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IThe Editor of TheLedeek 19 net responsi
ble for the opinions expressed by Correspond Cerrespond Correspend
?nts; but nothing reflecting upon the charac
ter erjlmblts of auj person will be admitted
te these column?.!
The following nre authorized Agents ler
The rum.ic Lkikiku. In their respective local lecal
ities: Naraiihuiv Muttbnw Hellmiiu.
JMena Hebert II. Cord.
Mmerva Frank W. Ilawes.
SartU? II. G.Grlgsbj.
Orawctmrg C. K. Kess.
SvrtnwMeC C. Oeinimn.
Maytllck Charles Wheeler.
Vmif rfiuru Mrs. Jennie Stew art.
Mt. Carmel Kellv 4: Foxworthy.
Aiidiidfu LeanderTulIv.
i-I-Jeeph W. Williams.
Subscribers will save the trouble et letter
writing by pitylnir their subscriptions te the
Agent ut their place.
"Cnrwjxmrteif u.111 j)lfi soul Letttrn a
as te reach u net later than 9 o'clock a, m. Give
fact in a few uerd a jx)IM. I IV uant
tieu in thl.' iletxutment, and nut ailvcrtMnu
notice or jhiIKImiI aryument.
Camp-meeting is iu full blast at Hug
, glC8.
We hnd a uoetl rain last week.
It was
much needed.
The colored people hnd Children's Day
here Sunday, and they did very well.
Edward Hec had an old mnre S3 years
old killed by lightning last Thursday.
Several passed through here Sunday
fdr Ruggles, but net as many as gener
ally. M. B. Telle has cut and put up about
thirteen acres of grass without any rain
en it. The grass wns very heavy and of
geed qunlitv.
L. I). Ilarvin and family were visiting
relatives in this neighborhood lust week.
Mrs. Eelie Williams, who has been
poorly for some time, is able te be out
Hev Willis and family of Mt. Olivet
pnsed Saturday en route for Hugglcs
Camp meeting. "
II. S. Weaver aud Jehn Allen came
down from Moerefleld Sunday te call en
"two. of Maseu's fair belles.
C. W. Williams aud wife returned from
Grange City Saturday, where they had
been te see Mrs. Silas Williams who is
quite ill.
The infant child of D. E Swart. whec
illness wns mentioned Inst week, died
Fridnv evening Buried at Mt. I'isgah
L V. Weaver, who is at Swango
Springs instead of White Sulphur as re
ported last week, reports himself much
improved in health.
Jehn B. Ranslev. whose unfortunate
condition lias been before the Cincinnati
courts for several years, has been sent te
Lniigvicw, his marriage with Mis Spear
having been annulled.
Til T the world wns inhabited long be
fore authentic history began is new one of
the generally accepted facts. There are
said te be mere than three thousand pre
historic buildings in Sardinia. They arc
almost all in the fertile districts and aie
built in groups which are separated from
one another by wide nnd generally barren
A xumiiku of Lawrence county teach
ers' certificate have been revoked en ac
count of unbecoming conduct and for
ether valid reasons, sjys The Big isantly
iVctr . The authorities are thus proving
their sincerity iu the commendable work
of elevating the standard of schoolteach scheolteach schoelteach
eis, and the geed people of the county
heartily sanction all justifiable work in
this line
Gleanings Frem the I'aes of Hun. Themas
It. raster's His Decket.
James Earnshaw of Dever, C. W. Wil
lmms of Mayslick nnd J. M. Alexander of
Lewisburg were appointed Commission
ers te divide the county into net less than
three or mere than eight Justices Districts
according te a recent act of the Legisla
tuie. Mitirgic M Frev wns appointed adminis
tratrix of Emile Frey with Jehn Kain as
Eliza Martin qualified ns executrix of
Emile Martin.
l'ni.ir.illeled Industrial I'reirrcs.
Hew rnpid the industrinl progress of
the Seuth lias been for n decade, nnd
new is rapid beyond the realization
even of the men that nrc bringing it
about is feet forth In n cempnet article
in The Forum by Uichard U. Edmonds.
