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Lizzie Berden. Presumably Guilty
x is the Judge's Decision.
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Breaks in Twe.
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The Han Mrs. Manley and Dn. Handy
. . Saw Can't B Found.
Hat The Cmx Find, the. A or Aim Ltzzle
Berden Killed Her Father With, 8ay
the Attorney for the DeTeiue
f Ltiile Held fbr Flnnl Trial.
'., Pall BiVEn, Mass.,' Sept 2. Court
, came In at lO&O o'clock Thursday raern-
.ing, and, 5 few minutes after Llzzte Bor Ber
den entered the room. Daring the half
hour preceding the entrance of the
, court .Mrs. Churchill, Mra Dr. Bowen,
Miss Helmes and another lady enjoyed
. themselves apparently very much, and
laughter was frequent
MrJcnnlngs opened for the defense,
lie said;
"The theory of the government seems
te have been that the crime" was com
mitted by Inmates of the house; all
thelr'werh seems te have been directed
by that one idea. It is claimed that no
body could get out of the house with
out being secn because there were per-
. sons all around.
'"The state knows the house has been
broken into in the daytime within two
years, and the barn broken into within
two months, and the facta are net dis
puted. Ve show something the police
ought te have discovered, the stranger
within the gate; as told by Mrs. Manley.
"They have spent night and( day fol
lowing up clews te convict Llzjle Bor Ber
den, but knew nothing about Mra Man
ley and the man she saw. Why? Be
cause they arc net looking for anybody
outside. The extraordinary thing is
that the police can net find the man
Dr. Handy saw, but' they can find the
nxe or axes Lizzie Berden killed her
father with."
District Attorney Knowlten made the
"argument for the government lie said,
in part: "All the heuse was clear but
of Lizzie and her step-mother, and
when' Mr. Berden was down town, and
when Merso was away, and when Brid
get was at work in the yard then the
deed was denq in that upper room, and
, wh.cn $. Berden was let In by Rrldget,
Lizzie and' Abble Borden were alone in
the guest cliember one dead, the oth eth
er alive; and when Lizzie was at the
head- of the stairs, when Bridget
was at the deer, she was whero a worn-
-an was se killed that when she fell,
with her mass of flesh, te the ileer,
she bruised her face and made such a
noise jt must have been heard. Then
she takes out her things and begins te
iron. Bridget went up stairs, leaving
Lizzie ironing, at three minutes te 11,
nearer te her father than I am te your
honor. In five minutes her father was
dead. She could net have been down
1 stairs, because she would have heard
the noise net up stairs, because she
was ironing. It is new' mere dlfilcult
than it was te imagine the improbabil
ity of the story she told about that
barn. Where the man, whom Lizzie
thinks did the deed, was all this time,
we don't knew."
Speaking of the statement by Lizzle
that she had gene te the barn te get
sinkers: be said:
"And she stayed in that barn twenty
' minutes, where no woman would have
stayed five minutes. I gave her allthe
chance in the world, and asked her te
account for that time, and she said
he went up there and ate pears
there of all places In the world and
'did net feel well and could net cat any
breakfast' In the hottest part of
the day, te the hottest place en the
? remises she had geno te get sinkers,
have seen all sorts of alibis, but this Is
'the" most labored one I ever saw or
heard of.
"The demeanor of the defendant is
remarkable. We have never yet found
the wrap that covered Lizzle Berden
nnd took the bleed from these bodies.
We," have net yet found the hatchet
which dkl the work. This thinir was
conceived In the head of a coel-hondod"
deliberate woman."
Judge Blalsdell said: "Sympathy
should be laid aside and duty, stern
duty, requires upon this evidence but
one thing te be done. I find that she is
probably guilty."
The aecused was ordered te the coun
ty jail for trial at the November term.
AB of the witnesses were ordered te
recegnise for the November term of
l'onRlhle Chelcm Cimm) III New Yerk.
NteW'YeKK, Sept 'i Cnpt Cress, of
' the Eldredge Street station, reported
Thursday night that he was Informed
, .by Dr. II. Beck, of 9 Rlvlngten Btroet
, that he attended a man named Etwunig,
ivlie lived en he fourth fleer of 1)3 Or
chard stroet and that he found him
' -manifesting symptoms of cholera. The
- many he said, was a Russian, and ar
' rlyed en Sunday en the steamer Russia.
