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j&f Ah Action Ordered tcf Da Taken
I?, . 11 i i
Against tne tomuine.
Proceedings Instituted in Philadelphia
te Dissolve It.
Thin Action In Taken Under tlm Antl-Trnt
Law-Ilnvnnjcr, efNi-w Yerk, mill the
Ceuimrl for the American Mi;ur
IlellnliiR Ce. Itefunc te Tnlk.
Washington, May 4. Hy the direc
tion of Attorney General Miller, the U.
S. district attorney at Philadelphia in
stituted civil proceedings against the
Sugar trust Tuesday by Ming a bill in
th,e U. S. circuit court te cancel the con
tracts by which the trust was created,
and te enjoin the prosecuting of busi
ness under the' trust agreement- This
action Is taken under the anti-trust
Prni.AnKLiniA, May 4. The U. S. cir
cuit court Tuesday directed the U. S.
marshal te serve summonses en the par
tics named in tlic bill In equity against
the sugar combination living outside
the limits of the judicial circuit This
action is taken under a new law author
izing the court of one circuit te issue
subpoenas and processes in the territory
comprising ether jurisdictions.
New Yeiik, May 4. President Have
meyer, of the American Sugar Refining
Ce., commonly known as the sugar
trust, had nothing te say In answer te
the report that United States District
Attorney Ingham has commenced suit
in the United States court at Philadel
phia te disselve the trust lie claimed
that he hadtiead nothing of it
Jehn E. Pnrsens. counsel for the com
pany, pleaded pressure of work as an
excuse for declining te discuss the mat
ter, and said that he htul nothing te say
except that he had net yet been In
formed of the suit It Is said that the
action is the result of the pretest of the
whole-sale grocers of this city, who have
appealed te the federal authorities for
relief, as they can make no profit in
handling sugar.
That HurrUnn Mill
. Leant Tlint'a the
lit- Nominated At
Wny It Leeka en
Nkw Yeiik, May 4. The Mall and
Express Tuesday asserts that President
Harrison's nomination at Minneapolis
is an assured fact In support of this
statement it prints the following table
of instructed delegates from compila
tions of figures received from state and
district conventions already held all
ever the country.
Alabama , IS! Ml'peurt 31
Arkansas 10
California 2
Flerida 8
Illinois 6
Indiana' 30
Kansas . 8
New Yerk
Seuth Carolina..
Seuth Dakota....
1 xns
Virginia .
Kentucky 'M Tixns 3
Maryland 4 Virginia . ... 8
Michigan 4 Wisconsin 10
Mlsslfiglpiri 18
Total. 30S
The paper continues ns follews:
"Private information has been received
from ethers who have either been
chosen delegates or will be. and in the
absence of instructions can vote as they
wish; that 211 have put themselves en
record as intending te vote for Harri
son. California Wheat Outlook.
San Fhancisce, May 4. The Asso
ciated Press has received reports from n
large number of places In the wheat
and barley districts of Northern and
Central California showing the condi
tion of crops at the present time. In
the northern part of the state, particu
larly In the Sacrnmente valley and
northern portion of the Sun Joaquin
valley, the late rains have been very
beneficial te growing grain, and reports
from nearly all places in these districts
. 1 - indicate ami me prospect, ter an uuunu-
ant yield is excellent In localities
south of these district the growth has
been retanled by lack of rain and alight
i crop is generally expected.
Dying Alan TrlU n Sturtllnir Story.
Dallas, Tex., May 4. J. 11. Cowan,
who died in St Leuis, is said te have
made a confession that he and a Negro
Bet fire te the wholesale whisky store
(burned en Commerce street, this city,
last fall, and which carried an insur
ance of nearly MOO.OOO. The deathbed
confession was made and forwarded te
Dallas and lb bald te be new in the
'r hands of insurance ngenta. The Negro
mentioned by Cewnn Is thought te Iks
fin jail here and will be placed upon the
stand when the cese comes up.
The Suicide Club.
Chicago, May 4. Anether man, who
is said te be a member of a suicide club,
which is declared te exist in this city
sWet himself in'Deuglas park, dying in
litantly. lie is Jeseph Kraker, a brew
ery empleye. Andrew Itudtnan is
authority for the assertion that Kraker
belonged te an organization each mem
ber of which is bound te commit hurl
kari. Itudman is under arrest
I'luntera Without Heln.
Gurden, Ark , May 4. Ever binee the
burning of the Negro Cey nt Texarkana
the Negroes have been leaving the
state, nnd nearly all threaten te leave
Nand go te Africa. Planters have been
greatly alarmed ever the condition of
their farms resulting from this exodus,
for they ure fearful there would lie no
one te cultivate their fields.
