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A Xhe Baseball Magnates Can Keep Busy in Winter Counting Their Summer's Profits
The rain poured down in torrents shortly before 6 o'clock last evening,
and Promoter Jim Coffroth was forced to come to the front with the
announcement that the lightweight championship battle between Willie
Ritchie and Tommy Murphy would have to be postponed till this evening,
feut this shock was only a jab when compared with the one which Cham
pion Ritchie delivered shortly afterward. His was a knockout wallop,
divulging the fact that he was suffering from an abscess of the nose and
that it would be impossible for him to fight for an indefinite period.
AH the fans of the city knew that the battle had been postponed, for
The Call flashed the news in an extra a few minutes after Coffroth made
his speech. But nobody save the
champion, his manager, Harry Foley,
and Dr. Charles McCarthy dreamed
of- Ritchie's injury till the champion
announced it after stepping on the
scales to savt his forfeit of $2,000
"I would have taken a chance and
fought Murphy tonight, despite the
pain," announced Ritchie, "but now
my doctor tells me that I can not fight
for some time. I am sorry to dis
sppolnt Murphy, Promoter Coffroth
and the public, but there is nothing
else for me to do.
"I do not know when I will be able
to fight again. It's all up to Doctor
McCarthy. Whatever he says goes."
Although the injury to Ritchie's
nose is not a very serious one, it is
likely to keep him out of the ring for
some time. Doctor McCarthy says
that the abscess was caused from the
Impact of blows on the champion's
r.ciso. He lanced the injured member
at 1:30 yesterday afternoon and
pledged himself to absolute secrecy.
Murphy and Manager Jim Buckley
were peeved beyond measure. Buck
ley at flrst refused to believe that
there was anything wrong with
Ritchie, but later he was forced to
admit that the little champion was
Miffering great pain and that he must
gracefully accept the inevitable. But
the good natured Irishman smiled a
grim smile and sadly nodded his head.
' It's more hard luck for us," said
Buckley. "I thought that Ritchie
might have been stalling at first, but
I was later convinced that he is a
sick man and can not fight. Well, 1
gsess that we simply must wait and
take our chances in the future. Mur
phy is fit to go on tonight. Too bad
that, he loses such a grand chance to
become the champion."
Quite a crowd had assembled at the
Eighth street arena shortly before I
o'clock, despite the fact that nearly
everybody knew that there would be
no fight. The principals, their sec
onds. Promoter Coffroth, Referee Jim
tiriffin and Stakeholder John T. Clark
reported on the job. for the men had
to weigh in to save their forfeit
mon ay.
Ritchie was the first to step on the
scales. With his underclothes on, he
failed to raise the bar. Next came
Murphy, and he, too, made the weight
without any trouble. Thus the for
feits were saved.
It was then that Ritchie made the
announcement that he had been se
cretly operated upon during the after
noon by Doctor McCarthy, and that it
would be impossible for him to fight
for an indefinite period.
The crowd gasped and looked at
the champion. Promoter Coffroth had
been informed of the mishap to the
champion a short time before, but he
left it up to Ritchie himself to de
liver the final knockout blow, and
the champion did this without cere
"My luck failed me for once in my
life," said Coffroth, "but I would have
bean willing to postpone t,he battle
till tomorrow night and taken my
chances. But, of course, it is .all over
now. I can't ask a sick man to enter
the ring to defend his title. I cer
tainly am sorry for all parties con
cerned, including myself, but lt can't
be helped.
. "I am out several thousand dollars
in preliminary expenses leading up to
the battle. This is gone beyond re
call. I am sure that the fight would
have drawn at least J32.000 with fair
weather, for the advance sale was
very heavy. All holders of tickets
will receive their money back by pre
senting the pasteboards where they
were purchased."
There was quite a powwow after
Ritchie's announcement as to his phys
ic! .-nndttlon. Manager Jim Buckley,
in behalf of Murphy, delivered him
self of a speech, in which he inti
mated that Ritchie was afraid to
jump into the ring with the chal
lenger. But later he was convinced
<hat Willie was suffering great pain
and could not possibly fight.
"I had a hunch all along that
Ritchie would not fight Murphy," de
clared Buckley. "I always said he
was afraid. This looked very funny
to me and I did not believe it at first,
but, now that 1 have had time to
think lt over, I guess that it is on the
level. Anyhow, you can say for me
that Murphy will be ready for Ritchie
any time he wants to fight."
The party immediately broke up.
Ritchie went to the home of Manager
Foley and retired for the night, for
he complained of suffering much pain.
Murphy returned to his training quar
ters in San Rafael, while Buckley was
around town, bemoaning the fact that
robbed Ills little fighter of a chance to
win the lightweight championship.
, There is a chance that the battle
may be staged some time in January.
Promoter Coffroth says that he will go
through with the deal if the princi
pals are willing. However, he want's
to get the Smith-Pelkey battle on
«\ew Tear's day off his hands before
he undertakes to promote another Im
portant battle. In the meantime, the
fans must watch and wait.
