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fe s Balloonist Hepe's Parachute Fails
fifi:' te Werk.
. jHe. Dreps te Instant Death a Distance
of Half a Mile.
He Lands In Slough With Such Velocity
That Hey Was ilrlvcu, Twelve Feet
Inte the Mud The Hotly Was Net
'itecevered Fer un Heur.
St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 1. A thrill of
horror ran through, the great crowd
which gathered at Invcr Greve late
Sunday afternoon te witness the bal
loon ascension, when Prof. Edward
llepe dropped half a mile te Instant
death. Ills badly Inflated bnlloen had
gene up u little mere than half a mile
when It began te descend, and a
west wind , send it Hying toward
the Mississippi river. Hepe be
came alarmed and dropping himself
ever the edge of the basket, cut the
parachute nwuy and started dewnwurd.
Owing te some defect In the machinery
the parachute failed te spread and the
professor came down with awful veloc
ity. He landed en his feet in u slough
with such velocity that he was driven
twelve feet into the mud. His body
was net recovered for un hour.
The Mllltla ". niT.il Suys luinn Wus Sus-
perilled hy the T.iumlm Without Ills
Knowledge or Concurrence.
New Yenic, Aug. 1. The Herald Sat
urday morning prints the following let
ter from Gen. Snewden:
Homestead, Pa., July 27.
Te the editor of the Herald: In view
of your letter of the 20th Inst,, I write
te say that Private lams was suspended
by the thumbs without iny knowledge
or concurrence.
I have had no occasion, efllclally, te
approve or disapprove it, and I have net
done se. A report of the circumstances
after they occurred, was made te me
and I was nsked what disposition would
be made of the man, when I erdered:
"Discharge him from the service in dis
grace; drum him out of camp and send
him home."
Yeu will observe that the manner of
sending him off, outside of drumming
him out, is net prescribed. I have au
thority summarily te discharge enlisted
men, but no disqualification fellows.
Seber-minded people will remember
that the punishment Indicted was in
"the face of revolution, treason and an
.'nrchy. Very respectfully,
Infant murder Mystery.
Isdianai'ei.is, lnd., Aug.' I. A few
-minutes after 4 o'clock Saturday morn
ing the dead body of a thrce-raonths-eld
"baby was found lying by the Cin
cinnati, Hamilton & Indianupells rail
road track ut Alabama street, in the
center of the city. The baby had evi
dently been thrown from the outgoing
fast train, which had pusscd there u
few minutes before. The head was
crashed in, and it had received ether
bruises. The baby was finely dressed.
It was taken te the morgue, where it
is new awnlting identification. The
police are working en the case.
Teledo l.Ieutrlc Ce., Fire.
Teledo, O., Aug. 1. Saturday morn
ing the plant and building of the Teledo
Electric Ce., was entirely destroyed by
fire', originating, it is supposed, from
defective insulation of a wire. The
total less en building and machinery is
75,000, with S01.500 Insurance. This
company has the contract for lighting
the streets of ever half the city. The
company will rebuild at once.
The Shortage drown.
Ixdiaxai'OLIS, lnd., Aug. 1. The
' Iren Hall membership scandal grows in
its sensational developments. F. D.
Semberby, supreme justice, ls either net
in the city or net te be seen." It is as
serted that he has withdrawn from In
dianapolis depositories in the last few
months 500,000 of funds belonging te
the Iren Hull, and used it in a Philadel
phia bank, in which he is interested.
Camilla' Hack Up.
Touento, Ont., Aug. 1. The Ment-
real correspondent of the Mail says he
has been informed en high authority
thnt in view of the retaliation measures
adopted by the United States the Ca
nadian government will take steps te
abolish the rebate system and te make
a uniform tell or de away with tells al
together. llelti the Head or the Ticket.
" Denver, Aug. 1. The Recky Mount
ain News belts the head of the people's
party state ticket selected by the dis
trict convention. It says editorially
1 that Davis II. Walt", the nominee
chosen Thursday for governor, is net
- possessed of the qualities te make him
a safe governor should he be elected.
Japanese Assassins Foiled.
Yekauama, Aug. 1. An attempt was
made Saturduy te assassinate Count
Okune, the leader of the pregressist
t .party, and Viscount ICena Tekana, the
minister of justice in the Japanese
cabinet. The plan of the assassins mis
carried, however, and they failed te
effect their murderous design.
Frank Aliny Mint Hung.
