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.The King Lgtters te Buchanan
Alleged te Be Forgeries.
!Trt A Tnf n'P ntn Tlllntnnxx tTnn Fttenl nnil
t wt ui iu fcjr juuaiuuas iiua uamiuptu
in Connection With the- Matter.
Oets. Hegg, of Texas, and Ilrewn, of Ken-
,-,tucky, Deny That Tliey Wrete Letter
Me Gov. Duchanan In King's favor
Clevclnnd Iette n .Berircry.
Memphis, Tcnn.,Aug.l3. Gov. Brown,
'Kdntuckv. and Gov. Hotrir.-ef Texas.
dcny that theyQwrote letters te Gov.
I Buchanan, asking executive clemency
tn behalf of II. Clay King. The people
of this city propose te see who did
ft write them, and Gov. Buchanan will be
JfeffL asked te attempt te run the forgers te
ggfi coyer.
, - x irciugiuiu iiua uvuu juuuivuu ijuui
urever uieveiana denying1 max nc wreie
abetter te the governor, but the letter
te Mrs. White, signed by Grever, is in
possession of the governor, and possibly
It is a forgery.
AJotref dirty business has developed
tn connection with the whole matter.
A r!lanntli innYn1 tmre TiVlrlnv mrtrnlnff
stating that Gov. Buchanan would net
tolerate any mere criticism from the
people of this city. The burning of him
In clflgy evidently displeased him, and
when the communication of Buchanan
was received Friday morning some of
these implicated in the eillgy burning
i saia: "ii tncy coma get tneir nanasen
uucnanan they would give him a gentle
coat of tar and feathers, or duck him in
thnTVHRstsfclnnl riwer." Wnwlfin Pn(nn
Hfc who, when young Uoughten King told
A," him his father deserved geed treatment,
remarked that Dave Posten deserved it,
loe, and that his memory is mere high-
& r ". ly respected here than the governor.
e cinvcreuicnt Idizlit Heur l.nw rer-
ptcxes tlin District CotninlMlenpr.
' Wasiiinoten, Aug. 13. The new
eight hour law is creating a deal of stir
in the District of Columbia just new.
Xet only are the commissioners per
plexed as te the persons included with
in its scope, but heads of departments
are at a less hew te proceed.
The law carries as a penalty fine and
Imprisonment, one or both, in the
discretion of the court. The fine is net
te exceed 81,000 and the imprisonment
(net te be longer than six months. The
district commissioners had District At
torney llazlcten construe the law. New
'the labor unions contend that this
opinion is all wrong and Insist en a
broader construction. Solicitor Gen
eral Aldrich of the department
of justice is preparing an opin
ion en the subject. Representative
jj?X Tarsney, of Missouri, who prepared the
I Z, , urn, says mat it applies te an govern
' f fS1 ' ment work except that which is being
f ,y . done en contract. He says it does net
I " j$ apply te the Cramps, because the ships
2. If,.' w which they are building will net be the
- W nrenertv of the irevernment until thev
, '-- x -- e-- -
i.AJ.,.i are delivered te the nnw department.
$&l but it does apply te all pest offices, cus-
L M :.( , 1
Mnntlicred by Chnrceii! I'utne.
, Vienna, Aug. 13. A clerk in this city
named Jelmun Singer, who hud been
.out of employment for some time and
who saw no means of supporting the
,wemun with whom he was living and
by-whom he had three children, deter
mined te kill them and then commit
suicide. The means employed was burn
in?, charcoal. He started the" Are in the
'?"'' room in which the women and children
were .asleep, and inhaling the fumes
they seen died. Singer himself re
mained in the room, and from appear
ances he, tee, died shortly after his
f Stevenson's Appointment.
Bleem inoten, 111., Aug. 13. Gen.
Stevenson announces the following ap
pointments for campaign speech mak
ing: Indiana, September 1 te 7. He
will then return te Illinois for ten days,
and afterward will visit North Caro
lina, remaining until the end of Sep
tember. He will come back te Illinois
-upon closing his tour In North Caro
lina and wiil devote the most of the
month of October te work In his own
state, Durlng the month, however, he
will make several speeches in New Yerk
state at points te be selected.
