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B L I jN fttr Jt 1 1 111' tlWL HI HrTrvpttif tTiijB tijK,
1'' . 0 -. y-" J -"3 ANOTHER YEAIt'S BUSINESS.'
V ii VV.KiUaub HTta The Jlnjsillle Postelllco Keeps Mming
' ' r X l RAMP2! THE : Farther Up tlie fodder.
1 ' ((SV " 00m 7 TV IXCREASB OP NEARLY $2,001) THIS YEAR.
' JF J " "CS I .7 ' Wifcli Shaw Tliat Mjsllle nnilMajstllle's Bud-
fltfV -5QAP CERTIFICATE " Mrs. M. Ahc.Ii.eace.v has ictuincd nmU.Vt ., ti,elen(.ra,.e.
If .tT'A:tiinryJ from Clticlnniitl.
YtmwSSSmWm Masen county's committee, appointed dSj? JA'v0nviS' '
. JffiPj qL t0 ue bcferc the St"tc Gmr1 of KiH'ii JmmwHlUW&wJiiS
JWtf n' Bgrwy lK i0U wan a )01 k.iwn Mower very 'wsS''!, y
K& ' " mj-"Mv cheap, go t( Fmnk Owens Hardware !ifUv
Wj " f.-''1 Ce., you cim get fiem 10 Inch te 10 inch fh!k
Fffl? ' " JIlss TlM',E Kaxsej, of West Second ff B7iwfSV 1
t '" The' Kind TU't We are Likely te llaie Between btrcct, letitrned yesterday from n week's sH fgJf.Vy 'EMflF
.N ud To-nieiwi Kteilep. visit te Mrs. J. B Holten, near Washing- fiT j 3 '. WHKn jPfflp j
. ' " ten. n niWWsHlBmmmVKif'
tS. Wkatiiku. Buiikau. I
WASiuJ-eniN. U C , April 0, 1B92. f
SHCnttO,';lJ PC1ILIO Lkdeeii.
" Fajr tu Thursday night, pre
1 ceda'dby showers in the East por
tion, followed by colder weather.
tSTlm nbove rereemt urn mnile for n
;. period of ihlrtj'"Klniiir. emlliiR ut 8 e clock
Sim.ine H.vr KcIhuii'-.
SimtTS iinuk' ti nlei Xcl-ei
Piiik nud Ac! lent In-. W. II Wurder.
f'm-Mt'Ksr W'nll P.im.r ut On i'IuvehiI'm.
l'Newlst in Wall Paper at Greenwood's.
Ge TO Eitel's Uesiaurant, Ne. 12i Mar
ket street.
Watchks Clocks and Jewelry cheap,
' nt McUarihe .
N .".Daily meat m-irket, Weed & Beckett,
Clerk s old stand.
sWciWunt an Intelligent, hustling news-
v gatherer in ever- town in Masen county.
Iluv. 4. E- Wmuirr will hegin a pro pre
'tracted meeting nt Meransburg next
Hen. James Baiiueur, President of
The Bank of Mnjsville, will leave te-day
- for Cliften Springs, N. Y.
Yeu will find Mecrlein's, Knuffraann's
and Wiedemann's Bottled Boer.ferfamily
use, nt Eitcl'e. 125 Mnrktt St.
The rates for advertising In The
Ponue Ledqeu arc rcnsonable and uni-
' fermi Patrons who pay $50 a year may
rest assured that their neighbors de net
' get off with C0 for precisely the same
These wishing fresh and reliable Gar-
.den aud Flower Seed, Plants and Grape
' vines, should call en II. II. Cox & Sen,
Seuth lde Second street, two doers from
' button the largest dealers in bulk seed
In Maysville.
In another column appears a commu
nication te The Puiilic Ledeeh from the
Prank Owens Hardware Company. It
contains se much that will be of positive
benefit te the public that we chcrfully
give place te it.
REMKMiiKn that Tin: Public Ledeeii
office Is en the "gieuud fleer," and that
visitors arc always welcome, especially
these who nre bearers of news items,
subscriptions, advertisements or erders
for job printing.
