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at a wonderful lot of adherents the penny has in this state!
One could hardly believe it without a glance through the hundreds
of letters received in The Call's big penny contest.
These letters take all shapes, styles and methods of presenting argu
ments. One of the most unusual is printed in full below. It was written
by M. Welland, 423 Mills building, and is striking in its originality. Read
it. Then sit down and write a letter yourself if you haven't yet entered
the contest.
This is the novel letter from Lawyer Welland:
A study of economics shows the Import
■ ?he penny. It bears down on the
•-.rifffe ecu of bring" by equalizing perren
lazes of profits on commodities. Induces
thrift In children and grownups and causes
bounties* industries requiring large capital
to flourish. Tlie most conspicuous of these
i- the penny newspaper.
LT.4 Castro street.
If you plsee an empty bucket under a
leaky, dripping wster faucet. yasj are sur
prised how quickly It fills. The same ex
periment applies to the penny. Place every
penny you get in a cup or Jar and It will
be only a matter of weeks before they will
amount to dollars. By this yon will and
that it takes pennies to make the dollars.
That is one form of thrift.
1016 Wood street. Oakland.
A poor, worthy trat disheartened man.
without a cent in the world and having
a alck wife and three small children to
sapport, was unable to find work. He
was slowly walking the streets at San
Francisco, thinking seriously of ending
the live, of the whole family, when he
accidentally fotrnd a penny. He picked
H up and thought, "Of what advantage
is that penny to me?" Then It came to
him that a penny would buy The Call.
He eagerly rushed to the nearest place
where one could be purchased. Turning
the: pages to the "Help Wanted" columns,
he espied one that he believed he could
fill and accordingly answered it. He got
a tob. which enabled him to relieve the
sufferings of himself and famllv.
812 a Alabama street.
"Save your pennies and the dollars will
care of themselves" applies just aa
Tueh to the worklngman aa It does to the
financier., who formed the nucleus of their
f mines by first saving the pennies.
In demonstration of the power of accnm
n at'on of pennies, this old story will serve
tke purpose admirably.
'Tn Wall street. New York, one day a
woman saw Mrs. Hetty Green coro
iag .long and decided to learn whit the
thrifty millionairess was 'good for,' to use
Sailor and Russian Suits nn v . np.
Tweeds, blue serges and $1.00 Klllt 1 ICS
I* * 3 - 65 ////?}/?/>?///?/ 29c
$7.50 Grade $5.95 \^&Z€/€/ C^T fi.oo value*. *n.i/l*
130 GRANT AYE.. Bet. Geary and Post. I —
Annual Year-End Sale
The Juvenile Annual 1 'Year-End" Sale commenced this morning in order
that mothers may bring the boys in before they go back to school.
The Christmas rush has left our stock in such shape that only a thorough
cleaning out of all odds and ends, broken lines and sizes and holiday novelties,
will put the store in order for a fresh start in January.
Considering the character of our merchandise, these reductions listed below
are remarkable.
Boys'ss.oo r Norfolk Suits, $3.65 Children's O'Coats
Boys' $8.50 and $7?so*Suits" $6.15 Formerly $8 - 50 and $7 - 50 8595
BOYS' NORFOLK SUITS, value, up to Formerl y to $12 - 50 °' coats s B - 75
512.50 $8.75 $25 Fur Trimmed Coats $11.75
No Blue Serges or Cheviots at these prices Ages 4 to 10.
Young Men's Suits and o'Coats Boys ' Overcoats
° Ages 10 to 17.
