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Balk at the Word Prcquisitc; Radicals
Win Over Conservative
Demand to the Publising Hons, to be tamed over. Spoils
man for Incorporated Convention declare they seek not
reace but Money. If this not given nar is on to tha
knife. Tefuse to annul charter.
Immediately after the angelic choir
sang at the advent ot Christ on that
memorable Christmas morning, carol
sinking at Yuletide season became a
custom in the Orient. But only re
cently has it taken form in this
During the Christmas of 191S, no
doubt, there was more sorrying and
donrivation existing among every
people than has ever been the casa
before, and, as usual, the less fo,tu
nate colored people were the most
unhappy. Notwithstanding Christmas
is the season when even the poorest
should feel joyful and burden-free be
cause of what it represents the birth
day of the Saviour of all the gloom
land poverty in so many homes hin
correspondent of the New York Globe,
says in the Globe:
Washington. Secretary McAdoo's
resignation is not to be taken as elim
inating him from the list of Presi
dential possibilities for 1920. Quite
'.. . ... . .. the contrary.
i remaps tne emiuren anticipate tne , ; " """ , A ,ni i , . i
of the Secretary, who beyond question
were to experience it. Our first night
In the trenches will long be remem
bered and thinking ot what we had
heard we did not expect to last long
but we pulled through all right, it
must be remembered that the Sector
that we took over at this time was
quiet, known as the "Argonne For
est." We were in this sector quite a
while before we received orders to
RESIGNATION ENABLES HIM T0move' Owing to tne connnemeni oi
AVOID "ROUGH VOYAGE" OF ' Tl , : i mh w
NEXT TWO YEARS. !were expecting a short rest in the
irear of the lines but we did not get
Judson C. Welliver, Washington I it. It must be remembered that dur-
Nashville, Tenn., December 13th.
Special. Organic union between the
National Baptist Convention (incor
porated) and the National Baptist
tlon was not raised as to whether vis
itors would be allowed to sit during
the meeting ot the joint sessions.
Wisdom and experience of the Com-
Conventlon (unincorporated) will not mission were shown in the concise
obitiin, and seems as far away this and fair rules adopted as a course of
morning as it was in September, 1915. procedure. One of the rules, and
when tliey divided at Chicago, if the perhaps the most important one,
action of the joint Peace Commission was that which provided that all
which closed its sefsion here last questions affecting either conventions
nisht, is sustained by the respective with the Commissions here assembled
conventions In their ncj;t annual ses- were to be given time to meet sep
plons. During the deliberation of this arately and apart from the Joint tes
joining commission ohatt was held at sion and consider and vote upon said
the First Bartist Church (white), questions and report back to the
corner 7th Avenue and Broadway,
this city, intelligence was pitted a
galnst intelligence, wit against wit,
parliamentary tactics against parlia
mentary tactics, resourcefulness a-
galnst resourcefulness, eloquence a-
joint session. This rule was quickly
adhered to. There seemed to have
been an earnest desire on the part of
all to have peace and finally get to
gether In a reunited body.
However, during the session there
coining of Christmas with greater
eagerness than the older ones do be1
cause of their happy thoughts of the
visits of old Kris. We who have
passed that period in life realize the
joy that fills the little heart that
awakes Christmas morning to behold
the stocking hanging by the fireplace
that has been filled with goodies by
old Panta Claus, who came down te
chimney during the night. With the
child this alone constitutes a merry.
Christmas, and though the cost is lit
tle, many in poverty-stri ken homes
were deprived of it.
With this in view, a number of the
employees of the National Baptist
Publishing Mouse force ing carols
Christmas eve night that they might
assist in making some little folks
happy, and tliey were well compensat
ed for the effort, for within a few
hours they collected thirty-odd dollars
which was .given to Phyllis Wheatley i
is in a position to know how Mr. Mc
Adoo would wish his resignation to
be construed, declares that the retire
ment does not at all affect the pos
sibility of a Presidential consideration.