Flrat Democrat Kver Klectrd.
Union City, Ind., May 4. The city
electle'Ni. resulted in the election of the
entire republican ticket, except mar
shal, by majorities of ever 100 less thun
two years uge. The democrats elect us
marshal Leenard llucklnuham by IM ma
jerity. This is tee nret fl
icmeerat ever
elected te a city office.
Weighed 470 IHraniU.
Mitchell, Ind., May 4. Armenlus
Myers died at Tunnelton, of heart fail
ure, Tuesday, He has considerable
lrWrty, and was one of the largcnt
HHAbef A Ntatft, Having weighed 40
xi . vi '"-
V tii.(c
DvuL ", i
, if i V-" vnaBBK
Cel. OUelcr Will Make an Interfntlnic
.Journey te tlie Far North.
Nbw Yeittt, May 4. Cel. W. II. Ollder,
who with Lieut Schwatka wen fame
in bringing lack from the northern
legions information respecting Frank
lin and his expedition, ugain proposes
te make a journey te the north, this
time at the head of a party te make a
ihagnctic survey of the region immedi
ately surrounding the northern mag
netic pole.
The American Geographical society,
of this city, the National Academy of
sciences, at Washington, incmlicrs of
the United States coast survey, and a
number of ether scientific men, arc in
terested in the proposed expedition.
Although some funds have been pledged
for fitting out the party and for carry
ing en the work, nothing definite has
been determined upon in the way of
plans, the money required, the exact
route, etc.
The American geographical society,
with Cel. (JUder, has taken the initia
tive in the matter, and for the purpose
of discussing the exploration the so
ciety held a speelal meeting Monday
night In Chickering hall. Ex-Judge
Charles P. Daly presidqd, and brieily
outlined the advantages of a northern
magnetic survey.
Prof. Trowbridge said that as a result
of the expedition the magnetic pole
might net only be definitely located,
but the whole world of terrestinl
physics benefitted. He bald that in his
opinion all magnetic surveys en land
should be prohibited, as the true im
portance and the Iwneflt te be derived
were en the sea alone for the mariner
who Is dependent upon his compass. He
looked forward te the time when a sta
tion might be established In the neigh
borhood of the magnetic pole and tele
graphic communication be made be
tween It and the rest of the world.
Prof. Meyer explained that one thing
It would be sought te establish at the
point when the needle assumes the ver
tiele position, wad whether the se-called,
pole was fixed or moving. He was en
thusinstic in his upprevul of the pro
posed expedition, and expressed the
hop' that America would take the lead
in definitely fixing the magnetic pole
Gen. Greely brlefiy outlined the mag
netic surveys that have been made
about King William's, when' Cel. Gil
der's journey will lead. Hespeke of his
own journey north and the valuable
geographical work he had te leave un
done because of the requirements of his
special mission. Ne doubt he said,
could exist as p the practicability of
the journey and it would be compara
tively safe, the party passing through a
country fairly well peopled and well
supplied with game.
strike u Srhoelliuii'e One l'ujill Killed
nml Other Hurt.
Si'MNOFiKi.n, O., May 4. During the
severe storm here Tuesday afternoon
Clin1. Fisher, driver of a brewery
wagon, was struck by lightning and
fatally injured. He was driving along
Jacksen street when the electric belt
descended and knocked him off his
seat Ills face and head were badly
burned and his eyesight probably de de
itreyed. The severest electric storm In the his
tory of the city swept ever here this
afternoon, and from rt-perts being re
ceived it did extensive damage, most of
which occurred in the northern part of
the county. Lightning struck the Vic
tory school-house, nearTrement en the
Urbana pike, while school was in ses
sion, fatally Injuring Henry Ivery and
dazing ether pupils. Frank I Hese, the
teacher, was knocked from a chair in a
semi-conscious condition. Upen recov
ering he was horrified te find Ivery
lying en the fleer, apparently dead. A
physician wu summoned, and an
nounced that the boy oeuld net recover.
He isstill unconscious, and atlast'repert
had net been removed from the school
house. Miss Shaw, a young lady residing en
Chestnut avenue, had a narrow escape.
She was standing by a window when
the lightning struck the chimney, ran
down the side of the house, through the
window and melted two tin cans set
ting en the window sill. It also burned
i dish-rag in the dish-pan which was en
i table in the same room. Her clothes
:aught fire, but the Humes were quickly
Te Invetlirute O'llrlrn'a Kunipxi.
Utica, N. Y May 4. Judge Kennedy
Dpenetl the May term of the circuit
:eurt and court of eyer and terminer in
this city Tuesday. Among the cases te
be considered by the grand jury is that
of Tem O'Urien.the escaped bunce man.
