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--, -
Tj 1AlUli I.AUX.1 i eu.iuai, A
n mn-TTi nnnrm Trmnnn n-
William II. Cox.
Theu i A. Da vim,
William H. Wakmweiitii, Jr.,
, Secretary itmt Treuiurer.
Themas A. Davim Kitttei and Xaneptr.
RamitklT. Hickman. Att'tEMter nml Bookkeeper.
"William II. Cox, M. C. IH'hhi ll,
A. M. J. Cochran, W. II. Wadiiwehth, Jr.,
Themas A. Da via.
nWRTPW PtMIe l.eilptr Building, Xe. 10 EaMt
Sm-LjU Thlnl Mrrrl
TMnt Street.
sonscsirriexs-ix advaxcx.
, One Yrur . 83 OO
Nix Menth. .............. 1 30
Three Mentlm. ............... .................... ......... 73
Per Menth ..... ... .....23 Onf
l'nvable te carrier at end of month.
" Advertising rates uniform and reason
able and made known en amplicatien at
P the office.
Among the many striking facts about
the new Tariff which have been un
earthed by Governer McKinley we find
this: In Woonsocket, R. I., ground which
a year age produced a ten of hay te the
acre new produces a ten of yarn te the
square feet. Js it any wonder that
Rhede Island votes for Protection?
v in all seriousness, ir the amount of
the Tariff is added te the price of the
article, why has net the three cents a
pound duty en Venezuelan coffee re
cently imposed by the President's pro
clamation been added te Its price? Will
geme geed Brether of Free-trade pro pre
' clivlties please answer?
y TriE able legislators at Frankfort
take a whack new and then at the
proposed new revenue bill. Just new
they are discussing an amendment pre
viding that in listing his property with
the Assessor a person may deduct what
he ewes from what is owing te hln. It
is net intended te apply te tangible
property. Whatever may be the out
come of the odious McCherd bill, the
devoted and long-suffering taxpayers of
f the state can rest assured that the
V Frankfort ring will continue te fatten at
the public crib.
Congressman Enloe of Tennessee is
?. . . -
a, f
',? eettlntr a great deal of notoriety out of
rV&" l.i. ..i. .. r i n...w .i.
ma atuiuu. uyvu uuuciui HAU.U, us ue-
tfft scribed In The Commercial Qaiettc's
Washington dispatches. New his his
tory is further added te by the state
. m'ent that, after the Democrats get pos
session of the Legislature of the state of
Tennessee a Democratic member of the
Heuse offered a resolution te remove the
portrait of General Geerge II. Themas.
JCxlek offered ns an amendment te the
resolution that the picture be sent te an
auctioneer, and be seltl te the highest
M44r, and If It did net bring a sufficient
AiHist'te ever cost that he should lese (t.
km frlend.ef General Themas Jmme-
t tlMtely telegraphed te him at San Fran
iM0r and the GeneraL answered: " Say
, te Mm Legislature that I will pay the
full prtee that they paid for the portrait,
WMt Utt' rsiatSM, sad tfe ptefcre
IU1 huff Uwr.
! Tub number of immigrants urrived
in tlie United States during the month
of March, 1SU2, wns 53,871), as compared
' with 52,172 for March, 1891. The largest
of nny nationality during the month
was from Germany, amounting te 10,821;
from Italy, 0,675; from Russia, 0,082;
from Sweden and Norway, 5,049; from
Knglaud and Wales and Scotland, 3,801;
Ireland, 2,333, and from Hungary, 4,7H8,
and Austria, 3,842. New, isn't it a little
funny that se many people will insist
en leaving glorious Free-trade countries,
where everything is se cheap, and that
they will come te this Tariff-burdened
, country where everything is se expon expen
she according te Democratic-argument?
Therk is, ns usually the case en the
eve of an election, a vast deal of
demagogy about ene cent postage. The
Democrats are howling against Mr.
Wanamakeh because he is net in favor
of it with a thirty million dollar de
ficiency staring him in the face. When
It becomes possible te make the service
at least approximately self-supporting
at the present two-cent rate, Mr. Wana
maker will be among the first te
aihecate a reduction te one cent The
demagogy in this matter lies in the fact
that the class te be chiefly benefited is
the patent medicine venders and large
establishments that are able te pay the
two cent rate. The laboring man for
whom the Democrats nre se solicitous
writes probably four letters a year, and
the reduction would benefit him by the
enormous sum of four cents annually!