It is uotlceablethat the wcek preceding,
the cenveniug of Circuit Court is always
nn exceptionally dull one. Se many of
our farmers are required te attend court,
as jurors or iu soine ether capacity, and
postpeno their visit te the cltyuntil then.
a "The Peeple's Building Association"
'started with 1,0 W shares. Fer saving,
"Investing or borrowing money it effers
MUiBurpasscd advantages. Take stock in
second scries cemmeuciug May 7th.
Eebcrt L. Baldwin Secretary, Jehn Duley
Treasurer, O. L. Salloe Attorney.h
f m i. .
, The books of the Limestone Building
Association are still open for subscription
te stock In the soventh. series. Call en
m11. O. Sharp Socretary, James Thrulkcld
ITreasurer, O. D. Newoll Solicitor or any
of the Directors and secure stock and
ty you a home en easy payments.
uhimiy, the Jeweler, is showing the
rgMt line of ladles' and gentlemen's
iW watches, diamond rlngi, pitu, pond
t8, mr, drops, studs, emerald and dla-
mhm1 tings,,, ruby and diamond rings.
MrilHir Hver forks, spoeiu and ladlw,
Nt) ffeM HMk-ehaliis, with ad without
my a 'tfliiMBft Hitiiiiir (
r,s. wkatiikkBukkau. i vutiFm mmawis2sz-' a
v' . " WASiuJ-eruN. D C, April 0, lb92. f Have you seen our efllce yet? If net ' 111 ?&?$ MMKSiKV
jS& i - . .. i . ..n i -...i ..... ni -i .i. MffSfcfrfli 'l fi53.y' J?"
iiji iiiuiiuu unit wu y, in biiuw y iiu inu u r t ia'ajm a & 9nsK.ri?,'vr ,s
bcsl equipped nud most conveniently ar- Uiit'LtM MSK'J 's
ranged one in the stnte. jMKkUBp i
HousK-cLKA.sihe new. If you want n
Step-ladder, any size, i feet te 10 feet in
length. tep t Frank Owens Haidwnre
Ce.. for it very low prices
-i m 1 1
Mb&sus. Uaiiuinu & Thompson, of the
Sixth Ward, have been awnidcd tlie con
tract for erecting a nice frarae residence
tei Mr. Lee Gray in the West end.
James Smith, after being kept iudoers
several months fiem injuries received in
11 fall, was out yesterday for the fiist time.
He celebrated the event by subscribing
ter Tin: Leijeeh for a year.
1 11 1 1 ii
Among the new advert hers in this im
pression of The Ledeeh, is J. J. Fitzger
ald, the Plumber. Mr. Fitzgerald is a
lirst clnss weikinan. He nlse has for
sale the Jewel Gas Steve, which we knew
from experience te be the best article en
the maiket.
Any subscriber wliec paper has net
been promptly and legularly delivered,
will confer a favor by letting us knew of
the fact. It being a new route and a new
carrier there has, deubll ess been some coo
fusion, which we nsk our patrons te gen
erously pnrden.
"A little tee late," and " a little tee
seen." Just arrived, n let of thirty very
fine imported Deuble Brccch-Leadlng
Shet-guns thecclcbrated"Centlncntnl."
New Is the time te buy a Breech-Leader
out of season. Prices low, of Frank
Owens Hardware Ce,
The stained glnss Avlndews that Imve
been placed in the M. E. Church, Seuth,
are very handsome. But when the Build
ing Committee is composed of gentlemen
having the geed tnste of Tem Keith. Ed.
Browning and Jehn Adnunen, hew could
it be otherwise? Ne charge.
The fight between Cudaby, the great
Chicago perk packer, who Is building a
big packing heuse In Louisville, and the
Bourbon Stock-yards is ever. Fer
$2S0,000 in stock of the Bourbon Stock
yards Company, Cudaby lias agiecd te
withdraw from the field and te threw all
his influence te the Bouiben people.
Chahles BitKCiciNitiDOE, colored, who
who was bound ever Monday by 'Squire
Grant en a charge of petit larceny, was
yesterday tried before Judge Pulster, and
senttejail for sixty days. The articles
stelen wore: A five dollar bill, n knlfe,
ft pair of suspenders nnd a quart of
whisky. The victim was Jehn Reach,
Tenth Aunhers-ary Celebrated.