The beard of health was notified.
There was no sickness en the vessel ou
which he arrived.
Cholera Precautions In Ttxa.
Austin, Tex., Sept B, Texas Is feel
ing the cholera scare as well as ether
. portions of the United States. Fuars
are entertained that the pest will in-
.vade the state from Mexico, and as a
provcntlve State Health Officer Swear
Ingcr has placed the en tire border under
police supervision, and the strictest dil
igence is being kept all along the const
, A Larce Life Deal.
St. PAuf, Minn., Sept 2.-J. J. Hill,
president of 'the Great Northern rail
way, gave his check en the First Na
tional bank In this city for ?130,350 In
full payment of an Insurance policy In
an, eastern company of 1100,000 en his
Ufe and an annuity of $13,600, commenc
ing ten years hence.
IlleU Aged Nlnety-Feur. k
Jacksen, Mich.. Sept 2, The death
of Rev, William II. Wlthlngteu, the old eld old
eeV IlnrVara graduaUi occurred at the
home of his son, Gen. Wlthlngteu, In
Uils city, Rev. Air. Wlthlngten was 0i
year old, and was graduated tern
Harvard in 1691, being a cla-ihate of
Ralph Wakle Eawrwm.
jpgrsetml ffl pints
&rif leu havcfrlcndt vlilWie ueu, or if you
arc uolne auwu en a vMt, plcatt drop una note
In that effect.
Miss Sudlc Shcpard was In Cincinnati
J. L. Dmilten nnd wife arc visiting at
Miss Salllc
Kane spent yesterday in
Mrs. L. V. Davis returned last evening
from Cincinnati.
Miss Alice Reth of
ing Miss Ella Gunn.
Newport 13 visit-
Miss Jennie McCulleugk Is visiting
menus in uovingteu.
Nnt Poyntz of Orlande, Fla., is visit'
lug his mother in this city.
Mrs. W. II. Wndswerth, Jr.,
turned from White Sulphur.
has re
Mrs. Jehn Cleudcr of Catlettsburg
visiting relatives in this city.
Miss Russell Letcher of Richmond
the guest of Miss Fannie Frazec.
Miss Ida Bleem and Birtlc Rudy arc
visiting friends and relatives In Ripley.
Messrs. Johnny Wedding and Duke A.
Rudy spent yesterday nt Ripley, nttend
ing the fair.
Mrs. Dr. J. T. Strode and Miss Susie
Husten Hall left yesturdny te attend the
Lexington Fair.
L. II. Hamilton has returned
after a pleasant visit te his uncle,
L. Case In St. Leuis.
Mrs. Jehn Jehnsen of Bedford. Inil.,
who spent the summer here with her
mother, has returned home.
Miss Alice Shea returned home yester
day ineruing nftcr n pleasant visit te
Vnncehurg nnd Glen Springs.
Miss Bell of Fleming county has re
turned home nftcr n visit te the family of
William Rhodes near Washington.
Misses Sallic S. Weed and Bessie Mar
tin and Mrs. J. T. Iwicklcy attended the
Sunday-school Convention nt Mnysllck
has a club of lady ei
A LAiuiK attendance
Ripley Fair.
ls reported at the
A hank with $20,000 capital is te be
started at Higginsport, 0.
NeitTH Middletown has $5,000 sub
scribed te rebuild her college
West Union Is said te be the only
county scat in Ohie without a railroad.
Cuam.es Bhannen, colored, was fined
?50 and costs nt Lexington for benting
his wife.
Eieiitv million dollars is the annual
amount paid te school teachers In the
United States. -
The General Association of Kentucky
Baptists this year will he held at Coving
ton in November.
At Owcnsbore E. D. Scarce filed suit
for $ 10.000 against Dr. Stirman for
causing his arrest en n hill.
The residence of Tayler Estes, near
Lebanon, was destroyed by fire. Less
$3,000, with $2,000 Insurance.
The Betittyville Enterprise suys that
numerous investments have been made
recently in coal and timber lands in that
Geoiuietewn is about te return te coal
oil lamps. The electric light company
crowded out the gas and tiicn died out
United States Deputy Mahsiiai,
Leoan and pesse made n raid in Russell
county and captured three moenshiners
nnd two stills.
m m
The Republicans of the Twenty-eighth
Judicial District nominated Z. L. Mor Mer
row for Circuit Judge, aud 0. W. Lester
for Commonwealth's Attorney.
