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'vmmBft "" "-v. I lj vW I J Cst Gleanings Frem Late Yesterday's and
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'Ek 50AP' CERTJFICaTE Jehn Uuktek is lying at the point of
WV, f'KSt ,k"uh ftt Gcr'"""tew":
Jgfty ' t f I ifc, ffiffldw TiiKKecley Sanitarium nt Crab Orchard
ijw' llifM l f i? will open May 1st.
I itr ' i3lFBBBP7-,'ji" Covineton Is seen te revel In tlie
I if rSsfl4ii luxury of n sheeting pnrk.
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What We May Kxpect Between This Time
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U. 8. Wbatiikk Buhgau. )
Washington. D. C., April 21, 1892. f
Special te Tub I'uhmc Lkdeku.
Rain, with clearing weather in
Western portion of the state.
tyibe aliove forecast, are iniule Ter a
period of ihlrty-Rlx hours, unillmr ut 8 o'clock
te-morrow evenlwr.
When twice ou tiy te rltfit u wrong,
And each time iiuiku it worse.
Tlieru euKtit te liu a law that gives
' A man n rtjfht le curse.
We setmlit te say what whs tlie sunt
Thru bnuirht eiie-lmlf n mill;
Twhs teutrher tliun the Hunt lierwecn
CCIovelaml anil 11. Hill.
At first it was Just doubled up,
' And then we cut It hair.
Se when tbe pnif n wet around
They all kiwe us tlie laugh.
We'll make no inore atleuiiitH Just new
Fer fenr we'd fall niraln.
And then they'd say ter lack of sense
We'd Btnud out In ihe rain.
1 '..Jehn WLcclei la just out after a suvcre
I "cold, '
:. Miss M. T. WLeatlcy of Ewing Is visit
'ing the family of Colonel Ben IIulI.
I f3IIs9 Lizzie Dewees, who was here en
u visit te relatives and friends, returned
V home yesterday.
' Barrister Themas M. Weed has re
," turned from a professional trip te St.
Xieula and ethor interesting and enter
I . tnlnlng centers,
Raymond A. Patterson, Esq., of the
editorial staff of The Chicago Tribune,
spent last Sunday in Maysvillc, the guest
ef.3Iiaj Mnry Yeung Uegan.
' Mrs. II. R. Bierhewer and daughter
utare in Millersburg en a visit te her father,
jir.ieanvuei aiumn. tier nretner. unurics
ivMarlin, who has been spending a few
days here, accompanied her.
What lias become of the Little Tycoon ?
'TttEitn are sevcral cases of diphtheria
j-Tepertcd in tbe West End,
. Themas Kenniidv of Carlisle isispeken
,of as a caudidate for the Circuit Judge-
TiiEitK has net been a marriage license
jssued in the County Clerk's elllca for
Tbyer a week.
-The Superior Court has decided that a
man's mother-in-law is a part of his family
fand'that he must support her.
.jj VAULiisiiK wiu uu nmuii ujf uicuiriuii
n Mil- II-,.. -I l. -,4,.l...
iwithln the next ten days unless some-
thing unforeseen should happen.
t. '
?.; Jehn Fisher, n Covington reefer, fell
fro'ra'the top of a heuse and get off with a
is'praincd wrist and a general shaking up.
ft '
iTiiE article in Monday's issue of The
:Ejubme Ledeeu, in regard te "Jack the
Peeper," hns created quite a scare among
'certain parties In the East End.
J.'l'A. lkai'-ykar party will be given te-
-vi'morrew ovening by the young Indies of
JijMayavJlIe, in the new building orccted by
Kthe Maysville Carriage Company.
P. ' u
" t . .... l-l.-ll.-l .IT llf T .I- LV..
ti. HAUUK lUUCIiClI U, IT. fllUlllll, ruv
Dort.'Zv.." and laden with black dla-
tnend and barbed wlre, slipped (in
icoenrle en 8cceud atrcet yestbrday nnd
rw daUyed several hours,
f -.
Hbchisbii Ce. "The Leaders" ap-
MfMeuttiNders ei'thk ijkduhk
with H metkfti but earawt Invita-
clliwd He thfc InceMparAble Use
ylMtkat fhy lewd dewa, their
.., .. .i .'i..i ' , - -
,., Uk.
TiiBfeenmer 31. P. Well will make an
excursion te Cincinnati Sundnv.
