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M ) . t-sL
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tSflf vnti have frtemlt viiltlne jem, or ieu
nre ffeftiir rtiOrt("i (i vte((Ieie drop us a note
Je Uiat rjfcct.
Dr C. Tabb Pearcc
from New Yerk.
tins anivcd home
Rebert Ficklln is
Springs en a visit.
up from Big Bone
Leuis M. Park of Winchester, 0., is in
Slaysville tills week.
Jnceb Cabllsh, Jr., is visiting en
nut Hills, Cincinnati.
- -
Vii A
Miss Bertie Rudy spent the Fourth with
Miss Belle Moere at Ripley.
. Miss Mnttle Stubblctlcld of Rcctorvllle
is In the city visiting iclatlves.
. Misses Anna and Susie Chirk have re
turned from a visit te Cincinnati.
Miss Mills of Fleminesleirg is
guest of Mr. and Mrs. L. Si. Mills.
Fred Power of Brown county, O.
Leme from school for the summer.
Miss Marv Field of Onkwoeds snent
'$ Jhe Feuith with Miss Emma Wheeler.
re- , Ceisus Perrie of Little Reck. Ark., is
rs ,r .. .
?? nere en a vtsu te jus numerous relatives,
Miss kizzie Helmor has returned home
from a visit te Miss Amy Blitz at New
port. (Miss Mary L. Gibsen is spending ft few
days with Miss Louise Winter at Sprlug
ville. William Davis went te Fleming yestcr
,dar en a visit te his brother Rccs, near
Mt. Gilead.
Mrs. Jehn Ebcrle of Cincinnati is visit
ing her sister, Mrs. Jehn Hauck, of the
Sixth Ward. ,
, Miss Lucy Nichelson and Miss Maggie
Sulser are at home from a visit te Mrs.
Henry Held at Newport.
Mrs. Jeseph C. Frank and children of
Lancaster are here en a visit te W. S.
Frank and ether relatives.
Mrs. William Turnipsccd of Ashland
has returned home after a visit te her
parents. Mr. and Mrs, O. G. Layten.
Mrs. Amelia Bcndcl and children arc
snend ne the week with her sister. Mrs.
5J,"- Sclffeiberef Walnut Hills, Cincinnati.
. , Hen. W. H. Wadsworth has returned
s& from Frankfort, where he argued the
K." rnllrnnit tnx cusps linfnrn .Inripn Mnntfnrt.
Miss Miunle and Master Elwood Rescr
returned last cvening from a pleasant
visit te their sister, Mrs. G. W. Martin of
Mrs, H. Martin and daughters, Mrs.
Bessie Yeckey of Newport and Aunic
C. Martin of this city, have gene te New
Britain, Conn, te spend the summer with
, f-
.airs, itesa Acker.
The following Mnysvilllans were at
Glen Springs this week: Mrs. William
, H. Cox and children, Geerge L. Cox,
.wife nnd children, A. U. Burgess ami
wife, Miss May Burgess, Frank A.
Maunen and wife, J. W. Overly and wife,
Miss Lillie May Themas, Miss Jennie
Weed, Miss Ellen Shacklcferd, Miss
Jennie Frazec, Miss Lettie Pcrrinc. Miss
Hall, E. A. Powell. II. B. Owens. W. G.
Jenkins. J. H. Hall. F. Stanley Watsen,
T. J. Hall, Jr., S. L. Weed, Dr. P. G.
Smoot and Heraco Cochran.
Sins. W. C. P. Biieckinhidee is quite
sick in Washington,
W. N. Rtmr orated at a K. P. banquet
in Bellevue a few nights age
Mns. Louisa Waltzeh, aged 52, was
' found dead in bed at Newport.
Gi's M.uisn and Miss Jennie Parkhurst
of Bellevue were married last night.
Mrs. Lanetuv's winnings nt racetracks
have been put as high as $100,000 this
seaseu. ,
' An ordinary day coach weighs about
v 50,000 pounds; Pullmau sleepers weigh
about 75,000.
A dill is pending in the Lccislature te
exempt from execution $100 of the earn
ings of all persons with a family who
work for wages.