In n row among school boys at Martin,
Alex Deylo was sevcrelv cut. and eevcral
ether boys cut and bruised with clubs.
Deylo Is dangereusly hurt, but will re
cover. William Rolling passed two forged
checks for $700 each in Covington, and
then escaped. He had been cutting a
wide swash, nnd owed nearly everybody
in the town.
Remkmuek, The Ledeeu prints "Help
Wanted," "Lest." "Found,' and similar
notices net of a business character, free
of charge. The only thing we rcqulre is
Hint tue copy ue sent in before U e clock
ou day of publication.
Dii. M. M. Edmenson, son of Colonel
R. E. Edmenson of Lexington, nnd Miss
Linda B. Alferd wero married ut the
Grand Pacific Hetel in Chicago. Miss
Alferd is a cousin of Lieutenant Governer
M. C. Alferd, nnd Is an heiress te
Among tli'e Incidents of childhood that
stand out in bold relief, as our memory
ruverts te the days when we wero young,
nene nre mero preminent than severe
sickneBs. The young mother vividly re re
inembers that it was Chambor Chamber
Iain's Cough Remedy cured uer of
croup, and in turn adminltcrs it te her
own offspring nnd nlways with the bast
rwulu. Fer: ! by Power fc Reynolds.
What We May Expect Hetween Thifi Time
and Te-morrow Evening.
IF7iM streamer paiii: ilue uain or snew:
With Wack Aiievii 'twill waumgii it row.
If Wack'n iirnkatii cer.nnu 'twill bu;
Unless Ulack'n shown no clmtiife we'll see.
Cay-The above forecasts are tunde ler a
period of thirty-six hours, endtnf nt 8 o'clock
te-morrow rvenliiir.
Oh. tly. tliounrtteolly!
Thcre nre no tiles etrtbee:
Hut eh, thou art en me.
And th j persistency
Thus makes me sadly sigh;
Oh, UythounrtteoUyl
A stream uear Tuscon, Ariz., petrifies
all soft substances thrown into it.
Tiieiie was a big demand for Wednes
day's Ledeeu, containing the narrative
of the trip through the Reckies.'
The Postmaster's vacation having ex
pired, he is nt;nin nt his pest, and hns also
resumed his pen en The Ledeeh.
i e
William B. TneMAS, formerly of this
city, is new n member of the Thlclo Thlcle Thlclo
Themas Clothing Company at Danville.
The weather clerk was off his base by
a lnrgc majority yesterday, for instead of
being wnrmer it wns several jackets
GovEKNen McKinney of Virginia
refuses te interfere in the case of the
notorious outlaw, Tnlt Hall, nnd he will
be hnnged te-day.
By a vote of fifty-two te thirty-three
the Heuse, at Frankfort, declined te pass
the Revenue and Taxation bill ever the
veto of the Governer.
Washington is te have n museum for
nil sorts of curious life saving appliances,
including the cnrlicst kinds of lifeboats,
rockets and life preservers.
The Maysville Pilgrims who extended
their trip te Cnlifernia were tnking in the
sights of San Fnincisoe at last accounts.
They will be home about the 10th of this
The largest greenback extant in the
world is a $10,000 bill, and only such
note has been printed by the Govern
ment. Of the $5,000 bills, the next larg
est, there are seven.
A San Fkancisce schooner encoun
tered thousands of dend fish, extending
for miles net fnr from the California
coast. A submarine earthquake is the
explanation given of the phenomenon.
i m i
Candidate Stevenson get within $50.
000,000 of the truth when he declared
that the National Trensury wns en the
vcrge of bankruptcy. That is about as
geed n guess as statesmen of the Steven
son build usually make.
R. M. Fiieeland will seen establish n
broom factory in this city. He is a
thoroughly practical workman, and The
Ledeeu bespeaks for him the patrenage
of our dealers. Patronize home industry
if you want te build up your city.
Owine te some derangement of the
trestling at Covington, trains en the C.
and O. have for several days been eblitred
,te depart from Cincinnati by this L. and
JN. trncks. this hns caused some ueiay
of trains, but all will be right seen.
Piiksident Neel of the Olymric Club,
New Orleans, announces with significant
cmphasis.thnt the club wilf countenance
no draws in the big fights te ceme off
next week, and the king-bee sluggers
will have te pound each ether te n finish.
