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* Papers/for *
California Homes.
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•"-MX, ANT> POST. TOU !+*. NO. 14S.
Western Fuel Witness Faces Charge by Girl
i v. s.
"Will Settle Charge Immedi
ately," Says Roche, Who
Summons Witnesses to
Grand Jury
Miss Una Cadass of 50 South Park
street today secured a warrant for
tise arrest of Davi dG. Powers, star
witness for the prosecution in the
government's case against the eight
officials and employes of the Western
Fuel company, charged with fradu-
Jent weighing. The girl charges be
immediately afterward, Theodore J.
Roche, one of the special government
prosecutors, intimated that he had
positive evidence of a frameup against
the star witness for the prosecution.
Roche summoned three witnesses
to corroborate this, and arranged for
their appearance before the grand
jury this afternoon.
••Tiie charge will be settled for good
one way or the other immediately,"
he said.
Three months ago Miss Caduss laid
her charges against Powers before
theg rand jury and the police courts.
Powers declares, butg aye insufficient
cause for action against him.
Powers alleges that at that time,
when the story was in theh ands of
the grand jury, the girl's relatives
offered to slop all action for $1,000.
The warrant secured by Miss Caduss
today was issued by Police Judge
M.ss Cad ass accuses Powers of be
trayal on tiie promise of marriage on
May 18 last. .Judge Crist fixed bonds
at the sum of $5,000 or $2,000 cash.
Mjss Caduss, whois 20 years of age,
was accompanied by Attorneys Wal
lace and PoUtzer.
The complaining witness told the
judge that she will soon become a
mother. She said that she met Powers
it* July, 1912, through an introduction
of a mutual friend. Miss London. She
Kays she went to theaters -with Pow
ers and last May he betrayed her
after he promised to marry her, and
assuring her that he was a divorced
Only.-lately, according to Mjss Ca
duss, did she learn that Powers was
a married man.
Detective Fred Bierman was given
the warrant to serve.
Powers, who now has the title of
government special agent, working
under W. H. Tidwell, was formerly an
employe of the Western Fuel com
pany. He aided Tidwell, the govern
ment expert, materially in securing
the evidence on which the govern
ment's suit is based.
Not long ago Powers said he had
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j when he sells
Calls, the paper
every one wants
to buy.
Come and Find
Out About It
See the Circu
lation Manager
of The Call.
Mrs. George Sterling, wife of the poet, who today filed suit for divorce in Monterey county.
niiiiiiiiniiwi'ii'i in i
HONGKONG, Dec. 16—Many for
eign missionaries are in peril as the
result of a revolt in southeastern
China. British officials were notified
today that hundreds of natives had
armed themselves and, led by agi
tators, were preaching "death to for
eigners" and burning isolated vil
Hawthorne's Partner
Pardoned by President
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 16. —Dr. Wil
liam J. Morton, who served a term
in Atlanta penjtentiary with Julian
Hawthorne for complicity in mining
stock selling frauds, has been par
doned by President Wilson to restore
his civil right*
It's been proved again—by his
wife's divorce complaint, just tiled in
Monterey county, according to word
received here today.
Here are her charges:
i i
Coulrt a list more typical of the tra
ditional poet's foults be made?
Now, instead of listening to "The
Testimony of the Suns," Sterling will
hear the testimony of a prosaic court,
probably touching on his consumption
Continued on I'agt 2, Column 4
GRAND JUNCTION, Colo., Dec. 16.—
An explosion at the Vulcan mine at
Newcastle, east of Grand Junction, to
day is reported to have entombed be
tween 40 and 50 miners.
The mine is owned by the Rocky
Mountain Fuel company.
The cause of the explosion is un
Convicted Slayer of 2
Hanged by Dakota Mob
<_> — — J
WILLISTON, K. D„ Dec. 16.—Cleve
Culbertson, recently convicted of mur
dering three members of the Dillon
family at Ray, N. D., was taken from
the Williams county jail hy a mob
today and hunraH from a bridge near
President Promises C. C.