Mr. and Mrs. Rebert Davis the latter
was Miss Annie Ort of this city ten years
age ccVebrated the tenth anniversary of
their wedding at their home back of
Aberdeen en Monday. Among these
present wero Henry Ort and family, and
the families of Messrs. Douglas P. and
Gcerge Ort of this city.
m 1
About the Free DtliTerr System. '
In nnsw.br te many Inquiries, The
Lr.naEit can stale, ort authority I that is
efllclnl in the first dogrce, that Maysville
has been entitled te the Freo Delivery
System slnce the 1st day of July, 1801.
But Maysville is only ene of sixty-live
thousand Postefllccs in the United States,
and the details of each ene of them has
te be looked after by the Dopartment at
New, dear reader, If you hed the affairs
of slsty-Uve thousand families te leek
of ter, don't you think It would keep you
out of ether nilschief for h few weekst
The fact I, Mayavllle will get Her Letter
Carrier! Just as seen at the appropriation
tilll for the ytmr im-'i U mvm by Cm
trm awl tka DtIWMiti rwalt the
rifr x"a tUy,
Prier te 1890, the lerelpts of thoMnys theMnys thoMnys
Pestotllcc, from sales of stamps, stumped
goods and box lent, had net exceeded,
in round numbers. $8,000, and the salary
of the Postmaster was $2,000.
Thepiesent Postmaster ass'nmcd chnrge
en the 3rd of February, 1890, nnd at the
cloe of his (lrt full year, ending March
31st, 1S91, the receipts bad risen te
?I),143,S7, the salary ndvaucing te $9,100
by reason thcieef.
New comes the close of the second
year, as it is technically called by the
Department the "Allewnncu Year,"
ending Maich 31st. 1602, and the results
set forth below roust be gratifying te
every citizen of Maysville who has a pride
in the prosperity of the geed old town.
The sales of stamps and stamped gieds
for the past year, compared with the same
quarters of 'the preceding year, wcj&as
? 3 00:1 12
2,378 7
2.4W 48
3,171 l3
June 3.1th f-'.ew-n
Septomber aetn
2.M1 41
2,3 83
2,151 Kl
December 31st..
March 31st
Totals 0.HJ 57 $11,130 31
This shows an increase ever 1890-91 of
$1,993 77, and places the efllce three
grades higher than it ever was before,
and will give the Postmaster a salary of
$2,300 from the 1st of July next!
In the Registry nnd Meney-Older De
partments the transactions have also been
qulte large, as sliewn by tliose ugures:
No.re jtlstered let ters recelved and dls-
pntched r,3"0
Ne. postal notes Issued 1,460
Ne. domcstle meney erders Issued... 2,5.1)
Ne. forelirn money orders Issued 35
Nn. postal notes paid 022
Ne. doaiestle money orderu paid 1,700
Ne. foreign meney orders paid 8
Vnlue of postal notes Issued $2,080 10
Vnlue domestic money orders Issued, 19,711 60
Vnlue forelpti meney erders Issued., 391 84
Vnlue postal notes paid 1.671) 24
Vulue domestlo meney orders paid.. 15,411 01
Vnlue forelBii raonev erders paid ... 154 0
Kees rcoelved for postal notes 44 07
Fees for domestic meney erders... . 1ft! 87
Tees for forehrn money orders 6 50
It should be borne in mind, however,
tbnt nioney-order and registry business
cut no figure in the receipts of the office.
The person who buys a ene cen,t postage
stamp contributes mero tewnid building
up the business of the olllce than the man
who buys a million dellais worth of
monoy-erders, if the latter were possible.
A Sample of Our Assessment. '
The Ledeeu had something te say yes
terday about ihoeulragous Incrense of the
assessment of Masen county by the auto
cratic State Beard of Equalization ut
Frankfort. The County Assessor, Mr.
Jehn C. Everctt, has slnce given us a
satnple of the assessment of property In
this county as 1 chimed te the Frankfort
authorities. The 99-acre farm of David
Hcchluger is assessed at $0,000, and the
highest offer he has been able te get for
it is ?7,000.
3lJer Tlllmau Iu Clucluuatl.