Republican Convention galled te Meet at
Ashland en September 22il.
Te the Republicans of the First Appel
late Court District: The new election law
having rendered it nocessary.the Itepubli
can Executive Cemmittee of the First
Appellate Court District of Kentucky
hereby declares that a convention of the
Republicans of snid District, composed of
the counties of Bath, Boyd, Hracken,
Bourbon, Bell, Breathitt, Carter,
Clnrk, Clny, Estill. Elliett. Floyd, Flem
ing, Grcenup, Harlan, Jehnsen, Jacksen,
Knox, Knett, Laurel, Letcher, Leslie,
Lee, Lewis, Lawrence, Mndisen, Masen,
Montgomery, Morgan, Magellln, Martin,
Monifeo, Nicholas, Owsley, Perry. Pike,
Powell. Itobcrtsen, Rockcastle, Kewnn
nnd Wolfe will be held in the city of
Ashland, Ky en Thursday, September
22d, 1802, at 2 o'clock p. in. for the
purpose of nominating n candidate for
Judge of the Court of Appeals. The
Chairman of the Republican Cemmittee
of each county in the District is hereby
earnestly requested te call nnd held a
County Convention in due time te select
delegntcs te said convention nt the tlme
nnd plnce nfercsnld.
The basis of roprceentntien from each
county shall he ene delegate for each oue
hundred nnd one delegnte for each
fraction ever fifty vetca cast for Ben
jamin Hnrrisen in 1898,
HopretentfUlon from eacli county in the
District is urgently desfred cither bv
delegate or proxy, ' Ed. Daum.
tiiintr. rust Appeunie i;eurt uuirici,
Monthly Meeting of Maysvilie's Managers
of Municipal Matters.
The City Council wns called te order
last night by City Clerk O'Hare at the
usual hour. In the absence of President
W. II. Cox W. U. Wadsworth, Jr., was
chosen te preside ever the meeting.
The following reports of city officers
were presented nnd received:
Fines nsscsscd by Mayer ?198 00
Collections by Marshal 13J 00
Net receipts from wharfage 43 70
Belew we give nu abstract of the Treas
urer's repert:
Cash balance last mouth ?2,T(M 40
Receipts during month Z'A i
Total , 5-2.D.W M
Expenditure l,8t!3 41
Leaving balance ."..
Cash balance last month
Kccelptsduriug month
.1,090 71
.1.04l 33
,. i& m
.81.174 W)
Leaving balance. J1.1G7 )
Cash balance last month f 120 07
Receipts during-month 20 00
Total $ 140 07
Expenditures (I 00
Lcnvlng balance 134 07
Claims were presented against the cit
and orders drawn ns follews:
Alms and Almshouse ? Ill 31
Internal Improvements 77i) 20
Pollce 3rt2 60
City Prison 114 2.")
Oas and electric lights 437 33
Miscellaneous 43 00
Total S1.S64 65
The request of Dr. James Sliackleferd
te be exenerntcd fiem paying certain
taxes as guardian of several miners was
Committee en Internal Improvements
In regard te opening Chester and Vine
streets. Further time.
Committee te name unnamed streets
and alleys. Further time.
Committee ou Internal Improvements
further time in regard te crossing at
Commerce and Second, Third and Mnrket
nnd Second nnd Wall streets.
Snme Committee reported fence re
pnired nt Fifth Wnrd Schoolhouse.
E. C. Myall wns refunded taxed paid
erronceusiy by him en $300.
Edward Walten was refused license
te sell liquor at the old Greclish stand en
East Fourth street.
James Downey wns granted permission
te erect n one-story frame house en Sixth
Margaret Mnley was granted permission
te erect a two-story frame house en
Seuth side of Grant street, between
Limestone and Weed streets.
An ordinance was offered and passed
under a suspension of the rules in regard
te the introduction of water into the
Sixth Ward.
On motion of Mr. Newell the Com
mittee en Health was authorized te make
a thorough cleaning of the city in an an
ticinatlen of a nrebable visit from the
cholera. In this they will have the co
operation of the Marshal and the Com
mittee en Internal Improvements. They
wero ordered te spare no expense that
the city mieht he placed in a eoed
sanitary condition. The Marshnl will
make out n list of places needing especial
The Committee en AVnys nnd Means
were allowed te borrow 81,000 for current
Committee en Public Buildings wero
instructed te leek after a supply of coal
for the public schools.
