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TihimahA. 1AVI,
WiutAi ir. Waiww erth, Jr.,
t- Atrrflarv (intf Trtnimrrr.
Themas A. DAV:K,".........&t(ernntt .Vannetr.
Samuel T.IIickm a v, ,rt7 Xtlltemntt HtMkerprr.
WlltJAU II. Cox, M. C. IM'NREIL,
A. M. J. Cochran, W. II. Wapswehth, Jr..
Tiicimah A. Dav:.
.((; Letter HuWltnn.Xe.lt Ea$l
ytt-Ycar ... ............................. S" 00
tx 3Ietha. ............. 1 SO
Three Jleiitlia ...... .. ................ 73
itKi.irr.nEn by cakrzkb.
Per 3lenth
. 23 Cent
Payable te carrier at oriel of month.
Advertising rates Uniform and reason
able and made kneicn en application at
the office.
Farmer Livixgstex, of Georgia, has
Tmnntnreil tlm Inihlile nf the ilrpninr9
thought they saw in the Furuiere'
Ulance mevenicut an oppertuuuty te
ite the Seuth and West against th
sNerth. .LIVINGSTON declares
L-'a Uemecrat, nna exhorts all
Ulance men te stand firm in
CJJ? rr,. . ,.
UUU IHlllJ. XII -3 iicpuuiitau
'e West, who are usked te
allegiance te the party
of a powerless third
tfa arnlng in this.
ihe DemdlCJailc greenhorns
' have mae a ludicrous
mselves luVwaillng eer
e raw materisl te enable
' ifacturers te expert goods
mp,ni the marketsef the
iThe- McKinley tariff pfvviues
leaterlal in such cases ami if
illTth manufacturers need they
irnhfit full measure. By degree.
democrats are learning what the
LnlJtailff really Is and what it
5fIt.tperf them neany iwe years
kirn that the McKinley ta.iff Is
' &-?im. , , . i.A
jllOOai, pufc wiieu
the, .Supreme
its opinie? tfiey had te take
,v wm catch en te
urea of the Mc-
and learn te
and ether
jeir brains
ie means
jjr IIEKD'8
.rum before
pt decision.
4y such scheme,
'glad of it new.
Jlust get round te
jti uy uuuiumuuH
justices concurring,
mi ere right, and the
(luerum is valid In
s ruling had
nfMlft the DemecratJ
tyranny, oppression,
hnye bren caught In
light. Cheap and
i Hew Uiey ettght
3 ix nec SIGXO YIXC s.
V 1
I'-" it
(4 . Jl
"W Mai
VKJ'. BW" '
T-w i ... ir.. i., ..
I-ROM the returns of Mendaj n dec ,
tieiw throughout Ohie it doesn't np our
that the Republicans are elther dead r
dying. They had tliingsNpretty much
their own way, and in some of the Dem
ocratic strongholds they fui ly "paral
yze 1" their opponents.
This story, told by Senater Sheiwan
apropos te the refusal of certain Demo
crats te admit that their party is a free
ilver paity, says The Maiden Rejnibti
can, is ery much te tlm peint: An
Irishman walking through a cemetery
came upon n headstone with the inscrip inscrip
teon: "1 Still Live." "He jnbers."
said Pat, " if I was dead I'd own up te
De you recall one of the resolutions
of the National Republican League in
Convention at Cincinnati? Here it Is:
" We n cognize the Republic-mi pres of
the country as a great and indcspcrisible
force in the advancement nnd promotion
of Republican principles, and commend
te every believer in Republicanism the
dulv of lending his inlluence nnd efforts
te the extension of the benefits of this
potent ngeniy."
Every Republican in the Ninth Dis
trict should become n subscriber te The
Public Ledger.
The ignorant Democratic papeis ask
for the repeal of the tin plate duties,
and talk as if there never had been a
tariff en tin plate until the present law.
Under the Republican policy the tin plate
duties have simply been increased from
a rate which was se low that It was
merely n tax en the consumer tliat is
It was net sufficient te cover themaigin
bit ween the labor cost of production
here and the labor cost in Wales.