Majer Tillman, whose $25,000 embez
zlement from the Falls City Bank, Leuis-
ville, nnd subsequent mysterious disap
pearance after making away with $10,
000 additional belonging te a Mrs. Alex
ander, of that city, created a sonsatleu
last yenr, Is new residing with Ids daugh
ter, Mrs. C T. Woodrew, the wife of the
senior inomber of Woodrew, Baldwin &
Ce,, printers, nt lier residence Ne. 10
Huntington Place, Mt. Auburn, Cincin
nati. The indictments against him for
embezzlement will probably be quashed,
as his abstractions from the bank have
been repaid In full.
' . m 1 1
Wrc with that our friends throughout
the county would take It upon themselves
te seud us the news In their respective
localities. It take news te make a real
live leeal paper, and that l what wa
want te wake Thk Pvblw Luimiiw.
Remember that anything which lNtreia
yiHi my nteve ftf lWet te mm urn
A find dlHplnv of trimmed Hats and
Bennets Mrs. M. Archdeacon. 0
TitEii:aie pcvurul wedding of which
we have heaid miners, bm fuel hcslstaticy
about announcing tln-ui until authorized.
R,9niNfN'9 circus opens tlu seaen in
Cincinnati fenn- tlm this month. It
then makes a tour of Kentucky, nnd
Maysville will, no doubt, be included.
This fIiew has been for .e.irs one of our
earlv summer features.
Sami'el B. Oi.diiam the Plumber ad
vertises iu tills impression of Tun Ledekii
the "Eclipse" stove, which cooks with a
cuirent of het air. New that the summer
heat i? coming, the hnuewifc will be
looking for something te relieve the
kitchen of Its horrors, and a non-heating
stove will go a long ways in that direc
tion. Te Moiiiiew Mr. P. F. Martin of Flem
ing I'Oiuiiy ill wed Mies Alice L. Dcgmun
ut her lather's home. Spiiugdale. The
luide is a dauihter of Mr. 0. C. Degin'im,
11 highly esteemed citizen of this county,
ami u lady of rurejnccemplishments. The
gi 00111 Is one of Fleming county's meat
prominent young farmers. The Puhlic
Ledeeu extends hearty congratulation!!.
A couple of 'drummers" yesterday
afternoon jumped off the F. F V., while
going down Frent stieet. As there Is an
ordinance against such peifermunccs, olll elll
cer Bland, who wn 11 witness te the act,
promptly arrested them and took them
beterv Mayer Peaici. They were of
fended at wlint they thought the unwar
ranted action of the 1. Ill cer, but were in
formed that he hud enlv hne his duty,
and te go with n warning as te the future.
The new $00,000 tobacco warehouse
known as the Bedmnnn is new open nt
Cincinnati. It is six stories high and 200
by 12.1 feet. It is a completc tobacco
beuse. At tne openlng a hnndseme cham
pagne luncheon wns set for the guests
with the compliments of Mr. H. II. Heff
man, the owner. Cel. E. Withers sold
32.1 hogsheads. The highest price se
cuied was $50 50, old hogshead, the best
price known in years. It belonged te n
Mr. Yeung, of Ripley, O. In I80I there
wcre 2,300 hogsheads of tobacco sold in
Ciudnnnti at a valuation of 825,000; in
1891 the stle was 20,070, value $2,050,
060 91.
List or "Aiberttned" Letters.
Belew is a list of letters remaining un
called for at the Maysville Postefllce for
the weck ending April 5th, 1892:
Asrcalskr & Shnchett Moncke. Hans
llradferd, Klzzah
.Mciienry, wiiuain
McMurty. Frank
McN'utt, Samuel
Outcalt, O. N. (2)
l'eth, Leuis
Roberts, E. M.
Steward, Mrs. Taraer
Stale, A. E.
Stephens. Mae
Savnge, Mrs. Alralra
Vlee, Nnnnle
Vance, Win. L.
Weed, Lutle
Williams, Llsby
WelI, J. W.
Webb, Mlley
Wright. Mrs. Ella
Weed, James
iiradiey. k.t;
Hradley, Themas
Clark, Annie
Caldwell, Saniuel
Davis. Mrs. Hachnel
Dtile, Llllle
Ferd, Mrs. Loulse
Orcjrery, Charles E.