The painters and pnpor-hangers are
doing seme artistic work nt the dental
rooms of Dr. T. II. N. Smith.
LlKNitY Gei.i.kkstein celebrated yes
terday by taking out his naturalization
papers and buying a Blucgrnss farm.
The 31. P. Wells made a special trip
from Augusta last night te bring up some
of the land-locked passengers of the F.
F. V.
The A. O. U. W. lias paid the widow
of J. II. Cheatham of Carlisle 82.D00,
amount of insurance carried by him in
that order. ,
Pete Brownixe has signed n contract
te play ball with the Louisville Club.
He will piny left, and Weaver will go
behind the bat.
James Hendricks, who escaped frpm
the Frankfort Penitentiary last Friday,
was captured, after a hnrd running right,
by Olllccr Jehn Uarlun of LaGrauge.
In spite of bad weather, there were
llfty-ttve stallions at the annual horse
show in Georgetown, embracing seme of
the best horses in the Bluegruss section.
Cards have been received in this city
announcing the approaching marriage in
Wyoming, O.. of Miss C Ella Chllde,
eldest daughter of Cel. Chnrles B. Chllde
se well known In Maysville, te Mr. Henry
Hardle of Hermitage, Term.
i . . in
Dr. C. C. Owkns made Jeseph Hen
dricks of Flemlngsburg a present yester
day of a read mare. She had become se
unmanageable as te be dangerous; but
for this she was a very valuable animal.
Mr. Hendricks will use lier as a brood
mare. On account of the G. A. R. bean bake
at the Armery In Cincinnati next Satur
day the C. and 0. will sell round trip
tickets from Maysville te Cincinnati at
$1 30. Tickets en sale April 23d for
trains 17 nnd 10, geed returning en trains
2, 18 and 20 until April 25th.
Jehn Myers caught a queer looking
customer Hitting about the electric lights
at the factory last night. He tin ally run
it down, and it proved te be a beautiful
specimen, pronounced by a local bugolo bugelo bugole
gist te be n silk-worm just dovelopcd Inte
a butterfly. The markings en its wiugs
wern delicately handsome. Mr. Myers
has preserved the specimen.
I i i m m 1 1
Twe of the crack horses of the world
are enteied for the races during ttte
Maysville Fair, both owned by the, same
gentlcmnti, Geerge Vnlensin of Pleas Pleas
anten, California, Freu Freu 2:2.') at
one year old, entered for the Cincinnati
Warehouse Stakes, aud Fnustn2:22J pac
ing one year old champion of the world,
entered in the two-yoar-eld pacing race.
A Chicago cigar manufacturer predicts
te The Tobacco Keics of Chicago that the
district around Mays,ville will seme day
grew the finest wrappers raised in the
United States, as he says the soil is par
ticularly adapted for it. Hew would it de
for some of our wideawake raisers te try
the experiment next season, nnd net wait
for their grandchildren te reap all the
benefits from the industry?
i i m i
Miss Oua Green was robbed nt her
swell boardlng-heuso in Louisville In a
most romarkable manner. She was pass
ing through the hall, when n hand clasped
her from behlnd. She was thrown te the
fleer aud choked te unconsciousness.
Then a fine necklate was tern from her
neck, and sevcral rinjs snatched fromher
fingers. Miss Grcen lay lu the hall until
a member of the family found her.
The thlef easily escaped.
Ashland Is, very properly,beastlng of
her new Water-works; but when The Newt
claims that " they are the finest In Ken
tucky and unoxcelled by any state of
this bread Union," it beasts tee much.
If Brether Miller will drop down te Mays
ville Borao day we will show him the
finest plant In Kentucky and a pressure
that will knock a hole through a nlne-lnch
brick wall se quick that it will make his
head swlrnl We hardly ever 'thttiK'.Qf
letting evea a frame house hum bore, and
since the, works bave,been completed flre
has never exten'dbevb the heuse in
which It -erifiitiatd.c 'Ashland's pressure
01yk awjp iwBmjsjjqurs is ieu
A. C. McLaughlin was fined $25 and
sent te Juil for ten days for cairying con
cealed weapons.
The cie of the Commonwealth vs.
