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isn't that 1t { for you
tWo up on this mo 1 !
M Ing 1 i nd now, g ticu
larty = sh nlling across at me
“He has gone to muake his regular
round of the mine bulidings and cab
fus. Not that there [s the slightest use
of It; only he likes to feel that he is
#t least pretending to earn his pay.” |
“The mine? [ queried. |
“Yes; this I 8 the old Cinnabar, you
know ; and Daddy is the—well, 1 sup- |
pose you might call us the caretakers,
though there isn't much to take care
of. The mine has bheen shut down
for a year and more.”
“Is It a gold mine®™
“It was."
“Why the past tense?”
“Water,” she said, briefly, *“lt's a
drowned mine. That s why It was
shut down.”
Of course, this was exactly what 1
was expecting to hear, and yet this
plain unvarnished confirmation of
things gave ea damp and soggy feel
tng of despondency. Perey had wired,
you remetber, that his letter was no
Joke; but it seemed that it really was
one, and that ‘the joke—which was
a mighty grim one—was on me.
“Can’t the wuter be pumped out?”
1 asked
“It seems not. | understand the
company spent thousands of dollars
trying to pump It out. It's—lt's rather
“You mean the company’s loss?
“No; the company dido’t lose any
thing. It was just one old man’™
Now we were coming to the real
meat of the thing and I looked my
hand of cards over carefully to the
end that I should not overplay it
“I'm fond of stories,” 1 ventured;
#especinlly mining stories,” and there
upon she told me the story of the Cin
pabar. It was a fair repetition of
Bullerton's tale, with a few more of
the particulars thrown in.
As my blue-eyed liltle Scheherazade
understood it, Iwy grandfather had
been a minority stockholder in the
company during its prosperous perfod.
When the water debacle came, the fact
‘of it was carefully concealed from
him and he was generously permitted
to come to the rescue—which he did
by paying a fubulons sum (Schehera
zade did not know how much) for his
fellow-stockholders’ holdings. In other
words, they had sold him a gold brick;
soaked him for a finsl clean-up on a
doomed mine. That was about all
there was to it
“Did my—did the old gentleman you
speak of ever come out here himself?"
She nodded. :
“Once that we know off; that was
after it was all over and the place was
‘desertéd. At that time Daddy bhad
taken up a clalm Just west of here in
the next gulch and we were living in
this cabin; squatters, I guess you'd
“That was quite right and proper.
! AGid 4 Mr Jasper Dudley :he didn‘t
ot wi ‘ e, did he?
~ , ¢ was very kind
o bhe f d 4 that I» iy's gulch
¢ nasn't golung to pan out any
thing he ald Le needed a caretuker
here, and since that time he has seot
us money every mont? But now I
sup pose 1t will all be different. Mr
Jtut the heirs I suzgested
Ve AOD' .oV now who they are
. Mr. Dudiey went away he left
ed envelope with Daddy e
. s might sme back ugain, same
s but if he in't, or couldn’t, Dad
|Py »—\§ udley’'s epresenta
| Talk about plors thickening® ‘This
vas r thick as molasses
. cad tep!
H S Ore o know this repre
sentative If ohe dd come? | edged
‘..' lon't kno she replied simply
1w e e he would be ahle
e s ) .-if sOlne WAy,
thoug t you? That I If he
"il e ' vasier { course
1 ngive 1 the snce we seetned
10} X e the hottom of the Cin
) . on I switched off to
sotnething else
‘ \When we were coming op the read
a Lile back, Miss Jeanie, you gat}
ered the Lnpre 1 that | wus & crazy
[ridn't ) try t give me that Im
pre 1 she immtered
I faney [ didn’t have to try very
her noasmuet ss you had been
sperding the afternoon in Atropla.”