Hence, under the old rates, ue one would
invest in tin plate making, and the
foreigners had the field te themselves.
New Americans are turning out tin
plate esery day.
.Vs Gex. Grant said, the Demecrafc
party can always be depended upon te
blunder. Already, by the mere agita
tion of Bland's scheme for n compute' r.
412 grain dollar at present and ulti
mately n 400 grain dollar, the Denin
cra's have succeeded in exciting unpai
nes in Europe nnd that is telling heavily
en the United States. Europe Is send
ing back American stocks and bends and
demanding geld. But for the alarm
which Ins been excited there the United
States "would at this time be gett'nj
from fifteen te twenty millions of geld
per month from Europe. It is all well
enough te say that there Is no danger of
the adoption of the free silver bill ; that
the Sennte will defeat it or the Presi
dent will kill it with a veto, but the
fact remains that the mere agitation of
the question In the reckless and alarm
ing fashion characteristic of the Demo
cratic party excite9 fear abroad nnd
hurts the cenntry severely. The Repub
lican party can discuss and adept mea
sures looking te a large incren"0 of sil
ver or ether money (as it did two years
age, for instance) without alarming for
eign security holders, but it is impossi
ble for the Democratic party te de fe.
Frem the foreign as well as the home
standpoint the Republican party is the
party of safe and sound finances whlle
the Democratic organization is just the
opposite. The wenderfu.1 success of Re
publican financial policies in maintain
ing the greenbacks, in returning te specie
payments, in upholding the public credit
and paying and refunding the debt has
given that party great prestige abroad.
It is the only party which can be safely
trusted with financial questions. The
mere discussion of a free coinage pro pre
vision in a Democratic Heuse is equal
te the disturbance of a bull in a china
shop. v .
Judek JesF.ni B. Kinkf.ad. the well
knpwn lawyer of Louisville, died yester.
day. He was born at Versailles October
27th, 1822, and took a preparatory course
of sludy at Augustn College, then one of
most famous institutions of learning in
the state At the age of 18 he received
ah appointment as mtdshipuinn in the
United States Navy, through the volun
tary kindness of Seuatnr Themas II,
Renten, Vice-President Richard M. John John Jehn
eon and ethers.
Ordered At once te the stcnmihlp
Miwuri, he found the second In com
mand of it Alexander Slldell Mackenzie,
whd shortly afterward hnnged at the
yVntarm of the wr young Hpencer,
MM) f the tyewMAry of the tfavy, for
PMIB, , Jwke lOttkead was a Deweerat
m WML WW fe Iteeewe a Keiwbli.
A Story Showing tne Caution bt Haitian
, Official.
Docs anyene remember Ilyren'a
laniOUS mum.BUdmncr? USltS the Gen-
tlcmnn. If se, the Nlldtn plum-pudding '
story-may strike them as somewhat of!
it tu unci. ii uuu Hviiiii lib ei, i ciura
burg for Christmas some English friends
of the young singer, thinking te plcase
her, ana regardless of the effects en
.. rn. n . r n mm nllim.
. .. --- . '" - i-
piuiaing as a surprise. Imnginc tier
amazement and trcpldutlen when It was
announced In every morning paper that
a large box supposed te contain nu In
fernal machine, directed te the young
singer, had been deposited at the near
est police station. A letter reached her
from an authority thure are many au
thorities about In St. Petersburg in
forming her that the police were chary
of opening the box, fearing it might be
dangerous te their lives; but did she
knew of anyene valiant enough te at
tempt the deed the box Bfteuld be hers.
Her Impresario undertook te die in the
attempt, and, en arriving at the pollce
station for that express purpose, was
semewhat relieved te find the huge
package reposing quietly in a tank of
water. New eame the moment for the
untying of the Gordian knot; nnd there
reposed, wrapped In linen within tin
earthenware bowl, the. pudding dctirest
te the heart of Englishmen en the 2."ith
of December as every year comes
round. The pollce still refused te be
satlsiled, und Insisted that the terrible
thing might shroud a mysterious bomb.