Heward, Mrs. Jonnle
llelmer. Miuule
Jenes, Mrs. I,ucy
Jobst, Lizzie
Jehnsen, Jeseph (cel)
Jenes, Jack
Llndertuan, Henry
LundrlKan, Llzzte
Myers, Mrs. llartmra
COne cent due en ench of above.
Persens calling for these letters will
please say that they are advertised.
Themas A. Davis,
Manager of the Frankfeit Lettery Files an Answer
te the Suit Against Him.
Manager J. J. Douglass of the Frank
fort Lettery has filed an nnswr te the quo
warrante proceedings against his com
pany in the Law and Equity Court nt
Louisville. The opening paragraph of
the answer denies that lie has for moie
than four months lust past, or for any
period of time, exercised the privileges of
the lottery charier without lawful
authority, or that he litis at any time or
place usurped the right or frnnchise te
opernto n lottery under the charter re
ferred te in the petition filed by Attorney
General Hendrlck. Manager Douglass
declares that his charter is valid, and
that he intends te fight for his lights with
all his lawyers' might.
Departmeut of Kentucky, U. A. It.
Bnmuel Q. Hillls, Department Com Cem Com
mauder, has issued au order announcing
the programme for the coming Tenth
Encampment of the Grand Army boys iu
Kentucky, which will be held ntLobanen
en Thursday and Friday, April 28th and
Reduced rates have been secured from
all points en the Chesapeake and Ohie
and Loulsvllle and Nashville Railroads,
and the Lebanon hetels will charge only
$1 CO per day.
Iu rofcrence te the matter of attending
the Twenty-slxth National KnjMpment,
te be held at Washington, DrU.'thU fall,
Commander HUlla recommends the plan
proposed by Messrs, J,el
Walsh, Jehn
Y. Day, Dr. Samuel
burn, Geerge
Crawford of
M, dinger and Qeeri
JmPH IlelMr Pest
r, and urM
t' ? Comrade Utn
state te eer
0 rr Vt:
r4p4a4 'wllk
i en without
The Storm in the West a Creat
Havoc Worker.
and Property Lest, Railroad
Traffic Blockaded.
Snow Drifted te an Knormens Height In
Seuth Daketn A Terrific ToriindeTcur
Through AVlnceniln Illtnel, VUltcd
by Storms and HIrIi Wntcrn.
Red Lake Falls, Minn., April .
The storm is growing mero violent
every hour. A furious blizzard is rag
ing north, the wind sweeping ever the
prnirica at a tremendous velocity, ac
companied by volumes of drifting snow.
Over a feet of snow has fallen. Many
have left their supply of weed dwindle
during the recent warm weather. If
many lives nre net sacrificed It will be
Redfiele, S. D., April 0. The sever
est storm that has ever visited this sec
tion Is raging here. It commenced with
rain and is increasing in fury. About
neon Monday the rain chnnged te sleet
and 6new, and with a high wind has
practically suspended all business. The
wind is driving the snow at hurricane
velocity. All the train service en the
Northwestern read is abandoned here.
Snow west of here is drifting te enor
mous heights.
Oeallala, Neb., April 0. The storm
drifted cattle in droves into the Platte
river, where many chilled te death. The
lej.s will be heavy. Telegraph com
munications has been cut off since
Milwaukee, Wis., April C A tor
nado passed through Orant county, at
2 o'clock Monday afternoon, leveling
barns, fences, telegraph poles, and un un un
reoting houses. There was no less of
life. se far ne known. Later reports
from the country near Blattcsvllle, may
be of a mere serious nature.
Des aieiNES, la., April 0. Reports
received in this city from different
points in the western and central Iowa
show heavy rainfalls and great dam
age. At Outhrie Center the storm sevms
te have been its severest It was ac
companied by hall, which, with the
strong wind, broke windows aud did
ether damage. The streets were cov
ered with layers of large 6tenes, which
the rain following swept into huge
drifts, which acted as dains and caused
a flood of water. It is net known hew
extensive this fall of hail was, but it is
feared that it extended ever considera
ble territory.