1 Co.vcenD, N. !!., Aug. 1 The suprome
court rendered a decision sustaining
the constitutionality of the law under
which Frank Almy, the murderer of
Christie Warden, was sentenced te be
hanged, and denied the motion of his
counsel for a new trial.
An American Killed by an Avalanche.
Londen, Aug, 1. A dispatch received
In this city from Interlaken, Switzer
land, says that J. Ribbons, of "Spring-
field," America, while crossing the
Drudclwald glacier, was struck by an
avnianche and instantly killed
Fnniaui German Educator Dead.
Ottawa, 111., Aug. 1. Prof. Charles
Rlddlemycr, A. M., Ph. D., ene of the
foremost educators of the German uni
versities t wonty-ilve yours age, died nt
the insane hospital ut
KanUulcee. He
was S3 years old.
personal points
ZSTlf you havcfrUmU vtttliw ieh, or If ieic
arc ielni; away m n I'NK, jilni'e (nip rntci wife
te that effect.
Frank U.
Dawsen spent Sunday at
Miss Jennie Weed left this morning for
Glen Springs.
Representative J. M. Frazee spent Sun
day in this city.
0. W. Lurtey came down from Lexing
ton Saturday night.
Mrs. William II. Cox returned te-day
from Glen Springs,
Miss Conway of Cynthiana is the guest
of Miss Maud Adair.
Dr. II. W. Dltnmitt of CettngcvlUc was
in the city Saturday.
M. C. Russell and S.
Cincinnati yesterday.
H. Chunn went te
Hugh Yeung of Mt.
The LF.naF.it Saturduy.
Olivet called en
Rev. J. E. Wright has gene from
Sharpsburg te Carrollton.
Mrs. Will Themas and child
joined her husband nt Chilllcethe.
Captain CM. Phisterand family ere vis'
iting at Swan Creek, Gallia county, O.
Jehn W. Zolleref27ie Tribune Demo
crat was down fremMt. Olivet Saturday.
Miss Anna M. Themas will spend seve
ral weeks with her htotheratChillicethe,
County Clerk T. M. Pearce is back at
his pest nfter a week's sojourn at Escula
pin. Mrs. F. A. Muuncn and daughter left
te-day for their home at West Superior,
Miss Lillian Grimes of Lima. O., is the
iruest of Miss Lillie Frest of the Sixth
Miss Etta Everett of Staunton, Va.,
is visiting friends and relatives in this
Miss Mattie Lee Mnnncn of Covington
has gene te Glen Springs after a visit te
Miss Nannie Weed.
Misses Mary Myall of Mayslick und
Sadie Clay of Helena are visiting Miss
Mary Bash ford at Paris.
Mrs. Julia Frest of this city has been
called te Cincinnati te the bedside of her
daughter, Mrs. Sharklcy.
Harvey L. Schatzmenn and daughter of
nearArnheim. 0 are visiting his jnethcr,
Mrs. Geerge Schatzmann.
Miss Fannie Conway returned home
Saturday after a pleasant visit te Miss
Maud Adair at Rese Cottage.
C. D. Outten, U. e. ' Storekeeper at
Ruddles Mills, Bourbon county, spent
yesterday with his family in this city.
Ciil'iiciies built
numbered 8,508.
in America in 1801
The booth privileges of the Sharpsburg
Fair sold for iG&L
Lexington is almost certain te have
the Kentucky Union carshens.
Eldek C S. Lucas has gene te Bagdad,
Shelby county, te assist in a protracted
. i i . i i i.
The mail service between Brooksville
and Augusta lias been increased te twice
daily except Sundays.
A little son of Themas Murray, living
in Crittenden county, fatally shot himself
while playing with a pistol.
FISHING parties in Portland Harber ere
meeting with remarkable success. The
ether day a couple of anglers hooked
what they supposed te be a lobster pet.
and were greatly surprised te pull up a
hag containing sixty full pints of whisky.
hi m iii-
Tayleu Alexandeii, whose home is
in this city, was assuulted en the Foun
tain Esplanade, Cincinnati, about mid
night Saturday and badly beaten. He
was taken te tlic City Hospital where his
wounds were sewed up. He did net
knew who his assailants were.
Tiieuk was an unusual arrival at the
hotel at Kauawha Falls a day or se age.
There was a big freight wreck opposite
the building and two or three immense
cars were overturned onto ami literally
into the hotel. The damage will net bu
known until the carpenters get through.