The International Meney Conference.
WsShinoten, Aug. 13. Senater Alli Alli
eon and Senater Jenes, of Nevada, have
formally notified the secretary of Btate
of their acceptance of the appointment
as dulegutcs en the part of the United
States te the international money con
ference. Similar .action is expected en
the part of the ether three delegates.
Ne decision has yet been reached as te
the time and place of holding the con-
ference, but it will undoubtedly be held
at one of the European capitals net
earlier than October 1..
Myiterleui Dlteiwie Among Children.
Pauldine, O., Aug. 13. Paulding is
suffering, freraa.kind of summer com
plaint which seems te have become al
most epidemic, and especially among
the children In the lumbering commun
ity, known as Section Eight About
-twenty children have died, net a child
ovwitwe years old being left in Pauld
ing; It has been especially severe, and
hsuf carried off abeuttiilrty people.
Radical ay of IlefermliiK llurlnl.
VlCTOiiiA, II. C, Aug. 13, Confirm
' atery advices have been received of the
burning of an Indian village of Quecn
Charlette islands.' The flre was started
by some Christianized Indians from
Van CeUvcr island, who objected te the
hanging of dead bodies en poles in one
" sortlen'of' the village, this being the
Jtrlbsl manner of burial Supt Vewoll
haa been requested te investigate.
SlttlaK Ilull'i Duliter Alurrlea.
Rondout, N, Y. Aug. 13. A dutghtr
of the great Indian chief, Sitting Bull,
and Peter Markle, formerly of the
Unity States army, were inurrlc,d here
yatcse rwHeence ei riumm vnit,unu.
EtfOK-t ,nm." Markle, It kitald, served with Cua-
yjfi' jt Mrf ' u w reperiea tnat nis urine
ft. ..... anwA1 lata 11ti wlftdn nitaYttxA Vw
VRff wwii mm 4w ... iimi wj
;in4l)Ma ' ,
JtemetVfntttithj Iren Mall, sMahc Heme
DaHMglnif Admldleim.
IKOIAKAMS; AugT 13. Supreme
Justice 'Semcrby was en the staud In
the Iren Ilnll ivcclvership case, Friday.
The testimony elicited ,wai strong
cneifgh te lead the plaintiffs te believe
that a receiver will be appointed.
Semcrby, although having supreme
authority, admitted that he had never
given bend until this suit was brought,
and then only in the sum of 8.,000, with
a Detroit undertaker as security. This
bend lias net been approved and is net
in force.
Supreme Cashier Davis is under ?."0,
000 bend, the witness said, but one e'f
the sureties is dead. Somerby admitted
that the tlme for which the supreme sit
ting and officers had been elected (two
years), had expired.
He could point out no authority for
the present body te exist, except a sec
tion authorizing a special call of the
The witness did net knew where any
of the order's reserve funds, except
$3,000 in this city, had been invested as
required by the constitution. Ac
countant Davis had seme transactions
involving seme 501,000, but Semcrby
did net knew hew this money was in
Amil)4U at Cnluuibns, O., Shew Mere
Tliim Half Adulterated.
Cetu-Mlius, 0., Aug. 13. If the people
of Ohie have any doubt of the adultera
tion of feed articles that they buy as
pure and wholesome, but which are
wicked frauds, they need but take
a glance at the summary which
is given below or the analysis
of feeds bought in the open mar
ket by Feed and Dairy Commissioner
McNcul. During May, June and July
of this year there were analyzed 13
samples of oleomargarine, of which 12
were adulterated; 14 samples of butter,
of which S were adulterated! SO sam
ples of vinegar, of which 21 were adul
terated. 2 samples of pepper, df which
one was adulterated; 12 samples of lard,
of which 0 were adulterated; IS sam
ples of coffee, of which 10 were adul
terated; 1 sample of mustard, which
was adulterated. There were ex
amined and found pure, 2 samples of
maple syrup, 2 of maple sugar, 2 of
cream tartar, 1 of baking soda, 1 each
of cloves, ginger and allspice. During
the period named twenty-four tests of
milk were made, and in tw'olve cases
the milk was found te be below stand
Mzle llerdeu Arrals-.ed mid 1'leaiU
Fall Hivkii, Mass., Aug. 13. Lizzie
A. Berden was arraigned in the second
district court before Judge J. C. Blais
dcll Friday mernlnp, en charges of
homicide arising from the killing of her
father and stepmother. The courtroom
was crowded te suffocation by a motley
crowd of curious people in no way
directly interested, and Miss Berden's
friends at court were very few in num
ber. V
She entered the court room leaning
en Missionary Buck's arm. She was
j-emewhat nervous, but did net show
feeling by either tears or trembling.