She foreed a queer Utile Inugh and
Lent lgwer over her knitting
When sou were (n Atropia, did you
see or hear anything of the other crazy
“Is there another one? she asked
a bit breathlessly
“1 was told o In Angels this after
“ls th other man =& friend of
yours?' she nted to know
“You could scarcely cull hlm that;
T've met him oniy once He is o
Ing engineer and his name is Bullers
ton—Charles Bullertor
If 1 had reached up and got her pis
tol out of Its holster over the mautel
to bung it off into the fireplace she
could hardly have been more sgartled,
“Ch-Charles Bullerton? she stonme
weredd. “Is Mr. Bullerton hepe?
| “Not here, exactly, but he was in
Atropin twoe dars ago. Do you, by
| any chance, happen o know him?™
“Oh, yes. qui-quite well”
' “Then, naturally, you know best
whether or not he is In my class—the
crazy class, I mean”
Once more she let the blue eyes
drop to her knitting, and if 1T wasn't
mistaken the pretty lips were twisting
themselves In a sort of wry smile.
“The last time 1 saw him he told
me he was crazy,” she admitted.
“Isu’t this delightful!” 1 murmured.
“Bullerton is erazy and I'm CTRzZY ;
perhaps we are all a bit crazy. Do
you know, Miss Jeanle. that I have
come thousands of miles to find you?®"
“To find me? —the blue eyes were
as round as the full moon.
“Even so; you, your horse and your
dog. Would you—er—would you per
mit an exceedingly personal question?
Remembering always thet it is put
by & man who has lost his wits? Have
You a small brown mole ou your left
She blushed very fetchingly; even
the handsome mountain wind tan
wasn't brown enough to hide it
“l think you are crazy—completely
“Certainly I am; there hasn't been
the slightest doubt of it since—well,
sineg about two weeks ago, when I
started to hunt for you amd a ple
faced dog and piebald horse.”
There was silence before the fire
for a long minute and I began to be
afrald Daddy Hiram would come back
before anything else happened. Then
she ¥ald, with more curiosity than re
sentment, 1 thought:
“How did you know about the
“Then there is one?" 1 questioned
ecagerly, ~
“Glory be!™ I chanted. “You don’t
know what a load you have lifted from
whatever poor fragment of a mind I
have left!™
Again she sald: “I don't know what
you mean.”
“Just you wait.,” T begged. “[ have
lucid intervals at thoes: all crazy folks
do, you know. When my next one
comes along T'll explain as much as 1
can—which isn’t nearly as much as
yon might think. at that” e
It was just at this moment that her
father returned. so she went on with
her sock-knitting while we two me
| I was uying valnly to hide, Daddy
| Twombly lighted a candle and offered
| to show me my bunk. ]
| Thllpnnedtobrhlhouflulofl.i
as the blueeyed maides had threat |
vnedd, and the stair was Just a com
| mon ladder. _Father Hirmin left me
the candle. and I had blown the light |
out and rolled myself in the blankets |
| before 1 realized that the loft lus: |
| be directly over the room with t-r‘
firepiace o ft. ° g
i1 was so workman®y tired thet 1
fell asleep almost st once. and why
. 1 <houid have awakened before morn.
ing. 1 dow't snow, But I did awaken,
and thoizh 1 don’t know what tinse
| L it was, 1t Wl'.'fl‘; ar if 1 hatlu't beep
asleep more than' a few minutes, There
’ were volces In the room benesth;
| Twombly and his daughter had not
yet gone to bed, so it must heve bern
reasonably early. | had no oanver
of right ‘lmm in, but short of staf
fing cott in my ears there dida't
f seem to bé any easy way of staving
out—and [ didnt have any cotton.
: “1 heard something today—somes
> thing that you won't llke to lear,
| Stuck My Head Out of the B-ankcul
and Lictened Greedily, l
( es Rullerton is some ere it "T‘!
l ne borhood He as lin Angels -w-‘
| terday or the day Lefore™ i
“Huh!" grunted Twombly; * u--n-"
hat sort of u crooked deal he a‘i
tryin’ to pull off now? Did he stay |
In Angels?” t
“N-ne, What 1 heard was that he |
had left there to go to Atropia’ ‘{
‘1 don't want to see him cone fool
n' ‘round you any more, w Inew oy
Jeanle girl. 1 kep' stfil the othe
thov, but that wus afore I Nb |
vutl bhow everiastin’ crooked Le is™ 3
You needn’'t be afruld for me, Dad !
-1 J¥” sald the gir), and 1 coul) heant
wr low laugh. “You know you've's!
