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The Guurnison legion Post met o
Wednesday might a3 the Tea Roon
accompanying their business meeting
with a good feed and a social hou:
of “fighting the war over.” The Post
wiil meetl regularly every secone
Wednesday of each mouth, and thi:
week's dinner was so successful tha!
the dinner-meeting plan will be car
ried out in future meetings.
Mans vere discussed for the com
ing ’year', activities, and 1t was de
cided to give an American Legion
minstrel show about March last.
egy Y
- g B . 1
Centificate of Authority '
No. 207 |
I'he Gunnison Bank &
Trust Company
i n, in th. S*ate of Cnlorado |
loar- and Discounts Un- |
$l2O 6AI 64
Lea and Inewcounts Se- =
I - l'!;. T ':4-\,','7,
i e o
O*her Bonds and Securi
tie 4,0:43.52
Furriture and t pre 39T R
Due from Banks (not Re-
Bank-) = 61022
Ca-h Items (not including
Checks on other banks) N 41
Drue from Reerve Bank 34,420 X
Literty Bonds and Certifi
cates of Indebtedness
R e 18,6040 (F
o} ‘ ther bans 440
Ca-h ot hand 1268372
TOT AL $393.553.20
AT |
Capital Stock S CATS 150.000.00:
Surplus Fund 2 _. 25,000.00
Undivided Profits (less
Cxpr Ny and taxers
pad) 72050,
Savir Accnunts 100 268 2
Individual depoaats 169,685,710
Due to Banks (not Rescrve
Bank.) Erie 9,465,314
Demarng Certificates of De
post 3,743.27
Time Certificates of De- |
posit 26,840.30
Reserved for Taves 2,742.69 |
Reserved for Interest 515.76
Other Liabilities 26951
TOTAL $395.353.20
State of Colorado, County of Gunni
son, HS. |
We. C. W, Winilow, President, and |
W. W. McKee, Cashier. of the above
named Bank. do solemnly swear that
the above staternent is true to the best |
of our knowivdge and belief,
C. W. WINSLOW. President.
-W. W. MecKEE, Cashier. |
Attos! I
W. W. McKEE |
Subscribed and sworn to before me |
this 7th day of January, 1022, |
My commission expires November
30, 1922, |
Notary Publie. ‘
lf METRO ©.ctome
| Presents
|! REX (.\'(.R,\l;”ifi(()l)l‘(‘,'rlo.‘l
|| Of the APOCALYPSE |
i' ';;;f “ : l\
& T\
l: 8. e
iR |
i I*_ .‘ \ '\’l)) l 1
’ |
A W 1
% \
it T&.
* Adapted by June Mathis
Photographed by l?h. P Seiuz
Unique Theatre}
One Day §
- I
Monday, |
. January 23 §
1 > o . -
{@he Guunison News-Champion
? iblished every Friday in the year by H. F. LAKE, Jr., Editor
and Manager.
‘ntered in the Postoffice at Gunnison for transmission through the malls as
' second-class -um. ’
: The Official Paper of Gunnison County
{ — A SR,
3 Keprevchiziine
SUBSCRIPTION RATES—One Year, $2.00; Six Months, SI.OO.
Comparative Statement Taxes—l920-1921.
VW hile the matter is {resh in our minds, and makes us as sore
01l on a newly vaccinated arm, by the tax notices we are
g, News-Champion has asked County Treasurer M. B.
Horriek Lo prepare a statement of the actual taxes to be raised
for this vear as compared with last year.