After a vast amount of probing nnd
pronging, the pudding wus at length
conveyed te its destination, and both It
and the jeke were heartily enjoyed by
the Nikita party.
saved Her young.
Unvr n Small IMrd Turned Aside a Large
Herd of Cattle.
A herd of five thousand beeves were
telling ever the lonely trail from New
Mexico te Kansas, says a correspondent
of the Youth's Companion, leaving be
hind them across the grassy plains nnd
valleys a swath ns bare as if it had been
swept by the fiery breath of a simoom.
Suddenly the leader cf the herd, a
huj;e steer, started back in terror, gave
vent te a sneit of warning, and moving
te the ritrht passed en. These immedi
diatcly hi his rear turned te right or
left, and their cr.araple was followed by
each long-horned pilgrim as he reached
the dreaded ppet.
When the entire herd had passed a
wide, trampled track lay behind, but
near t':e middle of this dusty space
steed n luxuriant island of grass three
feet in diameter.
A herdsman rode up te the spot and
dismounted, expecting te And a rattle
snake, a creature of which cattle nswell
as horses have an instinctive and well
founded dread. Instead of a serpent,
however, the grass tuft contained only
a harmless killdee plover, covering her
nest, while her wings were kept in con
stant and violent motion. Seen indis
tinctly through the grass, she had evi
dently been mistaken by the steer for a
She did net take flight, even at the
cowboy, but valiantly pecked at his
baet as he gently pushed her te one side
te find that the nest contained four un
fledged kllldccs.
Aunt bur.ili Iett ei If Sh
Had Lest Her
Net long since, says the Washington
Pest, an old colored auntie came te the
capital from a small town in Virginia
te cook for a gentleman who had
known what an expert she was In pre
paring toothsome dishes since his boy
hood. The employer was en the sport
ing order, and knowing the old woman
te be of a deeply religious nature, he
took care te keep l.cr in ignprauce of
the fact that she was te provide meals
for a festive club where draw poker
was the nightly pregramme.
Fer a few days things went eti swim
mingly. The habitues of the place
praised the cooking te the skies, but
their geed living was net te last. Aunt
Sarah discovered by accident that the
people whose palates she was pleasing
were an irreligious let, and that they
were Jmbltual card players. The dis
cover appalled her. Rushing into the
room where, a dozen men were intent en
a jack-pet she sheuted:
"I'm geln' right back home. Yeu kin
git another cook dis very day, Marse
Jim. I feel jest like you had taken my
wngs from me se I can't never fly te
Heaven. All de money In Washington
couldn't keep dis old woman in dis sin
ful place."
The very next train en the Virginia
Midland numbered Aunt Sarah among
its passengers.
Amerlray Pearls.
Pearl mussels arc often found In the
upper Mississippi and in rivers flowing
te the lakes, but whenever a pearl Is
discovered In any ' locality all the
mussels in the stream are Immediately
destroyed by persons In search of
ethers. If the search were systematic
ally conducted, as is dqne in some parts
of Germany, pearl flspery might be be bo
cemo an Important Industry In this
country. In Germany the streams ere
carefully preserved and nre fished for
pearls only ence In ten or fifteen years.
The shells of mussels picked out of the
river are carefully opened with a pair
of pinchers made for the purpose, and
If no pearl is found then the mussels are
replaced in tha water. By means of
such a system as this the annual find of
pearls hi the German cmplre exceeds
8250,000 every year.
Australian I'ercttt.
With the exception of a living carpet
of delicate maidenhair, which attains a
helght of from flve te eIx f cot, and of
ropes of jrceper ftfrns which swing from
tree te Crp like i fairies in the castle of
a giant, UiA. fofe&t of Australia is alto
gther bare, i
if undortrrewtlu In the
weeds of rece)
t growth, however, ve
etatlen U ml
luxuriant. Tlw long
tendrils of t
mtttU ami rstaeeft'
white sl i
haifasi atatwk
id.niBii in tsai-ietuLa aj irnmM luwi vnuMQKrmvim, i hhm b-ih ,.w-
rropeial te Ouarante Men Their Snktrlei
Acalnit Leis ef. Werk.
