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jyTke new spring Shirt Waists Lacos, Embroideries, ■
are now on display. Ribbous and Gloves. \
* ntw SILK SKIETS. ||
We have Jv.st received a few styles in Black Peau De Soie Silk 7
' Skirts, made of extra quality silks and extremely well made. If
' in need of a nice skirt call and see them.
The Daylight Store 4th Street. |
I Don’t forget Mrs. Nelson’s Dressmaking
| | Our “Trofousse kid Gloves are m I Department in roar of our store. The I
I for Easter selling. | very best of work at reasonable prices |
SCHIELE BROS. & MORLAND, Denver, Colorado
To tlie Editor of The Sentinel:
Merely because some flaws can be
picked in the original contract by
which the Electric Light company
was granted its charter to furnish
Grand Junction with light, is no
reason why the whole system of light
ing by contract is of no account. Had
the comnauy been properly bound to
furnish good lights there would have
been no trouble today. Had there
been a clause inserted that the com
pany’s books should be open to inspec
tion and that a percentage of the pro
fits should be paid into the city treas
ury, there would be no howl about
“the hydra headed monster’’ which
is “sucking the life blood of the peo
Instead of that we aro in the throes
of the perennial scramble for office,
and are bound to be made a “shining
example ’ of by being the latest vic
tims of that Utopian folly, municipal
We are asked to look a’, the British
tramways and light plants, which are
so carefully controlled in the interests
of the public. What aro the facts?
The British tramways are paying into
the treamry less than $600,000 in the
form of taxes, or but 2 per cent on the
gross receipt* of $25,000,000, while
the steel railways of New York and
Massachusetts ure paying yearly $2,-
500,000 or 4.7 per cent, on gross re
ceipts of $50,000,000.
Here is an iuterediug light upon
the virtues and vice of rigid munci
pal control of corporate enterprises.
If forty years ago British munici
palities had said to private capital.
“Come in and help us make our cities
what they ought to be,” the British
tramways would today be earning
$200,000,000 gross instead of less than
one eighth of that sum, and could be
paying as taxes from $8,000,000 to
$10,000,000 into the public treasury
instead of a paltry SOOO,OOO.
This is not an exaggeration. Mr.
Editor, this is fact. “Record Fact.”
The figures stated are an underesti
ate rather than an overestimate as
it is well understood by all who have
the slightest knowledge of street rail
way finances and possibilities, in a
densely populated country like Great
Referring to the municipal plant in
Chicago Mr. Yorkes says: ‘The op
Aiicr a Rip VanWinKlc Sleep, is at last awaKe. New
Management. New Goods. Everything New.
* Having purchased the Geo. Brink & Co. Tea and Coffee business
j in this city I am prepared to offer my friends and patrons a com-
J plete line of fresh goods of a quality and price to please the
1 most fastidious The business will be continued under the name
\ of Geo. Brink & Co. J - F - BYERS, Manager.
J We guarantee everything »e sell.
oration of the electric plant today is a
disgrace to this community. It is not
economical or practical to operate
these industries by the municipality
There can be only one reason why it
should be done and that is to support
an army of politicians and their bang
ers on, who. we all know, care little
for work and who aro of no service
to the industry they pretend to be en
gaged in. ’
Leadville, March 26.—Four Protes
tant churches were robbed today and
the alleged thief is now in jail. This
is the first time in the history of
Leadville that an attempt has been
made to enter a sacred edifice for the
sake of procuring plunder. The man
gives liis name as Walter Dickens
Thompson, alias T. A. Bryant, and
he has made a complete confession to
the iheritf. The man hails from
Cripple Creek where he claimed to be
a musician and also engage 1 as a drug
gist. Thompson did not secure very
valuable plunder. He helped himsell
to a number of Bibles, a clock, a bell
used by the Presbyterian Sunday
school and a violin, belonging to the
pastor of the Methodist church. When
arrested lie was found peddling Ox
ford teachers’ Bibles for 25 cents each.
Che violin he had placed in a pawn
shop, together with a large clock,
which he had taken from the Metho
dist church.
‘Satisfaftiou Always.” Lyons * Son.
House-Cleaning—First class; 420 White.
Lost—Ladies’ Gold Watch. Finder leave
•auie at this office and receive reward.
For Sale—Two good V shaped sign boards
fur front of office or store. Bogun, Gaines
t Company.
Bees For Sale —About forty stands. Ap
ply to W. F. Miller, half mile southeast In
liau school.
The Star iautiury is fuliy equipped to di
ill kinds of lauudry—both family aud com
uercial. Try us once. Colorado avenue be
wee Third aud Fourth.
