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HERE'S one quack who
will fool the public no
longer. Call snapshot of
workingmen taking down the
sign from Chenoweth's "mu
seum" as a result of fight
made by state medical board.
Queen Evelyn (Miss Evelyn Medo>
will be crowned at an interesting:
ceremony tonight which will open the
big six day midwinter carnival near
the Sixteenth street station, Oakland,
under the auspices of the West Six
teenth Street Improvement associa
tion. Supervisor John F. Mullins will
be in charge and W. R. Brackett,
president of the association, will be
chairman of the »ning. Many in
teresting featu, aye been planned
for the festival, which will close with
n mardi gras night. The burning of
the old depot, a big fraternal parade,
day and night fireworks, athletic and
swimming events, high diving by
Michael Latimer and performances by
Joseph Irving, tight rope walker, and
Joseph le Strange, aeronaut, will be
among the features.
Witness in Killing
Case Is Arrested
When Richard F. Berry appeared at
the morgue toda yto testify at the
inquest of Frank Galloway, who was
killed December 1 by M. L. Hopkins,
United Railroads motorman, alleged
to have struck Galloway with a con
troller bar, following a dispute over a
transfer, he was arrested by Detective
William Harrison and is being held in
detinue. He is alleged to have em
bezzled $160 from the Nathan-Dohr
mann company, where he was em
ployed as a teamster. Berry was al
lowe dto finish his testimony at the
morgue, and he testified that Hopkins
was responsible for Galloway's death.
Sues Defunct Bank
For 1906 Fire Loss
Depositors of the California Safe
Deposit and Trust company lost $58,
--0.6.T0 in burned and damaged arti
cles in the vaults of the wrecked in
stitution after the Are of 1906, ac
cording to a petition filed today in
the superior court by Clarence M.
Oddie. Oddie states his own loss waa
$1,776.75. He asks the court to estop
any of the depositors from claiming
a greater sum than the declared value,
and its distribution to them pro rata.
Judge Seawell set the hearing Janu
ary 9.
Oakland camp, No. 94, W. O. W.. is
planning a dance for its members,
their families and friends, Monday
evening, December 15, in the Paclflo
building. Sixteenth and JefTerson
streets, Oakland. Refreshments will
be served following the dance.
Mops Itching and Burning Inatantly.
There is immediate relief for skins
itching, burning and disfigured by
eczema, ringworm or other torment
ing skin trouble in a warm bath with
Resinol Soap and a simple application
o{ Resinol Ointment. The soothing,
healing Resinol balsams sink right
into the skin, stop itching Instantly
and soon clear away all traces of
eruption, even in severe and stubborn
cases where other treatments have
had no effect. After that the regular
use of Resinol Soap is usually enough
to keep the skin clear and healthy.
You need never hesitate to use
Resinol. It is a doctor's prescription,
that has been used by other phy
sicians for years in the treatment of
all sorts of skin affections. It con
tains absolutely nothing that could
injure the tenderest skin. Practically
every druggist sells Resinol Ointment
(50c and $1) and Resinol Soap (26c).
For trial free write to Dept 24-R,
Resinol. BaJtimore. Md. Avoid so
called "substitutes" for Resinol; they
are often of little use and even in
New warrants were issued this
morning by Judge Shortall against
Drs. C. K. Holsman and Fred A.
Steele of the Cook museum, 88 Third
street, and Dr. George Morton of
the museum closed by the medical
examiners at 775 Market street. The
new warrants charge the men with
maintaining a nuisance. The old
charges of operating a museum with
out a license were continued for trial
tomorrow morning.
Not a voice was raised ln behalf of
the "museums of anatomy" that have
been put of business by the crusade
of the state board of medical exam-
I iners at the meeting of the police
commission last night-
Louis Ward, attorney for the board,
filed a petition for the revocation of
the license of the Doctor Jordan mu
seum at 986 Market street, operated
by Gideon M. Freeman.
Although the attaches of the mu
seum had been advised of the action
proposed, none raised his head when
Theodore Roche, chairman of the
commission, looked over the room and
asked if anybody had anything to say
about it.
During the week that the petition
for the revocation of the museum li
cense remains on file with the police
commission the quacks will decide
their future definitely.
It is understood there has been a
meeting arranged by the men behind
the museums at which ways and
means will be discussed. If it is de
cided to give up the fight for good
and all, no attempt will be made to
save the Jordan license next Monday.
If the attorneys decide to fight, the
three museums will Join in the battle
against the medical board.
The board seeks an indictment
against Charles K. Holsman, one of
the museum magnates of the United
* jfl^. The Sign of the Times— g^&zr-Arif This " Tne Store °f the Cnristmas S P irit " Closes
E||jl 6 O'clock Closing at at 6 o>c/oc£0 > c/oc £ Christmas Eve. Included
Down go Prices on G owns, Suits, Coats, Frocks
II » fl Such savin g s as the <<a f ter Christmas Sales" usually bring await you tomorrow on 700 Coats—
jjlk 500 Dresses and over 1,000 Suits. Marvelous money values! Deep, yet deeper price reductions.