"Dr." Warner the patent medicine man
is said te pay a postage bill of $75,000 a
year. It would benefit him just $37 500
annually. Put the two bums side by
side, and you will readily see that it
Isn't the peer man who will be benefited
te any appreciable extent. Postage Is
cheap enough new.
pePiiicaf Ipicfting.
Change of Feeling.
Harper n Week', which for some time
lias been a Mugwump lender, remarks
that "ever since the opening of Congress
enabled the country te see what Deme
cratlc success in 1890 and Democratic
victory in New Yerk in 1891 really meant,
there has been a great change of feeling
nmeng independent voters." Democratic
viclery 1ms invariably been the country's
misfortune It has been powerfully
illustrated In National and state govern
ment and in local affairs.
Itullit lluimrn te IIelil It.
The silver producer, according te Con
gressman Harter, would be the main ben ben
edcinry under free ceinnge. The pur
chases of bullion D the Treasury since
1878 have nverat;ed above $1 03 per
ounce, and the Government would suffer
a less of $150,000,000 should It close out
its holdings at the present market value.
The silver agitation is still causing heavy
experts of geld while by the operation
of the ordinary laws of trade we should
be receiving at least $ 15,000,000 per month
from Europe. Mr. Harter suggests, as
the ;reat need of the country, some
scheme te accumulate geld bullion and
unload our stores of silver.
Illrhru Tithe Whig en Dmth.
Morning Paper William K. Vander
bllt pays 550.000 for his doorway."
Evening Paper William Aster dead.
JVew lerk Recorder On Sunday hist
The Recorder printed n very interesting
article en the rich men of New Yerk
the Asters. Goulds, Rockefellers, Vander
bllts, Archbelds nnd Sages, Of these two
have been alluded te since, but in differ
ent wnys Concerning one William K.
Vanderbilt it is said "the doorways in
his new home in Newport (by which the
writur probably meant the doers) will
have cost, ere they ure taken from the
foundry, $50,000" Of another Wil
nam Aster It is recorded "he died en
Monday night in a Paris hotel." Te-day
Mr. Vanderbilt is an active force among
the gay and festive members of the
"smart set." Te-day Mr. Aster Is a sim
ple "remains," of no mere earthly conse cense conse
rmenco, seen te be laid away, art illustra
tion of the old adage, "seen te he for
gotten." Already gossip Is busy with
his narae, and scandal dallies with the
roputatlen of members of his family,
while wonder as te hew his money will
be divided Is a talk of tlie club und a
guqsB work of the Imaglners On Bun
day thousands of readers wished they
could exchange fortunes with the Van Van
derbllts and the Asters. Of them all, is
tliore one wllHng te change places with
William ABler te-day? "He Is worth,"
shouts the excited writer, "sixty millions
of dollars!" Today he isn't worth a
cent. "Hew murh did he leaver' Is a
question often asked. Ne one can reply
definitely, but it is eafe te say he left all
he had. Men curious In such matters
bave filed away The Recorder's list of
Sunday last, and will mark efe the names
iw their owners disappear, m the head
of the seventh section of (he JjnVereBtlnir
story alluded te stands the neVae of, Wil
Han Aster, and already a blatk Mark ln
UUKlM tnat'be U gene. )
Maral but the moral Is gelrfevkjerft.
Jehn M. Memah. a nremtni tWawr.'
4M. hi A&um WHBtv. O.. s?l M. '
-' --I-
One of Tlirrn iMyt Down the HulM efti
Ilnnnrlnfc ItimtncM.
T.he life of a prqfesttlonel beuncerina
big hetel lit enu of upa and downs. He
1m mera euphoniously called n detectlve.
Ills salary Is small, but his muscles are
large. The ene who giive a New Yerk
Mull and Cxprtsn iikiu the detnila of u
Mid incident In hl9 career, as well ns a
few points of general Information re
garding his profession, had small re
gard for elegant English. Ills narrative
ran as follews:
" ou soe, I net only have te bounce
unruly people, but I've get te watch for
suspicious characters. When a robbery
occurs, If 1 don't track the thioves I am
Hable te be bounced by the propnetor.