The two colored M. E. Churches were
exempted from paying the usual license
for an entertainment.
The sum of $2 15 was refunded te C.
L. Salice as assignee of Peter Luzi.
Mayer Pcarce was granted a leave of
nhsence for four or five weeks, com
mencing September 10th.
Tiif. red ribbon sash advertised ns lest
hns been found nnd can be had by calling
nt this office.
Semk fellow without the fear of a $50
bill before his eyes at 5 o'clock this
morning fired a rock through one of Jehn
T. Martin & Ce.'s large platcglnss
Mits. C. C. Deusian of Maplewood has
the Editor's thanks for the delicious
cheese which took the first premium at
the recent Fair. In the published list of
awards the name of Mrs. Degman was
emitted by the Secretary an oversight
thnt we nre confident wns wholly unin
tentional en his part. All the same, the
cheese elves evidence thnt the judges
nwnrded the premium te the proper per
son. PuitsuANT te Instructions of the Re
publican Executive Cemmittee of Masen
county n mass convention of the Repub
licans of tills county is called te meet nt
the Courthouse in the city of Maysville
en Monday, September 12th. 1S02, at 11 30
a. m for the purpese of nominating
candidates for hlierill, circuit court
Clerk and Corener. Alse te select dole delo
gates te the Congressional and Judical
Conventions te bu held in Ashland Sep
tember 22d, 1802.
M. C. Hutcuis. Chairmnn.
S. T. Hickman, Secretary.
i i
Kfj'erl te tlii" .Marshall.
James Hcfiin, City Marshal, was au
thorized by the City "Qeuncll last night te
muke out a list of places in the city where
there are accumulations of filth and dirt
nnd report same te the Heard of Health
te-morrow nfternoen.
Persons knowing of such accumula
tions, e their own premises or en their
neighbors' or anywhere within the city
will confer a favor en the community In
gchernl by conveying the Information te
Mr. HeUlu.
This Is a matter of very grnve Import Impert Import
nnce as the cholera is already very prehn
bly eitnbllshed in Nuw Yerk harbor and
if It happens te take n trip Westward we
want te he prepnred for it.
The official! should have the hearty co
operation of nil the citizens.
Kerenne Collections.
Deputy Collector of Intcrnnl Revenue
Wadsworth reports the following collec
tions during the month of August:
Spirits ?11,P07 00
Clears two iw
Tobacco 1,1'
Total ;u,Q40 13
The-Pear or Cnulera.
That fear of cholera kills mero people
than cholera Itself was Illustrated by a
story told by nn old Gcrmnn citizen te a
Commercial Gazette reporter a few days
Many years age, while the cholera was
rnging in parts of Germany and extend
ing daily its baneful Infiuence. an old
doctor, taking an evening stroll outside
the gates of his town, saw coming to
wards him n horrible object. Its form
and shape was human, but Its aspect was
a mass of corruption.
"Who nre you?" snid the doctor.
"I nm the cholera."
"Where arc you going?"
"I am going te that town."
The doctor, terrified, pleaded aud
bcgired for the monster te change its
route, but te no purpose. Its read led
through the town, and into the town it
must go. But te compromise with the
geed old doctor the cholera premised net
te kill mero than five people in the town.
Next morning the physician was called
te see a patient, whom he found te have
the cholera. The cases multiplied heutly
and consternation sprend among the peo
ple of the city, and nil these who could
get away did se. There were net five,
but there were 5,000 deaths in the town.
After the cholera had subsided the doc
tor, in his walks, again met the cholera
specter, and upbraided it for net having
kept its word with him. Said the
"I swear I have kent mv nrernise I
did net kill mere than five of your fellow
citizens. The ethers died of fear."
i i ii i.
The Statu Heard of Health Issues an Ad
dress en the Subject.
The State Heard of Health of Kentucky,
through the President, Dr. Pinckney
Thompson, aud Secrctnry Dr. J. N. Mc Mc
Cerranck. has issued an address te the
health efllcinls and the people of Ken
tucky iu regard te the cholera.
The experience with former epidemics
of cholera has demonstrated the fact that
there are three essential factors necessary
te its prevalence as an epidemic in this
country First, the centagium or specific
germs of the disease, transported mere or
less directly from their euly place of ori
gin, in India. Second, human beings af
flicted with the disease in some of its
stages, or clothing or merchandise in
fected by such persons, te carry these
germs from place te place. Third, an in
habited town or place, properly prepared
by the neglect of health requirements for
the receptien of these germs.
