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Wholesome Paper for
California Homes
POST. VOL. iH. NO. 189.
Insurgents in Tuxpam Slip Up
on Federal War Vessel, Dis
abling Machinery and Es
caping With Dynamite
By Associated Press.
VERA CRUZ. Mex., Dec. 9.—The
United States cruiser Chester and
the gunboat Wheeling left Vera Cruz
this morning under rush orders to
proceed to Tampico. Rear Admiral
Fletcher reported today the capture
by rebels of the town of Altamira, 20
miles from Tamr o.
By Associated Press.
MEXICO CITY, Dec. 9.—The rebels
4inder General Candido Agullar in
the vicinity of Tuxpan scored a suc
cess over the federal troops there
yesterday by slipping around the edge
of the town and boarding the gun
boat Tuxpan while the federal troops
were not looking, disabling her ma
chinery and guns and getting away
with a quantity of dynamite.
According to the story reaching the
federal capital, the trick of the rebels
was due to "carelessness on the part
of some of the federals."
The gunboat was stationed some
distance above the town to obscure
the .movements of and to menace the
rebels. The latter got a gasoline
Jauncli, manned it with 20 men and
boarded the gunboat while she was
in charge of a small crew, which they
By Associated Preas.
' PRESIDIO, Tex., Dec. 9.—For as far
as the eye could reach there stretched
over the desert south cf Ojinaga,
Mex.. opposite Presidio, today the
straggling end of the Mexican federal
army and the civilians who fled from
Chihuahua to safety on the United
States border. It w-as expected the
refugees would continue to arrive at
Ojinaga all day. A few who reached
tiie American side said the exodus In
cluded more than 4,000.
The federal troops, including the
.most important federal generals in
the north, continued in their work of
fortifying the village. This, taken
with the fact that General Ynez Sala
zar immediately on his arrival com
municated with Mexico City, Indi
cated that the federals Intended to
make a defense on the border, at least
until they could receive orders from
the Huerta government.
Food supplies, of which the federals
were in great need, will be sent across
the river, but the United States troops
nave been instructed to guard closely
against any infraction of the neutral
ity laws.
The civilians who endured the hard
ships of the eight day march from
Chihuahua, mostly on foot, rather than
face the invasion of Chihuahua city
by the rebels are to be allowed to
cross. They will be taken 50 miles by
automobiles and wagons to Marfa,
thence to El Paso and other cities.
MEXICO CITY. Dec. 9.—Following
the flight of Huerta's family to Man
xanillo, it is reported here today that
a train is being held in readiness to
carry the dictator away when his po
i sition becomes untenable.
Under orders from Huerta the ac
cumulated mail of the S3 deputies
who have been held in prison for
weeks, was opened today. This ac
tion is regarded as a clever move on
•the part of the dictator to secure In
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Constitutionalists in camp. The picture shows a detachment of Villa's rebels along the Mexican railway between Juarez and Chihuahua.
criminating evidence against some of .
the prisoners.
JUAREZ, Dec. 9. —Cavalry patrols
are on duty in the streets here today.
Other troops have been sent to rein
force the outposts east and south of
the city. This action was taken by
General Benevides, in response to or
ders transmitted from Chihuahua by
General Villa, who fears that the fed
erals marching north may be planning
a sudden attack on Juarez. Many
civilians crossed over to El Paso dur
ing the night. They fear another bat
tle is going to take place here.
PHOENIX, Dec. a.—The executions
by soldiers under General Villa of
Mexican federal officers and soldiers I
in Juarez when the city was captured |
by the constitutionalists is defended (
In a letter written by Venustiano Car
ranza to Governor George P. Hunt of
Arizona, made public today by the
executive. Carranza says tluft through
the lack of a full understanding of
Mexican problems an outsider might
place th wrong construction on the
acts of tl s constitutionalists. 'That
is due," the letter says, "to the fact
that the criminal acts with which this
struggle was begun and the cruel
measures that have been used to
maintain it are forgotten."
Gov. West Offers to
Send Militia to Close
Lodge Club Buffets
Elks and Moose of Portland Object
of Military Suggestion by-
Executive of Oregon
By Associated Press.
PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 9.—Governor
West yesterday again offered to call
out 'the militia, this time to compel
the Elks and Moose lodges of the cap
ital city to close the buffets in their
clubrooms, admittance to which Is
limited in both cases to members.
