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;;Four Robbers Nearly Stamp a
mi 'ntf Aitf rinrffir tinttrmen VaA- WfflK
i Farmnr t.n iWtJi.
era! and 'Stife Government
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rThey Then Set His Heuse en Flre and
- Leave Him te Perish,
After ItanMeklag the Building Frem Tep'
Mn Loeea Ills Bfnsk and U
Recognized as a neighbor.
V" Pekdl&s a, Sept. 8. Thursday even-
about 0 OTsleck occurred a crlme
which among the many bloody deeds of
ftaams county swinus witneui a parai-
t Jehn Crethcrs, a well known farmer
who lives near Louisville, a llttle hnn
let four miles northwest of this place,
was about te retire,'1 when some one
called him te the window, Baying his
bpther was hurt, and ashed him te
come at once. Before he could reply
the deer was burst open with a roil,
and he was seized by four
masked men. Crethcrs is a large,
muscular man, and struggled fierce
ly, lie j grabbed hia shotgun,
but it was wrenched from bis hands bc bc bc
fore he could use It The men threw
him te the Oder and stamped upon him
until he became insensible, after which
they robbed him of all the money en
his person, about SSO, and ransacked
the house from top te bottom, taking
every thing, of value. The fiends then
bound the helpless man, cut him in
several places and poured coal oil en
the bed clothes and set flre te the
house, leaving him te perish in the
, flaxaea,
Shortly after their departure he re
gained consciousness and managed te
roll himself out into the yard, where
he lay watching his property bera The
light was seen from the Louisville
church, where prayer meeting was be
leg held, and a party set out for the
fire te render assistance. They 6tumblcd
ever CrpthcYs, who was again uncon uncen uncon
scleus, and carried him te the residence
of a ne.ighber near by, and medical as
sistance was rendered. The wounds
are serious, though net necessarily
. In ,the scuflle one of the masks worn
, by one of the men was tern from his
face, and Crethcrs recognized David
.Matthews, a farmer living near May
IIUL Matthews was arrested and
brought before 'Squire J. V. Masen.
At the preliminary trial Crethors
swore positively as te the identity el
iMatthcws as one of Ills assailants, but
Matthews claims he is able te prove an
Justice Mesen bound him ever te
court in the sum of 51,000, and bend
was given.
Excitement runs high at Louisville,
and there is every prospect of a lynch
ing, if any clew te the perpetrators of
the crirae is found The rosidenco of
Crethcrs, together with its contents,
was totally destroyed.
aioAullde la Bud Condition.
Bay St. Leuis, Miss., Sept s. Dick
Reche, Jus Celvllle, Ed McAvoy and
"Honest Jehn Kelly, Jack MoAuilffe's
most intimate friends, visited Roberts
son's place Friday te take careful note
of the Jight-wclght's condition. My-
' er's antagonist did net show up favor
ably. II e claims te be, and perhaps Is,
at weight, but if se his programme was
peculiar. He worked terrifically for a
man en the eve of a fight
Ordered te Clean Up.
' Philadelphia, Sept 8. Notices have
been issued by the Pennsylvania Rail
,'. read Ce. te all freight agents and of-
fleers who have charge of the stations
relative te the disinfectien of all build
ing along the entire line. It la the in
tention te make this work as through
. as possible, se that in the event of
cholera reaching this country the dls-
ense will net gain a foothold en the
' read.
Ne Tlme tur Urjelclnga.
r Hambure, Sept 3, The anniversary
of the victory of Sedan, a day which is
usually marked by great public rejeic
ings, passed here in the gloomiest man
ner. Except for decorations scen en the
pest ofllee and the railway station, net
a flag was displayed. The churches
were filled with poeplo praying that the
cholera epidemic might cease.
Joined the Alllnnce.
TerEKA, Kan., Sept 8. .Tames P.
Ligate, the noted republican leader of
Kansas, has jolnedetho Farmers' Al
liance, and will take the stump for the
people's party. lie will be the chief
speaker at a people's party rally next
Saturday, when he will explain why he
has left the republican party and why
he haB joined the peeple's party.
Couldn't Agree en it Site.
COLUJinua, a, Sept 8. The com
mission te locate the proposed eastern
Ohie insane asylum adjourned Friday
'. afternoon without having reached any
decision. Anether meeting will be held
next week, either bore or in Dayton, at
which the location will be definitely
settled. The choice lice between Stark
and Jofforsen counties,
The llettluc nt New Orleans.
New Obleaks, Sept a Excitement
ever the throb big fights is running
high Betting is very lively, and
thousands of dollars are going up dally
en the results. The arrivals Friday of
sporting men, ceme te see the trlple
events, was very large, running up well
Inte the hundreds.
Encampment tn'irtera.
Wasiiiseth.v, Sept 8. Application
for nuarters durlna the O. A. It en.