< ways sald I'd have to marry money
boand Charles Bullesion hasn't enougl
¢+ 10 tempt even me” |
: I heard something that sounded like
- & devp-throated “Gosh '—listen at that !
will ye' then: “If Charley Buller. |
1 ton’s been In “Tropis he'll be bustin',
y o here, next, tryin' to get his claws |
Into this here Cinnabar carcass, And |
me. 1 hain't got Lo boss to stand be- |
t hind me. That'll be a nice kettle o'i
o | fish!™ 5 ;
{ I stuck my head out of the blankets
s and listened greedily, It seemed to bc!
t | very highly necessary that 1 should
;| be made acquainted with the precise
| Ingredients of that kettle of fish, But |
)} | wmy luck had exhausted itself. In a
| few wminutes there was a stir In the!
. Iving-room below, and 1 heard Daddy
;| Twombly shovellng up ashes to Mel‘
y | the fire. That meant goodnight ; and |
+ | though I continued to iisten, there were |
» | obliged to go to sleep, leaving the Bsh
| kettle still unanalyzed.
-4 (Continued Next Week.)
R 4 s
Sieep Before Evening.
*| Not to discriminate every momenst |
t | some pussionate attitude in those
about us, and in the very brilllancy of
1 l their gifts the reagie dividing of forces
1 on thelr ways. is, on this short day of
} frost and suu, (o sleep before evening. |
E ‘ —Walter Pater, in The Renzissance. l
1 oonnnensidiiiar
| e e l
! ! We, the undersigned, John deron.l
| Vice-President, and William Waldron, |
Secretary, of the Brunswick Milling|
® land Minins Company, a eorporation[
® formed under the'laws of the State
x |of Colorado, do hereby give notice‘
1 [that at a meeting of the stockholders |
. {of said corporation, duly called for i
|the purpose of considering the pro
» priety of dissolving said eol&(:ntion.l
land held at the office of the m&nny
1 !in the City of New Brunwick, State
{of New Jersey, on the Fifteenth day
{of November, A. D. 1921, r;:su-nt to
| notice given to the stockholders there
t of in the manner provided by law for
1 (the calling of stockholders’ meetings
1 for the purpose of amending articles
of incorporation, the stockholders, by
¢ 2 unanimous vote of the entire capit
al stock of said cofporation, ordered
|said corporation to be dissolved.
"' We further certify that all debts
S lowing by said corporation have been
e | fully c:xd.
s imade and signed this Notice of Disso
{lution, and affixed hereto the seal of
5 {said corporation, this = Seventeenth
, |day of December, A. D. 1921.
o | Attest:- JOHN WALDRON,
i Vice-President.
‘t ‘Secretary. |
- 'First publication, Dec. 23, 1921,
h ' Last publication, Feb. 3, 1922.:
Denver will be host during the Na
tional Western Stock Show week, Jan.
14 to 21, to mere than twenty gather-
Ings of prominent state and district
associations., The list of those already
anpounced follows
s 121314, Moustain States Lum
ber Iwalers’ Association
Jan. 1314 Mounta'n States lee
Munufacturers’ Association
J 17. Colorado State Forestry
Asw tior .
Jan. 181718 Colorado Mining As
sociation, and Colorada Chapter of
Armen n Mining Congress
Jan. 17-1819. The Farmers Educa
tior wnd Co-operative Union of Colo |

J 1617. Colorado Stockgrowery'
Jan. 17. Executive Committee meet
ing of State Farmm Bureau
{ Jan. 17-1810. Colorado State Grange
| Jan. 2021. Colorado Editorial As
{ Jan. 1817 State Assoclation of
County Commissioners
I Jan. 17. Western Hereford Breed
| ers Association
{ Jan. ISB. The Western Shorthorn
| Breeders’ Association
| Jan 20. Coiorado Creamery Butter
Manufacturers’ Association.
i Jan, 20.21. Colorado Sheriffs’ Asso
{ clation
| Annual meetings of many assocla
‘ tions have been planned for Stock
| Show week, although the dates on
‘ some days have not been definitely an
| nounced. They are: !