Moore to Ask Congress for
$500,000 Building
WASHINGTON. Dec. 16.—President
Wilson today promised Charles C.
Moore, president of the Panama-
Paclflr- exposition, that he soon would
send a special message to congress
Urging a government building at the
fair. Moore was the president's only
unofficial caller.
It is expected that the amount asked
fpr the building will be at least $500.
--000. That is> the sum previously voted
fpr the government exhibits, to house
which no provision has yet been
The announcement, not unexpected
by those tn touch with the exposition
plans, cornea on the heels of the bril
liant banquet given in honor of Presi
dent Moore at the Pan-American
building last night, atw huh Secre
tary Bryan was host. The guests in-
eluded members of the diplomatic
corps, the cabinet, California con
.gressmen and others.
The dinner was given as an em
phasis to the governmental backing
of the exposition.
Louis Levy, director of local pub
licity of the exposition, said today
that a site of 10 acres is available for
the government exhibit. He declared
that thef air leaders were expecting
the move announced from Washing
Th federal structure will be built,
if the plans are carried through, on
Presidio land.
Wireless Fails, but
Cupid Is Victorious
A delayed wireless failed to do more
than delay the romance of Lieutenant
Richard Pailleser Taylor of the
Twenty-fifth infantry of Fort Sco
fleld, Honolulu, and Miss Darion Eu
genic Bretz of Stonehurst, Dobbs
Ferry, N. V. The liteuatnen arrived
from Honolulu Saturday and found
his message to Miss Brets had not
been delivered. A letter from {Tie
young Woman was waiting him at
headquarters, informing- him that Miss
Bretz was en route from Los Angeles.
The license was issued today.
Suffragette Arsonists
Set Fire to Church
By Associated Press.
LIVERPOOL, Dec. 16.— The suf
fragette arson squad today did ex
tensive damage to St. Anne's church
here. The stalls on the south side of
the church were destroyed and the
splendid organ was seriously dam
aged. Entrance was gained thrqugh
a stained, glass window, which the
incendiaries smashed.i >
Two Die in Fire
Set by Arson Fiend
By Associated Press.
CINCINNATI, Dec. 16.—Fire de
clared to be of incendiary origin last
night caused the known death of two
persons in the Salvation Army's home
for men, and many others are report
ed missing. The exact loss of life will
not be ascertained until the building
is searched some time today.
Perfumed Judges to
Be Barred From Booths
CHICAGO, Dec. 16.—Women whose
clothes smell strongly of perfumes
| may be barred from serving as judges
| and clerks in this city at the spring
| primaries. Recently women petitioner
I the board to prohibit smoking at the
I polls. Yesterday's protests against
j perfumed odors were filed by men.
Bill in Senate to Aid
Squatters on R. R. Land
WASHINGTON, Deo'. 16.—A bill to
confirm titles to land acquired by
squatters within public land grants
made to the Central Pacific railway,
w;ts introduced in the Senate today
by Senator Works of California.
Aged Millionaire Willing to
Sacrifice Himself to Villa
to Rescue Boy
MEXICO CITlf, Dec ltt.—TerrlUe
fljCbtln*; between Zapatistas and fed
eral* la priag on near the shore of
Lake Xorbimllco la tar federal dis
trict. The battle has eontianed (or 18
hours. The federal commander has
sent aa urgent appeal for help.
Zapatistas are fighting federals at
Milpa Alts, 17 miles from here today.
Federal reinforcements have been sent
EL PASO. Dec. 16. —General Luiz
Terrasas Sr. may offer himself to
General Villa as a human sacrifice to
save the life of his son. AH that pre.
vents him from doing so is his intui
tive conviction that the rebel chief
tain will break faith and torture both
father and son to death.