"Mr. McAdoo," he said, "lias noth
ing to do with that. It is a matter
for the party. If the party wants
him, it can nominate him, and he will
be f ree to accept."
Explaining the resignation further,
he opined that the President is de
termined not to run in 1920, and that
if there ever was a chance of his do
ing so, it has been ended by the re
cent election and the outburst of
criticism called forth by the peace
negotiations, the appeal for votes
and the trip to Europe.
Two Bad Years Ahead.
"The administration," continued
ing this time that "Allies" were in a
precarious predicament, owing to
this we were neded at another front,
to which we were immediately trans
ferred. I must state that during this
time we were being transferred on
transportation generally known as
(T. P. and W.) which simply means
walking. We were moved from our
Sector of our first experience to a
Sector, more vivid in our memory, we
being reminded of such by "Fritzs"
shell, better known as 'Austrial 8SV
and you can bet your life that they
are some shells. Having occupied
this Sector for a month, now con
sidering ourselves veterans, we were
ordered back for a short rust, being
relieved one night in July, hiking
ill night, we arrived at our destina
tion in the morning, taking over a
Sector that had been quiet up to the
timn nf nur arrival. Oh! yes I am
Stevedores and Battalions indispensiblo
to A. K. F. says War Correspondent
Win. E. Stevenson Special Representative of N. N.Pa.
gives impressions on closing day
of hostilities.
"Somewhere in France," November
11 1918. Mr. Henry Allen Boyd.
Nashville, Tenn., Dear Sir. Of course
everybody knows that hostilities
i .n omi tml:iv at eleven o-
plonk and. therefore I shall ay noth
ing concerning the signing of the,
armistice. However. 1 cannot resist,
' the temptation of giving you an idea,
of what happened here when it be-
came known that Germany had laid,
I down her arms.
I iAs I rode in a truck crowded wiln.
! American soldiers, to a town a few j
from here, an aiong wie
eainst eloauence. and throueh it. nil were strong arguments made in sup-,. ... . . u . hfl" . tho. the speaker, "has ahead ot it two
----- --- - th, ...-H- ,., -.1V.1UU IU UO uu..,..v.,..j iw. -..w - -
it aeveiopea mat tne so-caned Lit- "
tie R. F. D. Baptists," through their 8reat speeches made explaining the
commissioners representing the unin- same- Eacn ,o the colored commis
corporated! National Baptist Conven- slon8 elected its spokesman to repre
tlon, seemed to have worn every point sent th.el? and ,one hou' w,as B've,n
and came out more than victorious ea?h , he spokesmen to lay their
because of the superior generalship slde V6 Question before the joint
on the part of their leaders. Sum- cmml8S,10"- ;1JonTJH Srf"TW
ming the proceedings up it develops poSanor
S!"..ta! !! unhlcoVpOTated conventfo? Dr. w"
mwiiiiiaicu vuiivomiuii, who lurucu . . - , - . . o . .
by Itoeir own action to bear the stig
ma of befog a barrier to the peace
that was proposed. "As you were"
'evidently will be the order of the Ne-
H. Moses, the general field secretary
of the incorporated convention, was
spokesman for that body. Dr. Gam
brell, after addressing the brethren
upon the importance of the meeting
During their canvass of the city Republican Congress to make all the
they saw carol singers going in every .troubles possible. Certainly there is
direction worklne with Ereat enthuBl- no reaBon wny the President, with
aBm and receiving liberal response
years of uncomfortable times, with a 1 "Fritz" was kind to us. He wouldn t
even trouble us to ask our auaress,
but to make us feel at ease, he sent
over an airplane and go our address
and being a very good correspondent,
he wrote us constantly. 1 am sure
mils away
1 mil- i n,ar .hllilrpn nlld old Ma
Hire you me wuiiucuhb nucic u " -i ,i,i i.j,
long rest came in, so are we. It men and woman waved their hands
in the dark. I am pleased to inform ! and greeted us with cheers of ta
must be stated here that we are still ! guerre est finl." "the war is ended,
you that the Germans havaf a first and "Vive l'America, long live
class mail system. I must say if you I America.
