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1 ...... ...i .. - i iN.ni- r m. .nil i . "' fcl ""IT"' 4 " ' " ' """"' T I "' ' ij'"0mmm,
Wtth a Free Demonstration With
Impgo Liniment During 1917 Imp
o the Most WonderVI Discovery
f the Age for Relieving Aches and
Pins of Every Nature Quickly.
-rorgo Liniment is taking the day
In Nashville and other places, whore
K has been placed before the public,
twpgo will relievo rhemi atism. head
ache, neuralgia, toothache, pains in
Fide, chest or back, in from five to
ten minutes, stiff joints, sore muscles,
sprains, bruises, sore throat, wi;h two
r three treatments. We can show
you several hundred testimonials
roi prominent Nashville people, who
hare used Impo Liniment, who pro
nounce it wonderful to.- .siviiu quick
nOier. Kree donions'rations for men
at B'-'O t'nion strvet. l.-.ulv demons r:i
tr for women, who wiil go to your
oe and relieve you free of charge.
Flume M. 1041. Impgo on sale in over
ten thousand itores, 25c and 50e
Mrs. Elvira Maberrr MlcRernolds
aad her husband of Nashville, Tenn.,
entertained Dr. James Hunter Mc
Ure of Meharry Medical College
Xra&s day. Dr. Hunter is a practic
ing physician of Chicago.
and ail
24 N UP! 3
n., c. & ST. L. KY.
(April 15, 1917.)
S'mt and Northwest
wnphls. Hickman,
Paducah. St. Louis,
connects for Can- Leaves Arrive
trevllle 7:6 am 1:60 pn
Jfccksnn. Memphis,
Hickman, Paduoah 2:06 pra 1:40 pn
UTavu-ly Aceo., con
nects Centrevllle.aG:SS pm 7:48 an
"Dixie Flyer" to St.
Louis 8 II pm 7:55 an
SCemphls ft Hickman 1:60 am S :01 an
Chatt. and Atlanta. 1:11 am 1 4C an
Obatt., Atlanta, Jack
sonville, connects
tor all b'-anch pt.i. 8:30 am 0:54 pr
"Dixie Flyer" Chut.
Atlanta and Jack
sonville . .. .... 11:62 am 4:45 pn
Qtt. and East, con.
) Shelbyvllle.
, Fparta, Fay'tvllle,
HuntRVllle, Tracy
City S. Pitts 1 SO pm 11:15 an
Tullahoma aoco. con.
for tihtlbyvll'.e. . .6:C0 pra 'Stla an
Chatt'noopa. Atl'nta,
Wash., Phlla., New
Tork 9:15 pm (:I5 ar
Lebanon Mixed 7:00 am
K ran on Mixed '7:00
banon Kxpreua ,,9:00
Lebanon Accom. ,..i:20
Lebanon Accom. ...4:10
am '2:00 pn
pm '5:40 pit
Dm 7:45 an
Dally exceDt Sunday. Other train.
run daily.
City Ticket Office, corner Churc
street and Fourth avenue.
Phones Main 422 and Main 421.
Louisville & Nashville H. R.
(KfTectlve 11:51 p. m. May 6, 1917.)
t Leaves Arrive
ouls. A Cincinnati. 5:10 am 2:44 an
ouls. & Cincinnati. 8:05 am 8:35 pi
Lou:s. & Cincinnati. &:i0 pm 7:59 an
ixju'Hvme 4skccom. a12:05 pm 8:20
fawn. & Chicago. .8:00 pm 7:49
Evans. & Chicago. . ,3:20 am 2:30
Evans. & Chicago. .. 4 . 53 pm 11:40
Evans. & St. Louis.. 7:43 am 8:25
Evans ft St. Louis. .3::o am 2:30
Evans. & St. Louis. . S :no pm 7:49
Blrm. N. Orleans. 2 :57 am 2:55
Ulrm. & N. Orleans. S:30 am 7:40
P.irm. & Afontgomery9:(i5 pm 6:!i0
hash. & Dec. accom.'3:!)0 pin 10:10
Hopklnsvllle Acco. a6:00 Dm 9:55
Eolu bla 4 Mt. P1ms.3:50 pin 1 0 :i o an
olumbia & Tup. urn. "7:45 am 6:50 nn
Bash. Chirks. A era !4:in pm 8:20 an
Dixie Limited discontinued.
r7:45 am
S:kS pm
...12:35 pr
... 6:50 pr
Jve8. Arrive.
am a:26 an
4:45 pm 5:65 pi
'Dally. IDally except Sunday.
.Bt2S at North College St. Station
tf Ticket Office, 221 Fourth Ave., f
Phones, Main 4504 and 4505
1' "' 1 11 'LIM.1111HH fl rjgZWjr'A ss Ior oral years, now heads his Mr i.lZit ilVV; I I Iff K
i i.w;T- -i i iit vuiuudiir Known h -mi v rv. r m i u u
Wednesday during the holidays Mr.