Inte editor of The Manvfaclurers' llecerd
of Baltimore, whose life s study lias been
given te the subject Among the most
significant facts set forth by Mr. Ed
monds nre these
Since 1881 the corn crop of the Seuth
has increased 70 per cent., ns ngninst 71
per cent in the rest of the ceuntry: the
cotton crop has increased from 5,500,000
te 9,000,000 bales an increase in value,
even with the present low price, of
8200 000,000, in 1801 there were nearly
15,000 miles of railroad in the Seuth,
against les than 24,000 in 1831 n gain of
87 per cent , as against n gain of 50 per
cent, in the rest of the country. The
passenger trarHc of the same reads in
creased during the same period J5G0 per
cent , ns ngninst an increase in the rest
of the country of only 103 per cent In
pig Iren manufacture the Seulh's output
jump-id from 451,000 tens in 1831 te
1,014,000 in 1801 a gain of 823 per cent .
in ethor words, in 1881 the North nnd
West mnde mere than nine times as ntucli
iron as the Seuth' in 1SD1 they mnde less
than four times as much. The incrense
in the number of mill operators in the
Seuth wubMIW per cent, ns against nn
' increase in New England of 17 per cert
And se In every line of preductivp
activity Dm marvelous rapidity of in
cronse is explained, allowing that iu
nssesfied valuations the property of the
Seuth has In this period very nearly
doubled, and increased from $187 per
capita te if 271 a record that Is probably
without parallel In tho-whelo history of
substantial Industrial growth. And in
spite of the temporary depression caused
by an overproduction of cptten, the
JHrMti j?es OH.
iiKcnii'T ten .i aueit reir.v.
Talk about It.
Write about It.
Cheap property.
Speak well for It.
help te lttiproe It.
Advertle In Its papers.
Geed country trltmtiirj.
1'utroiilze Its merchants.
I'lect geed men te olllce.
Help all public enterprise.
Ilene-t competition In prices.
Make the ntmephere healthy,
Kaith erlblted bv voel erks.
Tire all leater, creakers nnd dead-beats.
Let j ou r object be t he elfnre, gre t h nnd pro
motion of j our town and It people. Speak ell
et public spirited men, and be ene )eurelf.
Thf. Shah of Persia lias a tobacco pipe
worth $400,000.
The wheat cren in Kanas will reach
nearly 85,000,000 bushels.
In the United Stntes there are about
10,000,000 cows, one for every four per
sons. Ir is repertsd that iU.000,000 is te be
spent en fortifications in British
Five out of the seven Governors of
Missouri elected since the wnr hnve been
natives of Kentucky
A lively fight occurred iu n New Yerk
uuimid store between a king snake nnd a
rattler in which the latter wns killed.
Gehmany, in anticipation of n wnr
with France, hns a golden treasure of
060,000,000 mnrks stewed away in n safe
An artist's rule as te color is "Cheese
enl these tints of which a duplicate may
be found in the hair, the eyes, or the
Patsey Buiins was killed and his two
companions injured by licing struck by
an endne while leturning from a wake
at Youngstown
At Pawtucket, H. 1., Julia Sykes stele
875 te pay s?5 line for drunkenness An
elliccr wnited en the outside while she
committed the theft.
The West Superior (Wis.) Woolen
Mills hnve assigned for ?!)5.000, brought
en bv attachment by the Farmers' Na
tional Bank of Portsmouth, O., wheie
they formerly did business
Mips. Annie Geohee of Canten has
sued for divorce in Seuth Dakota alleging
desertion, nnd hci husband hns sued
William Sa.ten for S00.000 damages for
alienating his wife's nrTectien
Never nllew meat te be plnctd directly
en the ice, as the water draws out the
juices, it is even worse te lny it there
wrapped in paper It should always be
laid in a clean porcelain vessel.
The word "burgess" in Pennsylvania
means the chief executive officer of a
borough. And a borough is an incorpo
rated muncipnlity, less populous than n
city and mere populous thnn n hamlet.
They have a Sherlll out in St. Leuis
county, Me., who has killed an antago
nist in a piivate personal quarrel, but
who refuses te resign his office. As mat
ters stand he will be obliged te hanj; him
self if convicted.
. .