should happen to get his letter, you
won't feel like answering it. When
we arrived in our new position,
By Evans Paul Harris.
ro Ba;ptist Rational Conventions, as --h-
reru . oi w wpori oi we imams pre8ent, and the outlook for the fu-
M-the final action ofUie Joint com. ture work and development, thanked
.tesion. A titanic struggle In which the Commission for the honor con-
diip omacy ot action and words, hi ferred upon h!nl t0 preBlde over them
whith statesimw.'sljlp .presentation and asked tnelr co.operatlon to the
was used, brought about the supreme end that everything that should be
test, and at every turn of the road done mlght redown to the honor and
the observer and the visitors could
see tlhat the unincorporated or little
R. F. D.'8 were masters of the situa
tion.. ', witnout encouragement, appar
ently, entering the conference with
mo tseeimng ouus against laein, vney.
came out triumphant, in' that they of-
fered everytlhihig but surrendered
noWiIng that would , jeopardize the
principle for which they contended.
Their prompt refusal to allow the in
corporated brethren to divert the is
pue from the real causes that split
Wie convention, viz: the securing of
the mu'ch-discuffsed charter by the un
authorized seven brethren; and the in
stitution of many law suits now pend
ing, caused the incorporated or Mor
ris faction to reject what they luad ad
ready unanimously accepted. It be
came evident that whew they saw
they could not gobble up the $350,000
worth of property now held in trust
by the National Baptist Publishing
Board, tliey withdrew. It was stated
by several of their leaders In the
opening of the conference thiat they
were there for spoils, they were there
for money, they wanted, according to
their own- statement, the great Na- REV. S. J. DICKERSON,
Moral Baptist iPlant. admitting a,p Field Secretary Monie Mission Board
parently that they were unable to
operate it should
I- J
Mr. L. Landers, expense of car 5 00
Rev. H. A. Boyd, expense of car '5 00
Mr. Ira T. Bryant, expense of car 5 00 ,
Mr. J. H. Adams, expanse of car 5 00
Dr. J. H. Hale, luicn 5 00
Mr. A. G. Price, lunrh 5 00
Dr. R. H. Boyd, lunch 5 00
Cash from public .... 33 18
you don't understand what all this
means but the above is tne way we
state it. It means simply as soon as
Occupying this Sector for about a
months time, we were again orderea
to move, this time to one that was to
prove a warm sector. It may seem
unusual to the readers of this but it
is usual to us. On the line we con
tinued to have our reville and re
Total donated
f"0 18
I am scarcely yet regarded a prac
tical writer, being yet but a student
nH nnt havine hitherto made public
lh hna hfien Bald that When you Weep wi thnoo nnlv
you weep alone, but that the worm on far leg8 ,m.
htnKh. witt. u. We know that the x
world ha symoathlzed with France,
but 1 believe, considering what I saw
Dortant subject
am writing here to arouse the pub-
Charge one battery 1 00
they get it, they
iein mat u snouia De given 10 tnem glory of Godi He then caned upon
. and thoy were willing to subordinate the unincorporated commission, or
j: everything if they could have turned rather Dr. Frank, to present what
"Tf over lock, stock and barrel the mag- ever ne had on behalf of his cora-
niflcentt plant which the untneorpor- mission, whereupon Dr. Frank spoke
' eted or "Little Rv F. D.'s" declare for forty-five minutes in a most pro
it ' should remain In ; statu quo as a found and logical speech. He laid
phurit owned, operated and controlled before the vast audience- the ques
': ,tr all the Baptists, those from the tlons at issue that caused the separa-
furks of the road as well as those tion of the convention, together with
from ' the metropolitan centers; the those that have arisen since to keep
untutored and uneducated rural dis- them-' apart and widen the breach,
trict Sunday school worker, church and as he put It, he stated tha case,
member and pastor as well as the cul- defined the issue and showed the ef
ured, educated, refined member of feet, then applied the remedy by
the Sunday school, church and pastor submitting as prerequisites to peace
from the metropolitan, centers. Twen- and reunion the following':
.ty-fiv& super-superior, stalwart repre- That the lawsuits In Chicago, 111.,