It Is Intended te investigate particular
ly the responsibility for O'llrien's es
cape, which may result in the indicting
et a number of well known people
Ternixlj In Kanmift.
Tei'KKA, Kan., May 4. A disastrous
isyclene, alike te life and property,
passed throughout the farming com
munity of Tevls, a village ten miles
southeast of Topeka. A farmer named
Plaxten was killed. Jehn P. Hell was
badly injured nnd may net recover. His
fhl Id was also badly hurt James
Mitchell, e farmer who lived near Hell's
furm, was killed.
Dill Ohrrunll DUalputv the l'luiue?
Nkw Yeiik, Muy 4. The llritlsh
steamer Earnwell, whlclj has arrived
here from Rie Janeiro, had been in the
transport service with the fleet destined
for Chill. She reports that Admiral
llherardl had mnde n splendid impres
sion en both the Uruguayans and Ar
gentines, and that the yellow fever
plHgue nt ltie Janeiro had diminished
rery much. '
Father gtanUlau DrutL
PlTTWit'iiuii, May 4. Father Stanis
laus, who died at Kt Paul's menustry,
In this elty, Tuesday, was the last sur
vivor of the four pioneer missionaries
who Introduced the Passlenlst order In In
eo Amerlca. He was 78 years old and
was born in Poland.
Democratic Ticket Rlected at ValpuruWe.
YAtrAHAise, Ind., May 4-The city
lectien Tuesday resulted la the selec
tion of the entire dmecmtle. tleket by
majorities raBgliijr frew'W te I,
"J n. . ,. . . i - m A
Demen Deeming Bequeathes the
History of His Life.
A Cleso Watch Kept en the Wretch
That He May Net Kill Himself.
lie Ik rtnreil In the Condemned Cell and
Heavy Iren Locked Upen UN WtlH-
It In Itelleveil He Will Celli
te HU Many Dark Crime.
MKi.neitnNK, May 4. After Deeming
was conveyed last night from the court
room In vhlch sentence of death had
just been passed upon him and returned
te the jail his clothing was taken from
him nnd he was compelled te den
the attire worn by convicts In
the prison. He was then placed
In the condemned cell and heavy irons
were locked upon his wrists te prevent
him from committing bulcide. There Is
scarcely a doubt that he would kill hhn-
Iself If the opportunity offered and a
clese watch will be kept upon him in or
der that he can net cheat the gallows.
He did net appear te be at all cast
down by hi fate, and after a short con cen con
ersatlen with the wnrders detallea te
watch him he threw himself upon the
pallet in his cell and slept calmly until
this morning. Much interest is mani
fested In the biography that Deeming
Is writing and upon which he has spent
much time since he wns imprisoned.
It is believed that the man's overween
ing vnnity will impel him te confess in
this work all the crimes he has ever
Ily appealing te the Judicial commit
tee of the privy council, Deeming may
succeed in putting off his execution for
a time, but his haste te complete his
book shows that he has little, if any,,
hope of eenplng hanging. Early
Tuesday morning he resumed his
writing en his biography, which he says
he will bequeath te MIrs Reunsevell,
the young lady te whom he was' en
gaged tit the time of his arrest. He ex
presses tlie hope that the profits which
she may derive from its publication will
in some degree compensate her for the
wrong and annoyance which he has
been the means of inflicting en her.
ClilniRe'M .Iiiek the Kipper.
Ciiic.uie, May 4. A murder, the shock
ing details of which saver mere of un
civilised butchery than has been known
for years in Chicago, was committed Ik.
tween 5 nnd (1 o'clock Tuesday evening
in the home of Michael Walsh, at Ne.
344 Washburn avenue. His wife,
f Hridget Elizabeth Walsh, met death In a
manner that rivals for cruelty and hor
ror the fates of numerous victims in the
Londen'Whitcehapel district IlerslnV
er, who, from the evidence se far In the
hands of the police, must have been u
man, succeeded In covering his crime
long enough te make his escape without
leaving a single clew by which his iden
tity cquld Ihj established.
Within four hour hours after the mur
der, Mrs. Walsh's murderer was arrest
ed. He was Themas Walsh, of Ne. 143
Washburn avenue, the dead woman's
nephew. He confessed. He made an
Improper proposal te her, and she
Mapped his face. Then he killed her.
Why HrujcKy Wh Net Keentenred.
Santa Hosa, Cal., May 4. Geerge W.
llruggy, the condemned murderer, and
a prisoner known as Frenchy, have
'scaped from the county jail. The Kirs
in one of the round windows en the
.vest side of the outer wall were cut, as
.vere two of the Hat bars, te allow en
trance into the outer passage llruggy
was te have been sentenced Tuesday
for a third time te be hanged for the
murder of Dick Leuison, at Windser,
Cal., February 1", lSDfl, during n drunk
en quarrel.
