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£3>Q>llJi- C^*Hin rr (**\nv**r*\nllrn\f% The city circulation of The Call-Post is far in excess of any other
VJvl££# £g Vs£# l»£££C£ LlxJf l evening paper in San Francisco. Both in street sales and delivered- I
| to-the-home circulation The Call-Post leads all competitors by many thousands. Paid announcements in this medium get the widest 'J
and maximum results are certain. .\ .\ .'. .'. /. .\ .". /. .'. .". .'. .'.
A Cleajx Wholesome,,
• Paper Jot •
C alifornia Homes.
» 11 H . a
HAJX, A>l> POST, VOI- 94, XO. 152.
Life Saving Crew Picks Up
Fishermen in Peril of
Death Off Cliff
Tossed about like a chip in a sea
running mountain high before a SO
mile sou'easter, the crew of a crab
fisherman's la.unch clung to the
upturned cockleshell a mile out and
a mile south of the Cliff house while
the life saving crews from Point Bo
nita. Fort Point and the Golden Gate
life saving stations raced their
launches to the rescue this morning.
At o'clock the lookouts on the
shore saw. the launches head back to
land with two men snatched from
the waves. At that time it was im
possible to learn whether there had
been any others aboard the wrecked
MEM < I.IXG TO ( Rtl T
Through the glass at the Golden
Gate station the watchful eyes of the
life savers spotted the bit of flotsam
with its liuman load at *J:3O o'clock.
The mist of the raging waves par
tially obscured the foundered craft,
but the lookout thought there were
at least four men clinging to the gun
immediately the word was passed
to the other two stations and the
three powerful boats were launched
in the surf and struggling toward
the rescue within five minutes after
tile boat in distress was discovered.
Later the glass disclosed another
Fmali launch in the vicinity of the
upturned crab fisherman. The second
iaunch appeared to be standing by at
tempting to rescue the men in the
According to water front men the
storm outside was the worst on this
i oast of the winter. At 8 o'clock the
wirtd was blowing 51 miles an hour.
The southwest gale whipped the
bay into big waves and ferry boats in
the early morning hours shook their
passengers thoroughly as they wal
lowed back and forth.
Earle Will Become
Russian Citizen
NEW YORK, Dec. 24.—Intimate
friends of Ferdinand Pinney Earle
heard today that he had rented a
'I:..'isp in Moscow and had expressed
;i n intention of becoming a Russian
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Caretaker for Kent
Must Make Public
Apology for Slander
Employe of Congressman Ordered
by Justice to Retract Statements
Made in School Site Row
P. L. Coulter, a caretaker for Con
gressman William Kent at Kentville.
was ordered by Justice of the Peace
Mfdfe to make a public apology to W.
J. Simpson, a business man of San
Kran< isco, also residing at Kentville,
at a mass meeting January L', and to
publicly retract statements for which
Simpson yesterday wanted Coulter ar
rested on charges of slander. The bit
ter feeling between Simpson and
Coulter grew out of a row over the
choice of a site for the Kentfield
school, in which the entire commu
nity has taken sides.
Coulter is charged with having in
sinuated that Simpson, who is one of
the anti-Kent faction, had been sub
sidized to oppose the selection of the
site in the Kent stadium, which was
offered by Congressman Kent. At a
meeting held today to settle the dis
pute epithets were freely hurled by
one faction against the other, Albert
W. Session leading the forces of the
anti-Kent faction.
Objection to the stadium site is that
the place is under two feet of water.
The anti-Kents want a site selected
in Kentfield proper, in Kentfield park.
Court Checks Auction
Of Sullivan Properties
Only a temporary restraining order
issued this morning by United States
District Judge l>ooling prevented, for
the time being at least, the sale at
auction by Henry G. Meyer, the
banker, of a part of the properties of
Eugene J. Sullivan, chief enemy and
opponent of the Hetch Hetchy project.
The properties that were to have
been sold at noon today included a
part of the Blue lakes holdings that
Sullivan tried for so many years to
sedd to San Francisco and because of
which he hase been accused of trying
to prevent the enactment of the law
permitting San Francisco to use the
Hetch Hetchy waters.
The restraining order was issued by
Judge Dooling. when a petition in in
voluntary bankruptcy against Sulli
van was filed by W. H. H. Hart on be
half of himself and Charles Haskell.
Meyer, it is understood, held the Sul
livan property as security for loans
made to Sullivan which have not been
taken up. The properties that were
to be sold today are valued at more
than »80,000.
Hans Schmidt Mad, Is
Verdict of Alienists
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Dec. 24.—The fourth
alienist called by the defense at the
trial of Hans Schmidt for murder
agreed today with his predecessors
that the priest was insane. The wit
ness, Dr. M. S. Gregory of Bellevue
hospital, said Schmidt's mind was so
obsessed with the idea of making a
sacrifice when he killed Anna Aumul
ler that he did not think of man made
Thieves Carry Empty
Safe Away on Handcar
JAMESVILLE, N. V., Dec. 24.—Bur
glars pried open the back door of the
Lackawanna railroad station here
early today and carried away the safe
on a handcar. There was no money ln
the safe, because the attack was ex
pected by the station agent.