J. Y. Leigh, his friend. Ml v n
Whitclow, her imuhcr, Mrs. Chunnie
Whitelow, spent the day with Mr.
and .Mrs. W. Jl. Leigh, five miles
west of urowusviUe, wilh Mr. Oscar
Davis, one of the most competent
chauileura of the city. The trip was
made most pleasantly. The beauti
ful home of .Mr. and Mrs. L.'i-h was
beautifully d.vor.ae.l v. jib. liolly and
t h istlllils lielis lor tlK' or.visi.m
J:t-s. i.ijgii was assisted in receiving
her a ies.s l.v lu r :inr ,cii.. ,in..r;. . !
Icrs, .ii.-scs Katie and Sadie. Lei-ii
At J ocuick tiie guests were iini'e.l
into tlie spacious dining-room, where
a delicious dinner was served. Music
and conversation wcto the amuse
ments ot i ne day. Mrs.
We.lS Of I lllOll I'itv Is homn with
her mother, Mrs. Oiannie Heed, lor
an iiide.mi.c s.ay. Air. Wells is
supply sergeant at Camp Meade. Her
large tircle of friends are delUhted to
have her in llrownsville. hor former
home, wliilo her husband is away.
Mrs. Cora lloloway accompanied ht r
sis er, Mrs. Moigau Wells, home on
last Sunday after spending a week
pleasantly in Union City. Mr. Vassar
h.ijis. who has been in Camp Kirn
ston, Kausas City, is home on account
of illness. His many fi ion is regret
to hear of his illness and hope for
him a speedy ivc.nery. Miss Mary
Jane Kvaus spent the holidays in tlie
uoodlaun neiglihorhoed. A mar-ria-e
of iutenst to a laro circle oi
friends was that of Miss Lucile Jo.m
sci.i and .ir. neujamin i.ireene, Hcc.
-ii, 1U17, at tlie U'oodiawu Baptist
t'liurcli. Kev. N. ya.i.h oiiiciated.
Tlie bride is the daughter of Mr.
Andrew Johuson. On the same dav
ilio same place uith the minister
oiliciating. Miss Minnie Blue and Mr.
Jas. Wliitelow were married. This
bride is the daughter ot Air. Hen Blue.
Mr. Ilennie Crenshaw, who has been
in Memphis since summer, is home
for an iudelinite stay. Mr. Matthew
aro spent the holidays with his
parents, Kev. and Mrs. Thomas Ware,
.i.iss Kdith rete and her brother, Mr.
Richard 1'ete, of Covington. Tenn.,
were ,iie guests of Miss Delia Ware
during the holidays. .Mr. Kichard
v. are and Miss Crawford of l mil li li io
visited l!ev. and Mrs. Ware dnm. I
tne nouuays. Dr. W. 1). Claybon is
visiting at his former home, Ureeue
vilie, S. C. .Mr. Johnnie l.eo of Clii
c.uo is home for an iudelinite stav
with his mother, Mrs. Ludio Lee. Miss
Lettie Jellries of Cairo, 111., is home
to spend a month with her moiher
ami friends. Air. and Mrs. Dave Dix
o.i were delighted to have both of
their M.,s, Aiessis. Williams and Al
beit Dixon, to spen I the holidavs
.itli tiicm. They vo returned to
Na.-hviile, where they're attending
iiu; State Normal. Mrs. Gloria Park
er spent several of the holidays pleas
. n;l wi.h Air. and Airs. Ned Williams
of the St. Paul neighborhood. Mr.
a id Airs. Willie Murphy of Alliance,
Nehr., are home for an iudelinite stay.
Aiiss lirace AicLin and Mrs. Jennie
Kd.vards of Humboldt, Tenn., spent
Tuesday of this week (he pleasant
guest of Dr. J. N. Gill and his mother,
Airs. .Martha Gill. .Mr. and Mrs. lir
siier Walker of Memphis, Tenn., are
the pleasant guests of .Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. Currie. The home of .Mr. and
a rs. K. ,1. Whitelow was brilliantly
lighted and beautifully decorated on
last Fri ,ay evening, when a number
were entertained until a late hour,
when the charming hos ess, .Mrs.
Wliitelow, served a delicious menu.
Whist and music were indulged un
til a late hour. .Mr. John Stader was
the ('airman of the committee that
arranged the enier aiuiiii'iit. Mine.
Anita Patti Drown of Chicago, one of
.he race's greater, coloratura soloists.
Tuesday, January 2:i. I '.MS. at Farm
er's Cna e'. C. j.; Chinch. Don't
fail to luiir Mme. I'atii llrown of
Chicago, 'luesda;. e.e;n .g, Jan. :'!),
at Karnnr's ( li !iel. Air. lieni'v
Buick has return.')! to Camp Aiuad",
.id., after sie.idiiig sevciai ;!avs with
his parents, .Mr. and .Mrs. ' Calvin
.aiick. .Mrs. .1: L. Curtis was I he
pleasant cue's:, of Airs. Al. I.. Part
on last Sunday at luncheon. 'r'.