'Taln't a llfe of ease by nny means.
New and then I get a job of slumming
and tnake a few extra dollars. Many
men, especially from the west, wnnt te
see all the bights of the city at night
That means a visit te the llewery and a
number of dives. A party of four or
five usually give me twenty-five dollars
for tlie night I don't bave parties
often. The secret of success In my pro
fession? I think It's blufE. Plcdge you
my wen! I've often been puzzled ever
seme petty robbery in the hetel und
had no Idea of a clew. But I just went
about saying I had my suspicions, and
the thief would seen be nabbed. Luck
always helped me out
"In all cases where a guest Is robbed
In his room suspicion naturally falls
first en the empleyes In the heteL. It Is
seldom that a sneak thief has the au
dacity te register and be assigned te a
room. Only a big bank burglar can
play the high-toned, respectable gent
In a first-class hotel. Hall boys new
and then develop into petty thieves, but
they are se amateurish I catch them
every time." '
"De you bluff when you go te put a
big man out who is raising a disturb
ance in the corridor?"
"All theso kinds of bluffs are celled.
I mean that it is no dead bluff te go up
te a big drunken fellow, catch him by
his coat cellar end try te push him out.
He may give fight, and then It is the
best man te win. Of course I can call
the porters te assist me, and that is
what the man being bounced out knows.
One night I get badly fooled. A rather
small, boylsh-leoklng fellow came In
nnd raised a disturbance. He just yelled,
as if he wanted te give, his lungs a
chance. I rushed up te him and said:
'See here, my boy, get out or hush up.'
He wns well dressed, and I didn't want
te be hard en him. That fellow, sir,
yelled again, right In my face, almost
as If he was anxious te be betiuced.
'Out you go!' I cried, reaching out my
hand te grab his cellar. I felt some
thing en my face, and the next thing I
knew I was getting up. The boy steed
there smiling.
" 'Ne funny business, you tough!' I
shouted, springing toward him. He
sprang- aside and hi t me a clip en the tem
ple that sent rac sprawling again. Hefore
I could get up, one of the porters who
thought he could bes rushed at the boy
and by a well-directed blew was sent te
the fleer. The boy started te the deer,
net running, but walking. I came up
with him again and he turned graceful
ly and gave me a lick en the nose that
hurt se I thought it was broken. I
staggered aside and the porter came up
again and get a blew and went back
holding his hand te his mouth. That
boy? lie slowly walked out and get his
money. It was a put-up job en me.
That boy was a professional light
weight prize tighter and had made a bet
with seme friends that he could come
in the hotel and yell and could walk out
leisurely without being bounced."
Tfccre Are Thrce Klmls, Hut Only One
That In True.
There nre three kinds of rubies the
oriental ruby, the bpinel ruby and the
balas ruby. The first Is the only true
one. The latter differ considerably In
composition from the first The true
ruby is composed almost exclusively of
alumina, 6ays the Jeweler's Review. In
the latter are only scven-tentlis of
alumina, the remainder being chiefly
magnesia. Their color, moreover, is
due partially te the exide of chromium,
a, substance of which the genuine ruby
has net a trace.
In commerce the b'alas ruby has much
inferior value te the spinel. Thi& is
generally of a vivid peppy red color;
the balas is of a violet rose, although
Pegu has furnished white and white
violet spinels, and -Sudermnnia evpn
bluish-gray ones. It can be seen at
once, therefore, hew extremely er
roneous would be a clarification of
gems by color or general appearance
alone. The primitive form of the spinel
ruby is like that of the diamond, eight
sided, which distinguishes it nt once
from the oriental stone.
Tlie color of tha genuine ruby Is that
of arterial bleed, or pigeon's bleed, as
it is celled. It is extremely hard, and,
after the sapphire, is the hardest of the
cerundums, which renders It difficult te
understand why the earth se rarely
gives It up. Its tint Is as beautiful by
artificial light as by day, and its powers
of refraction se great that ancient be
lief credited it with power of emitting
light The ancients even supposed that
it would Bhlne through clothing with
undiminished power.