Lewls Thompson for cutting and wound
ing Richard Harris was called and Harris
fulled te put In nn appearance. A motion
te continue was overruled. The law and
facts in the case were submitted and a
judgment rendered for $200 against the
defendant. This has already been
through the Court of Appeals. In the
Circuit Court before Thompson was fined
8300 and sentenced te Jail for six months
which the Court of Appeals reversed.
'Squire Grant was allowed $22 fees for
services In felony cases.
In the Circuit Court Judge Cole en yes
terday rendered a decree granting the
application of Alexander Piper te be
relieved us trustee of Stunten Clift, and
appointing B. F. Clift, the grandfather,
in his stead.
Court adjourned at 2:30 p. m. until
this morning.
Jcdersen Williams was grauted a
divorce from Kate Williams.
Carrie T. Andersen vs. E. O. Piles;
amended potltlen filed.
Fire-Buss In l.uulsrllle.
In Louisville the fire-bugs have broken
loose again, and the eitlzeus in the West
ern portion of the city are in a state of
great excitement. If they could catch
the culprits, there Is little doubt that
there would be a lynching. There were
seven different fires within six hours.
The aggregate less will go ever $23,000.
The alarm for the first fire was sounded
just after 8 o'clock. Before this was put
out nn alarm was sounded at a point net
two squares away. A stable and feed
store was en fire. It was put out with
(lifileulty, and before this was done two
mere alarms wcre rung. At one of the
fires four fine horses were burned up.
At another a policeman, who arrived be be bo
fero the alarm was sounded, shot at two
fleeing men. It Is believed that nne of
them was Injured. The detectives are
hard at work en the case, and believe
that there is an organized band of fire
bugs. - m -
Urath of Colonel Milward.
Colonel Hubbard Knvanaugh Milward,
ex-Postmaster of Lexington, died there
en the 10th in his fifty-seventh year. He
had been ill for some tlrae, having been
stricken with paralysis.
He was ene of the first men te enlist in
the Union army In Kentucky, and set up
the first tent at Camp Dick Robinson,
which was the first Federal camp in the
stnte. He served through the war, was
with Sherman en his march te the sea,
and participated in the battles of Chicka
maugn, Mission Ridge, Recky Creek
Church, Menteith, Savanuah nnd Ben Ben Ben
touville, nnd was present at Johnsten's
He was promoted from private te
Colonel, which rank he held when mus
tered out. Grant appointed him Post
master at Lexington, which position lip
held for eleven years. Immediately
after the war he conducted a newspaper
called The Standard ut Lexington, and he
was also connected with The Kentucky
Last fall he was made Cashier of the
National Exchange Bank. His wife and
three children survive him,
Oh, no; it didn't rain yesterday it
Just poured; and the reef or the sky-light
that didn't leak may be set down as a
safe craft for the next flood.
Simen Nelsen was summoned te Cin
cinnati yesterday aftornoen by a telegram
announcing that his father, the voncrable
Isaac Nelsen, had fallen and dislecntcd
his hip. Mr. Nelsen was net alone In the
suspicion that the injury was mero
serieus than stated in the brief dispatch.
The Masens of Germantown had a suc
cessful meeting Tuesday evenlng. The
M. M. Degree was conferred en sevcral
candidates, among them Isaac Wood
ward, Jeseph Walten and Charley Cal
vert. After the ceremonies the brethren,
supplemented by about thirty visitors,
sat down te a splendid collation.
Tim Maysville stockholders in the
Mountain Lake Land Company, whose
possessions ombrace a "scoop" of many
thousands of acres including In and
around Craig City, Va., wcre invited te a
toothsome banquet at the St. Nicholas,
Cincinnati, last night, The Maysville
capitalists are Colonel IT. Clay Barkley,
Colenol --Frank B,. Owens, Themas A.
Keith, JItf. , Browning. W. U. Means!
and Jehn C. Adamsen.- Colonel Qwcns
was tlie only ene who get his supper. It
was sent down, te, the train, Jut as he
was stepping from Ne. Jhle' Ne. 4 te
return from the Intld-slide near Au
gusta" He says the. tear-up-ln things
was wonderful.
Complete List of Entries for the
n August Next.
The Ledoer this mernlug lays before
its readers n full list of the horses entered
for the Trets te take place nt the Mays
ville Fair, August 28d te 27th next.
Cincinnati Tobacco Warcheute Slake,
$1,000, Feals 1S00.
Schmulback & Park, Wheeling, W. Va.,
Beauty Bell, b. f., Bell Bey Vinette.