! e Colorado Jersey Breeders’ As
| L tion
i (plorado Holsteln Club, i
| Colorado Guernsey Breeders’ Club
i Western Poland China Breeders' As
! socintion
| Colorudo Duroe Breeders' Associa
‘ Conference of War Finance Corpor
ation committees and agencies of the
i Hve stock growing states west of Mis- |
BOUr: river i
I Denver.—The last lap of the fifteen- |
| mile streteh of conerete highway be- |
lv.\.v-.- the clty limits of Denver and |
Brighton has been completed, It was |
announced at the State Highway De |
partment. Laying of concrete was he
igun in 1918 under the Hewlitts project,
| which embraces one and seven-tenths
miles of road beginning at a point near
i Riverside cemetery The cost of this
| project amounted to £41.081. The re
maining four projects, all of which
i\\o-rl' bullt under federal ald, totaled |
$410570, making grand total of
5461857.28 This amount represents
the stute and federal expenditures in
bullding the through concrete stretoh
between the ety lmits of the two
‘ points ,
- Denver—Among the appraisals filed
in New York City recently was one of
the estate of H. U, Muadge, who died
a resident of Denver, leaving ape
sonal estate of 2110514 with £31.600
In securities taxable in New York. His |
' sons, Burton W, Mudge and Charles
M. Mudgze of Chieago, George P, Mud
of Kausas City and Hugh M. Mudge f
Denver receive $1 ench. The will gives
no reason for the dollar legacy, His
wife, Arwilda Morris Mudge of Den- !
ver recelves the residue of the real and |
personal estate, < §
Denver—There was a decrease of 3.- |
‘ 075,587 tons in coal production in Colo- |
rado in 1921 compared with 1920, nwt
cording to the state coal mine
inspectors There was a decrease in all |
_save two of the coal producing coun- |
tles, the exception being Pitkin, where !
there was an increase of 844 tons, and 4
' Weld, where there was an increase of I
12,846. The avernge numbher employed
was 14,145, compared . with 14,295 in |
/1920, and In the average number of |
' days worked in each county was 163.6.
' Boulder—The annual meeting of the
!Colorndo State Board of Realtors will |
'be held in Boulder Jan. 12. Speakers
include Gov. Herbert S. Hadley, A. A.
' Reed, president of the U. 8. Nationa!
' Bank, and George W. Loomis and Zeph '
Charles Felt of Denver. ‘
Durango.—The Durango plant of the !
American Smelting and Refining Com- |
pany during elevén months of 1021, |
treated dally on an average 118 dry |
3o¢no.o|sary tons, according to a re
' port recently made public by Manager l
R. P. Raynolds. This ore returned $3,-
07088057, 1t is estimated that these
figures represent 65 per cent or less of
the total production of basin mines.
_Evergreen.—Taxpayers of this school
dh!flc('fl[email protected]flilflepo“l’
whether a nfl issue for $25,000 shall
be floated the erection of a new
on Cub creek. The election was au
thorized at a meeting of the citizens
called by the school board, and a tem
porary agreement for a three-acre
tract for a new schodl site was made.
- Colorado Springs.—Walting until the
night clerk had gone to the fourth floor
on an errand, a sneak thief disconnect
ed the power in the elevator at the
g?;.-fmm hotel and looted
)¢ cash register of more than SSO.
The puzzled clerk spent considerable !
time attempting to “fix" the elevator
2y : 3
ulssion denied _application of
St eotan s
Sgath Park disision extending from |
e Al'?%: "3 R *«fl‘fifl v_ :'
[ lOT 0 Npri " [lta) "R ] |
1t winter mororescle ascent of Plke's
(Wertars Sewpeper Dadon News Servics. )
A young woman, garbed as a man,
entered a restnurant at St. Louls, ley
eled a revolver at the proprietor and
ordered him to hand over the contents
of the cash drawer or get “plugged.”
She got 827,
Alfred M. Ochls, 26 years old, a chlef
petty officer of the navy, died aboard
the U. 8. 8. Idaho at San Diego, after
a quarrel with a shipmate in which
Oehls was struck oer the head with
a marlinspike and killed.
