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Tli IIoumcIioU..
This column is open for contri
butions from our superior Blue
Grass housekeepers., Ed.
Onion Salad. Chop two or three
onions with half as much celery,
put in a salad bowl and pour over
plain salad dressing. O. M.
Fried Hominy. Put a table
ppoonful of pork drippings in a
frvincr nan. set over fire. When
bo i linn hot. put in cold, boiled
U ' 1
hominy, stir until brown. N. A.
Mashed Turnips. Pare and
slice, put in a sauce pan, cover
with boiling water and cook done,
drain, mash, season with butter,
cream, pepper and salt M. II.
V . S- ..
lsuttermilK liiscuit. out a
quart of flour, add a teaspoonful
of soda, half a teaspoonful of salt
and a tablespoonful of lard; mix
with buttermilk, work well, roll
thin and bake quickly. Aunt
Roast Guinea Fowl. Draw and
singe a pair of young guinea fowls,
stuff with bread dressing, put in a
pan with a little boiling salt water,
set in a hot oven, baste and let
cook until brown. Serve with
giblet sauce and currant jelly.
D. S.
Broiled Salt Salmon. Cut in
pieces, wash well in cold water,
then cover with boiling water and
set on the back of the stove where
it will keep warm, for an hour.
Take out, wipe dry, lay on a
broiler and broil. Take up, 'pour
over melted butter and serve.
0. It. P.
Meringue Pudding Line a deep
pudding-dish with slices" of stale
6ponge cake, put in a layer ot tart
fruit jelly over it, pour a rich cust
ard over and set in the oven to
bake until slightly browned. Ice
like cake and set in the stove to
dry. Serve with sauce. M. L. D.
Hamburg Steaks. Chop one
pound of round steak fine, season
with a tablespoonful of onion juice,
little black a pepper and a half a
teaspoonful of salt; mix well,
form in small flat cakes and fry
in hot lard. Make gravy and
pour over. C. F.
Corn Muffins. Scald a quart
of corn meal, put in a tablespoon
ful of lard, one teaspoonful of
soda and half a teaspoonful of
salt. Mix batter with buttermilk;
bake in a very hot oven in well
greased muffin irons. Black
Ten per cent, commission on
subscribers in clubs ot ten at 50
cents from dato till September 1.
MBiM .
Old habita are hard to get rid
of aa you find when you take
them to the second-hand clothing
"I'll bet," said Chollie, judg
ing from the way these trousers
shrink, the wool was shorn from
an unusually timid sheep'
It is not advisable for a bank
cashier to read nautical tiles; the
practice might inspire him to be
come a "skipper."'
The Charity Organization has
a new Matron.
The Littlo Gleaners are prepar
ing an entertainment for April.
The King's Lilies are saving
up pennies for an Easter offering.
The charity ball is in abeyance
for the present, but preparations
will be resumed directly after
Two thousand pupils of the
publio schools commemorated
Washington's birthday with elab
orate ceremonies.
The daily service at Christ
Church Chapel is largely attend
ed by the women ot the congre
gation. Why do not the men
Twenty-five ambitious women
of Lexington have organized a
Sorosi8 for mutual improvemett
and recreation. Mrs. France
Beauchamp is at the fore.
Miss Mary Downey's Sunday
School class will devote their
Lenten offerings to the purchase
of the much-needed font at the
Church of the Good Shepherd.
Miss Sybil Carter, the distin
guished missionary, is in the city
enjoying the friends of her girl
hood, while instructing by word
and example in the great field of
Many Methodists throughout
the entire world will celebrate
the one hundredth anniversary of J
the death of John Wesley, who
died about 10 o'clock the morn
ing of March 2, 1791.
Rev. John Newton, seventy-
eight years old, and the oldest of
missionaries in India, landed in
Calcutta in 1835, and is still a
hale and happy worker. He is a
Presbyterian and believes in the
'perseverance of saints."
Miss Ethel Bowles is a finished
teacher of elocution, and deserves
the patronage of the schools.
There is a grace and finish and
refinement in her renditions, and
always a conscientious interpre
tation of the text. She lives at
161 East Main.
Mrs. T. D. Ballard is succeed
ing wonderfully with her chorus
and sight-reading classes at her
beautiful rooms in the Straus
building. She has collected a
good deal of the money promised
to maintain music in the public
schools, and solicits further con
tributions. Our citizens should
visit the schools and see how the
children read notes und er Miss
Enright's instruction.
The road from Jaffa to Jerusa
lem will be completed next year.
Tarsus, St. Paul's town, has bad
a railroad for several years.
Judge "Boy, do you under
stand the nature of an oath?"
Juvenile Witness "Yes'r. It's
human nature, I reckon."
An Arab who lost his toeth
probably Bpeaks only gum Arabic.
Orphan Anjliim.
A part of annual report of Lex
ington Orphan Asylum by Mrs.
S. B. Cronly, Secretary, and
Mrs. Mary E. Sayre, Treasurer,
January 10, 1891:
Officers-Mrs. E. E.,Woodward,
President; Mrs. Dr. H. Skillman,
Vice President; Mrs. E. D. Sayre,
Treasurer; Mrs. S. B. Cronly,
Secretary; Mrs. F. Albrecht,
Matron; Mrs. M. Mayfield, Ass't
Twenty-four managers from
the various churches.