An Okluhemn Tornado.
Kine Fibiikk, O. T., May 4, A cy
clone touched the outskirts of the town,
overturning small outbuildings and un un un
reofing two residences. The cyclone
did grejit damage te growing crops,
overturning houses In lt path and kill
ing considerable young stock, finally
spending its force about fifteen milei
distant Fourteen residences outside of
the city were destroyed and F. A. Hid
well, of Yerk, Neb., und his son, were
Thre. Woodruff Killed.
PiiiLAUKi.i'iUA, May 4. Theodere T.
Woodruff, a civil and mechanical en
gineer, and a close friend of Andrew
Carnegie nnd Senater Jehn Sherman,
was instantly killed Monday by the
llrighten express as he was crossing
the tracks of the West Jersey railway
at Gloucester. Years age Mr. Woodruff
lived in the present abode of Senater
Sherman nt Mansfield, O., nnd was pres
ident of the First National bank in that
Kcpuhllcau Victory lit l't. Wayne.
Ft. Wavnk, Ind., Muy 4. The city
election resulted in almost a clean
sweep for the republicans, they electing
seven out of theiten eeuncllmen, the
three democrats getting In by reduced
majorities. Fer the first time In years
they gave the republicans within one el
a tie with council nnd is a heavy victory
for the republicans
Three Out of Fourteen Drowned.
MiNNUAreLis, Minn., May 4. Hy the
capsizing of a beat en Lclghten lake,
neur Grand ltnplds, Minnesota, out of n
crew of fourteen, Sandy McLeed, Jehn
Murray and an Italian were drowned.
The bodies have net been recovered.
Deiuncratle Oatu at Marlen.
Maiuen, Ind., May 4. Democrats
elected a councilman from the Fourth
wurd by a majority of l.lii. Repub
licans elected the remainder of the
ticket In 18WI their majority wee 'Mi.
The UUIiiff Water of the Klkhnrt.
Elkhart, Ind., May 4. The rising
waters resulting from late ruins ere de
ing an incalculable amount of damage
auetlv liONiieii, vnu ciHiiurv river ikjuik
higher than It has been since IBM.
'I'artlul Kcllpie of the Moen.
Cincinnati, May 4. On the evening
of May 11 there will be a partial eclipse
of the moon, visible In thin latitude.
The hatellite will then be full
.-... . u . m .r . . -sar.'
i ' ..'iiLiv.4.AA.AlAsaJ; . 'Jaiiif.iiflkWr. .'.,L.'lth&.Vte 'w.i. m . . .K2 .Mt .JteV.. isHtt ' ...,
t j TwmiPi,Yrm'Wmmrmimmr mn iwuvmrxvmmixam iMn . t&fflmL
t mq,i,,2Ff .'(. 4P' fflfci- 'bi-w 'syjwuf" ewwHWOtrTT1T'"WlF'' Hlir l,m,mmwlBNiW HHIKBtMlMmNHI
-. K.-' 11 Wl II II llll MIPW llimM IMIIH II HIMiM III HI IIIHIIWP I ! ! II 1 II IMIMI ! 1 IIM , tfUHktl -r
Had Wreck en the I'luell-tn l V Num
ber lf I'aMCIIIMI h Jii . ..
PiTTSiiuiieii, Pa., Muy 4. A Lad Wreck
occurred en thcpan-hanule railroad ene
mlle west of Scle, O., nt fi o'clock Tues
day morning. Second section of Ne. 2,
cast-bound passenger, which was com
ing along at the rate of fifty-five miles
an hour, crashed Inte Ne. 8A, wesU
bound extra freight
The fireman nnd engineer of engine
Ne. 104, extra freight, jumped for their
lives. Engine Ne. !13, of Ne. 2, wasjn
charge of Rebert Ruchanan, engln-r,
and Win. C. Cullem, fireman. Reth
stuck te their pests and Ruchanan was
seriously Injured internally.
The passengers In the forward coach
of Ne. 3 were badly shaken up and a
munlier Injured, but none fatally.
Their names are: S. H. Petersen,
Cralnliff, Kan., head cut; Alex. Dunlap,
Alabama, head cut; Parvin Wright In In
dlannpells, head cut; Rosanna Hughes,
Philadelphia, nose broken, breast hurt;
Rev. A. Wakefield, Kentucky, chin cut;
unknown lady, head badly cut
The wreck was the result of careless
ness en the part of the trainmen of the
extra freight, wlie did net notice the
signals. Reth engines and the mail
and express cars were badly broken
up. One freight car, In which were
three tramps stealing a ride, was com
pletely demolished nnd the tramps bad
ly Injured.