sentatiives of the unincorporated con- against the National Baptist Conven
ventlon defended every contention and tlon (unincorporated) to prevent
advanced many arguments to sustain them from using the name NATION
the contentions of the umlncorporated AL BAPTIST CONVENTION, must
uapiisw. a survey or me enure be dismissed. The ministerial em
bargo encouraged and practiced by
the brethren of the Incorporated con
vention and associations and church
es, must be lifted, and reputable min
isters of the gospel must be accorded
the due courtesy and recognition
which belongs to them, which Is
the wonderful recor3 he has made,
Thoy, of course, were working for uim mo cuunces mvoiveu m
white children. We having only one th,,rd1er0m dacy. He wil re
choir were handicapped in responding tire in 1921 with a record of achieve
. n f-:,i i.ono ment in both domestic and lnterna-
anv who chose to assist and were not tional affairs that insures his place, we arrived they began shelling us
reached to forward their donation to ln history. The two years of bitter-1 they reminded us every day that they
u r. 1. .Tnrltinn. nresirlpnt of tha u-is, ami pai iy mnio ; were SIU1 over lucre,
Phyllis' Wheatley Club. 707 Lea Ave. feai w,m disagreeable, but
Donation and expenditures follow: Pass and be forgotten while
Donations ltne enduring fame of the President s
Rev. Z. Hill, expense of car ..$5 00 or w!r a? W monu-
iiirriiL. i.'iim di. vicvciailUB li&m III,
and at the place he occupies now ln
the list of 'presidents!
"For Mr. McAdoo to remain in the i treat but none of us liked the tune,
cabinet meant that be must carry the because it started so suddenly with
heaviest part of the burden in this a Bcreeching sound as it passed hur
trvlne time, with nn rhnnno tn rierilv through the atmosphere. I
benefit by It. He would be part of an, think you will agree with me when I
administration that is certain to en rv. we who had been pleased in the
out under fire. Already his resigna- "States" with the very best of music
tion has called forth tributes to his were no ways satisfied with this.
- c .. ability, enerev and imnnrtnnre 'in tho This means in a few words that we
w .. ?' ' r a admlnlatmafctfin -i-TVpno. huvs- ntinnviv .m ahAllnd nverv morning anu
Gas. " 1 25 emphasized the realization that if afternoon and the sould those shells-1
One fhauffeur 50 the President is not to run again, made, coming over, was not to our
wkhuuu is me sirong man or tne HKing. up unui c u.v
party. His geography is rleht, as a a very few casualties. We were
New Yorker, and if the partv wants taken out of the lines, this time to
him it can draft him. He will look make one of the longest and most
better and better, too, as tho months memorial hikes of onr stay in Franco,
pass." we hiked two hundred and ten kilo-
i The speaker was one of the many meters in a very short while. e
$30 08 Democrats who have been amazed at ended up at the front better known
the recent turn of the political tide as the Champayne. It was here we
against their "party. Without trying
to explain u, ne seemeu to assume
that the President has lost his grip
on both party and country. Con-
, vinced that it all represented a f oar
ful injustice to the President, he ac-
Noted Negro Evangelist Begins City r(,n,o,i t, E(,Pmi.iv fl.ro
City Wide Gospel campaign sunay. He ,s rathr too daze( even t . . , B ul fashioiK on that
(Furnished by the National! Negro attempt an analysis of factors that memorial date, Sept. 28, 1918. At
Press Service of America. ClllileQ nroduced tho sudden reverse, .!. whnn va wpr- neded most we
from the Shreveport Journal, (La.) Wilson's "Popularity" Exploded. received orders "Over the Top"
of December 15, 1918. Telling the But opinion is settling down to those moments when we first started,
story of one of the greatest Religious something like conclusions about over, shall always be remembered by
OJixie, tnousauuB oi uum imra a. wnat tho election results meant. To those who are left of us. 1 must
packing tne Big l aoernacue msuuy the question, "What happened so
Uj hear Our Own "Black Billy Sun- suddenly to dissipate the President's
day" the Rev. Br. J. Gordtp McPher- immense popularity " the common,
son. Field Bvangelit of the National est answer is that "It never existed."