Limine Taylor, who has been in St.
Louis since spring, is home spending
i ne winter season w ith u i!'e
(.i.ira layior. t ne tiuie ones were
glad to see "dad v." I lis lntin.v
friends welcome his return home.
Mr. J. Livingstone Whitelow of Hum
i.oldl. Tenn., made a lying trip to
llrownsville .Monday evening of this
week en route to Memphis. Tenn., to
spend sevral days. Airs. Mary Gray,
who has been seriously ill, is much
improve, I at this writing. Mr. Hold.
Clabon Lynk, who is attending' Le
moyne Instil etc, spent Hie holidays
with his mother, Mrs. C. R l.ynk.
and little sister. Gladys Hernice.'.Mi-.
Jinimie Lewis Walton, who is attend
ing Howe Institute, spent the hofi
days wilh his moiher, Mrs. Ann Wal
ton, and sisters. Prof. J. II. Lynk of
Mmuph.s spent the wrek-eiul with
his wf.'o, Mrs:. C. K. Lynk. Mr. John
I less,-, or Chlictigo, 111, has been in
ihe city for'imoro than a week the
','iiest of his mother, Mrs. Priscilla
esse. His attractive little datigh
r. Vera, was all smiles to see 'dad-
Mrs. Mary (Webb) Crosby left
ntly f ir Gadsden, Ala., where
ill spend most of the winter,
uisband, Mr. Crosby, will join
xt month. Gadsden is her
home. Last Friday evening a
lly arranged party was .given
oung men of Hie younger set
sidence of Mr. and Mrs. Levy
lhe rooms thrown open for
sion were decorated with hol-
.istmas bells. Music, danc
es were indulged until a
charming hostess,
non, assisted In serv-
i hot chocolate,
pleasure of be-
ifobert Claybon
rated in keopiii" with the season.
Messrs. iiobert C. Lynk and J. Lewis
Walou we.e present. Mr. A 1.
Hayes and Miss Stella Haves are
visiting in De atur, Ala., where thev
spent the hoiid iys. Miss Fav Haves
of Chicago is the guest of Mrs. l.'ula
Siiaw. Miimle, tlie charming little
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kimem,
Wilson, is seriously ill. We hope
her a spee !y recovery. Mrs. Kettle
Taylor Matchelor is convalescent at
this writing.
! . A Sl,
has fallen since Sun
It is feared il. ,t
l'a-v '-nin
Kniancipatioii Day procram will hm-P
to be postponed on account of un
favorable conditions of the weather.
I , e i'eoi"e Here are great at carry-
uiu meir word. Thi Christmas
program at Randolph Chapel M. E.
Church was carried out on the night
of the 25th despite the heavy rain
fall and zero weather. The promot
ers were determined to see a big
house eather . M-ly to hear the pro
gram and to see Santa Cinus, who
goes to all the churches and to all
the homes, too. when you've been
good. A be tc'ful prog-mn was car
ried out ui'hout a hitch. The
whole of which was greatly en
joyed by the people. Hev." Mr.
Hatcher, the pastor, deserves great
praise in the selection of such an
able set of co-workers vfi, Mrs Buch
anan, Aliss Uobinson and Mr. Thorn
ton. Mr am .Mrs. lliilv Jacksoi
served Christmas breakfast compli
mentary to their pastor, Rev. J. T.
Martin, nn! w.le. Mr. and Mrs. Har
vey Wyatt and daughter, Miss Al
leyne, were .guests of Air. and Mrs.
Howard Williamson, on 2i;th. Mrs. J.
J. McKlroy and Miss Versie Oliver
spent an afternoon al Bridgeport,
Ala., to tlie delight of their manv
friends, lien 1 he Globe. Airs. Itiil
llightower of Chattanooga is guest
of her parents Mr. and Mrs. U. lkard.
Mrs. J. M. Hawkins received in
formally on the '7th ami 2-th at her
well-furnished home on Fourth street
A very enjoyable affair. Quite r
lew registered. TJcv. W. J. Hancock
was guest of Mr. and .Mrs. J. J. Cuni
mings Christmas. Dr. W. J. Astrapp
lias had see;al calls to victims to
accidents. .Miss Annie Staider. (earli
er at Dtinlap. soent the holidnva with
home-folks. She had tor her guest
.Miss Tres.sia . a-ikins of Dunlap. Mr.
Joe Hyatt has returmd to Norris
to.vn College as student. Dr. M. L.
Springs represents the Chattanooga
Defender, an i.datit newspaper of
that city. We were pleased with the
copy he hairil. d to us to read. Mrs.
K. Al. Oliver is tlie eugest little
woman in oar town. Nu;' sod. Mr.
and -.Mrs. George Crowe uin a most
sanitary and up-to-date ca;e. Thev
I'ave a good p: tionage. Aliss Vera
Uobinson is s; ending Cnrisimas holi
days with ho, ne-l'olks Aliss' Carrie,
the daughter of Air. and Airs. Luther
U. C'umiui. gs is much ini,iroved at
this writing, she is in Orlando, Fla.
