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Vol. X
Phone 734 Red.
John K Phillips, Pres.
W. J. Moyer, Vice Pres.
Max Buchinaua. Cashier.
L. Wickerahaui, Aat. Caahier
Tie Grand Valley
national Bank.
CAPITAL $50,000.
tg-There is absolutely no legit
imate feature of the bank
ing business for which we
are not prepared.
Foreign Exchange.
Safety Deposit Vaults.
Artistic and Neat
H Cf) Price
| Per Dozen
N This price is simply
Q to introduce this new
style of portraiture.
Badly Wrecked.
Weymouth, Eng., April 17. —The f
misfortune which seems to have pur
sued the Shamrock III* culminated to- (
day iu a gust of wiud which dismasted J
her aud leaves the beautiful chulleu j
ger lying tonight a helpless wreck in (
Portland harbor.
The accident will necessitate a de
lay of a month and probably six weeks t
in the challeuger’s sailing for Amori- t
ca, but Sir Thomas Lipton said to the 1
Associated Press that y
tlie accident would not be allowed to j
interfere with her presence in New }
York iu -time for the enp race.
“My inj aries, ’’ said Sir Thomas
Luptou, are painful. 1 was badly
shaken up and have a severely smash
ed hand, but everything is iusignifl- *
cant compaVed to the loss of poor Col- *
Her, (a brother-in-law of Captain j
VVringe, who was killed in the acci- *
dent) who lias been continuously in £
my service since the time of the first \
Shamrock. You can rebuild a yacht *
but yon cannot replace a man. ’*
Sir Thomas Luptou is the recipient
of over 200 telegrams of sympathy. ]
Sir Thomas Lupton informed the *
Associated Press correspondent that he <
had already wired orders lor new sails j
and that they were now under way. \
For several days there has been a ,
rumor that the Rio Grande was going {
to make a ent-off iu their line, start- t
ing at Castle Rock. The story was t
denied by Manager Edson of the Rio
Grande, who said that the force of
men sent to Castle Rock, were to do
some work on the branch road which
has recently been built from Castle t
Rock to Hathaway. There has been
surveying done for the cut-off. but
Manager Edson says there will be no e
work done on it for some time yet. s
Pugilist’s Wife
Dies in East.
New York. April 17 —Mrs. Robert
Fitzsimmons, wife of the former heavy
weight Dugilist. died at tier home in
Brooklyn todav. She began sinking
last night aud Fitzsimmons summoned
a number of phyiscians, but they were
unable to save her. Mrs. Fitzsim
mons had been ill for sevearl days
with typhoid pneumonia.
Freight Wreck
On Western.
Train No. 4, which should have ar
rived iu this city this morning was
declared abandoned. At first it was
reported ten hours late, but the order
annulling came later.
The cause for the aimullment of the
train was a wreck on the west side of
Soldiers Summit, iu Utah, caused by
a train got the better of the
brakes aud ran away. Reports say
that from ten to fifteen cars were pil
ed U]>on each other in an indescribable
mass of wood, iron, twisted rails,
and merchandise which was contain
ed iu the wrecked cars. The track
was so badly torn up that it took
quite a number of honrs to clear the
same. The passengers on the delayed
train were taken up by train No. 6
and will arrived in this city tonight.
No one was seriously injured iu
the accident.
Bishop Abiel Leonard will assist iu
the services at the Episcopal church
tomorrow evening.
The Peoples church meets at the
court house Sunday morning at 11
o’clock. Subject “The More Natural
Life, the More Godlike.’’
Usual services at the Episcopal
church. Easter music repeated at the
evening service. Bishop Leonard will
preach in the evening at 8 o’clock.
The morning sermon at the Metho
dist church will be on the “Influence
of Religion iu the Home.’’ In the
evening the subject will be “Lot’s
Wife. ’ ’
A German Lutheran Euster service
with holy commanion w\ll be held at
the Presbyterian church on Sunday
April 19th, at 3p. m. J. R. Graeb
uer of Salt Lake City will conduct the
The subject for the Congregational
church Sunday morning will be “The
New Salvation.’’ The evening sub
ject will be “Virtue.’’ All are cor
dially invited to worship witli us.
Jas. A. Becker, pastor.
At the Presbyterian church the pas
tor will preach both morning aud
evening. Morning subject, “God Re
newing.’’ Evening subject, “That
which Influences the Universe.’’
Strangers in the city and all others
are welcome. Remember the hours
are 11a. m. and Bp. m. Splendid
At the Baptist church tomorrow
there will be the regular Sunday
school services at the regular honr.
Union Sunday school temperance meet
ing a3 p. m. Young peoples meeting
at 7, with E. H. Bancroft president.
Preaching both morning and even
ing by Rev. Beach. Everybody is in
vited to each meeting.
Rev. Robert W. Elder has entirely
recovered from his illness of last week
and will occupy the pulpit of the
Christian church tomorrow. At the
morning service there will be a duet
by Messrs. Bover and Hutton, “Drift
ing Away From God,’’ The sermon
will be on “Chirst’s Bitter Cud’’. In
the evening a solo by Mr. Boyer, and
the sermon on “The Saving Power of
the Gospel’*. All are welcome.
Miss Florence Gatewood, who has
been visiting her sistser-in-law Mrs.
