zion ISant 1st Church on the sec
ond Sunday in March, while the
third meeting will take place at the
Mt. Olive Baptist Church on the
fourth Sundav in March, at which
fl .REV. J. P. ROBINSON, A. M.,"D. D.,
of L'ttle Rock, Ark., President of
the Progressive- "Baptist . State Con
vention cf Arkansas.
anil usually comes over to their
Joseph Cole, a civil war veteran
and pioneer citizen of Nashville, died
Wednesday at his home on Ninth
avenue, North, after a lingering ill
ness. His death removed one of the
best known, and most uniformly po
pular men and citizens in Nashville.
Though heh ad reached an advanced j -have a different meaning.
age he carried h s years remarkably The meeting opened with a song
well and retained both the appear-! Dy the congregation, "Blest be the tic
mice and activity of a much younger that binds." There was Scripture
man. He had been many years a reading and prayer by Mr. Marshall
conspicuous figure in the plumber 0f the Pleasant Green Baptist
business and social life. Mr. Cole church, then the Metoka nnd Ca'eda
was one or me nigi'csi moral worm gong e ,v Mrs. C. J. White was
end in every way a type of the good mne. There was a short addres.s and
citizenship. Mi. cole always im- tnell "Christian Soldiers Marching
pressed those who knew him as a1 wag gung tn sue, a way as to work
very sincere man. There was no sore I up the meeting to the highest pos;;i
cf affectation qf false pretense about tie religious fervor. The meeting
him, and it was safe lo place ini-i wag then turned over to Miss Cham-
piicit reliance m any promise mat
he made. He was a genial man
with a large acquaintance and treat
ed every one with unaffected cour
tesy. As a business man and leading
citizen Mr. Cole stood high - and
everybody spoke well of him. He was
itian names, which resulted in the
fol. owing- !
Mr. Thomas Marshall, of Pleasant
Green Church, was elected as Chiei.
Mr. rhomt'.s Cannon, of the Fifteenth
Avenue Bapt et Church, w as e ected
Assistant Chief. Mrs. C. J. White, of
Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Squaw,
Coriesncndinc Secretary. Miss Laura
Brooks of Fifteenth Avenue Baptist' time the teacher-training classes will
Church, Tomahawk. Recording Secre-j be given their diplomas,
tary. Mrs. Octavia KUins. of the'
Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Wampum,1
Then the following Sunday schools; LEWIS.
wiiii tneir several classes, which is; The death of Rev. T. J. Lewis, sup
. 7 , ' , , V erintendont of the Mt. Olive Baptist
trills- PnRtPr Pnann! will I p Irnnwn
as the Chickasuws, which wnen in-j Church Sunday School, was read by
terpreted means Restless, or Equal cne of the hoys of Nashville who is
Citizenship. North Third Avenue now attending school at Hampto
Decision Banded Dop Wednesday-
Rejoicing Over Victory
Supreme Court Decides in His
Favor-Warm Contest Over
Baptist will !e known as Aztecs,
which means "Builders."' New Hope
Sunday School will be known as
Pawneo3. which mefns "Men-of-War."
The Hopewell Baptist Church Sun
day School will be known as Croc
taws, which moans '"Peace and Indus
try." The Second Baptist will be
known as Narragansett, which means,
"Ready at any time." The Fiftii
Avenue Baptist v.i'.l be styled a3;
Poquod. which means "Union and'
Strength." The Mt Zion Sunda. l
School will be the Appalacheo, which !
mems "F.very Member Active." The; FkVi vmir goal the 8tar. ai(1 t,lK(
Institute and who :s a member of
Mt. Olive Sunday School. The young
man writes the following:
"Adj. Gen. Henry Boyd, of the
A. Cadets, Nashville, Tenn. :
"Dear Sir: I regret to hear of the
death of my Sunday school simer
intendent, Rev. T. J. Lewis. Our
church, the Mt. Olive, has lost
great leader, but as the Great Goi
Feerued pleased to ci;ll him we should
go on and have this" for our moit
Aim high, aim far, your aim is th
always ready to do a kindness and
waa liberal in his charity. Few men
have lived In this or any other com
munity more generally liked than ho
was, none more kindly remembered.
Mr. Cole was married to Mrs. Myrn
brown of Nashville and had one son,
Harrison Cole, by this marriage.
Those who survive him are Mrs.
bers, who, in turn, introduced Dr.
Sharp, who afterwards presided until
the officers were elected. Dr. Sbarr
had hardly taken chai-ge of the meet
ing when the house was thrown into
he greatest possible enthusiasm by
the entrance of the Metokas and Ga-
BcVrd meetings. His trip att his
season was, it 'is learned, for the pur-
f r ; , v. ... 1.1.