After the Queen' Denth the Island Will
Loek te Annexation.
Chicaoe, May 4. Henry Wnterheuse,
of Honolulu, Is at the Palmer awaiting
the arrival of ex-Prime Minister Thurs Thurs
eon, who comes te Chicago te arrange
for a reproduction at the World's fair of
the great Hawaiian volcano Mauna
"Annexation of the Hawaiian islands
te the Unjted States," he said, "is in
evitable, " If n miracle should, however,
.lead the United States te decline its op
portunity, the islands will become the
property of someone els'. It is impos impes
Hiljlc for them te continue forever as an
Independent nation. The' reasehs for
this have been frequently told. 1 can
only add that after forty years spent
in Honolulu I knew that these
reasons are well grounded. The
natives want a republic The queen,
however, will held the throne un
til death removes her from It
"The vast body of American residents
are nnxieu" for nnnexutit n, no matter
1 t its icprvincntu may say. The
Un ted States is nearer'te us than any
etl or country, and her interests in the
Islnnds is greater thun that of any ether,
b.it if she refuses us merely Iu-cuum;
annexation would necessitate expendi
tures fc ffi'tlflcntiens, when In reality
t'l fortifications en the Pacific are
j"-' what she needs, why we must leek
te England. France or Germany."
i li Will He the Kute or I'atacle If lie
siiiyn C'rciu' son. ,
Ni:w Yerk, May 4. The Herald has a
dispatch from Rarqulsimote, Venezuela,
in which the writer says: I) ctater li li
'acie's alleged threat te kill the twen-ty-three-yiar-eld
son of Gen. Crespe as
-en ns the last named comes within n
league of Caracas has reached the head
quarters of the revolutlenlstand excited
rrent indignation. Gen. Crespe declared
.f hi-, son is put te death Palacle will be
burned at the stake in thepiiunin front
of the Casa Amarilla. The revolution
ists will de nil they can te prevent the
dictator from carrying out his threats,
but if he should kill young Crespe,
Palacle may expect, If captured, te be
en. mated.
Uncle iuu and the ICnutler.
Chkyknnk, Wye., May 4. Deputy U.
S. marshals are te take an active part
in the affairs of Jehnsen county. They
will, without delay, serve notice en
thirty-three rustlers nnd associates
warning them against conducting or
participating in round-ups ether than
these authorized by the state eflieers.
The wise wns laid lofero U. S. District
Judge Riter and he will doubtless grant
the Injunction.
China Make a Iteiiupnt.
Londen, May 4. The Standard's
Shanghai correspondent says: "China
will request of Englnnd a renewal for
six months of the prohibition of the ex
portation of arms te Heng Keng, made
in consequence of the Masen affair.
The request for renewal will be due te
the activity of secret societies,"
Held HurKhir.
Wklkkk, O. May 4. Rurglars broke
Inte the Manhattan Oil Ce.'s office Tues
day morning, sandbagged the took
keeper, who slept then, und cracked
the safe. They get but little booty. W."
J. Symmes, the lioek-keeper, became
conscious seen after and shot at the
the thieves, but did no injury.
Suicide or u Hl-Chlerlde l'atlcut.
Ulaik, Neb., May 4. Frank V.
Krntky, real-estate dealer from
Wahoo, who has leen taking treatment
Uthe Rl-Clorlde Geld Cure institute
since April 14, committed suicide by
throwing himself In front of the Rlaek
Hills passenger train en the Elkhorn.
Mainly Ihituntructed.
CHAIU.KSTOX, S. C, May 4. All coun
ties in this state held democratic con cen con
rentiens te send delegates te the state
.onventlen te cheese delegates te Chi
cago. A few counties Instructed for
Hill, but the large majority sent unln
itructcd delegates.
A Clillil'n Awful Death.
Pikdment, W. Va., May .The body
of the 4-year-old son of Charles Musser,
who strayed from home hist fall and
;eul(l net Iks found, wns recovered ene
mile from home Tuesday. One hand
was gene und the body was badly eaten
by animals.
.Starvation In New Feundlaud.
Halifax, N. S., May 4. dipt Far Far
quhar.ef the steiuner Hnrluw, from New
Feundlund, reports the prevalence of
destitution north of Flowers Cove, N,F.,
with two cases of actual starvation.
lire at Norfolk, Va.
Norfolk, Va., May 4. Tuesday
morning, McCulloch A Gaudy's cotton
warehouse was burned, Lc, 175,000:
1 I
Sathrrcd Frem AH Part of the Country
by Telegraph.