Schmulback & Park, Wheeling, W.
Va., Bellfent, r. c, Belmont Sister
W. E. Bell, Lexington, Independence,
b. a, Flerida, by Wilkes Bey.
L. H. & L. B. Hudsen, Danville, Mena
II., b. f.. Earl-Elsie II.
J. D. Smith, Muirs, Lucy Simmons, r.
f., Simmons, by Magic.
G.& U. P. Cecil. Danville. GoergiaLcc.
bk. f., Garabettn Wilkes Nutmentie.
Titus & Bacen, Paris, Adcnda, b, c,
Aparka, by Adenis.
T. E. Moere, Shawhan, Kentucky Girl,
b. f., Antecs, by Bismnrk.
Nelsen & Gaitsklll, Buddtown, bk.
c, Wellington, by Jay Bird.
E. W. Shanklln, Lexingten, Manna
duke, b. c, Red Wilkes Nellie.
L. W. Hudsen. & Sen, Dnnvllle, H. C,
c. c, Bohen Kitty Wllmore.
E. Clasby, Georgetown, Jay Hawk, r.
c, Jay Bird, by Grand Sentinel.
St. Clair & Curry, Lexington, Cleopa
tra, br. f Darknight, by Administrator.
H. D. Watsen, Maysville, br. f.,
Bell Bey, by King Rene.
B. J. Treacy, Lexingten, Berwick, Ber
muda Moonbeam.
B J. Treacy, Lexington, Beabadie,
Bermuda Carrie Mack.
L. T. Yeagcr, Danvillc.Woelfolk, br. s.,
Danville Wilkes, by Allie West, Jr.
S. P. Salter, Lexington, Violet, b. f.,
Granby Viela Medium.
O. P. Alferd, Lexington, Happiness, b.
f., Judge Srtulisbury. by Barney Wilkes.
O. P. Alferd, Lexington, Exaudlda, b.
f., Judue Sanllsbury, by Harkaway.
F. D. Spottswood, Harrodsburg, Flaxe,
b. f C. F. Clay, by Jay Bird.
T. C. Anglin. Lexington, Dilege, b. f.,
Wilkes Bey, by Tem Putcben.
Bewermau Bres , Lexington, Winches
ter, b. c, Wilten, by Mambrino Patchen.
James E. Clay, Paris, Gertrude V.,
Aberdeen, by Peavine.
J. T. McMillan, Paris, Armilda, b. f.,
Baren Wilkes Maggie Prescott.
A. Smith McCann, Lexington, Nellie
Grey, g. f., Blue Grass Wilkes Gray
Pratt & Pillsbury, Minneapolis, Minn.,
Blackfield, bk. c, Simmons Bolle Brass
field. W. U. Wilsen. Cynthlana, Mlrl, b. f.,
Stamboul Choice.
J. R. Bascom & Sen, Sharpsburg. Value,
b. c, Vasco, by Mede.
J. R..Hascom & Sen, Sharpsburg, Vas-
eela, b. f Vasco, by Whipple.
W. J. McKeevcr, Georgetown, b. c,
Egbert, by Star Hamblctenian.
R. P. Pepper & Sen, Frankfort, Arrew,
b. f,, Norval, by Onward.
Felix Conlan, East Cambridge, Mess
b. c, Alcautnra, by Happy Medium.
G. Valensin, Pleasanton, Cal., Freu
Freu, Sidney Flirt.
Smith Stake, Feals 1SS9, Eligible 2:40
Class, 51,000.
Schmulback & Park. Wheeling, W.
Va., Electre Benten, br. s., Electioneer
Nettie Benten.
Schmulback & Park, Wheeling, W.
Va., Barnltzc, b. s , Electioneer Mag.
Jehn Tanlan, Louisville, J. O. D. Earl
Conn's Harry Wilkes.
G. & C. P. Cecil, Danville, Margaret
W., c. f., O. F. Clay Emma T.
Titus & Bacen, Paris, Ernest Wilten,
bk. c, Wilten Emma Helstoin.
F. Camden, Shawhan, Betsy Jane, br.
f., Twilight, by Bismark.
F. E. Nelsen, Buddtown, Prince, b. g.,
G. G. White, Paris, Queen Mark, b. f.,
Bismark, by Uambrine.
