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;;TMfcRusSIan Warship "Zabralfa
Captures Five Sealers.
& ; Oee American and the Other Four
English Vessels.
,Weri They Seal Poaching In Unmt.in
' iriT-AB Astenlshlnc Claim Mude
Uj 'the Warship's Captain Sign TliU
raper Or the Siberian Mines.
. VtcreniA. B. C, Sept 1. The Amer
ican bark Majestlc, from Petropaulov Petrepaulov Petropaulev
ski, reached here Tuesday cvcnjng, hav
ing aboard the captains and crews of
four sealing' schooners (Resle, Olsen,
Ariel and Willie Mrflnwnn) fltrlntr the.
:$ British flag, ami the American schooner
j, a H. White, of San Francisce.
, Theso four were sealing1 oil Copper
Island between 40 and 50 miles, during
- the'lattcr part of July, when the Rus
sian vrarship Zabraka, mounting 10
guns, and the fur company's steamer
Kodiak, bearing the governor of Bering
island, rounded thorn up one by one,
sent the schooners te be sold at l'c p p
aulevskl, and made the captain and
crew prisoners.
The former objected te the seizure,
claiming they were free men en free
" -waters, whereupon the marines pricked
them with the points of their bayonets
and informed them there was such a
iplace ns Siberia for these who speke
tee loudly of freedom. Beth the Brit
ish and American skippers recognized
that it was no tltne for talking.
Still they ventured te pretest that
, they were away eutside the three-mile
limit, and were met with the astound
ing Information from the efticers of the
Zabraka: "Russia is sovereign ever the
'water, a thousand miles from her
shore." The captain of the Russian
-cruiser based his notion en the ground
that Russia exercised jurisdiction ever
all land and water westward of the line
of Demarcation.
After being taken aboard the Zabra-
ka, the master of each schooner was
ordered te sign a paper written in Rus
sian and interpreted by an interpreter
as an acknowledgment that he hed
been sealing in' Russian waters.
The skippers protested, and were told
, that theso who did net sign would be
sent te Vladivostok te be court
inartialed and then sent te the Siberian
mines. Under compulsion, the captains
, signed and they and the crews under
went a taste of Russian prison
life, two of them being kept
.for days in a room eleven feet
by , eleven, with a leaky reef and
Vlbrekcn fleer. The men were Anally
turned away, a contract was entered
into for transportation te American or
' British soil, and in the evening the pris
oners were shipped away en beard the
f Majestic, no particular effort being
'made by the guards te detain them.
The Majestic sailed at night; and next
morning the Zabraka started en anoth
er hunting cruise, the schooners being
the game sought
fe Chance. Fer tlie Olil Empleyes at the
Carnegie MUM rtt l'renent.
-PlTTfciiUitaii, Pa., Sept. 1. That the
-J" strike at the Carnegle Thirty-third
6treet mill is broken is firmly believed.
Wednesday morning 20 of the old em-
- pleyes appeared at the mill efllce anil
y applied for work. They wc,re heaters,
' helpers and reughers. They were prom-
' ised work by Monday of next week, if
' -' there were any vacancies for them at
' that time.
' Superintendent Scott said, however,
that their applications would de them
Uttle if any geed, as nearly every place
'' was filled, and the cempanyiad no in
tention of discharging any of the new
. workmen te make places for the old.
The mill was running the double turn
Vcdnesday, except in the 20-inch mill,
Which will start up seen.
The strikers held a secret meeting
Vednesday morning, and are very
' v careful net te talk te reporters.
's s One of them, however, said that there
- had been a bad break and he new ex-
JM. pectcd it all along the line of strikers.
He said that many of the leaders
were convinced that the strike had
been lest and that the men would new
have te leek for employment elsewhere.
KiiMla'n Awlul Chulem llee nl.
-St. Peteusduiie, 'Sept. 1. The ofli efli
cial statement of deaths from cholera
in Russia gives the total, up te August
22, as t100,704. These figures are un
doubtedly tee conservative. In many
stricken districts no returns at all have
:-r been made, and in ethers the returns
Jp "are incomplete. Complete returns would
j. have shown the number of deaths te
,'. have been 125,000, or perhaps mere.
Death or Geerge William Curtis.