Mrs. ltia No, t ticut is e.v.necting Mrs
llinlie Jenkins and daughter. Miss
lanie Alai. ...:-. and Mrs. Sam Greer
weiv gue-t : ; .v. ,, A,.s Sa,u
llains during holidays. A voting man
whom the, ca'.l v.mest Adkins has
come to board with Air. and Airs. K
W. Huchaniid for an indefinite peri
od. Mother doing well. Father has
a broad saill on his face. Me thinks
he is some daddy. Air. and Airs. ,1.
I). Martin gave a big family dinner
complinn n ai-' to their son, Iluford,
of Indianai ods, Ind. Ilev. and Mrs
F. A. Hatcher were invited guests
out of the family circle. .Mr. II
(Mike) Walk, r will enter A. and I.
State Normal School, Nashville,
early in the year. Mr. Will Marfin
an; .Miss . elia Bell have returne '
'o their respective homes in Warren
County, Tenn. Aliss Lucile Lumber
so i agent lor a hair grower and soap,
with which stu is having de ', l
. ii, ces. Mi litiliy S'i-!t is holdin :
a splendid job with Mr. A. II. linok
" ot tailor and bill-poster. Jus
j as well kill a man dowtiri.'.ht as t
I scare his to death, the latter is
the matter with Air. Lucius Coy
j about urmy life. Mrs. Oscar Pitts of
Chattanooga was guest of Aliss
Kstelle .Monroe during the holidavs
i iKiuioeu io ins post oi uuty
i .hi. v. n. uooKer mis just returne i
I from a great trip to Atlanta and
Atncns, t,a. lie is lool'.inc . good.
Wontier what she told him?
Miss LelTa Miller of East Winches
ter street spent, a lew davs in tlie
(iiy of Nash.ille during the past
week. An oujoyabk' Christmas so
cial was given at ihe residence of
Aliss Sauieda Boddie of West Side
on Thursday eveains. Games were
enjoyed and a nost enjo,vable"'"eve
ning was spent by all present. Miss
Annie Randolidi of Blythe Street
spent the holidays with friends in
Greater .Nashville. .Messrs. Herschell
Lyles and Alfred llerrod, who have
cast their lo'.s in Louisville, Ky.,
spent the holidavs here with home
folks. Aliss Alattie Geotge Douglass
of Trig.; street entertained a bunch
of her friends with tin enjoyable
Christmas social on Wednesday eve
ning. Mr. Edward V. Anthony, man
ager of the Ci izens Dry Cleaning
and Pressing Club, was In Louisville,
Ky., last week on business. Aliss Ka
tie May-berry and -Mr. Herbert White,
students of State .Normal. Nashville,
spent the holidays a home. Mr.
Tance Baker 0' 'n M mm tlis, Ind., is
here with bis bil:ht and cheery
smile. Airs. Jlollie Hre'ley and Mr.
John Vaughn w ere uni ed in marriage
a few days avo. Mr and Mrs. Ruben
Harris of North Water street enter
tained Christmas Eve with an en
joyable -book So ial." Those pres
ent, were: Me . Hart L Winston,
John Itogan, l'-.-eeman Foley, Edward
Boddie, (Jus G-vvan :in i ;1n3S Abigail
Baker. Miss Geortre Anthony spent
a few days wit'- Nashville friends
last week Air Pamuel Pullock spent
tho holidays with friends in Ind.an-
jnslon of Nashville ale tu
home-folks durlne
, Mr. Willie Lee C,-r
iTenn , but who ha
Iseveral years
her of Com J
.Grant at Rl
;ig hands
tee Robe
the II
connected with the amusement busi
ness for e eral years, now heads his
own company known as 'Billy" Bry
ant's Dixie Kollieg. He is now play
ing the Star Theatre at Dallas, Tex.
' Lilly s" company has a twenty piece
band and orchestra. We trust that
"Billy" Barnum will soon head our
way. Mr. Jonnie "Jack" Wright, now
manag r of Wright's Just liight Or
chestia of Fondatac. Wisconsin, is
now the proud father of a ten-pound
boy. If you want to read the latest
mws of oar race, both loreign and
local see Kobert Baker, agent for
the Xashviila Globe. Mrs. Boy A
Winston of Greater Nashville is
spe.iding a few days v.iih Mr. and
Atis. Wesley Winston of West Bled
soe street. Mrs Haskel Thompson
is visiting her grandmother, .Mrs. Sal
lie Beard Hunter, of Hovers street.