Rememuem, The Ledqeu prints "llelp
Wanted." " Lest," " Found, nnd similar
notices net of n business chnrncter, free
of charge. The only thing we require is
that the copy be sent in before 9 o'clock
en day of.publicatien.
It appears that electrical apparatus for
the Seuth American trade is built in sec
tions each weighing under 400 pounds.
The leasen is that in a great many cases
all supplies for a plant linve te be trans
ported en mules, nnd 400 pounds is nbeut
the limit of a mule's carrying enpneity.
i m .
The rapid growth of the habit of
sobriety nnd temperance- is one of the
characteristics of the Amciican rnilwny
service. It is said that the 5,000 lnbercrs
who were employed in changing the
grade of the Great Western Rnilwa
were net allowed te refresh themselves
during working hours with anything
stronger than oatmeal water
KxiniiTS Templaiis of Cincinnati are
making strenuous eiluits te get the next
Triennial Conclave for that city. A
regular Executive Committee has been
appointed for that purpose, nnd it is
claimed enough votes nre nlrendy
premised te secure it, $51,000 has already
been subscribed te defray the expenses
of the encampment should it go there
Kt-uturk) Fair and TieU,
The following list has been carefully
arranged for The Leoeeu. Any omis emis
sions will be cheerfully supplied upon
Dunvlllc, August 2d live days.
Shnrpshurg, August lh rh e days.
Nlclielasvlllc, August 10th Qve days.
MajSvllle, August Sid Ave days.
Lovlngten, August 30th Ave dnj s.
Paris, September Qtli tlc day.
Winchester, Soplember llith flve days.
Cinthlana, Septembcr 21st lour du).
Mt Sterling, September 27th three days.
Versailles, August 2d flve das.
Columbia, August 0th four dajs.
Springfield, August 0th four days.
Lawrenceburg, August 0th three days.
Cnmpbollsvllle, August pith four da) s.
Unlontewn, August 16th rhedujs.
JjObanen, August .Ski four ilnyg.
Hondersou, August 2JJd lUednjs.
Londen, August 21th three days.
Alexnndrla, August 30th flve daj s,.
Franklin. August 'JOth Ave daia.
Hewling Green, Septomber nth.
liurdsteun, September Utli-fHe days.
Maytllck, (cel,,) September "th four days.
Ellznbothtewn, September 13th four dnjs.
Ashland, September 20th four days.
Herso Cnte, Septpmber 20th four iln)s.
Gcirmantewn, September 28th four da s.
Hartferd, September 28th four days. '
Owenton, October lib flve daj.
All (he above meetings liave trotting
contests, these at Miysvllle being
especially attractive.
Fike and Accident Ins. R Warder.
Week of August the 23d,
2:40 pace 500
2 year old pace 500
2.30 trot 500
Mule llace.
Liberal premiums for Harness, Read, Saddle and Draft Horses.
The premium list in the Floral Hall has beenalmest doubled a premium for everything that
lil i 1 T
e-rows ana mat latues
Fare en the 0., and
The world s champion one year old pacer Fausta, 2:22, will be in
The world's champion one year old trotter Freu Freu, 2:25, will
These colts positively
Ladies and children
We tire authorized te announee J.C. JKF
FEKSON n the Democratic candidate ter
Suerltr et Masen county at the election te be
held Tuesday. November 8th, 18!.
Extension of Time!
Te Builders!
Sealed proposals 111 be received by the un
dersigned until neon of MONDAY. September
5th, s'tt. for the erection of a residence In the
cltvel Majsvllle. Ky.
Plan and specifications maj be seen at the
elllte et Crapey i: Hrewn, Architects. Wlp
pins Illeek. Cincinnati, and at the eltlce et The
1'L'iimc LtniiMi In Maysvtlle.
Ilids niu-t lnclude the entire Merk.
Thfc right N reserved te reject nny or all
A. 1IA) I
Ne Charge!
the hcuillnu of " Hcli
:irni(c(.M "Situation
ll'milid," " Ln-t," " Found," ilc, of nn accepfn
blc nature, nm! tit te ciceul thtcc linen, en thl
IHiuc, air FltVlC te all.