Chief. Byrnes, it Is said, will defy
rammany and close the New Yerk sa sa sa
'eens en Sunday.
The corner stene of the new court
house at Charleston, W. Vn., was laid
it 11 o'clock Tuesday morning.
Mary Sheave, of Ruchnnnn, W. Va.,
fell asleep with a lighted lnmp in her
.land. She was burned te death.
A deed of trust made by the C. & O.
te the New Yerk Trust Ce. for $0,000,000
was recorded at Charleston, W. Ve.
At Morgan, Wyoming county, W. Va,
Stanbury shot nnd killed Mr. Work
man, of Catlettsburg.Ky., during a quar
rel. A blinding snow-storm wns In preg
ress at Ashland, Wis., Tuesday. Four
Inches had fallen at neon. Navigation
is badly retarded and all traffic is step
Muncle, Ind., carpenters are en a
itrike for higher wages, and the plas
terers arc locked out because they re
fused te quit working for a non-union
The republicans of Frankfort Ind.,
achieved an unprecedented victory Tucs
lay, carrying every precinct and elect
ing every man The pluralities ranged
from 2S0 te :!"r.
J. M. C. Rresswcll, a notorious coun
terfeiter, and Alex. Quick and WIU19
Kennedy, Illicit distillers, have been
captured by government authorities and
taken te Jacksen, Miss.
An important engineering test was
made Tuesday en locomotive 870, run
ning the Empire state 'express en the
New Yerk Central railroad. A speed of
seventy-eight miles an hour wns re
corded. A tornado passed through DeKalb
county, Me., in a northwesterly direc
tion, sweeping everything before it
It wrecked the house of Mr. Sharp, and
seriously injured him, killing bis wife
and a Mls.s Iteyd.
At Valparaiso, Ind., the democratic
city ticket, headed by Frank P. Jenes,
for mayor, swept the city Tuesday, by
majorities ranging from 60 en the head
of the ticket te ISO. The republicans
control the council.
News wns received in Londen Tues
day of a marine disaster at Sndcree,
one of the Faree islands. In the North
Atlantic. During a terrible storm
three French schooners were driven
ashore, all the crews being lest.
Gee J. Gould has another heir and
Jay Gould another grandchild. It Is ,i
beautiful little girl, and came into the
world at S o'clock Tuesday morning.
The eldest of Mr. Gee. J. Gould Is a
boy. named for his paternal grand
father. Alttunnnt, Tenn., has produced an
other case of unnatural love between
two women. Miss Katie Tipton shot
herself and is new dving from the
wound. The cause was her love far
Miss Lulu Sanders, who, some two
weeks since, was married te J. D.
Commissioner of Patents Simonds
Tuesday Issued a patent for the Edisen
telephone, assigned te the Western
Union Telegraph Ce. The Hell tele
phone patent expires in May, lb'.M, and
the patent Issued Tuesday will run for
seventeen years. This action ends a
long standing contest
Fiecn Winter patent, t'alr.. J.wcy,
U 103,1.15. family, 83 as 3 70 extr.i, f,'(tt.f3.i5i
low gride, UMOQS M. nprlni? pattnt, H 4SjM K;
sprlnp fancy, 0?31 30 sprinf? family, WT.Kcl
100, Hye flour, N.VX2100 Uucfcuhcat Heur,
f.' (aias per 100 lbs
Wukat The market was dull nnJ weak at
WipOn: for Ne. 'Jrud, scIIcm held poed s.impks
at ihceutKlde rale. Ne. 3 ltd wa quotable at
M sn: for prime te choice samples.
Coun-Ne 2 mixed rcld at 41tfc nnd Ne. 3
white at ll'ic but the tlRurcs were above buy
ers' views und they preferred te await further
developments. Ear was (julct at tXHic for
prime te choice samples.
Oats-Ne 2 w hlte held at 33Ha 31c, and Ne.
8 mixed nt 3K&3l'ic j;ait.s 0f 1 (KO bu cholce
Hpht Ne 2 mixed, spot, track, nt &
II ye Tlie market was easy it "fit K for cash
Ne. 2, the tnsliie figure reprcnc ntlus buyers'
Cattlb Shippers, U 0034 3: remtnnn te
fair, M.102&SS. Oxen. Soed te ihc.Ue. t.iavjj
3.7 common te fair, as33.uO w.-ectbuuhcrs,
!4 Ottilias; fair te geed. iS.2SnS.IU common,
Hoe Select butcher nnd prime butcher,
U M&4 65; a few extra, ft 70, fair te geed pack
ing, M 3714 N; common and rough, CIM 4 as;
fair te geed light, H SMI CO fat pigs, latCuB
4 SO. common nnd rough, M v3.U
SHBhr AM) LAMIIS Sheep Clipped, ewes,
Haa4 7.S. unHhern, U 7.SHS7. neilier. . 0,
Lamb Yearlings, clipped, $5 (X)S.7.s uushei,.,
W.0OU0..V), spring lambs, uH
New Yeiik Mav 4
Wheat Firm, ye up; dull local tridii.?:
Mav, WiatOfcc; June, 8Dyf'Kbis July
b8 ',003 16c.
