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r tV
lThe Editor of The Leikieu is net responsi
ble for the opinions expressed by Correspond
ents; but nothing reflecting upon thocluvrae thecluvrae thocluvrae
ter enhablts of any person will be admitted
te tbese columns. 1
The following nre authnrl?ed Agents for
The 1'uiiLie I.kdeuii In their respective local lecal
ities: .
Meranhuni Matthew Iletlinnn.
7eltna Hubert II. Cenl.
Mtntrva Frank W. liases.
NariH 11. G. Grlgsbj-.
Omiipehurt; C. H. Hess.
SiirliinMJ C. C. Degman.
Mayllch Charles Whecler.
Tiuiretm ru Mrs. Jennie Stewnrt.
Hit. Carmrl Kelly A. Kotwerttiy.
AUWtetn LeanderTullj.
J'ectl Jeseph W. Williams.
Subscribers will stive the trouble of letter
writing by pajltig their suboriptleus te the
Agent itt their place.
sssrCiirwihiiahMif uiU please cfiul Lettosse
a tereaeh us net later than 9 o'clock a. m. Give
fact in as few north as jutsstble. We it tint
Jietfs in thti tlrixirtment, and nut advertising
(, notices or political atvumtnts.
Alfred Temlln of Oak Weeds wns here
Jehn Jehnsen was in the city last week
en business.
Mrs. J. U. West of Ludlow is visiting
Mrs. Jehn Jehnsen.
Earn. E. brooking and Ike Hudsen
spent Sunday in Cincinnati.
Dr. J. W. Gault had u fine marc te die
Monday from an unknown cause.
Mrs. Amanda Elliett nf Gcrmantewu is
the guest of Mrs. Jehn Stevenson.
Jehn Fernian, assisted by C. E. IJrook IJreok IJroek
ing, took about fifty pictures Suuday.
J. M. Crawford has reefed a part of
the White row. Charles Cellins of
Washington did the work.
Of nil the lazy men in the state our
storekeepers take the cake. They have
concluded te sew up one eye te keep from
batting it.
The audience being se small at the M.
E. Church Sunday morning the Paster
failed te preach, though regular service
was held in the evening.
While Themas Morgan and wife were
returning home from church Sunday
their horse became frightened and ran
uui nicy cscnpcu uninjured.
Hen. G. W. Adair of Mnysville in
tended te lecture here last Saturday night
but the audience being small he post
poned it until Saturday, July 30th. His
subject is "The Gelden Key of Life."
Everybody is cordially invited
Mrs. W. T. Temliu has been right sick.
She is new some better.
James T. Suit and wife wete visiting at
Murphysville last Sunday.
Mrs. J. II Grigsby, Jr . has been en
the sick list for sjhiip time. She impteves
, very slewlv
Mr Woodwind of Geimantewn wili
-have cuuigi- of our !chuiil net winter.
Mfs Linic Muliieaii is te be his assistant.
The ladies of the M. E. Church, Seuth,
furnish ricam and cake every Saturday
nk'ht te nil who will buy. Give them a
call. '
Dan Clark, eue of the parties supposed
te have been in the recent fight at Twin
Bridges, was arrested and put en bail of
1100 te nnpear at an examining trial last
week. He did net en day of trial nut in
an nppearauce. It is generally believed
he lias absconded. This is a loose way
of doing business.
Mr. Editor, I have a bit of news for
you. I knew you have net heard it,
and I am confident you have never
thought about it. I fear it will
shock your nerves and cause you te have
another one of these bad spells. Yet I
must tell it. I cannot keep it longer.
Get the camphirc and hcartshern. Are
you ready? Here it cemes: We are hav
ing het weather. The mercury has been
getting higher and higher each day. And
new while I wri'c, if you will only be
lieve me, it has crawled out and is sitting
en top of the thermometer and is fan
ning and p.inting for dear life. It is
awful het out here. What will become
of us peer mortals?
Miss Mnude Dewuini; and Miss Nellie
Perrine were en the Crcelt Suntlaj-.
Bern, en the 22d, te the wife of Bud
Btrauslmtigh. a bouncing Republican.
Jeseph Iticliardsen visited the family
of Tem Bayless of the Washington Pre
cinct Inst Sunday.
C. F. Lloyd and W. E. Wells, Jr., went
te Flemingsburg last Monday te leek
After seme sheep
Mrs. T. B. Hughes and daughter Miss
Bailie of near Fernlcaf attended church
here last Sunday.
Jeseph Downing nnd wife of near
Washington were tlewn Sunday te hear
llcv. Mr. Nelsen preach.
A geed ninny threshing hands tumbled
in the shade Friday and Saturday. Old
bei was n little tee strong ler them.