$18.00 Suits and O'coats $14.75 $7.50 O'coats, now $5.95
$22.50 Suits and O'coats $19.75 $10.00 O'coats, now $7.95
$30.00 Suits and O'Coats 523.75 $12.50 O'coats, now $9.75
50 Double-Breasted Suits, ages 10 to 17 only; $7.50 and $6.50 values $3.65
65 Stout Suits for boys 13 to 16; regular $10 and $8.50 values '. !$4L95
EATKRS ' «m. young men's shirts Children's Plush and
(Oxford Gray Only; —Sizes 13VS to ls'/ 2 . Some , T/4 , „ . ,
53.r.0 ited. <.ra.v and >ary sweatrn.. S2.ss slightly soiled from handling; V eiOUr XiatS at
!M..%0 Miakrr Snralrra (navy only) .*2.»5 $2 50 and $1 50 Shirts 51.15 A imiif 1/ f\&
BOYS' SCHOOL WAISTS .4.1 * vnilMr urxio iixmpr; ADOUt Vn Off
BOYS' li.v\ \ ki. WAISTS, |U6 WEAR — Odd garments. &** Hats .' '.'.'. .' ', '. '.'..V. *i™
, -'"de 85 Sizes 36 to 40 52.50 Hats «1.4.1
BOYS* SOISKTTK WAISTS— C 1 -~ ' lv T* __, $o oo Hats . a itS
si.oo grade 85 $garments 95* HVte ..... J&
*1.50 e-rade 51.1.1 ?2.00 garments 91.15 Boys' Caps 45
the parlance of the beggar gentrj. Ae
csting her with a pitiful air. she said:
a h. y "" a " lp a tKKjr relation ou « a "t
--'A relation ? Why, you.are no relation
" Yea I be ' answered the beggar, 'and
. . ,'• .- T "" P roTe if and I'll help you,'
■ ~ • . now perplexed Mrs. Ureen.
' " ell, continued tbe»taciful beggar.
fh". 1 A " am aud ETe the first people on
**J?**»' admitted the queen of Wall
" we *" comp frf>n J her, as she
was the first woman, so that makes me a
poor Creature' triumpb * mly Qec lareU the
"Hetty .lelibersted a second or so sired
the speaker up good naturedly and reacting
Into her purse drew forth a penny and
aaa*N It hi the woman. '
• 'Her-, mr sifter.' she said 'take
this pennr. if a n T our relations will treat
you a, kindly today as I have tomorrow
you, too. will be a millionaire ' "
mi Myrtle street. Oakland.
A penny paper saves Us foyer 4 rents
a day. $12 a 2 a year—half a mnntlTs
family; more than a week's wares for •
common laborer or half a week's nay f«r
a .killed workman. P 7 °*
Department stores reallre most fully the
mat nook to dally bargain hales proTa
the enticing power of even
a 1 or 2 cent reduction.
r, ~ R - I* KNAPP.
Reno, NeT.
Many will need money In two Tears
from now for entrance fees for them
selves and families to the Panama-Paclne
"E" 0 " **5 wi » want to entertain
rrlend* from the cast and foreign coun-
How can poor people do this? Br sav
ing pennies. Trade where pennies are
When the grocer say* yorj most pay
him IS r*j]t* for a 13 cent can of toma
toes, flnd another grocer
Let ua figure a little. Sare three pen
nies a day lor 20 day* of a month and
IVrite a Idler of 250 words, giving pour views on the
advantages cf the penny. Use only one side of the paper.
Awards will be made as follows:
For the best letter $50 in pennies
For the second best letter $20 in pennies
For the third best letter $15 in pennies
For the fourth best letter $10 in pennies
For the fifth best letter $5 in pennies
Address your contribution to Penny Contest Editor, The Call.
four for 10 days and In one month you
have accumulated 100 pennies.
One dollar a month for two years at
4 per cent will amount to $25. Save $3
■ month or 10 ceuts a day aud at the
<ml of two years you would save $75.
Ten dollars a month at the same rate
would amount to $250. : :.
Morse Hotel. Berkeley.
It Is an evident faot that the American
people, especially westerners, are extrav
agantly luelined. The time Is fast ap
proaching for "the awakening." What
the American people need Is a small
standard of coinage to impress on tbcm
the full vslue of the dollar.
K. K. .
"ISA Tennessee street.
Necessities of l'fe too numerous to men
tion are dealt <n by the cent's worth.
The use of the cent In change Is most
Receiver Directed to Bring
Restitution Suit Against
By Associated Press.
ST LOUIS Dec. 26. —James W.
Lusk, a receiver for the St. Louis and
San Francisco railroad, today was
directed by Circuit Judge Sanborn to
bring restitution suit against certain
directors and former directors.
Search Continued for
Business Man's Body
Search for the body of Stephen
Asbill, a member of the firm of Asbill
& Hardin, with offices in the Mrst
National bank building, who was
drowned in a slough on his ranch near
Corning yesterday. was continued to
day under the direction of Robert
Hardin, his partner, and W. B. Wag
non or 214 Spruce street. Asbill was
on horseback and alone at the time
of the accident He had gone up to
Corning Wednesday to look over the
Reid ranch, which he had purchased
a year ago. Asbill came here five
years ago from Lake county, was a
bachelor and resided at the Fairmont.