The National Federation of America
has forwarded, through its Treasurer,
$5,000 mero te the National party in Iro Ire
land. I m im
Marshall Hall, son of Professer C.
J. Hall, is new Chief Bill Clerk of the N.
N. and M. V, Railway Company, with
headquarters at Memphis, Tenn.
Manufacturers of obituary monu
ments in the United States have the right
te remove their handiwork from graves
in the event of its net being paid for
within six months.
Remember, The Ledqer prints "Help
Wanted," "Lest." " Found ,' and similar
notices net of a business character, free
of charge. The only thing we roquire is
mat tue copy ue sent in uoiero u e clock
en day of publication.
! n i m ! n
The boss thief of the season hails from
Cincinnati. His name is Samuel Well
man, and he is wanted for stealing a ten
of grindstones and emery wheels from
his employer. O, L. Huffman. Wcllman
took his stolen goods te Whcelinp and
expected te get hard cash for thorn.
About two years age Jehn W. Hayues,
who was handling a trick as train dis
patcher at Uinten, W. Va., en the Grcen
brier District of the Chesancak.0 and
Ohk, was promoted te the Chief Train
Digpa'tchcrshlp of the Cincinnati Di
vision. His scrvlccs.evldcntly have been
r ;vrj wtlsfsctery te the manageinent, as
jSiliiM jiut bn promoted te the posltleu
I Tnlu Master at Claeiunati,
What We May Expect Between This Time
and Te-morrow Evening.
mitt streamer faik; nine iiaik or snow;
with Ulack aiieve 'twill waiimek prow.
If Dtack'it IIENEATH COLDER 'twill 1)0!
Unless IHact's shown no chauge we'll sec.
CeThe obevo forecasts nre made ter a
periodef thirty-six hours, ending at S o'clock
te-morrow ovenlug.
A mnn mar bnve wisdom and worth
And humor and wit at his call,.
Hut what de these mnttoren earth
If he has net tlie wherewithal;
His home may be encircled with friends
If he can only keep up the ball,
Dut friendship Boen changes and ends
If he has net the wherewithal.
The puree Is the dial whose face
Shows best where the sunlight doth fall
He always Is first In the race
Who Is first with the wherewithal;
Sorae siiy that the high can be mean,
Seme hint that the great can be small,
Dut trifles llke these are net seen
If blessed with the wherewithal.
Cannen from Columbus's flagship will
be exhibited at the World's Fair.
The Deposit Bank of Carlisle has indi
vidual deposits te the amount $235,342.
Eaiily WentCK has recovered suffi
ciently te resume his duties at the Post Pest
office. Having nominated him.
Alaska will new proceed
Arizona and
te elect Mr.
The toitelso is the longest lived pf all
animals. It frequently reaches the age
of 250 years.
' ' ' mm '
Irenton is fast becoming a rival of
Aberdeen as a "Gretna Green" for eloping
Kentucky levers.
Wellsvim.e, Me., has twice as many
dogs as inhabitants. It has 1,710 resi
dents nnd 3,580 dogs.
i i m m mb
Charles McCauthey lias resigned his
position in the PostefhYo. and will this
week go te Cincinnati.
Bex rents are new due at the Post Pest
office, and patrons are respectfully re
quested te pay promptly.
Elder C. S. Lucas has been unani
mously called te the pasterate of the
Christian Church for another year.
One of the strange sights seen en
Market street yesterday was a man with
one entire side of his face perfectly
The jewelry Arm of Hepper & Ce. will
cemmence business about August 1st, in
the store en Second street lately occupied
by Ballengcr.
i i n i
The Methodists of this country publish
147 papers, the Reman Catholics 127,
Baptists 120. Presbyterians 53, Protestant
Eplscepals 47,
The Ashland aud Catlcttsburg Street
Railway Company proposes te connect
the two thriving cities just as seen as the
read can be built.
There was net, se far as we hove been
nble te learn, a serious accident any
where in this county en account of Fourth
of July powder-burning.
The committee verj' promptly and very
properly rejected the pews sent bete for
the uqw SI. E. Church, Seuth. They
wcre net up te the sample, cither in color
or finish.