The largest American tiug ever made
will lleat from the top of a very lefty
"liberty pole" in front of the Adminis
tration Building at the World's Fair.
Upen request the, statu of Washington
will furnish this big flagstaff as well as
two or three ethers of the largest that are
required by the Exposition.
Jehn W. Enes, a baiber of Kokeino,
lnil, was publicly horse-whipped hy his
wife, She fount! hltn in a saloon drink
ing, and upon his refusal te. accompany
her home she procured a big hlacksnake
whip, and procceded te cowhlile htm.
She pursued him four squares te their
home, sti Iking him every Jump, he ollor ellor oller
tug no resistance. After getting hujue
Enes pricked his grip and left. ,
Si iV ,
SV MKL (3C-JLLW idf Jg
Wlint We May Expect Between This Time
ami Te-morrow Evening.
rut: Lima Kirs wkatiikr siexals.
ir7iKctreainer paik: Hue main or knew;
With lllitc): AiinVK 'twill WAitMP.it irrew.
tf Huci'k HK.NKAT11 COl.tiEll 'twill 1)1'!
l7nli-H(ic,' hevn no clinnue we'll ere.
JSTTliu ulee lerecueta ur unuli' Inr n
period el thirty Ix hour
te-morrow evetiliur.
eiiilliiir nt 8 o'clock
Horfhee came untied
He heat down te tie it;
Her loot wus 80 small
'Twns nfee te be nlirli It.
title tylnw lier tle
HN suspenders pave way,
And ills mental remarks
Made Satan tool pay.
The Cincinnati
beats ere for sale.
ami Newport ferry
Jesei'ii Meiieen, a Louisville liquor
dealer, has made an assignment.
F. B. Mn.i.Kit is new en the read for
the Flach Bres Ce. of Cincinnati.
The death rate in New Yerk City last
week was the heaviest in 20 years.
The best draft horses in the country
are i cured in Ohie and Pennsylvania.
Geld te the amount of s?4p5."0.000 left
New Yerk en Satuulay's outgoing steam-
I ers for Europe.
The President has issued a proclama
tion commanding all persons in Wyoming
te keep the peace.
Leuisvu.i.K will make a stieng fight for
the next Triennial Conclave of the
Knights Templars.
William Wallace Biicce, one of the
wealthiest citizens of Lexington, wus de
clared insane Saturday.
BitucE Eastek. express messenger en
the K. C for several years, has been
transferred te the C and 0.
The residence of Ree Stephens in
Cliften was struck by lightning timing
Friday night's storm. Ne one injured.'
PitiVATE Fhanck Bitew.v, of Cempauy
B, nt Princeton, was ceurtmartialed aud
dishonorably discharged for stealing a
At Covington Ada Gill, a notorious
mullate woman, shot Ted Davis, a tough,
twice. One of the wounds may result
The Mayer of Lexington has sold
i?10o,CCDef that city's bends te a New
Yerk firm at one-eighth of one per cent,
Washinciten City policemen nearly all
tide bicycles, and members of the force
whose beats are in the suburbs use wheels
In Crittenden county Hester Hashing
put his feet en the hammer of his gun
and blew into the muzzle. Death was
Smallpox has made its appearance at
Pnintsvllle. The town has been quaran
tined, and there is little danger of the dis
ease spreading
The Ohie and Mississippi has already
contracted for twenty-three special traius
for the handling of Knights Templars
business te Denver.
The infant daughter of Pat and Mary
Miner died at 8 o'clock Saturday nfuht
anil was buried ut 3 o'clock yesterday
Out of the 2,003,000 that Inhabit New
Yerk and Brooklyn only 1U.0C0 ewu
their own homes. In Philadelphia mere
than 2C0.C00 people own their own homes.
mm i
Last week two heys, Peyton and Jehn
Stout, aged 18 ami 14 respectively, while
moving a rick of tanbark near Tollesboro,
Lewis county, killed sixty snakes of the
black viper species which were under the
- .. m
G. W. Adaiu of this city lectured Sat
urday night at Murphysviile te a large
and select audience of the people of that
neighborhood. His subject was "The
Golden Key of Life."