Harvard Is Good to
Her Star Athletes
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.. Dec. 11.—Ath
letes fared far better than scholars in
the election of class officers by the
seniors at Harvard tonight. Robert
T, P. Sterer of Boston, captain of the
football team, was chosen flrst mar
shal. Quentin Reynolds of Montclair,
X. J., captain of the crew, second
marshal, and L*wis H. Mills of Port
land, Ore., prominent both in football
and crew activities, third marshal.
Robert St. B. Boyd of Dedham, Mass.,
cross country captain, was elected
treasurer, and Alexander L. Jackson
of Knglewood, Kf. J.. colored, member
Of the track team, orator.
NKW YORK,'Dec. 11.—Bob McAllis
' ter. the California middle weight and
j former amateur champion of the Pa-
I ciflc t oast, celebrated his debut in the
i east tonight at the Fairmont Athletic
club with a cleat* cut victory over
j Young Mike Donovan, son of Pro
j fessor Donovan, the veteran boxing
I Instructor.
McAllister demonstrated his supe
riority as a boxer and ring general
over Young Donovan in no uncertain
I manner, carrying off the honors in the
( great majority of rounds. There was
i only one session in which Donovan.
; had the advantage. That was in the
' sixth, when he had the better of an
| exchange of heavy blows.
It was apparent at the outset that
! McAllister was the far better boxer,
j and Young Mike was instructed not
|to attempt to outbox him, but MeAl-
I lister was far too clever to prove a
victim of any of the heavy swings
| that were aimed at him.
McAllister showed a fine left jab
'throughout the contest and frequent
,ly supplemented it with a right cross,
j Neither fighter suffered any severe
| punishment. McAllister sustained a
slight cut over his eye early in the
j bout but it did not bother him to any
Whether It rains or not, the Bay
View club will stage its card at Pa
vilion rink tomorrow night. Match
maker Carter is not worrying about
the elements, as he has a comfortable
building to house the spectators, and
he is offering them one of the best
cards that has been staged in this
vicinity in months.
Naturally interest centers in the
bout between Charley Miller, the giant
motorman, who recently returned
from the East, where he has been
meeting the best of the big men on
the Atlantic side. Miller will meet
his old rival. Soldier Elder. The pair
met on two former occasions and fur
nished the fans with a couple of
thrilling bouta
Miller is anxious to regain his pres
tige, which he lost recently at the
hands of Gunboat Smith. He declares
that the Gunboat landed a lucky wal
lop, and that he will go along and
clean up the present bunch of ambi
tious heavy weights and then go after
Smith again.
Klde-r has been training hard for to
morrow night's bout. He thinks that
he has Improved sufficiently to beat
Miller. In their former bouts Elder
gave the motorman a severe test.
The flrst bout went four rounds to a
draw and In the next encounter Mil
ler wuts given the decision after a
hard battle which went the stipulated
10 rounds.
The betting on the Miller-Elder
battle Is 10 to 8 with the former tbe
There are several other bouts
which should provide plenty of action.
Dee Johnson, the clever colored 128
pound boy of Oakland, Is matched to
box four rounds with Kid Exposito,
the northwestern scrapper. Johnson
is very clever, while Exposito Is rug
ged and aggressive.
The other bouts are as follows:
Dude Clark vf. Montana Dan Sulli
van, 160 pounds; Dick Kendall vs.
Dummy Thomas, 128 pounds; Norman
Stone vs. Harry Wallace, 158 pounds;
Itufe Cameron vs. Sailor Jack Carroll,
heavy weights; Kid Turner vs. Paul
Pollack, 133 pounders, andy Mike
Kutchos vs. Ping Bodio, 118 poirhds.
Gossip Along Gas Row
This morning the H. O. Harrison
company will place on display the new
light Hudson six-forty, about which
so much interest has centered since
the announcement that the car was
shipped. It is to be displayed in a
handsomely dressed window, a unique
idea in automobile exhibitions and
entirely original. For this occasion
the Harrison company will remain
open evenings and Sundays for the
next two weeks.
Bert Latham, manager of the Ssn
Francisco branch of the Simplex-Mer
cer Pacific coast agency, announced
yesterday that Charles K. Kelly
had been promoted to the position of
sales manager. Kelly has been doing
splendid work as a member of the
sales force of th* branch, and as a re
ward he lihr been placed in charge of
the sales organization. ,
Peter Jackson In His Prime and at the Finish
Los Angeles May
Get Berger Back
CHICAGO, Dec. 11.—Joe
Berger, second baseman
for the Chicago White Sox,
may be released to the Los
Angeles club of the Pacific
Coast league before the open
ing of the 1914 season, accord
ing to a report published here
today. Rated as a good fielder,
Berger is said to have been
unsatisfactory as a batsman.
Manager Weeks and Captain Card
of Palo Alto high football team last
night announced the 18 ment that will
make the trip to Los Angeles to play
the Pomona high team for the cham
pionship of the state next Monday.