A unique plan of Insurance which Is
nnw nnt nnlv In irnnwis nitv hnt. In thk i
country, Is being given a. trial, says the
Kansas City Times. Its purpese Is te
Insure salaries, and in the event of the
pcrRen Insured being unexpectedly
thrown out of employment he receives,
weekly or monthly, the amount for
which he Is insured until he secures
another position. If he fails in that the
company will pay his salary for six
months, but that Is the limit of time for
which it will giye a guarantee. 'One of
the previsions of the policy la that the
insured will use every reasonable effort
te precure employment, and In tlds he
will be assisted by the local agents of
the company, which is a Baltimore con
cern, Inasmuch ns the benefit ceases
when a new situation Is obtained. An An
other prevision, which is necessary te
prevent the total collapse of the idea, is
that the Insured will net willfully com
mit acts te precure his discharge from
the position he occupies. It is net
proposed te insure laboring men
or mechanics who work for dally
wages, but clerks and salaried ofll efll
eiala who have a btatcd weeltly or
monthly compensation. The rate is
ene per cent, annually of the salary of
the Insured, and no policy will be
written for les"$ than fifteen dollars or
en a basis of less than fifteen hundred
dollars. "This plan," said u. local insur
ance man yesterday, "originated with
Jehn M. Crane, who was one of the
leaders in accident Insurance in this
country, and it Is backed by a company
which has ever two million dollars. The
idea ha3 been a success In Europe, and I
can't see why it should net win here.
Of course we will have te take precau
tions te protect ourselves. We will in
vestigate every applicant's character
thoroughly, nnd It Is probable that a
majority of them will be refused. The
purpose is te protect young men and
mcta of family who are dependent en
salaries in ceses of less of situation by
assignment, consolidation, dissolution,
and discharge, but no benefit will be
paid where a man loses his place by any
willful act, and when he Is ence out of
a job no 'soldiering' will be allowed,
lie must try reasenablj hard te find a
new place, but if he cannot, his salary
gec3 en for bix months just the same.
The plan in many points is slmllnr te
that of an accident insurance, but of
course precaution will be taken te pre
vent the company from being
Seme Yeung Ilea Ilme Kc;jn
Arrnhi te
Wear Urucclcti.
This is leap year, and the jewelry
freak has already eeme te the surface.
Seme years age the bracelet fad took
possession of the youth of the country,
and the fealty of a young man was
testcJ by willingness te adorn his wrist
with a p'.ain band And new this fad
has come te the surface again, and if
you will leek up the sleeve of the next
fashionable man you meet, depend upon
it 3'eu will see a shining bit of silver
glistening against the white of his arm.
Thet.e arc, as a rule, gifts from admir
ing young ladies, and it may be appro
priate for me te say of them, for they
all read this column, that nothing but
silver b in style for a man's bracelet.
It must be plain, moreover, and net tee
large, se that It will net slip down from
the arm and show up suddenly jubt
when the young man is transacting -an
important business matter. There is
nothing se embarrassing te a young
man as te be taught a party te a fad.
and particularly te such a fad.
And right here the young lady might
as well be given a pointer as te what
she can buy if she is very anxious te
take advantage of her leap-year privi
leges. If you are buying a pair of
sleeve-buttons be sure, says the New
Yerk World, te get something in the
nature of a plain link, for that is all the
style new; if you are buying a scarf pin
buy something thut has the diamond or
sapphire in some peculiar "animal" set
ting. OwH, horse heads, birds, bees,
snails, turtles, snukes, deer a find even
elephant heads are the latest In the jew
elry world of, fashion. The designs are
all very plutn and small, but exceeding
ly pretty.
Transparent Clans Urlcks.
Fer some time past transparent glass
bricks hrvve been let Inte the walls te
afford light at places where n window
would Interfere with the architectural
plan. But new it ls proposed te cast
glass, net necessarily transparent. Inte
large blocks of buildings. This ma
terial is practically indestructible, per
fectly non-absorbent and, therefore,
damp-proof in a manner which few
bricks arc, and In this way coarse glws
of thb kind could bp made nearly no
cheap as concrete, stone, or baked clay.
