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If (Oil lllf lH D OJJ
Whan you flaisU read
ing this i Issue of lire
Nashville Globe place a
V. 3. 1-cent stamp on
this notice, hand same
to any U. S. Postal eur
Dlovee. and It will h
placed In the hands -of
our soldiers or sailor
at the trout. - No wrap
ping, no address.
"For unto you is born this day in
the city of David, a Savior, which is
Christ the Loni." The Choral So
ciety of the National Baptist Pub
lishing House will sins Christmas
Carols on Christinas eve under the
auspices of the Phyllis Wheatley
Club. Those y6ong people will do
nate Vieir services in the interest of
humanity and they an hoping that
they will receive the hearty co-opera-tion
of the citizens of this city. The
spirit oC joy that comes with Christ
mas is the most spontaneous and all
pervading that marks any holiday oc
casion. The patriotic impuls-e on a
nation's birthday or a sovereign's
birthday, ' as the occasion may be, I
does not touch the universal heart as j
doe3 Christmas. There are hearts I
that will be sad if they are not re-1
meiiibered by some one. They are
not able to do for themselves Rnd
they must be made happy by some
one. Have you ever tried to "happy1
Si "4 1 X
: ' V ; ! '
v .
" .
MRS. CLARA HODGKIXS. CA1LEY, schools, including especially Hie elfec
Wife of Dr. Bjilev of Cleveland. O.. tf-ve mall schools of the industrial
- vIait,-. in thto m.v
:. '
..., tip a..y one?" if you have not, then
-.-.try it this year uy contributing to
Vi-f caru. Bi.igo.-s whu they come
- y'jfiK.' way.
: . ' hey are
asking that you burn a
1.1'thi in your window and then you
vjll be sure to get the benelit of this
melodloas music, a reminder of that
niemoiahle night when the heavenly
choir sang its paeans on the plains of
J-.ethlehein thousands of years ago In
their tour they will take the liberty
they know to be friends of the Phyl
lis vhuitley, regardless as to
whether there is a light, burning in
their windows or not. But whatever
you do be sure to suo that a light is
burning from your window from 7:00
o'clock until the singers come your
way, for they will certainly be there
sometime between nine and mid
night. Christmas should be a time of hap
piness and those who are not able to
get out and do for themselves should
be made to feel the spirit of our
blessed Saviour's birth in some way,
ud the members of this society
have taken this means to raise money
in order that soma of the cheer that
Is so very prevalent at this time of especially in the South, on l'io charnc j naturai t0 tne tender loving heal of ful in receiving their commissions At the hour of three o'clock the
the year may be distributed to those ter, training and efficiency of our mil-. a wmlan tj wisn t;) rclogat.c to the 1 was Rev. Charles W. Brooks, of New members and delegatus of the Con
who are less fortunate than we. We llol's of colored workers amd citizens. snaJes, (hose things which destroy the Orleans, La., who tamo to the school vtmtio.i reassembled; not hearing
are quite, sure that no home will fail
to be prepared for these singers. Let
' lis not forget the spirit that exists
at this time of the year. It is as if j
tho very Savior himself were here. !
Remember the- words of the defr
Lord when he said: "If ye have dofv
It unto the least of these my lite. J
ones, that ye have done it unto me;
I was sick and ye visited me; I, was
hungry and ye fed me; I was naked
and ye clothed me." Then In the
Viw9 !
face of this injunctloji can you
do your part as you feel able? You
. will certainly enjoy the Christmas
with more joy, with greater joy and
with a clearer conscience if you know
that you have made some poor child
or pome sick mother happy.
A dc nation from you to these
-; . i5ingers on Christmas eve will come
back to you
in nunarenrolrl more
a., penents than if you keep it and don't
fe ond it out to bless and be blessed,
1- SV-V. !. T,. , I J. ... .....
; t .uemernoer. io nave your Ilgnt DUrn-
I lug on the night of Christmas eve for
4) these singers . will certainly come
your way. If your street is not in
the .itinerary-..below then call Main
r;' 123i jp'fftj give your number and we
, ,wilKRladly' respond. If there are anv
v. ' frlendb, white or colored, who espe
...'ciclly wish to have these singers come
j i,er v$yt they can also call Main
-1236 and they will be glad to call
, npon yon.' .