1920 1921
SUAEE (. it se s stshit nnsimin cnwes e § DI NIBDEY $ 72,072.71
yrdinary County Revenue ...... 33,414.00 38,193.75
Road & Bridge ................ 36,7565.40 16,252.6¢
Outstanding Warrants R.&8..... ———— 22.753.72
"wo. 541210 4,875.8¢0
Contingent ... .. eeeeennnnnnns 5,012.10 e
County Bond Sinking Fund ...... —o7m——— 12,189.50
[nterest on County Bonds ...... 11,694.90 6,501.0¢
Maothers Compensation Fund .... ——m7B7 —o— 812.67
Blind Beniefit ...0.c..vve... 0., ———— 1,625.27
General School Fund . ......... 10,024.20 39,006 3%
< J School Fund—All districts 62,121.46 56,766.0¢
High Sebool ovoeeee. ... 20,048.40 17,877.97
[nterest High School Bonds. . 13.363.60 8,126.33
Gunnison Town .. .. ceeeens.. 15,436.08 17,914.32
Crested Butte Town .......... 4,816.04 5,550.00
Marble Town ... ... s, ——— 1,060.6%
Pitkin Town T DARLER 935.85
Fotal Taxes levied by State . ..... 57,973.29 72,0721
’ e " Com'sioners 135,326.70 168,215.03
: = i 7 School B'rds 62,121.46 . b6.,766,06
) i " Town Boards 20,800.10 25,460.8%
Total Taxes Levied ............$276,221.85 £322,514.68
it will be noted there is a general increase of $32,888.38in
the County Funds accounted for as follows:
U Lary Couanty Revenue, due to coming election, get
ting New County Hospital in shape to use, ete.....$ 4,779.75
County™ Bond, Skg. Fund, Taking up County Bonds,
new fund required by law ...................... 12,189.50
Road & Bridee, (including Outstanding Warrants) 2,250.98
Mothers Compensation & Blind Benefit, new funds re
quired by IBW ... ... c.cccoecviotiaboensisabrie LA
General School Fund—Part of this was to provide a
minimum salary of 375.00 per month for each teach
erin the county, and is very largely in excess of last
VORY .. .. vv is ceroninie s s ity sadan it il oo NS
Total increase in above funds .................... 50,640.81
Which is reduced to total increase in County Funds of 32,888.33
by decrease in High School, Interest on High School
Bonds, and the Contingent Fund being cut out en
There is a total increase in County School Funds 0f516,217.04
Tnere 1s a total deerease in High School Fundsof 7,409.74
| State taxes increased $14,099.42, of which $1,272.64 is a tax
| on mining property only for the purpose of creating a commis
sion to help the mining industry. Part of the additional increase
was voted by the people for schools and roads, but a consider
able part was voted by the legislature for the alleged required
state hospital in Denver and for Governor Shoup's army.
| Of the additional funds levied by the commissioners and not
| absolutely required by law, we have $4,779.75 for ordina:{
county and £2,250.95 for roads and bridges, (including ba
- warrants, which are largely to be repaid by the state.) As an
- ofiset against this is a reduction of $5,012.10 on the contingent
fund not levied and $136.20 less in poor fund. This makes a
total of $7,030.98 increase and $5,136.30 decrease—nel increase
of $1,#32.54, All the rest of the increase in taxes is due to the
new laws, school and state taxes, and sinking fund.
However, this does not tell the whole story. Those living
in the towns of the county will find their assessment values con
siderably increased by the assessor, which multiplied by the in
crease in rate is what makes taxes generally jump 25 to 50 per
cent for many of us. . \
The Leading Store in Millinery g
losing out our Winter Coats, Suits and Dresses at a sacrifice—and g
just at a time when you need one—these winter days ;
Y Rogers Building Adjoining First National Bank ;
e e
" = > -
2 AR it =
s s ey 5o Canned Goods--
N oA g AL ”."',, : :
a T;; p 2 - A Handy Thing To !
(O | e Have in the House z
s sl O R No matter how well you
R Saeme \7 b& vellar is stocked, a few cans =
8 ’E’ R R lof good things always come g
3 — t 5 \§: in handy. There is no better ®
8 sy )\ i ;\\ 4 41l way to provide for emergen- ®
o j_ i I! cies or running short, because ®
< “4 ) !'# " food kept this way never
Eineemeogig) L keoevmionT . snoils. 3
& Just think how handy it is to =
8 bring out a can or two of sal
= mon, sardines, tuna fish or #
- lobster for the main dish.
With that as a basis, the meal
: is half prepared.
: Only the best is today canned
| for use. And improved meth
| ods of putting up insure an
i exceptional flavor.
| Th
Ise ; , e
{ Gunnison Merc.C
| unnison €IC. \_O.
| : X
News-Champion Correspondence:— !
b Tuesday, Jan. 10.‘
| It is reported that lrvin lergelml
has zbe_chickea pox. '
_. dJoe Ehret returned from Gunnhn‘
Saturday meorning.
Farl Mullen went' to Gunnison on
. | the train )lonbLlo be vaccinated. 1
New curtains have been put in the
lschool house, Pete Reiss zin‘ the
work. 1
Bill Seats has fone to Ohio City,
* aftor spending a few days at the Joe
" {Smith saw mill. -
Lawrence Smith and wife of Gun
nison are rr»ndx’ng a vacation at his
father's mill.
e Mr. Strausberg has his new house
~ almost completad. We are wonder
€ ing why the new house.
). Winfield L.llof' has recovered
d from his recent ilineds and has zone
back to work making ties.
Little Keith Moore had a birthday
con January first. He received maany
1 congratulations of the day.