A call for a special grand jury to
meet Jan, 26 to investigate alleged
blue sky promotion schemes and causes
for business fallures has been issued
|by Distriet Court judges at Lihcoln,
J. Heury Jurgens, veterun of the
Yellowstone Indian campalgn of 1864
and a former member of the territorial
legistature, died at Kalispell, Mont.,
aged T 9 yeurs. He was a native of
Federal and state officers, Including
| thirteen rangers, ralded an amusement
! resort four miles east of Mexia, Texas,
L in Freestone county, making a score
of arrests and confiscating liquor said
. to be valued at SIO,OOO,
L. V. W. Brown, who was inducted
| Into office as mayor of Riverside, Cal.,
! was instantly killed in an automobile
accldent near Upland, elghteen miles
vorthwest of there one hour later. His
secretary, Miss Monica Elvarson of
Phoenix, Ariz, and the mayor's sister,
aiso were in the accident, but escaped
Preliminary work toward the re
opening of the Washoe Smelter of the
Anaconda Copper Mining Company at
Anaconda, Mout., has been started with
the addition of 200 men to the work
ing foree, Fires have been started in
i the reverberntories, and within ten
days the reduction of ores will bhe un
ertuken. Normal operations will be
suined in from fifteen to twenty-five
| Dissatisfied® with the food served to
tmem recently at the evening meal a
number of imnates of the Utah state
prison at Salt Lake staged a minia
turg rebellion In the prison dining
room, overturning several tables load
ed with food and later yelling and
pounding on their cell doors after they
had been locked up by Warden James
Devine, The menu consisted of chili
beans and bread and tea, and the recal
, citrants not only spoiled their own
' meal, but caused many others to go to
. bed hungry.
! The national agricultural conference
| suggested by President Harding has'
! been culled by Secretury of Agricul
lmre Wallace to begin in Washington,
| Monday, Jan. 23.
| Two cases challenging the constitu
tionality of the national woman's suf
frage amendment, which were on the
calendar for argument in the Supreéme
Court were postponed until Jan. 20, In
one case the government asked post
ponement and in the other, counsel for
i the opponents of the amendment
| sought to have the case go over. |
! A new white, hulless oat that thresh: |
| es out ke wheat an®® weighs approx
i imately sixty pounds to the bushel in
| stead -of forty-five pounds, is one of
| the chief new horticultural productions
{ of Luthier Burbank, plant wizard, at
| San Jose, Callf.
! The United States Bupreme Court
held invalid the North ‘Dakota state
capital stock tax, as applied to rail
| roads doing business In the state. The
| lower courts had upheld the tax but
! Its Invalidity had been contested by
| James C. &Vll. director general of
| railroads; the Northern Pacific rall
lwuy and other roads, on the ground
that the law violated the commerce
clause of the federal constitation. |
An appropriation for the enforce
nient of prohibition during the next
fiscal year amounting to $9,000,000,
perhaps slightly more, as &ompared
with the Treasury Department's re
quest for an appropriation of SIO,OOO,- |
;m.rmbereeommended to the House
iby its appropriations committee. An
appropriation of approximately $9,000,-
000, members of the sub-committee
‘framing the treasury appropriations
bill hold, will permit rigid enforcement
jd the national liguor laws.
* Higher prices for sugar may be ex
pected, according to the results of an
fnvestigation into the situation in the
sugar industry; * public by the
A total of ~clvillan employés
1..‘.'. “been m from’ federal
3 3 = DN s i o b L
G e eSN s ot ‘:t:‘e!
e R ey g
R R AT S ,
| The official census of Japan hLas
| been completed and pince the total
popuiation at 55,963,003
Marquis Okuma, former premier of
"an‘n. is dend. For several days he
! had been lying between life and death.
| and during part of that time his coms
.| was so intense that his death was an
| nounced several days ago.