She was then asked te plcud te charges
of homicide and did se, saying "Net
Miss Berden's counsel moved for a
new trial at once. District Attorney
Knowleten asked for a continuance un
til Monday, August 22, and it was
granted. Mr. Merse and Bridget Sulli
van were held as witnesses in the sum
of $500 each. Miss Berden was asked
te stand up and was committed with
out bail. .
Tuther Kuhlinan He ruses tn de.
St. Leuis, Aug. 13. Seme time age
Fyther Kuhlinan, a Catholic priest ut
Mitchell, 111., was formally notified,
upon order of the Vatican, that his
priestly robes had been taken from
him. This was done en "secret infor
mation" furnished against him, but by
whom the charges were preferred and
what they were is net known. He re
fused te vacate his parish or te turn
ever church property and Bishop Ryan
has sworn out a writ of ejectment
against him. The case premises te be
a sensational one before it is finished.
Teut Olllee Clerk Miller.
New Oiileans, Aug. 13. The strict
enforcement of the anti-lottery law; and
the consequent excluhien of lottery
matter from the mails has reduced the
revenues of the pest olllee $103,000 per
unman. Last month the receipts from
orders, postal notes, etc, foil materially
below the amount of the salaries in the
department The result has been that
postmaster Eaten has received instruc
tions from the postmaster general te re
duce the salaries ef1 all clerks in that
Continued Incendiary.
Sioux City, la., Aug. 13. During the
last two years nearly $100,000 worth of
property has been destroyed by incen
diary fires in the two towns of Coving
ten and Stanten, directly across the
river from this city. The towns were
built up by the udoptlen of prohibitory
Jaws in -Iowa, and bore u bed reputa
tion, the population being composed
wholly of saloon men, gamblers, etc.
Beb Thompson, a bar-keeper, has mode
a confession, in which he acknowl
edged Betting seme of the fires.
Tuhet It All Hank.
Nkw YertK, Aug. 13. The Freeman's
Journal and Catholic Register, which a
few days age stirred up bitter discus
sion in this city by virtually asserting
that a proof of Archbishop Ireland's
memorial was stolen from the Vatican
printing office at the instigation of
Arohbishep Cerrigan, of this eity, Fri
day, by an editorial, distinctly dtsasso dtsasse
cl ues his gvuce from any connection
with the stolen copy.
'ulUbury Wilt Hexlgu.
Londen, Aug. 13. At 1 o'clock Fri
day afternoon Lord Salisbury l Lon Len Lon
eon en "a special truin for'l'ertsmouth,
whunce he will embark for the Isle of
Wight Ills' doBtlnutleu is iMborne
house, where he will tender te the
queen the resignation of the conserva censerva
tlve.mlnlstrv. '
(lathered Frem All Parti of 1
the Country
, by Telegraph.
Suleiman Pacha, governor of Bagdad,
is acnu. ' &
at is jearneu tnat iresiueni uarrisen
will net leave Loen lake until abut3cp
temper 1.
West Virginia gels $K;838,200 from the
government for the improvement of her
rivcra That state was fifth in the
matter of appropriations.
At PortTewnsend, Wash., the British
steamer Winifred, recently seized by
the customs officers for violation of the
navigation laws, was fined 81,300.
Seuth Dakota will this year be the
banner wheat state of the union. Her
yield is placed by experts' at from 50,
000,000 te 00,000,000 bushels. There are
also abundant quantities of ether
Henry Gottlieb, a lawyer with an
office en Park row, New Yerk, was ar
raigned in court en a charge of forgery.
The police say that they have as many
as fifty cases against him of swindling
and forgery.