What will I do to save my son-?"
replied General Terrazas in response
to a question of The Call-Post's cor
"Mother of God! What will any
father do to save his own flesh and
blood? Anthing: everything! I would
even give myself over to Villa. But
it would do no good. He would only
hoi dus both and suffer us to Insults
worse than death. lam doing every
thing possible and within reason now.
Through my influential friends here
an appeal is being made to Washing
ton. But to a father whose every
thought is for the life of his son and
the safety of his son and the safety
of his women folk it all seems so
slow, so slow."
Here the aged millionaire burst
Into suppressed sobbing. His younger
son and nepiiews crowded around him
to offer ministrations of condolence.
"He is almost ill," one of them
said. "The strain of the terrible flight
across the desert, the horrible sus
pense of not knowing whether or not
his son is dead or to be executed any
moment has undermined his nervous
By aaaociated Preai.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 16—Through
representations to General Villa by
American Consul Letcher and through
messages conveyed by the American
consul at Hermo&illo to General Car
ranza, the United States has success
fully interceded in behalf of Span
iards who complained of mistreat
ment when Chihuahua City was oc
cupied by the constitutionalists.
EL' PASO, Dec. 16. —Silver cannon
balls are being used by rebels at Chi
huahua, it is reported here today.
The rebels are short of shells and are
compelled to use the output of the
silver mines in southern t'hihuahua.
End of World Due in
Fifteen Million Years
Eric Dooitttle of the University of
Pennsylvania's astronomical depart
ment is authority for the statement
that the world will come to an end
about 15,000,000 years hence.
Speaking before a body of Presby
terian preachers today he said that
the eventual cooling of the sun will
bring about darkness, cold and death
to all life.
Poor Retouching Cause
Of "Mona Lisa" Theft
FLORENCE. Italy, Dec. 16.—Signor
Chini. the Italian painter, writes to
a local paper today, urging a theory
that the theft of the "Mona Lisa" was
"simulated in order to conceal some
badly executed restorations of the
picture." He says that he detected
some retouches of which there is no
official record.
"It's a Lie," Cries Slayer
When Termed Insane
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK. Dec. 16.—Hans Schmidt
sprang to his feet in the court room
today and vehemently denied his coun
sel's statement that he was Insane
when hp killed Anna Aumuller.
"It's a lie!" he shouted, brandishing
his fists. "I protest against that."
The prosecution rested its case.
•lilllliiPlillllllll lIM||I IlllltfllWl BiTWHiIM lIM hMI H llipiPJIlPliLII "111
* -San
Great DaUjy
Founded -
Trains and boata, So.JLIVLV. JS ill V. Hi >\ 1
Funeral Halted as
Undertaker Beats
Blockading Autoist
Savage Battle Delays Cortege
Through Oakland Street for
More Than Half Hour
A funeral proceeding' ont Telegraph
avenue. Oak Band, was delayed for
more than half an hoar this morning
at Twenty-sixth street while C.
Welch, the funeral director, took: off
his white glove* and undertaker's
black coat and thoroughly thrashed.
H. G. Harlan, driver of an automobile
truck, who had refused to move his
machine out of the path of the fu
neral cortege.
As a result Welch was arrested on
a charge of assault and battery and
will appear In police court tomorrow.
The truck was standing at Twenty
sixth street in such a position that
the funeral procession could not pass.
The driver of the automobile hearse
shouted to Harlan to get out of tbe
way. Harlan refused flatly and the
battle followed.
Famous Pianiste Is
Won by Sweetheart
Of Her Schooldays
Miss Paloma Schramm, Youthful
Artist, Will Be Bride of Civil
IjOS ANGELES, Dec. 16.—A romance
filled with memories of the family
farm, an old adobe home, graceful
pepper trees swaying in the summer
breeze, and a friendship that has stood
the acid test of time, has culminated
In the engagement of Mis* Paioma
Schramm, world famous youth pian
iate, and Edgar Baruch, a civil en
gineer of the city.