If yo.i know any news or Items that
are worth while, tell them to Edward
. Anthony, representative of the
Nashville Globe. The pretty model
home of Mr. Aaron H.v.mah of East
Bledsoe is now receiving its finish
m,' touches and bids fair to be the
prettiest home on Kast Side. Miss
Kva Maybcrry of Blythe street is
visiting in Greater Nashville. Miss
Kva McMurry Lyons spent the holi
days in the city of Nashville. If It's
i t the Globe it musi be so. .Mr. Jno
Roran and wife spent a few days
Nashville last week. Mr. Rogan is
the efficient assistant of Mrs. Miller
Woodson and John R. Parker. Mr
and Mrs. George .McMurry of Hal
'urn s roet entertained i-. number of
their friends at dinner on the 2:ird la
'oaor o, their cousins, .Air. and Mrs
Howard Dau.glass, jmd their daugh
ter, F.thel, of Kansas Citv. Miss S
L. Jenkins and Mrs. Daisy Towns
entettained Misses Roberta Chains
and L B. Smith of Springfield, Rev
and Mrs. Chains. Miss Keilis nf v..i.
den University, at their home on
Lucas street, December 20th. Mr.
and Mrs. Howard Douglass and little
daughter, Ethel, of ' Kansas Citv,
we-p 'he very pleasant guests of Mr
and Mrs. N. D. Jenkins and other
relatives and friends of Gallatin. Mr.
Douglass is a former citizen of this
nlace, but has made bis home in
Kansas Citv for the past twentv
years. Thev departed for their
home after eating their 37th anni
versary breakfast with Mr. and Mrs
N. D. Jenkins on Dec. .10th
The city schools closed December
l-lst Tor a vacation until January 2
Kev. Boddie, pastor ot the A. Al E
Church, left Tuesday morning foi
Winchester to spend tlie holidays
with his family. Mr. Kobert L. Set
tles of Chattanooga is spending a few
days with relatives here. Mine T
J. Rankin of St. Louis is visiting her
mother Mrs. Belle Cope, on Tast
Maiu street. Mr. Ed Cope and bride
oi Pittsburgh, Pa are also guests
of thtir mother, Airs. Cope. Mr. an ;
Mrs. Firman Patterson of Cincinna
ti are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tom
rfliencer. Mr. Patterson is b: other o'
Mrs. Spencer and has been away To'."
twenty-three years. His manv friends
in McAiinnviUe are glad to have him
visit his old home agair. Miss Jen
n. e Hurley, after spending the ho'i
days at home, left todar for Selmer
Tenn., to teach. Mr. Falls Jennings
Iel( Sunday, Dec. 2:!, to spend th
holidays with relatives in Corinth
Viss. Missis Willie GrilTv and Jes
sie Crwynn entertained Thursday eve
ning at the home of Alias Gywn to
compliment (he holiday visitors
Games and music were the features
ei.hjitainnle'it, after whi h
dainty sandwich course was served
The following were present: Mr
Robert Settles and Earl Rho les o
Chattanooga; .Mine. O. J. Rinkin o!
St. I ouis; Alisses Jennie and Virginia
Durley, Mrs. li. H. French, Air. and
Mrs. U. B. Gwyn. Air. R. L. Wood, Mr
Melzie Dean. The dinner given Sun
day tit die home of Mr. and Mrs
Tom Spent er, which is an annual af
fair, was enjoyed by the following:
Vr. and Mrs. Firman Pa.teraon, Mr
and Mrs. Dan Hanley, .Misses Willi
Grit'ev and Jessie L. Owynn. As
usual, the table was laden with manv
toith some dishes. Mrs W. T. Mau
pins left last week to snonll the win
ter with her husbmd. The marriage
of .Mr. Anuilla Wood and Mrs. Anae
"arnes. which occured Monday night.
TYecmber L'lth. came ns quite a 'su--ixise
to the community Mr. Thos
Stndling and .Mr. Sl-e'lie HP1 of Le
tt"'r Citv are i-uling the holidE'-s
vi'h (heir f -lii'lies. Air Robert D
nnvdon of Chlengo. HI, is visitfn
Va oth"r. TrS J it ptocth. yv
"iiber A'oore i-i visiting his parents,
n" and v,.s A v. Atoot-e. Mi-'P
Helen Btadford entertained with a
"movie partv" Tuesday, December
".). in honor of her brother, Robert D.
from Chb'a'-o.
Tlie Christmas holiday was usher
ed in by an interestine nnd n nnrn.
tiriate church service at 5:30' a. m.
The wedding ot Miss Artie G. Mc
Cauloy to Mr. Tolbert Hamilton took
place at the church December 25th
at 2:30 o'clock. Miss Nellie May
Jennings was married to Mr. Jesse
Sanders at the bride's home, Dec.
25th at 3:30. The house was deco
rated with cut flowers and ferns
Mrs. Nancy Gains of Tttlla homn ivna
visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. F. Mc
Cauley, James and Nannie Mc
Cauley are at home with their
parents. The marriage, of Miss
EstherlewBrooks to Mr. Ellis Hayes
was very quietly solemnized at the
bride's home, December 29th, Mr.
Henry Curd is confined to bed with
pneumonia. Mrs. Vera Jumper from
St. Louis, Mo., is on a week-end stay
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Win.