Charles L. Davis, who made 8250,000
with " Alvln Jeslin," nnd then abandoned
that geld mlne te build nnd manage a
Pittsburgh theater, will return te the old
leve next season.
m i
Craddock has returncd from the
Minneapolis and Chicago Conventions,
full of personal experiences and free
lunches. He left Paris with 82 47 in his
inside pocket and came back with 82 02.
. ,. m
It is seldom that se few pcople from
outslde are in Washington, and the hotels
are living mostly en memory and hope,
memory of the geed crowds of last
winter and hepe of a big harvest at the
G. A. R. Encampment.
SIrs. Kate Livinaoed died near
Slernlng Vlew, eged 102 years. She left
four living chlldren and two dead, twenty
seven livlntr and eight dead grandchil
dren, slxty-one living and eleven dead
great-grandchildren and flve great-great-
At Benk Lick Frank Barnura quar
reled with the Postmaster, James Dick
son, ever seme mails. Barman struck
Dicksen with his cane, when the latter
drew a revelver and shot Barnum twice,
ene shot cnterlng the oye and the ether
the abdomen. Barnum will die.
Seme of the local correspondents of
the enterprising (f) big dallies have been
wiring reports of 'Squire Beasloy's pro pre
carious health, nt 50 cents n wire. The
venerable marrylet Isn't half as sick as
these fellows ought te be, At all events
he was well enough te marry three
couples en Sunday and tlve en the Fourth
of , July, besides which, he expects te
weil everybody who rings his marriage
bell between new and next January,
r?a rr -- rr --- j kl .
Hen. W. T. Ellis has announced that
he is a Candidate for Congress from the
Second District.
In a frco-fer-all fight in a Catlcttsburg
saloon Dan Wells was fatally cut by
Chailes Frederick.
Hen. W. O. Bradley is en the bills for
member of the Republican Nationel Ex
ecutive Committee.
J. W. Shumate hns been appointed
Postmaster at Tiiplett, Rewan county,
vice F. B. Hand removed.
At Covington a pistol was accidentally
discharged, the bullet striding Ucrmnun
Lackman in the head, fatally wounding
Samuel T. Butlers tax collector from
Philadelphia, was arrested in Chicago en
a telegram. He is charged with hnvlng
embezzled ?0,000 from the city.
Alijert SIollenkeff went te sleep
with a match In his pocket, rolled ever
and set fire te his bed and was badly
burned. He was tanked up en Cincin
nati beer.
The members of St. Patrick's Beneve
lent Society turned out yesterday after
neon, headed bv Hauckc's Reed nnd
Brass Band, at the funeral of their late
fellow-member Slichael Murphy.
Frfd Shafer. Jr., was married te
Sliss Lizzie Khkpatrick Monday after-'
neon, July 4th, at the home of the
bride's father, Newton Kirkpatrick,
near Beechwoods, O., by Rev. Jeseph
While some men were hauling legs
for Samuel Keller near his farm 'about
four miles back of Vauceburg, they came
face te face with a large bear, but the
bear and men succeeded in making their
The Legislature has passed the bill te
authorize County Courts of Claims or
Fiscal Courts te issue or sell bends for
the purpose of erecting and maintaining
county buildings. That's a very sensible
Edward Rowland, for seven years
Auditor of Receipts of the Louisville aud
Nashville, has resigned. The resigna
tion takes effect August 1st. Wl J.
Dickinsen, the Assistant Auditor, will
take his place.
In another portion of this impression
The Ledoer prints n char ctcristic and
intcicsting letter from Adna A. Wads
worth of this city, who is new in Creede,
Colerado. He writes most entertainingly
of that wonderful country.
i in i ..
ExSIayer R. P. Hiegins of Somerset,
wbe nssaulted Miss weeds last January,
and who has been in jail since the last
term of the Circuit Court, has just been
released from prison by his friends de
positing 81,000 in lieu of bend.
There is a law en the Kansas statute
book which provides for the delivery
of all letters for girls under eighteen
nnd boys under twenty-one years of age
te their parents and guardians, but it
would take the militia te enforce it.