5 Jack Jennings came down from Gun
g Mison Saturday morning to make us
a few hours visit between trains.
2 )!rs.{ H‘}! Crawford leaves Tuesday
() night for Golden, after spending the
R l;.;luln&s ;*it!l}:*her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. B. F. n.
Q Everybody reported a good time
g “;L'"w:k‘ey night P:“t the x:lnl‘fnphl:ym&
where ¥ corn
7 | games until mt hour. '
! Dr. Hyatt was down from Gunnisor
~ on official business recently, and while
R here vaccinateq fifteen persons for
£ smallpox prevention.
3 Vord has been received that Mrs.
3 W. H. Brown and children are exfi:t;
? ed home soon. Mrs. Brown has
- \M:mi her mother in Oklahoma. ‘
2 Word has been received of the
)| death of Mrs. Burnett, sister of Mrs..
gE. G. Whitney. She was formerly.
[ Miss Alice Dixon and taught school
S at Spencer two years ago. l
~| Miss Thelma Austin came in on
1 the moming train Saturday and lefl!
3 lh)? 'sfll.l:" afternoon for Cathn!l’ll,]
" ! where she is teaching.
51" Rarney Van Buskirk and Sam l.udl-l
< -t}t‘n lef{.x Friday evening for Dvnv&re,
_ . where Bamey fip«u to spend
3 winter, Sam ill return Tuesd.y‘
\ ——oo ——
| ———————————————e,
Charter No. 3686. Reserve Dist. No. 10
» Report of conditien of 1
Y at Gunnison, In the State of Colorade.
sl the close of business Dec. 31, 1921
) A e R
jLoans and discounts .. ____52303,37T.44
tOverdrafis, unsecured ... 1,514.28
U. 8. bonds deposited to se- |
cure circulation (par val-
B 1 M) ihaes eie b ihaaßOßooo.oo
" | All other U. 8 Gov
- cinm't securities 140,.706.08 ‘
] Total U. 8 Gov. securities .. 1%0,706.08
1 Other bonds, stocks, securi
-3 tHes, ME, v sissiw THETEER
Banking house, $13,000; Fur- ‘
niture and fixtures $2.993.68 159 13.68
Rea! Extate owned other than ‘
Banking House _.___-_..._ *95096
(Lawful reserve with Federal 1
! Reserve Bank . ...._..._. 41951858
{ Cask in vault and amount due |
{ _from National Banks ..___ 176,264 |
| Checks on banks located out
.| #\de of city or town of re
\ | porting bank and other
R - aßel I e ss AR 3,112,985
Redemption fund with U. 8 |
+! Treasurer and due from U. 1
| 8 Treasurer, eeeeeeee . 2.500.00
ji Total .. SSI4LIIGLIZ
1 e
Ll Capital stock pald in —____s 50.000.00!
riSurplus fund . _______ B®. "0.0.’
iUndivided profits __513,909.74 :
{ ! Reserved f‘ur inter- {
| est and taxes ac- ]
| erued ..__o______ 85,497.51 1940758
[ Clhiculat’s notes outstanding 44.500.00
‘Net amounts due to banks, i
l bankers, and trust com-
L REIOR. Lol R e 207,185
- | Individual deposits subject i
bl -t ahaek i LSS RNY. 236.80
! Certificates of deposit due in ;
i less than 30 days (o(he‘
1 _than for money borrowed 6.750.32
Certificates f deposit (other
- | than for money borrowed) 935575 66!
Other time deposits (Savings - }
>l sccounts) <.l Ll . '308.013.78
« | Postal Savings deposits ____ 2%8.54
War loan deposit account .. lz“.'n"vf-i
i —e
{ Total .. .__ $514,161.12
. | —— ‘
J | State of Colorado, County of Gunni
| aon, ss:
| I, J. J. Miller, Cashler of the
. above-named bank., do solemnly swear
| that the above statement is tzge to the
. | best of my knowledge and bellef.
E J. J. MILLER. Mler.
| Coyrect—Attest: ]
. : Directors |
. i
i Subscribed and sworn to before me
this T7th day of January, 1522, ;
! Notary Public. |
lny commission expires Dec. 26, 1922, |

“ TO Belzora McNeil, AND TO ALL'
jion the 18th day of November A. D.
1 1918, the follo\l’ingodescribed proper- |
: i ty, situate in the County of Gunnison |
| land State of Colorado, to-wit: {
ii Lotz 18, 19, 20, in Block 77, Town'
iiof Gunnison, according to the plat
liof the First Addition to said Town,
§ iwas sold for the delinquent taxes for
the year 1917 and purchased by Jes-!