KVB-Qulet, wealt: western, su!,S2c
Cehn Firm; la,c up, quiet, Ne 2, SO'fG
RHiC. steamer mixed 47Vi(i419a.
Oais Dull, steady; wctern, 3161:40c.
PlTTsuuiieii, May I.
Cattlk Market steady lit yesterday de
cline, no cattle shipped te New Yerk
liens-Market very slew, all grades, ?4 63
4 KS; 1 carol hops shipped te New Yerk.
Sheep Market very dull; 10e te 15c oil from
yewterday's decline. '
llALTlMeur, May I.
WiiEAT-vFlrmer; Ne. 2 red spot OPjC bid;
the month, P2V4a92c; Hteamer Ne 2 red. MQ
CoHif-Streng; mixed spot, t'SPMHc. the
month, 475Bl"Uc; stenmer mixed, iSViMOe.
Oats Dull, Ne. 2 whttc western, 3b'i&-fS!
Ne. Smiled urptcrn, 3i',tt3.c
KVK-NNumlual, Ne. 2. We. J
CHtCAi, 1, May -I
Fmhiu ami Ohais 04u quemi en I'mnr
dull nnd unchanged; N. 2 spring uh-ai, H ' 1
81c: Ne. 3 spring unci', 1.V1... .Va 2 Ml,
u4'Crti'c: Ne. 2 corn. 4ltil.''c; Ne 2 eat's,
.Vc; Ne. 2 white, SlftSlijc: Ne. .1 whlti-,
29y30c; Ne. 3 rye, 71e: Ne. 2 birlev, 'tVj
Ne. S f. a b., SO&OOc; Ne. 4 f. a b., 3s lle. Ne.
1 Ilaxseed, ftsc,
lMiiiaiihi.ruiA, Mny4.
Wheat Firm; Na 2 no M ,y 03(,.i
Ceiin SfH'culntlen was buliuh' options ad
vanced Md leml trade ill maud vns light Ne 3
mlxtd in grain ikpet 4tw., de In vperl eicviitnr,'
46c; de In expert elevnier, 4Rijci sleanar In ex ex
eort elevator. 47c: Ne. ! mixed In grain de
pot. 46c, with 4c bid tft Ne 2 In expert eleva
ter, Na 3 mixed May, SS.. 4',c
0is -Car lets weak und ener, Na 3 whlte.
Jrtc; Ne 3 white 87Sia33-; Ne. 2 whlt May,
TOLrne, e., May 4.
Wmkat Dull nnd ttrady; Na 2 rash. 83hcr
Na 2 May, We; July.'WW; August, S4i
CeiiN-Dull und steady; a 2cah, 41c: Ne.
3,4-l'ic: Na 4,39c.
oath Dun ana ntaayi cam una May, ai
UVE-UuUi cash. TK.)
CuivcH-mtKS Inactive; nrlwcj wh, W.W,
I 1 -t. I
Tbfl Touch Inj; Affcrtlen of a near ter
Her Yeung. ,
go many pathctla stories are told of
the misery caused hy hunters In the
animal world that ene can scarcely
tolerate the idea of sheeting merely for
"Bpert" r.Whcn the term means merely
wanton cruelty, then it Is time te sock
mercpcftful if less exciting eccupa
tiens, stMfmgtic xeuuvs uempani' . a
story is jBef a polar bear whicl - vith
tsve largwlpus, svas sighted by the creir
of ran exploring frigate. When the
animals were within reach of the
vessel, tlie sailors threw them great
lumps of seahorse flesh, nnd these thai
old licar divided among her cubs, re-'
serving only a small portion ler herself.)
Then, when the three animals were
happily feeding, the sailors fired. Theyj
wounded the dam nnd killed the cubs.
It would have drawn tears of pityl
from any but the unfeeling te have1
marked the affectionate concern ex
pressed by this peer Injaet in the last
moments of her expiring young.
Though she was dreadfully wounded,
she tore another lump of flesh In pieces,
and laid it before them.