If train Ne. 2 of the C. nnd O. would
only change its time-card se as te arrive
about an hour later en the average than
it is new scheduled, our citizens would
net be disappointed se often. Yesterday
it came poking along about 11:10 nu
hour a half late.
Colonel Ned Cenwav, one of the
best known men in the Western end of
the state, was adjudged a lunatic and
taken te the esylum of Hepkinsvillc. He
has been in bad health for some tlme and
the condition of his mind is directly at
tributable te that.
One of The Ledger's carriers reports
that a certain citizen threw the Fourth-of-July
copy of the paper into the gutter
with nn oath, because It was printed en
red, white and blue paper. Well, this
fellow is one of your typical "Southern
rebels" the fellows who were born after
the war, and who never smelt anything
mero dangerous than baking powder.
The following officers of DeKnlb
Ledge Ne. 12, I. O. O. F have been in
stalled for the ensuing six menths:
N. 0,-JelinT. Miirtln.
V. G. JehuT. Parker.
Secretory Jehn W. Thompson.
Trensurer Rebert A. Cochran.
11. 8. N. G.-llyren ltudyf
L. S. N. G.-W. It. Smith.
It. 8. V. G. Geerge H. Frank.
Ii. 8. V. G.-W. It. Wnrder.
Warden Allen A. Edmonds.
Conductor Themas M. Lutnan.
It. S.S. Will T.Cole.
L. S. 8. James Telle.
I. Q. Fred Hcrtram.
Ancnnisiter Farrar is credited by The
Londen Neics with a wish that memorials
might be erected in Westminister Abbey
of sucli rofermors as William Lloyd Gar
rison, such rulers as Grant, Lincoln and
Washington, and such authors as Haw Haw Haw
thorne nnd Lewell; but the old difference
of space, as had been announced, pro pre
vents. At the present moment thore is
positively room for only two mero stetues,
Tennyson and Gladstone.
Yesterday a well-known city beggar
entered the American Express Cemnauv's
effice at Cincinnati. As he npproeched
the cashier's desk the latter sized Jiim up
with the remark, "I've nothing for you.
"But" says the peer beggar, "I've some
thing for you;" and In n Jiffy he launched
out 8125, mostly In pennies, which he
wished te express te his wife who lives
in geed style In Chicago. Yeu can't
always tell whether you are giving your
loose ponnicse n miser or n millionaire.
On the evening of Friday, July 22d,
there will be a nevel and Interesting on en on
tertainmout at Washinton Opera-house.
It will bounder the auspices of the Den
ver Club of Slaysville Cemmnndcry Ne,
10, K. T. Admission will be by ticket,
but thore will be no charge made for
them, As thore will undoubtedly be a
demand for geed seats, theso can be re
served at Nelsen's for the nominal price
of 10 cents each, and we advise nil who
are favored with ticket te have their
seat reserved,
A Covington Luily Finds an Old School
mate in the Penitentiary.
A Covington lady paid a visit te the
Ohie Penitentiary at Columbus en the
Fourth of July, and while being shown
through thnt institution, imagine her
surprise and consternation at coming
face te face with a former school com
panion who mysteriously disappeared
from his home in Covington many years
age and has been fifteen years behind the
bars in the penitentiary and has four
years yet te serve for burglary. He is
there under an assumed name. His dis
appearance from his home created n
great sensation at the time and net the
slightest trace was ever heard of him
after, and the lady who saw and at ouce
recognized him will uet even new divulge
the secret te the parents, who are well
known and esteemed citizens of Cov
ington. Paris is considering the matter of brick
They call it inflammatory rheumatism
in Ashland.
-. -
Miss Ida Jenes, need 17, died of con
sumption at Barterville.
Dr. G. W. Adair's family have moved
back te Paris from Cincinnati.
The regular meuthlv meeting of
City Council will be held te-night.
The C. and O. ticket office at Louisville
is said te be the handsomest in the city.
The Postmaster nt New Richmond, O.,
new gets $1,UUU a year a reduction of
The catalogues of the Ripley Fair will
be ready for distribution in about two
.The Farmers' Bank, Carlisle, has In
dividual deposits te the amount of $59,
334 30.