Those selected for the trip consti
tue practically the same aggregation
that has represented the school in the
majority of the games played by the
northern champion team during the
year. The boys form a combination
that lias shown wonderful football
ability, and if the southrons beat the
university town boys they are well
worthy of the interscholastic title.
The Palo Alto team, in charge of
Principal J. Templeton and Charles 8.
Morris of the Palo Alto faculty, will
leave for the south on Friday night.
The team will work out under the di
rection of Morris on Saturday and will
then rest up for the fray over Sun
The team making the trip Is as fol
lows: Arnott, Phlppen, Gibson, Slo
cum, Stovlch, Alderton, Sherman, Kirk-
Bey, Boulware and Card, -forwards;
Nagel, Rlsllng. Green, Sheldon. Morse,
Wallace, Graham, Weeks, Pratt, back
Ll S. Reading of the California
Rugby union referees" committee will
referee the contest.
Give HIM a Box of D D
ra«"iffiaii Kb
■Slip] forXnias
n & CO. Inc.
BOX DibiribuHrs \f3!S^
of 2.5 " San Francisco.Cal. \wf^^
Dancing and Otber Attractions
for Table* Apply To
Otto Haeherll.
Matire d'Hotel
REAL' furnixbes folder* and full Information
fie* regarding tale hotel. First floor, Call UlUg.
NEW YORK, Dec. 11.—The eight |
leading teams in the six day blryeic
race were three miles two laps ahead
of the record at 8 o'clock this morn- I
ing. the eightieth hour. They had
pedaled 1,595 miles six laps. Five
teams trailed lap behind, ;
then came the Corry-Walker oombl
nation another lap back, and finally
the Kopsky-Keefe team six miles I
astern. The leaders were:
Root-McNamara, Drobach-Halstead,
Verri-Broeco, Hill-Ryan, Gnulett-Fog
ler, Ferchicot-Breton. Magin-Law- ■
rence and Collins-Walthour. 1 A
Tbe score at the end of the seventy- j
seventh hour at 6 o'clock was 1,54fi
mileS and eight laps for the eight
leaders, which is two miles six laps i
ahead of the record. There was no
change in the relative posttlon of the
other riders.
The relative positions of the 15 sur
viving teams were practically un
changed at the end of the seventy
fifth hour at 3 o'clock this morning.
The leaders had pedaled 1,513 miles
and six laps.
Five other riders were bunched a
lap behind, the Corry-Walker com
bination were still another lap in the
rear, while the Kopsky-Keefe team
was a full six miles behind the lead
ers. The record for the seventy-fifth
hour is 1.506 miles flat made by Pye
and Grenda in 1912.
Brooklyn Lads Will
Try to Humble the
Husky Soldier Team
The Brooklyn and Army teams of
American code football will clash at
St. Ignatius grounds Sunday morning
at 10.30. The soldiers have a heavy
team, and, with line work, are In
hopes of putting one over on the city
club team.
The Brooklyn outfit lias shown an
aptitude for playing the open game
this season and by working the for
ward pass anticipates overcoming the
weight advantage of the soldiers.
The Brooklyns have signed up with
the Yosemite team to play the final
game for the city championship De
cember 28. The teams have met twice
and each has registered a victory.
invites you to view the Mural
Paintings in the most beautifully
decorated cafe in the world
BEAU forulftbee folders and foil Information
free regarding tbia hotel. Firs* floor. Call
build ing.
The Athletics look to Harry Davis
as a mascot. He was with the team
when it won the pennants in 1905,
1910 and 1911. He left Philadelphia
at the close of the season of 1911 to
boss Cleveland and immediately the
Mack pennant machine was deranged.
Back in 1913 Davis put the Athletics
in the pennant class again.
Throigh ttw flriad Ceioi ef it jWIg Riw and the Ren! Serjt, 6md Caßeß ef the lrkaim
f Stockton, Sacramento, Marysvllle, Oroville, Portola, 1
9:10 a.m. Doyle. Wlnnemucca, Elko, Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, 8:30 a.m.
- Grand Junotlon, Glenwood Springs, Pueblo, Colorado >
7:30 p.m. Springs, Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Omaha, 8:30 p.m.
I Chicago and the East •. J
Oakland, San Lesndro, Hayward, Niles. Idylwood. I
4:10 p.m. \ Plessanton, Livermore, Altamont, Carbona, Lathrop and • 10:20 a.m.
I Stockton I
Electrio Lighted Pullman Observation Sleeper on Trsln Leaving San Franoiaoo 9:10 a.m.
Through Standard and Tourist Sleeping Cars to above destinstlons In oonneotion with:
Ti«eS Market Bt., Palace Hotel—Western Pacific, Denver A Bio Grande, Mis
souri Pacific and Bt. Louis. Iron Mountain 4k Southern Phone Butter 1 Col
985 Market St.—Burlington Route Phone Kearny 3660
6GI Market Bt.. Hearst Bid? —Rock Island Lines Phono Butter 817
Union Ferry Depot Phone Kearny 4080
1836 Broadway. Oakland Phone Oakland 132
8. 8. MONGOLIA (27.000 toon)
Sails Thursday, December 18 '
8- 8. PERSIA (9,000 tons) call* at
Manila Bails Ttoeeday. December 80 -
Cuisine under personal supervision ot Mr.