The largest ruby known Is ene men
tioned by Chardln ns having been en
graved with the name of Shelk Sephy.
Anether noble ruby is in the possession
of the shah of Persia. Ita weight is put
at one hundred and soventy-five carats.
A third, belonging te the king of Usa
par, was cut into a hemispherical form
and In 1033 was bought for thirteen
thbnsand eight hundred and sixty-six
dollars. A ruby possessed by Gustavus
Adelphus, and presented te the cwirinn
nt the time of his journey tp St Peters
burg, was the size of a small hen's egg.
Alieut 11BC.
In many countries of the world, most
especially in England, Franca and Oer
many, net only the peasants, bqt the
middle classes and the nobles believe
that beea art) curiously and mysteriously
eeAsecied with the weal or wee of the
bamaa family inffeaeraL Itlaaetat'
in all the English rshk-es
set vJe. rvelTUrvbta the
are eagteed ! wan abroad.
t f
And the woman te whom all this non
sense was told, says the New Yerk Re
corder, listened with polite, but firm
disbelief, and then said: "New, in re
turn for ypur information, I'll tell you
hew te manage a man. Ask his advice;
first last and always ask his advice.
Nothing delights a man se much ns te
have a woman defer te his opinions and
accept Ills statements with an air of
profound relief. lie likes te domineer,
and giving advice is a species of dom
ineering. "If you want te have him think yeu're
the most scnslble woman en the face of
the earth consult him as te what" you shall
de about everything. If you break the
mainspring of your watch, ask him te
recommend a jeweler. If you have a
cold in the head let him prescribe. If
you're buying a new frock by all means
give him the delight of designing the
costume. If you acquire a new hat put
it en and ask him what he thinks of it
Never mind hew ridiculous his advice is,
nor hew absurd hi3 criticisms. Yeu
aren't obliged te ablde by them. Say
nothing back, but de as you pleasc.
But Sunday, Monday and every ether
day in the week continue diligently te
seek after his opinions.
"Se shall you carry palms forever and
your star have no descent!"
And they called it half a day and quit
The Sovereign Ilemcmbercd the Hey Who
Struck Her.
A short time nge, says tlie New Yerk
Recorder, the queen regent of Spain
wrote te his holiness the pope asking
him te grant a bishopric te a peer and
humble priest and the son of a Tyrelese
shepherd. The interest shown by the
young sovereign in this peasant's son
hed Its source in nn Incident which took
place when Maria Christina was a little
archduchess of five years.
She was ene day .reaming about the
hills with her governess when a violent
storm came en, and they took shelter in
a shepherd's hut which was near at
hand. A little boy was amusing him
self with some pebbles In a corner of
the miserable dwelling when they en
tered. '
Resenting the sudden intrusion, the
boy marched up te the little arch
duchess and gave her n smart blew en
the back. Peer Maria Christina, offend
ed and hurt by this extraordinary ac
tion, burst into a violent fit of weeping,
end was pacified with 'the utmost diftl
culty. A few years later, when her imperial
highness partook of her first commun
ion, she expressed a desire of paying
for tlie dresses worn by seme peer com
municants, among whom happened te
be the boy who had once struck her. her.
She remembered him at once, and hear
ing that he wished te becoine a priest
she undertook te defray all the expenses
of his education.
Ever since that day the queen has
lften a true friend te tlie peer priest,
and she wrote te him befere asking
from tlie pope the bishopric above men
tioned, saying:
"I want you te become a bishop, be-
cause you lenew se well hew te crcts
mare." In tills word, which means the laying
en of hands or confirmation, she made a
sly allusion te the time when, as a boy,
he laid hands violently upon her.
Hew a Girl Held Secret Conversation ulth
Her rellew.
It was noonday in a busy down-town
office, and a Bosten Herald ropertcr was
awaiting tile return of the manager,,
when the pretty stenographer went te
the telephone- and, after the usual par
ley with central called: "Hello.Charley.