Tho following streets have been
. 18th to Heiman.
Heinian to llth. -'
llth to Scovel. ,
Scovel to 18fh "
18th to Jefferson. V '
Jefferson to 21st. '
21st to Heffernan. ,
Heffernan to 18th. . ,
Jefferson and lSth to 12th. v
. , 12th to Hardlntr. . j , ,
, . ; Harding to 17th. "
, 7th to Phillips.. - ;
Phillips to 14th.
14th to Jackson.
Jackson to Seventeenth. "
17th to Cedar.
Codar to 12th.
12th to Hynes.
Hynes to 14th.
llth to Grundy.
Grundy to Fifteenth.
Fifteenth to West End points.
West End points to EdgehUl.
Elgehlll to 12th ave., S.
12th to South.
South to 8th avenue.
8th to Bass.
Bass to 7th.
7th to Lea avenue.
Lea avenue to Bass.
Bass to Fourth avc.
Fourth to Chestnut.
Chestnut to First avenue.
First to N. Hill.
Tho end unless by request.
Main 12:!. .
Call !
Special Assistant to Secretary oh
War Enunett J. Scott, of Washington, j
D. C, has just wTiliten to the Nash-j
ville Globe congratulating the inon tne i
excellent edition ot the paper of some!
weeks ago. Mr. Scott says:
"I wifi to congratulate you upon
' "'' " .
the epjlendid' Victory Issue of the
KaihviHe Globe under dale of De
ccinlmr 6th. It w.s full of information
and matter relative to the manifold
activities of'ttie race and war work
of the colored American was most
brilliantly treated. From tho ifiew
point of literary excellfirrre, , typo
graphical neatness and artistic ar
rangemenil, this special edition of the
Globe takes rani: with any that our
people have yet produced. 1 am
placed under additional and lasting
obligations to you for your very gen
erous and laudible review of t!ie work
I have tried1 to do f'r the ra'e bee
in the War Department during my
iremnbenoy of something more than
a year. It is through such support
and encouragement you have given
me that 1 have been able to achieve
some of the results you 'have e;
out as worth while.
FM.MKT J. SCOTT,' Spec'al As
sistant, "SECRETARY OF W.K."
, Washington, D. C Tho Commls
sircer of Educalion. a Southern luao.i
issues an official statement of the war j
Hire needs of. colored irchoola A few
are widely known and well supported;
pnd more havo an assured, tlioueh In-1
adequate income from denominational!
and private sources. "But," to o'totoj
Dr. Claxton, "many of the best private j
-tvpe. are independent in effractor, ,
! pnd have no incomo except from do-
' na'lions."
! These schools on which the South
' must so largely depend for efficient!
workers in agriculture curd other fields
, 0f essential labor, are hard hit by the
yir, the necessary war-appeals hav
ing quite overshadowed them In the
minds of their former helpers. At
: ti,B anmn time the hhrh cost of Jivinir.
an(1 KOvernment calls for helpers at
a 1)vng wa(,e nave deprived there
schools of many -of their best teach-
.. .u h i ooo ohnot-
lon to the work, served for
These schools, "both of the academ
ic amd the indflistrittlj type, need mon
ey urgently; not only for the neces
sary work they have been doing for
years, buti to privide the special train
Ing imperatively needed for large
numbers of colored people in the war
emergency" and tai' tho no less exi
gent emergency of world con&truetion
following peace. The Tluroau of Edu
cation lists, in Rulletin l!Ufi, No. 38
3!: all colored schooV. with descrip
tions and recommendations. The Bu-
raiu will gladly, supply Ini'formation
to any one who is Interested.
The prosperity of b g business and
big development largely depends, and
The Mutual Savings Bank, of P-ts-
mouith. Va., (colored ), was assigned
fenlnrprn wna norltrnpil i eu l,u' uul u) rentier more em-
"1" ' , . , i cient service for they will soon put
n VZMlBMPTO hl!'n oml t0 brutaI slii3hter and mal e
1LZ .; this world a decent abodeas thev will
?12,r.00 as
Liberty Loan
official of Richmond reports its total
subscription as ?1 5,000.
The Atlanta chairman of the Fount n
Chamber of
Loan campaign slated to the Atlanta
est sub8criptioini In proportion' tto the
subscriber's resources, made In the
city was that of the Standard Life
Insurance Company, a colored institu
tion, which subscribed $50,000. Em
ployees added to this $5,000 of per
sonal -subscriptions.