It was understood that a gume of ball
was te be played at the Fair Grounds yes
terdav afternoon between the Maysville
and Sit. Olivet clubs, and n large crowd
went out. The game, however, failed te
.II ! I I
Few are aware that the human body
falls asleep by degrees. A French
physiologist conceives that the seuse of
sight sleeps first, thou the tense of taste,
next the sense of smell, next that of
hearing anil lastly that of teuch:
Much te the Inconvenience und discom
fort of the Indies mid children thu big
speciul car of the electric rullway hroke
down yesterday afternoon n short dis dis
taiice this side of the Fair Grounds. Ot'iu
of the axles broke. It will take tercrnl
iluys te repair it,
,SE -
Talk about It.
Write about It.
Cheap property.
Speak well for It.
Help te Improve It.
Advertise In Its papers.
Ooed country tributary,
l'litreul.e its merchants.
Klect (reed men te elllce.
Help all public enterprises.
Holiest competition In prices.
Make thu ntmophcre healthy.
Faith e.xlblted by Reed works.
Klrt) all leatei", creukcis and dead-beats.
Let ynurehject bu the welfare, frrawtti tind pro
motion oryeur town and Its people. Speiilfwell
et public spirited men, and be ene yourself.
Theue are eighty men paying the
beard of thcirchildren through the agency
of the Cincinnati Humane Society, and
these contribute $5,000 annually.
Paiieiiwiski has had his long hair cut
off. He Is engaged te marry a wealthy
woman, and she insisted in the clipping;
says that though she loved the pianist,
she was net ready te marry ene of the
wild men of Bernee.
In the Louisville District Colonel Sam
Sherley has decided te run for Congress
in opposition te Colonel Asher Caruth.
Celqncl Sherley is a prominent distiller
and lins been dabbling in politics for
years. He is a strong man and will make
the race a het one.
We the Fifth Ward Baseball Club
hereby challenge the Aberdeen Browns
for a came Thursday, August 4th, at
Maysville Fair Grounds. Game called at
3 p. m. We also challenge any nine in
the city of Maysville or the sutreunding
neighborhood at any time or place desig
nated. The Fifth Wahd B. B. C.
I,lt of letters reinulnlnir In the Aberdeen
Postetlicu ler the month el July.
Chunn, Mrs. Themas McDaulel. Albert
Chunn, T. 11. Merris. Mrs. Klla
Cooper. Mis. N. K. Htiber. Mrs. E.
Carr. Ablifiill G. Steel. Miss Kate
Heath, lls Kuny Smith. Miss V. I..
Jenes, Miss hula Wilsen, Isa.iu
Mitchell, Miss Minnie
Persons culllui; ler the above will please say
advertised. One cent due for advertlslnir.
II. It. Wilsen, Piwtmartcr.
Deehine Camp-meeting begins at Parks
Hill August 11th and continues fifteen
Colonel Jehn F. IIaeeii of Ashland
has' written a card declining te be a can
didate te succeed Judge Helt en the
Appellate Bench.
The fire which bioke out Tuesday in
the oil tanks of the Stnudard Oil Com Cem
pauy nt Ludlow is still burning. It is
new thought that the total less will reach
The big Government Printing Office at
Washington ceased, all work Saturday
because the Democratic Congress had
provided no money te continue it. Great
Congress this.
The family of Mr. West, who were
poisoned at Bei kshii e by eating ice cream,
are recovering rapidly. This is a case of
tyrotexicon, se pronounced by the best
The Senate Committee en Territories
has been instructed te visit New Mexico,
Utah and Oklahoma, with a view te a re
port en the propriety of admitting them
te statehood.
ii.. .f
Rev. J. M. Hakmen wus overcome by
the heat at Manchester, and was uncon
scious for a few hours. Although SO
years of ugc it is thought his condition is
net serious.
The body of Stella Hewell, a courtesan,
was burled et Columbus after lying in
the cemetery vault some days te await
the settlement of the company in which
she was insured.
Seme unknown persons entered the Is
laud Creek Church, near Manchester, and
poured water into the chinch organ, tore
out six of the reeds, and otherwise badly
defaced the instrument.
The Cincinnati, Newport and Coving
ton Street Railroad Company has ac
cepted and signed the ordinance passed
by City Council, granting the right of
way for the elcctilc read.
Majek William Myniieui, aged 72, a
native of Fleming and an ex-Confederate
soldier, died at Mt. Sterling. He was at
the time Master Commissioner of the
Montgomery Circuit Court.
Jehn Geiivix had the iriisfortuue te
stick a pick Inte his feet Saturday while
at work digging an excavation for a
service gas pine in front of the rcsidnce
of Themas Wells en West Third street.