Are you busy just new?" Apparently
Charley was net, for she centinued: "Oh,
yes, I had a lovely tlme, but don't you
think " Here there came a strange
pause, and with a pencil slie tapped
idly en a light piece of beard which she
had taken from her deak and was hold
ing before the transmitter. "A case of
wait a minute,'" thought the eaves
dropper sympathetically, but tlie pretty
girl spoke again, with a laugh:, "I don't
bolievo it, for I heard" Then she be
gan tapping en the beard again. Then
the reporter caught en, Slip was tcl
egrapldng. Se when she returned te
her desk he remarked: "I netice you
have an original method of telephon
ing." "Oh, did you soe that? Well, I'll
tell you about it, but you must- net give
it away, Yeu bce I can't use, thp tele tele tele
phone here without every ppe n te
room bearing w)at 1 payi amjf .they dp
bay tha;, these girls, n the central office
listen te the ponvprsatiens ever the
wire, and. as Charley and 1 are both
telegraphers, we invented this method
eft en versing by ipkeaa. !s't. It a
greet acheHie? Net one Ip the'.eUe. unr
dewtaailsit'- ,Dt ai yejfisg repeat as1
4it dlf ,jyeJe , pwrd-)lf jjaft
teadM awl wlabed at tfce SeraM sum.
The Greateft Compliment ft Man Can Paj
ft CharmtairWeBHUi,
"De you knew," said a man the ether
day, "therq is one phrase pf words
which when applied te a woman seems
toplease her mere than anything else
in the English" language which ypu can
call her? And that phrase is 'a woman
of the world.' Of course I use that term
in its best sense. I never saw the woman
who didn't involuntarily bridle and
smirk If you called her that
"Be she peasant or princess, an old
country dame knowing nothing outslde
her kitchen garden or n grand dame
having worldly lore at her tongue's end
anjl finger tips. It Is the Bamc.
"She llkcs te imagine herself a person
of great experience and unlimited
knowledge. She llkcs te think that you
think her qualified te speak with au
thority en any subject She likes te
think that she has seen It all.
"Why, yen can twist any woman
around your little finger by a judicious
nse of theso five little words. Yeu. can
get any favor granted by beginning:
'New, you, as a woman of the world,
will understand exactly what I am go
ing tp ask,' etc. Yeung and old, they
swallow at that bit of llattcry greedily.
The younger women bite mere eagerly,
perhaps, but the elder enc3 are net far
Siuail, the Tailor
Xe. 110 MnrUet Utter!.
Opnonlte Central Hetel.
Editor "Public Lcdjrcr:"
Ven will plcase announce
te tlie public generally Hint we Jiave
Aill Hues of
Our PecKct Cutlery depart
ment la very larjre, comprising follow
ing brands: Limestone Cutlery Ce.,
New Yerk Cutlery Ce., Kedgers, Vos Ves Vos
tcnhelm, Stnniferth nnd ether brands.
Made by New Yerk- Knlfe
Ce., Jehn Russell Cutlery Ce., nnd
ether makers. Pearl, Ivery, Celluloid.
Bone nnd Weed Handles. Our Silver
Plated Knives nnd Ferks, Spoons,
Ferks, &c, are best goods.
Our line of
Cannet be excelled. Our
own makes comprise " Our Very Best,"
"Kentucky Battler," "F. 0. II. Ce.'s
Extra," 4l Limestone." " 0. & B. Extrn,"
'Justice" nnd "Biz." Yeu can make
no mistake in either brand named.
Stock are of the best made.
F. 0. 11. Ce.'s Shears fully warranted;
If n-it A Ne. 1 money refunded.
Rakes, Hees, Scythes,
Ferks, Shovels Spades, Picks and
Mattocks you will find large stock.
We have a splendid stock
of Bronze Doer Lecks. I.ntchcs.llinges,
Holts; also all ether qualities used in
building. Blacksmiths and carpenters
will find all tools used by them. Iren,
Nails, and full stock of the best Wheels
and Woedwoik, Rims, Spokes, Hubs,
Shafts. Ac, nil of best timber.
Frank Owens Hardware Ce.
47 . J-ereml St. ami 114 Sntten St.,
.Vajsvllle, Ky.
A Comprehensive Survey
An Apprehensive Subject
Means of a Prehensive Tail.
The Menkey is net afraid,
because his tail is a geed one.
We are net afraid, because
our tale is a geed one.