Unless we are wonderfully off, Tem
Stephens spent Sunday at Seuth Ripley.
There are some geed "PIggs down there.
Albert Greenwood and family of the
Fifth Ward, Maysville, passed through
here Sunday morning en route te Dever,
lie didn't step te warm, cither.
Ben Ramey and Rebert Madden sold
their crop of tobacco te E. D. Pickett for
$7 per hundred from the ground up. Mr.
Pickett is prizing tobacco at Moranburg.
The Mgginspert Sunday-school pic
nickers did net make a very favorable
impression en some of the Bettem folks
last Thursday. Tlicv are net quite angels
Wanted, these young men who go in
swimming in the bridge pond in daytime
te knew that seme decent people live
areuud here. A word te the wise is suf
ficient; Pre4 Wllketi says he has seen a heap of
creeks, but Lawrence is the d est ene he
ver fltrucK for Mad boys, and If they
ft W HM.fc lulling HIUI ..UlfcUU IVft OIIU
iIilUlB I fltllF nalllni, l.l, m.lttr.. Ieta ..n.l
griuum K'cuner nu Wiu wipe me ground
with 'em.
The following report wus handed te
your correspondent for the Christian
BuHdayiMhoel for Sunday, July 17th. It
wm delayed. However, we give It te
our readers: fckskelHra present re, officers
, WHflfaeM ."), vfcdteni iNIde 8, en the
U IS, IeIhI m. Colhtetios 67 eents;
weHRt in the. Trwwury 73.
S. N. Robinson attended the District
Conference at Ml. Olivet. He says there
is mere business done in Olivet than any
place he ever saw te the sie of the town.
He also gives n glowing account of the
surrounding country.
Monday wns the day te sew tumlpsccd,
and this is the way an old gentleman put
'em dewn: Some for you and seme for I,
some for the devil and some for the fly.
If it don't rain pretty seen the old fellow
will get them every one.
The weather continues very dry out
here. The cieps are looking badly, the
pastures are drying up. tobacco is firing
and turning yellow, and unless the early
corn gets rain in a few days it will be
cut short. Wntcr is gelling very scarce
en the hills also
Invitations have been received in this
vicinity te the wedding of Dr. I'earce Page
Perter aud Miss Anna Stimson Warner of
Covington, which occurs in that city en
August 3d. The bride's parents formerly
lived at Washington, this county. The
groom ha many relations living heie.
Nutlre te Teitrhrr.
The Masen County Teachcis' Institute
will be held in this citv commencing
August 20th. Conductor. Professer Jehn
C. Willis.
The Institute for colored teachers will
be held this year in connection with the
Fleming County Institute in that ceuntv.
reciprocating the union of Fleming with
the Masen County Institute, which oc
curred in this city last year.
Article X, section 2 of the Scheel Laws
provides that: "All teachers who have
schools in session or under contract, and
all persons who contemplate teaching a
common school at any time during the
school year, must attend the full session
of the institute."
The Ceuuty Superintendent shall reveke
the certificate of any teacher who shall
fail or neglect te attend the full session
of the Institute, unless the Superintend
ent shall be fully satisfied that such fail
ure has been caused by actual sickness or
ether disability.
Superintendent of Masen County,
FntE aud Acrident Ins. W. II Warder.
FOlt SHKItllT.
We nre authorized te announce J. C. JEF
FEUSON as the Democratic candidate ler
Sheriff of Masen county at the election te be
held Tuesday. November Sth, 1S'2.
Commissioner's Sale.
II. Clark's Adm'ratrlv, i.c.. lTttl.
Stanley Clark. c. Defendants.
kin Ity
Hy virtue of n Judgment and order of sale
of the Maet. Circuit Court, rendered at the
July term thereof, ise, in the abeve cause. I
"hall proceed te etrer for sale en the premises
In Maysville, Ky., te the highest bidder Ht
public auction en
Thursday, August 4th, 1892,
at -'o'clock p. m., upon a credit et six, twelve
and eighteen mouths, the following tlc-cribcd
property, te-wit:
First A certain tract et land situated en
the waters of Llmestone creek and known as
the slaughter-house property, and containing
-' acres, 3 reeds and As poles.
Second Twe tots of ground about XI feet
wide and about .0 feet lentr. with tnime
uelllng-neue en eacn et them.
third A large vacant let adjoining the Sec
ond described lets, situated en the Majgville
aud Mt. Sterling I'lke.and being about 111 leet
wide and about 3) feet long.
Fer the purchase price the purchaser, with
appreed surety or sureties, must execute
bend, bearing legal interest from day of sale,
according te law. Didders will be prepared te
comply promptly with these terms, llends
pavable te ALLAN D. CPLE,
July-'l. iB. Master Commissioner.