Baptist Convention.) The explanation is interesting, run-
"It is estimated that about three ning somewhat thus:
thousand people, many of them white, The President, first of all, was not
hlstle steam- national and
ship, yacht, factory, engine, automo-l lations and welfare have become so
bile horns, etc., vied with each other complexed and endangered (first) by
In an effort to announce to tne peo- the evil lust oi certain f-m-pie
that the brutal injustices done the shrewdest diplomatic American
them by Germany had been avenged white men the classes that have
and that once more tney were io u been so misled Dy tneir uiue.j
allowed to live in peace and harmony' ceaied and cherrlshed mean ideals
under their own vine and fig tree. i that they have attempted and are
GreaO numbers ot soldiers were re-i gaining momentum In their contln
lieved from their duties and the! Ued more organized attempts to sever
streets of the town were choked with relation and imprison rignts oi cer
thmiannda of npon e who yeuea mem- ta n races, ana iecuuu,.i ,
selves hoanre as the parade passed, j uprising lawless
,' biased opinioneu
Total expenditures . .
Cash from public
Given to Phyllis Wheatley
, $3 10
$33 18
. 3 10
were to feet the enects or a great
battle after resting ourselves for a
few days, a few miles behind the line
getting ready to start in what was
to prove the greatest drive of modern
war. wnen we eii. our asi irauus
place, we were travelling light, what
conference shows that.
As early as Tuesday morning and
continuing until Thursday morning
representative colored and white Bap
tists from the various states in the
Union were coming into the city as
members of the Peace Commission of
the National Baptist Convention (In- j characteristic of a friendly Christian
corpora ted) and National Baptist I brotherhood, and the practice of the
Convention (unincorporated) and the
southern Baptist Convention (white)
and many other members and friends
- ot the two colored conventions re
spectively. The meeting, according
to previous arrangements and an-
unbaptlstic manner ot churches be
longing to the Incorporated conven
tlon receiving members from church
es belonging to the unincorporated
convention without letters, as an
act of disrecognition to the churches
state here to the readprs, don't think
that we are exaggerating, because it
Is Impossible for the pen to bring
j before your eyes, a picture of the
'events as we really experienced them,
I going over in a happy mode, some of
us knowine. but not who, that we
crowded into the big Union Tahernale, the choice ot the convention that i were not coming back and thinking
corner Texas and Grand avepues, nominated him In 1912. There had nothing of it, it was a sight to do
Sunday afternoon, to witness the ini- been a nation-wide contest for dele-; credit to the colored race. Advanc-
tial semK.ce of the great cityfwide rates, as a result or whirh Champ i ing upder continuous shrapnel, shell
gospel campaign to be conducted by Clark attained a majority of votes in
Black Billy Sunday, ,under the au- me convention- on several tmnots.
spices of the Negro .churtmes, of the The two-thirds rulo beat him, and
clty, Bryan and other forces made the
In the bsence of Myor John McW. convention nominate a man who was
Ford, who was to have been presept not lta real holce. It was anything
and made an address commending the h"t a proof ot popularity within the
Negroes for their interest in the spir- Democratic party,
itual and moral uplift of the members Thn came the Republican split,
of their race, W. A. McKennon, Mtho- and the election. Wilson seemed
dist layman, was introduced and de certain to win, and therefore might
livered a spirited message, congratu- n been expected to win heavily,
lating the Negro leaders on the pro- thankst ? 8 tand-wigon vote. But,
gress tey were maaaManaga anada as- received fewer votes than
OUMUft WW waw
4Ua itfrtp nAul1 La divnAtilail iinnn
at all' times to assist in any move that ?lrensin
would conduce to the welfare ot the
Negro Bpltually and morally.