He was 34 years old.
Faith Puts Hope in His
Knife; Shows No Charity
Charles Faith put his hope :n a
knife as a peace restorer and showed
no charity. Therefore he is held on
two charges of assault with a deadly
He tried to settle an argumnt be
tween four men early today. He sa> s
they attacked him. P. Pedro has a
cut In his arm ami James Pavone
a cut scalp. They were arrest»d for
disturbing the peace, with Ang«!o
Pavone and Philip Wallno.
Faith is night clerk at the Tacoma
hotel, 10 Embarcadero, where the
fight occurred.
Beachey Loops Loop
Five Times Over Fair
Looping the loop five times 3,000
feet above, the bay off the exposition
grounds. Lincoln Beachey, the daring
San Francisco birdman yesterday
gave new thrills to 12,000 spectators
who had questioned the possibility of
the feat being done in a stiff breeze.
His flying was the sensation of the
day, and was the main event to the
curtain raisers which were staged In
the air by Silas Christofferson, H. W.
Blakely and Roy Francis.
The way Beachey loops his loops
looks simple enough; it is very much
as if a gigantic seagull turned somer
saults In the air.
Five times in that one great drop
from the height of 3,000 feet, Beachey
headed his plane downward ever
more and more perpendicular until
the machine gently turned over, re
covered Its equilibrium, and then shot
downward igain for the next loop.
convenient as well as legal. The standard
Is set by necessity or accommodation, the
gravity of change, as well as by law.
Experience has shown that its free use In
change i* „ stimulus to business as well as
l necessity to many people, especially the
children. FRANKLIN.
Hotel Atlanta.
The enormous value of the penny can
only be comprehended by a careful study
of the tables of compound interest.
Cpou the small charge or payment of
one. two or three pennies for the use of
one little dollar the large hanking Inter
ests and vast properties of insurance com
panies are built.
The difference between the loss or gain
of iust oue penny on the dollar for a few
years can make or break the richest loan
concerns iv the Dotted States.
„.,„ „ . f n. BRF.LSFORD.
239 Pacific building.
Slashes Girl's Clothes
And Cuts Her With Razor
John Raffaelo stepped up to Ruth
Davis at Kearny and Pacific streets
early today and slashed her clothes to
ribbons with a razor, while a crowd
looked on. Screaming, the girl fled,
with Raffaelo at her heels. She fell
with a bad wound In her arm. Her
assailant was subdued uftei a u«.»t
and taken to the central police sta
tion, iiis victim going to the harbor
emergency hospital.
Raffaelo lives at the La France
hotel and the girl at the New Com
Marabou Capes and Stoles $2.98 | Hemstitched Chiffon Veils 59c
Just 50 in this special lot which we >° ZC " °*' d C *"d\ 7 % r^'^t't^*/
white_or Silk ScarfS 29c
| Ask for Pragers Cash Stamps j are represented.
Actual Half-Price Sale Men's Overcoats
The Season's Best Garments Lis j e Hose
in a Sensational Event For Men 1 7
We propose to reduce our stock of overcoats at onee —hence this sensa- Ji>C%w ! Pair ... * f
tiunal cut price announcement. We offer you our entire stock on a half 3 pairs for 50c. Slightly imperfect
price basis. The assortment includes long coats with the new convertible 'JWWMJf J * rn'pe'LJlot^um^ot^fmt.l
-or shawl collars, whole or half lined. Also long drape coats, new model //#} ''.a only a drop stitch here and there. A
Kaplans, a few samples and a fair assortment of Hart Shaffner & Marx coats, af new * tW ° W *" make them a * ?ood
The men of San Francisco should appreciate this genuine half price op- IM^afc
portunity. Note the prices: f Seconds of
Regular $9.75 Coats Reduced to . . . $4.87 "Lambsdown" Underwear
Regular $12.75 Coats Reduced to . . . . 6.37 Men 59c
Regular $14.75 Coats Reduced to .. . 7.37 §» ' |||
fi l nn r> nil i a f\f\ ill MM *'3iltf' Our regular price on these seconds is
KeffUlar $20.00 tOatS KedUCed tO .... IU.UU 'If 8ll V tf<V 69c Saturday we make a reduction of
iff I tea ih lift 1» 10c a garment and offer you a complete
Regular $25.00 Coats Reduced to .. . 12.50 Jlf fj j\ if^e
—. . — _ , , 4>m /x/v * Vi < \ Lambsdown.