-1 laf A' <?* //lwWf\ R ° W ™ AT SPELL B ' A ' R ' C ' A ' l ' N ' S IN LARGE LETTERS.
AirKBL How this reduction in fifa Costumes, Dancing Frocks, Dinner Dresses
C, oa ts —hundreds of them reticketed n \ y \ Silk garments, with the P at- \Lm\ \ Vxtk / ■ mf
$15.00 is the first new, low price for coats, and it is to be found on the tickets ft V \ I C l ° P *** faStCnerS * f f
of 150 of them tomorrow morning. Many are without duplicates. Mixtures, \ V V / 200 Odd Waists \L 1 ' S
solid effects, plushes, imitation furs, etc. \ I I \ Odds and ends in lace and KauH HI 111 i?B fl
±IC* '7£4- ± A With the latter price, $45.00 being the last .jL \ waists » wnose former prices are if W
9Ju*J»L 5 tO 9*fO and highest price for all the expensive coat ~^ f or B otten - Many of the waists in 1 1 M
I I pieces and models. Nothing in cloth, velvet or silk coats now bears a higher \A this clearance sale would make ex- \ T f &\ Ifm
j nrice at The Emporium. (Second Floor) cellent Christmas gifts. (Second Floor) X | * ml \ ■
And the Basement Salesroom, too, offers its slock at as great price reductions throughout I / mm \ w
I A wonderful opportunity to procure a new Coat at Every Suit in the basement salesroom, now \ fl / H\ \ T
One price set, and all former figures come down to meet it. You j, «oj Qf* It is useless for us to dwell upon the merits of this suit opportunity; a*m qj* \ Jn|j / \ 7
may make your selection of any coat regardless of whether it is * g •\vD tne pr j ce tags on the garments are the best arguments. We men- «r J r J «SJD \ Jfljl I \ I
cloth, velvet mixture or fur cloth; it can't cost you over 1 f g tion, however, that there are sizes for everybody. Women's, I Si I JMiml \V \ I
$12.95 and it might happen to be one even less expensive. PsP misses' and girls', and choose when you will, the suit is underpriced. ■»■■ AMvnf r\ \\
j 1600 silk chiffon and net Waists: * 1.981 4 feJ
Two Houses in Session
By Associated Press,
Met at 10 a. ». Discussed
legislation for machinery for
direct election of senator*, but
did not vote on lt.
Senator Nelson resumed his
speech yesterday In the cur
rency hill debate.
luuutry Into the renomi na
tion of Henry M. Piudell for
ambassador to Russia renewed.
Met at noon. Lobby commit,
tee presented Its report of in
veatigation of the Mulhall
Representative McDonald pro
posed resolutions for the pun
ishment of officers of the Na
tional Association of Manufac
turers and possible expulsion of
Representative McDermott.
Interstate commerce commit
tee unanimously recommended
si year's salary to the widow of
the late Lieutenant Colonel
States. In a number of cities where
attempts have been made to drive
the museum takers to the woods.
Holsman has been found ln the mid
dle of the fight, as the main cog in
the wheeL He owns museums in a
dozen or more cities, and i» con
sidered one of the cleverest "within
the law" men that ever wrote an ad
One of the signs of the times is the
lowering of the large ornate signs of
the quack specialists whose gilt let
tered appeals along Market street and
elsewhere downtown for years have
beseeched the unfortunates.
In the wake of the crusading state
board of medical examiners travels a
band of sign shifters. The sign
shifters visited the offices of "M. S.
Chenoweth, M. D.," 718 Market street,
yesterday, and with gentle hands, dis
sected a huge sign and lowered it into
its grave. Then some window wash
ers came and washed the faces of the
windows, cleaning off all the pretty
golden letters.
After the mourners completed their
work at the former office of "Dr." S.
L. Hlgglns, not located at the present
time, they went up Market street to
fJo. 773. where the pallbearers
Half Human Bird Has Line
of Conversation That
Charms Neighbors
"Hello, baby, how's your conduct?
What? Sure I do, only more than
ever. Say, how's that blankety
Wank old hubby of yours? Oh, gee,
central has butted In again-. She's the
finest little bonehead out of captivity.
Well, so long; don't take any bad
money. Give me 80,000 central and
hang up your receiver. Quicker on
the wire or Til complain to the rail
road commission. Goodby and good
No, you are wrong. This is not the
conversation of a driveling idiot or
a flirty husband. It is merely an ex
ample of a conversation that a certain
parrot—a most intelligent parrot—
holds with the entire neighborhood in
the vicinity of the 5500 block ln Mc-
Millan avenue, Oakland, every morn
ing about 10 o'clock and some times
throughout the afternoon.