Sliss Begus Hinds died nt Irvine and
several ethers are very ill from oeting
Charley SIoere has decided te resur
rect The Bluegrass Blade and it will be
published at Falmouth.
C. W. SIcIntyre, a former citizen of
Carlisle, has purchased a handsome resi
dence lu Avendaic for 14,000.
The salarr of Brether Newcomb, Post Pest
mnster at Ripley, has been increased te
$1,500 a year. Shake, Jeems.
Catlettshure became vcryenthusiastic
en the Fourth. She shows up a record
of two men killed nud any number of
miner fights.
i m m i i
The Carlisle and Nicholas County
Bible Society will held its nunual meet
ing next Sunday at 8 p. m. in the Presby
terian unurcu.
n ii mm ii
Ex-Councilman Olho D. Burgeyne of
the Fifth Ward contributes a number of
magazines te The Ledger's County In
firmary Library.
At Brasfleld near Richmond Rebert
Lakes mashed Geerge Woolery's violin
with his feet. Woelcry shot Lakes in
the abdomen.
..I. ii , ,.
James SIyers. nn old and respected
citizen of Brown county, died near
Ripley Saturday night. He was born In
Highland county in 1817.
The Washington Opera-house has been
leased te Edmisten it Kiuueman of Cir Cir
clcville, O., for ene year from August 1st.
with the privilege of flve years, at SC00
a year.
At the meeting lest night the following
officers were installed in Ringgold Lodce
Ne. 27, I. O. O. F., for the ensuing six
X. G.-J. J. Ilresee.
V.G.-C. J. Cellins.
Seoretury Jesluh Wilsen.
Treasurer J. V. Uarheur.
it. S. N. G.-W. K. Stullcup. .
h. S. N. G. Harry Ilauluinn.
Waideu Albeit ft. Hull.
Conductor Jacob Miller.
K. s. s.-s. h. Powell.
h. S. S.-W. 11. Pecer.
0. G. Jehn C. Knln.
1. G.-H. C. Hendel.
It. 8. V. O.-J. L. Daulton.
L. S. V. G. James Chllds.
8. P. G.-Chnrles H. Smith.
The elements seem determined te favor
stcambeating this season. Anether rise
is nt Pittsburgh, and of sufficient volume
te insure excellcnt beating for the next
two weeks.
II I !
Last Tuesday, July 5th. was the thirty
third anniversary of the marriage of H.
H. Cellins nnd wife They were married
by the Rev. Jehn A. SIcClung and it was
the last marriage ceremony performed
by that gentleman before his death.
The somewhat eclcbrnted case of "Burg
lar" Andersen has come te an ending in
Cincinnati. It dwindled down te the
charge of receiving $5 35 worth of stolen
sllverwnre, for which he has been sen
tenced te a fine of 200 aud thirty days
In Jail.
Near Slurray e thresher boiler ex
ploded, killing Albert Bcnman the engi
neer nnd Brunsferd Orr instantly, and
wounding ten ether persons who woie
assisting about the thresher, four of
whom are fatally injured.
Samuel Bigstakf, through whose
exertions nnd ability Newport secured a
five-cent fare te Cincinnati, will be ban
queted en the evenlng of July 11th at the
Oddfellews Hall in that city by the
Commercial Club. It premises te be a
very swell affair.
An ovenlng Cincinnati paper says a
Parla man called en the pollce of that
city te aid in finding the wayward daugh
ter of a Slaysville druggist, who is known
as Luln Laughlln. hi the Inst place
firstly, no such party la kuewu here, and
Maysvllle has no druggist with a way
ward daughter.
The Attorney General "Knocked Out"
His Salts Against Railroads.
A special from Frankfort says the
grand old Commonwealth of Kentucky
get a black eyc in Its thirty-odd cases
against the railroads built in the state
since 1884 for taxes amounting te ever a
half million dollars for state and counties.
Judge Warren Slontfert, before whom
the cases were tried, rendered the opinion
that all the railroads built since 1884 are
exempted from state, county and muni
cipal taxes for five years, under an act of
the General Assembly of that year, which
declared such exemption for five years
for the "encouragement of railroad build
ing in the commonwealth."