' New Yerk, Sept. 1. Geerge Villlam
Curtis died at 2:30 o'clock Wednesday
morning, at his residence, est Brigh Brigh
eon, Statcn Island. At his bodslde
.were his wife, his unmarried daughter
and his Ben, Dr. F. G. Curtis, of Bosten.
.Mr, Curtis was conscious up te the last,
and his death was a very peaceful one.
i The nature of Mr. Curtis' disease has
never been determined.
Assassinated at 111 Own Doer.
Johnben City, Tenn., Sept 1. Isaac
Osberne, of Mitchell county, N. C., was
called from his bed and riddled with
' hullo ts by a mob of moenshiners. A
deputy marshal and party had cleaned
. out a moonshine distillery and made
some arrests. Osberno was accused of
piloting the officers. The moenshiners
threaten the lives of ether citizens.
Te He Disinfected.
QtfAlUNTINE, a I., Sept. 1. The
..atcorage passengers of the steamships
f Circasaln and Vecndem will be trans-
ferred te Heffman's island, where they
, ',wlll be ba'thed and their clothing dlsin
" felted and returned te their respective
.vessels as seen as this is completed.
- ' Merley te VUlt Caruegle.
Louden, Sept 1. Tlie Right Hen.
Jehn Merley, chlef secretary for Ire
land, has gene' en a visit te Andrew
Carnegie, the American iron millionaire,
at the Ledge at Lech Banneck, Perth
Hire, Scotland.
l tl M h !.. -..
'VZS&Ssnm- i. A
Ceall'HaTe MMPIU n FMarflMMiT.
4 & AEfReylaR. (f ,'-
f WAUMSSHAr-,Yl4,f;Sit$ WTeWM
the latter part of September James L.
Babcock, of Ann Arber, Mich., will be
several hundred thousand dollars richer
than he Is new. And it' will all be
brought about by a wedding in which
he will be one of the principal figures,
the ether contracting party being Miss
Ella Stanley Butler of this place.
In 1880 James Lane, a wealthy undo
of Mr. Babceck'a, died in .Ann Arber.
Mr. Lane in his will, aftc comfortably
providing for all his relatives, including
Mr. Babcock, made previsions that the
residue of his estate, amounting te sev
eral hundred "thousand dollars, should
be held Intact for five years; if before
the end of the five years his nephew,
James L. Babcock, had married he was
te receive the cntlrccstatc, otherwise
it was te be divided among all the
heirs, including Mr. Babcock.
Nearly every newspaper In the coun
try noticed this -strange will, and as a
result Mr. Babcock was the recipient of
hundreds of letters from maids willing
te share the fortune with him.
The bride was born at New Haven,
Ct, and for n time lived at St. Jehns,
Mich. Of late years she has lived in
Waukesha with her stepmother. The
marringe will take place the latter part
of September.
It Vn ticorge Attain Hlnuclf Who
Theso Tics en the Track.
ReciiESTF.il, Pa., Sept. 1. Geerge W.
Adams, the man who claimed te have
saved the west bound New Yerk and
Chicago limited from llng wrecked
near Enen en the night of August 20
last by removing a pl'e of tics from
the track has confessed te having
himself placed the tics upon the
track as part of a scheme for obtaining a
reward from the company. Adams,
who Is under arrest, will be remem
bered, claimed te have found the ties
en the track en his way home, a fev
moments before the train was due and
that while he wan-removing the ob
struction bullets were fired at him,
ene of which pierced his hat and the
ether his leg.
Thu StrumMilp Mernlu Arrives nt New
Yerk 1'rein Hamburg, Ilrpertlng Twcn-ty-Tive
Death V.i I'aswiife,
New Yeiik, Sept. 1. The steamship
Moravia, of the Hamburg-Amer lean
line, from Hamburg, had twenty-two
deaths en beard during the passage,
which vthc ship's doctor says were from
chelerine. Twenty were of children
and two of adults. Thirteen were
natives of Poland, five of Prussia,
ene of Austria and three of Hesse. All
were buried nt sea. The first death
took place August 10 and the last en
August 20. The steamer Moravia has
been ordered down te the lower bay.
The steerage passengers of the Moravia
were carefully inspected and were all
found te be in geed health, except that
three children were ill with measles.
A Draw ut l'lrty Hound.