Falling Shaft Sinks
Steamer in River
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Dec. 9.—The freight
steamer Julia of the Red D line sank
in 2o feet of smooth water today. The
cost of salvaging her cargo and the
loss is estimated at JIOO.OOO. The
Juia lay ln the East river taking on
a cargo for Curacas, Venezuela, when
a forged steel shaft 18 feet long
broke from its hoisting slings and
pierced the ship's bottom.
"Poison Needle" Gang
Gets Slaver Crusader
By Associated Press.
CLEVELAND, 0.. Dec 9.—Search is
being made today for two men, be
lieved to be members of the New
York "poison needle" gang, who are
thought to have robbed George Baker
of New York, said to be a United
States immigration inspector, of val
uable government papers while he
was under the influence of a drug.
The victim, who is said to have been
conducting a white slave investiga
tion, was walking in Lakeside ave
nue yesterday when he was suddenly
taken ill.
Fair Commissioners
Are Off for Chile
BUEXOS AIRES. Dec. 9.—The com
missioners visiting the republics of
Central and South America to arouse
Interest tn the Panama-Pacific inetr
national exposition left here today for
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Munsey Settles Libel
Suit of Russian Duke
LONDON, Dec. 9.—A libel suit
brought by the Grand Duke Boris of
Russia against the Frank A. Munsey
company was settled today out of
court. The case arose out of an article
describing the grand duke's career in
• Manchuria during the Russo-Japanese
i war.
Judge Instructs
For Acquittal
' By Associated Press.
SHELBYVILLE, Ind., Dec. 9.—Judge
j Alonzo Blair today instructed the jury
jto dismiss the case against Dr. Wil
j liam B. Craig, charged with the mur.
: der of Dr. Helene Knabe at Indlan
iapolis October 23. 1911.
Hetch Hetchy Bill
In President's Hands
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 9.—Represen
tative Raker of California took the
engrossed copy of the Hetch Hetchy
bill to the white house today. He was
confident President Wilson would sign
[ it, though he might take several days
to examine its provisions.
"' 1 ' '" I
San Francisco's
First Great Daily
Founded 1856
j By Associated Praia.
; patches from Irkutsk today tell of a
j second unsuccessful attempt to es
! cape from exile ln Siberia made early
this month by Mme. Catherine Bresh
kovskaya. "grandmother of the Rus
sian revolution," whose case at the
time of her condemnation in March,
1910, aroused widespread interest In
Europe and the United States.
Mme. Breshkovskaya was sentenced
to perpetual exile after a trial which
was watched with Intense excitement
throughout the world. She was
charged with revolutionary conspir
acy in conjunction with Nicolas Tc
haikovsky, the "father of the revolu
tion," who had been active for reform
since 1870. The man was acquitted
on evidence brought from the United
Because she would not ask the
Russian emperor's clemency, Mme.
Breskovskaya was Incarcerated at
Kirinsk, a penal settlement. The
police kept close watch of her there,
as it was expected she would make an
attempt to escape and Join the scat
tered remnants of the group to which
she had belonged.
According to the Novoe Vremya,
Mme. Breshkovskaya on December 1
went to dinner under police escort at
the lodging of a fellow exile, Vladl
miroff, and remained there until even
ing. Then a companion, Anfrieff,
dressed in Mme. Breshkovskaya's
clothing, emerged from the house,
supported by Vladimiroff. Accompa
nled by the police escort, the accom
plice hobbled to the lodging of Mmc,
Breshkovskaya and crawled Into he*
bed, where he remained.
The disappearance of Mme. Bresh
kovskaya was not discovered until
December 4. Hurried orders for her
pursuit were issued. It was found,
however, that all telegraph wires had
been cut to hamper the authorities.
Communication was later obtained
with Irkutsk and detachments oC
troops and police scoured the country,
with the result that a body of con
stabulary intercepted a conveyanosi
speeding on the way to Kakuysk, on
the river Lena, and recognized amonsj
Its occupants Mme. Breshkovskaya.
dressed as a man.
SANTA ROSA. Dec. B.—Jack Lon*
don, novelist, will not serve as a
member of the Sonoma county grand
jury. Yesterday in Judge Emmet
Seawell's department of the superior
court, when his name was called (
Sheriff Jack Smith announced:
"Not served. Out of county."
Market at Fifth

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