The. Attorney General contended that
the Hewitt act repealed this special Iegis
iatien, but Judge Slontfert holds other ether
wisethat it is a vested right. Attorney
General Hendrlck took an appeal te the
Appellate Court, where he hopes for a
Our rulers, you knew, must have money
from some source te grease the Frank
fort machine.
The merchnuts propose te get up nn
extraordinary program for the next
Fourth, says The Ashland News.
Sins. Dn. Schilling, that was Sliss
Temmie Stitt of Flemiugsburg. presented
her husband with a ten pound daughter
ai uamencge, Jinss., en the 1st Inst.
Themas K. Procter of the Sixth Ward
has been notified by Captain Bl. C.
Hutchins that a pension has been granted
him nt the rale of ?12 a month from Oc
tober 23d, 1890.
Near Sprout. Nicholas county Sirs.
Betsy Powell, in bcr 90th year, was
found dead in her room with her head
lying en the spinning wheel where she
had been at work for several hours pre
vious te the time she was found.
R. R. Ressell. Solemon Robertsen,
James Brady and Jehn R. Robertsen,
candidates for Circuit Clerk in Nicholas,
have entered into an agreement net te
use money, whisk, or reseit te any im
proper method whatever te secure votes.
The deal between the Citizens' Electric
Light Company of Louisville nnd n partv
of Cincinnati investors'.has fallen through",
the stockholders at the last moment
refusing te sell. The Cincinnati people
will bring n suit for big damages in the
United Stntes Circuit Court for violation
of contract.
Dick Hurley, sent te the Ohie Peni
tentiary from Cincinnati en a sixteen-year
nt-iiiuucu Kir Kimug jeun Keating, and
who was paroled April 3d, will be re
turned te bondage te serve his full sen
tence which, according te the peniten
tiary records, will expire in 1900. Hur
ley has violated the pledges upon which
he was paroled. He has been drunk, left
the state, aud the officials received word
that Hurley declared he would never re
turn te the penitentiary alive.
Graphic Description of the Wonders and Seme
Inconveniences of Colerado Life
CltEEDE, COLO.. JutlO 30th. 1S92.
Mil Dear : I have the hepe that this will
ceme te you when the gnawing' cares of the
boardliiK-heuso nre nt an end for the day, and
if thore be anything of Interest In It, that you
may be nble te read nnd enjoy it In the cool of
a Kentucky nfternoen If you nrahnvlng such
new in dear old Majsville.
Hew nwfully distant the old plnee seems te
bel As I leek up at this clrcumferenee of
mountains (9.SC3 feet nltltude) covered still
with snow, the Idea of absolute and cemplete
severance from the llfe and associations of
former days takes the rule of my theuKlits
as they revert te ou and home.
It Is true that the little narrew.jraufre rail
road, a new branch of the Denver nnd ltle
Grande, creeps up the banks of the ltle In Its
meaudcrltiKS through the canons and (mtves.
brliiKlns: us news from civilization nn 1 allonl allenl
in? means of escape. Hut I realize that I um
In a new nnd strang-e world, with mnnncrt,
customs nnd characteristics Just as different
from our own as theso of the dwellers en tlie
Conpe or the society en the borders of the
And yet. but for the uatural and Inevitable
leiwlntr for familiar faces and friends, llfe In
Crcede Is qulte endurable. One-half of the pic pic
turesqueness of the city was destroyed by the
late fire, which wiped " JImtewn" out of oxlst exlst oxlst
ence In less than two hours.