Wilson Speeds South
For Three Weeks' Rest
By Associated Press.
CHARLOTTE, N. C, Dec. 24.—Pres
ident Wilson and his party passed
through here at 10:05 a. m., en route
to Pass Christian, Miss., where he ex
pects to spend a three weeks' vaca
Gilbert and Sullivan
Pioneer Actor Dies
By Associated Press.
LONDON, Pec 24. —Albert James,
one of the original actors ln the Gil
bert and Sullivan comic operas, died
here today. He made a tour of the
United States many years ago in com
pany with Alice Huntington,
James Rolph 111 and Little
Miss Hayden Lead in
They looked like three little capi
talists as they walked into City
Treasurer McDougald's office this
morning and told that veteran that
they wanted to buy some baby bonds
"as Christmas presents for papa and
First came 9 year old James Rolph
111, who strutted up to the counter
and walked like a Wall street finan
cier. His hat had blown oft on his
way down to the office, and had a lit
tle mud on it, but "brother," as every
body calls him, did not mind it a
bit. He reached down in his pocket
and pulled out some money—can't
say just how much, but anyway.
Treasurer McDougald handed him a
flaely engraved $100 bond and Rolph
IH put it ln his pocket and walked
cier. His hat had blown off on his
ruddy face. •
Four year old Margaret Hayden,
daughter of Supervisor Emmett Hay
den, looking as sweet as a little fairy,
was right beside young Rolph. In a
lisping voice she told Treasurer Mc-
Dougald tliat she also wanted a bond,
that Santa Claus was going to give
this bond to papa and mamma. Then
little 3 year old Halsted Rainey, son
of the mayor's secretary, chimed in
in a baby voice that could hardly be
understood, made known his wants
and was handed a bond.
A pleased crowd of bond buyers,
men and women, gathered about the
three children as they made their
purchases. They were the center of
an admiring crowd for nearly 15
minutes, and when they left the build
ing, hand in hand, the throng seemed
to think that the two little citizens
and the little citizeness deserved
cheers for ther patriotic spirit.
It may be telling a secret to their
papas and mammas what they are
going to give them for Christmas, but
the story is too good- to keep.
Gives 46 Five Dollar
Goldoieces to Pases
— ( —
By Associated Prasa.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 24.—Brand new
$5 gold pieces have been presented to
each of the 46 house pages as Christ
mas gifts by Representative Barr of
Penney lvanla,
"baby" bonds
to three
children of
city officials.
who are buy
ing the bonds
as Christmas
gifts, are
Rolph 111,
receiving the
Hayden and
CHICAGO, Dec. 24. —An attempt on
the life of Charles Ailing Jr., former
alderman, now attorney for the state
board of health, was made today by
a "quack" medical practitioner,
Frank'Kllmek, who then turned his
pistol on himself. P. H. Schwaba. an
assistant to Ailing, was slightly
wounded. '
Ailing was shot in the eye and lost
consciousness. A surface examina
tion could not determine whether tlie
wound Would prove fatal. Klime,k
will die. it was reported.
The shooting occurred in Alling's
office, in tlie presence of several cli
ents, and grew out of the prosecution
of Kllmek , for practicing medicine
without ft license, Kllmek was fined
,200, - " ._'
A crowd of unemployed men, which
was increased along the line of march,
left Jessie and Third streets at noon
today, and after parading the down
town thoroughfares proceeded to the
mayor's office, where they asked for
After visiting Mayor Rolph the men
assembled at Fifth and Howard
streets to hear J. Stitt Wilson.
A special meeting of the supervis
ors' welfare committee was held this
morning at the call of Mayor Rolph.
who announced that he favored imme
diate steps to relieve the men.
Supervisor Payot will probably se
lect a special committee to handle
the situation. Work for some of
the men may be found by Superin
tendent Wollenberg of the city relief
home, and others will get employ
ment at the co-operative bureau es
tablished at the old sailors' home.
Local Architect Claims
Bride at Judge's Home
OsCar Mohr, architect, member of
the Dolphin Rowing club and de
signer of the aquatic park at the
foot of Van Ness avenue, and Miss
Ruth Brown of San Rafael were mar
ried yesterday by Judge Graham at
the judge's 2358 Vallejo
Widow of Bandit's
Victim Forgives
widow of man shot to death
by Southern Pacific train
bandit, has only forgiveness
in her heart for her hus
band's slayer, as following
will show :
By Mrs. Horace J. Montague
I,OS ANGELES, Dec. 24.— I
have only forgiveness in my
heart for the man who slew my
At thi* Christmas time I wish
"peace on earth, aoud will to
men," to every one.
For the aake of my two lit
tle sirla, I «l*h all the awett
Chriatmaa apirit poaaible to en
ter my home.
