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I El -
Christmas Greetings
1918 Aom
Greafer Nashville's
Shoe Store
The tibovo model represents a beautiful Shoe
Drown Calfskin by Florsheim & Co.
Wo only put $1.00 profit on factory
Our Second
sale in full
To the president, memlfers and
friends of the Big Harpeth Associa
tion of the United Primitive Bap
tist Church:
We want to say that we have
bought and paid for the ground for
our "Old Folks' Home" located on
the west side or Hadley Park on
which we hope to erect our building
at an early date. We have worked
both night and day and have also
begged of our many friends and fol
lowers, the sum of $1099.35, for
which we are very proud. This home
(when completed) will bo a shelter
for our old and decrepit members,
friends and followers of the United
Primitive Baptists and those who
have taken a part. Our first quarter
ly meeting will convene on the last
Sunday in March, 1919, at the Cen
tral Baptist Church of Columbia,
Rev. H. M. Burns has been sud
denly called out of the city on the
account of the death of his sister,
Mrs. George White. It will be re
membered that in this month two
years ago she visited Nashville and
was her brother's guest. She was a
lovely character and while here won
many friends who will be sorry in
deed to hear of her sudden demise.
Kev. H. M. Burns has the sympathy
of his many friends and co-workers
In his great sorrow.
Mr. Anderson Robcrson, formerly
8 resident of this city, but now re
siding in St. Louis, Mo., is here visit
ing his sisters, Mrs. Walter McEwen,
Mrs. Jennie Mayberry, Mrs. Mary
Goodwin and Mrs. Fannie Crouch.
While la the city he will be the
guest of Mrs. McEwen and Mrs. Mav
berry, 1305 Church Street. He will
before returning home spend a few
days in Franklin, Tenn., as guest of
his brother, Mr. Jos. Roberson.
Sunday school opened at 9:30 a.
rii., with assistant superintendent,
Bro. Primni presiding. The lesson was
very interestingly discussed by the
pastor. The news of the illness of
Supt. Morgan, brought sorrow to the
school and prayers are being sent up
for his speedy recovery. Sunday
morning services were well attended
and the congregation was carried on
higher ground as they listened to
the strong, spiritual sermon that
was delivered by the pastor. God's
blessing on us was manifested when
two souls were converted in the
service and they came forth rejoicing
in tne love ot Christ our Saviour,
At 8:30, the pastor again filled the
pulpit, taking for his text, Gen. 45:1.
Thousands are
1121 N. Whittier St.
St. Louis, Mo.
Send all orders br Money
1 WJ
220 Fifth Avenue, North.
The sermon was both practical and
spiritual and received full attention
of his hearers. Contribution for the
pastor's Christmas purse has been
extended to Sunday, December 22nd.
to give all an opportunity to do their
bit in this worthy effort.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Meddling of
924 Jackson St., are all smiles over
the arrival of a fine daughter, Ed
Wina Wesley. Mother and daughter
doing fine.
Miss Hattie L. Alexander is quite
ill at her home with the influenza.
Miss Alexander just arrived home
this week from Chicago, 111., where
she has been since last August.
Mrs. Andrew Young formerly Mrs.
Mary Page entertained at her home,
1017 Edgehill on Monday evening,
December 10th, quite a select crowd
of friends with a social. Dancing
was a delightful number on the
program followed by cards with
several beautiful selections on the
victrola by Dr. Woods. Dr. Queen
was the pianist of the evening and
he was as usual at his best.
New York The most notable
event in religious circles here the
past week In the Baptist denomina
tion was the celebration of the twen
tieth anniversary of the Rev. George
H. Sims, D. D., as the founder and
pastor of the Union Baptist Church
in West Sixty-third Street. The an
niversary sermon was preached by
the Rev. Dr. F. W. Williams, pastor
of the Queen Street Baptist Church,
Norfork, Va. The church edifice was
beautif.ully decorated and the use of
the new electrical attachment added
warmth and charm to the various
colors used in the decorations. The
occasion created much interest in the
community and tho exercises were
largely attended by enthusiastic
Dr. Sims received a tiffany gold
watch and-ehain, fill. 34 and hearty
greetings and gifts from the follow
ing named persons representing aux
iliaries of the church: Church Aid
Society, Miss Gladys Parker, Sunday
school, Master Harold Hinkson, B.