The qiuota of Wtarren County, Ga.,
J for th Wiar Wbrk drive, was $3,000
i for both races. Before the drive
opened tlhe (Negroes had subr-cribed
this amount, anI ?250 over. In the
same way the colored people of Wil
son county. N. C., oversubscribed the
914,000 quota of the county before the
drive opened; and the county chair
man had to have the quota raised "to
J.10,000 to give the -white people a
fatr chance.
Christinas , exercises among the
churches of the city afs to be held
at various times. A large number
of the churches have announced they
would hold their exercises Christmas
Eve night, with the usual Christmas
Tree for the little ones. At -Mt.
Olive last Sunday morning Superin
tendent Baker ,' announced their
Christmas tree and exercises would
be' held on Friday night, Dec 27th.
Others were" to nnnounce this week
when theirs would be held for the
benefit of their many member, and
friends. , : ,
The issue ut stake is whether or
not the Inclnding of women in noli- with our monev and influence? This
tical affa r ha " a co rJpnnilnSuenco ! been a year of much money and
upon society. We contend that suff- 'She .ro Das gotten his shore. But
ragist agitation is not demoralizing inj hat hs ho done with it? . We hMe
t. ifta ..nrm nwlMv fur In nil nf ! made good immov at tie ereat Pow-
.V. ........ , ,-.,,
Idaho. Kansas and others where women
haVfi i1Rn Eiven political rights, it has:
not proved detrimental for it has
brought to light the latent powers :
which have hitherto lain dormant in
woman and thus with her literary i
onni.ia onrt nnlitlr-nl lmu-pr shp has i
U..v. t.....u.u... ... '
been able to lift society to an even.
Mirh.f Mun . it w c .nnf'i.ii.i fapt lhat;
society begins at home and it is here :
that mother instils the principles of '.
patriotism In the hearts of those '( cur bovs and s'r!s clerking, book
clinging to her for guidance and pro-' 'keeping or stiMiosrahing V- nny of
tection. 1 t'ie city dry iromls stores, drug stores,
Women are equal mentally to any
other ruling power and therefore her
influence' would he as uplifting for
from like sources like results are ob
tained. Fast experience in various
wars and political affairs proves that
woman has been a benefit rather than
a menace to society for she has taught
by word and den 1, frugal ;y and in
dustry and raised sons and daughter
that might betvime worthy citizens.
Wemen has not receded so far from the '
past that if she were given i greater .
scope over which to we'll! her ma;rne- j
tic iiiMuence, s'ne would be a corrup-
tbn to society.
Women, having a voice in political j
affairs wil Hi'nih'late tho liquor traiflc
which da-!roy.s you'h'.'ul mnnlriod and
womanhood f.jr she has alrc:i ly ;:iven
birrh tri tiio a-i'.i-liqu'-ir mnvenrvu
which is prevalent in t!ic Vnited
- J
6 vt
ft r f '
Publishing House Choral
for me Beneni of Colored
f'rwiw.zNL.'i-.,.. - 1 I :
ixSfkl: '-- - , ! r ' ';. , '!
..:-.'; ' ' ''! !
" ' - t - !
... " K I - '
i States tndav nntl which Is ninlnntr thelii:i hpon fninln'tnd lmi-o In ftila it-
, W01.hl sR up an(1 taUo note ani, if slle have gone to their various homes,
na,j lhe rlgnt by uanot l() i,3t SUl.n practically all ihiiiominations aro rep-
a disgrace from the face of che globe ! r sentetl in the ( lassos. Among the
K,n wid mrtniniv ilo s f,,.. it tailianiist can,:i i-.trw i,o u-m-o .n..
beautiful and the good. All agree that
checking the liquor traffic would not he
demoralizing to society. Women, if first lieutenant and chaplain and left Grand Attorney, G. W. V. Brown, to
emancipated, enlightened, enfranchis- immediately lor Chicago, III. Ht draw up a memorial which was sign
ed will he., able to render more effi- plans, so he stated, to go back to ed by the Grand Masters and dele-
not allow their sons a.s Napolean said,
to be given as flesh for the cannon."