City Taxes.
Taxes are new due. A penalty et 5 per
cent, will be added en the 1st day of August.
II. A. COCHHAN, J it.,
Collector and Treasurer.
Fer Sale!
The residence of the late Judge 11. . Stan Stan
eon in the Fitth Wurd, Maysville, new occu
pied by the family or C. L. Stanten. The
place, which consists or six leta and a brick
dwelling or eleven large and well ventilated
rooms, is en the bank of the Ohie river, with
a frontngeon Second street, nnd is ene of the
most deslrahle and comfertablo homes in the
city. Thore are also en the place an abun
dance of fruit, flowers, garden, and shade
trees. Fer terms and further particulars an an
Plrte G.a. JUDD. Agent.
Chronle diseases of every character a spe
cialty, prominent among which are
Nasal Catarrh, Threat and Lung
Professional calls answered promptly. Otllce
corner Third and Sutten streets.
Netice te Taxpayers!
Your county and state Taxes for IMW
PIchse call and sottle same.
Te Builders!
t?ea led proposals will be received by ihe un
dersigned until neon or MONDAY, August 1st,
1WK, for the erection of a rosidenco lu the city
of Muyivlllc, Ky.
l'lHiisnnd specifications may be seen at the
oflleo of Crapsey & Ilrewn, Architects, Wlir
(Ins IHock.Clnelnnntl.Bndat the olllce of Thk
PiJBMeLwinin lirMaysvllle.
Hid must Inolude the entire work.
, The right Is reserved te reject any or til
The State National Bank
nt Maysvllle, In the state of Kentucky, at the
clese of business, July 1-th, Iff-.
. itExnuucr.s.
Mums unit discounts
tO,1S,S08 7H
0,408 15
60,000 00
2.VJ21 14
23,IH4 01
3.814 M
4,WS Si
0crdrntts, secured and unsecured
U. 8. llends te sccure circulation ,
Stocks, securities, cte
Due from approved reserve agents,
Due from ether National llauks.
Due from State llnnks and bankers,
Banking-house, furniture, and II x
tures 21,Ntt U'J
current expenses ami taxes paid ,,
Checks aud ether cash Items .
Hills el ether bunks
Fractional paper currency, nlckeK
and cents
Specie ,. ,.
Legal-tender notes
Redefinition lu ml with IT. 8. Treas
1.041) b0
2,410 88
1.U87 00
l. 23
21,Wl 25
0,000 00
urer (! per cent, of circulation). 2,230 00
Capital stock paid In
f S1J,(KI7 39
. f 200,000 00
100.000 00
. 7.427 6.1
Surplus fund
rtumided profits.
National Hank notes outstanding' . 4"i,000 00
Iiulh Idunl deposits subject te check 4 1 ".0T1 ft!
Demand certificates tit dcneslt.
1.600 00
Due te ether National llauks... .
Due te State Hanks and bankers.
Notes and bills rcdisceuutcd. .
4.IC0 1W
, 4,T0 Ml
III, (XX) 00
tK,m :ri
Statu or Klmi'ckv, 1
Masen Ceuuty. f
I, Charles I), l'eaice. Cashier tit the above
named bank, de solemnly swear that the above
statement Is true te the nest et my knew ledKO
and bellel.
Subscribed and swein te before me this l'.Uh
dayet July, 1MB.
C. L. Sam.ev, Notary Public.
Correct Attest:
mam II. Cox, VDIrecteis.
M. II AM.,
O KjIILUi (JCj tut hcadiuu j " Help
-.Wanted," "Situations
Il'mitcd," " Lust," " Pimntf," ilc, of en accepta
hie nature, and net te exceed time Unci', en this
paye, are FREE te nil.
J3fXe Hasina's Advertisement inserted with'
OUt )K1.
If ansuers fall te come thelist time, wc Invite
as many renditions as art necessary te secure
tihat ieij advertise for, Wc ulsh the advertisers
te feel that theyaic net Imjmstnuen us byustnu
our free columns.
Advertisements can he left at our utftcc or sent
threuah the mall te
A'h.ME. Thlnl Sheet.
WANTED IllackeraHli: must be geed hece
T sheer. Apply at oncete FKANK DUN-
CAN. SartlK Ky.
rANTED-Ladles te knew that Miss nettle
t I Hill lias removed her Dresmaklng es
tablishiiient te the rooms lermerly occupied
by Dr. Franklin. Ladles will please call.
fANTKD-A girl te de general housowerk.
Must tiring references.
Dlt. S. PANG11UKN.
7ANTED-Te rent n house In the Third
it Ward containing tin ee or four rooms.