Dr. Owens dressed the weuud which was
quite painful.
i w -i
A house, driven by Jeseph Hechinger
and C. A. Walthcr, Saturday night be
came frightened near the Eastern limits
of the city and and ran away throwing
both out of the buggy. They received
several scratches but were net much
A five cent fare will seen he a been
enjoyed by the patrons of the C. and O.
Railroad, as the company are contem
plating reduclug the fare from Cincinnati
te Dayton from the present rate of ten
cents cash or four tickets for twenty-five
cents, te a five cents cash fare
i i
The Carnegie Company has arranged a
new scale for the Union Mills aud the
Beaver Falls Works, which is the sumo
as the Amalgamated scale, but "no
association will be recognized." It Is said
that 700 men are new at work at Homo Home Heme
stead. It Is expected that operations will
he fully resumed in a few days,
A LAiiar. number of the Christian En En En
deavorers of Maysville and vicinity, and
their friends, attended the Union meeting
nt the Christian Church last night, Mrs,
.1, T. Kackley, Mlsi Jessie Judd and Miss
Besslo Martin gave very interesting lie
counts of their recent visit te New Yerlc ,
ns delegates te the International Convention.
Articles Sealed, Bound iu lirick and Stene
and Consigned te Future Oenerutieus.
A hundred yeers or mere from new,
when the architects and builders of the
nineteenth century shall he considered old
fogies, and their works replaced by these
iu conformity with the ideas of progres
sive civilization and increasing business
demands mere room, some enterprising
heir of M. C Russell, in tearing down
the edifice new in ceurse of election,
will find in the biick wall at the South
west corner a copper box securely scaled,
placed there en the UOth day of Julv,
The contents will be objects of great
curiosity and iuteicst te these later-day
people, 'and will prove valuable additions
te the collections of some future histori
cal society.
The articles contained hy the box arc
I'rper staling ditto of purchase of eM house,
cost of same and contract ter bul'dlujf new
Paper itivi'tg' names of all contractors and
these 1 uriilslilny matei litis.
Pint bottle or whisk lasuireetsd out of old
wu'l that was built In iFVJ.
H." pint bon'e of whisky made by I'cxiie
-Themas In IS'll.
Ha't pint beulc et wVlsky made by I'ey.itz
llres. in Ib'Jl.
Temperance medal and eaid of T. M. l'.us-
Postal card of J. Harbour Itussell, plc.ure
en same.
C-d of Tl'enms A. 1 .nis.
Cord or Wii'lauiH.Cev.
Card of J. 15. Nejet.
Cn-d of 'fu nor, Leeker Ce., Cincinnati, by
V. K. Sb elds.
Ci'iil of MiClauiiliau .V She.).
Copper cent wilh name of K. H. Newell,
June L'Mh, INI.', en It.
I'hoteifraps of er?h of the Presidents.
A t' i "box centaln'ntf 4 coins of date I'JOT,
174'J. IT! J and a out qjititeref i;!'.,ceimibuteil
by C. L. Ovu ly.
A communication lrem Jehn 11. Olbsen tlv
Imr memo a-idum for future leleifr.inhers.
e'se n M-'iiuine Ceiilederate live dollar bi'l.
A lelici- l'-ein F. J. M'tclieP of titic'nim ., O.
A piece e weed li-em L buy I .isen, eout.l eeut.l
bu.edbv W. W. Gibsen.
Peslii ci'rd of K-plannde Uu'hlin-, where
bus'iiesg was l.-ntiMicifd duuijr en c Ien of
new s' ') -e.
His.oiyef M.C. It.
Paners ts lollews, centtlbutsd by C. L.
(,. Cult: t'i Gtuettc. January tth. lW, In
mourning for General WhsIiIpitI hi.
T e H'ef rn CUtztti, Sep ember "".th. 181:1,
pi in ed at I'.uis. My.
.Vfi ,n-i le Knlav '. Apt I "d, is;.
.Yen "n .; Hen 0, Apt ISili. If 5 Klvinirac Klvinirac
cel' it eT eBsassiiiailej of P esldent Llnce'n.
and whereabeu s of Jell D.ivis.
MrjH'U e R iiiii fern, May 4ln, 1S7S'. Sivl-'V
his iry of OudfeMewsDip n'iu tne names et
the tueniiie.sel' tueOrd'T In the city of .Ma--
ille, bi- Tiiemas A. Dav.s.