T. Moroni, one of tbe world's most famous
New Feature Tears aad Trip Dept.
8. 8. CITY OF SYDNEY (calls at
Manzanillo) .Ball* Saturday. December 18
8. 8. AZTEC 'freight) , .Sails December IS
384 Flood Building, Sun Franeiaco
Phone Kearny* 8620.
19 Days
Weather Tine—Shortest Line—Quickest Time.
Splendid steamers (10.000 tone displacement !
of Sydney Short Line, sailing Dec. 30. Jan 13.
27, and eT«ry two weeks for Honolulu, and
Jan. 18. Feb. 10, etc., for Sydney.
$110 HONOLULU JS d c T;:. SYDNfIf $300
Sydney Hound Trip Second Class 824 M).
Vartou* tours. Including Java, China. Japan
and Round the World. Send for folder.
OCEANIC 8. 8.00., 678 Market St, Ban Franeiaco
•Hyndam Deo. 23 'Potadam Jan. 6
tßotterdam ..Dec. 30 tN. Amsterdam.Jan. 20
•Via Boulogne. tPlymouth and Boulogne.
8. S. WILHELMINA, Deo. 17; S. S. HONO
LLLAN. Dec. 23; S. 8. Lt'RLINK. Jan. «.
New steamer*. 13.000 tons. Leave pier No. 28.
Hound trip, 3110 and op. Direct service to
PANY, 268 Market at.
Hal Coffman
Stanford Women Are
After Tennis Honors
On Southern Courts
Accompanied by a chaperon, the
Stanford women's tennis and basket
ball teams will journey to southern
California during the spring vocation.
The tennis captain and two other
players will either participate in the
OJai valley tournament or take on
the team of the University of South
ern California. *
The basket ball team is making-ar
rangements for matches with Occi
dental college. University of Southern
California and Pomona college. Nine
fair basket tossers will make the
The Stanford faculty raised the ban
on "off the campus" games for women
to permit these contests.
Fast Electric
Trains for I/s\)
Plttahnrg nnd East of Ray Point
Baggage Carried on All Train*.
Leave Key Route Ferry Daily
7:00 A. M., *0:0O A. M., 10:40 A. M., 12:20
P. M., 8:00 P. M., 4:40 P. M.. 7:40 P. M.
*Tbe 9:00 A. M. ha* parlor observation car—
Connects for Pittsburg—Stops Solano City. 4:40
P M. train runs through to Marysville, Colusa,
Oroville and Chico. Sacramento first atop.
For Concord. Bay Point and way station*
leave daily 7:40 A. M.. 11:20 A. M., 1:40 P. af.
« P. M., 6:15 P. M., 7:40 P. M.
An additional train for Concord and way sta
tions leave* 0:00 P. M. 5:15 P. at. trsln ruu*
dally except Sunday through to Pittsburg.
Oakland, Antioch & Eastern Railway
Key Route Ferry. Phone Sutter 233;>.
Call Franklin 730. Bed Line Traoefer Co.. or
Oakland 4447. People's Expreaa Co. and railroad
tirket* will be delivered wheu bagjeug* i» called
for at hotel or residence.
ffl I Portland
S. S. Rose City
BttVER Los Angeles
teSblT S. S. Rose City
11 A. M„ Tomorrow,
. f* Eaa?«t.':*tei. Sutter S*B2
t J\n fk *r*tit ***'.l*.iJalil——
(For Folders,-Tickets, etc, apply
Psdfic Ntritstion Ctv, 680 Market St, S. F.
Use Call and Post Warns
Federal League Magnates
May Invade New York
NEW YORK, Dec. 10. —Baseball men
heard tonight that the Federal league
had decided to place a club in New
York if possible. Edward Hanlon,
the former National league manager,
who is Interested in the new Balti
more club of the outlaw organisation,
would not confirm or deny that such
was the league's intention.
"There is room in this city for an
other major league club." said Han
lon, "but I will not say that one will
be placed here. The club could he
established in Brooklyn, however,
which would not conflict with the
games at Ebbets field, but it would be
foolish to outline our plans at this
time, thereby enabling our enemies to
head us off."
Charles N. Murphy, president of the
Chicago National league club, arrived
here tonight from abroad, a passenger
on the steamship Olympic. He said he
would give Governor Tener his hearty
support. Learning that Joe Tinker
had been deposed as manager in Cm
■ 4ax4taf aTA ■ 1 k si D I Baafl al 1 st f Waj I SJM Wml
Bh M H aasf sasl 89 I M bsbsbbl */ i 1 BBh B Hp) fOX
Leave (Foot of Market Street) Arrive
(Bubject to change without notice)
2.16 a Nilee. Livermore, Tracy, Lathrop,
i Stockton, Lodi. Gait. Elk Grove.