Our women brokers, clerks, bank-
lawyers- and those In other busi-
enterprise are not demoralizing
to society for they have as high c.'.u
cxtlon and are as .u,U ve to manage
business ani political affairs as man.
Cicero said of Cornelia, who gave pub
lie lectures on philosophy in Rome,
"Cornelia deserves the first place
among philosophers," and we have at
this age, those greater than Cornelia.
It may be said that political rights
to woman Is demoralizing to society
f (f k Cause that 'lisrul)tlon
or the home. The age is too far ad-
yanced for such and argument.
Woman has discovered herself. Shroud -
ed in that inner recess Which no one
can approach, 8he has a Consciousness
and a Me of home which nothing can
aes.roy .mu an enaeavor to ciiain nor Mrs. W. J. Hal J, Mrs. W. 11. Hodg- ent. Later on the National Grand
there when she should have as much kins, W. J. Hale and Henry A. Boyd. Master will Issue an explanatory cir
libeity as man. It is also objected,- ... cular to the ofliclals of the various
that such political rights will give
bad women too much power. In any -
ming me majority is always the ruling
power and only seven per cent of the
iT? 5,m,nl8' women. In our
!1 u .T u , i women
against about fifteen hundred men.
Auumei oojeci is mai ner constant
mingling with the opposite sex. will i,ave been BOjourning in other cities
lesson the respect shown her. Wo will;are Misses Annie M. and Ella C. Dar-
answer that by asking "does it lower I den, who for the pnfttstrfx months have
her standing when she goes to theibeen in Chicago. They are to be ac-
post otnee, cnurcti, opera and other
publio places?" Some may say that
her lack of business qualification makes
her unfit- tor political power. Many
women today aroi successful In the
business world for you cannot name
any industry that has not crowned her
efforts with success.
All wil now agree with nie when
I say lhat suffragist agitation is not
demoralizing in its effects upon so
ciety for woman has always proved
worthy of any trust placed upon her
and, what woman has done, woman can
Editkir of the Globe.
Please allow me space to say
few words.
Seeing that this yen- is greater
tY.au all previous years in many ways,
is about to dose, have we stopped to
consider what wo as a rare have done
,w pi.,. nmi i,,.Q i,.
in the city. We hasten to spend it
with the white business houses when
t'.ie s-me business es conducted tiy
our owm people are not supported ly
- os. is - it impossible tor i
uj n (r.i ii
that if we would receive support e
must firstl learn to sutinnrtoiirsi'lves
... . .
We fcave various schools giving our
hnvB nod trlrls sooiiai linin.. irM-in.
.- - - -. ' .. ...
ing. JD-.it wnat mut they do wiinti
.... .
they have finished
Can we find any
or public office'? Tlten it must, fol
low that we must make such open
ings in our own bur.iness enterprises
for our own people.
For more than lil'ty ear.s we; h ive
i,.un V, J,ll, nr . ,,,. t.. n,
er race?'. Shall wo allow
to go
on tor another firtv vears: .'Let us
not sleep forever, but let us awaken
to Hie full meaning of progress and
l;eep pace with, the business wo:M
ai well as the
educa'toNal hiiiI fi-
nanrbl worlds,
'Loaders, teat'h us !cv
A GV.flic reat'e-r.
) u o n:ir
Louisville, Ky.--Aboiit one hmidrel
and f'ftv ministn'-:; -r-id'iai"d from
th'i chaplaiirs' trainiu.; school tiiat
-n - .?"s, ' - hmh. ' v - w' j
" '!
1 '
t- -
Society That Will Sin? Corals Christmas Eve Night
i-iiliuren. Under the Anspicns oi Fhyl.i. iicatiey
direct from the pastorate. Rov.
Brooks received the commission of
I'iuijb, so ue sullen, lo go duck io
New Orleans and take up his work,
Another liaptist minister was Rev.
Wm. A. Rt-id, of Plains, Ga. Rev.
Hold h also an active minister pastor-
ing three churches. He left the city
"et'K or. iNusnviiie. He was
commissioned as first lieutenant
J cnaplain in the army and placed
upon the reserve list.
A complimentary six o'clock dinner
was tendered to MesdiUnes Bedlah some of the Grand Masters and dele
Harris Wills and Clara Hodgkins gates that had not left the city for
TlutlpV nP mnirplnvwl O and Almo fltpfi hm.iQa rTl, (innfai.Dnna Y,ma
WeIl3 fjlvens, of Norfolk, Va., last
Sunday afternoon byMrs. Henry A.