ISTXe Itulnm Ailvtrttrciiicnt tntntul tilth'
out xi;y.
If annul fall te come the fint ttmr, uc Invite
a many ii)irtttleii a are iifcin ' tecn.'e
uftat V'iu advei the fei. Il'e irWi the atlccrtUei
tuful tliat tiny ait vel (inpwOii'in u by uinj
our free column.
Ailvcitlnmcul can be lift at our ejtce or ent
thmuuh the mall te
rue vuuLic ledqeu company,
Xe. 10 E. Thlnl Street.
rANTKD-A white
Market strict.
Nurse. Apply at 12S
YirANTED-Latlles te knew that Mls llettle
T Hill has removed her Drct-maklntf es
tablishment te the rooms formerly occupied
by Dr. Franklin. Ladles will pleae mil.
7"ANTED A Klrl te de general housework.
Must bring reference.
Dlt. S. l'ANGUUKN.
7ANTED Three thousand subscribers te
Tilt: l'l.'llMU l.tDOElt.
710H HENT The room en Court street lately
nmitiilml lie II Tllllihni.! ilia a mnrfihilnr
r. Apply te It. A.COCHHAN.
OH HENT Heuse et two rooms anil
kitchen. Apply te Mrs. JULIA CULL,
Germantown I'ike,
FOH HENT Hoems en first fleer, at 4 M Eat
Second street, corner Poplar.
OH SALE Twe flrst-clas Milch Cows.
Apply te JAMES wells, us wan street.
1710H SALE-Apairet 21
JL? cheap, at 1'ostefllco.
l-peuud Dumb-bells,
FOH SALE Mocking lllrd: a geed singer:
will sell cheap. Apply te J. L. KINK TV.
217 Market street.
LOST Iletween Teurth street and I'ostelllce,
l'ocket-beok containing small amount et
money and several Kej s. Kinder please leave
hi thM elllce.
I" OST On Second strict, between the llee
J Hle and Llmcstone street, a bunch or
Kei s. Kinder please leave at this enicu.
I" OST Meerschaum 1'lpe. between Kalr
-I Grounds and Market street. Leae at
tills olllce and reecho reward.
LOST A clasp I'ln en Third street between
Lexington street, Kifth Ward, and Sutten
street. Finder please return te this olllce.
LOST On the evening of the 21st, between
the corner of Wall and Third streets and
the resldence et G. W. lllattermau en West
Fourth street, n pair of geld Glasses In a case
and h geld thlmhlu with name "Mary" en
graved. A suitable reward will be paid upon
the return of these articles te Ne. 11 West
Fourth street.
T OST Iletween Second and Third streets.
JU or Market, brown Ladles' Cutr Ilutten.
Plnncn ri.tiirn tn I'uhlld I.edw-er ollleo and rn-
celve reward.
IJIOCND A black I'oeket-book. Ow ner can
. Intve name by proving property.
OUND A Doer Key near old Depot. Call
at tinseiiice.
RIOUND-A Silk Handkerchief. Owneracan
IJ get same b) calling at this olllce.
FOUND A deer Key. Owner can have
same by calling at this elllte.
IJIOL'ND That It pays ft big profit te patron
. IzeTlIK I'L-HMO LLPQint.
IIO'IT. A.COt'nilVN, )
A. t. I. ceciliri.N, MA VSVILLi:, K Y
Cbronle illseases of eery clmraeter a spe
cially, prominent among which are
Nasal Catarrh, lireat and Lung
professional calls nnswurcd promptly Olllce
corner Third and Sutten street.
Free for nil pace $ 500
Futurity (2 yr.) 2,000
2:40 trot 500
Peny llace.
2:18 trot $ 500
Smith stake, 3 r 1,000
2.23 class pacers 500
300 ya) d feet race.
0. and K. C. and Big Sandy steamers, one fare
will be here.
free first day.
Aj l
Commissioner's Sale.