Sacramento, Roteville, A aburu, Cot- _
fax 10408
2.15 a Sacramento, Marysville, Biggs. Chico 104 Op
640s Richmond. Port Costa, Martines,
Anttoch, Byron Hot Springs, Tracy,
Patterson, Newman, Loa Banna,
Ingie, Kerman, Fresno 11.20s
840s Vallejo, Mara Island (
840 a Ban Leandro, Hayward, Niles. San/ 2.1 Op
Joae". I O.IOP
.740 a Richmond, Port Costa, B ericia. Sui-I 8.30p
eun, Dixon, Sacramento I IO.OOp
740 a Ehnira, Vacaville. Winton {
740s RoseviUe. Marysville (Oroville), Red
ding, Dunamuir 04Op
740 a Davis. Woodland, Williams, Maxwell,
Willows, Coming, Red Bluff 040s
7.20s The Statesman—Richmond. Vallejo
Junction, Port Costa, Benicia, Sui
sun, Dixon, Sacramento 0400
7.20 a Niles, Pleasanton, livermore, Tracy,
Lathrop, Stockton (Oakdale), Lodi,
Sacramento 7400
740 a Tracy, Patterson, Newman, Los Banes,
Ingle, Kerman, F r esno 4 JO*
B.ooa Richmond, Vallejo, Napa, Calistoga,
Santo Rosa, Crock ett. Port Coata.. O.iOp
B,ooa Avon, Walnut Creek, San Ramon 9.1 Op
840 a Newark, West San Jose, Lo* Gatos,
' Wright, Felton (B en Lomond, Boul
der Creek), Santa Crua 8.50 c
840 a Richmond, Port Costa, Martines.
Byron Hot Springs, Tracy (Stockton),
Merced, Berenda, Madera, Fresno,
Fowler, flelma, Tray er, Goshen Junc
tion, (Hanford, Annona, Rossi-
Visalia), Tulare, Bakersfield 4.30»
8.40 a Sanger, Lindsay, P orterville, Ducor.. 7.30|
8.40 a Yoeemite Valley via Merced 4JO|
9.00 a Irviugton, San Joe* •* Ol
B.ooa Nilee, Pleasanton, livermore, Stock
ton, (•Milton), V alley Spring, lone,
Sacramento. • 440|
B.ooa Tuolumne. Sonora. J ameetown. Angela 240|
B.ooa Vallejo, Port Costa, Benicia, Suisun,
Davis. Sacramento 10.40t
B.oOa Goldfield Pass—Colfax, Truckee.
Hasen, Wabuaka (Yerrington, Hud
son), Mina, Tonopah, Goldfield,
Laws, Keeier ".lOi
8J)0a Battle Mountain, Cobre, Ogden,
Cheyenne, Denver, Kansas City— I 40»
840S Riohmond, San Pablo. Pinole, Vallejo
Junction, Crockett. Port Costa, Mar-1 440«
tinea, Avon, Concord / 6.30f
10.20 a "PaciSo Limited"— Ogden, Cheyenne,
Omaha, Chicago—Salt Lake City,
Denver tJJOI
10.20 a Colfax. Truckee. Reno, Hasen, Love
lock, Winnemucca, Battle Mountain,
Paiiaade, Elko, Wells, Cobra 8.60*
1040 a Btocktoa, via Martines ■ 12.60s
1040 a Vallejo, Mare Island, Napa { 'JJJg
1040 a Lo* .\ngeles Passenger—Richmond,
Port Costa. Martines, Byron Ho*
Springs, Tracy, Stockton, Merced,
Madera, Fresno (Hanford, CoaUnga
Vrtelia), BakersSoid, Los Angeles.. 7.30|
10.40 a El Paso, Kansas City, St. Louie, Chi
cago 1240|
11.20 a Shasta Limited De Luxe—Portland,
Tacoma. Seattle 8A40!
12.00n Richmond, Port Costa, Benin*, Bu>
eun, Fairfield, Dixon, Sacramento.. 4JO|
12.00n Marysville. Chico, Red Bluff : . 4.30f
I.OOp Portland Express—Richmond, Davis,
Willow*. Coming. Red Bluff, Orland,
(Hamilton), Weed, Aehiand, Roes- —
burg, Portland, Taooma, Seattle. .. 740t
I4op Newark. Alviso, Agne w, Santa Clara,
(San Joes), West San Jose, Lo*
Gatos. Glenwood, Felton, (Boulder
Creek), Santa Crus. Wateon/iile 10.00 l
I.oop San Leandro. Nile*. C* ntKvuk**N«w-/ 740 l
ark (Redwood), Saa Joe* \ 7.5 th
1.20p Niles, Irvington. San Jos* 4.30|
2.00p Elmira, Vacaville, Winters Io.oo|
2.00p Sacramento Limited—Port Coats,
Benicia. Bacramento 2.1 Oj
2.40p Ban Leandro, Niles. San Jose 8.3*
S.OOp Richmond, Benicia, Suisun, Sacra
mento—Woodland, Tudor, Yuba
City, Marysville IMtl
3.00s Elmira. Vacaville, Winter*, Rumeey.. 81.1 OS
3.20p Richmond, Port Costa, Martinet.