Y. P. U., Mrs. Mattie Harris, Junior
Young People, Master William Per
ry, Missionary Circle, Mrs. Lillian
Hayward, Music, Prof. J. Rosmond
Johnson, Chr., Miss Grace Connelly,
Tribes, Mrs. Ella Beal, Male Ushers,
Robert Linton, Ushers Auxiliary,
Miss Augusta Mason, Missionary,
Ushers, Mrs. Lillian Gaskin, Pastors
Being Fed with the
Oncb Tried, Always Used
If you are to be really suc
cessful, your work must tie con-w
The EIoso System
Provides a chance for you. It is
my business to secure vou the
position you deserve. Years of
experience in this work should
convince you of my efficiency
and reliability.
System taught by mail or at
College diplomas to graduates
Agents wanted every where;
write this day while you think
of it.
MaanUetnred only by
Madam J. Nklson, President
Eloso College Co.
Order to Eloso College
made of rich
cost. , ,
We h u v e
our o v n
Rally Club, Mrs. E. Archer, Beauty
School, little Thelma Reed, Pastor's
Aid Society, Mrs. E. R. Jones, Silver
Star Singing Class, Miss Arneta
Lyons, Olilcial Board, J. DoBross.
Greeting from tho M. A. Johnson Me
morial Council of the Order of St.
Luke, friends of the congregation,
little Inez Seaborn. The Rev. W. P.
Hayes and wife, Mount Olive Baptist
Church, musical selections and Rev.
and Mrs. Richard M. Bolden of the
Emanuel Church, musical selections.
George H. Sims was born at Cum
berland, Va., forty-seven years ago
last April. His boyhood days were
spent in the activities common to
country life in which he Imbibed the
spirit of thrift and self-reliance and
economy. He was converted at
eleven years of age and was baptized
by the late Rev. J. White, pastor of
the Tearwallett Baptist Church. Rev.
Dr. Sims was united in marriage to
Miss M. Elizabeth Davis of Peters
burg, Va., Sept. 25, 1895. Mrs.
Sims died In August, 1008. Dr.
Sinis was married to his present wife
who Is a native of Cumberland, Va.,
Nov. 2, 1909. The family consists of
Rev. and Mrs. Sims and three chil
dren. Dr. Sims' ministerial career in
New York has been wonderfully suc
cessful, although in the beginning he
had a hard struggle in getting the
people to see the necessity ot living
a Christian life. He Btarted the
Union Baptist Church in one of the
most sadly neglected spots in New
York City from every point of view
at that time. Eight other persons
were with the Rev. Dr. Sims in
the organization of the church
which has grown to a membership
of 3349 and property valued at $126
000. During his pastorate Dr. Sims
has baptized 1,619 persons and
united In marriage 1,057 couples.
Ho is a zealous worker in many good
movements outside of his Own church
and is an able advocate of racial
unity and co-operation. Dr. Sims is
serving his sixth year as president of
the New York Colored Baptist State
Convention. During the Rev. Sims'
administration the convention has
grown rapidly and is now doing a
splendid work for missions and edu
cation. Dr. Sims has been honored
by appointment on-several occasions
to positions of trust and responsibili
ty by Governors of this state. He is
a trustee of Virginia Theological
Seminary and a member of the board
of managers of several religious or
ganizations and charitable institu
Visiting in the city for the past
fortnight haa been .Mrs. Boulah Harris
Wills, the wife of Mr. J. W. Wills,
of Cleveland, Ohio. She is the guest
of her sisters, Mrs. Richard Harris
and Mrs. Voorhies and has been the
recipient of many social courtesies.
Mrs. Wills is the daughter of Mrs.
Richard Harris, one of Nashville's
oldest and most respected families,
and will perhaps be remembered by
the Nashville people, although she
has not resided in Nashville for more
than twenty years, she hein.g one of
the older children. During her stay
out of Nashville most of the time has
been spent in the north, but she has
always been a constant admirer of
the push exercised by the Nashville
people. She received her education
in the schools and universities of the
city. Mrs. Wills goes from here to
visit another Bister, Mrs. l.avy, tho
wife of Dr. Levy, of Anderson, S. C.
From there she visits still another
sister, Mrs. Hickman, the wife of Dr.
Hickman, of Memphis, Tenn.