She says she will lay aside her con
cert life for domesticity.
Parcel Post Branch
Opened in Post Street
Two innovations in the parcels post
service were inaugurated by Postmas
ter Fay today. in response to the
views of an umber of merchants, he
opened a branch holiday parcels post
depot in the Jewelers' building in Post
street, and similar stations will be
opened during the week in various
department stores. In order to facili
tate the business of merchants ship
ping large consignments of holiday
goods, they will be allowed to use
precanceled stamps.
Will Ask Successor to
Mrs. Young to Resign
By Associated Press.
CHICAGO, Dec. 16.—John D. Shoop,
who was elected superintendent of
public schools to succeed Mrs. Ella
Flagg Young, will be asked today by
a committee of Chicago clubwomen to
resign, so that Mrs. Young can be re
appointed. The delegation will be
composed of representatives of the
Chicago Women's club, the Chicago
Teachers' federation, the Political
Equality league and other large or
Christmas Ship Brings
"Yuletide and Goodwill"
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK. Dec,' 16.—The Rev.
James Yule, Robert Tide and Miss
Helen Goodwill were names on the
passenger list of the Anchor line
steamer California, just in from Glas
gow. Captain Blaikie said that in ad
dition there was an abundance of
good cheer in the hold of the vessel,
where there were several hundred
cases of Scotch whisky.
Another U.S. Judge
Is Urged in South
WASHINGTON*. Dec. 16—Pleading
that tiie rapidly growing population
of California and the congested cal
endar of the southern judicial district
makes an addition district judge im
perative. Congressmen Stephens.
Church, Bell and Kettner appeared
before the house judiciary committee
yesterday to urge the bill to create
an additional judge.
Coppettes Demanded by
N.Y. Probation Officer
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Dec. If.—A demand
that New York follow the example of
other cities in the appointment of
women as policemen is made by Miss
Maude Miner, secretary of the New
York Probation society. She wants
10 policewomen appointed to solve
abduction cases and trace runaway
Active Work on Great Syster.
From the Sierras Begins
With the Return of
Mayor Rolph
Thorn a* Jena baft*. Acting Mayor
of San Franciaco—Prealdent Wil
son signed the Hetch Hetchy Mil
this afternoon. Congratulations
to San Francisco.
This message, received late last
night, marks the last stage of Sa»
Francisco's victory, crowning Its lon|
fight for a Bierran water supply.
It came from Mayor Rolph in Wash,
ington. where, with others who paw
ticipated in the flght to get the Hetc \
Hetchy bill passed, he watched thi
final stage.
"Now we can take our coats off an 4
pick up the shovel," said Actint
Mayor Jennings when he read thf
"City Engineer O'Shaughnessy will
arrive home today and is ready to go
ahead with the work, and before long
San Francisco will turn with a
will to the 10 year task of building
the magnificent water system.
"We knew it was coming, of course,
but this is a big day for the city."
Everybody else about the city hall
was as jubilant as the acting mayor.
With the return of Mayor Rolph it
is expected that active steps will be
taken immediately toward the forma
tion of the commission which is tn
have charge of the work and whos*
head will be City Engineer O Phaugh.
nessy, according to recent announce
The first move after this will be to
begin the condemnation of lands
needed along the route of the pipe
Witnesses Against
Mrs. Vaughn Gone
Vivian Lyons, Robert J. Widne.v
and Noel Murphy, witnesses against
Mrs. Mary Vaughn, clubwoman. have
disappeared, accordjng to a statement
made before Judge Lawlor today by
Assistant District Attorney Cunha.
Judge Ivawlor ordered the police to
bring the three to court tomorrow,
that they might be subpenaed fof
the hearing Thursday of the cas«
against Mrs. Vaughn. She is ac
cused of offering to "square" a cass
against A. B. Widney for $500 in th«
police court.
kbe White Smtai
Prompt and
Holiday Service
Clove and Merchandise I
1 Orders Issued
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