Boyd. 'The occasion of the dinner
Was but one of the-many social cour-
I tesles extended to the visiting guests,
; others who enjoyed the delicious
n,enu prepared and served bv Mrs.
Ttnvd w Mm. Wm Crnwfnrd. wife
of Capt. Crawford ot Denison, Tex.;
! , :
sooictv folks of the c- ae mnk-
extra preparations for the enter -
tainment of holiday visitors. Already
j many social functions are being plan-
ined for their entertainment. Among
fK linmoiniiz-o .h n u o,io -ot
companled by Miss Star A. Goodman
and Mrs. W. T, Talbert, ot Chliai'o. ths dentist a chance to make a scl
Other visitors are expected from the entitle examination and to arrive at
various sections ot the country. an accurate diagnosis, thus advising'
irKm rvr t t ti ttiit priTTD it i
Jiix-i um u. a. x. jiAi.jjoijiiiaii
LIU ir. t . HILL Vk lEa.,
In pursuance of the call Issued by
"r- " Jameson, aiimu
M.tT for a constitutional It-
of (.rand Masters and state del -
'". ' leN
vult- ,nn- "t( i',n' l-n? 1 ie am
convention met at the it. it. j-. b.
T Hall at 413 1-2 Fourth avenue
Tuesday, December l.th, at 12
o'clock noon.
Thi followin
State Grand Masters
and ilrlepflfes were nresent: liev. .!.
r-- -
11. Hammond, (Jrana becretary, or
I.'ttli l-'ock. Ark
G. Levis.
n 1 M. nr T niilfiSn.n A1 W
' iarr i -
Jackson, Grand Secretary of Louisi -
m Moo.
J ' , ,n , ,, ,
toil i-iV Tovno' 1J- U I I ill flvnnrl AlnutdP
7 ' , iTi-' TJl-i
of Tvnnegsee; . J. T. Yancey. Grand
Master of Ohio; Hon. W. D. Johnson,
Special National Deputy of New
York; Prof. J. Wilson Pettus, dele
gate. V.angston. Okla.; Hon. G. W. P.
llrown, National Attorney, Muskogee,
:'kli.; fir. J. A. Lesler, National
Knight Recorder, Nashville. Tenn.;
" ' UC"S10' naii.iii.
In th" abscnc" of the National
Gian.d Master. H. W. Jamison, the
s-f.ior r.rand Master. P. F. Hill, of
Tennessee, was made chairman of the
mc'liti" and Grand Secretary N. W.
.laeksnii n1 Louisiana was selected as
secretary o' tlie meeting. The chair
man stated after the committee had
organized that he had been inforrhed
bv tli National Grand Master that
he bar' postponed the meeting of the
Convenlft),' on account of the Influen
za r.T.'i"-' In tho various states f o'u
which tlm del 'via lei liad been pre
v it"l f'-o-'i ci'n'n?. After hea'n'g
of tlm action of the National Grand
a T fx- i v i
.ft- a t"
r. 1 ; ',- ii
i-tut.n. M,., .-.mtnOtnf, ttr
til ttirte o'cio.k p. m., for tho pur-
pose oi informing the National Grand
.Master ot its assembling and awaiting
hi.. ini.-,.ti,,..
from tho National Grand Master, the
Convention empowered the National
eu u.
ates present and ordered mailed to
National Grand Master's home ad
dress. After reading the various let-
lers from delegates and Grand Mas-
ters, stating that they were unable to
attend tne meeting lor various rea-
sonb, the committee adjourned sine
d o and the delegates departed lor
.their homes
' After the adjournment of the fore
going Convention the National Grand
Master, Dr. H. W. Jameson, made his
appearance on Wednesday evening
just in time to get a conference with
held at the residence ot Grand Mas-
ter P. F. Hill, at which conference
National Grand Master Jameson ex-
plained to the members that had con-
gregaled the cause of the postpone-
ment of his call for the Constitutional
Convention to be held December 17th.