Ap ly at this tilllce.
f ANTED Three thousand subscribers te
f Till1. I'tlllMO IiKUOhll.
Heuse et two room and
Amilv te Mrs. JULIA CPLE.
J-' kitchen.
Germantown I'lke.
Pit KENT Hoems en ttrst fleer, at 4.M East
second street, corner I'epiar.
FPU SALE-Twe Iledroem Sets, Dining Ta
ble, Chairs, Center Table, Cook Steve.
Carpets, Kitchen Safe, aud ether household
goods. In use but 'n few mouths. V. V.
WIKDFK. nt C. and P. Ticket Plllce.
Oil SALE A palret 24-pound Dumb-bells,
cneap. at fostemce.
FOK SALE Mocking Ulrd: a geed singer;
will sell cheap. Apply te J. L. FINKTV,
-u .Market street.
LPST A clasp Pin en Third street between
Loxlngteu street, Fifth Ward, and Sutten
reet. Finder ploase return te this olllce.
LPST Pn the ovenlng of the 21st, between
the corner or Wall nnd Third streets and
the resldence of G. W. Illntterniau en West
Fourth street, a pair or geld Glasses In n case
and a geld thimble with name "Mary" en
gnucd. A suitable reward will be paid upon
the return et these articles te Ne. 1.1 West
Fourth street.
LOST A Pocket-book containing 22 75, en
the West slde et Wall street, between
Second and Third streets. Heward $5. He
turn te this elllce.
LOST Hetwecn Second and Third streets,
or Market, brown Ladles' Cutf Mutten.
Plense return te Public Ledger olllce nnd re
ceive reward.
LOST An Initial CutI Ilutten. Finder please
return te Public Ledger elllce and re re
celve liberal reward.
FOUND-A Doer Key near old Depot. Call
at this olllce.
FOUND-A Silk Handkerchler. Owneraenn
get same by calling at this elllce.
FOUND A deer Key. Owner can have
same by calling nt this elllce.
FOUND That it pays a big profit te patron
ize The Public LKnnt.it.
State National Bank
C. II. I'kahck, Cashier.
W. It. Cox, President.
Jno. I'ifcKH, Vice-President.
N. I
WM. I). COCltllA
Zwelgart'i Bleck, Hecemt and Sutten HtreeU.
sWhen havlngTeuth Extracted take (Ian. Al-
aelutely Palme and Safe.
Academy of the Visitation Beardliisr
and Day Scheel for Yeung Ladicu.
This Institution has a high roputbtlen for Its
many advantages and thorough education In
every branch. The Musical Department Is
under the direction of n graduate nf a noted
conservatory. German and Kclectle System
or Drawing taught free. Illlnd pupils will be
trained by the Pelnt-nrlnt Method. Fer term
nd I oilier 'Information apply te 81STKHS OV
visuyvi iun, Mai (vine, waien Ce., Ky.
.j i .
A haa m,
k . - --. -- . . .,. .. i i ... j. . ..fc. wwwjm
Land Fer Sale,
I will offer ter sale M) acres et land situated
en the Tailor's Mill Turnpike and Kentucky
Central ltallread at Summit Station, three
and oae-half mlle trem Mavsvllle, oue of the
best markets in the state. Said laud Is Ne. 1
In quality none hotter In the ceunty: well
watered: can be divided te suit putehaspis:
four tiassenirer trains dallv: five minutes rlde
te Miiysvllle: geed neighborhood. Any one
desiring a geed location will de well te call en
the undersigned nt the home et the late Sin
clair Dlmmltt. If net sold privately will be
sold te the highest bidder en July eOtb, lt92.
One-third cash, balance In one and twejears,
with six per cent. Interest en deferred lmj-'
meats, a lien en the imiti w in tie retained.
Uernard 1'. P.. Maen County. Kv
A lieu en the laud w III he retained
Choice of
With S5 Pui'clmse.
Netice te Farmers !
At a meeting et the grain meichants and
millers of Mii)s1lk held en June 24th, Is!'-',
the subject et eleanlnir wheat by farmers was
Introduced and fully dUcu"ed, and the fol
lowing preamble aud resolution was adepted:
That w hercas. In former j ears. e Ing te the
superior iiiallty and cleanliness et Masen
county wheat, it enjejed a reputation second
te no oiner section et tne country ami was
much sought after, but in mci-nt jears. owing
te the Impel leet cleaning nt wheat by thresh
ers. It has sulleretl tcry mate! lull) In giadlng
lu the general uiaikets in c tii.irt-iui with
wheat tmm ether states, le'ultiinr In no In In
censlderalile hn-. te tin- hiindlfr-, and many
el the teimer larue wh,nt Litstniiiei who
bought wlicat licit' have in enn-eiiuence been
diverted te ether markets; therelere, be It
ifrwilretl, That the grain dealers and millers
of this city feel that It is Incumbent upon
them te make It known te the farmers that
they must Insist upon them having their
wheat well cleaned and -creened by threshers,
otherwise prices will be made accordingly.