The Bong service upnder the direc
tion of Lula Mae Btler, said to 'be
one nf the greatest gospel singers and
soioisls ot the Negro race, waa one
of the most interesting and inspiring
features of the afternoon service. The
nouncements, was called to order at i who belong to the unincorporated
eleven o'clock ln the First Baptist
Church (white) by the Rev. Mul
lins, president of the Southern Bap
tist Seminary at Louisville, Ky., who
acted as temporary chairman in per
fecting the permanent organization
of the joint Commission, which re
sulted in the election of the grand
and beloved Dr. Gambrell, president
of the Southern Baptist Convention
as permanent chairman. Rev. C. J. W.
Boyd, Prof. Chas. H. Stewart, Dr. O.
. I Halley were elected secretaries. Dr.
Halley, who had acted in that capac
ity ln the last peace conference
which met at Memphis, felt disposed
. to decline and allow others of the
colored brethren who were elected to
do the work. However, he did not
Insist upon his declination, but did
' not render any active service In that
i capacity. There was a beautiful ex
position of friendship and brotherly
love exhibited on the face and ex
. pressed In language by all present. It
was a real Baptist meeting on a high
L order1, tor the doors were not, closed
. against the public. While no invi
tation bad been extended, the ques-
convention, must be discontinued and
discouraged; and the lawsuit against
the National Baptist Publishing
Board at Nashville, must be with
drawn. When Dr. Frank concluded, the
chair called upon Dr, W. H. Moses
of the incorporated convention, to
submit what he had to submit on
their behalf. Dr. Moses arose, and
after making a strong presentation
ot their case, stated that it was the
desire, and not only the desire, but
the intention, and not only the' in
tention, it was their determination to
get together at any cost, and he
deemed. It unnecessary tor . him to
make ia lengthy speech. After
speaking for forty minutes and re
plying to the speech ot Dr. Frank, he
concluded with recapitulation of the
things submitted by Dr. Frank as a
basis of peace and ultimate ro-unlon,
no striking testimony of popular
Company "K" 372 Infantry.
S. P. 179, France
American Exped. Forces.
November 6, 1918.
To the Editor o fthe Nashville Globe:
Dear Sir: Knowing you are well
acquainted with a few boys ln this
Hislne Star Glee Club and the large comPany I an 8ur that you will be the "Huns" flee before them, des
?"Bra,m portunlty," the home of Old Company
um "". """ ..G. iRt senarate Tennessee Infan-
'melodies and camp meeting hymns , , .
fairly making the ratters of the big tne boysB tnat are ,eft of the
tabernacle old Company "G" are not sending
"God's Call to Old Nwereport" was this article for the benefit of
thetheme of Black Billy s opening guperfluoua pralse8 but tointorm the
eermon. He declared that this was peopie ot what theIr gonS( husbanda
one of the biggest opportunities that and Bweethearts are doing for the
had ever come to Shreveport) for men beneflt of thelr nation and the coiored
and women to line up on God s side raco , We know frora reliable sourc
and give Jesus Christ a chance to es that you Qon't get the reports of
come into their lives.- : doings of the boys in France under
If it was needful for the white race the pre8ent circumstances all of the
to spend hundreds of thousands of boys are doing fine and have learned
dollars tor conaucxing reugious cam'
8 1 , i
by the
rage ot certain
laboring classes
that are so much more easily en
ftuenced bv careful camouflaged law
less .methods than by straightforward
iinina nf civil eovernmentation.