There were 36 children in the
Asylum Jan. 1, 1890, and the
same number Jan. 1.1891, 7 boys
and 29 girls; 6 have been admitted
aud 6 transferred, and taken by
relations. A. large majority of
the children are small, therefore
none bound out; all but three,
however, attend school with re
markable regularity.- ,Thehealth
of the family has been very good,
since early in the year, when there
were several cases of La Grippe.
The building has been repaired
and improved. Dr. Kinnaird is
now the attending physician.
trbasurer's report.
Jan. 1, 1890, to balance, $146.88;
donations from Mrs. Jhos. Mitch
ell $10, Mrs. M. F. Ford $5, J.
H. Davidson $10, M. P. Lancas
ter $20, M. Frazer $1, R. H.
Fitzhugh $5, Phantom Lodge
$12.50, Mrs. Parker $25, C. C.
Moore $10, Wm. Campbell $10,
Main street Christian church.
(union collection Thanksgiving)
$30.50, Christ Church $54.55, R.
C. Estill $10, R T.Anderson $10,
Fayette county . $300, J. HU
A a m a
$ouu, nnes ana aues $72, cow
pasture $21, city for one child $72,
Northern Bank dividend $732,
coupons $280, collected from citi
zens for repairs to property $537,
city of Lexington for repairs on
property $500. Total, $3,374.43.
By amount paid for groceries
and provisions, $258.61, amount
paid for feed and fuel, $125.14,
amount paid for house expenses
and wages, $510.34. amount paid
for repairs and furniture, $1,
333.40, amount paid for ma
tron salary, $800, amount paid for
dry goods and clothing, $266.68,
amount paid for drugs and medi
cine, $30.31. Balance on hand,
$d49.95. Total, $3,374.49.
A "day's journey" was thirty
three and one-fifth miles.
A, "cubit" is twenty-two inches
A "hand's breadth'' was three
and five-eighths inches.
A "finger's breadth" was about
one inch.
Ezekiel's reed was eleven feet
in length.
A "shekel of gold" $8.09.
A "talent of silver" was $546.32.
A "talent of gold" was $13,809.
A "piece" of silver was about
thirteen cents.
' A "penny" was the same as the
A "farthing" was three cents.
4 East Main Street.
See our new goods in all the new woods
and finishes
Bookseller, Stationer,
24 East Main St. Lexington, Ky
D. T. Ambrose Oscar 11. Ambrose
' Attorney -at-Law.
Real Etlale, Lava and Insurance Broker
Buying, Selling and Renting City Prop
erty a Specialty.
Rente Collected.
25 N. Mill Street.
Scott, Skillman f" Frazee,
Dealers in
No. 9 W. Main St., Lexington, Ky.
Manufacturers and Dealers in Stoves,
Ranges, Stove Rt-pairs, Tinware,
Grates, Mantels, Etc.
Jobbers of Hardware, Tinware, Cut
lery, and Contractors Galvanized Iron
Cornice, Slate and Tin Roofing, Gutter
ing, etc.
Offlc and Salesrooms, 91 Went Vain St.
Foundry, East 7th Street, Lexington, Kentneky.
Bangs, ' Switches, Powder, Perfumery,
Curlers, Hair and Neck Ornaments,
Beads, Opera Mits & Gloves, Corsets, Ac.
M. S. HOYT & Co.,
Corner Upper and Church Streets, Lex
ington, Ky.
37 Wist Short Stbxbt,
lexinoton, rr.
Will open all the New Styles in
at the
ia a few days, don't buy before you har
seen ours.
11 & 13 W. Main St.
Of Kentucky University, IEX1XGT0X, Kt
K. VF. Corner MAI1 and 1TPPEB Street,
opposite Court House.
WILBUR R. SMITH, president.
(tT Cheapest, Beat aa High eat IIaaor4 Colleaya.
C. W. A W, B. Smith, offleara or tbl. CJ1a, raeeiTcd Ik Get
Until aod Diploma of Hiaof WarleVa EipoalUon, Bxr
p.. tern of Book-KeeplHg. inoiudlaa (Ifunl bUfa,
Edaratloa. Hearlr luuO itudaai la ait.iid.no. ih. peat tear,
from M Nuim and Ford Cooolrlee. 10,00 Uradaatea
la Baainnaa. IS Teacher employed. BucIbcm Ceore nawu
af Book-keaptna:, Bu.laaaa Arithmetic, Fenniaaablp, Oommai tc
Law, Merchaodialoir, Baaklax. Joint Block, aJaauraotartaf,
Lecture. Bii.ineca Praatioa, Mercantile Cerraaimd.m, au.
OoetofFall HBaiaewaUoarac, lnoludlj Taltl a. Btattoaery
and Board In a nln fttrailv, anou.auo. fraort-Haael, Tjra
Wrttlnc aaa) Telrajraahr Bpcwlaltlaai hair piai
teacher, aed room., aod oaa a take aioae ar with th. Bealaee
Oouree. Bneatal department lor Ladle. Lad Prlaelpel explored.
(T Meroh.au' Bpoetal Co.rM of Beak-Keeping, f 10. fX'ktaai
ace Arithmetic aad Penataaefctp whaa lake alone. o per ana,
t'oll.i apea da, aad Blah. BtadeaM reoelTed aa eaey
ana, 0 7" Arraac.ta.oi aaa a made with Railroad Ocea
paale few cheap 41r aaa te auead tale Oeliewe. Ma tiiii
floa, Pater eov. draco, tee cocceeofai. Q f For etrl
ea Maaj V .LUC it U. Jail" 11, tra t, I .ilatjiaa. fee

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