The pkii1:i rtntlnn pivan wfls tiprfArtlv
satisfactory to those who were pres-
states respecting his future course in 1
an anging for another meeting of the t
Con&tltutional Convention.
i "It is -traditional that a patient suf-
ferine with toothache, especially a
iti,ni,Q h.,t ia Di..i,i,nrn ia ,.iatii..
to homeopathic treatment, will go
to the dentist and make demands on
him to extract, the offending tooth
Tvilhout regarding the professional
status of the dentist or even giving
the patient what Is best tor him and
proceed with whatever operations
that are nocessary and make per
manent repairs according to the in
dications in the given case. The prin
cipal cause of toothache is an ex-1
posed pulp (nerve); mis comiiuuu
brought about by dental caries
(tooth decay), and tno very snmiiei
nnln exnosuro mav cause excruciating !
r-r - . - - f . ,
from pulp exposure tho tootn cau oo j
i repair
repaired and restored to permanent.
usefulness and beauty,
. . ,. .,, ,nnk ,,,,
thtV, teeth as -'Oh, well, a-niatterof-1
;K't, and if I ever have the tootnacne ,
I'll go to the drug store and put some
creosote in it ami it tnai uou i siuu
it why I'll go to the dentist and make
him pull it out
ii .ui. ,i
The teeth should not be regarded
so lightly. They ate important; tne
are a potent factor in tho moihnnism
or the human body, but because of
the ease of access to them, because of
ll,.,t.. IxirninllKllt (iValillll and becatlSe I
' s,ow proccss o de. !
,. , V,v 111I,0i,.ssiv mwlercstl-.
M ; the importance ami the value j
o( lhe leeth ona tor these same rea-1
,. tt, tnitv unilirrHtiinating tlx
.-..inn .
ni,iiitv of the modern dental surgeon
..,. ith this situation. The
! . 1 . I.. nr,
, ....
modern oentat surgeon is HMm,.n
:1)v ihe laitv as a person merely
.- r.i... I. '
ieel" 1 J s " , ;
. - i .1 i .. t,wiU nml nur
iKrm(1 t0n 1,1 yoiir tooin nnu , u, . u.
r.ii or cioves in 11. "
so, and were I to tell you of the prog-
rcss of tho dental profession and
what a potent factor it is in tho
category of n'odern science, Nashville
itir r-nnbl not contain the book. We
must anitreciate our teeth; we must
value our teeth; we must take care
of our teeth: we must appreciate the
dental profession and we must value
the dental profession. 1
Maty had some little teeth.
iTlmy wet--' while as snow;
Marv 'didn't d"an them,
I'd.'iek they soon did grow.
Bv Chalnie-s Hairston. Senior Den
tal Class. Mcharry Dental College.
v-- p-wV'-t' Motiirr:
Toilay I feel all tired out. have
been v. " i ; ) nine'!, but of course.
1 am not. I'.o fired to wrilo to yon. s
l'ir t, wo rve on a furlough at. a
!,-'g sunim ' re.ori, and, believe no j
v are ! avi:-f; t'-c time of our lives ;
Wren e (-, off our trim wc wori-
aV-en to a !iig hotel where wo badiC
dinner, after w'litch we were nt lib
, , , ... !
erty to go wluro we wanted to. Ve,
went, to th Y. M. C. .V, one ofHie ,t10,n ilnt n they are dciuohillzed. N-Jth-most
le:!Utiful places you ever saw. ing which we may do will be lett uu-M-t
.i. ,,..- ,,-pi in n n,i innvtd'ine cillirir for the men in tho war
s'iow in l!io "Y". The next, day we
took a hike over tho beautiful moun
tain which I could never begin to
tell you shout. We went on one
mountain that was five thousand feel
above Hie city, and on flop stands a
little stone castle built in V. I
wish you could roe It. Ti'o next day
we went to a church which was buit
in l.'MS. Wo walked on a road that
Napoleon led his army over. It'i per
fectly wonderful to see and to go to
liese pl'iees.
Well, uii can see that am O. !
This doesn't begin my whole story, i of suitpiementing governmental actlvi
lint just a little. j ties which the Red Cross will be called
How 1, mother dear, and
I hope they are all right as
My friend boys send love to bo'.h
Fspfci-.i'.'.y Fred Fuller, Grav and t
first rergennt Collier!. Much love to
Bye Bye.
Y "'!' io ! g s '11,
col;!'. !;;:' si'arcy.