V. II. Clark's Adm'ratrlx, i.c. l'l'llf., 1
Agalnt Equity
Stanley ClarK. c. Defendants. )
llv virtue of n judgment and elder of sale
of the Masen Circuit Court, rendered at the
July term thereof. 1'f.. In the nbove cnuse, I
shall proceed te elTer ler sale en the premises
in Majsvllle. Ky., te the highest bidder at
public mictien ou
Thursday, August 4th, 1892,
at 2 o'clock p. in., upon a credit et sl, twehc
and eighteen month, the following decrlbed
prepei ty, te-wit:
First A certain tract of land situated en
the waters et Limestone creek and known as
the slauifhter-heu-e property, and containing
2 aens, II reeds and 2s poles.
Second Twe lets of ground nbeut III feet
wide and about 220 teet long, with lrauie
duelling-heuse en each et them.
Third A large vacant let adjoining the sec
ond described lets situated en the Mtiysvllle
and Mt. sterling l'lke.and being about HI teet
w ide and about 220 teet long.
Fer the purchase price the purchaser, with
apprecd surety or sureties, must execute
bend, bearing legal interest from day of sale,
according te law. Ilidders will be prepared te
comply promptly with thee terms. Hends
pajaulote ALLAN D. COLE.
July 21, "IC. Master Commissioner.
Hen A. E.Cole, Jjidge.... . . . MaysVllle
J. H. tnllee, Commonwealth Att'y .Mue Ilk
Hen D. I'arry, Clerk Majvllle
Allan D.Cele, Muster Commissioner. Majsvllle
Court ATeet
Mas-en At Maysvllle, Tuesday after the sec
ond Monday In January, April, Julj and Octo
ber. Fleming At Flcmlugsbuig, third Monday In
May and November.
Greenup At Greenup, fourth Monday In
February aud August.
Lewis At Vnnceburg second Monday In
June and December.
Nicuelas-At Carlisle, Tuesday nfter third
Monday In September and leurth Mendii) in
Meet Scceml Monday In Each Menth.
The-. H. I'hlster, Presiding Judge Maj svllle
Charles D. New ell. County Attorney. Maj s llle
T. M. Pearce, Clerk Majsvllle
Jehn W.Alexander, Sheriff . ..MaysWlIe
J.C. Jetrcrsen I n . ,, I Majsllck
Sam P. I'eilue f DePut't,s1 .. Maeville
Hebert C. Kirk. Jailer.. . .'..Majsvllle
Jehn D Hee, Corener Majsvllle
Jehn O. Exerett, Acser Mujsille
G. W. Illatteimau, Scheel Sup't. ..Majsvllle
IQuarterlj Cemt meets Tuesday alter the
sicend Mendiij In Marcli, June, September
and December, and has civil Jurisdiction te
the amount et S2KJ.I
Maj svllle Ne. 1. Jehn L. Ornnt, Maglxtrate,
holds court the first Tuesday In eneb month.
Jacob Mlller, Mnglstrate, holds court the
fourth Tueday In eachlnenth. Win. II. Daw Daw
eon, Constable.
Majsvllle Ne. 2. T. J. Pickett, Mnglstrnte
holds court the tlrst Saturday In each mouth.
William Pepper, Magistrate, holds court the
fourth Saturday In each month. J. II. MeNutt,
Decr James Earnshaw and Frank Lutis
ford. Magistrates, held courts en the first aud
third Wednesdays In March, June, Septembcr
aud December. Jehn Huuj en. Constable
Mlnervu O. N. Woaver and Jeseph M. Uynr.
Magistrates, held courts en the first and third
Thursdajs In March. June, September and
Docember. William E. King, Constable
Germantown Leslie H.Manncn nnd Wm. L.
Woelwanl, Magistrates, held courts en the
llrst Friday and third Saturday In March,
June, September and December, William
Feul, Constable
Sardls J. M. Hnll and James II. Grlgsbj-,
Magistrates, bold courts ou the second and
fourth Saturdays In March, June, September
and December. A. J. Suit. Constable
Maj-sllek-Churleg W. Williams and J. D.
Haymeud, Magistrates, held courts en the sec
ond and fourth Fridays In March, June, Sep
tember and December. James H. Koberson.
Lewlsburg Isaac L. Mcllvaln and Jeseph
M. Alexander, Magistrates, held courts ou the
second and fourth Thursdajrfin March, June,
September and December. S. M. Strode, Con
stable Orangeburg M. D. Farrew end Lewis M.