Among the visitors in the city this
week was Chaplain W. A. Reld, who
has the rank of first lieutenant in
the Regular Army. Lieut.-Chaplain
Reld finished from the chaplains'
training school at Louisville but his
home is in Plains, Ga. He stopped
by Nashville to" visit Dr. Reid at
Clarke's Pharmacy on . Jefferson
street. Wliile here he also was en
tertained by Dr. Boyd ot the National
Baptist Publishing Board.,
society I0IK8 nave heen cnarme'l ;
by the presence of Mrs. Clara Hodg-
kins Raitev. the wife of Dr. Bailey,
of Cleveland, O, whn U here visiting ;
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hod.sktns.
and hr-r sister. Mrs. V. J. Hale, of A. i
I. State Normal. Mrs. Itallev his
been out of tho city for the past six j
years, since her marriage to Dr.
Bailey, after he hart finished a' Me-1
harrv Medical Collece. A part of the j
time was spent In Texas, whe-e they I
made a host of friends, but just prior
the exodus north they decided to
ast their fortunes In a northern
clime, so Dr. Bailey moved to Cleve
land, where he is reported to be on
of the largest practioners in the city.
Mrs. Bailey in visiting relatives de
cided that the Yuletide season would
be th best time to renew old ac
quaintances In Nashville.
In sad and loving memory of our
beloved ard devoted father, W. T.
Hiehtower. who passed away one
date one year ago, December 3rd,:
A loved ocie from us has Rone,
His voice we loved Is etill;
His place la vacant in our home,
Which never can be filled.
Mrs. Hattle N. Hlghtnwfir.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hiehtower and;
Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Docketit.
Peace and unity are attained by mu-! turned to take up his residence in
tual consent rcid mutual endeavor on! Nashville,
the part of the persons Interested. A;
forced union would he worse than! ST. JOHN BAPTIST CHURCH,
open division. It was trie hope ot the. The St. Johh' BaptW, Church is
brethren who really desire and pray very proud indeed of her present pas
for peace among the Baptist, that we tor. Rev. V. II. WhWakier, who has
might all agree upon a Christian ba- been our shepherd for nearly two
sis' of uinlon which would insure united years. He was called here in Febru
work of all our forces to advance tho arv. 191", and was Installed Into his
kilngdom of Christ. But. if Dr.. W. H., office In July of the same year, Dr.
Mobm. in his recent article In the C. H. Clark preaching his installation
Baptist Voice, expresses the sentiment:
of tlhe convention which lie represents,!
then there will he no union; nor
wnnirt it he for the hest interest of
Bmptists that there should be any. churches than any other pastor since
When either side to the present con-; the dhurcfh was organized., The
troversv manifests tlhe nrropane. in-j church, has grown wonderfully tinder
consistency and bull-dosing tactics ex-, his administration both In member
pressed in Dr. Moses' article, it gives' ship and finrnicially. We love him
nmnf nnsitive that he is unnrenared nd pray God to let him continue
to unite with any band of Christian! with us and lead us on. Our congre
brethren to do the Lord's work. gaMcn and membership has grown so
As a member of the commiraion we "ntfl we are forced to huild a new
do not. feel at libertty to enter Into a! Church. We intend to erect an edifice
discussion of the merits of the case t!hat wo one will be ashamed of. We
we shall be called pon to decide; but have already raised quite a little sum,
r c foi rovtut.. if nil the iiiemiiers of
the commission come to Nashville l-'ii'Jing ar yet, for the cost of materi-j Bordeaux, 'France. The organization
feeling as Dr. Moses and some others t"l is -so very high until we shall hnvej was perfected vit,h hut twelve mem
seem to feel! judging from their cx- to work some more, and very fast. ; herst At 1l- cfecUon Hew FraM
nressiin we 'shall be no nearer the so if it is God's will we will be able ; CMbson was choren pastor. Brothers
much desired peace when we leave to start our building nextl spring, j Jos. Echols and Joshua Brown dea
Nahvllle tfian when we went. How- Our doors stand wide to whoever de- cons. Although we started out with
ever God is all powerful and His sires to unite with us. You are wel-ia small beginning we have by persis
grace unbounded, and we shall pray' come, and visitors are always made tent efforts through our earnest pray-
that He will change Brother Moses'
heart that he may come to the meet
ing as a brother to counsel with his
brethren, and not as a dictator.
The- Torchlight Danville, Ky.