A plan has also been put Inte practice
by which broken, glass of various colors
is mixed up, placed in mejds lined with
gIHce, talc, or some ether resisting ma
terial, and fired The result is a firmly
coherent mass, which can be dressed
and cut into blocks, which arc, of
course, irregularly colored, and may lc
employed In place of artificial marble.
If decorutlve effects nre desired designs
In relief can be obtained by jprcssure
whlle the block or slab Is still plastic.
Oreelan Art.
It Is probable that the visitor te the
exposition will have an opportunity of
seeing a mera extensive and finer exhi
bition of ancient Greek art than It has
heretofore been posslble te soe outside
of Orcecc. I,'. Cavrcadlpg, director gen
eral of Orcelan antiquities, has written
that tha Grecian government has ac
cepted the Invitation te participate In
the exposition, with the understanding
that It will ba represented only by me
morials of its antiquities. Charlce Wal
Bteln, director of the American Scheel
of Claesle Studies at Athena, sUtew that
the Grecian government hm agreed te
wake and tend te the exposition ewt
of the jr iBelpal works pf anvhtnt art
row, in Greece, together with map, tlkf
(fnw wwl piwHOfrmptwi. te uww wui
., . .., . u - : tj , 7 j , t Lftir jfcjifc.ij . 'frtMSamr rlBminsTWt'i r t s asm
vaMM a HUSMatMat isMIWBlswWP BfWySfV" HBBPSR? iam.iMlSSmM "" !i.?srM. m.m,. st .
Committee en Oreamlt Decline the Ite Ite
quect of thn Queen Italjella AKsoclAtlen.
The' application of the Queen Isa
bella association for space for a st&tue
and, pavilion en the world's fair
grounds has been refused by the
commlttce en grounds and buildings.
The committee gave as its reasons for
declining the application lock of space
and a previously established rule that
It would net gTant any space for the
erection of any building of the char
acter of a club house. The association
says the refusal of space within the ex
position inclosure for the statue nnd
pavilion will in no way interfere with
the work of the association.
A marble tablet representing the land
ing of Columbus from Colen, United
States of Columbia, will be exhibited nt
the world's fair. The tablet is a very
old ene and is the work of a famous
sculptor, who flourished n century nge,
and whose descendants in Colen new
own the tablet.
Editor ' Public Ledger:"
Yen will please nunennce
te the public generally that we liave
full lines of
Our Tecket Cutlery depart
ment is very lnrgc, comprising fellow
ing brands: Limestone Cutlery Ce,
New Yerk Cutlery Ce., Redgers, "Wos "Wes "Wos
tenlielm. Stnn'fertli and ether brnnils.
Untie by New Yerk Knife
Ce., Jehn Russell Cutlery Ce., uiid
ether makers. Pearl, Ivery, Celluloid.
Bene nnd Weed Handles. Our Silver
Plated Knives and Ferks, Spoons,
Ferks. &c., are best goods.
Onr line f
Ciumet he excelled. Our
own makes comprise " Our Very Best,"
"Kentucky Rattler," "F. 0. 11. Ce.'s
Extra,'" "Limestone." "0. & 31. E.trn."
'' Justice" and "Biz." Yeu can make
no mistake in either brand named.
Stock are of the best made.
F.O. H. Ce.'s Shears fully warranted;
if n t A Ne. 1 money refunded.
. Our
Rakes, Hees, Scythes,
Ferks. Shovels. Spades, Picks nnd
Mattocks yen will find lnrge s'eck.
We have a splendid stock
of Bronze Doer Lecks. Latches. Hinges,
Holts; also all ether qualities used in
building. Blacksmiths and carpenters
will find all tools used by them. Iren,
Nails, and full stock of the best "Wheels
and Woedwoik, Rims, Spokes, Hubs,
Shafts. &c, all of best timber.
Frank Owens Hardware Ce.
47 W. Second St. and 114 Sntten St.,
ifajsville, Ky.
HOME, Tuesday Eve., '
' April 5, i8g2.