Original Crcode is located up the guleh e:
Willow creek between two porphyry walls
towerltiK perpendleularly K3 feet en either
side, the canon whercln it is built being net
ever 100 yards wide. The valley te the Seuth
widens out nt the ontrance of this gulch and
extends In a gradual oxpanse of from ono eno one
fourtli te three-fourths of a mile In width
until It forms something of a plain at the
borders of the ltle Grande two tulles below us
nud In plain view of the city- Just where the
valley begins te widen and being a continua
tion of Creede, or Upper Croede as It Is new
called, JImtewn or Main Crcede was built, be-
fere the consuming flre licked up Its pretty
frame business beuses and blocks and left the
little meuntalu city a heap of ashes. The busi
ness of the camp Is new conducted in what is
known as Seuth Crcede, and the bulk of the
residences is sltuate en the sloping hillsides
en either slde of Willow crcek, which comes
brawling down through the center of the city,
cold as lce and snow, which constltute its
source, can make it and ns clear and clean as
the sparkle In a baby's eyes. Unlike
most streams its fountain head dees
uet consist in springs, but from the
melting snow in, the niQuutalns eighteen
or twenty tniles etf and away nbove tlmber
line. Its largest volume of water prevails In
summer tlme, and, strange te rolate, from the
hours of U a. m. until 0 p. m. This Is ex
plained in the fact that the sun's Intluonce be
gins te melt the snow at about 11 a. m. and
Increasing In beat the flew from the melting
snow and lce correspondingly Increases until
night comei and the raging wuters subside
Deautlful and delicious mountain trout
warm in IhU stream and In the Grande below
Us. De net believe that I aw tlmply writing a
rewuiBee wbea I tU you that ely ywterday
afternoon I was present with a party of ladles
and gentlemen en the back perch of tbe Ton
tine Ilotel In this city, and saw them catch
with hook and fly a number of speckled oeuu eeuu
ties while seated very comfortably In easy
ebalrs en the portico, having their Iced drinks
and elgarettes brought te thorn by the waiters
of the hotel. What would old Isaae Walten
think of this modem innovation In the art of
trout fishing?
The Colerado skies are a revelation. Our
own Kentucky sky Is often very beautiful,
but it lucks the deep blue in the heavens
which even occasional clouds cannot dim or
diminish here. The high nltltude and wonder
fully clear atmosphere greatly misleads ene as
te distance, and a point of observation ap
parently only a short way off Is, in fact, many
miles away.
We have no spring rainfall. Tbe rains ceme
In July and August, and then are Just as ec
centric and coquettish as our April showers in
tbe Seuth and East. I am told that when tbe
rains de come here In this climate, (and I bave
only seen ene llttle baby shower,) they gener
ally make their appearance In the afternoon
coming up in the shape of a small cloud
coyly, as if apologizing for the liberty they
are about te take, give a liberal sprinkling for
three-fourths or an hour and then move off,
and tbe sun comes out and warms things up.
The ene thing that stumps me consists in
the fact that In splte of the absence of moist
ure of any kind, such vegetation as exists la
these mountains grows and thrives. But two
kinds of trees are indigenous te this soil nnd
climate, the plne and quaking asp, or aspen, I
think tbe same as our silver poplar. Beth are
very beautiful and cover nil tbe hills as far as
the timber line. The plne Is of two or mero
characters as regards the coloring of Its foil foil
age, and tbe sheen blending makes a picture
well worth looking at.
As a substitute for our native bluegrass we
have the "gramma" grass, a pale green,
upon which cattle of all kinds grew fat. Its
color. In contrast with the plnes and aspens
and the yellow and brown of the hills, pre
sents a panorama which never tires the eye or
grows stale te the lever of Nature and her
masterpieces of high art.
At a little distance it leeks llke a green ta
pestry carpet in an assembly hall with byrres
and horned brutes holding an bcrblfcreus
banquet. Te leek at and contemplate It puts
better thoughts In a carnal mind. It Is a ver
dant mantle spread ever the roughness of the
world, or as dear old dead Walt Whitman puts
"Or. I think It is the handkerchief of the Lord
A scented gift and remembrancer, designedly
Bearing the owner's name seme way In one
Te make us pause, reflect, and say, Whose?"
That which would chiefly delight you is the
flora of this country. Absolutely without the
least particle of fragrance, they are still the
most beautiful my eyes, at least, ever beheld.
Intlulte In variety and abounding everywhere,
even in the edges of the snow banks away
up en the ranges above timber line se that it
Is a veritable fact that ene can " make a snow
ball with one hand and gatber a bouquet with
the ether."