In considering hew te prevent the
spread of the disease the circular says
that cholera is net contagious, in the or
dinary sense of the term. The infective
germ is contained chiefiy In the dis
charges from the stomach and bowels of
the patient, nnd en his clothing soiled
thereby. It has.becu demonstrated that
these discharges are net capable of re
producing the disease when fresh, but
after n few hours' decomposition, csne-
cinlly In the presence pf dampness and
filth, beceme highly infective. The
germs may enter the system from the
ellluvia arising from such places, mero
frequently in infected water, aud some
times in solid feed. After Its introduc
tion in a country the disease is conveyed
from place te place by these se slightly
affected as te be able te travel, or by
clothing or ether articles which have been
in contact with the cholera-sick.
As te preparing for the disease, exper
ience has shown that cleanliness is the
best protection against it. Although the
germs of the disease are scattered broad
cast during every epidemic, they cease te
be reproduced beyond the boundary lines
which separate the cleaned premises from
the filth. The disease can be often im
ported into healthy localities, but no ex
tended series of cases are produced. It
should be borne in mind that measures
of cleanliness, taken beforehand, are of
flTr mere Importance thnn the removal of
filth nftcr the disease has made its appear
ance. The beard, therefore, recommends
thnt all local beards of health, health
officers and the people begin nt once the
work of putting towns, cities and homes
in the best possible condition.
Accumulations of animal and vegetable
matters in the streets, alleys and yards,
and all privy vaults, cess-peels, "sinks,
drains, cellars and all ether places sus
pected of being dangerous te health,
should receive immediate attention.
Tenement houses nnd nil places thickly
settled by negrees and the lower classes
of whites should be rigidly inspected and
put in the best possible sanitary condi
tion, and the inspection should be fre
quently repeated. As the water supply
is the most prolific medium for the sprend
of cholera, all public wells and springs
Should be carefully looked after by
the health authorities, especially in le
calities where imperfect sewcrage and
drainage render such sources of supply
liable te contamination. Private wells
and springs should be guarded against
pollution by promptly and properly tak
ing care of all the waste matters of the
household. Aftnr the health authorities
have done Hheir duty, much remains
which can be done by the individual or
household Pure water.goed ventilation,
healthful feed, neatness of premises and
person, temperate habits, nnd everything
that is conducive te geed health furnish
the best means of protection against the
dread disease
Copies of this circular for distribution
may no obtained from the Secretary of
the beard at Hewling Green,
A wAnr.iteusK combination, Very much
like the scliome that was attempted two
years age, has at last been formed at
Louisville. The articles of incorporation
of the L5af Tobacco Warehouse Com
pany have been filed. The capital stock
In If2.500,000. Kloveu warehouses have
Joined the company, The Incorporator
expect the ethers te come in.
Only a Single Wheelman Manages te
Escape te the Shere.
Twohty-Seren live loaf'eo lJke Bltchl.
Ban The Crew and Ptuuipin Take
te the Yawls, and They Cap
size a Mile Frem the Shere.
Sault Ste. Mabte, Mich., Sept. 2.
The fish tug E. M. B. A. arrived down
Thursday night, having as a passenger
Harry Stewart, ei Algonac, a wheels
man, the only survivor from the mam
moth steel steamer Western Bcscrve,
which foundered Tuesday morning
about 0 o'clock, sixty miles above White
Fish Point, en the course te Kecwenaw.
The Western Reserve, upbeund and
light, left the Soe canal Tuesday after
neon, naving en beard as passengers
Capt. Peter Mlnch, her owner, his wife, '
three children, and Ids wlfe sister, be
sides the regular crew of twenty-two
hands. The rest of her short history
and the sad fatality is best told in the
words of Stewart, who Is ttic-enly one
left of the twenty-seven souls te tell t,
the terrible tale:
"Every jthlng went well until about
sixty miles above White Fish, when tha
first warning any one en beard had el
impending danger wu6 a tcrrlWe crash
about 0 a. m., caused by the huge craft
breaking In two and breaking the main- '
mast about half way np the rigging.
She took In water fact from the start,
and the yawl beats were lowered.