For Rent—One eight room h >use one half
mile from city limits on Fruita road or will
lease house and teu acres i bearing fruit
rees. Call or address M. J. Walsh, Railroad

O. F. Keene is upon the streets
again after a severe attack of la
On Monday Marcli 80th the Bargain
House will have a furniture opening.
This is something for both ladies aud
gentlemen—of course a millinery *
opening is too, for the men pay for *
the hats — But an opening in our 1
line is oqe that can be appreciated bv
both. What man dons not enjoy hav
ing his home nicely furnished?
Wo have just received another big (
shipment of furniture, including an *
immense lino of refrigerators and ice ; 1
chests which like all other things in ! *
our store, are selling at the very low- j J
esfc prices possible. Our terms are *
easy aud our goods the best. Our lino ' (
of carpets, rugs, and draperies is I'
most complete and should be carefully *
examined, before yon buy elsewhere. ‘
While you are looking over our farm- 1
ture, remember that on the same day, (
we are offering special bargains in 1
glassware and can give you the low- *
cat prices in the city.
“The Golden State Limited” recent
ly placed in service between Chicago
and California by the Kock Island
system is beyond doubt tin* most pal
itial train ever constructed. Bath
rooms, barber shop, library, dining
service, electric lights, electric fans,
in fact every contrivance imaginable.
The Rock Island was the first line
to establish low excursion rates be
tween the east and Colorado, and the
officials will not cease to expend every
effort to continue the work of incens
ing the popularity of it* resort*. With
this in view' it will not be surprising
to see in the very near future such
trains as “The Colorado Flyer.” and
the ‘‘Rocky Mountain Limited” sim
ilarly equipped.
One thing is certain there is never
anythiusg better than the Rock Island
service, and it,3 dining car system is
Know' thy future and prospects for
1003, bv consulting
Prof. Ralph H. Thomason,
Clairvoyant and Palmist.
Special offer for three days longer.
Realizing that there are many skepti
cal people in Grand Junction, Prof.
Thomason has decided to give all an
opportunity to test the w'onderful
pow’ers at the special price of
50cts. 50cts. 50cts. 50cts.
For three days only. Office hours 0
a. m. to 9 p. m , including Sunday.
528 Main street above the Fair.
The following excellent bill of fare
will be served Sunday. Fine Music
by the Mandolin club:
Parker House.
Pickles Olivos Celery
Baked chicken pie.
French Toast, Jolly Sauce.
Prime Ribs of Beef, Brown Gravy,
Roast Turkoy, Dressing.
Mashed Potatoes, Sugar Corn,
Stewed Tomatoes.
Cream Pie Pumpkin Pie
Mint Sherberr, Lemon Ice Cream.
Assorted Cake, Mixed Nuts
Tea, Coffee, Milk.
Price 35 cents.
Tlie Ladeis Epmorium lias won for
i self the reputation of soiling prettier
hats for less monev than anyone else
in fbe city. So we will now cordial
ly invite you to call and exaimne our
stock as we are offering greater bar
gains than «ver before.
Friday. April Brd, Prof. Stovall
»vill give a grand ball at Turner hall.
Gold medals will be given to the best
ady aud gentleman waltzer. Music
•V Stovall’s full orchestra. Ticket*
pi 00. _
We sell Queeu Quality for the la
die*, Budd’s for the babies. Nelson’s
custom fit for the men, Hamilton
Brown’s American Lady and gentle
men’s shoes, Sampson school shoes
andjSeonrity school shoos.
Stoadart’s Boston Shoe Store.
Grand Junction, Colo. March 28 1903.
Local observations taken at 6 o’clock
mountain time:
Maximum temperature yesterday, 63
Minimum temperature this morning was
40 degrees above zero.
Relative humidity at 6 p. m. yesterday, 39
p t cent.
Relative humidity at 6 a. m. 76 per cent
Precipitation during the last 24 hours.o.oo
Observer, Weather Bureau.
Forecast for Colorado, as telegraphed
from the district center at Denver, for 36
hours endug 6 p in., tuountuiu timo yes
Western Colorado:
Threatening touight and Sunday, with
local rain or snow; probably colder Sunday.
Eastern Colored< :
Partly e’oudy ton'ght and Sunday; wurrn
er tonight*
Social circles at Whitewater have
been greatly shocked at the seduction
of a young girl residing in that vicin
ity by tlie name of Downing, tho
daughter of a well known family
The young man responsible for the
downfall of tlie young girl was Claude
S. White, the sou of another promi
nent Whitewater family. The boy
bad enlisted in tlie servico-of Uncle
Sam. The warrant was sworn out by
the parents of the girl and the officers
of the U. S. Government vessel Perry
were communicated with aud the
boy’s arrest would have only been a
question time, but he received infor
mation tliut there was a warant sworn
out for him and he deserted two weeks
ago. His friend* in this city knew
of his whereabouts and an agreement
was enteied into by the father of
the vouug girl Downing and the young
man White, that the warrant should
l>e withdrawn if White would marry
the girl.