ErriXGHAM, III., April 0. During a
severe thunder storm here Lee Dale was
instantly killed by lightning, and his
brother probably fatally injured. The
storm has caused seven washouts en the
Vandalla line between here and Terre
Haute, and all the trains arc temporar
ily abandoned. The Wabash river is
the highest ever known, nnd the Illinois
Southern railroad bridge ever that
stream near here Is gene. At Clay City
the Wabash river rose fourteen feet last
night, and pony malls are cut off owing
te the washout of bridges.
St. Leuis, April 0. Dispatches from
many points in the path of the second
cyclene and rain storm in Missouri indi
cate that great damage has been done.
In Moniteau county hay stacks and
fences wcre leveled and houses and
barns were unroofed. Near Arcadia
the 0 creeks and rivers arc out of their
banks and the streets of the town are
running rivers. The city bridges are
washed away and much damage was
done te the railroad north and south.
The storm reports from Moberly say
that the several streams near that town
are higher than for many years, and
farmers owning land in the bottoms
have suffered great less. The dispatches
from ether points arc of the same tenor
as the above, all Indicating that almost
incalculable damnge was clone.
DrKprntde Murphy Declared Himself
He Commences by Mj1iik Hit llrettier
He Is New Half IVny Through Ills
MvRi'iiv, N. C, April 0. Bill Murphy,
a Jelliee mountain desperado, has de
clared his intention te hill ten men, and
he has already made a geed start in
that direction. Recently his brother
Geerge married a daughter of
an enemy of the family and dur
ing a quarrel ever the matter Bill
shot his brother dead. Frank Medlin,
brother of the dead man's wife, gave
the body burial, and en Wednesday he
was shot dead from ambush. A moment
later Bill Murphy sprang out Inte the
read nnd threatened death te any ene
ene that should touch the body.' It was
about te be mutilated by hegs.and a Mr.
Merso and wlfe approached te guard
It, when Murphy fired nnd fatally
wounded Mrs. MOrse. On Wednesday
Murphy went te the heuse of 0 man
named Bailey, and demanded lodging.
Bail,ey hesitated, and Murphy shot him,
inflicting a probably fatal wound.
Murphy heard that Ben Martin had
been criticising his conduct and Mon
day, armed with his Winchester, he
found Martin and shot him dead.
Killed for a Klsi.
Wiikeline, W. Vn., April Q. William
Mater, a baker aged 23 years, shot and
hilled his wife because she refused te
kiss him. The couple wcre married six
months age andMenday night quarreled.
Tuesday memingMaier arose and usked
Ills wife te give him a hiss. Upen her
refusal, he drew a revolver and fired
four shots into her body. The young
woman never spoke. Maicr escaped, and
has net yet been arrested.
Sucd Her Mre mid Wen.
Oskaloosa, la., April 0. Nannie
Roberts, who sued her father and unc?e
for 50,000, for falsely incarcerating her
In nn insane asylum, has secured a ver
dict for $."5,000, the jury remained out
forty-eno hours. Motion was mnde for
a new trial.
TuiMityNluu Injured.
Havana, April fl. An ImiHewwtelwe-
90 factory in thl my vmrnect. xu
leaa Is vwy hvy. Twnnty-Hlwe per
kh njcmMvcA vwlnful UgwtVrjttmw.,
AnarchUt Arrrited la the gpitilltal
nil 1 11c usum-Meaiing iiumiwrr
011 Uli l'erien. j,
Madrid, April . The police'-'
day aftornoen arrested a Frenchman!
named Devat, as he was enterinffjUwy
uacK aoer 01 tne pariiamentaryim
ing. He had excited their 8uapLS'
uy tus enert te avoid ouscrvatlev
by holding with great care a '
under his cloak. When arcv
was prevented. He was' .taw
police station, where thejl)f
ieunu 10 contain a uyneraite u
a fuse ready for Ughtlng. JT
The Frenchman said thai
placed a similar bomb in the
trance, but evidently the fustjj
out An examination of, the!
suited In the discovery eftel
hind a pillar. Each bera
about six pounds of dyar
te have wrecked the wne' -the
Frenchman's papers
anarcldstic preclanW1
statement: (j.