My Instinctlve love for them has prompted
me te cull nnd press a number of them, a few
specimens of which I Inclese. They are only
valuable when accompanied by the affection I
send through them, and because they are
hostages from the mountains of the Hte
Grande. '
A peculiarity of this high altitude rids us of
vermin of all kinds, the blaek weed tick ex
cepted. This Is a combination a decimal of
alligator, devll-flsh and Bengal tiger com
pounded. I bad a personal encounter with
ene the ether night and barely escaped after
he had pulled me out of bed, vl ct armU.
We never see tbe common bouse fly (musca
demestlcus, with accent en the cuss.) but tbe
big green fellow Is a perpetual trial and trlbu--latleu.
They ceme in swarms llke bees and
sacrifice themselves freely te flavor our soup.
Hats nnd mlce nre unknown, but the chip
munk or ground squirrel Is a pestiferous sub
stitute. Tbey infest all the houses and pilfer
with impunity under the very nose of the
housewife, since such a thing as a cat is like
wise unknown In camp. The same is said of
Lcndville. A cat won't live this high up.
The magple In the plne weeds sounds hli.
monotonous call during the heat of the day,
(from about 11 a. m. te 3 p. m.) and are almost
as plentiful as the sparrows en Second street
at home. He Is an Inferior and degenerate
offspring of a crew and parrot, and like the
average nigger, au arrant thief. But the
boldest buccaneer is the camp robber, a spe
cies of tbe Jay tribe. Handsome in plumage
and very much resembllng his cousin our
own blue Jay he raids the camp of the miner
and prospector and with brazen audacity pen
etrates even Inte the tent nnd niches bis
rations from the tables without saying by
y, ur leave.
The meuntalus abound with game. Elk,
deer, bear, Hecky Mountain Bheep, (scarce)
meuntalu Hen, ruff greuse and pretty rough
citizens. The game in the city itself runs
wild aud at large, and ene docs net need tbe
aid of the elccti Ic lights te And Its lair.
Gambling et cery species forms a compo
nent part et the political ecomemy of the
place. Fare, roulette, keno, chuek-a-luck and
every device that a heterogeneousand cosmo cesmo cosme
jHilltau society could conceive, runs wide open
day and night. In tact night is unknown
here, and a motto et one et our dnily papers
(The ClnimMc) has become famous iu this
Western country and passed tute something
llke a proverb: " It's day nil day In daytime
and there Is no night lu Crcede."
The revolver and Winchester rifle constltute
a part of tlie wearing apparel of the avorage
citizen, and It is no unusual thing for two or
mero "rustlers" te lead themselves up with
"prunes" (as they style It) and go out en a
"toot" and "sheet up the town." I have seen
several little pleasant diversions of this char- .
actor, but manage te leek en at a safe point
of observation. I roallze the fact thnt I haven't
lest any bullets and consequently de net put
myself te the treuble te go and hunt thorn up.
All this sort of thing is gradually being
brought te au end. The city is belng organ
ized into a municipal corporation, and we are
new en the ove of an election for a city gov
ernment, Mayer, Council, &.e. &e. Twe tickets
nre iu the field, and I nm, of course. Identified
with ene of them, "The Peeple's Ticket," and and
thcre will be mero or less "inusle in the air"
en the day of election July 6th proxime. I
leek forward with much Interest te that event
as being a means of affording me an opportu
nity te see something or the character of these '
Heile ns developed In a political contest.
Altogether, this Is a most wenderful land.
N'oveltle's present themselves oneh day, and I i
llve and learn. I would leve very much te
wake up in the morning and find myself lu
old Moysville for a day or se, but I would
wish te ceme baek here, for I hepe te make a
fortune and reputation In this land of sliver.
Wlien I get rich I'll buy a rnueh out here in
the -great San Leuis Valley, and populate it
with our own poeplo and kin, where petatew
grew te the slzoef coeoanuts and .wheat tmd
eats blde a horse bofero harvest. (Fact.) I
would leve te sit and talk te you about toy
brlef experiences lu the far West and hope te
have that rlcnsure bofero many days. UatN,
then aeeept ray love, aud when your tetavte I
permits, write tue tome of the pwwat yeiwp r
of the eW town. AffeettetMtely yeurf , '
t f rj , i
' :"1
' Ail
. , v:
a&.t t .
iH&Y2k i , t r & i , '., A '''
KM& jrv. w . vW ,,

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