Enm InHnnaY iLZr U ZZJeLj Cole. Wife, Mid SOU, Harrison
denominational leaders in Tennessee'1;. WQcllvillo. M,B L,a,a Pn1o
relative to the coming Sunday School
Congress that is to be held in Nash
ville June 13th-18th. and the National
j'Bnptlst Convention that is to be held
in Aiiuuia, vj a., n i iaejidiii'G .
In h;s own state Dr. Robinson is
regarded as one of the undisputed
leaders. Form ore than thirty years
he has been pastor of the First Bap
tist Church of Little Rock, which is
paid to be easily the largest congre
gation in the state of Arkansas.
For a number of years he was a
trustee of the Arkansas Baptist Col
lege, from which institution he grad
uated from the college as well as the
tiheo)gioal department. He is i at
present the president of the Progres
8've Baptist State Convention of the
state of Arkansas and a prominent
factor in the business world of the
Arkansas capitol. In speaking to a
Globe representative before leaving
the city, Dr. Robinson said:
"You may put--me down as an
apostle of the progressive ideas as
the Negro Baptists poe them. I be
lieve in eoinir forward and not back
ward. I believe in bulld'ng up
lather then tearing down. I am" riot
oiwosed to nr.v mnn who has snent
, his life in building ur an entenirle
or institution, even thoueh that eu-
' -terTirise or Institution mav not he
c-'-emted according to my personal
. liking.
"It i" onen thpt the fellow nn the
outside who has not bad to do -with
, the management of affairs of a par
ticular Institution knows noth'na
about what It takes to make that con
cern succeed, nnd vet that fel'ow
may criticise, and criticism Is eiv.
the very policy that has made the
institution a success. I am not en-,
. vlous. Fvervhodv in my state, knows
I have contributed in my feble wav
to whatever has been begun in Ar
kansas that would be for the better
ment ot the Negro, irrespective 'of
denomination, and that I have spent
the better pa'-t of my life sacriiicing
for my own denomination. Our state
work embraces every department of
our convention in Arkansas. It Is
standing solid with the progressive J
leaders in Tennessee and I mean by
that that they are supporting the Na
tional Baptist Publishing Board in
the operation of its plant. "Ve will
stand toy them as long as there is a
"pea in the dish. We are going to
bring the largest delegation to Nash
. ville In the history of Arkansas to
" attend the Sunday School Congress,
and then following this, we are -going
to carry a special train from
Arkansas to Atlanta. - I want to con
gratulate the people of Nashville for
the loyal support they havo given Dr.
- . Boyd and the Publishing Board."
, It was, learned after Dr. Roblnm
Cole, of Nashville: Miss Susie Cole,
Mary Cole, Vina Holmes, sisters, of!
Nashville, H. E. Cole, Ernest Cole,
Charlie Mitchell, newphews, of j
of St. Louis. Mo., and Mr. WtuJ
Cole, of Louisville, Ky.
The funeral was held at Mt. Zion
Baptist Church Friday afternoon.
Many friends came to pay their last
tribute of re-oeet to the departed.
The church wa3 neirly filled at 2:00
o'clock, the time for the services at-.
Hved. Rev. J. A. Brown told in a;
ledas from the North Fifteenth Ave
nue Baptist Church, perhaps a hun
dred, marching, in s'ngle file led bv
their, pastor, Rev. A. W. Porter. An
they entered the church the congre
gation began to applaud, and beforo
they wore seated the cry of ""What's
the matter with the Fifteenth Ave
nue Church" and "What's the matter
with Porter" was taken up nnd for
about three minutes this was con
tinued. The chairman stated that
Talernacle Baptist will be known as
The S oux, which means "The
Traulilci-s." The Mt. Ne'io force Willi
be Chlpjewa. which, when inferpro'-i
ed means "The Fir.it, Best, or the I
Braves." The First Baptist. East;
Nashville, will be be Creeks, which
means "The Uprisers, Members De
ense." The Pleasant Green Baptist
w;lt 1 e the Chorokens. "The Fighting
Tribe." The Fifteenth Avenue Bap
tist, will bo the Algonqu'ii, which
means "Every member present, or
the Winning Tribe." The Mt. Olivu
Baptist will be known as the Iroquois,
which means "Strong in Number,
Confident of Victory."