I want to keep out all the
bitterness, the harshness of
feeling—-It ha* bo place in any
one* life at thin Christmas
if it "a»n( for the Chriat
maa mnugc of forgi vrorM
and love to every oar, I could
net bear my »>ur<!<-u—lt sustain*
Secretary McAdoo to
Be Acting President
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 24.—Secretary
McAdoo will be acting president of
the United States tomorrow. In the
absence of President Wilson and Vice
President Marshall, he becomes the
ranking official left in Washington for
Christmas day.
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 24.—Prom a
narrow cell in the county jail to a
luxurious suite at the Alexandria ho
tel, with a marriage en routed—ln one
hous. This was the rapid fire expe
rience of Mrs. Nettie Putnam today
when she was released on $1,000 bail
on a charge of forgery.
Mrs. Putnam was brought from San
Francisco recently to answer charges
of passing spurious checks in this
city. With her at the time of her
arrest was Denman Chris-Campbell,
who says he is a viscount and close
relative to Lord Clyve of Stratford
on-Avoa, He was the bridegroom.
San Francisco's
Great Daljy
Founded —1856
John Bostick, arrested as the bandit who held up a Southern Pacific
train near Los Angeles on December 1, was positively identified today by
Dr. A. B. Clark of Honolulu as the man who held up the Southern Pacific
train near Richmond on November 14.
A diamond pawned by Bostick two days after the Los Angeles holdup
was positively identified by a jeweler as the gem in the engagement r'mg
of Mrs. Arthur E. Colen, who recognized Bostick as the bandit that
robbed her and others on the Los Angeles train.
After being grilled by the police under the direction of Sheriff W. A>
Hammel of Los Angeles and Captain of Police Broadhead of that city,
Bostick was formally charged with j murder on a warrant brought from
Los Angeles by Hammel. This covers the killing of James Montague,
traveling passenger agent, in the Los Angeles holdup
Baffled by the surly defiance of the prisoner, who, however, showed
signs of breaking down, the police turned to a new clew in their efforts to
find where he had been living. A laundry mark sent them on this phase
of the search. This mark is "9-H-19." The first number refers to the
driver of the laundry wagon, the letter to the office and the other mark it
the customer's number. What laundry this tap belongs to the police do
not know.
Almost coincident with the identification of the prisoner as the Rich
mond bandit by Doctor Clark, similar identification wis obtained in Log
Mrs. Louise Murphy, who was robbed on the train near Richmond,
was shown a photograph of John Bostick in Los Angeles today. She said?
"I believe that is the man. lam positive he is the bandit who
thrust a pistol into my face and took my sapphire ring and purse.
I believe the sapphire stickpin he wore when captured was made
out of my ring."
When Doctor Clark confronted the prisoner in the city jail Bostick
"I am positive that is the Richmond train robber," said Doctor Clark,
"At the time of the holdup I talked for some minutes with the bandit
and carefully noted his peculiarities, especially his - features. I would swear
that they were those of Bostick.
"I was a passenger on the sleeper Amazonian, attached to the Cali«
fornia mail. With me were my sister and her husband. I had jnst come
from Honolulu.
"I had been sitting in the smoking room, and the bandit bad g*»ne
through the car when I went into the corridor. He came toward me and
ordered me to stand and deliver. 'You're drunk,' I told him. Then he took
out his pistol, pointed it at me, and said: 'I will give you just three chances/
He started to count, but I, still thinking him intoxicated, said. Go
ahead, shoot.'
"Then my sister intervened, insisting that he was really a highway*
man and would do me harm. She ordered me to throw up my hands. T£
it is money you want, take it,' I said."
Under a grilling cross examination directed by Sheriff Hamel, Bostick**
story was picked to pieces bit by bit.
His debonair manner gave way to surliness, and h erefused pointblank
to answer questions, even with a yes or no.
The Southern Pacific police, working independently, became oio*
vinced that he was the perpetrator of these three train robberies, which
astounded the bay region last month:
November 14—California Mail held up near Richmond.
November 15—Coast division train held up south of San Jose.
November 17—Shore Line Limited mailcar robbed between San
Jose and San Francisco.
In each case the description of the robber tallies with that of Bostick
and the methods were identical.
Sheriff Hamel based the identification not only on the fact that Bostick
had the watch taken by the robber from Flagman Robin in the Los Angeles
holdup, but on peculiarities which, according to the sheriff, make Bostick
one man in a thousand.
Among these are:
Exceptionally long arms.
Slender hands with strong fin
Prominent cheek bones.
Eyes betraying daring.
Athletic figure.
"In minor points, as well," says
Sheriff Hammel, "Bostick's descrip
tion is as close as it could be to that
of the Los Angeles robber. His is of
an exceptional type.
"In Los Angeles we have 20 wit
nesses ready to identify the suspect.
Thee were passengers on the train
who saw the bandit work without a
"More than 150 suspects have been
arrested in Los Angeles in the hunt
for this train robber, but all have
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