My Dear Dick:
I have thought it all ever and
have concluded te say yes. And
noie I -am going te make, my
first request. When the lime
comes te furnish our neiv home,
let me name the furniture
Heuse that shall have the order.
My request is that we should go
te Henry Ort and buy our Fur
niture, both en account of the
style and finish' of his goods and
the extremely low prices he. asks
for everything.
Yours, ever,
J. N. KKI10I2,
maa atiertisin-q.
T- ,,,.,,, Atlv(itlttHHiti
J.1U JIIU I If U;v f ,e hauling lf " Hcj
Wonted;1 '3itwttn
ll"itn(1." " mf ," " Fimmtt1' Ac, nt rf eewptrt-
IU it iturr. dtflt iitd in fxMl tUtee l(nei, oil (fiff
Wt.neFHFE'0(in. '
jvi it .fifiic AilvcttfrcmtM triterteil tctth
out jmy. -i I ,
If itmuen ntl ' runic thcflrnl (imr.'uc Oielfe,
(is iiuiiii iti thin i u en nectsn'iry te .ccufi
t7inf teu who tlscf . IVfetrtiiA the thhttufi
tnf il that thai atc-iuil imp ttiitfim whiAtttne
AilccttttrwciiU can be t'fl et uur office or knt
tlirmiuh the nut tl te
Tit? 1'Um.W I.EDOKH CO.UP.iAT,
"WANlEn Thrip tlKHiBnnd EUiusciIl'ers te
Tub l-L'ni.ic I.riietn.
WANTED Uncrj-etle AuentH uiul Cerrcg
prihiicnts ter Tub l'uuuc Ledebii.
"IjWH KENT Several tuliinUu pacC for
mheitls-ltiv puritp. In The I'udlie
FOR BALE A(lM-rtUluirpaia In The Pub
lic I,khei:u . '.
103T A tfelilun npnertunlti ir ynu de tx
J iidxfrtlculiiTnR PutincLriier.u. -
LOST if we n it ii-ii,. ijenicjixy1 nnd
Kttrpt cur etiilttp. ellll'l's -rtriiVJncket.
rimler III plmsi- n'tum te. S KRLSONj,,
FOUND That It p x t ft bltf profit
le i atrett-
EOUND Iluneli or Kmt-.vli.eh nwmr can
liuve by iiilllnir t Puiu.ic Leikjuu office
ami prevlnir pt overt v.
Before buying ii Gih TpT TT)QT!
stevp. Rpn tlm -HjIIiII 0j
Steve, see the
It cooks with a current of het air.
be had et
S. B. OLDHAM, l'f'iift.tscuua'tt!
Plumber. Gas 'and Steam Titter!
11 W Ssetuiil Mrn-t,
JewplOas "tcM-s. .MAY-nVII.LK, KY.
Jn Oriltc "' -Vel We.
108 W. 8rce! hTKKKT, MAYBVII.LK, KV
nBFreeMcineIlnll!lnB Werk, Sidewalks, Ac, at
OK MWsVtM.i: KY.
Aht. I. Ile It known t'nit Wll tun H
, Sam-
Tue mis A. Divls, W. II. W iiUwertli. Jr.
IK'I T. 11 CKIlllt.l. A. .M. J. HKIir.ttl. .M C,
Hftlh flpiirir L L'nx kind All'-ll A. Elmellds.
tmve tbls uuyjtyeciutcd thettisuived together
and become ine rpunited under and liy virtue
of Clmptcr LO or tbu General St unites e' tbe
State of Kintuek) ii The I'liblle LcOvcr Com Cem
puny und liy Uuu niune hlinll ?ne nnd be sued,
ceutuict and b(ci tructeditli,ttiidBbnllbae
pcrpetuiil bucaos-leii nnd h common seal, with
peucr te ultcr same lit plciiture
Aiit. 2. The nptttil clock el eald Corpora Cerpora Corpera
tlim shall be 5,uj0, tlivld J Inte hnred of
S10 each, mid the piuiw ,-liull tie tnitintern
ble Ijjt Wilucn iibi!iuiuni n the eeitltleute,
uud when truiflerit'd the ci'itllle ite fur ftume
shall be gurrundiied te Hiu Ce puny uud can'
cilcd, and new eik 4 lsud In lieu thereof.