San Fiiancisce, Sept, 1. Alex. Greg
crains and Martin Costelle, "The
Rutlule," have met, and after fifty
rounds of fighting the mill ended, and
the same old song, "a draw was sung
with a policeman's chorus. The men
fought at the Pacific Athletic clnb's
quarters, with Costelle the favorite, 10
te 7. The latter Is an American who
has spent the last five years in Austra
lia. !-cnlliiS tlie Convict lineli.
Nashvii.i.K, Tenn., Sept. 1. Prison
Superintendent Eth. B. Wade sent nine
ty convicts back te Oliver Springs Wed
nesday night. They were accompanied
by a civil guard of twenty-five, nnd
upon nrrival there the guard was roln reln roln
ferccd by a military guard of twenty
five from Ceal Creele Twe hundred
mere convicts will be sent te Tracy City
Thursday morning.
Iluslmtul and Wlle IiiHtnntly Killed.
Rensselaer, Ind., Sept 1. Nashly
Bennett and wife were killed by a
north-bound vestibule train. The train
was from Cincinnati and at the cross
ing one-half mile east of the depot
htruclc the couple. The horses refused
te go when they reached the track.
The horses were killed and the wagon
A Circular lrnni Dr. l'relmt.
Celumuus, O., Sept. 1. Dr. Probst,
secretary of the state beard of health,
will issue this week u circular calling
attention te the liability of an invasion
of cholera and.peintlng out the means
of preventing its spread, such as quar
antine restrictions and municipal and
domestic cleanliness.
linn Hun ltM Cure.
Teiieiian, Sept. 1. The cholera in
this city bus apparently run its ceurse
and the epidemic Is new decreasing.
The deaths from thu disease Wednesday
amounted te 200. This is u high mor
tality, but it is a decrease of 000 com
pared with the deaths reported ten
dajrs age.
CuURht It Frem the MntU
Vienna, Sept 1. A postmaster at
Pilsen, Bohemia, died from cholera,
after only a slngle day's Illness. It Is
supposed that he centratcd the dlscase
while handling German letters and par
cels. Ne ether case of cholera has been
reported In the whele monarchy.
Luuilanuin and Ether ler Cheleru.
Bkiu.in, Sept 1. The Relbhaan
zemer states that all guards en passen
ger trains are te Iks provided with a
mlxture of laudanum nnd ether, with
instructions te administer from 20 te SO
drops of the liquid te any person seized
with cholera symptoms while traveling.
Vlrtt In a DUtlllery.
Cincinnati, Sept 1. Fire broke out
In the old Gaff distillery, at Sixth street
and Mill creek, Wednesday neon. The
bluze entailed a less of from (10,000 te
$18,000, and pnbably cost the life of a.
fireman, while six workmen barely es
caped with their lives.
Drowned llenuir In a l'enil.
Maiitinhvillk, Ind., Sept 1. Mrs.
Jehn Themas, aged 00 years, committed
suicide by drowning herself in a fish
pond two miles easi of thfsclty, She
seemed erased ever her wealth.
iAinrv-tri aimr
OMhcred FrenfAll irUf.tbe Cosetr
f Twe bundrra aad forty chicles wre
In Hue at the funeral of Dr. Jehn U.
Themas, at Menree, Mich.
The preaidaathas recognized Joaquin
Diaz Duran as consul general' of Guate
mala at San Francisce, CaL
The head of deck Ne. 4, at Bremen,
leaded with cotton and spirited was
burned Wednesday. 'Tho'damag'e is' es
timated at s250t000.
Prof. Wllllsten Walker, of the Hart Hart
eord Theological seminary, has declined
the call te the chair of church history
in Oberlln Theological seminary.
Sporadic cases of cholera have occur
red in Naples, Venice and Genea. The
patients have been isolated and the
public have net become alarmed.
Chauncey Depew, Mrs. Fester and
Miss Fester and Miss Rusk, daughter of
Jerry Rusk, sailed from Londen
Wednesday by the the City of Yew
State Scheel Commissioner Carsen
has appointed Prof. L. D. Benebrakc,
of Mt Vernen, O., te succeed Prof. W.
J. White, of Dayton, as a member of
the state beard of examiners.
At Rcedville, Ind., the headless body
of a boy was found ncur a switch,
where he had been beheaded by a train.
His head could net be found. Con
ductor Heath discovered the boy.