Moore. Rev. H. L. P. Jones, nastor
of St. Paul Church, preached a soul
stirring sermon at Evans Hill, Sun
day, December 30th.
Mr. A. Z. Petty, who has been suf
fering for the past three months or
more, with an afflicted foot is nov
able to resume responsibilities. Mr.
Harry Blanche, the- hustling grocer
will move into his new building by
the 15th of the present month. Mnl.
Allison, wife of ex-pastor of the ('.
M. E. Church, who has been ill folr
three weeks, is up and is able to carr'f
on her'domestic work. Rev. Allisoli
reports first Sunday at his net
charge atr Milan, a splendid congre
gation, collection and a beautiftH
day. Rev. Wm. Fowlkes, who preach
ed one week ago at Dyer, alsd con
ducted the funeral of Mrs. Cooper,
on aunuay, uecember 23 at 3:00
Mention is made that the Pres-
terians unaware, may know of thif(
a stiunch member. Mrs. Mc
Nashville will succeed Misii
our teacher of domesti
comes to us very highl
ed. Her reconiruendatio;
her as a teacher that Un
eeds and one whom th
. v.n -1 lit'
vi uci new lucumy, wei
Jenkins an earnest work
th while, leavtfs
I I I I, mf 1 I .f A
Cbonized Ground Dil-2S
many friends regretting her depart
ure and extend to her best wishes and
God's speed in her new work, super
vising domestic science in the rural
district. Little Willie Von Brandon,
the baby son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest
Brandon gave his oldest sister, Gen
try, a terrible blow on her head with
a broom stick, the blow gave his sister
a weeping Xmas. A suggestion from
Prof. J. R. Patton, musician, gave the
A. M. E. Church of this city a new
and unique idea of a Xmas tree.
Presuming-nhat the dear professor
entertained an Idea that a tree would
Picture breezes too chilly for pres
ents of all descriptions, is why for
tne suggestion of a cosy little house
beautifully decorated with Old Glory
floating in the air from the steeule of
this structure. It was picturesque,
beautiful and wonderful. Illness of
mother gave cause for a three weeks
visit of Miss Eva Cook from St. Louis.
Miss Cook reports that mother has
improved, her trip pleasant and her
return will be soon. Mrs. Woolridge
from Oakfleld, Tenn., spent Xmas
holidays with daughter, Mrs. Evans
on North Clover stree. Mrs. A. B.
Yancy on North Clover street was de
lighted to have with her a brother
and niece Mr. Alex Bridget and
daughter Alberta of Columbus, Ky.,
who spent Xmas holidays with her
Both departed last week having real
ized an enjoyable Xmas. Union
City's hospitality was strikingly dis
played before the eyes of Dr. C. L.
Peoples, Columbus, Ky., the guest of
Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Walker during
Xmas week. Dr. Peoples, a brilliant
voting man is a Senior of Meharry
Medical University, well reserved and
(hinks 'joth seriously and profoundly
icfore speaking. However he is verv
entertaining as discovered by Mr.
Clemmens and MJss Vira Davenport,
who enjoyed one of the most delight
ful evenings of Xmas holidays in his
presence. Of course it is useless to
ittempt to give a fair and just des
cription or Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Wat
ers generosity and cordiality since
Union City can conceive of a more
leautiful picture than words can
beautify. But It would not be out
)f place to state that little and
Master Dauthorne really staged and
njoyed his own performances. Miss
Kva Cook is not likely to return to
St. Louis as soon as anticipated since
die discovered that Union City con
t lined marriageable darlings. Her
trip has been both enjoyable and
u-olltable. Mr. B. Bady, 'her groom
regards her as a God sent wife. Fol
lowing the example of Mr. B. Bady,
Mr. Henry Williams also placed his
hat in the ring. Viewed by Miss
nnio Gibbs and enticed by same,
die picked it up and presented both
'tis hat and her arm which-remained
locked with his until the key of mat
imonv performed well,, its. duty.
'Irs. M. T. Overby anu daughter, Mrs.
'I. W. Watson, both proficient and
leasing in the art of entertaining,
rooted their pastor elect and wife,
Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Porter with a
host of guests that gave the honored
ones that visionary aspect which il
'uminated Union City with brilliancy,
hospitality, literary and cultured
features. Each present, feeling him
self equal to the task, was not dis
mayed and all were breathing that
tmosphere which gave liberation to
volition, hospitality to cordialitv
which made the entertainment both
nviting and pleasing. Mrs. Moore
s one of the teachers of the city
-chools of Nashville. Enough said
for an introduction. However we
will annex that her fluent language
and striking points in conversation
would highly recommend her as a
Keen tntnker and a doer of great
deeds. For this reason, some few of
Union City's best greeted her and
entertained her royally in various
ways to wit: Discussion of the events
of today by philosophers and scien
tists there assembled, which deported
deep scholarship as can be found in
other cities. An attractive military
dress parade pervaded two large
rooms of the mansion in which this
entertainment was held, by the
dainties and most attractive young
ladies there assembled. The parade
interpreted a spirit in each, of pro
found patriotism ready and willing
to serve the call of the bugle when
ever necessary. Also anthems sung
by the audience, Mr. Powell, pianist,
and instrument selections by Mr. W.