"Everything enjoyed b.
created by the labor of tr
wicked system of medernwsafityW
vents n erkingmen from possessing
they produce. Whatever- the feri
government the rich rob the pej
no party dares te oppose them. '
laws serve only te protect the r
their plundering, let us help our
Let us attack the rich in all cencc
means with fire, knife nnd
Ownership is theft Death te
gceisic Strlke new." . c
There were three larjre red 1
the top and bottom of theprocle
but no signatures. The police tl
prisoner is a member of the Man6v
the oreanlzatien of murderers
YA 3 41 1 rVlrtVi (Vim - nMAKnU!(lfl IUW
Ihiwur- nftt
droe-J '
i.4ve tw iiiwii but; uv;a iiuuitiriiaw -- '
longed. The police think that inc. plots .
were laid by anarehistfl in Paijis In col cel
,.! ,,t ,. ....... .a. y
lusien wun mcmocrsei uicwaireiiMugra, 5
in Spain, and that Devnt was acnt te i
lead in the execution as he kweff the',
country yet was net known te thfc police. '
A Lisben anarchist named lVejxekii J
was caught lurking Dear Uyrparlia-
mentary buildings at the tirnaW Devat's B
arrest nnd was taken te the same oeHco r
station. He is thought te. be Devat's
accomplice. Compromising papers were
found also in his possession. Besides
several incendiary placards he had a
plan of the palace and the senate cham-
ber. The police think he may, have
eecn selected te blew up thesebuild-
ings in accordance with the plans of
Each of the bombs seized had 1
il at
Beth I
minute fuse attached te it Betht
made iu this city, it is believed.
houses of anarchist suspects wxa buiii
searched by the police in an eilert
find the factory.
The news of the discoveries has"
cited gravest fears among the wcalt
classes. Iho palace Is doubly gur-
ana extra watchmen have been i
en duty at the banks and mnnlu
buildings. Several private far
have reported that they have
threatened, and nsk the police for spe-";J2p
St. I'ctersbursr Was Shaken nnd Houses jy
Swayed en Their Foundations Workmen
Killed. 'f
St. lETrnsnuKO, April C Annccidcnk'
took place at the state factory fcrthj
manufacture of smokeless pewdef
where, in some unknown mannerf
tens of guu cotton exploded."1''
whole eity was shaken anll1!,
swayed en their foundations as '
from the effects of an carthqutt
seen as it was ascertained. Ji.
plosien had occurred at 3
dcr factory a steady ,f
people flowed in that, ,
witness the effects of,)1 v
The building in whieT1 '
naa ueen sterea wev r0
seen. It had been 40.1 I
' t.-"
...im ,1,n nvnlft , . . . w .'
re in. . ,
....i... v... --i-sion'teol
nvcrv niie of thrn. ..... i.ii
A search was r nnrle frti f v 1, r
their bodies Vend some ',-"
were feuncy230 yards u
building. The gunceti
In a separate building r
may W attributed thcft A
of life was
net .
ter. The adlei
lung fact
'and five v.
grcauy eamaged,
- hivju ncre mmreu. ueu
inile and a quarter away from the I
1TVin In Hiaim ..
Injhred. Hern
.. .v. uwic ia, ebeuaie uy me sue
the explosion. Windows were shafc
and crockery nnrt gjassware were th"
te the fleer and smashed. The less?
thesl causes alone will be qulte If
The Is no possible way of asccrti
hewihe explosion occurred, as
man InTUejmy, cotton building is cb
lb 43 WlMMgUIf J
te carelessness.
"cr, that It wr?
Kiustel, Ten
dan, a furniture)
and killed N. C
was cnQijr
the wemai
young in;
twice, tl'
Jerdan f
New Yel
Tuesday me,
'formation frecv
ury Ncttlcten
may be permlttc
but the chances
will be recemmenl
by Secretary Feetei
Tough en the'
Dublin, April M
Tuesday, cemmeBUu;
Mrs. Mentaifu. wke wal
nanslautrhter ferklllinS
old daughter, Hele8,"a3
year's imprieKHwat,",rs
Mentafu.iea oetpt''
creature, m Utftt'evy'
a desire te herehr
CftNcritMHMn '
l-fl IV
A f
dilles g;iu .
been jm31'ji
luff fmw
iV. Jiuttil
IwWj t
iii - ""
,! P
!,! "Jr.A

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