Cardinal Gibbens Wednesday issued a
proclamation te the clergy and laity of
his arclidieccsc, calling upon them te
properly celebrate the four-hundredth
anniversary of the discovery of America.
Nine cases of cholera were reported
in Mallnes, nearly fourteen miles from
Antwerp, Wedncday. Mulines is the
central station for the railways which
travelers take for Belgium in all direc
tions. Twenty carrier pigeons, belonging te
the Pittsburgh Heming club, were re
leased at Massillon, O., Wednesday
morning and arrived in Pittsburgh in
two hours and sixteen minutes. The
distance is 110 miles.
The saw-mills of Rhinclander, Wis.,
are practically in the hands of a mob of
strikers. All of the mills are closed,
and 1,200 men nre Idle. Of this number
about 500 are inclined te be riotous, and
when the Oneida Ce., and Brown Bres.,
resumed work Wednesday the crowd
entered their mills nnd drove the work
men away with violence.
Mr. Geddnrd, the city editor of the
New Yerk World, and four of his staff
of reporters, en the towboat J. W.
Husted, attempted te visit the steamer
Moravia In the lower bay. They were
placed under arrest by Dr. Tallmadgc
and brought before Health Officr Jen
kins. As they did net succeed in board beard
ing the steamer, the health officer dis
charged them.
FLeun Winter patent U0O3U0; fancy,
?a50a-3.70. fnmlly, iiOOSiTS; extra, Ji2.V2.40;
low grade, Jl.C02.0O; spring patent,
JUOSI.75; spring funcy, 190i6l 20; spring
family, W.M23 65. Kye Heur, J3.75.GJ W.
Wheat Cholce Ne. 2 red was held at 71c,
with fieme milling Inquiry for desirable samples,
ltcgular Ne. 2 rtd quotable at 7J73e; Ne. 3 red
samples held at C8,70c.
Cens The market was dull and barely
uteady; Ne. 2 white shelled was held at KJc, and
Ne. 2 ml-ed at 51c, prime ear samples slew at
Oats Ne. 2 white brought 33e for a choice
old sample, but some lets wcre ellered at 3Sc
Ne. 2 mixed quetable at 31345c, according te
Iiv The market was dull and entirely nom
Inal at (Uaic for Ne. 2, and 5253c for Ne. 3.
Cattle Shippers, geed te choice, USA 34.60;
common te fair, 3.00.4.OJ; oxen, geed te
choice, 3.2ft a7J; common te fair, S1.75CJ3.00;
select butcher, S4 0O34.S.V, e.xtra, $14081X0;
fair te geed, jaoe4(W; common, il.7&3
2.50; heifers, geed te choice heavy, J32.VAS5;
geed te choleo light, I3.0O.3.(5J; common te fair,
Hees Select heavv and prime butchers, J5.10
GB.40; fair te geed packing, i4.ftVA.00; common
and rough, M.004.5O; fair te geed light, f4.C5l5
5.15; fat pigs, N.2.V3I 75; common te fair, &12S
Sheep ane Lambs Sheep Wethers and
yearlings, ii 50a5O. best ewes, J4.OOUI.50; com
mon te fair mixed, 3.00aa75; stock ewes,?a2.V3
4.00; extra, M2.V,I.50 Lambs Dcst shippers,
?.75a0.25; no extraen sale; fair te geed, f.00i
.75; butchers', 3.5034.75; culls, I3.00a50.
New Yeiik. Sept. I. .
Wheat September, 79 0-lCc; Oc tebcr.8 1 e; De
cember, tfl'i 844c; March, Fe; May, gOJic.
Hvc Neminal: western, 6lg,(Wc.
Cehn Moderately active, free elTcrlngs; Au
gust, 5S(c; Scpiember, MXe; Octeter, 5ac.
Oats Dull and weaker; August, 3S!ic: Sep
tember, Ze Ocwbcr, iSJic; November, SOHc;
western, 87jJSc. ,
PiTTsiiunen, Sept. 1.
Cattle Market steady en geed; slew en
commen: prime, f !.&' liU); fair te geed, $a.W3
4 50. common, r260&a2fl; bulls, cows and stags,
tt.0tk33.0U; fresh iwwh, 415 te M5; I car of cattle
shipped te New Yerk.