Cellls, Magistrates, held courts en the first
Saturday and lust Monday in March, June,
September and December. W. H. Coryell,
Washington Edward Belfry and Arthur Y.
Weed, Magistrates, held courts en the fourth
Tuesdays and third Wednesdays In March,
June, Soptcmber nnd December. Geerge O.
Gegglu, Constable.
Miirphygllle-Jnlin E. Wells and W. W.
Worthlugten, Magistrates, held courts en the
fourth Mondays aud third Thursdays Iu March,
June, September and December. 11. T. 8ut
clltre, Cunstable,
Kern Leaf Samuel E. Masllu and Pewell II.
Owens, MugUtrates, held courts ou the second
aud fourth Saturday In Mureli. June, Septem
ber and December. Charles Wnlllugferd, Con
stable. Helena William LUttrell nnd Jeseph W
Ilatcmiin, Magistrates, held courts en the suq suq
end and fourth Wednesda)' In March. June,
September and December. Jnmn It. Farrew,
CeiwUHblu. -
24th, 25th, 26th aud 27th. :;
2:22 tiet
Merchants stake (4 yr.).
3 year old pnceis
See programs.
r lrst That Allen Gre er, Cnlt ert C. Arthur,
Edward F. Hernden, Henry A. Hees, H. W.
Hees and William Manley have become In
corporated by virtue of the previsions of the
General Statutes et Kentucky under the minus
of Shannen and Ferman Chapel Turnpike
Company, anil the principal place of transact
ing business Is ut the icsldcnce of Jehn II.
Hernden, Esq.. Masen county, Ky.
Second The nature et the business pro
posed te be transacted is the construction,
maintenance and operation of u turnplke
read from the SaidlsTuiupike Head neat the
forks et Shannen creek te Fleming ceuntv
line near Ferman's Clu.pel, a distance e"t
about two and a bait miles.
Third The capital stock of said corpora
tion Is sly thousand dollars, iu shares of
twenty-tli cdellnrs each, the private stock te be
paid In upon call et the Directors, and the
stock et Maen county In accordance with re re
qulrementset the order et the Couitet Claims
of Masen county-.
Fourth Said corporation shall cotnmence
business as seen as two thousand dollars Is
subscribed te the capital stock and shall con
tinue in existence titty j ears.
Fifth The nttalrs et the corporation are te
tie conducted by n President mid n Heard of
Directors, flic In number, a Secretary and
Treasurer, all of whom are te be stockholders
in sBld corporation. The first set et elllcers
shall be Allen Gieier. President: II. W. Hees,
Calvert C. Arthur, Edwaid F. Hernden. Wil
liam Manley aud Heur? A. Hees. Directors;
Edward F. Hernden, Secretary; II. W. Hees.
Treasurer, nnd they shall held their eillces
until theflrst Monday In April, lSrfl, and until
thelr successors aie chosen and qualified: and
eiery first Monday Iu April thereuttcr n Pres
ident and Heard of Dliecters shall be chosen
by the stockholders, and a Secretary nnd
Treasurer by the President und Heard of Di
rectors te held for the ensuing v ear and until
their successors are chosen nnd qualified.
Slvth The Indebtedness of said corpora
tion shall at no tlme execed the sum of flve
thousand dollars.
Seventh The private property et the stock
holders Is te be exempt tiem the corporate
debts of said corporation.
April 1.1th, IM'2.
Ne. 2... B 40 a. m
. J .- ...... m li. ill
.iit i Vn ik in !. ...
Ne! -I. ."' ') 1)0 p! m
(Ne. 1 ... 22 a.
Ne. IU... A 10 a,
Ne. 17 10 15 a.
Ne. 3,.,. t a p.
A 22 a, m
Add twenty-slv minutes te get city time
Nes. 10 and 20 are the Max svllle accommeda
tleu, aud Nes. 17 and lb the Huntington accom
modation. Nes. 1 and 2 are the last express
and Nes,."! and 4 the F. F. V.
Ne. 4 (F. F. V.) Is a solid train with through
dining car und Pullman sleepers te Washing
ton. Haltlmore, Philadelphia and New Verk.