They desire te state, ter the benefit et the
tanners, that wheat te grade Ne. 2 must
weigh at least teft pounds te the bushel,
thoroughly clean and dry. tree trem smut
and ether Impurities: and that wheat te
grade Ne. II must weigh at least .Ml pounds te
the bushel, uud be dry nnd reasonably clean,
aud may hae an occasional smut ball, but
tree from stain. Wheat net up te the above
grades will be classed as rnjeeted.
Hug. 30, 31, Sept. 1, 2, 3
Competition Open te the World, Freel
The Most Attractive Program Ever Offered
race thc rinsT day.
Spoelal Trains en All Railroads
:it Hxoursien Rates.
for furtkir liformitiea ni uUltgua, tiina Ut UatUtj.
OEO. H. WHITNEY, President.
THOS. L. MABTIN, Secretary.
Te Article One of Articles Incorpora
ting tln Oakwood Distillery Ce.
Autici.k te amend Artlcle I of Articles or In
corporation of Oakwood DIstlllery Company,
of Majsvllle. Masen county, Kentucky, re
corded In Deed Heek Ne. flu, paire 4J.
He it known te all whom It may concern,
that at a meeting et the stockholders of the
Oakwood Distillery Company, Majsvllle,
held at Its office In Maysville, Kentucky,
Friday, June lid, ltW, It was agreed
that the corporate name or said company
be changed from Oakwoeil DIstlllery Com
pany te Poyntz Brethers Company, and
that hereafter the business or said corpora
tion be conducted under the corperato name
or Poyntz Brethers Company. And It wns
further agreed at said meeting that Hen U.
Poyntz, Secretary and Treasurer of said
Oakwood DIstlllery Company, be and he was au
thorized te make proper acknowledgment of
said change nf name bofero the Clerk or Ma Ma
eon County Court, and cause jrnuie te be pub
lished and recorded as reiiulred by law.
Srr.mid Trea. of iMhnoett Distillery Ce.
State ok Kk.ntcckv, I sV
Masen County. ('"
I, T. M. Pearte, Clerk or the County Court
for the county and state aforesaid, de certify
that the foregoing Instrument et writing was
this day produced te me In said county and
acknowledged before mu by Ben B. Poyntz, a
a party thereto, te be his act und deed, and
ledged for record, wncreumin
the SMine, te-
gather with this eertllluatv, hath
tieen dulv
admitted te record In myetllc'.
(liven under my hand thl .'hi dav of June,
1W. T. M. PBAKOK.CUrlt.
By J. O. Level, I), a
JOB PHINTINQ neatly and nuloklyexeeutod
at The Public Ledger Jeb Koemj,
i?Mw:;..Jvw.wl.,.:i:c::"::z.AM a
innntVWiVM IIBUfaVMUTi li "" i 'ht
l TV
- - - - j. . . -.. . ...--.-..... ..... mjfjkJkM. I T
notice is hereby given
I Irst-That Allen drover. Calvert C. Arthur,
Edward F. Ilernden, Henry A. llees, H. W.
Kees and William Manley have become In
corporated by virtue of the previsions or the
General Statutes et Kentucky undcrthe name
or Shannen aud Ferman Chapel Turnpike
Company, and the principal place or transact
ing business Is at the residence of Jehn .
Herndeu, Esq., Masen county. Ky.
Second The nature of the business pro pre
posed te he transacted is the construction,
maintenance and operation of a turnpike
read trem the Saidls Turnpike llead near the
rerks et Shannen creek te Fleming ceuntv
line near Fermaii's Ch&pcl, a distance e't
about two and a halt miles.
Third The capital stock of said corpoia cerpoia corpeia
tlon Is six thousand dollars, In shares or
twenty-llvodelhirs each, the private stock te be
paid in upon call et the Dlrccteis. and the
stock et Masen county in accordance with re re
qulrementset theorderet the Courtet Claims
of Masen county,
Fourth Said corporation shall cemmence
business as seen as two thousand dollars Is
subset Ihed te the capital stock and shall con
tinue In exlstence fifty years.