Hoes Market slew: fair te best I'hlladcl
phlas, 2i5.0; fair te best, 7 007.20. best
Yorkers, W.00a.i0; grusscrs tl.6031 se. 4 cars
of hogs shlppedCte New Yerk.
Sheep Market very dull; prlme, tl.7.vA(U;
fair te goeil. f3.253l.00; common, Sl.50gi2 50j
lambs, t3 0035.W; veal calves fair, .5OA0O;
thin and heavy, 82.00.aoe.
Haltimehe, Sept. L
Wheat Quiet; Ne. 2 red spot, August
nnd September, 70e; OctelHr, 71ia Decem
ber, Bie; steamer Ne. 2 red, 70y,7la
CeitN Demoralized; mixed spot, 551,'c; Au
gust, 50c usked; September, Ni'e asked; Octo.
ber, 55e asked; year. Sic bid.
Oats Firmer: Ne. 2 white western, 41c;
Ne. 2 mixed western, S80.
UvnFlrmer; Ne. 2, Tle.
CniCAGe, Sept. I.
FLOUn AND Giuik Cash quotations. Fleur
dull, neuk and nominally lower. Ne. 2 spring
wheat, 74e, Ne 3 spring wheat, 64308c; Ne.
2 red, 74Sc; Na 2 corn, 49He; Na 2 eats, 34c;
Ne. 2 white no sales; Ne. 3 white, 33333(e;
Na 2 rye, 57 Ne. 2 barley, 63e; Na 3, f. a U,
433610; Na 4 f. e. b,. 4045a; Ne. 1 flaxseed,
Fiiiladelviua, Sept. I.
Wheat Weak; Na 3 red In expert elevater,
70tfe: steamer Na C red In de, 74He; NaS red la
de, 700; Na 2 red August and September, 75XO
704 a
Cehn Ltttle or no trading In futures, but
prices nominally Kffile lower; local car lets
very senrce and buyers In need of supplies
obliged te meet views of holders, ungraded
mixed track, 56c: Ne. 2 mixed In elevater, OOtf ci
Na t mixed August, M50!c,
OATH-Supplics of old crop light and market
steady; trade qulet; new eats declined UCla
under Inereiwiing supplies and a light de
rnand; luturca weak; Na 3 mixed white, 37Hc;
old 1V1 clipped, 43e; Na 2 white, 42H!3e;
new Na 2 white, 404c; Na 3 white August, 40)f
Telei, a, .Sept I.
Wheat Dull and lawer; Na 2 cash and Sen.
traber, 77e; October, 78yc; December, TJe?
May, Ue.
COHN-Dulli Na 2 rash, 52a
Oats Qulet: cesh, 33a
RY-DuH: Na S cash, 08c;Na 3, 56a
Clever Smd-DuUi prime Septcmbcr,W,T3
Na 6.7l.
ft i
B l(NEwypHK) , 4
tlas a Larger vall) Cifculatum than anyeOicr
HtvuMUan Kemixiixrin Amtrtca.
suxday. WeekLy.
27ie A(ijretttte lltpuhltcan Journal of the Me Me
tnpeltiA AVircpniierrirthe ilaxtu.
Circulation Over 100,000 Copies Daily.
Tub 1'iirsx Is iheertfnn of no faction; pulls
no wires; tins no iniiuiosltles te avenge.
The Mutt Ilemarhable i'ctrinajxr Succcti in
New Yi k.Thc lYcta is a National Succm.
Cheap newp, vuljrnr cenpntiens nnd trash
And ue plnceln the columns of Tub 1'hess.
Tin: I'ltK.s has the brlirhcst Editorial pne
In New Yerk. It sparkles with points.
The l'nr.88 Sundny edition Is n splendid
twenty iniKO paper, covering every current
tonic of Interest.
The I'iikss Weekly Edition contains nil the
geed things of the Dnlly nnd Sunday editions.
Fer these who cannot ntlerd the Dnllrer are
prevented by distance trem enrly receiving It,
the Weekly is n Bplendld substitute.
As an AilvtitMng .Valium The Prem ha
iyujxrUir in Xcie Yerk.
Within the reach of all. The Brtt ami Cii;xt
.iVeiwpcipcr lt .lmcrtcn.
E.illy nnd Sundny, ene year f ." 00
Dally nnd Sundny, sit months J! 00
Dully nnd Sundny, one month 4"i
Dally only, ene year 3 00
Daily only, four months 1 00
Sunday, ene year 2 00
Weekly Press, ene year ., 100
Send for Tub 1'iiexs Clrculnr.