The bird belongs to Mrs. J. Nelson,
6519 McMillan avenue. It has two
claims to distinction, one being its
inexhaustible vocabulary and the
other a charming ability to hold an
imaginary talk fest over the tele
phone. The parrot —name of no par
ticular interest —is the one big amuse
ment feature of residents in that lo
cality. When Mm. Nelson hangs it
on the back porch for its morning
sun bath it turns loose. About the
same time the housewives of the
neighborhood gather on their back
porches and settle themselves for a
period of enjoyment.
After a few preliminary screeches,
the almost half human bird begins
to abuse central. He hollers his head
off about some fancied wrongs the
operator has done him. Then he calls
for a number In a perfectly clear
voice and starts a flirtation with his
"girl," not always ln the most choice
language of love.
Mrs. Nelson says that "Polly"
picked up his accomplishments by
himself, and she maintains that he
did not learn his slangy terms In
her house.
handled another sign, and the window
washers, with their pliant scalpels,
quickly made the gaudy "Associated
Specialists" announcement look like
a hole in a sheet. "Dr." C. A. Baxter
thrived at that location until a week
Reports Made by House In
vestigators Blame Mc-
Dermott and Mulhall
WASHINGTON, Dec. 9.—-Results of
the house lobby Investigation by a
committee headed by Representative
Garrett of Tennessee were made pub
lic today ln two reports, the majority
reports signed by democrats and re
publicans alike, and a supplemental
report filed by Representative McDon
ald of Michigan.
The majority made no recommen
dation, but declared that Represen
tative McDermott of Illinois had been
guilty of acts of grave impropriety,
unbecoming the dignity of his posi
tion, though "we can not say he has
been corrupted in his votes."
The majority report also held that
McDermott, having intimate relations
with I. H. McMichael, former chief
page of the house, knew that M. M.
Mulhall, "a lobbyist for the National
Association of Manufacturers," em
ployed McMlchaeL The majority held
that both the National Association of
Manufacturers and the American Fed
eration of Labor engaged ln political
activities and expended money to ef
fect nominations and elections of the
members of the house of representa
Prompt Deliveries
Our Own Wagons and Motors
Surrounding Bay Cities
See Regular Ad on Page 3
Hale's for Toys
Market at Fifth
Says Nuts Remedy for
High Cost of Living
WASHINGTON. D*c. 9.—"Eat nuts
and live cheaply," was the advice
given today by Congressman B. P.
Waist Sale Extraordinary
D. Samuels will place on sale tomorrow,
Wednesday, at $3.85 each, 400 handsome new
lace, net, chiffon, crepe de chine and novelty
silk Waists, suitable for afternoon, street, even
ing or theater wear,
And Comprising Conservatively
$7.50, $8.00, $10.00 to Values
At die Uniform Price of $3,85 Each
These Waists will be on exhibition today,
Tuesday, in the Stockton Street windows, but
not on sale until tomorrow, Wednesday.
In order to give all a greater opportunity to
secure the best values, the sale will not com
mence until 9:30 A. M. tomorrow.
N. W. Cor. Stockton and O'Farrell
D. Samuels desire to announce that their store
will remain closed up to and including Christ
mas Eve. We mention this, because it is a rea
son why women should not leave their Christ
mas Shopping until the last moment. Being
closed evenings necessarily means that the hours
of the day will be just so much more rushed,
making it difficult these last few days to give
satisfaction. Early Christmas Shopping makes
everybody concerned more comfortable.
Harrison of the sixth Mississippi dis
trict as a solution for the high cost
of living. Representative Harrison
followed up his advice by distribut
ing among his colleagues bushels of
pecans grown in his home district
and named for htm, "the Pat Harri
son pecans."
Feels Better After
Using Duffy's *
So great was the improvement in
Christian Thorseth's health after
taking Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
that his friends marveled at his
changed appearance—he says so
"Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey Has
done wonders for me. I became so
well that no one would believe
was I. lam better after using
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey, so I wW
continue same."—Christian Thorseth,
Norway Lake, Minn.
What Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
has done for thousands of others lt
will do for you, enabling every one to
enjoy real life, victorious life, life that
accomplishes much and will have am
bition to do more and better work
If you wish to keep young, strong
and vigorous and have on your che*ks
the glow of perfect health, take
Duffy's Pure
Malt Whiskey
regularly, according to directions. It
tones and strengthens the heart ac
tion and purifies the entire system. It
is recognized as a family medicine
everywhere. It is Invaluable for over
worked men, delicate women and
sickly children. It
is a promoter of
health and lon- JS^"^ —^3BV
At most druggists, fyf ML\tt
grocers and deal- 1
etitutes and
tions; they are im- y\,
pure and danger- \^^JJgJje»M'
ous. Send for free X. HAoy
medical booklet.
Th* Duffy Malt Wkia*ay Co.. Rochester. N. T.
Hale's for Toys
Market at Fifth
AD will arrange the meet
ing place for finder and
loser. >

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