Brron Hot Springs, Modesto, M*r
ced. Madera, Fresno Io4o|
4.000 Overland Limited De Luxe—Denver,
Kansas City, St. Louis, Omaha,
Chicago 8401
4 OOp Nilas, Livermore, Tracy, Stockton... 10.1 Oi
4.00p Port Costa, Martinea, Concord. Wal
nut Creek, San Ramon, Livermore.. 8.101
4.00p Vallejo. Napa, St. Helena, Calistoga,
Glen Ellen, Santa Rosa IO.IOt
4400 Tracy. Patterson, N ewman, Lo* Banos,
Kerman. Fresno Io4o|
4.400 Valley Flyer—Port Costa, Byron Hot
Sprints, Tracy, Modesto. Merced,
Madera, Fresno, Goshen Junction,
(Visalia), Tulare, Bakersfield, Mo
jave, Los Angeles 12.601
4.40s San Leandro, Niles, San Jose 6.1 Oi
B.OOp San Francisco Limiud— Ogden,
Cheyenne, Denver, Kansas City,
Omaha, Chicago 740|
6.000 Port Costa, Benicia, Suisun, Davi*.
Sacramento, Colfax, Truckee, Reno,
Hazen. Lovelock, Winnemucca,
Elko, Ogden ......... 740f
8.000 Richmond, (VaHejo). Port Coata,
Benicia. Saeramea to. RoseviUe, Luv
, coin, Wheatland, Maryavilla (Oro
ville), Gridley, Biggs, Chico 11.30*
8.000 Davis, Arbuck'e, William*. Willow*,
Orland, Coming, Tehama 10.40p
6.000 Tracy, Stockton . 10.10 a
6.000 Bunol, Pleasanton, Livermore Mt*
8.000 Nile*. Irvington, San Joae. 7.30*
5.00p Newark, West San Jose, Lo* Gato*.. . 10.10 a
6400 San Leandro, Lorenao, Hayward.
Nilee, Pleasanton, Livermore, Tracy 10.10 a
6.400 (Sunday only)—Riohmond. (Vallejo)
Port Costa, Martines, Concord, wal
nut Creek, Pleasanton, Nile*, Oak-
land - ■ •••• :10.200
8.20p Owl limited-Port Coata, Tracy,
Fresno. Los Angel c* I Oa
8400 Hayward, Niles aad Ban Joae 7400
tL4Oo Eastern Express—Ogden, Pueblo, Den-
ver K.insaj City, St Louia, Chicago 1.300
aLsOs Riohmond, Port Coata, Byron Hot
Springs. Tracy. Stockton. Sacra
mento. Colfax. Truckee, Reno,
Fernley, (Wad* worth. Susanville).
Hasen, (Fallon). Elko, Ogdea 1400
8.200 Oregon Express— Richmond, Sacra
aaento, RoseviUe, Marytvule, Red
ding, (Klamath Fallsi, Ashland,
Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane 1.1 Op
9 OOp Mt Eden, Alvarado, Newark, Santa
Clara, San Jos* 440|
9.40s Bakersfield, McKHtriek, Hatelton,
Monarch.Moron, Fellow, Shale 740*
SvtOs Richmond, Port Costa, Traoy, Mo
desto, Merced, Madera, Freedv,
' Hanford .Tulare 740s
840 a Hanford. Armona, Lemoora, Huron,
Coalinga 7401
BjMb Visalia. Exeter, Lindsay, Porterville,
' Terra Bella. Ducor 7.601
i,.^ MOXoacTCLIa *ad '-r
UiCUaS. From Ban Franeiaco, Beatit Zn
ef Ferry Buildin- for Broadway Wharl
Oakland—From 6:00 a. m., dally, and ever
half boar until W OO p. lnclaalve. th»
! g»:80 p. to.. »10:0O p. m . 110:30 p. tn
•11:15 p. m.. 'IJi.OO mdn.. '1:00 a. nj
Jtom Broadway Wharf, Oakland, for 8a
Franeiaco—Prom 6:18 *. «... dally, art
avery bait hour until 8.45 p. m.. tnclualv*
than *»: 1,1 p. m.. »9:45 p. m.. {10:1.1 p. a>
"10:45 p. m.. »12-00 p. m.. t3:4S a. m.
' I a for Morning. •'>al]y. p for Aftei jooo
11 tftunday excepUJ. fSundays only.
iSundare aad Monday» wolf.
cinnati, Murphy said he would put in
a bid for his former shortstop's serv
"I will bid more for Tinker than
any other magnate in the National
league," he said, declaring it was not
his fault that Tinker ever left the
Cubs, but that the player was released
because August Herrmann wanted him
as manager.
A game between Harvard and the.
University of Chicago football teams
next year at present looks to be as
far off as a game between California
and Harvard. There is, of course, a
slight possibility that the game might
be arranged, but Chicago will not
take up the matter unless Harvard
agrees to play a return game at Chi
cago in the 1915 season. This looks
to be out of the question from the
present Harvard point of view.