Preparedness Champion Now Opposes
Building Navy as Big as Eng
land's. Now York. Dec. 10. That the
United States and Great Britain could
today agree to a universal arbitration
treaty which would make war be
tween the two nations impossible for
all time is the opinion expressed by
Theodore Roosevelt in a letter made
public here today which the Colonel
wrote to George Haven. Putnam, pres
ident of the Americanl Rights League.
"I am now prepared to say what live
years age I would not have said," the
former President wrote. "I think the
time has come when the United States
and the British Empire can agree on
a universal arbitration treat'".
"In other words, I believe that the
time has come when we should say
that under no circumstances shall
there ever be a resort to war between
the United Statc3 and the British Em
pire, that no question can ever arise
between them that cannot be settled
in judicial fashion, in some such man
ner as questions between states of
our own Union would be settled."
Colonel Roosevelt's letter was writ
ten in response to an invitation ex
tended to him by Mr. Putnam to join
tho English speaking union, of which
Mr. Arthur J. Balfour, British foreign
secretary, is president.
Although declining to accept mem
bership, explaining that he was de
voting his time "to secure in this
country a spirit of undivided Amer
ican nationalism," Colonel Roosevelt
said he was In sympathy with the
general purpose of the English-speaking
In his letter the Colonel expressed
opinion also that tho United States
should not try to build a navy equal
to England's, which he described as
"probably the most potent instrumen
tality for peace in the w-orld," but
that America's navy should be second
in strength.
Mound Bayou, Miss.,
Dec. 13,1918.
Special to Globe.
At a regular municipal election held
here this week, Eugene P. Boobe was
again defeated by the present incum
bent, B. H. Creswell, for Mayor of the
town of Mound Bayou, together with
the entire Administration Ticket, by a
vote of 2 to 1.
It will be remembered that Booze
has been trying to get into office here
for several years, and he once ran for
Alderman and received only 13 votes.
Later, secured appointment as Mayor
in an effort to oust the present Admin
istration, hut also lost that in the
courts. And now, ho has been de
cisively defeated at the polls.
Mound Bayou repudiates and refuses
to place at its head any man taking
fhe stand he took against Perry How
ard for National Committeeman, as
well as other things obnoxious to the
Announcement of the death of Mr.
DeGraffenreld, which occured fciatur
day morning at his home on Pearl
street and 17th Ave., N caused much
sorrow in the community. He was
one of tho prime movers in the Sons
and Daughters of Ahraham. He pass
ed away after a lingering Illness.
Watch out for
They stand for Merit and Reputation.
This Ointment successfully used for eighty yean,
in thousands of cases of skin troubles.
The Only ORIGINAL Complexion Brightener.
At all druggist, or sent by mail
upon receipt of price, 25? each.
Made Only By
1512 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn. N. T.
Beware of Substitutes and Imitations. They may be
dangerous. Look for the Melon-Colored package and oar
Trade Marks.
Mr. Alonzo Price, who has been
away from the city for almost a
vcar, residing In Pennsylvania, has re-
sermon. And we must give honor to
whom honor is d'ue, for he has dene
more towards bringing tlhe church up
on an equal baste with other Bister
but not near enough to start out to!
welcome, cso one that comes ever,
regrets it, for we have one of the best ,
"readier in the city of Nashville. He
's a young man, but God is using ihin.ii
for a rrat cause, mnd we are trying
to miike hint feel tlliat we love him.
and are tryinirfi to take care of him.
'or hp deserves some flowers wh.'le,
he i living.
Tho St. Eli a'-'d St. Mark Auxiliary
mc. in their union club meeting Mmi.
f'av. IV'f-piiilipr Kith, nt tho chiirph
t'ouse was called to order by the
resident of St. Eli. Mother Marv E.
Black. Song and wayer bv Chailain
"f St. Mark club, Sister Airtni Wnd'e. 1
ft or the biriness of H'le club was
finished we had remarks by the fol
lowing, our pastor. Rev. Green Thomn-.
son, Mother Collier. Sister Rhodes,
Hies, clhns IVbnre, Miles and M"!-'
er Owpns We bad a most sweet and
'ov'ng letter from Sister Sarah ONeal
s-u-lnir she was sorry .she could not be
"resent. Afterward we were delight
fully served with cream 'and cake.