Aut. 3 Thin Cerpiratliiu Is enfanlzed for
the purpose or publ.shlnir a newepitpcr In tbe
clt) f MiDnvllle, kiid (11-lriLutliiK itie same
tbrouKlieut the etuti el ICeniiitkv, iindfortbe
ctirrjluif en or a Kt'iici-ul nuspaper bust ess
In nld tlty and state.
Aiit. (. Tbe ptlnclpal place of business of
mill Curpoiutlen sbitil bi- tit MnyeVllle. Ky.
The capital stne or buI.1 Ceip r.itlen may be
Increased at it iiicrtlnir of the stockholders
(thoseholdlnir ix mnjoile of the, stoek-assent-liiK
thereto) te any dim net oceedlntf $10..
000. This loipeiiitlun nm) eiuunlze when
IWO shines et ilk block Is sul.fcrlbrd. Stoek
may be paid te hi money or I'ljiilvaUnt at an
nreed contract prlce, mid ani ftoek net sub
scribed for may be told from time te time,
MB the Dlrecteis may d licet mil uuthorlze,
und the cert I lieu ten or sleck slutll be ulKiied by
tbe I'resliient und Seuntaiy. und the corpe-
ruin soul Ktuill bu illllxf'll til SUUIU.
Aht. 5. The Corporation shall be managed
by u Directory of nru portens who nhull be
efectcd iinnuiUIi tit thf Cenii'tim'a elllce in
Unysvllle, Ky . en the let Monday In Match or
each year. If, for niiy rcaceu. there should
net be an ohctleit held nt the time axed, tbe
Directors In olllce nlmll continue il tucb until
their nuecesbeis lira elected nnd iiualltled.
Aiit. 0. The Directors shall oheoso fren
thelr number a Prcbldent und Vlcd-Prcsldeut,
and from suld number or the stockholders a
Secretary nnd Ti en surer, ei,,lf they sce fit,
tbey may cotnblne tbiu two eltlctrs into one.
Tbeynhall ekct an Editor, and may elect an
nsBUtnnt te' the Editor, both of whose duties
and tenure of oillee tbey my tlx and pro pre
scribe by by-laws or tbe Cempun). which by
laws a majority of tbe Dlucters may adept
for the mmiiiKouientpr tliu Company's nlfalrs.
Aut. T. The Cenjpnny sluill net Ineur an
tndcbtediieM exceedlmr, in tbe amet6,at
ntivene time, a nuiii iqual te enc-bulf of tbe
capital stock paid In. . .
Aht 8. The prlvate property of the. stock
holders of this Company shull be exempt
from all dubu or liabilities of tbe Cerpera.
firm. m
Aut. 9. The Corporation slmll begin when
It iliailhmoertruulreil.im provided for herein,,
una tiuill contiiiiie its long- uu may 00 uif?
I.I.U. ....A..-. I t .1 .. ,., l.l.t.
ii, u'itni.H wiiureer. thu said tucorpertitois
liuvu herminie fcet thelr tiuniU this tOth day of ,1
Match, 1M.
W11.MAU II. Cux. A. M. J, COCHKAM,
w.ll. WAtiHwintTii. Jr.. (1K. L. Cey.
State op KR.-arcur, is.i
I, T, M. Vi'iiree, Clerk of tbe CoentyCU(tf C
for lb teur.ty uud slut' nfeit mid, duwuTy i"a
that the fortKelnvrArtloliif lnepri(iilHajK. , .fci
The Viibile lii'dnur Ce, was. nu Mamlt W, wm, l
prodtieidte nitiin tain teiiuij, riki hwkhh
Miteri by abt Tliemus A. DyU, vflllhtm
Cor.,v. i, wiuintii. jir., p. t, iiwk,
a AiltMll, 0OT Ii7 0iv hihI AlHw A,
tu rn mm MHnWHHll by A.
1 h M IMK a, Hd fctl
fctkrH fur.)
1 iHunfHViuiM
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