Fifth The affairs et the corporation are te
be conducted by n President and a Heard or
Directors, tlve in number, a Secretary and
Treasurer, all or whom nre te be stockholders
In said corporation. The first set et elllcers
shall be Allen Grevor. President: II, vy. llees,
Calvert C. Arthur, Edward F. Ilernden, Wil
liam Manley and Henry A. Itees, Directors;
Edward F. Hcrnden, Secretary: II, W. llees,
Treasurer, and they shall held their elllces
until the first Monday In April, 18i, and until
their successors aie chosen nnd qualified: and
every first Monday In April thcrcnttera Pres
ident nnd lloardet Directors shall be chosen
by the stockholders, nnd a Secretary and
treasurer by the President nnd Beard of Di
rectors te held ter the ensuing year and until
their successors nre chosen and qualillcd.
Sixth The Indebtedness et said corpora
tion shall at no tlme exceed the sura or five
thousand dollars.
Seventh The prlvate property of the stock
holders Is te be exempt from the corporate
debts or said corporation.
April 11th, 18'.e.
Ne. 2 ... .lliln. m
Add twenty-six minutes te get city time.
Nes. in and 20 are the Maysville accommoda
tion, nnd Nes n nnd 18 the Huntington accom
modation. Nes. 1 and 2 are the last express
and Nes.il and 4 the F. F. V.
Ne. 1 (F. F. V.) Is a belld train with through
dlulnu- car nnd Pullman sleepers te Washing
ton, Ilaltlmere, Philadelphia and New Verk.
Through Pullman sleeper te lllchniend, Vu.,
and Pld Point Comlert. Ne. 2 Is a solid train
with Pullman sleeper te Washington, making
nil Eastern and Southeastern connections.
The accommodation trains are dally except
Sunday; the rest are dally.
Direct connection at Cincinnati for points
West and Seuth.
Leaves Maysville at
8:ae a. in. for Paris, Let-
lngten, Cincinnati, Hlcli-
innnd. Stnnfnril. I.lv.
ingsten, Jolllce, Mlddlesboreugh, Cumberland
Gap, Krankfert. Ixiulsville and points en N.
N. nnd M. V Eastern Dlvllen.
Leaves Maysville at l.'l'i p. m. ler Paris, Cin
cinnati. Lexington, Wincncster, lllchniend
and points en N. N. nnd M. V., Eastern Divis
ion. Xorthheund,
Arrive at Majsvllle ut 10.00 a. m. and 8:4
p. m.
All trains daily except Sunday.
Add twenty-six minutes te get city time.
The Ohie and Mtsst'sl).
pt Railway
Is the short line be
tween Cincinnati und
St. Leuis, and allot its
trains run threuirh solid
te St. Leuis. Ne transferring et baggage or
of passengers who travel en O. and M. trains.
Less than ten hours Is our tlme te St. Leuis,
where our trains make connection in the
ITnlen Depot with trains et nil lines for the
West, Southwest and Northwest.
The Ohie nnd Mississippi Hallway is the di
rect and last line te Louisville.
The Ohie and Mississippi Hallway gives spe
cial attention te colonists going West, cither
single or In patties. Our agents nre pre
pared at all times te furnish Information as te
rates and routes te neluts West, and when
paisongers nre ready te start will secure their
tlckets at lowest rates and attend te check
ing uaggage through te destination.
Fer tickets via O. and M. Hallway and
further Information call en agents of connect
ing lines or address . C. W. PAHIS.
Central Passenger Agent O. nnd M. Hall
way, 48 West Fourth Street. Cincinnati, O.
Cincinnati, Portsmouth, Bi? Sandy and
Pomeroy Packet Company. .
The splendid beats of this line, running I
tween Cincinnati. Portsmouth. Irenton Ilti
lngten, Gallipells and Pomeroy, pass Mays
viueas rouews:
Pomeroy Packets Bostena, Telcgraph and
City of Madisen pass Majsvllle clther way at
1 o'clock a. m.
Bonanza up dally for Vanceburg at 8 a. m.,
returning for Cincinnati, passes Majsvllle
dally, oxcept Sunday, at S p. tn.
Fer freight or passage apply tn
The tlme for holding the meeting en these
woll-lmprevcd nid beautiful grounds will be
July 28th te August 8th, 1892.
Emlnent Clergymen will be present, men of
learning and popular talent. Among these
will be Key. Lewis Curtis. D.D., or Chicago, a
man of National fame and great ability, llev.
D. Lee Aultman of Cincinnati, assistant Sec
retary or the Southern Educational Society.
All the Ministers or the District ure expected
te be present.
The Children's Chapel will be in char go of
llev. J. M. Taulbee of Covington. Professer I
t.u. Milium niiu e, iiurrj luciittriisuu wniunvu
charge or the music, assisted by a splendid
I The privileges have all been let te responsl respensl
1 bio persons, W, H. Hamrlek, Hetel; Walsh
A- Weeds, Conlcctlenery: 15. H. Bryant, Stable;
Jehn L. Plutuiner. Baggage and Ilurbor-shep.