Corp. Fred Pe '.-(;.
the sad m ws of h
when ho v.ro o he.
v. as a dovi! e 1 -on '
tho synipot.' y oi' hi-
'- .
Who appears at. the Meharry Audi
torum to night ( Friday Dec. 20.) for
the benefit of Hubbard Hospital.
ncct pttaptp.HS IN THE UNITED
ouui v -
BENEi ItlxJt I wuaiv iu"
FEE ONLY 1.00.
Henry P. Davidson .Chairman of the
War Council of the African Ked
Cross to..;.v issucu i" .
" -,,.( .cmti members of
I'm Ked the luoius
meat outlining the future policy of
the American Red Cross:
. . .i. ..c-.t riinntrrs the 22.000.OUO
1U 1 . :.. Do,l Cmsd'
mom hers o inc " wll be
11,0 wni,IV AmeV. ' ' rr-M.
la nc ?t hVk7d
f ,0 nrt'J n.ientlv believed that
.i,....,. ,,
:ed be no further campaigns for
i ' 11 ; . f ut tnutP.nl the
, tno ' '"'""" . ,"... the
tl,nl''ll lf' I illl Mill VUIJ V 1
l-oumlatUm of the Red Cross. The peo
ple therefore should know as de-
I'milcly as possime uie iMana ui ""i
. l ,lumanitarian society.
Sn.ce tne a.mrM "'J-'"--
j had no onncrtun to c or in Paris
I with the hc0 of aU AnitflCdn Red
, Cross Commissions in Lurope, "
la'er i:i Washington with the Pres?
i dent o ftho I'liitel States, the Avar
Council of the Red Cross, the Man
agers of tho fourteen Red Cross Di
visions of the United States and with
the heads of our departments at Na- '
lional Headquarters. I am, therefore,
aV,. to speak now with knowledge and
sgiyneo in saying that the bcuiefl
r::it w tk of the American Red Cross
i forward on a great scale not
:s h.e'-e'ol'.iro. far purposes of re
war, hut as an agency of peace
r.iam-iit human' service.
in- " Aiivriei's entry into the war,
iwir.msv it enr Red Crass has
l prim viiy, to aid our army and
y ia t'.'tS ca-,o of our own men under
. and, sc indly. to extend relief
mv.-, -.
t jh;
,.f t j i
our !v
!io fu
ly em
lais v
. s il sailors and civilians
so n:i.'-,rt which were fighting
!:!e al.uvt wijh our own. With
i Is which ht've lieeu s gene.rous-
i'oale ! by t'.ie American people
ar weil: f t'.i Red Cross will
ue to l.-e awp'.c'eil with ail poe-
; "' l! yW a.ui i-er. - ;
WhjS er ."i r- i d ors and sv..rt.
,,, Crn) vvill af,y with
,: eu.. or t' tr those returning, or for
those in the camps and hospitals or
for their families at home to whom
will continue to he devoted the minis
trations of the Red Cross Home Serv
i"c. In this latter effort aiih.OOtl train
ed Red Cross workers urfl now engaged
at ","00 different places throughout tho
land. For the completion of its war
work and for the instimii.iu of its
ponce program, the Rul Cross Is for
turatelv in a healthy financial condi
tion. Abundant oecasi.m for the use of
larve funds of money and great quan
tise of garments and other supplies
wi'.l continue to.l.-isfi, hut it Is believed
ti e;- will he no further need for inten-
sive c:ninaigus
ror mmis. ine wors
on to no in an parts oi me worm, wm
ho upon a great, scale, but It will call
for human service rather that for large
i-e.n litines.
v What the Amerlcin Red Cross needs
mw is not so nr.ien contriuutlons or
money as the continued devotion and
loyalty of lis menilieis. This is pecul
iarly true at this moment of trausl-
iion frpm war, to peace,
Annual membership involves the
! piymeni ef only "lie dollar. The
- j inoiipv tbtm received not only defray
j a'l the aliuii'.i.itratbn expenses of the
bill no', received , o-rani:-ai ion but leaves a substantial
i mother's ilea !: balance which, togo'her with all funds
ih:- letter, lie. miWvihel ui:cc:!v f : relief.' Is de
, (,- .M,d l e ha:.' voted snleiv to that purpose,
uuti,- tih.-nus. I (Continued on 1'agu S.)

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