b a young woman in Paris jumped to
| her death from the top of the Are de
Triomphe Her body fell among =
crowd of mourners who were carryiug
| flowers to decorate the grave of the
unknown soldier” Tbe woman had
! removed from her clothing all identif)-
| cation msarks
Eliseo Pio Rodriguez, when he was
| rounded ap In a police raid on the beg
ging pests of Madrid, proved to be 3
capitalist wit! Wi 1o his name in
a fgovine hank hile he also pos
sesses a fnrm with thirty cows, This
fortune Is the result of many years of
Official Prossian crime statistics fT
+| 1621 made public m Berlin show thal
32 per cent of the population were
] charged with infractions of the penal
L oode. Of those so charged 25 per cent
"| were convicted. In the previous year:
2 per cvnt of the population were
[|« harged with infractions
,j A young woman recently jumped to
" her denth from the top of the Arc de
' Triomphe, Paris. Her body fell among
'L crowd of nevurners who were carry-
Ling flowers to decorate the grave of
b ithe “unknown soldier’ The woman
1} had removed from her clothing all
| identifieation marks
‘i Fifty bodies have been recovered
' ifrnxn the Greek tprpedo boat destroyer
! Leon, anchored in the harbor of Pir
' | aeus, which was wrecked by an explo-
H{ sion of a torpedo. The explosion dam
|l aged nearby warships and eaused
v houses ashore 1o collapse, killing s
| number of the inhabitants
! A dispateh from Innshruck says that
' the Tyrol Diet at Geneva, after a ses-
L slon of thirty-three hours, broke down
.| the Socialist ebstruction and voted the
11922 budget, amounting to 1,9:%0,000,000
| kronen. When the vote was taken a
number of the Soclulist members fell
| asleep. Other Socialists had gone
| home.
| Amerien is given full credit for hee
L part in the World War in o hook de
' voted to the struggle written by Adol
| for Agreio of Montevideo. Oue of the
| prominent French eommmnders quoted
| Lin the book is General Surrail. “The’
{Anu-rlflml won the war,” he is quoted
-as declaring. “Had the United States
I not intervened in 1917, we would have
been lost.”
; The name of Smith ldads all other
numes in the enrollment of the Colu
hia Unlversity, it is shown by the 1922
catalog of the university. The Smith
- family has 114 tons and daughters at
tending Columbia this winter, and the
nest highest number of any tribe is
- Miller, represcuted by seventy-four
Thomas Cosgrove and Charles Bor
shel, Jr, both of lowa Falls, Towa,
were found asphyxiated in a private
garage. When found their car was
still running. The supposition is that
they drove into the garage, closed the
~ door and tarried a few minutes to visit
and were overcome by the fumes froms
the gexhaust.
‘ Foreign ships are earrying the bulk
of the cargo hetween this country and
{the east coast of South America and
(ure Increasing their proportion, al
: though American ships are makog =
" better showifig on the routes to and
from the west coast of that continent,
according to a survey issued by the
Commerce Depurtment.
| Crime judged by the number of pris
-~ oners sent to state institutions has in
- creased during the last year in New
' York, according to a report made pub
lic at Ossining, N. Y., by John Kenne
! dy, chairman of the State Prison Com
mission. More prisoners were put to
death and there was a great Increase
{in drug addicts admitted.
| Three bandits, armed with sawed-of(
‘nllolmmu. held up three collectors for
the Owl Drug Company in its store in
" Los Angeles and escaped in an auto
. mobile with a sum estimated by the
company at about SIO,OOO. The rob
| bery occurred on the busiest street im
downtown Los Angeles. e
Charles Garland, who more than =
year ago announced his refusal to ae
~cept a legucy of £I,OOOOOO willed to
him by his father, the late James A.
Garland of Boston, has reconsidered
- his decision and will accept the money,
- according to the Boston Post. His bro
then, Hamilton, who likewise declined
~ a legacy of equal proportions, has ae
icemed’hh share of the family fortune,
1!!19 Post declares. s
! Two Chicago banks with resources
{2t more than $85,000,000 were sold aft
‘er the Chicago clearing house commit
tee had conducted an examination and
:found their assets had been impaired
iby bad loans and investments. After
,two days’ negotiations the Fort Dear-
Jorn National Bank and the Fort
‘Dearborn Trust and Savings Bank
- were purchased by the Continental and
‘Commercial National Bank and Conti
‘oental and Commercial Trust and Say
{Hgs Bask, L g
| Fifty persons within 200 feet of a §
“idce station In New York saw .s&
uvegg;m: W. A. Miller and mortal
¥ wound Detective Francis J. Bu é’fi
Jafter they had arrested the negro for
- assault. . In the confusiom
which followed the negro escaped. ~ ©
Masor George. L. Olex of Youags
-2 month with ;{qt ““
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