The Lima Natural Gas Ce., drilled in
a large gas well en the Wish farm, near
St Mary's, Friday afternoon, with a ca
pacity of -1,000,000 cubic feet The com
pany Intends sinking nine mere wells
en this field.
Mrs. Eliza Roberts, of. Battle Creek,
Mich., who was one of the eighteen per
sons injured in the Santa Fe railroad
wreck near Petersburg, Cel., en Tues
day, is dead. The rest of the injured
arc recovering.
The Hetel Stafferd, a new six-story
building at Fourteenth and II streets,
Washington, was badly damaged by tire
Friday morning. The less en furni
ture and fixtures is estimated at about
521,000; insurance, 511,000.
DThe probabilities are that the talked
of republican branch headquarters at
Chicago will be abandoned, or at least
postponed for the present Mr. Camp
bell admitted as much Friday, but did
net care te make any explanation of the
Under the act of congress authorizing
the president te invite the foreign jiavai
powers te participate in the naval re
view, te be held in New Yerk harbor
next April; the state department ias
issued invitations, in the name of the
president td the naval powers of the
The Acme Storage Battery and Manu
facturing Ce., with a capital stock of
55, 000,000, was Incorporated at Trenten,
N. J., Friday. The directors are Geerge
C. Warren, C. T. Griffin and W. L.
Barker, of New Yerk; J. II. Potts, of
Jersey City, and W. M. McDougall, of
Burt Uevicr and Charles Lement,
young men living at Dundee, threfi
miles from Nerthfleld, , Minn., both in
love with Miss Lenkey, of their town,
made an arrangement te settle the mat
ter by a fight in the presence of the
young woman. Miss Lenkey was
watching the encounter from a buggy,
when the horse took fright and ran
away, throwing her out It is thought
she is fatally hurt
Cincinnati, Aug. 11
FIjOCH Winter patent, U 3031.50; fancy, M.73
4 00, family, i23.0i); extra, J2.i22.. low
grade, il.7,SilO; spring patent, JI.4(V31.73:
sprins; fancy, 3.CK3l 20: spring family, ?3a
3(55. Kye flour, ?I.10SI 3. Sales of C5 brls fancy,
Wheat Uuycrs vanted Ne. 2 red ut 71
7lHe and sellers held at TSST.VSc, seme geed
samples meeting pressing requirements com
manding the rates.
Coun Ne. 2 whlte was held at 35c, and
taken en local account for Immcdlate wants.
Shippers had no margin at better than 51c
Ne. - mixed closed selling at 51c. Kar was dull
ut 51354c for prlme te choice samples.
Oats Ne 8 whlte held at MJiffic for
Htralght samples and Ne. 2 mixed at 31335c, hut
there were sales of efl lets at lower flgurcs than
these Quoted.
. Hye Was easy and quiet Xe. 2, nominal at
6&3Mc und Ne. 3 at C030lc, buyers' views being
represented at the Inslde llgurcs.
Cattle Shippers; Geed te choice, M253
4.65: common te fair, 1.0034.00. Oxen: Geed
te choice, J3.2533.75; common te fair, tl.75300;
select butcher, W.0O34.2S; extra, N 8034 40; fair
te geed, 53.0033.00-. common, il.7532.5a
Heifers: Geed te choice heavy, S3.4033.35;
geed te choice light, 3.0033.50; common te fair
light, Jl.5032.7a.
Heas Select heavy and prime butcber,5.T03
5.80; fair te geed packing, t5.&)3A V; oeranoa
and rough, H M35i 15; fair te geed light 15.300
Sheep and Lambs Keeelpts light and mar
ket tlrm. with a geed general demand. Sheep
Wethers and yearlings, J4.7.V35 25: best weth
ers, M.25J4.75: common te fair mixed, J3.0O3
4.00; steclt ewes, S3.5034 25;extrut J4.50. Lambs,
Ilest Bhlppers, W 2530.60; none of the best en
sale; fair te geed, 5.502485; coarse and heavy,
t4.5U35.50; bulthers, W.7534 75; culls, ti.Hr
NEW YeilK, Aug. 13.
Wheat Steady and moderately active
December, 87 MOVs, May, OiHe; September,
Hve Dull uud weak: western, 70373e.