We tell of Bargains, Splen
did Goods, fair treatment, sat
isfaction te customers and
merchant; and of reasonable
prices and geed money values.
It is a tailess tale a, tale with
out an end, because it is a tale
that will held.
The Furniture tells for itself,
It cooks with a currcut.ef het air Te
be ktul of f
S.' B.,0LDHAMIiHaaN?:
ritxa ABTOxnixv.
JyO Lll(lV()6! tht htiultng of "Hrip
iwaMca," "anuMmnt
miHW " Let," " VunI," Ac, of a ace tvta-
Me nature, ami mt te exceed three JIiim, enlh($
jxigt, arc FUEE te all.
S3TZVii UaMitcx trr(ffnitnt tnkttcd tcWi tcWi
eat )iy.
Jf answers fall te come theflrtt ttmetwe Invite
as mang rejtettUens as am nccetsiry fe ttcure
uhal iim ailvet Use for. !) wish the advcitlsers
te feel thattheuarennHmpoitneon ushguslng
our free columns.
AilvcrtUcmcnls can he left at our ejflct or tint
through the mall te
Aii. te B. Tfcfnl Sfretf.
"7l7tANTKD A position ai copyist and ghort ghert
TT liund writer by n jeunjMudn enn idve
beat of references. Address L, 1)., Ledeeii
TANTED-Sltuntlen by u boy who has had
i tue letliB' exnerlenec nt the nrlntlnir
trade. Would prefer the prlnthiK business,
but la wUllntr te work at nny light employ
ment. Geed reference. 4
WANTED A complete set of "Ottlclnt ttco ttce ttco
erds of the Union and Confedernto
Arniles," published by the War Department.
AddrcM, stating price, ' Veteran," Dex 683,
.Muyavllle, Ky.
WANTED-Onc large room. Address Bex
WANTED Three thousand subscriber's te
Tub Funt.ie Iiriiaxit.
ANTED Energetic Agents and Cerrcs-
penuente ter tub ruiu.ic IiBdeeu, ;
IjlOlt ItENT-A very desirable, two-jstery
. friimedwclllng, fourrenmnnndnkltcecn,
In Fifth Ward. Apply te JOHN O'DONNBLC.
IJIOH HENT Several vuluable spaces, for
.' ndertlsing purposes, In The Public
IJIOlt 8AI.E-0,0003fl Inch clnn-beniils for sela
: by O. XT. DYE. Snrdls.
ITIOII SALE r trade for city property, a
X1 geed tnmlly Henn nnd nn nlinegt new
Surrey. Pit. S. 1'ANQHUHN.
FOlt SAt.K-Advertlslngepnce In The. Pub
lic li:i)fiKii.
LOST A 1'ocRetbeok containing $16 75. Ho He
ward of t! If returned te The Ledger
olllce.orto THOMAS SWENUV.
OST A golden opportunity If you de net
J advertise In Tut. Punr.ie I.r.txiEit.
J710UND That It pm a big profit te patron-
-- 17U 1 111'. l'UIII.IU 1.KIH1E1I.
FOUND Hunch of Kovs. which owner can
have ! cnlllnir at I'um.lC I.EliflElt efllcc
mid proving property.
7n nrtmite mut .Vnt&fe.
108 W. 8n-es- bTMFKT, SIAY8VILI.E, KY. -W
itr"FreostcniPlliill(lliigWerk,aidfwnlk,c., at
sntltifartery rlcei.
Plumber. Gas and Steam Fitter 1
41 West Second Street,
Jewel fias Stews. MAYSVII.IE, KY.
ueitcd nv
THE public ledge;-; CO. .flBi
Am. I. He It knein that William H. Cox,
Themas A. Davie, W. It. Wmlswerth. Jr., Sam
uel T. Hickman, A. M. .1. Cochran, M. C. Hus
Mll, Genrgn L. Cox and Allen A. Edmonds,
have this day neseclutcd themselves together
and becoine Inc rperatcd under nnd iy virtue
of Chnpicr ft) of the Gencrnl HtHtutes of the
tiite of ICentiick) as The Publio Ledger Corn Cern
puny and by that name shall fue nnd be sued,
contract aiiilbocei triictcduIth,ntidfballhnve
perpetiml succession and a common seal, with
power te alter game nt pleasure.