Ma .eudlef imhltcau, Juiml.'th, 1H.
Krst pietf-.itu et Washington u pert--he use,
Fchruni lhli. IHfi.
fiM-ii'me's JvamTfCe H". u ami llcbrl Venlt-
t.i .,!. Niil-,i!iur lltll. lfT
Man vlll- Hep Wfcnn, January 31st. lb!l, f.il-3
uiisii-iai i.in en.
liven. y.feurth Annual Encampment G. A.
It., Wnsi'n.ien. D. C. September ' Itb, 181,',
sher. ut miip of V'iginia and f" battlenelds
niaikt-den faee of map.
Henry Cl'u ISu le, tia ch '."d. I"!!, prlnled
livCe'lin-Jc Ilrenn. con., but UbvW. Austin.
'Mauvillc Republican, Oc; dier 1st, 11, In
meiirniinr e President Garfield.
Mayn'IU. Riillettn. JaiuiKty :M, lSt.
Same Feb tia -v lfitli. 1S.M.
MauvUle I'ljrfbt. September, 1KO. '
The Tcmjii'rtHicc Hi turd. May 1.1th, lb-si.
I'l'iimc LserBt. July" ah, 1'.'..
SnnicJ.'ly.h. lf-'.
Dally Vreiltiii llulhl n, July 28th. IK).'.
Afoul" Dixllu Fnc I' e, De ember :)lt,
IS 1.
The convicts' "geed time" bill has
been made a speciul order for next
Wednesday iu the State Senate. The hill
making eight hours u day's work in
mines, workshops and factories was made
a special order for December 1st.
AM. of the counties Iu this Judicial
District have instructed for James P.
Hnrbesen of Fleming for Circuit Judge
and James II. S.illee of Masen for Com
monwealth's Attorney. They will re
ceive the Democratic nomination without
The mail carrier between Mackville
and Springfield perferins his duty en a
bicycle, and gets along faster than he
could go en a horse. The bicycle may
vet solve the problem of country free
delivery of mails, and the geed reads
question at the same time
The largest band sawing machine in
the world has recently been completed iu
England and sent te Tasmania. The
machine can saw through a maximum
depth of seventy-five inches, and the
carriage will accommodate legs fifty feet
lentr. and weighing about fifty tens. It
is asserted that this saw cuts even faster
than a circular saw.while wasting seventy
five per cent, less weed.
The new management at the Central
Hetel have taken held with a vim and
earnestness that will insure them the
patronage of the traveling public The
patretis'will flud In the new manager.
Mr, A. H. Parker, a clever gentleman
and a capital host. J. J. Biosce and
Hiram Dougherty remain behind the
desk, which is a further assurance e
geed treatment, and everybody knows
they will be treated well by Ad Brown.
m i
Krirnur Collections.
Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue
Wadsworth reports the following collec
tions during the month of July:
Spirits ei537 70
ClffBW 1,1 l' i
Tobacco 8"! "!
Special tux 175 C I
Total 17.470 fl
MracWcn DriiiurraU. v
The Bracken Democrats met in conven
tion at Brooksville Saturday te select
delegates te the Judicial, Congressional
aud Appellate Conventions. Delegates
te the Judicial Convention were selected
and instructed te vete for James P Hnr Hnr
beeon for Circuit Judge and James II
Sallee for Commonwealth's Attorney.
Delegates te the Congressional Conveu
tinn were Instructed for Tuoinae II .
Pay ntcr.
in the Appellate race Judge Cole's
friends were in the majority, and he
would probably have received the in
structions of thu county, but his ouumles
managed te secure a postpenmciit until
August lllth. The Judge did net wish te
onter Inte nny contest and gracefully
A Volcano Bursts Ferth en Great
Sangir Island,
And Village After Village Sinks Out
of Sight.
The Earth Opens Inte Oreat Cracks and
Eteryttilng U Engulfed The Lets
or Llr and Property Is Bald te
lie Something Terrible.
VicTeniA, B. C, Aug. 1. Without any
warning signals, without any sign
whatcveref impending disturbance, the
Guneng Areo volcano, en Great Sangir
island, in the Malay Archipelago, blazed
forth en June 7, and within twenty
four hours the whole of the prosperous
surrounding country was devastated.