Omnibuses conueellng with beats and trains.
under the control nf Barbour St Pellltt, will
inake two trips dally, morning and qvcnlng,
j te and from Maysvllfii; fare te cents.
Adinlwlen 10 cents. .Any ene tee peer te
1 pay will be admitted fioe. Ker. Amen Hore-
Ing Presiding Klder, will have charge nf the
i service. Captain Juntos HeHIn and YT, 0,
Dawsen of Mayvllle will we that geed order
Is maintained,
I.u. 91 ,.t'l1. ill
N'e. is I ft i. m
Ne. 4 s.rne p. m
Ne. I f. 22 n. m
Ne. 19... S-40u. m
Ne. 17 ...10.lt H. Ill
Ne. 3. 4 Si p. Ill
tiirv nviftri'ii
E.ti Penree. Jr
City Clerk,, ,, .,
Collector and Treasurer.
Matshal .
'Assessor .
Weed and Ceal Inspector
YVharrtuaster ,.
City Prosecutor
City HijRlchiu
City Undertaker
Keeper Almshouse. . .
Martin A. P'Hure
It. A. Cochra-., Jr
. James Ileum,1
A.N. Huff
llllam Davis
. ..CM. 1'htster
, . . J. N. Kuhee
. ., Dr. C. O, Owens
Q. A. Mentis ic Sen
Mis. Surah K. Sapp -
mini' rit trtw
Meets First Thursday Evcnlni) in Each Menth. -
William 11. Cox. Piesldent.
Fent mini.
(1) V II. Cox.
(li) Conard lludy.
Second Ward,
(DJ.C. I'ecer,
(2) M. F. Kchee,
(3) C. II. Pcarce, Jr.
Third Ward.
(2) 11. It. illorbewor,
(3) L. C. Ilattcriuan.
Feutth Wcrd.
(1) Thes. M. Weed,
(2) Hebert Flcklln,
(J) II. L. Newcll.
Fifth Ward.
(1) Gee. C. Fleming
(.') H. T. llaulmnn,
(II) J. I. Salisbury
Sixth Ward.
(D Gee, Scbrocder,
(2) Polk Hicks.
(3) Hunts Dryden.
The figures indicate the tiutrber et jears
each Ceuncllmati hag te serve from January,
masenic i.euacs. '
Confidence Ledgo Ne. 52 Meets first Slon Slen
duv night In each month. ,
Vinsen Ledge Ne. 342 Meets second Monday
nlirht In piicli month.
Miiysvllle Chapter Ne. P
day nlirht In each month.
Meets third Men-
Miiysvllle Cemmandery Ne. 10 Meets fourth
Monday night In each month.
DeKalb Ledge Ne. 12 Meets every Tuesday
ttlnggeld Ledgo Ne. 27 Meets every Wednes
day night.
Pisgah Encampment Ne. 0 Meets second
aud teurth Mondays In overv month.
Canten Majsvllle Ne. 2 Meets third Monday v " 1
tiigut in encn mentii.
Friendship Ledge Ne. 42, D. or It. -Meets
llrst Monday night In each month.
Llmestone Ledge Ne. !W Meets every Friday
Maysville Division 'e.0, U. H.-Mccts flrst
Tuesday in every mouth.
p. e. s. A.
Washington Camp Ne. a Meets every Thurs
day night.
a. a. n.
Jeseph Helser Pest Ne. Ill Meets first and
thlrd Saturdajs In each month. .
M. C. Hutchlns Cnmp Ne. 2, S. of V.wleets
every Wednesday evening.
Weman's Hcllef Cerps Meets second and
fourth Saturdajs In each mouth.
. K. OF It.
Majsvllle Ledgo Ne. 2778. Meets first and'
third Tuesdays lu each month.
St. Patrick's Benevolent Society Meets
every second Sunday.
Sodality el the li. V. M. Meets every Sun
day. Father Mathew Total Abstinence Society
Meets tlrst Sunday In each month.
Ancient Order of Hibernians Meets third
Sunday In each mouth.
Knights el St. Jehn Meets every Tuesday
German Belief Society Meets first Monday
night In each mouth.
Acacia Ledgo Ne. 24, F. A. M. Meols second
Wednesdaj night In each month.
Mt. Heinien Chapter Ne. s. H. A. M. Meets
second Friday in each month.
Palestine Camiiiandery Ne. 0, K. T. Meets
teurth Friday In each mouth,
e. u. e. e. r.
Maysville Star Ledgo Ne. 1918. Meets flrst
and third Friday night in each mouth.
Household et Huth Ne. 37. Meet second
Thursday night In each mouth.
Conge HIver Tabernacle Ne. K). Meets tlrst
Thursday In each month.
i)Aunim:n- or the oeod sa.mauitan.