Through Pullman sleepcr te Hlchme'id, Va
aud Old Point Comfert. Ne. 2 is a solid train
with Pullman sleeper te Washington, making
all Eastern and Southeastern connections.
The accommodation trains are dally except
Sunday; the rest arc dally.
Direct connection at Cincinnati for points
West and Seuth.
Leaves Majsvllle nt
5;.RI a. m. for Paris, Lex-
mend. Stanford. Liv
ingsten, Jolllce, Mlddlcsboreugh, Cumberland
Gap, Frankfort. Louisville and points en N.
N. and M. V., Eastern Division.
Leaves Maysvllle at 1:45 p. in. ter Paris, Cin
cinnati, Lexington, Winchester, Hichmnnd
and points ou N. N. nnd M. V., Eastern Divis
ion. Xerthbtmntl.
Arrive at Muj svllle at 10.00 a. m. and SMI
p. in.
All trains daily except Sunday.
Add twenty-six minutes te get city time.
Tic Ohie ami Mtsllii-
jl llalluay
Is the short line be
tween Cincinnati and
St. Leuis, and all of Its
trains run tliremdi solid
te St. Leuis. Ne transferring of baggage or
of passengers who travel en O. and M. trains.
Less than ten hours Is our tlme te St. Leuis,
where our trains mnke connection Iu the
Colen Dcet with truing of all Hues for the
West, Southwest and Northwest.
The Ohie and Mississippi Hallwaj Is the di
rect and fast line te Louisville
ThuOhle aud Mississippi Hallway glics spe
cial attention te colonists going West, either
single or In parties. Our agents are pre
pared at all times te rurnUh Information as te
rates and route te points West, and when
passengers are ready te start will secure their
tiekcu at lnwet rates and attend te chock check
ing bnggime through te destination.
Fer tickets via O. and M. Hallway hud
further Information call en agents of connect
ing lines oiMulrtres C. W. PAHIS,
Central Passenger Agent O. and M. Hull
way . 41 West Fourth Btrexl. Cincinnati, O.
JOIIl'HINTINO ncutly and quickly executed
at The Publle Ledger Jeb Hoeiu.
Saturday-. ; .
2:33 trot S 500
Cin. tobacco stake (2 yr,). 1,000
2:20 tiet t 500
for the round trip.
Tuesday s race.
be in Saturday's race.-
P. PARKER, President.
cm eii'icmts.
Majer E. E. Pearce, Jr
Ultr Clerk Martin A. O'Hare
Collector and Treasu rer It. A. Cochran, J r
Marshal., , ....James Hctlln
Assessor A. N. Huff
Weed nnd Ceal Inspector William Davis
Whartmastcr CM.Phister
City Prosecutor J.N. Kehee
City Physician Dr. C.C.Owens
City Undertaker Q. A. Means & Sen;
Keeper Almshouse MrsiS
i Sarah E. Sapp '
Meet Flrt Thuinlay Evening In Each Jiuut'i.
William H. Cox, Piesidcnt.
Flirt Ward.
(1) W. H. Cox.
Fourth Il'iinl.
(1) Thes. if. Weed.
(2) Hebert Flcklln,
(J) H. L. Newell.
Fifth Ward.
(1 Gee. C. Fleming
(2)H.T. Haulmau,
(J) J. I. Salisbury.
Stxth Wanl.
(DOee. Schreeder,
(2) Polk Hicks.
; cenard ituey,
Second irunJ.
(1) J. C Pocor.
(2) M. F. Kehee,
(3) C. 11. Pearce, Jr.
Thlnl Ward.
(1) E. W. Fitzgerald.
(2) II. II. Illerbewcr,
(3) L. C. Hatterman.
("D Kufus Dryden.
The figures Indicate the number of jeuri
each Councilman has te serve from January,
Cenlldcnce Ledge Ne. 52 Meets llrst Mon Men
dnv night In each mouth.
Masen Ledge Ne. 312 Meets second Monday
night Iu cacli month.
Majsvllle Chapter Ne. V Meets third Mon Men
dav night In each month.