that 1 cannot hesitate longer to add
my bit to this effort of arousing at
tention ot those just, patriotic, well
informed and lawabiding cltlzens( of
everv race and laboring or wealthy
class) in the graveness of the situa
tion.. Although the facts nf my argument
since the subject treated here is so
because of acutcness of the deep
j should defend my sincerity, yet,
delicate and one so broadly neglected
rooted evils it concerns and because
of the small proportion of the Amer
can pouplation ttuit are the defence
less victims of such evils, I wish to
assert that my conviction is as Inti
mated further herein that accom
plishment of the objects of my argu
ment is as vitally important to the
yhite people as to the colored, and
as much so to one rank or class ot
people or section or party of this
country as to the other: and that
mere criticism, therefore, is not in
New Editorial Secretary, National the least bit my object, since, In fact,
Baptist Publishing Board
to takn things na t.hev enmp. And hn
palgns lamog the white folks, who hannv. Our Reelment has been In
had back of them centuries of culture, France seven months, during this
a proud ancestry and a boast of the time we have had, I might say, a test
highest civili'zatlton the world , has 0f the read "stuff," more than that
ever seen, how much more waa it we had a meal of it but after we
need, Black Billy Sunay asked, for think of what it is for we are happy
the Negro race, which, tut. a few and contented. I will try to give
hundred years ago, had merged from you a few facts concerning our regi-
darkest heathenism? Give the , Ne- ment which must be guided that no
gro race Jesus Christ, he declared, military knowledge , may be gainij
.. .1 ,4 ... J , 1 1, I .... . . I. n . m I . - .
..... . , 4.,. l tuuu it, win ue au luvtxriuicui. tutu . iruul 11. . '
?"d.ffin yield large returns, in the mak-1 On a certain day in June, 'after
lng of a better citizenship, for the many weeks ot hardj training, we re
wthitle cairwiot reach'the zenith of coived orders to move to the front,
their greatness while the Negro re- the place we were eager to go. We
tentlonjthe document that was adopt
ed by he Memphis commission .and
approval uj uiB cuuveuuuu wucu it
ontlnncd on pago 8.) ;
and machine gun fire, with our best
friends and comrades falling around
us, our men kept up their courage
and continued to advance. After
strenuous efforts the enemy, recog
nized their disability to check our
advance, knowing that the circum
stances were against us that we were
on the offensive and fighting without
the assistance ot our artilery and
then could not check our advance,
they grew excited after a stern re
ststance and retreated with haste
and disorder. In the mean time sur
rendering in large numbers, leaving
to our capture, vast materials, such
were the conditions for a series of
days. We were unassisted by our
artillery barrage because our advance
was too hasty, they had to refrain,
less they would wipe out their own
men. such is the characteristic, of an
American soldier, for us nothing
waits, some ot the boys could not
sunDress the wild laughter, to see
turn fire.
The enemy vigorously counter-attacked
with furiously increased hos
tility in our progress we were de
layed for a while but not driven back,
after a short time our advance was
resumed, the enemy was driven back
ward, despite thpir furious counter
attack. We reached our destination,
leaving behind several kilometers or
French miles to our gain. We took
our objective.
The wounded of us did not suffer
anything unduly for the Medical
Corps was with us and among us at J
all times.
to the misfortune ot war, they were
there to administer aid to the wound
ed and speedily remove them from
the field to the place of evacuation.
Our mortalities and casuallties
were light according to the modern
destructive warfare. The enemies'
loss was very heavy, according to the
advantage under which they fought,
In -the mean time our efforts are
which was the defensive,
tirever crowned with victory.. We
t,ive good reasons to believe they are
l worded in French history,
ct this military organization
Continued on page 8)
. . .. .
my hope is to arouse attention auu
meet with co-operation of (instead of
opposing argumental response from)
fhnse the whole country over whom
It was deeply Impressive to see peo. are now bBtter nrenared than I to
plo from so many countries, though accomplish the good object of my
speaking different languages, trying argument. Of course, I am not a
to understand each other. And they recognized authority on tnternation
did understand, for actions speak ai, national or racial problems,
louder than words; and the smiles Neither was Franklin, however, on
and laughter constituted a language electricity at time ot Its discovery,
that all spoke. i nut real evident facts always de-
A heavy burden had been lifted mand respect regardless of recog
frora tihe heartB of many by the val- nized diplomacy. And, at least, I am
or amdi bravery of the Allied soldiers, callable of observing and relating
and the feelings of the people were the such evident and important facts
given free rein; even the German as cited herein, and otdo so immed
prisoners wore a smilo that wouldn't lately I am sure Is my duty. A.