Samples tree. Agents wanted everywhere.
THE PRESS. 38 Park Rew. New Yerk.
Allen A. Edmonds,
ruELi: L.3i3 sru.:i::3.
UA7C7ILtr, E7.
State National Bank
SUItl'LVS 110,000
C. !!. I'KAKL'E.C'islilPr.
W. II. Cox. President.
J.ve. 1'ii.km. Vlce-rresiilent.
l'lr-t Tluit Allen G rover. Calvert C. Arthur,
I'dwunl t HltihIeii, Ilenrv A. Itees, H. V.
Hihjs anil William .Mmilcy have bceenitt In In In
eorierntfl by vlnucnf the previsions et the
General Statutes el Kentucky under the iiume
of Shannen ami Fernmn Chapel Turnpike
Cerapans', ami thu principal place et tmn-nct
Intr business Is nt the resliicnce et" Jehn II.
Ilcrnden, Es(j., Masen eeuuty, Ky.
Second The nature of tlie business pro pre
K)el te be transacted la the construction,
maintenance ami operation of a turnpike
read from the Snrdls Turnpike Uead near the
terks of Shannen creek te Fleming county
line near Ferman's Clit.pel, a distance of
about two and a hair miles.
Third The capital sleck of said corpora
tien is six thousand dollars. In shares el
twenty-tlvodelliirs each, the private stock te be
paid In upon call et the Directors, and the
stock of Masen county In accordance with re
iiuli-crauntsef thenrderut thu Court et Claims
et Masen county.
Fourth Said corporation shall commence
business as seen as two thousand dollars Is
subscribed te thecapltal stock and shall con
tinue, in oxlstcnce titty years.
Fifth The affairs of the corporation are te
be conducted by a President and n Heard of
Directors, tlve In number, n Secretary and
Treasnrer, all of whom are te be stockholders
In said corporation. The first set of elllccrs
shall be Allen Grever, President; II. W. Uees,
Calvert C. Arthur, Kdward K. Hernden, Wll
Ham Manley and Henry A. Hces, Directors;
Kdward F. Hernden, Secretary; II. V. Kces,
Treasurer, and they shall held their otDees
until thetlrst Monday In April, 1HH. and until
their snecossers are chosen and qualinctl; and
every first Monday In April thereafter a Pres
ident and Iloardef Directors shall be chosen
by the stockholders, and a Scemtarv nnd
Treasurer by the President and Heard of Di
rectors te neid rer the ensulnjr year nnd until
their successors nre chosen and iiualltled.
Sixth The Indebtedness of said oernnni.
tlen shall nt no time exceed the sum of live
tneusann dollars.
Seventh The prlvate property or the stock
holders Is te be exempt from the corpernto
debts of snld corporation.
April 13th, IMC
Academy of tlie Vlaltatlen JJeanllnjr
anil l)ny Scheel for Yeniiff Latlles.
This Institution has a hlith reputation for Its
many uitvantanes and thoreuirn education In
every branch. The Musical Department Is
unuurmonirvctien or a mriidiinte or a noted
conservatory. German and Bcloctle System
of Drewincr tau.ht free, llliml puplU will be
tiaineti ey ttie itiint-print Method. Fer terms
nnd ether Infnrnintien apply te 8I8TKR3 OJT
TUB VISITATION, Mayivllle, Mawn Ce., Ky.
V .T . ' I T I A -l
' I I A- -V,IK!t!n- --lf,,.t.. "1.-' ii' 'V rai
4 i ii . I uumuiuiH uiauiLeniiv wurLiiv ii w .
Is this a knl?
Yes, this lsa hat.
Is this grandpa's lint?
Yes, this is gramipa's hnt.
under the hat?
Hal Hal Yes, I enn see under the hat.
What can you see urder grandpa's hat?
. I enn sec
under the hnt. .
Yeu nre right my child.
Whenever' 1 need nnylhint; such ns
Parler nnd Bedroom Suite's, Felding Ucds,
etc., I nhvnys go te
.N'e. 11 Kast Second Street.
A First-class Line of
Everything Lsynlly
Feniul in a Drue; Stere.