Payne & Grevor, Georgetown, Wood
stock, c. c, Robt. McGregor Kittie
Hill Tep Farm, Jacksonville Surprlse,
b, f Aberdeen Jennie W.
W. G. Swenrlngen, Paris,; bk. f.,
Simmons, by Pacing Abdallah. , t
W. A. Smith, Gcorgetown, Julia, Coul
ter, Wilkes Bey Blrdle Egbert.
St. Clair & Gurry) Lexington, Ballena,,
br, f., Stranger Lady Banker.
Castlebn Farm, Lexingten, Tircnllan,
b, c, Yeung Jim, by Garabettn.
W. A. Russtll. Dfmville, Ursula, b. f
Onward, by Mnmbrme Tlme.
Angus SU.Clalr, Terente, Canada, Im
patience, b. f Red Chlof, by Rooker.
N. I. Buster, Harrodsburg, Honest
Clay, br. c, C. F. Clay Chance.
McNutt & Robertsen, Mlnerva, Aristo
crat, b. e., Pilet Russell Lucy Pend.
F. 8. & S. O, Allen, Sharpsburg, Red
Rebbln, b. s Red Wilkes, by Cuyler.
T, O. Anglin, Lexlngtou,Slmmenotto, b,
f., Wilkes Bey, by,8trathinere.
Bewermau Bres,, LexIngtOH, Ledue, br.
e., Wilten-Fulton Maid. ' '
Jehn T, Jenes, Wlnchcster. Jane Light,
Vatican, by Lexington UamblcteWn.
Henry Wnterman.'Danvllle, Oxand Oxand
ment, b. a, Granby, (jy Gill's Vermont.
A. A. Kltzmlller, Lexington, Capt. Rob
inson, bk. c, Ellerallr Wilkes, by Hylas.
J. R. Bascom & Sen; Sharpsburg, Bill
Lindsay, g. g Vasco, by Albien.
J. II. Gay, North Mlddletewn, Fancy
Patchen Clay, by Llnville
R. P. Pepper & Sen, Frankfort, Pilgrim,
bk. c. Acelyte, by Geerge Wilkes.
Merchants Stake, Feals 1SSS, Eligibtt S:30
Class, $1,000.
Schmulback & Park. Wheeling. W.
Va., Lady McGregor, c. in., Robt. Mc Mc
GreeorRed Wilkes.
Schmulback & Pnrk, Wheeling, W.
Vn., Bennie Ben, br. in., Director Bon Ben
nie Wilkes.
T. B. RIpy, Lawreuceburg, Pinkerien,
br. s., Chichester Cricket.
T. E. Moere, Shawhan, Banner Mark,
b. s., Bismark Moonlight.
.1. T. Hedges, Neith Mlddletewn.
Black Bess, bk. f., Wellington Strath Strath
lene 11.
A. J. Heek, Paris, Simmenette, bkf..
Simmons Bey Lida F.
J. Miller Ward, Paris, Bismuth, b. s.,
Bourbon Wilkes Spot.
August St. Clair. Terente, Canada,
Gleaming, c. f., Red Chief, by Lincoln
S.'P. Salter, Lexington, Dan Cubit, b.
s., Barney Wilkes, by Strathmere.
W. J. Raybeurnc, Mackvllle, Blue
Wing. r. f.. Jay Bird Ella Clay.
E. W. Ayres, Duckers Station, Orlana.
r. f., Onward Romana.
Fergusen & Bend, Stamping Ground,
Cigarette, r. g., Cel. Hambrick Leng's
Limestone Farm, Maysville, Black Ide,
bk. m., Cyclone Madam Beatty.
A. A. Kltzmlller, Lexington, Bismuth,
b. f., Ellerelle Wilkes, by Bismark.
R. P. Pepper & Sen, Frankfort, Chnr
ter, b. s., Onward, by Almont.
M. S. Baughmau, Stanfeid, Naboth, b.
s., Walsingham by Messenger Durec.
Tue-Year-Old Pacers, 1S00 Feals, $10)
G. & O. P. Cecil, Danville, Little
Doubtful, b. f., Nuthurst Aralia.
G. G. White, Paris, Tem Shcrley, Max
initis Myrtle.
Wm. McClelland, Maysville, b. c, Twi
light Mattie Mack.
St. Clair & Curry, Lexington, Fern
Cliff, g. f., Elgin Bey, by Tem Brown.