A. Powers and Mrs. Annie Crawford
Fields, accompanied Mr. 0. G. Thom
as who mastered thrillingly his cor
net. Those present to witness this
royal entertainment were: Rev. and
Mrs. W. H. Porter, Honored guest.
Mrs. Annie Crawford Fields, Mrs.
John Bransford, Mr. W. A. Powers,
Mrs. Tena Barhm Jones, Mrs. H. M.
McMckins, Mr. O.- G. Thomas, Dr. and
Mrs. E. D. Walker, Miss Vira Daven
port, Miss Mary M. Fugett, Prof, and
Mrs. A. M. Gilbert, Mrs. H. Y. Wat
son, Mrs. M. T. Overby, Miss P. L.
Crutchfield, Master Dauthorne Wal
ker and Mr. Ezra Clemens. Miss Sal
lie B. Tender from Rutherford, spent
enjoyable Xmas holidays with mother
and sister. Mrs. Lula Hocket and
Leqra Dodson. Mr. John Wade and
wife, from Toledo, Ohio, spent Xmas
holidays with brother and wife, Mr.
and Mrs. George Wade. Rev. Harris,
ex-pastor of Baptist Church married
Miss Zada Crowder, Thursday night,
December 27th. Mrs. Una Roper
Washington, a young lady who un
der adverse circumstances, ' pushed
her way to the front where other
distinguished ones now stand, is
spending Xmas holidays at home, Mr.
Newt McDavis has movedNhis restau
rant to Rev. Stone's building, one
door north of Mr. Totten's restau
rant. ' The Xmas tree at C. M. E,
Church was decorated by skillful
hands, patronized by a host of
friends and made happy, the hearts
of ever so many.or in other words,
it was real beautiful, heavily laden
and enjoyed by an Innumerable
number. Mrs. Mary Broaden, a lady
who has the misfortune of a sick
family, solicits aid from those desir
able to perform charitable duties.
Any favor will be deeply appreciated.
The word "ecstacy" was more em
phatically defined and clearly con
ceived by the young men and ladles
who were present at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weils,; Decem
ber 28. Mr. and Mrs. Wells enter
tained In behalf, of their daughter-
in-law. Mrs. Morgan Wells. The
husband of this young lady is now
an honored officer In the American
Army. Such distinction i made that
Union City may realize that it is the
home of many honored soldiers as
well as brave and patriotic ones.
Mrs. Morgan Wells is Entertaining
a hope that she will srlun be with
her dear one which places a noble
and excellent spirit beforje the eves of
it whosoever will" young iadies
that if practiced will promote peace,
nappiness and prosperity. The good
people of Union City, extend to Mrs.
bestwishes and God's Boeed. Decern
her 27, 1917. An interestine evRvfJ)lla. prlncipaliy cocoanut
of Thursday was the house nartMhoro-Sn Heanser. Qulna
given bv Mrs. iiiviwina voionti,
and sister, Mrs. Mary CrlBS in JjonoP
of their brother, iVir. Thomas Did-
widdie, who will Ue soon leaving for
war. Many lovely evergreens as I,
Christmas bells that adorned tUO
house for Xmas were seen anio-.ig
the decoration. An interestintr enuie
of hearts, the prize for which v.as
won by Miss Hallie Mays and :.vlr.
Prank Smith and a mm-.ical nrnpilnm
added to the pleasur of the after
noon's entertainment. A loA-elv
menu of two courses was then sep'fld
and enjoyed by all. Those prise t
were Mrs. Dora L. Harris, jaMsfes
Hallie Mays, Swan Taylor, jMh.
Laverda Wilson, Messrs. Frai'ik
Smith, Jess Thompson, Thomas lfie
laney, Hall Page, Leonard Fttulfey,
Will Powell, Jess Smith, Ray lfh
widdie, Milton Moore and Wiiiie
Rogers. All reported a deligh;ul
afternoon. Master Samuel Ijayines,
of Henry, Tenn., who recently I en
I rolled on the sick list is with fhislsis-
ter, Miss Ellen Hayes. Mr. Leeh Jack
son is convalescing. Mr. Bill a!ro-n is
dead and leaves many to regrjet.Mrs.
Callie Warren is up, also Mitps Kallie
Whittaker. Miss Rosa Foster i4 now
on the sick list. Mr. Thoniasf Din
widdle, a fine mechanic of Union
City's garage, spent 'Xmas welek in
Cairo. Dr. S. H. David made k pro
fessional visit to Rives and Martin,
during Xmas holidays. Missjsallie
Rainey who has been on tho sdck list
for the past thrlee weeks ik up.
December 2f, liO. Union Ciftv had
within its confines Prof, and (Rev. I.