Le*Tt (Third and Towneerjd Street*) Arrivi
(BabJ*<st to chute without notice)
tMM Valencia Street, Ocean View, Colma,
Cemeter it*. Baden, San Bruno t I4B*
040 a South Sea Francisco, San Joe*. Mor
genhill, Gilroy (HoiW, Tree Knot),
Sargent, Wataonville, Aptoe, Capi
tola. Santa Cms B.oop
840* Los Alto*. M onta Vista, Los Gatos... t 8.40 a
t 7.08e Burtinfame, R«dwood City, Mayfield.
Banjoes. 7.20p
[ 8.001 Shore Line limited-Peaoßobie* Hot
Spring*. S« nta Beibaia, hot Angela* 8.50p
B.OBS Coeeter—Sen Joe*. Morgtchill. Gil
roy, Salinas, Soleriad, King City,
Peso Robiee Bot Springe, Sea Luis
Obispo, Surf (Lompoc), Santa Bar-/ o.lo*
bare, Ventura, Oxsard. Loa Aogelea\ 10.34e
8.05 a Wat*c*rilla, Santa Crus—De) MuMa,
Monterey Pacific Grove 104%*
B.los Mayfield, Lot Altos, Lot Gafte,
Wright, Glenwood (Boulder Creek),
Bants Crus, W ateooviße, CaetroruTe.
Del Monte, Monterey. PaeifieGrove 8.05f
840 a Ban Joan, M organhill, CUroy, Sargent,
Salinas, Soleded. San Miguel. Paso
Robiee Hot Springs, Ban Luis Obispo 4.00p
o.ooa Hotlistar, Tree Pino*-Wateonvrlle,
Santa Crus—Dal Monte, Monterey,
Pacino Grove 440p
10.40 a South San Francisco, Burlingame, San
Mateo, Redwood City. Palo Alto,
Mayfield, Lot Altos, Los Gatos.... I-2B*
11 JOB Valencia Street, Ocean View, Colma.
Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno I.BBa
11.40 a South Ban Francisco, San Jose t 640s
i 1.20p San Mateo. Redwood, Mayfield, Santa
Clara, West San Jok, Los Gatos,
Glenwood, Felton (Boulder Creek),
Santa Crus , Aptoe, Wataonville I MOa
I. 20p (Saturdays only)— Los Altos, Monta
Vista, Los Gatos S4t*l
i 2.00p Del Monte Express—San Jose, Mar.
» ganhili, Gilroy. Sargent, WateonvUH,
l santa Cms, Del Monte, Monterey,
I Pacific Grovs (Salinaa) 12.30 c
t 2.1 Op South S an Francisco, Redwood, Santa
Clara, San Jose 740 a
I 3.00P South Sas Fraoeieco, San Mateo, Red-
I wood City, San Jose, Morganhill,
Gilroy, (Hollister, Tree Bno*), Wat
) eonvilie. Santa Crus 10.10 a
5.25p Burlingame, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, Mayfield, Lo* Altos, Lo*
Gato* * 6.30b
I 4.10s (Daily except Sunday-)—Mayfield, Los
Altos, Los Gatos, Laurel. Glenwood,
i Felton (Boulder Creek), Santa Crus,
Aptoe, Watsonrille to.Bos
i 4.20s South San Francisco, Pan Joes t 7.28s
I B.oop Sunset Limited—Los Angeles, El Paso.
San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans
andEaat .... MOp
i B,oop Washington Sunaet Route—Wash
ington, D. C, New York and East .. I.los
5.000 Golden State Limited—Kansas City,
t St. Louis, Chicago via Tucson and
' El Paso 9.10 a
i t B.OSp Bar tin same, San Mateo, Redwood,
> Palo Alto. Mayfield. Santa Clara/ 7.36s
Sao Jose \ 11.86s
f 8.20p Redwood. Atherton. Menlo Park Palo
Alto, M ayfield. Mountain View, Sun
nyvale. San Jose f 8.20 a
I t 8.20s Los Alto* Monta Vista. Loa Gatos... 740*
6.26p Easton, San Mateo. Belmont. Red
' wood City 7460
t 5.30p Loop—Valencia Street, Ocean View,
I Cemeteriea, South San Francisco,
83d Street, 3d snd Townsend t OAS*
i 5.40p San Bruno. San Mateo, Redwood,
i Palo A Ito, Santa Clara, San Jose B.»ua
: 5.40p Mayfield. Los Altos, Los Gatos ..... t 840s
t 6.00p MiMbrae, San Mateo, Redwood City,
Mayfield, Los Alios, Los Gatos t B.oos
> t 6.05P 23d Street, Vishacion, South Saa
Francisco, Valencia Street. t 7.16s
9-300 South San Francisco, Sac Jose f B.oos
8. OOp The Lark—Santa Barbara, Lot Aa
» Bele* 846S
i 8.! Op San Jose and Way Stations 6.50s
» Io.oop Sunset Deming, El
i Paso, Houston, New Orleans, Cti
» eago I.lBa
I O.OOp Salinas, Paso Robiee Hot Springs.