The selecting of these names for
the various organized classes, wh'ch
represented twenty-six In all with
tlie'r announcement, was received
with much applause. Chief Marshall
then took churpe of the meeting and
delivered a splendid address. The
ollicerB were all installed by the sec-
Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 28. Benjamin
Jefferson Davis won his case in iuu
Georgia Odd Fellow light when
Those who heard Dr. Ellington last
Sunday in his celel rated sermon on
"The i'rodit'al Son," mid hundreds of
thoEp who couid not gain admittance
into the building are said to have
conic to the ocnc'.ujion that tlm dis
ciples came to on the Mount of Trans
figuration. While it .s not -believed
that they want to build three tanei
nacles as did the disciples alter they
had seen Moses, Klias and Abraham,
but it is said thai it seems to be li e
concensus of c.pinicr. of all that a
larger tabernacle than that of the
First Baptist Church in East Nash
vil'e should be procured or built i
the citizens of Nashville who desire
to take advantage ot this occasion to
; bear the scholarly discourse by the
I paster of the First Baptist Church,
! are to be acccnimoi'.ated, for it was
the life of Rev. Lewis as a guide
and yon will succeed. I shall never
tcrget how Rev. Lewis labored an
-1 niggled 'with you In an eort to ;,et
our boys off t othe Sunday schco!
Ccngrca when it met in Birming
ham, and I am glad to any that the
military training I receivedf rom the
A. F. Cadets has enabled me to ;;o
through the major training we te
celve at Hampton so easily. When
school is out I intend to aid Capta'n
Bosworth in this work, it must not
fail, itm ust go on. In our battal
ion here we have over six hundred
boys and the milit-iry discipline i
as rigid as if you were at West
. Po'nt. May God bless you and mv
class, which is No. 11, taught by Mr.
G. H. Blnklev.
"Yours In the name ot I he Stars
and Stripes,
"1RVIN S. Cl'RRY, (Private)
"Hampton Battalion, Hamppton In
bupreme court handed down u deci-1
8 011 in his lavor. aw vkuii, v i
Fellow fight has been one of the
fiercest and most hotly contested
among the Negroes of tins state, or j
perhaps ot any state in the fnion.
It involved approximately a hah
million dollars of the jurisdiction oi
Odd Fellows in the state of Georgia, j
Mud: has been said through the !
press of the country about the con
tent which begun several years ago
when Mr. Davis, the Grand Secretary
of the Cenrsia Grand Lodge, refused
to obev certain order or mandate:!
from the H. M. C they claim r.g n
so refusing that It was a strict vio
lation of the chartered righ's grant
ed to him under the rtatc of Georgia.
'or this cause be, the urauu
n,t a mini er el oiners iroiii mc
late were fausrendod, and finally the
m c aitoninted to revolve un.
With Appropriate
few impressive words ot the life and, j?. Marked
Assistant' Chief, of Fifteenth Avenue
Baptist Church.
A large number of the patrons of
the Colored Branch of the Carnegie
Library, situated at the corner oi
Twelith avenue, North and, Hynes
street, atteudad the exercises held
Tuesday n.gtll to ce'ebrate the close
of the first year's work of this po
pular institution. Men f prominence
made addresses and a report of the
if'rst year's work was made by Misi
M. M. Iladley, librarian .r M.A.UgK
M. 'M. Hndley, librarian. Mr. A. N.
Johnson, president of the Board of
Trat'e, presided as master of cere
Mr G. II. llaskette. President o;
11-, rinarrl ..P nJrai:td!'s ioblressfi.1-
the gathering on "The Library as a
Civci Factor." In h s address he
stated that the patronage anil support
given the institution by the colored
population of the city was a splen
did tribute to its civic value. It is
estimated that one hundred thirty-
four meet'ngs of a civic nature had
library by various organizations and
societies. Mr. Baskette stated that
-1, 1..1..V1 . nit 'inn iir1,n 1 1 a A Idou
suddenly called away cn Wednesday' cM m the club roon ,k of
Fo'ruary 21st. The following old
soldiers took charge of the body and
mourned the lost of their comrade:
Messrs. Mat White, Ed Hudson, Geo.
Ccpeland, Austin Polk, John Cocks,
Dock Davis,' Rev. Jones nnd James
His home was open to preachers
without expense or charges. Follow
ing the services the body was carried '
out to its last resting place at Green
wcod Cemetery. The pall-bearers
were chosen from among the old.
soldiers from the civil war.
this spirit of promotion among Nash-.
vil.e s colored publication is ;ji u. a
iiiy not equal. ed by any other city 111
uie country.
Miss Maiga-et Kercheval stated
that 2G'jyy Negro men, women and
ch ldren ha.d enjoyed the books In
the library. She paid a high compli
ment to the efficiency cf Misses Dud
ley and Watkins, Librarian and As
sistant Librarian, respectively.