'Alir. 2. Tills capital Meclt of said Corpora
tion shall be $r,tM), divided Inte shnres of
flO inch, nnd the same xhall be transfera
ble by written nselgnment en the certificate,
and when transferred the cortltlcute for same
shall be Hurrendcied te thu Coir pnuy and can
celed, and new ones Issued In lieu thereof.
Aut. :i This Corporation Is organized for
the purpose of publishing a nowspMper'frf'iie
city of MhjhvIIIe. nnd distributing the sativj
throughout the state of Kentucky, nnd forthe
carrying en of a general newspaper business
lu said city and state.
Aut. 4. The principal plucoef business of
said Cotperatlon shall be tit Waysvllle. Ky.
Tin capital stoe of said Corporation may be
Increased nt u meeting of the stockholders
(theso holding a majority of the stoek assent
ing thereto) te nny sum net exceeding fll),.
(KW. This Corporation may organize wben
;wu shares of lt stock is subscribed, gtoek
may be paid ftu lu money or equivalent ntnn
agreed contract ptlce, and nny etnek net sub
scribed for may be sold from time te time,
ns the Directors may direct end nuthorlze,
nnd the certificated of stock shall be signed by
thu President nnd Secretary, und the corpo
rate seal shall be nlllxed te stime.
Aut. fi. The Corporation shall he managed
bv n Directory of live persons who ahull be
elected annually at the Company's oltice in
Maysvlllc, Ky , en the 1st Monday In March of
each year. If, for any reason, there should
net be nn election held at thu time tlxed, the
Directors In elllce shall continue nn such until
their successors nre elceted nnd qualified.
Aut. U. The Directors Bhall oheojo- from
thelr number n President nnd Vlcc-Prosldent,
nnd from said number or the stockholders a
Secretary nnd Treasurer, or, IT they see fit, ,.
they teny combine these twoelllcers into ene. -They
shall eltct nn Editor, nnd Jnny oleet an
assistant te the Editor, both of whuse duties
nnd tciuire of elllce they may tlx nnd pro pre
scribe byby-hn8ef the Company, which by
laws n majority of the Directors may adept
for the management of thu Company's alfalrs.
Aut, T. The Company shall net Incur an
Indebtedness exceeding. In tht nggregate.nt ,'
nny enu time, it huiii equal te enu-hulf of the
capital stock paid In.
Aut. 8. The prlvute property of the stock-
heldeis of this Company shall be oxempt -,
from all debts or liabilities of thu Cerpera-
Aut. 0. The Corpniutlen shall begirt when '
It shnllhuvoenranlzcd. ns mevided for herein.
nnd ahull continue ax long ns may be neces
sary, nccerdlng te law, , ,
In witness whereof, the said Incorporators
hnve horetiute set thelr hands this 10th day of
March, Sii. v
William 11. Cox. A. M. J. Coeiiiiin.
Tiiehab A. Davis, M. C, Huhhell, ...
W. II. Wadsweutii. Jr.. flun. L. Cnx.
n . . . -. .--- 7"; - . ". ' '
State eir Kentucky-, i c,.
, Vinsen County, "
I, T. M. Pi'iircu, Clerfc of the County Court
for the county und etute-aferesaid, de certify
that the foicffeliiif Artlcloef IucurnniHtlen nf
The Publio Ledger Ce. was, en Mureli 10. 1M,
preuueeu 10 me in raiu eeuniy, una bokiiowi bekiiowi bokiiewi
edged by said Themus A. Davis. William ,
Cox. W.ll. Wmlswerth, Jr.,B.T. Hickman. Mi
O. HtiHell. Geerge X. Cox and Allen A, JW JW
inenils each te be their net and di ed, and eh
March U, It, the fame wns again repretue4,
te me nml aeknawMged by A,M J, CinAnh
te be his act and deed, and Indred rnr viinwl'
wnereapeH (mi nurnt. legemep wun tUH
iinenie, bhxb ueeniuuiy reeerua m
(liven Ulldflr my kand titll 14th llnv r
taw. ivu.vuiulv.ri..
' -.'. "X. jr"tTr-' "mr'i
iX A

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