Evans Ledgo Ne. . Meets first Wednesday
night lu ench month. v
u. n. v.
Ooed Will Ledge Ne. 40. Meets first Satur
day and third Wednesday night lu each month.
Yeung's Temnle Ne. 44. Meets first Mendar
night lu each month.
e. A. it.
McKlnnevan Pest Ne. lfirt. Meets fourth Sat
urday night In each month. .
Weman's llellet Cerps Ne. 2i. Meets flrst
Tuesday In each month.
Hen. A. E.Cele, Judge...! Maysville
J. H.Sallce, Commonwealth Att'j-... Majsvllle
Ben D. Parry, Clerk Maysville
Allan D.Cole, Master Commissioner. Maysvllle
Courts Meet
Masen At Maysville, Tuesday after the sec
ond Monday iii January, April, July and Octo Octe Octo
ber. Fleming At Flemingsburg, third Monday In"
May and Novembor.
Oreenup At Greenup, fourth Monday in
February and August.
Lewis At Vnncehurg secend Monday lu
June and December.
Nicholas At Carlisle, Tuesday nfter third
Monday in September and leurlh Monday In
Meets Second Monday tn Each Menth.
Thes. 11. Phlster. Presiding Judg. Maysville
Charles D. New ell. County Attoruey. Maysvllle
T. M. Pearce, Clerk Maysvllle
Jehn W. Alexander, Sheriff . ....Maysvllle
J. C.Jetrorsen I ,,.,,. I Maysllck
SnmP.Porlueful)UUM1 Maysvllle
Hebert C. Kirk, Jailer Maysvllle
Jehn D Hoe, Corener Maysvllle
Jehn C. Everett, Assessor Maysville
G. W. Blattcrmau, Scheel Sup't Maysville
IQuarterly Court meets Tuesday after tn
second Monday In March, June, September
and December, and has civil Jurisdiction te
the amount of f200. , ,. .
Maj svllle Ne. L Jehn L. Grant, Muglbtratri
holds court the first Tuesday In each months
Jacob Mlller, Magistrate, holds court the!,
fourth Tuesday in each month. Wm. 11, Daw-
son, Constable. i
Maysvllle no. 2. T. J. flckett, Magistrate
holds court the tlrst Saturday lu each month.
William Peppor, Magistrate, holds court the
fourth Saturday lu each month. J. B. MeNutt.
Devor James Earnsbaw and Frank Luns
ford, Magistrates, held courts en the flrst and
third Wednesdays In March, June, Soptember
and Deoembor. Jehn Hunyon, Constable
Mlnerva O. N. Weaver and Jeseph M.Byar,
Magistrates, held courts en the first and third
Thursdays In March, June, Boptembor and
Dccember. William E. King, Censtable.
Germantown Leslle H.Mannen and Wm. L.
Woodward, Magistrates, bold courts en the
first Friday and third Saturday lu March,
June, September and Decomber, William
Feul, Censtable.
Sardls J. M. Hall and James II. Grlgsby,
Magistrates, held courts en the secend and
fourth Saturdays In March, June. Beptember
and Dccember. A. J. Suit, Constable
Maysllok-CbarleB W. Williams and J. D.
llaymend, Magistrates, held courts en the sec
ond aud fourth Fridays In March, June, Sep
temeor nnd Decomber. James 11. Hobersen,
Lewisburg Isaac L. Mellvaln and Jeseph
M. Alexander, Magistrates, held courts en the
second nd fourth Thursdays In Mareh, June,
September and December. S. M. 8lrode, Con
stable Orangeburg M. D, Farrew and Lewis M.
Cellls, Magistrates, held courts en the first
Saturday and last Monday In March. June,
September nnd December. V. H. Coryell,.
Washington Edward Delfrvand Arthur V.
Weed, Magistrates, held courts en the fourth
Tuesdays and third
Wednesdavs in March.
June, Septeniber and December, Geerge "O.
Geggb), Constable.
Murphysvlllo-Jehn K. Wells and W. W.
Worthlngten, Magistrates, held courts en the
fourth Mondays and third Thursdays tnMareh,
June, Soptetnhor and Doeombor. H. T, 8ut 8ut
clltfe, Constable,
Fern Leaf Samuet E. Mastln and Powell B.
Owens, Magistrates, bold courts en the second
and fourth Saturdays In March, June, Septem
ber and Deoembor. Charles Wallbigferd, Con
stable, v .
. Heiena-wiiilatB I.uttrell and Jeseph w
mmmH, numniin, nuniun un ime w
end and fourth Wednesdays In MareV Jum,
Heptemtier and Deetwitier. James K. Furrow,
inaie, -,
4 rj
. 1

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