Buferd & Tarlten, Lexington, Albert
Hall, Princeton, by Hambrine.
Henry Sacker, Ripley, O., Bar Tender,
c. g., Prince Imperial Kate.
J. R. Bascom & Sen. Sharpsburg, Keys,
br. s., Vasco, by Strathmere.
J. Bryan, Jr., Lexington, Avis, g. f.,
Gen. Wilkes, by Jewell.
G. Valensin, Pleasanton, Cal., Fausta,
SIdney Faustinia.
Three-Tear-Old Pacers, Eligible S:iG Class,
$100 Added, Feals 1SS9.
G. &. O. P. Cecil, Danville, Den Lor Ler Lor
eneo, b. c, Gnmbetta Wilkes Lady
C. W. Sterry, Chillicothe, 0.,Machette.
br. f., Brown Hal Manil P.
Titus & Bacen, Paris, Hattie Ma, c.
f., Bourbon Wilkes by Jim Menree.
L. W. Hudsen & Sen, Danville, Martha
H., b. f Gambetta Wilkes Kittle Kim Kim
breugh. St. Clair & Curry, Lexington, Willelah,
b. f., Wilkes Bey by Contractor.
J. H. Thayer, Lexington, Dera Martin,
b. f.. Pcteska by Contractor.
Buferd & Tarlten, Lexington, Lady
Princeton, b. f., Princeton Wait A Bit.
B. J. Treacy, Lexingten, Rosemary, r.
f., Bermuda French Lawn.
Trotters possibly, 2:38, 2:33, 2:28, 253,
Pacers possibly, 2:38, 2:25 and free
for all.
Te close August 8th, 1802.
The funernl of James W. Stewart will
occur at two o'clock this afternoon at his
Inte residence in the Fifth Ward.
Leenard Zunwalt and Alice Smith,
a Harrison county couple, were married
at Aberdeen yestcrdny.
Call meeting of M. C. Uutchins Camp
Ne. 2, S. of V., te-morrow evening. All
members requested te be present.
At a parish meeting of the Church of
the Nativity en Easter Monday the fol
lowing were re-elected Vestrymen for the
ensuing year: Senier Warden, William
Wermald; Junier Wardens, L. W. Rebert
son, ueorge T. Hunter, Henry- Smith,
Omnr Dodsen, Charles Bremley and
Themas J. Chenewcth. . ',
Tic Contract let at Heme
The contract te furnls,h, the Electric
Street Railway Cempany1 with slxty-three
tens fit 401b. steel .rails, with necessary
fish-plates foraying same, was last night
awarded te the Frank Owens Hardware
Company of this city. They were In com
petition with soveral of the largest steel
plnnts in the United States, and the fact
that they secured the contract shows
plainly enough that it Is net necessary te
go outslde of Maysville te get what you
want at the right price.
In this connection the Frank Owens
Company furnished the iron rails for the
original track, and when the read was
converted Inte an electric line they fur
nished tlie steel rails for that. New they
wind up the business by supplying the
steel rails for the extension of the track
te the Fair Grounds.
As been as the timber for the trcstling
arrives, work
will commence, aud the
te have the read through
Company hop
by My, lit.
Eight Lives Surely Lest, Twe
Others in Jeopardy.
Rescuers Werk Hard
te Get te the
Who Cud II Heard Giving- Blg-nata SU
of th Dcud Italian, aud the Othr
Ainerlcaim A Floed Frem an Old
Mlna Overwhelm Thrm.
PeTTsriLLK, Pa., April 31. Anether
horror was added Inte Wednesday te the
many hundreds of inlneacctdenU that
have occurred la the mining regions by
the flooding of part of the workings of
the Lytle Ceal Ce.'a colliery, seven
miles from Mlnersvillc By the accident
it is given out that dght men have lest
their Uvea, while these of two ethers
are in jeopardy. Six of these are Ital
ians, and the ethers Americans.
The Italians were engaged in driving
a gang-way 170 feet in front of tbe main
slope, which is down 150 yards. Twe
ethers, named Jehn Zerbe, of Llewel
lyn, nnd Jas. Delbln, of Forestville, ex
perienced miners, were engaged at tim
bering. These are the ones drowned.
Besides these, two ethers, named
Jehn Hugging and Win. Bell, who were
inside at the first, tried te res
cue their companions, and then,
seeing this was futile, endeav
ered te release the mules,
about cn in number, were caught by
the water and tied te n high part of the
gangway, where tliey were imprisoned
in what la called the saddle et the vein.