Capt Minch, his family tm1 the officers
and crew of the beat, te the number of
seven teen, get into tbe wooden yawl, i
and the ethers took the metallic one. .
They had gene hardly ten mmutes,and
before she was hardly out of sight, the .
metallic yawl capsized. The ether
went te her assistance, bat only suc
ceeded In rescuing two 'of her occu
pants, Capt Meyer's son and the stew
ard. The nineteen survivors started
for White Fish, sixty mites away. Thai
wind was about west when they started,
but veered te the north, making con
siderable sea. B,ut the yawlweathered
the breakers all night, and until 7 the
next morning, when about ten miles
from Llfe-6aving Station Ne. 10, and
nbeut a mile from the shore it capsized.
Stewart says he saw none of the
occupants nf ter that He struck for the
shore, but the cries of the children,
screams of the women and meaning of
men were terrible te hear for a few
moments, then all becaraq silent Stew
art was in the water two hours. He
struck shore about ten mDe above the
station, and had te walk there ccfare
reaching anyone te render him assist
ance. A search failed te find trace of
any ether survivor of the wreck, and
there Is no question they were all
drowned. The Western Reserve was
one of the largest craft an the lakes,
and has only been in the Lake Superior
trade a llttle ever a year. She was
owned by P. O. Mlnch, who, with his
family, was lest en her.
The list of the crew, as nearly as can
be obtained. Is rs follews: Albert My
ers, of Vermillion, O., captain; Fred
Engdlls, first mate Win. H. Seaman, of
Cleveland, chief engineer; Chas. Wiles
second engineer, Geerge Davis, assist
ant steward; Daniel Ferbes, lookout;
Carl Myers, whechnnn; Harry Stewart,
wheelman; Rebert Simpsen, eiler.
The following are supposed te be the
remainder of the crew, the names be
ing token from the last registered list:
Charles Le Bean, second mate: Bert
Smith, steward; S. T. Hatten, fireman;
Jehn Latchman, fireman: Herace
Borough, fireman; Martin Klausen, oil
cr; Daniel Stlckney, deck hand; R.
Longfleld, deck hand; Albert Daven
port, deck hand; Daniel O'Connell, deck
hand; M. Coffee, deck hand; Jehn Wil Wil
eon, deck hand.
The Western Reserve was one of the
new steel steamers en the lakes. She
was built by the Cleveland Ship Build
ing Ce., and launched October 30, 1600.
She was owned by the P. G. Mlnch es
tate and ethers of Cleveland, 0., and
was valued at .8220,000 In Lloyd's Inland
Register. The Western Reserve was
f'.OO feet long and 41 feet beam. She was
considered a thoroughly stanch and sea-
worthy beat
The Weather.
Washington-, Sept & Fer Ohio Ohie
Fair, warmer, cast te south winds.
Fer Tennessee and Kentucky Fair,
warmer, east winds.
Fer West Virginia and Western Penn
sylvania Slightly warmer, north te
east winds.
Fer Indiana nnd Illinois Fair, warm
er, south winds.
Fer Lewer Michigan Fair, wnrmer,
southeast winds.
Thursday's Gaines.
JClnclnnatl 10 I Ilosten. .
I isroemyn t
JClevclnnd 3
1 Washington i
I Louisville , 7
(New Yerk 2
1 Chicago 3
iSt Leuis. ., 4
1 Philadelphia 1
IMttstmryh n
I Baltimore ,,, 2
Leugae Standing.
y en Lest. Per Ct
Cleveland 30
' .7M
Ilosten C3
Pittsburgh S3
Ilroeklrn .., 21
Cincinnati , 21
Phlludelphla , 21
Chlcape 20
Loulsville 20
New Yerk 13
Halttmore 18
St Lents It)
Washington , 12
Nine Were KIIIeiL
Bi:iiun, Sept 2. While the work of
repairing the royal castle in Konigs Kenigs
lierg, a city of East Prussia, was going
en Thursday the scaffolding suddenly
collapsed, precipitating a number of
the workmen te the ground. They fell
quite a distance and nlne of them were
instantly killed.
Drink, Then Death.
iNDiANAreus, Sept a William D. ,
Campbell, of Chlllleethe, O., after pro
longed dissipation Wednesday night re
tired te bed, taking with him a beKl,
of weed alcohol mixed with JaamWe,
ginger. He was
found dead ThuwOay
:, vi
- .in& iiLi
lV Ai

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