The island is one of a chain of
Islands near the Phlllipplnes. The
first report of the eruption was heard
about 6 o'clock in the morning, and
for four hours there was one con
tinual stream of fire and ashes. After
a slight relaxation a flood of fire again
began, continuing two days. The co ce co
ceanut plantations, which covered the
whole mountain 6ide, were completely
Terrific thunder-storms had followed
each earthquake. Whole villages are
(submerged and cocoa and nutmeg'
plantations everywhere are ruined. In
the northern part of the island lava
streams were running with terrific
force. Among ether villages completely
obliterated was that of Tekeam, famed
for its beauty and wealth.
The less of life is something fright
ful, but no accurate estimate of it can
yet be made. Seme place it as high aa
10,000. A thousand bodies have been
picked up en the shore and many were
found floating in the sea.
The whole island is completely de-x-astated,
and, although the violent
eruption has ceased, volumes of smoke
are rising, accompanied by steam and
nshes. The lower lnnd and valleys are
covered with lava, which is still pour
ing down, while cracks in the mountain
have opened, emptying volleys of steam,
stones and mud.
Property worth millions upon millions
is destroyed forever. Fer many years
the Inhabitants of Sangirs Island, liv
ing within the shadows of a dormant
crater, had tilled the soil and prospered,
their chief industry being the growing
of nutmegs, cocoanuts and grapes, the
product being regularly shipped
abroad Providence, with a climate
equaling, if net surpassing, that of
Italy, and a soil needing little cultiva
tion makes it profitable. With no po
litical or national disturbances the
seml-snvage natives were gradually be
coming civilized. The villages and
towns were well built, and had schools
and churches.
When the awful devastation began
there was a terrible rumble, u column
pf ruddy fiames shot up from the crater
'as high in the heavens as the eye could
reach, and immediately afterward het
ashes were falling like snow-flakes ever
the whole country. Dust was flying in
ull directions, and from the time of the
first explosion until 9 o'clock that even
ing fierce volumes of flame and smoke
and showers of large stones belched
forth, followed by rain which fell in
torrents, bringing down with it the
clouds of ashes that were flying through
the air.
D This continued all night and the
whole of the next day. Earthquakes
began June 0. Village after village was
engulfed, hundreds of people dropping
into the great cracks in the earth. The
whole country is under a layer of mud,
ashes and stones.
Among ethers who saw the Island
after the outbreak was Capt .T. Gray,
of the steamship Norway, which had
been sent with a cargo of rice from
Mnndanae te relieve the sufferers.
He says the whole island, viewed
from the westward,preseutcd a soul seul
bickenlng appearance. There was no
sign of life anywhere. Volumes of
btnekc could be seen issuing from the
volcano, accompanied by flne ashes,
which spread like a cloud ever the
island and fell thickly everywhere,
Siuull jets of steam, smoke and stones
were pouring out from the mountain
sides completely covering the lower
valleys and lands. The entire topog
raphy of the islund was changed.
The Wrntlipr.
Washington, Aug. L Fer Tennessee
and Kentucky Fair, except showers in
west portions; veriablc winds.
Fer West Virginia and Ohie Goner Gener
ally fair, probably followed by local
showers during the afternoon or night
at lake stations; south te west winds;
slichtly warmer in north portion.
Fer Indiana Generally fair; variable
Sunday Gume.
Cincinnati 8 St. Leuis 0
Hew They Hunk.
Wen. Lest. Per Ct
I'tlladelphU 9 ft .Ctt
L'rieklyn 8 ft .613
NewYerl; 9 & .613
Cle eland 8 5 .615
Haltlmere 8 6 .671
Bosten H 6 ,f71
Clmlnnntl 8 8 .671
Chicago 6 8 .9
Wnhfntrten 6 8 ,429
Pittsburgh ft 8 .885
St. Leuis 1 10 .CS6
Leulvllle 8 11 .211,
.A Chief or 1'ellre Suicides.
Little Reck, Arlc, Aug. 1. Iteb
Names, superintendent of the Het
Springs police force, committed Buiclde
Sundny. On arriving home Sunday
morning he remarked te his wife: "I've
taken seventy-fiTC grains of morphine.
That settlcs it for me. Yeu needn't
rend for a doctor." He died in a few
1)iiIihIiIe Destitution In Mexico,
Ei. Pa se, Te. Aug. 1. SufTerert
from the dreught-fctrlckcn districts of
Mexico arc coming into the United
States nt this point in great numbers,
and ure offering their labor for beard,
or twenty-flve cents a day. They haifi
built little mud houses, iu the river bJU
tem, and subsist en what they can pick
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