Receipts of evening, $20.22. SrH'g and
prayer by Mother Collier for dismis
Tho Relief Club Hield its regular
meeting a'l the residene of Mrs. Liz
zie Meredith. KlOfi ivy street, last Fri
day afternoon. The meeting was pre
c'(U"l over by the Pro-'iilent. Mrs. A.
R. Merris. Alfter all iV(ess had
been disnosed of, the hostess served
a delightful ice course. The sick
members are Airs Shields of Uaniit
tnn street, and Mw Ophelia Brown
np Shnnlfland Ptrnet.
Ti'e tievt. nieet'HT wi'l be with Mts.
rirnp Johns, 1412 Hamilton street-l
December 27, litis.
Dear Santa Claus:
I have written ynu for many a
Christinas, and now I am on my last
go round. The requests I have made
before, seemingly have been neglected.
Now Dear Santa, Please bring me a
new auto, a pair of shoes, a suit and
a hat. Bring me some nuts and candy,
oranges and applesi. Please Samta
bring me a milk bottle and a fooler,
so I can have something to stop me
from crying, because I worry Mr.
Price and T. B. Boyd Sr., Please
Santa don't forget to bring me a wife.
Your little boy,
Rev. S. G. Dodson. formerly of
Nashville, but now of Detroit, Michi
Fan, announces the marriage of his
daughter. Cnrsandrn, to Mr. John
,cims of Detroit, which took place in
Detroit December 12, 1918.
Miss Podsm is the youngest dangh
ter of Rev. R. G. Dodson and a sister
of Mrs. Walter M. Cnrk and Mr. G
T. iflodon of Nas'hville
Mr. nnd Mrs. Sims will make their
home in Detroit, Mich.
Among the activities repnrfed from
the vnrious units now in Frnncce since
hostili'ticis ceased is the religious
work of the various denominations.
Perhaps thei mnost active of fhcvls
forces are those members of the
nptls'l churches who have pome with
the A. F. F.'s i0' France. This week
Dr. R. H. Boyd, the secretary of the
National Bit'tVt pub'shing Bcpird,
received a letter stating that, a Ba.p
list church had been properly organ
ized In France. This is tho first or
ganized! church reported iHins far
A number of iSuuny schools (have
been organized hy the soldier boys
The letter follows: ' .
Bordeaux, France, Nov. 19,1918.
"R. H. Boyd, Secretary N. B. P. B
Nashville. Temta. ,
"iDear Brother:
"I thought i would yrrlt you a few
these three.
The Lauretta
Hair Grower is the most
It is pure and harmless to the scalp;
guarantied to clean the scalp and to grow
the "Worst Stubborn Hair Into long I us
ture Silk Hair."
This Grower is Put Up and
Manufactured by
1331 W. Chestnut St. Louisville, Ky
Agents Wanted Everywhere
lines to give you some information
about our religious work over here.
We are not behind', we are keeping
abreast of the times and iwhile we
lrave been fighting tihe Huns and
putting them to rout, chasing them in
every direction, plafiting the Stars
n-nd Stripes with the allied forces on
this soil', we have been doing the
work of the Master, as early as last
February we organized what is known
as Morning Star Baptist Church ot:
ors succeeded in increasing t lie mem
bership until we now have forty
Four of those were received bv bap
tism irnl otlhers have been taken In
by letters and Christian experience,
We have seven deacons now and' we
hold Sunday school every Sunday
omrning. In connection with the
school thero is a. splendid Bibb
class on every Friday night. The!
regular church services are on the'
first and third Sundays of each
month, while t lie regular prayer went-j
in?? is "" Wednesday night. We trust i
if our Convention send,; a ileleeatiinn I
over here they will visit our church
in this part of France.
Yours trulv,
D, 307 Labor Battalion.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little boy four years
My. name is James L. McKnicht. 1
live at flir 13Mi Ave., So. Mother
and Aunt Mary say you love good
children. I have been a real good lit
tlle boy. I go to Sunday school ev
ery Sunday, and I love my teacher.
I help mother and I stay off the
me. Now dear Santa, I 'want you to
pleaso bring me a little wagon like
street and does whatever n-he asks
a farmer's, a tricycle, fruit and oth
er good thUigs to eat. Ro.meniiHer
mother, grandmother, Daddie, Uncle
Lewis. Auntio and Uncle' Joseph a
wnv in France, and my teacher.
I am saving all the toys you bring
me; and when I get up to be a big
man 1 will show them to you that
you may see how nice 1 am with
Bye, bye, until Xmas.