1 San Luis Obispo. Santa Barbara,
* Ventura and Los Angeles .. 0.1 OS
10.08s South San Francisco, Sas Jose 8.40 a
11.45p South San Francisco, P»lo Alto, San 745s
' Joto 3.26s
1 Via Oakland Pier
To Oakland, 16th St., and Berkeley, via Shattuek Aye,
i and Ellsworth St Lin**.—Daily—From 6.00 a. m., aad
t ' every twenty minutes until 5.20 p. m., inclusive: then
6.00,,11.00,11.40 p. m.. 12 JO aad IJO a. m.
i Additional boata Saturdays and Sundays only, 8.40
p. m., 0.20, 10.00, 10.40 and 11.20 p. m.
i To Berkeley via California Street or Albany via Ninth
Street Lines.—Daily—From *0.00 a. aa.. f6JO, '6.40,
I f7.00a, m., and every twenty minutes until BJO p.m.,
inclusive; then 8.00, 9.40. 10.20, 11.00, 1140 p. si.,
12.20 aad IJOa. m. Additional boats Saturday* and
Bunder*-only, 8.40 p. m.. 9JO, 10X10, 10.40 and 11.20
p. m.
| Ts Oakland, Washlngton-Breedwar, East Oakland,
Fruitvale and Metro**, via Seventh St—Daily—From
6.00 a m., then every twenty minutea until 8.20 p. m.
inclusive; then 6.00, 8.40, 10J0. 11.00, 11.40 p. m..
12.20 aad IJOa. m. Additional boat* Saturdays and
Sundays only, 8.40 p. m.. 6.20, 10.00, 10.40 and 11.20
p. m.
i To Havenaeourt—Daily—Frocn 6.00 a to. and every
twenty minutea until 7.40 p. to., inclusive; then 8.20.
9.00. 11.40 p. m. Saturdays and Sundays only 6.40.
10.00, 10.40 11 JO p. m.
1 To Dutton Ave.—Daily—6.oo a. m.. 6 JO. 8.40,7.00,7 JO.
7.40, 8.00. 8-40. 9 JO, 10.00, 10.40, 11.20 a. m, 12.0 d
>, p. m., 12.40, 1 JO. 2.00. 2.40, 8.20, 4.00, 4 JO, 4.40.
i 5.00,5J0, 5.40, 6.00, 6 20, 6.40, 7.40, BJO, 9.00.
Horseshoe to Oakland, Washington-Broadway, Frulrvale,
Alameda, Nsrfh Side.—Daily—From 6.00 a. m.. t6JO.
6.40. 7ioo, 7JO, 7.40, 8.00, 8.40, 9.40 a. m.; then ».00
p. m.. 4 JO. 4.40, 6.00, 5 JO, 5.40, 6.00. 6.20, 6.40, 7,00
and 7.40 p.m.
To Alamada, Park St. via 7th St, Oakland—Daily—From
9.00 a. m..9J0.8.40. 10.20, 11.00. 11.40 a. m , 12.20
?. m., 1.00, 1.40. 2.20, 2.40, 3JO, 7 JO. 8.00, 8.20, 8.00.
.40,10J0 and 11.00 p.m.
To Stonehurst (Steam Sarvles)—l6.oo, f6.40. t7JO
19.00, UO.OO a. m., t1.20 p. m., J2.00, J3.00, fSJO
•4.00, '5.00. *5.40 and t6JO p. to.
Via Alameda Pier
To Oakland. 14th and Franklin Sta.—
6.15, 6.45 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minute* past the
I hour until 745 p. m.; then 8.30, 9.15, 10X0, 10.45.
11. 30 p. m. and 13.15 a. m.
To Alameda, North and South S Id*—
.6.16,6.45 a. m., and then 15 and 45 minutes past th*
hour until 7.46 p. m.; then BJO, 9.15, 10.00V10.45.
( 1140 and 1.00 a.m.
From Pacific Street Wharf, Pier Mo. 7
I This route offer? exceptional opportunity for Auto*
mobilista to reach all points on the Sacramento River,
i Coiiinaville. Emmaton, Rio Vista, laieton, Ryde, Walnut
Grove, Vordea, Courtland, Clarksburg, Sacramento,
i Steamer Navajo leave* San Franeiaco 8.30 a m., daily
except Sunday, arriving Sacramento 7.00 p. m. Stopping
at all point* ea route. Leaves Sacramento 9.00 p. m.
daily except Sunday, arriving San Francisco 7.00 a m.
No stop* ea route.
?) Steamer Medoe or Apache, leaves San Franeiaco 12
[nooa darlr except Sunday. Leaves Sacramento 10 00
.. a, m. daily except Sunday: stopping both wave at all
points ea route. Arriving time San Francisco and
,' Sacramento indefinite, account fruit season.
R ———————
. Agents collect baggage aad cheeks os trains or basts of
Southsra PatHte Company and deliver bagasse to ami.
f * *•* **W to*

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