Celli Dull und steady; Ne 2, 03360;
August 614e September, 59,c.
Oats Dull, lower uud weaker; October, Sljjc;
wfcsterm 3SH34SM.
PlTTSIlUnOII, Aug. 12.
Cattle Market nothing doing, all through
Hoes Market steady; selected Philadel
phia, fd.003a.tO; Yorkers, I5.ea35.00; grassers,
t5.40&A-75; four ears hogs ship ped te New
Sheep Market firm.
Ualtimehe, Aug. 13.
Wheat Weak; Ne. 2 red spot and
August, Wc; September, 80ie; October, filViej
steamer Ne. 2 red, 73 .Se. ,
Cehn Dull; mixed spot, 5tY35dc; August
wye usked.
Oats Steady; Ne. z whlte western, t-e;
Ne. 2 mixed western, 89c.
Rvb Steady; Ne. 2, 73e nsked.
CniOAOO, Aug 11
Kleuh. anh Oiuin Cash quotations Fleur
steady nnd unchanged: Ne. 2 spring wheat, 774
M77e: Ne. 3 spring wheat 71fe; Nairea,
77H377Me; Na acorn, Me; Ne. 2 eats, 33)ic;
Ne. 2 white, Soe; Ne. 8 white. 82tf33t5e;
Ne. 2 rve, Q5e; Ne. 8 barley, 63e; Na 3, 1. a b.,
48357c; Na 4 f. a n., 40c; Na i flaxseed tl.Mi.
X PmtADELFUIA, Aug. 13.
Wheat Was depressed by free offerings and
the continued Indifference of shipper; steamer
Na t red in expert elevator, 79Vie: Na 3 red In
expert olevetor, 7Sc: Na 2 Pennsylvania In ex ex
eort elevator,' H3e; Na 2 red August SO WO
Cens Options wealc and lower; local car lets
dull and weak) ungraded mixed, 55e; Ne, 3 for
local trade, WQCOej Na 2 mixed August, 5SH
Oats Car lets dull and weak; futures nomi
nally unchanged i Na 3 whlte. 39Me; Na 3
whlte, 43 Ma
Toleue, O , Aug. U
Wheat Easier; Na 2 rash and August and
September, TDJiei October, 60Me; November,
Cehn Dull and steady; KaScuih, Ke.
OATH-Qulcti cash. Ua.
HYB-'Dultr oath, MHc.
Clevch SEO-8tedj Brtmij cub, tf.00:
October, H9&,
r$:. .
-Tisw - -
the mm
'-. .y .. .
t. Larger uaiiu circulation Hum any
lUpubUtan AewtiKiiicrtn America.
The Aujiaslve- ItcpuhUcan Journal of the Mc Mc
Irupelfs A T'cv)apcrferthe Mawt,
Circulation Over 100,000 Copies Daily.
The Pnr.ss Is the organ or no faction; nulls
no wires; has no animosities te nvunKc.
The Mnt Remarkable A'cttyixtpcr Sticcw fit
A'cui Yerk. The ft ess t a National Succcts.
Cheap news, vulgar sensations nnd trash
Und no phiceln the celuu.ns nr Tun Piilss.
The 1'keds has the brigkest Editorial page
In New Yerk. It sparkles with points.
Tin: Phess Sunday edition Is a splendid
twenty tinge puper, covering every current
topic of Interest.
the PitESS Weekly Edition centnlns all the
geed things of the Dally mid Sunday editions.
Fer these who cannot nifurd the Dally or arc
prevented by dlstnnce from enrly lccclvlng It,'
the Weekly Is a splendid substitute.
is (in Ailvcrtlnltw Medium The Prctt ha nil
Superior in New Yerk.
Within the. icaih of nil. The Dfit kikI Cieitjicct
.iVctwpcijicr In America.
C.tlly mid Sunday, one yenr, 85 00
Dnlly und Sunday, six months 2 00
Dally nnd Sunday, one month 45
Dnlly only, onej ear .. ,? 00
Dully only, four months loe
Sunday, one yenr 2 00
Weekly Press, ene year .... 100
Send for The Phei-s Circular.
Samples free. Agents wanted everywhere.