When the timo came for the cere
mony and the friends of young White
went to the Downing home, the father
dioved under tho nose of the young
man an agreement that he would pay
twenty-five dollars for tho support ol
tlie girl whom lie had seduced, but
at this White balked and would not
sign any argeemeut. In tho mean
time the warrant bad been passed back
to tlie officers on tho agreement that
voung White should marry the girl,
this being all the parents of the girl
had asked. Downing, when the
young man. White, refused to marry
his daughter asked the district attor
ney’s office to issue a new warrant,
but this was refused upon the promise
t hat Mr. Downing bad made an agree- ;
ment that if the officers of tho law
would bring young White back to
marry his daughter that he. Downing
would be satisfied.
When the refusal was made by
young White ho immediately boarded
a train and left for Sun Francisco to
report back as a deserter and to re
enter the service of tlie navy depart
ment of tho government.
llie matter l.as stirred up consider
able feeling at Whitewater and is a
matter of general gossip, both the
families of the young people being
old and prominent residents there.
To Rent.
At actual assessment value.
Inquire of
553 Main Street
First Class Livery.
Open Day and Night.
Agents (or the famous BLACK
DIAMOND COAL, $3 per ton.
post 9 Boyd
’Phone, fied 142.
W.C. Boyer
25 years experience in all kinds
building. Heavy.work a specialty.
Estimates furnished on application
P. O. Box No. 363
will furnish Concert or Dance
Music on short notice.
J. B. BOYER, Mgr.
Room 21, Cauou block.
Rook cliff camp No. 87. w. of w.
meets in Elks hall the 2nd and 4th Thurs
days i each month Visitors welcome.
L. L. Crissinau, C. C.
C. B Rich, Clerk.
Women of Wooacraft, meets Ist at.d ord
Thursday in each month at Elk« hull.
Minnie Hill, G. N
Emma Merrill, Clerk.
II N A WEEP TRIBE No. 58, I. O. R. M.
••meets every Wednesday uighl iu Eiks
hall. R. .a. .1 scobs. Sachem.
C. H. Petrie, Chp f of Records
\N .ol A. meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of
each month in Elks hall.
B. N. Bancroft, V C.
S. R. Voile, Clerk.
O E meets every Alouday nig tit in Elks
hall, Currie block. Club rooms nojciuiug.
J. M, Sumpliuer, E R.
J. H, Galiupe, secretary.
w 2;.d and 4ih Saturday at Odd l-o lows hail
d/ILSA LODGE 58, I O O F meets every
I’utsday night in Odd Fellows hall, on
Maiu street between 4lh aud sth
Henry Nichols, Sec. Z B McClure, N G
59, IOOt meets Ist and 3rd Tuesdays
!ti eu h month at Odd Fellows hall,
Leon Chapman, Scribe
C. P. Bliss, C, P.
jtAESA LODGE No, 55 AFAAM meets
Ist and 3rd Thursdays of each month in
Masonic hall. Canon block.
S. G. Hunn. W M
v\m Canyle, secretary.
it A M meets the 2ud Thursday of eac h
mouth in Masouic hull,
w „ , , B. F.Jay. EHP,
Win Carlyle, secretary.
Temple comm ax dry no, as, Kuighu
le i plar meet* the 4th Thursday of each
month at Masouic hall,
Orson Adams, Jr., EC
Win Carlyle, Recorder,
Sunshine chapter,u d. oEsmeet.
••Ist aud 3rd Tuesdays in Masou c hall,
Mrs, E, A Lyons, W r M.
Mrs. E. H. Daniell, secretary.
Here’s a Chance
to exchange your Graud Valley prop
erty. We have two fruit rancho* in
California. Farms in lowa. Missouri.
Nebraska. Arkansas. Tennessee. North
Dakota, Oregon and elsewhere. If
vou want to change your location
come iu and see us. *
Johnson & Clasco
405 Main Street
First class Cameo Coal in large
or small quantities. Phone us
your coal order. Office at The
Bargain House.
BLACK 132-
There is no busier place in the
city than the Railroad Meat
Market, with its great array
of fresh meats-and game. You
can get prompt attention (o
your orders, in spite of the rush.
We treat you right.
Meat Market.
C. E. BUCKIUS, Manager.
North Fork Valley
Fruit Lands $5O per acre up.
Good water rights. Sure crop.
J. W. FINN a CO.
HotchKiss, Colorado

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