An Interesting part of the pro
gram was th! musinc under the di
ie t on of Prof. J. W. Work. Ho
was assisted bv the learl 11 nil School
f'.lnu dolt 1oarlnmpu f'linvis oil
Waldeii University, and D. W. Be:-ry
had excel ent paters. Short talks
were made by Rev. J. C. Fields and
Prof. G. E. Haynes. The following
program was remiered : 1
Music Pearl High School
Invocation, Biuhop C. 11. Phillips,
C. M. E. Church ' i
Remarks, "Our Obligation to the
Library," Master of Ceremonies
Report of Year's Work, Miss Mariam
M. Iladley, Lihrar an
The Library as a Civic Fuster. Mr.
U.H . Baskette, President 01 the
Board ot directors
Music, led by Prof. J. W. Work, Flsli
Syinposiumiu The Library as an
Axtei (.live minutes)
To the Home, Aus. 0. Wellingt.i
Berry, Nashville
To the School, Mrs. M. C. Chavl
Wu.den University
To the Church, Rev. J. C. Fields,
1' easant U:ecn Baptist Church
To the Public, Prof. U. E. Haynes,
F sk I'niversity
Music, led by Prof. J. W. Work, Fish
"The outlook of the Negro Pnblh
Library," Mirs Margaret Kercheval
Head Librarian
Mimic, Rise, shine, for the Light
lias Come
Benediction, Uev. II .L. P. Jones. St.
l'aui A. M. E. Church
j Master of Ceremonies, Hon. A. N.
I Johnson, Pres'dent Boa.'d of
i Trade.
' 'it
barter cf the Georgia Grand Lodge,
of which Mr. Davis was
tnrv. The bgni le-ainu
the scc- e-
more in-
ense when a nunil or of the Baptist
rcachcrs, especially in this c tv
:.rt, ..n,ia:t !w. because of the
, I' jt
M f y - v
4? 1 if- a "?
' 2
Pastor First Baptist Church,
D. D.,
..rfe .,imost VCW. DCCUUSO OI
Banti.st ilfilit. The decision, there-
rre. of the supreme court touay 111
favor of Mr. Davis- nrinss a ou. 1,
ids enemies, and at
the same time places him in a posi- cvt(lnnt even al 10-30 last Sunday
tion to do a more construct ve work.i that the Klrst Baptist Church, East
Lined up in v.elense were i.rai u , N-aahvil!e, located at the corner 01
Master Ingram, t-oi. ueiir i.i.uu... stewana n,i .Miirk streets, wouiu ne
Iclmson, Kx-ro'-order of ueeus , Ci,ti cly Inadequate for the mammoth
Washington, Dr. L. it. (.artei, concourse of people who were going
Ernest Ha'l. Mr. Harry H. Pace, Mr. tQ the rluroh from every direction
II. E. Terry and a number t i-eor- (u eyc got wi,hiU sight of the door.
a's most substantial citizens. 11 is a immense was the crowd tilling
dieted that there win ne a general
to fl'l
celebration here tonight and that the
Roof Garden of tho Odd Fellows
Hall Building will bo the scene of the
r v, v-v r -
" Ve'-f 4JJ " t
The revival services which have
continued for two weeks will close
tonight. Many souls have been
blessed and saved. The attendance
has been' large.' Rev. Ellington will
occupy hl8 pulpit Sunday at 11:00
a. m., and 3:hVp. m., the Lord's Sup-
rer will tie administered and the
doors of the church opened for new,
mom! ei s. ' I
left the city that ho expecta to return j The Pastor's .Aid Club, Dorcas Aid,
to Nashville even iefore summer. Lndies' Drill Corps and Young Peo
While here he visited Roger Williams 'Pie's Progressive Club will begin
University, the A. & I. State Normal , their regular weekly meetings. Splen
and F'sk University,, and at the same 'did results are anticipated. The Sun
time took in other points of inter- day school; under the leadership ot
est in the business , section of the Mr. n. u, ne, is preparing 10 oegm
city.. . jv membership campaign.
tMrkm-M&a htikii $rrwMM fStEjJ
m? ." .-m v:.w...-v . -i--'
WSK!?y2 TUT' " "
CV vt--vs HA f MJ 1 ft
Carnegie L'brarv Negro Branch, loca e 1 cn J'weuin a.ve,iue winch has
versary of ths LiBi-ary was ce'ebrated on Tuevday nlghtr when a numl er
gram, - , ' ,
just closed its first year. .The ann
of prominent citizens served on pro-
MR. 11. J. DAVIS. ;
The Supreme Court of Georgia on!