They ure alive, and can be heard tap
ping en the coal. On hearing this res
cuing parties were at once put at work
cutting a passage way te the interven
ing barrier te rescue them from a higher
level. There are supposed te be fifeeen
feet of solid cool between the rescuing
party and the men. It is expected te
reach thorn between midnight and
The water that caused the calamity
broke in from an old working, notwith
standing the operators had taken every
precaution te prevent such an accident
by constantly keeping holes driven
ahead te a distance of 2-J4 feet
The water eame in through chute Ne.
4, where two men had been working
during the day, and who quit be
cause it was tee wet te work. An hour
after they went home the water broke
in and caught the men working in the
vicinity, with the sad result.
Twe ethor men, W. E. Adams, the in
side boss, and Thern ns Davis, a miser
known as "Neva Scotia," were near
where the water rushed in, and made
thelr escape.
The rescuing party broke through
and took out Wm. Bell alive and sound
at ten o'clock. The rescue is still go
ing en.
Waiting for May O te Cre Our the'
Seattle, Wash., April 21. Twe thou
sand Chinamen are distributed along
the Washington, Idaho and Mentana
line awaiting the expiration of the ex
clusion law en May 0, In order
te cress into the United States
from British Columbia. Eminent
counsel have been retained by
the companies which bring the coolies
ever under contract te defend any of
the Chinese who may be arrested after
crossing the borders en May 0. The
feeling against the Mongols is very bit
ter among the laboring men and it is
probable that after May 0, should it ba
decided that the present law expired '
then, and if nn new law be enacted,
summary proceedings te expel the
Chinese may be taken.
The Dew Tax Collections. ""
Celumhus, O., April 31. The fellow-
ing figures relating te Dew tait eellec- ,
tiens during the six months ending en
January 1 last are furnished by the
state auditor's etllce: Number of
saloons, 10,304; total collection, $1,-
834,830! State's proportion, 82C5,-.'
200; for municipal poliee funds; $339,837;
municipal general revenue funds, W10,
230i county peer funds, ?358,87t! city
peer funds, $M,170. During the same
period year before the total collections
were $1,803,453 from 10,180 saloons, and
the state's portion $300,4.'54.
A Crany Tire Hub.
Louisville, Ky., April 2L William
King, the colored man who was arrested
en the charge of causing the incendiary
flre in the west end, was brought before
court Wednesday and held ever te the
circuit court. Maj. nughes, chief of
the fire department, states that he be
lieves one person was committing the
Incendiarism, and that it is the same
one who enme here two years age and
started thirty-nine fires at short In-'-p-;
tervals. ' '
A lletirlnff Sea Proclamation.
Washinoten, April 21. The prcsl- ?
deat will Issue n proclamation in a few V
days promulgating the modus vlvendl, '
and warning all citizens of the United '
States against eits violation. It has " ."
been settled that the ratification of the .
treaty or arbitration shall be exchanged -at
Washington and our secretary et -state
and the British minister arc new,
making arrangements for that for-
Vineyard Greatly Damaged.
Paris, April 21. French vineyards
have suffered immense damage from
the icy storms of Caster. The crop has
been destroyed In many perta et Bur
gundy. It is expected that seventy
five per cent, of the grapes will be lest
in the Teurnine district. Tlie Cognae
has also suffered severely.
The Idlotle Faith-Cure Man.
Davenport, I, April 21. Charles
Owen, a faith healer, is in trouble here
for allowing the son of his brother, Id
ward Owen, te die for want of, proper
euro while he prayed ever him. The
corenor is sitting en the eae, ad the
peeple are greatly excited.
Canten, 0., 'Aaril 81. Mm. J)w
nl n l,l. - t..a U" i .
Ib1l .11 ). rv. .. .mA
vi.w, t etw. m wifvi iw .
salve and ( wet ' JR. ;rt
". .
MSKW.' -N ,
LVBHTC - . AA ..
,.' .MW.
t i
-maia-M. iwnr.. k ih "-!
rTOfOTiWlK&ViliiftthU'W.,. A .
1 A- . - 1 ft A ...J,,&V? i
l " T V TH,t
'''. VH &
--:"'" MHiBM?je ,si:; , aw
WHt . ,: m.

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