C. Snowden, TeaA of the Theblogical
Seminary of Lfl
ties institute, who
was a guest of
Miss Vira Davenport,
a teacher of the
City. The lorn
city school of Union
ier having nlado for
himself a wond
rful reputation, both
as a teacher and
also a theologuo, and
is styled one of
Lane's Institute
it'ne valuable gems of
The lattor, Miss
is onto of Union
which! honor is nier
( spirit of ixcellency
of w.nich are faith,
Vira Davenport
City's very best
ited by the lateij
the ingredients
hope and chariW utvd alb, else that
makes a being - 'coble. M.-s. II. M.
city school of Union City, too be
ginner of many parentswho are now
styled the very best clizens of this
vicinity, has in hert profession, a
historical article , tmt: Tennessee
cannot excel as a rove jry worth the
inspection of all who fcould make
possible a view of is instruction,
beauty and usefulness.! tThis arti-cle
was used' by the familf jot the first
Governor of Tennessipi Governor
John Sevier. Any affarfin any part
of the state that desirt to place this
article on exhibition 'jjiat posterity
may contrast the speel of improve
ment may do so by a nutual agree
ment between self anl Mrs. Mc
Makins, 731 E. College St., who will
be reasonable in terns. Mrs. An
drew Totton's home was a scene of
beauty on Thursday aJternoon, when
the White Rose Quilting Club enter
tained in honor of Mrs. Morgan
Wells with five o'clock dinner, guests
present: Mrs. Morgan Wells
Cora Holloway, Mrs. Orowder
ton, Miss Northcross of Ripley
Luanna Lotterdale, Mrs. Riley Pot-'
ton, Mrs. Dicle Povers, Mrs. Mary
Jane Jackson, Mrs. Howard Powers,
Miss Viola Jenkins, Mrs. Lucy Totto,
Mrs. Bl L. Clark. Mrs. B. L. Clafrk
has arrived home , from Jacksdm,
where she attended the Jones-Mosiey
wedding. While in the city she was
the guest of Mrs. Lovett and Mioses
Walls. Mr. B. L. Clark has arrifved
home after spending the holidays in
the city of Memphis and Covinrftou,
with relatives and friends. Miss
Eva Mary Clark has arrived home
from Hickman, Ky., where she (spent
a few days as the guest of Misses
Mildred and Irene Allen. Dr and
Mrs. S. L. Cunningham entertained
in their beautiful home on Sakurday
evening, December zatn, compli
mentary to the Hon Ton ILiterary
Club. Guest present, Dr. S. H.
David, Prof, and Mrs. Gilbert, Mr.
and Mrs. John pransford, aMr. and
Mrs. Howard Pqwers, Mr. Jjnd Mrs.
(has. Taylor, Prof, and MS. Riley
Patton, Mrs. B. li. Clark, M- Charlie
Fowler, Mrs. Albert Gardner, Mr.
Will Powers, Mifes Mary F'wett, Mise
Pauline Wells, Miss Louz'V Lippson,
Miss Viola Jenkins, Mr. (Will Swift,
Wallace" Tipton, Melvin ; Mmg, Ford
Swift, George Meed. M-r.' and Mrs.
Alonzo Cooper entertaijicffl the. Bon
To Literary Cflub on ST'day night.
Guests present! Dr. aid Mrs. St.m
Cunningham, l-of. anf Mrs. Gilbert,
Mr. and Mrs.lllowaril Powers, Mr.
and Mrs. Johl I Bransford, Prof and
Mrs. Riley Pal V, Mrsfi. Viola Taylor,
Miss Viola Jeil Ins. Mlrs.' B. L. Clark.
To the goij I peohde of Union City,
the writer l I the Union City news
finds it impul lW to continue unless
he establlshf b toif himself a business
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papers per j wee'k at least. If you
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him that I tJraay get benefit of the
small comf ston. If all would pat
ronize thlj iVyoung and worthy man
I am surj; ff he will each week give
Union Clu ff a first class writeup. Let
us try hil2t"ust to see what's in him.
Speak uli, act prudently and be a
dOer of iffood deeds.
ed a Real
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o -called hair
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IO ,
i' t HUrniirnPftd nilf.
V'Je faitbi'iu
hair tonics, in
tse on your Bcatp db w . -4 t
eiuedy of proven mer
luade is a highly . ef1IcatBll i..
le that has stood ttJa
ist of time,
ills a reui Baif
- 1 I.. t..A
d nourishes the root
V the hair.
usmg a natural
f long hair,
i of an ex-
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rt chemist and is
under th
ipervision of an
need regte-
red pharmacist.
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he scalp about every twowepk, itl
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i vegetable
il, "and is a
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feeling to the scalp unLqUane(j by
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n no- accept any su.ttute, Vat
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tf , Adv.
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At the
New collars put on old overcoats, ,
'dothes cleaned and pressed, work
salleo") for and delivered
43l4 Cjjr Si., NASHViUE, TENPL

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