THE PRESS. 3K Park Rew, New Yerk.
Allen V Edmonds
nsti: ls:3E3 3311:1113,
UArriiLS, 17.
lj will be feuiul en the
I (luriiiff the buililiuiy of tlieir new
H house.
I Call tinil See Them.
Small, the Tailor
Se. 110 Market Strret,
Opposite Central Hetel.
Gee. M. dinger & Sen.
Eitlmatet made en all cleises of Werk.
Leck Bex 417, MAYSVILLE, KY.
Kx-reeldent uriceeu (feed Samaritan Hospital,
Ex-actlnirmiperliitviulPht i.eiiKVlew
Insane Ab1iiiii,)
OWrr nml ltrlIiirs
Tfiinl Klrtil. one iloer HVi of Mttrl.it.
Plumber, Giis and Steam Fitter!
41 Writ Seeeuil htreel,
Jrtvfl (la Stevei. MAVSVJLLK, KY.
J11 ilraultt (IHI Mar lit,
IW W.HafeeNBtiraicicT, MAYHVILI.K, KY.
MryreMne RuNillec Werk.tHikwalka, Ac, at
Ml(hitry Hic.
7,S," -i
vt 'VJ "'?.,. v
Is this a lint?
Yes, this is n hat.
Is this grandpa's hut?
Yet, this is giandpa's hat.
under the hat?
Ual Hal Yes, I can ste under the hat.
What can you see tinder grandpa's hat?
I can see
under the hat.
Yeu -aie light my child.
Whenever I need anylhintj such as
Pailerund Bedroom Suites, Felding Beds,
etc., I always go te
Nil. 11 Kast Second Mieet.
A First-class Line of
Everything Lsunlly
Found in a Urntr Stere.
and Ceiisinners of Oil.
I have a large supply of Oil for
All at Lewest l'rlces.
Maysville Ky,
Before buying a Gas T?PT TDQT?
Steve, see tile JlIi OJfe
It cooks with a current of het air. Te
be had of
O. -D. UliDH AM, lKtsUeceiiiYht!
Chronic ill.'ne et everv cliamctur n eje
cliiity, piemlnent aineiij.- which tire
Nnsal Catarrh, Threat and Lung
ProU'ssletml call unsHcrcil promptly. Ollice
corner Third ami Sutten $tiecti.
Are -tlH in the
At Ne. 4S! W. Second Street.
-110 tnii Tin:-
The C. and 0. UnllreiKl will tell round trip
tickets en hcceuiu of the Itlpley, Ohie, Kulr,
Ang. 30th te Sept. 2d
One tare ler the reiiml I rip from Cincinnati
ami rortsnieuth ami all Inn rmc-rilate eliit.
Ticket iroed rcturniiur as Inte its Satunlav,
September 'M. Get ready te attend the Fair
and tvv the ppleiidld show und enjoy the ecciw
felon. Must pleatiant Kreuinls In Ohie.
rreinluiiis 1 1 lie rn I nnd paid In geld licfore
the stock leaves the rlntr.
known hi " Houeko'o Heed und Silver Cornet
llnnd," will turnlih the mule.
Cewe andW the line ihowef Hersw, and
I'lnral Hall Display, and enjoy a reitular Cen
cert during the fair. Sa for Cataleirue te
.1. H.AVltLS, Se'y. ,
.... i.
t T
" i ; 1 r -7
"f . W? . V. ITV"
- '
Te IJeeMe PeddlltiK Spectacle! and Eye
Ohutei in the CKy of Maysrllle.
Be llerAaintd bv the neard of CoHncllmeii3ef
the cttvef MaytvUle, That It shall be unlawful
for any traveling or Itinerant persen toaeffor
for sale spectacles or eye-Klasses within the
limits of the city of Mayarlllc without havlnir
llrst obtained n llccnse m provided herein.
Bec. B. Every traveling or Itinerant person
desiring te pcddle or soil spcctncles orloye erloye orleye
srlasscs In the city of Maysville shall, bofers
doing' se, obtain from the Mayer of snld city a
llccnse se te de at 1 33 per yearte sell tW said
articles, and no llccnse shall be Issued inr less
than 0110 year.