Mai svllle Commander) Ne. 10- Meets fourth
Monday night In each month.
DeKalb Loci go Ne. 12 Meets every Tuesday
Hlnggeld Ledge Ne. 27 Meets every Wcdnes-
dav ulirlit.
I'isgah Encampment Ne. Meets sicend
and leurth Mendajs In every mouth.
Canten Maj svllle Ne. 2 Meets third Monday
night In each month.
1'ilendshlp Ledge Ne. 42, D. et It. -Meets
first Monday night In each month.
Limestone Ledgo Ne. 30 Meets ei cry Friday
Mej svllle Division Ne. 0, C. H. Meets first
Tuesday In every month.
p. e. I. A.
Washington Camp Ne. 3 Meets ev erj Thurs
day night.
(1. A. K.
Jeseph Helscr Pest Ne. 13 Meets first nud
third Saturdays In each month.
M. C. Hutchlns Camp Ne. 2. S. of V. Meets
ei cry Wednesday evening.
Weman's Hellef Cerps Meets second and
teurtb Saturdajs Iu each mouth.
Maj svllle Ledge Ne. 2778. Meets first 4nd
third Tuesdaj-s in each month.
St. Patrick's Henovelont Societj Meets
every second Sunday.
seduuty or tne u
V. M. Meets every 8un-
Father Mathew Total Abstinence Soeletj-
Meets first Sunday In each month.
Ancient Order et Hlberninns Meets third
Sunday In each month.
Knights of St. Jehn Meets every Tuesday
German Hellcf Society Meets first Monday
night In each month.
Acacia Ledge Ne. 24, F. A.M. Meets second
Wednei-daj night In each month.
Mt. Hcrmen Cbapter Ne. 8. It. A. M, Meets
second Filduy In each mouth.
Palestine Cammandery Ne. 6, K. T. Meets
leurth Friday In each month,
e. v. e. e. i.
Mai svllle Star Ledge Ne. 19lS.-Meets first
and third Friday night In each month.
Household el Huth Ne. 37. Meets second
Thursday night In each month.
Conge Hlver Tabernttole Ne. 80. Meets first"
Thursday In each month. 1
Evans Ledgo Ne, O.Meets first Wednesday,
night In each month. 4
u. n. r.
Geed Will Ledgo Ne, 40. Meets first Satur
day and third Wednesday night In each month.
Yeung's Temple Ne. 41. Meets first Monday
night iu each month.
n. a. u.
McKlnnevan Pest Ne. lbfl. Meets fourth Sat
unlay night in encli month.
Weman's Hellef Cerps Ne. 26. Meets tlrsl
Tuesday In each month.
JFtug'gles Canip-meetiug
The tlme for holding, the meeting en these
well-Improved and beautiful grounds will bq
July 28th te August 8th, 4892.
Eminent Clergymen will be present, men of
learning nud popular ttilent. Among these
will be Hev. Lewis Curtis. D.D., ofChicage, a.
man of National fume and great ability, Hev,
D. Lee Aultman of Cincinnati, assistant Sec
retary et the Southern Educational Society.
All the Mlulstoiset the District are expected
te be present.
The Children's ChepOl will be In charge of
Hev. J. M.Taulhoeot Covington, Professer
W.O. llldem and .1. 1 tarry Hlchardsen wlllbnve
clufige of the music, assisted by a splendid
The privileges have all been let te responsi
ble persons. y. H. Humrlek, Hetel; Wnlsh
,V Wieds. Conlcctleuery: E. II. Ilryant, Stable;
Jehn L. Plummer. Ilaggage and Ilarber-shep.
Omnibuses connecting with bouts and trains,
under the control of Harbour V Pellltt. will
make two trliis dally, mernlflg and evenlng
te und from Maysvllle; are w cents.
Admission 10 cents. Any nue tee inxr te
pay will be admitted free. Hev. Amen Ilorc Ilerc
Ing. I'reildlng Elder, will hnve charge of the
services. Captain James Hetlln and W. II.
Dawsen of Mnytvllle will, scethat yoed order
U maintained. ,
'. "Mmatm
"-'iHEBH'A'wr r-
J&ffl '

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