! sie S. Purrier; That said premises.
were taxed for the said year 1917 in
i the name of Belzora McNeil; J
g That the said Jessie S. Purrier hath’
made request upon the Treasurer of|
said County for notification, as yn-l
vided by the Law of 1905, in orde
that she may tocome entitled to nl'
tax deed on said certificate for said
year. -
That the time of redemption of fidi
real estate from such tax sale will ex
.on the 27th day of April A. D.
and a tax deed wll m there
on the 28th day of A. D.
1922, unless redeemed theretofore. -
L Dated this 9th @ay of January, A. D.
M. B.
= Treasurer of d% G—l-u’ 3
publication, January 13,
ast noblication January 27. 1922 .
: Fresh Nougat--
After you eat your bowl of Chile take home some
| Chocolate Creams :
The Lake Fork extends from
Sapinero to lake City, 37
Winnifred Webb, Reporter.
| Saturday, Jan. 7.
-1 Charley Carr was down to Sapinerc
. | recently. e
| Mrs. A. A. Arrington has been ill
~the last two weeks. |
»' Albert Croft Sr has finished gath
|| cring cattle and is feeding.
! Alex Fish and Frank Fish and fam
. ily spent New Year in Salida.
.| Gene Wilson was over to the Pow
| derhorn after horses recently. 1
| Jack Carr has broken a road in
. Indian creek so as to get his ties to
»[the track. '
{ We are having some real cold|
weather. The thermometer reached '
121 degrees below zero. |
.| Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Woodrey have
i returned from Yuma, where they had‘
tbeen visiting the latter’s family.
.\ Wm. Jory is working three (ennu.‘
/50 as to get his narrow mu'uont{
./D. M. Carr still has several hundred
| ties in the hills to get out before the
,200. of January. |
| A.A. Arrington brot his cattle over
| from the Blue Mesa recently and has
| been gatherin{vmtle on the Lake
"I Fork since. ebb Whinnery's man
thu also been gathering cattle on the
{ Luke Fork. |
[i Jip Jory, a former cowboy of the
1] et ———e Lo SVR RS S
e ——
i . ® = 5
i Brighton
- : %
: Sleeping Garments
- .
= They are made of heavy outing
& flannel and they are made to fit.
‘2 Be Warm and Comfortable these |
Winter Nights
i For the Baby's Use
' We Have Dr. Den
| ton’s Sleeping Gar
-1 ments
S. J. Miller & Son
: AN R R
lw‘l‘ilfili]&l"t.l‘m! LRI
| § % £ “ B
# Dont Wait too Long {
| \
| The person who delays saving a portion
of his income until he is making more—
' or until he feels that he can spare the
| money to save, is taking chances with his
| Regular sa‘\gngl ll()roav(ildes ttgat eafpital
& necessary e advantage of op
| portunities as they are offered. It
. takes money to make money. Your
@ ° chances to make money will be limit
| edon!y by your ability to save money
| Use a Checking Account for Spending |
‘ and a Savings Account for Saving 1
]' “Let’s Talk It Over” - 4
i AN i 4
| 4 -T—_‘p% o
: | IR : e
- - RSP s
R —————
) Lake Fork, but. now an ex-service man
) who was married during the World
) War, is attending the h;gn Univer
) sity at Logan. Utah. recently
) sent word to his mother, Mrs. E. J.
) Plair, that the Stork visited his home
) New Year's Eve and left 5 fine five
) pound boy. Mother and baby are do
: ing micely.
| A R .
. News-Champion Correspondence:—
Thursday, January 12.
‘| Emest Clark, the forest officer at
Cathedral, and Arthur Jammer were
{down from the Cathedral ranches on
gs;mday for the mail ant other sup
' plies.
. W. M. Brown, the teacher, return
ied last Friday from a two weeks va
| cation spent in Gunnison and Ohio
llcreek. ~
C. O. Johnson departed for the
?|stock show yesterday. He will spend
||two or three weeks in Denver, and
|then go east on a visit.
.| Miss Thelma Austin returned Sun
day from a visit in Beatrice, Nebras
|l ka. O. Bowers and dauihter. Leora,
' came ug Hondr:f' and took Miss Thel
ma to Cathedral to resume her teach
| ing in that disthict.
| Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Cobbs, who are
' here from Haigler, Nebraska, visiting
' Mr. Cobbs’ mother and other rela
| tives, accompanied by Miss Cora Jar
‘dine, went to Lake City Sunday to
' spend a week.

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