Gilpatrick, for several months, has re
turned to her old home in Missouri.
J. F. Dolson, formerly on the West
ern, is in the city after a year’s ab
sence iu the northwest.
Grand Junction, Colorado, Saturday, April iB, 1903.
Free Trip for
Two R. R. Men.
C. W. Bridges, principal of the
Grand Junction Business college is
much interested iu seeing that this
city has representation at the Eleventh
International conference of the Rail
road Department of the Young Men’s
Christian association to be held in To
peka, Kansas, from April 30th to May
3rd. Two delegates can bo sent from
this city, if two railroad men taking
sufficient interest in the matter can bo
found. Those persons will receive
transportation to Topeka and will be
entertained there free of (‘barge while
the conference i*» in session. The del
egates must of course he actively en
gaged in railway work and have shown
some interest in the matter of seenr
-1 ing the establishment of an associa
tion in this city. The time is short
until the convention meets aud Mr.
Bridges would be glad to communicate
with any two railroad men who de
sire to attend the sessions of the con
ference. There will be thousands of
delegates present aud there will b<*
splendid entertainment while the ses
sion holds.
The Excelsior
Laundry Sold.
Laundry business has been taking a
big change in this city. L. C. Camp
bell, "who has been she proprietor of
the Star laundry, has sold his business
to Mrs. A. J. Ritzman. L. J. Camp
bell aud B. C. Isemingcr have pur
chased the Excelsior Steam Laundry
plant from Frank Beuhriug. These
changes have been in contemplation
for some time but were only consum
mated yesterday. Mr. Beuhriug. who
has so successfully conducted the Ex
celsior Laundry, will take a trip back
east with his family but Ims made no
further definite arrangements than
that as to his future plans While
he Ims owned the Excelsior Laundry,
lie has pushed the business hard and
added new aud improved machinery,
so that it is one of the best plants on
the western slope at the present time.
One of the partners in the new firm
which will take charge of the Excel
sior has had laundry experience*
aud worked for a considerable time
for the Excelsior laundry.
Contract Let For
Business Block.
Kersberg aud Heartx today let the
contract for the building of their new
business block on Colorado avenne, to
John J. Lnmsden. Mr. Lumsden says
that the contract calls for the best one
story building iu the city, and that’s
what it will be when it is finished,
remarked Mr. Lumsden. The base
ment floor will be cemented aud the
girders aud all the parts of the build
ing will be the finest. The cellar will
be eight feet deep. Work on this
building will commence on next Mon
Was Received
With Pleasure.
The announcement in this paper
yesterday that the Sugar factory would
be operated this year wuh received
with a great deal of favor by the mer
chants and others yesterday.
Edwin A. Haskell, Manager.
Tickets on sale at Haskell's Pharmacy.
W, E. Flack and Walter Floyd
And a Company of 35 Real Fun-Makers, in
the Screamingly Funny Trick Farce
A Merry, Whirling Wheel of Fun. The
Season's Greatest Novelty. .“".Wonder
ful Mechanical Effects. Chorus of
Pretty Girla.
(Grand Junction's Busy Store)
\ Luxury in Walking! 1
Style and Comfort! !
■ y ® \ I ft Nevermind what old J
* \ \ fashioned people tell you: •
\ Style and Coinfort cau !
live together in a pair of—
/ l Shoes. The “Dorothy j
X Dodd” proves it. ]
i rjj They are the utmost j
J [ height of Style.
i They are Shoes of i
Genuine Distinction.
I The Highest Praise Yov Can Give a j
\ Shoe is to Say: — •
j 11 has the Style of a
! “Dorothy Todd,” yet the |
j “Dorothy Todd” is the N
j most comfortable Shoe 1
i ever made. Just try one
i pair. 0
OXFORDS $2.59. SHOES $3.00. g
Fast Color Eyelets; do not wear brassy. J
Telephone 10(1 Mesa.
• iViViYi'» MM■Vi' »V«V» vYiYiVVfiVfYaW* «V«ViV it • Y/iWiYvY* ■ Y «Y«W * W«VWV«WiiWih aViYiWv •
I I With unreliable Jute, Grass and Fibre Carpets when S
you can get best All Wool, Extra Supers at cost. :
YARD S Ingrains, all Wools and Unions 1
m y (/1/1/ at cost as long as they last.
S 452 to 456 Main Street. Phone 35-2; Kes. 35-4 1
Undertaker and Licensed Embalmer. Lady Assistant.
To Make Ours the Top Notclier In Style, Quality and
Price. Our Line of Gents’ Furnishings are Strictly Up-To-Date.
See Our Line of Spring Underwear, Neckwear, Hosiery,
Hats and Caps.
ACKERMAN. Clothier and Furnisher.
S >
I The law of supply and demand regulates prices. “Everybody
knows that.” Under this law W. H. Bannister finds that he has a
two many Iron Beds, Dressers, Sideboards, Cheffoniers, Chairs, Z
Couches, Carpets, Extension Tables, Window Shades, Stoves, 5
Center Tables, etc., on hand and in order to stimulate demand 7
has reduced the price on these goods to a point that will enable 9
people to ■
7 Funeral Director and Embalmer. Experienced Lady Assistant. 0
I Leading House Furnisher. \
50c. per Month

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