Bec. a, Any person feunu guilty of violat
ing section ene of this ordinance shall be
fined the sum of $50 for each otfense. v
Sec. 4. This ordinance shall be In ferce and -take
effect from and after Its passage
Adopted Id Council May 6th, 1892.
WILLIAM 11. COX. President.
Mahti.v A. O'Hahe. City Clerk. -
le Prevent Tampering With Street Mailing
Bexes in the City of Jlaysvllle.
lie it enlainal bu the Heard of CeuncUmcn of
the citu of MaysvlUe, That It shnll be unlawful
ler any person or persons te tamper with any
of the stieet mailing boxes, or te take or col
lect any mall matter therefrem. It shall also
be unlawful Ter any person or persons wear
ing the carriers uniform, Including the car
riers, te tnmper with or collect mall from the -boxes
at ethor than the usual and regular col
lecting rounds. -
tine. -'. He it further ordained. That any
pei son violating any of the previsions of this
ordlnance shall, upon conviction borero the -Mayer,
be punishable by a fine or net less '
than ten dollars nor mere than arty dollars'
ler each clTensc, te be collected and accounted
for as ether line1!.
Sec. 3. lie it further erdrincd. That this or er or
dlnaneo shall be In full lorce and effect trem
and alter Its passage,
Adopted In Council May 5th. l!e.
WILLIAM H. COX. President.
Martin O'Hahe. City Clerk.
Te J'ment Traveling or Itinerant Doctors
from Practicing Jleilicinciu the
City of Maystille.
He in eidatncd by the Heard of Leunctlmcn of
the ctty of Mamville, That it shall be unlawful
for any traveling or itinerant doctor 10 prac
tice medicine In any of its branches ulthin
the limits or this city. Te open an olllee ler
such purpose, or announce te the public In
any ether way an Intention 10 practice medi
cine, shall be an offense within the meaning of
this ordinance. Provided that nothing in this this this
oidlunnce shall be construed as prohibiting
any reputable physician or surgeon, trem any
ether place being called hire, either te visit n "
patient, or In consultation with any reputable
phvsiclaner this city.
Sec. -'. Any person convicted of the viola-.
Hen et previsions or section one or this ordi
nance shall be tilled the iim or fifty dollars
for each day se eugagvd in the practice or
medicine. '
Stc. J. This ordinance shall be In etTect
from and after its passage.
Adopted In Council MavSth. IMC
WILLIAM H. COX. President.
Mahti.v a. O'Hahe. City Clerk.
Levjing the Taxes In the city or ilajstllle'
for the VearllJJ2.
Hclteidalnal by the Heanlnf Council men of
the Citu of Mayville, That a tax of 23 cents
en each one hundred dollars' north or taxa taxa
bie property In the city el Maysville, except
ng s xtli Ward, be, and the same Is hereby,
levied ler the purpose of taking up outstand
ing Indebtedness, and the Collector and Trea
surer Is authorized te collect the same and"
account ter It according te liiw.
lie it further ordained. That n tax of W cents
en each ene hundred dollars' north or taxa
ble property In the clt or Masvlllebe, and
the same is hereby, levied ler general pur
poses, the Collector and Treasurer te collect
thesame and account for it according te law.
licit fui titer ordained. That a tax et HI cents
en each one hundred dollars' worth or taxa
ble property In the city et Maysville be. and
the sauie is hereby, levled torscheol purposes,
te be collected and accounted ler according te
law by the Collector and Treasurer,
"fl further iirtlainid. That a poll tax of
?1 50 en each male inhabltaut of the city of
Maysville ever tuenty-one jears et age be.
and the same Is hereby, levied Ter" the year
lpy.', te be collected and accounted ler by the
Collector and Trcasuicr. and Marshal, accord
ing te law.
Adopted In Council June 2d. ltfir.
WILLIAM H. COX. President.
M vhtin A. O'Hahe, City Cleik.