come off. menacing matter of fact here is that
As I stood and watched this smll-lthe recognized authorities on these
ing. laughing, happy and surging' matters, whether unthoughtfully or
mass of humans I could hardly real- wilfully, neglects the open and stern
ize that I was in beautiful France criticism necessary to destroy the
witnessing a celebration ot the end related dangereous evil developments,
of the greatest of wars; great not 11 ' Interesting, but far more alarm
only because of the number of men inS. t0 observe the weakness of the
engaged and lost but great also be- whole man who is undoubtedly the
cause It had been fought in the name highest developed human Intellect
of democracy, the effect of which alljln resPec,t ot resisting Influence of
men should now feel. mere evil sent ment. When It is so
In the parade bands of various na- Pnly 'evident that the less the
Hons competed with eadh other ln! raf f America is robbed of
the playing of America and the La rights, socially abused, scorned, sub
Marseillaise, and the only colored Jected ,t massacres, deprived of equal
band ln this vicinity so thrilled the opportunity for earnings with same
crowd when It played "It's a Long. f,5 Shii.-. that ?h. whi III
- m.Ii ,, tf tu man, forced to believe that the whites
- Ifth 81 ' S , hate rather than ove it for Its humble
chorua with it Ui.. . . .,.., jn
As the shades of night fell and I m,a rM, .h nrtM .n
wended my ;vay toward my quarters .tt.:JJ m
n Y .v ... nn nnn tioatflln' lin
im, 7 7 ",,r.-i derstand from visible evidence why
7 , u , r.7,.1 the whites will allow these conditiona
seemed to be preparing tor another t0 exUt th (tne whlteg are not
celebration, the time of the end of degenerating instead of progressing
which no man knew. .m that they profess to respect as civ-
France, England, Italy America, nlzatlon. i, at least, have observed
etc., have suffered untold agonies- a common fact evident to anyone
mental and physical and all are happy that w,n thnk that evil sentiment
that this bloody conflict Is ended. Bpreadg among whites with far great
However, I am sure mo nation o er rapidity and effectiveness than
highly appreciates the victory as the among the coloder race. . We have
French, for on her soil, for more than imtle 0. n0 authentlc evidence ot
four years, this unprecedented war has .recognition of this fact by the whites.
been waging, 'ine numoeness wom-Dut there Is not one of the cleverest
en young and 'middle-aged, garbed writers that could put up a genuine
in black wthilch one sees everywhere, eveu interesting argument, with
are a living testimony of the cour. facts. contrary to this fact, if one
IUUS uo . Totn.I4lotn nf tho mllllnna nf , i n.l. I
i, fa, wo fii vlrtlm 1 aRa "u foi..uu.m ui io even wouiu try. iuib cunumuu m
AS last as we it-u yiuliui . jj rrv,i h l,.'oj . . t , x- .1. . .t.i- j .
uci uoau, mcu iciimiuq o um iu purely a Durueu io luw WUIIU auu a
beneath the sod of the many beautiful terror to the colored American citi
cemeteries of France. Their bodies zens. Then why should it be allowed
have been killed but their spirits stu ; to exist? If even the .whites veto
live: and the millions of little white benefited, any whatever, the situa
crosses which mark their last resting tlon would be justly alarming but
places proclaim to the world that; not so perplexing. But. to think, as
might Is not right but that Justice! evidence reveals it, that this national
must and will prevail. x land now even apparently interna-
According to a statement of one' tional evil is Increasing detriment
of the high officials of this country,1 ally to interest and welfare of whites
France has Inst '2,fi00.000 men, a fif-las well as colored races, and that the
teenth part of her population.. He intelligent, whites whom have been
says further that (looked to for economic and safest
"Three hundred and fifty thousand civil policies and ideals win negieci
fCnntlniind nn naze 4VU5i-"
(Continued on page 6.)
mains In ignorance and sin." had heard It much talked of, now we
' , " ' ' ' ! ) "

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