Regular $30.00 Coats Reduced to . . . . 15.00 I MwL il S ~
a* j qi. . - A 'Slil 111 Knit Combination Suits
IVlen S tJllirtS /U /% X™ For Children <|JO 17(f
A Bargain Feature ... • */ jEWi Reduced to *
AjTK I B 111 Not a few of them for advertising purposes, but him- C Our $3.45 and $4.00 lines of knit com-
aJHlftrt 1 j 11 ■ ti 11 j - , 1 bination suit?. Three pieces—sweater,
eCrUJi 1 111 mL drCdS ma " SIZeS - T67 63 1 madC m thC P ° PUlar C ° at *Jbb leggins and toque, in tan, white and gray.
ll*r^Nsf|~~ B X\?7' Mff st y* e ' scores °f choice patterns to select from in splendid M£lW Choice of plain or fancy weaves.
quality Madras and Percale. Yon will find them equal in C^f^
I BJ every way to many $1.00 shirts sold in the exclusive stores -ft© Children's Sweater Coats 39c
° £ Sa " Francisco - We carf y a bI S line at this P rice at all tinies - If >' ou want to econ - Sizes 22, 24 and 26, in plain or fancy weave
omlze in a substantial way> buy 1,1 " c si ' irts ' ?weater c ° ts ~ gray ' red ' whhe and vari ° us
*WmK Regular $2.50 Flannel Shirts $1.85
Girls' White French Dresses 50c
A cut price for Saturday only. Splendid Flannel shirts, with auto collars, in gray, Former selling prices ranged up to $1.50.
khaki and olive, sizes 14 to 17. Don't lose sight of flic fact that these are our own They are slightly soiled, hence this reduction,
regular $2.50 shirts reduced to 51.85 Saturday only. Many styles to select from.
SPECIAL! Two-Clasp Lambskin Gloves 89c Pair brown, white and black.
Big Purchase and Sale Girls Coats j|| J©*
A short time ago we purchased a lot of 300 coats at most ridiculous prices, when you consider that they are all Js&&i^\
new and stylish and have never been in a store. They came from a manufacturer's representative who had instruc- / /\ i
tions to sell them without regard to cost. The styles are all the very latest—principally Balkan and sport belted I 1 \ Ij
models. The materials include Corduroys, Persian Lamb, brocaded Plush, all-wool mixed and stripe fabrics, etc. / V q M
Many of them are fur trimmed. There are four bargain groups: I V I I
t55.00 Coats AO, $8.00 Coats <fc£ AO jfl«!Jfifc — — ~J \ I k
Marked Marked «p0.%70 0 I 7
$6.50 Coats QQ $12.50 Coats AO / fpf^l
Marked <PO.UO Marked 4>0.%70 fv. ; W$
Although the quantity seems la rge we advise you to make your selec- J U^^^"^^^^^' [{m
tion Saturday. The size assortment runs from ages 2to 15. -'ffl 1 jV JT^"^
Boys' $4.95 and $5.95 WK| 1
Overcoats Marked m J
Here is a great opportunity for San Francisco /H *€j art \ } . // # t
mothers. These are regular $4.05 and $5.95 lines, I A, if r Wv. ffPf
sizes Bto 16. The styles are new—some with belt • * A Sl> I'l'llP^
in back, others plain box back. Choose from mix- y% Atm^m
lures, stripe effects, etc., in Tweeds and Cassimeres. \M
This reduced price will be in effect Saturday only. &
Statistics Show Americans
Outrank Foreign Countries
in Goods Shipped
By Associated Press.
W ASHINGTON, Dec. 26.—The suc
cess that has marked the efforts of
American manufacturers to establish
markets for their exports in the union
of South Africa, long considered to be
exclusive provinces for foreign trad
ers, completely refutes the assertion
that foreign competition is driving
Americans from the field of export
trade, according to a statement made
public today by the ' department of
The rapid strides of American ex
porters into the field of foreign trade
has caused a note of warning to be
sounded throughout the United King
dom against American aggressivc ness
in South Africa, the department as
serts. Statistics are cited by the de
partment showing that for the first
time in more than five fears the
United States in 1912 outranked all
other foreign countries in imports into
South Africa.