Paints nnd Oils. Best Brushes,
Finest Soaps nnd Perfume's, the
Choicest Assortment of Fnncy
Goods, Grentest Vnriety of Lamps
All for snle by
.Maysville Ky.
Prccriptinns nt nil hours prepared with
enre ami accuracy by William C. Weed,
Before buying n Gas
Steve, see the
It cooks with 11 current of lint air. Te
ue had et
Chronic dlseake of everx chat actor a spe
cialty, prominent utumn; which are
Nasal Catarrh, Threat anil Luna:
Protetonal call& answered piemp'tly Oillce
corner Thlid and Sutten tieet..
Are Mill In the-
At Ne. 42 W. Second Street.
-110 reu THE-
The C. and O. Hallread will sell round trip
tickets 011 account et tlie Hipley, Ohie, Fair,
Aug. 30th te Sept. 2d
gtfjjgtr ''Swl
-iaBpS-8tall -Kg
One fare for t no round trlptruui Cincinnati
and Portsmouth and all Intermediate points.
Tiokets (reed returniutr as late as Saturday,
September iM. Get ready te attend the Knlr
and see the splendid s'tew and enjoy the occa
sion. Most pleasant irreuuds In Ohie.
Premiums liberal and paid In trnld befere
the stock leaves the ring.
known as " Ilaucke's Heed and Silver Cornet
llAiul," will furnish the tuusie.
Come and see the line show of Horses, and
Floral Hall Display , nnd enjoy a retrular Con
cert durlnv the Fair. Send ter Catalogue te
L. H. WILLIAMS, See'y.
Antxhibtiea manifestly worthy
American repuWttien and the ejetenftive
pretalEH wkfa -which it came upon Au
atraM&.Bydneg'Daily Ttltgraph.
Australian Trinmpli
Te exhibit in nil its millionniie perfec
tion nt Maysvillc Wednesday,
Sept. 7th !
Only stupendous living Australian ex
hibit, iej;nl Heman hippodrome, monster
menagerie, only ginnt hippopotami, trio
of most tremendous tigers, only school of
trained monster sen liens, biggest cir
cusses en enith, only tribe of wild Be
douin warrior ntl letes, only darkest Af
rican nfjunrium, Antipedenn Aviary, the
Olymphian stime of old, only royal Japa
nese troupe, mid nir gymnasium, 'chil
dren fairyland frolics, grotesque carni
val. Ainbian Nitihts, romances, spectacu
Inr piigrimaces te Mecca, supereest free?
holiday displays
Mere pretit and pleasure for the money
and the one cheap price of ndmissien
than nny ether hns ever even dreamed of
dnring te offer.
Acknowledged grentest in two great
empires. A bridge of wonders spanning
the Pacific. F.vcry act as pictured.
Cvury nttrnctien ,ns described. Every
premise fulfilled. It has made the great
est journey of the kind. Most daring
feat of private enterprise. Whele rail
road trains of vast nnd novel shows.
Great steamship leads of strangely cu
rious thin9. An artist armv in" stupen
deus tents.
One hundred champions. Eighty novel,
brilliant acts. New faces from afar.
Hare and ce-tly novelties. Great deeds
of modem times nnd ancient days. Orig
I HBlliW Mi
$ 1j
WA- AM" '
inal nnd astounding revelations. Heroes t
and heroines of the nrcna nnd race course. ' "
Imperinl preurnm of most thrilling races. V
Every hippodrematic, equestrian, rcrial " tvAvj
and athletic display possible te genius, VsftJ
oaring aim physical pertectien Tlie
beauty, grace, and skill of every Nntienv
Pre einident latfy cltarieteets and Jockeys. ,
The most gretesque fun-makers Beasts '
that de cvcrvthiDe but talk. Evcrv liv
ing thiiiL', feat, feature nnd production
worthy of association with the greatest
ihews. Grandest amphitheater ever
Everybody should see its glorious free
morning holiday pnrade. A dazzling,
sensational millionaire display of golden
elf land, Arabian nights, oriental, wild
beasts, spectacular, icsplendcnt wendwi.
Tf S- -
-. . V 3
,-r ViVV CI
" - W v v H
Twe Performances Daily M
At 9 aud 8 p. m, Deers epe 1 one ksK '
previous. Lewest excursion ratM frwM
all st.tieBS. '
' " i'
&M --
r. .- f
. -
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