Wednesday vindii-nted t ne magnilH-ent
four-story Odd Fellow Hall limullng
and the nqv.-ni b ent Auitlirnum as
iowii in the above cut. Inns pro
erty and the i.inniinfs ux-aieu m
Auburn avenue. Atlanta, Ga., is esti
mated at pve-ent to be worth one
half million dollars. The buildings
were erected by the Grand Lodge ot
Odd Fellows In the State of Georgia
under the direction of Mr. Benjamin
.Tii'Torsin Davis whose ct is a'so
Phrwn !'i the above illustration. It
is regarded as the most magnificent
rC(.,.f .'vpertv rv-ned bv Ncroos
in ti'f Unilfil Slates. It Is I-i the
renter d' At'-mla a:"1 sti'.nds as ai
evidence rf Negro activity. The vic
tory of Mr. Dav's is regarded by bis
r.ian.tn of Nashvillo as being com-
tin. street cars going to East Nash
ville that the street car officials de
i clared that practically every car from
lb:;j( until near noon emptfed it 4
(ontents at tho i'otting off place for
the First Bnr.tist Church. They were
compelled to run double cars to au
commodnto the church-goers and ad
mirers of the distinguished divine.
1 One of the things that helped to at
i tract to the mooting Sunday was the
I tact that a revival was in progress
I s.ud the Rev. Mr. Burns, who had
i boon assisting Dr. Ellington, hail,
i been prcich'ng powerful sermons and
many sinners had Icon brought to
I Christ. Excerpts of Dr Ellington's
I Kormon of last Sunday were taken,
1 who said in part:
"I will arii-o and go to my lather.
: 1 ui-c ir.:is.
I The narab'c f tho prod gal son Is
i the "earl of the paral los; and yet
I tt-eve is I'ftbinc s-n cvtraovdinary
i cl.. iq tbo coivict or tho nrodlgal. He
i t,.'"t b-mo and wi.e1 Ids. substance
i villi rioloiiR livin';: thousands ot
i voting men a it ('olng that every dav.
I Tl'P downward nrvl i-i an intorest
! h.u studv l-.citKo many pcop'e
! :'(. travcl'nt' it. Mnv the Holy
i Piir't belli us this morning to lear
some valuable losst.es as we s t, as
i were in the house by the snip
tho road and watc h the sons of men
no bv In search of worldly nlc-i-ures.
Satan never stiows tbo sinner the
end from the Icg'mnin'-. If the
voung nia'i win. is about to take bis
first drink could see depravity and
death lurking in the Intoxicating cup,
be would throw the cun away ere
it touched p's lins Most drunkards
fork tbeT first drink with o evil
tptcntiens: thev wete simply looking
tv a i?onl time The young woman
who rormIN ,1 libertine to dance with
''cr at a fashionah'e ball does fo with
..r dc'ro of becoming like him In
nii!ractc She has a horror for a
.'fi. , r shame. Shed ances with the
Ft rawer perhaps as ignorant of h's
rc:l character ns an infant 1s "T a
traded oi.siol. Ticn she "nds him
nlPte in the vindication of his posi-; t it is too late, she has already
ontention. icon cnimui " "
well-'aid iilan. Slost peonte no astray
tion and cc
THIRD ROUND CENTRAL DISTRICT j ijhe sheen with no evil Intentions.
"f tkc TENNESSEE tONf t-1 Satan clartns ine vooiu who mo
FNCF OF THE METHODIST EPfS-i vrcni'sc that it is "uood to make one
LawTenoeburg, March HI to April 3.
West Point, 7-8. Lewisburg 14-Hi.
Farminglon, i:t-1 5. Waynesboro, 21-2:.'.
Clifton, 2S."0. Savannan ('., May 1-?,.
Selma, 5-7.' Lexington, 12-13. Mount
Pleasant. 19-21. Mansfield, L'G-27. Paris.
24 and afternoon 27. Springville, June Jdmself.
2-3. Dover, 2-3. Cumberland Furnace.
9-10. Dickson, 16-17. Annls, 16-17.
Fr:nk'n -nd Soring Hill, 23-24.
J. B. Booth, District Supt.
P. O., McMinnville, Tenn.
W'SC. Willie Jifi coii'cais ine uanmo,
wnanon of death.
Tho prodigal did not love and re
Fi.e't bis homo r.s he should. Perhaps
wicked conmaniops bad filled his
m'nd nnd poisoned Ms imagination
"ith idetures of sin. He was besido
To Adam paradise was
borne: to us home is parad'se. The
highest evidences of manhood and
civilization is an enlarged capacity
for enjoying the pleasures of a well
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