A train on the Northwestern Pa
cific killed Frank Hudson, a member
of the Marine Cooks' and Stewards'
union, whose body was found at 9
o'clock last night by William Ritchie,
a motorman, at Manzanita.
For San Francisco —Fair and cooler
tonight; fair Saturday; heavy frost
Saturday morning; light northwest
Los Angeles Plaza District
Surrounded and All Persons
Searched for Weapons
LOS ANGELES. Dec 26. —The his
toric plaza district in the older sec
tion of Los Angeles, scene of a
Christmas riot among unemployed
which resulted In the death of one
and the injury of more than a dozen,
was surrounded by a cordon of police
early today. All who attempted to
pass were searched for weapons. City
detectives hunted through the Mexi
can quarter for information concern
ing the reported death of two more
during the riot.
The police raided every restaurant,
saloon, pool hall and lodging house in
the vicinity of the plaza, taking Into
custody all on whom weapons of any
sort could be found, or who showed
signs of having participated in the
The police visited the rendezvous of
W. W., where they said they
found short lead pipes, clubs and
other weapons, which they confis
Cross League Cadets
To Entertain Prisoners
Members of Company L, League of
the Cross Cadets, will present a theat
rical performance at the county jail
Sunday afternoon for the benefit of
the prisoners.
Read the Want Ads Call-Post. It
pays. .
Frazer Succeeds Root
As Head of W. 0. W.
Sy Associated Press.
OMAHA, Dec. 26. —W. A. Frazer of
Dallas, Texas, sovereign adviser of
the order, will automatically succeed
J. Cullen Root, sovereign commander
of the Woodmen of the World, who
Is dead at Hendersonvllle, N. C. The
board of advisers will hold a meet
ing tomorrow, to give official sanction
to Frazer's succession. The regular
successor to the sovereign commander"
will be elected at the convention of
the sovereign camp in San Francisco
in 1915. The office carries a salary of
$20,000 a year.
Calendars to
Send Away
No other holiday gift is of such
general use and so acceptable.
Our line is very attractive, em
bracing a large collection of
famous California "Views, hand
somely mounted and boxed ready
for mailing.
Pictures of Merit, frnmed and
in sheet.
Let un do your Picture Fram
ing;—largest stock of moulding*
—Rest work at a fair price
Leather Goods
There is no finer stocK of Ladies'
Leather Hand Bags anywhere—
Music Rolls, Traveling: Toilet
Sets—Men's Poeketbooks, Bill
books and Card Cases—lnitials In
gold free.
Parisian Ivory Toilet Seta-
China Painting SnpplieN—Photo
Album*—Photo Frame*— Foun
tain Pens.
Oil and Water Color Outfit*.
Trunks, Suit Cases, Traveling
We save $3,000 a month in rent
by being one block off Market
st.. on Mission between 3d and
4th. It keeps down the prices.
Sanborn, Vail & Co.
MISSION, Bet. 3d and 4th.,
When You Buy the CHERRY
"Fellows." said Ted to a group at
the club, "you are probably all broke
after Christmas, so let me slip you a
tip on clothes. If you need a suit
or overcoat, go to CHERRYS. A good
I many of you have never heard of this
store, because they do not come out
with a lot of advertising, and that is
one reason why they can afford to sell
j $35 and $40 suits for half the price.
The best advertisement that they hay*
is a large number of well dressed and
j satisfied customers. I feel that I am
| as nattily dressed as any man in this
circle, and I know that I have not
j paid nearly as much as any of yon.
i In fact, T have not paid for this suit,
j because CHERRYS Credit Plan allows
i a fellow all the time that he wants
to pay up."
] They went out in a body to the
Market street store and found suits
, and overcoats that were the very top
notch of fashion on display.
CHERRYS have two stores in San
! Francisco —at 1009 Market street and
2400 Mission street. Both of these
carry men's as well as women*
clothes. CHERRYS Oakland stores
are at 628 13th street for men and 515
13th street for women. In Los An
-1 geles the store is at 636 South Broad
way,—Advertisement. _
Phone Kearny 232
Residence Phone West 948»
Read tha Want Ads Call-Post. It
pays. .

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