When bhe found that they would net
cat she laid her paws first en one and,
then the ether, and tried te rnise them
up; all this time it was pitiful te hear
her mean. When she was convinced
thnt they would net stir, she walked
away, looking back nnd still meaning;
nnd when thnt did net entice them te
rise, she returned and began te lick
their wounds.
She went off a second time ns before,
and having crawled a few paces looked
again liehind her. The cubs did neb
rise, and she returned, and with signs
of inexpressible fondness went round
pawing them and meaning. Finding
at last that they were cold nnd lifeless,
she raised her head toward the ship and,
uttered a growl of despair, which the
murderers returned with a volley of
balls. Then bhe fell between her cubs
and died, licking their wounds.
Duties Ni'clrctrd Cnue Untold and Gen
eral Annoyance.
Nothing in this world gets in every
body's wny like belated work, writes
IJurdettcln Ladles' Heme Journal. Oct
belated en a read and lese your way;
after the right time for traveling is pasb
there is nothing you can question; the
people are In bed; the finger-beards are
in the dark; only the dogs nrc awake,
they swarm out upon you when you,
hall a house; the smaller the houne the
bigger and meaner thocleE; they drown
your "Halle, the he use! in their hide
ous yelping and Itrking; they try te
jump Inte the wagon. Had you stepped
at sunset and btarted In afresh next
morning, you would have saved time,
worry, temper and nerves. Let ene
train en a railway lese time. There
are a hundred trains running smoothly
en that line until that one gets off its
own time. Then, somehow, it gets In.
everybody's way. Lumbering freights,
slew-moving gravel trains, reckless
"wild trains" jumping into the spaces
cf time left by the regulars and skip
ping along without a jar, ragged-looking
construction trains, ominous-looking
"wreckers" nnd swift-winged ex
presses everything getting nleng with,
everything else until tills one train loses
its own time and gcln onto somebody's
else. Then there is trouble and vexa
tion all round, until nt last the slew
train is condemned as a general nui-
sance, is abandoned, losing all its own,
rights, and is run ns a second section of
Xa 72, 72 being a stock express, with
cattle and hogs for the delicious Com Cem
munipaw stockyards.
The I'nsha Itcpeiwd Toe Much Faith la
Human Nuture.
When Empress Eugenie visited Cnire
In IS09, Napeleon III. presented te
Nubar Pasha a -aluable watch set),
with diamonds. Thii. watch he was in
the habit of placing before him en the
table during the meetings of the coun
cil, which were generally held in the
evening, says a writer in the National
Zeltuntr. At one of the sittings the elec
tric light suddenly went out, When It
was turned en again Nubar's watch had
disappeared. The pasha scrutinized the
faces of his colleagues ene eftcr the
ether, but net one winced under his
gar-c. At length he said:
"Gentlemen, the watch that, accord
ing te my custom, I had lying here be
fore me, has been removed. The deer
is locked en the inside, nobody has en
tered the room in the meantime, and
nelnxly has gene out. I attribute tlie
less of the watch te a bad joke or a fit
of abstraction en the part of ene of you
gentlemen. I will new turn out the
light once mere, feeling convinced that
when It is turned en again the watch
will be found In ite usual place"
The light was then put out. When
It shena brightly a tniuute later, net '
only was the place where the watch
had been still vacant, but Nubar'p jew
eled Inkstand, a present from Victer
Emmanuel, hnd also vanished. Nubar ;
cles again. . r j
"He's u Jell.r Geed Fellow."
The tune te which this song was "
sung Is "Mr.rlbrctu 1:," which was once"
a national air In 1 runcc. na Notes and'1
Queries. In "MaribreucV the death
r.nd Lurlal of Queen Anne's great cap
tain are burlesqued, art'. In what setae
Trench critics have considered Its scats-
in? entire, the disasters of Ilh'nhein'.
und Itmnillica nrc believed te have beea , '
avenged. Hut the fact Is really tbe1-
revertc for If read appreciatively, &
"Marlbrenck" eypivstes the wide-"", ?i
spread terror occasioned by the raera 31
name of lllenhelm'.s here m.d the exul-
tatlen of the French when thev hvr&
of his death. The "einpaunta" U WHp-t 1 ,
posed te have come from the Wallea, '
country, cud it was unknown Id th
French earslta.1 until HfLV vcftrn aftM v.'l
Marllnireugh's death, when the ft-'
ardy peasant woman, coming up te Vec 1L ,
sanies 10 uursu uie enuy iwhmmj
brought it with her ami fog tier ltMtejj
baby charge te Bleep with Dm
jingling rhyme, 'te thU J
BTOwekt'botwe pepttWr In Ttvuitu 1
ml VSJ W 4jfPwWWW WBWM) VV9TvAe n j
' 1-v
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