Dec. 17, 1918.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little girl not quite two
years old. yell I hove been n real
cood girl this year. I am not go
ing to ask you for much. I want
a rocking chair, doll and anything
eVe you think would be nice for a
little girl like me. Remember inoth
and daddy and Aunt Lucile Overton.
Yours trulv,
Claiborne St., South Nashville.
1039 14th Ave., N.
Nashville, Tenn.,
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little girl 5 years old I don't
want much this year, hring me a doll,
pair of shoes, fruits, candies, nuts and
anything eliie for a little girl like me.
Mother says I have been very smart
all the year, now Santa remember my
grandma here, also grandma Streat,
Aunt Wllla and daddy in Chicago, re
member the soldiers here in training
camp and over there. Santa I will I
go to bed early, don't forget aunt Net
tie and her fellow, Mr. Luther Cowan,
bring them something nice.
Your little girl,
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little girl 2 years old, bring
me a doll, teddy bear, sot of dishes
pair of shoes, stockings and sweater
cap and some apples and anything else
for a little girl like me, remember
daddy in Chicago, also Grandma and
aunt Wllla, don't forget my littlo
cousin Herman Sellers, bring him, an
rliie gun, mother, sister and I are liv
ing with our grandma, Rebecca An
drews and aunt Net, bring them some
thing nice.
Your little girl,
out blWW
Wit mem H Bs irvw so Q
India taM. U m mM
mad sil Ut 1 su da H
mm m w 1 . I
UH.41U jam mt
tara to ! fan mow
KM mmiM kU M4l
is, aau
Don't lot torn tali KhA lUunwat fool
Yra Nm4 RmI toftlp F
Thar ara M Baal? iMtUA lut
irowara oa tfca. aaxkat, a terg mb
kar of whlck ira lothiai nor tfcaa
aarfuBiad pmm, It U bo wmd H
U get dlaooormxtd u teith ta
all kalr tonics. Ia 4eUlBf
la on you Malp lara aa4 ft
a ravady of proven niortL I !
Quliada la a highly adleataa pa
nada that haa atood tha taat of tknav
tt la a raal icalp food; tt attaanlnCM
and nonrUhaa tha roota ol tha kalr,
ulai n natnral growth ot lonf hate.
Qulnada la the Invention of an a
pert ehemlst and la made ander fe
aperrlalon ot an experienced red
tered pharmaelat It uakee tne half
toft and imoota and eaiy to pnt 9
tri the atyle 4ealrad.
To cat beat raanlta from tha nie ol
Qulnada K li aeoesaary to ahantpo
the acalp about ovary two weeka wit
Saeby'i Qulnaaoap. Qnlnasoap hi
joade intlrel; 0Ht of pure TOvtaMe
Tiia. principally edcoanut oil, ant la ft
thorough cleanser. Qnlnasoap lathe
very freely. It learee the harr aott
and flnffy and lraparta a refrehlo
feeling to the acalp nnaqaallod Pf
any other shampoo.
Do not accept anv auhstitvto. tat
IneUt on getting Seeby! Qulnad an
3eeby's Qulnaaoap, asking for thaw
by the full name. Price ! 15 cent
eeS. If your drnegUt or dealer doea
iot stock these two articles, ask aUn
to obtain thra for yon from hie
wholesaler or send 8S th prloe and
We will mail them to you. Seebr
Drug Co., 79 East HO street. Now
York City
Plenty of exercise, f resH air,
regular hours is all the pre
scription you need to avoid
Influenza unles? through
neglect or otherwise, a cold
gets you. Then take at
Standard cold remedy for 20 yeart in tablet
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back if it t ails. The genuine box has a Red top
with Mr. Hill's picture. At All Drug Stores.
Was Short and Kioky
Now Its Long and Fluffy
Sh Used
Pncu r: If roar davlr eta'i uppiy you Ma4
Ml U HAflatM Mtt(iUtaV M RII UaWtUrd fcf
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The National Life and lea
den. Insurance Go.
NaahvilU, Teaa,
Cash Capital $300,009.00
Life,' Health aad Aatdaaat
Iaaaraaee ia aaa Poliay
Weetly aad Monthly Premiwo
IE you wish a LOAN to
meet the expenses f
these war times to pay
taxes, to meet the in
creased cost of living etc
Gall at the
One Cent Savings Bank
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