Aht. I. He it knenn that Wllilutn II. Cox,
Themas A. Davis, W. H. Wudsnerth. Jr., Sam- -uel
T. Hickman, A. M. J. Cochran. M. C. Hits- .
tell, Geerge L. Cox and Allen A. Gdmeuds,
have this day associated themselves together
and become Incorporated under and by vtrtue
or Chapler M of the Oeueral Statutes or the
State et Kentucky as The Public Ledger Com
pany and by that name shall sue nnd be sued,
contract and be cei trnctcd with, and shall have
perpetual succession and a common seal, with
power te alter SHrae at pleasure
Aht. 2. The capital sleck el said Corpora
tion shall be JkOOO, divided Inte shares or
$10 each, and the same shall be transfera
ble by wiltteu assignment en the certfllcate,
and when transferred the certificate ler ame
shall be surrendered te the Cete pany and i-u-ccled,
and new ones Issued In lien thereof,
Aht. 3. This Corporation Is ergnuUt-d rer
the purpose or publishing a newspaper in the
city or Mnj svllle.-aud distributing the same
throughout the state or Kentucky, and ler the
carrying en or a general newspaper business
In said city and state.
Aht. 4. The principal place of business of
said Corporation shall be at Maysvlllr, Ky.
The capital stock of said Corperath 11 may be
Increased at a meeting of the stockholders
(these holding a majority of the stei k assent
ing thereto) in anv sum net exctiedmir lu..
Otxi. This Coriwratlen may organize when
olio shares of Its stoek Is subscribed. Stock
may be paid ter In money or equivalent at an
agreed contract price, and any stock net sub
scribed ler may be sold from tlme te time,
ns the Directors mny direct and authorize,
and the certificates of stock shall be signed by
the President and Secretary, and the corpo
rate seal shall be affixed te same.
Aht. 5. The Corporation shall be managed
by a Directory of five persons who shall be
elected annually at the Company's ottice In
Jinysvllle, Ky en the 1st Monday in March of
each ear. If, ter any reason, thcre should
net bu 1111 election held at the time fixed, the
Directors In ellice shall continue as such until
tHlr successors are elected and qualified.
Aht. 0. The Directors shall choeso from 1
their number a President and Vice-Presldentw
and trem said number or the stockholders tv
Secretary and Treasurer, or, It they see fit,
they may cembln" these two officers Inte one.
They shall elect an Editor, and mny elect nn
assistant te the Kdlter. both of whose duties
and tenure or office they may fix and pre
scribe by by-laws or the Compan), which by
laws a majority or the Directors may adept
ter the management or thB Cerapnny's-affalrs.
Aht. 7. The Company shall net incur an
Indebtedness exceeding, In the aggregate; at
any oue time, a sum equal te one-half et the
canltal stock tinlrl in.
AHT. 8. The private property of the stock-'
limners or 11113 company Bnaii de exempt
from all debu or liabilities or the Corpora
tion. Y
Aht. . The Coreratlon shall begin whoa
It shall have organized, as provided for herein,
and shall continue as long as may be neees-"
Bry, according te law. t
In witness whereof, the said Incorporators )
iiave nerounte set their hands this 10th day of. il
March, le. ftffi
William 11. Cox, A. M. J. Coen h an, ,'T
i nun,,n 4, l.n IP, ..I, V. UUBHCM.. vi
S T. Hickman, Allen a. Kmiqnds.
Statk or Kentucky, I s..
Museii County. fscl
I. T. M. Pearce. Clerk or the C'einitv Pinirt
for th" county and MatateicFald, de certify
that the roregelng Article or Incorporation at
The Publle Ledirer Ce. was. en March 10, IWt,
iiryuui-.u 111 11 1' 111 mm euuniy, a no aenMwi
edged by s.ild Themas A, DuvIj, Vt-M,
PrtV IV II Wa.lt..r..l. fH U HI I1I..1 m
., ... .., Mniinnuuij, ., 0. , IIIVKWm, t.
C. ltussell. (leorge L. Cox and Allen A. M
ineuds each te be their act and deed, an4
March 14, 1M. the same was again reprediMM
te be ills act and deed. nnJ lndmul fur i
wtiereupen the same, together with thS
tineate, bath been duly reen(d In myt
Olven utirter my band Uita I4th 4veTM
IW. ' T. M. PSABCB, l
22Sf 'H
DMHCa. i wk
li Vs.
.Vf . . -. 4.'.

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