, campment was (Ilea Friday as follews:
IIowel Pest Ne. 8817, of Fremont City,
0.,' for 30 m6ni Barren Pest Ne. COM, of
(Sprlngbore, 0., for 70 men; Kimball
Pest Ne. 507, of Littleton, W. Vn,, for
SO men. '
Illojrcle Itccenl Urelcen.
'Dhcatuii, Ilk, Sept 8. The werld'H
professional bloycle record was broken
jat; tbe Decatur race meeting. Jack
' Prlnee, of Omaha, wxle a-quarter mile,
with a flylngr start, in ;NM, which
bMt the bMt professional nwe'rd evr
mad. '
;pe?$etml joints
J3ff ieu havcfrlcndt vMUne veu, or ( ynu
are oeino away en a v((t, lue drop u a neU
te that effect.
Mrs. A. C. Hespcss went te Cincinnati
yesterday. ' j
Rev. E. L. Powell and wife lmve re
turned te Louisville. , .
Miss Hcrtlin Dtuilten has been the guest
of friends at Mt. Olivet.
Mr. mid Mrs. II. Tt. Blcrbewcr are ex
pected home from Pueblo next week.
Mrs. J. D. Peed iitnl family returned
last night from a visit te Sknrpsuurg.
Mrs. Samuel Helmes of Mt. Olivet has
been en a visit te relatives in this city.
Miss Blnncbc Wise of Bernard Is visit
inf,' Miss Mary Sedden of the Fifth Ward.
Misses Anna and Florence Themas and
Nellie Means attended the Ripley Fair
this week.
Mrs. 'Albert Meran and Miss Jennie
Merford attended the Lexington Fair
Miss Lida Berry will return tliis eve
ning from her visit te Denver ami ether
Western cities.
Mrs. W. A. White and Miss Blanche
Lawsen of Jamestown, N. Y., are visit
ing Mrs. J. D. Peed.
Miss Florence Q. Wilsen has returned
from a visit te bcr brother, James C.
Wilsen, at Leuisville.
Miss Julia Ryan has returned te her
home nt Salt Lick after a pleasant visit
te her brother, J. F. Ryan.
Miss Sitllie Shipman and daughter re
turned home this morning after a pleas
ant visit te Portsmouth, O.
Miss Belle Michaclsen of Charleston,
W. Vn., is visiting her cousin, Miss Grace
Greenwood of Commerce street.
Miss Jennie Nute of Peeriu, 111., a
granddaughter of Dr. McGraunghan is
visiting Mrs. W. R. Gill at Washington.
Miss Mamie Miller of Louisville has re
turned home after spending some time
here with Mr. and Mrs, Geerge II. Mar
tin. Miss Jennie McDnnicl of Carlisle re
turned borne after a lengthy visit te rela
tives in Masen. She proved a magnet se
attractive that Carlisle need net be sur
prised at any time by an irruption of Ma Ma
eon bcaux
The Circus at Maysville next Wednes
day. Oeeiiqu W. Jett, formerly of Mt.
Olivet, has purchased and assumed charge
of 77! Vindicator at Augusta.
The Ministers' Union of the city will
meet next Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock
in the study of Rev. J. S. Hays at Hays Hays
weed. Evan L. Tilton hns shown The
Advance four hands of Robertsen county
tobacco that measure thirty-two inches iu
At h protracted meeting at the Chris
tian Church. Mt. Olivet, nineteen con
fessed and were baptized, nnd sevcrnl
joined by letter.
Texas fever is causing mortality among
cattle in Kansas, Nine hundred head of
cattle there have succumbed te the disease
and the mpney less amounts te 820,000.
Claude Fields and Pearl Claypoelo,
who thought tbey had been married by
pretender Bradford at Aberdeen, wero
married by a preacher after they returned
te Mt. Olivet.
AtrM l,pnn la (1ia nAoeneor ef n
man who kceps himself supplied with
newspapers uy writing u ijusiui utiru
every week te some large paper oillce
nskinir for a s amnie cenv.
" i i m i
Cincinnati police arc looking for Wil
liam II. Wilsen of Richmond, who disap disap
nearcd from home August 20th and has
net been heard from since. He left with
the intention of going te Cincinnati.
At Covington Colonel S. J. Hudsen, a
prominent tobacco manufacturer, quar quar
relcd with ene of his farm hands named
Ilelnrich. and stabbed him in the abde
men, indicting a dangerous wound. Hud Hud
eon was arrested.
D. L. Haudksty has been arrested at
Lexington for using the mails with fraud
ulent purposes He advertised for sales
men, and te these who answored ha sent
a cheap sample case, worth about a del
lar, ler which no cnargca H ou.
REMHMnitit, The Ledeeii prints "Uelp
Wanted," "Lest." "Found,1' and similar
notices net of a business character, free
of charge. The euly thing we require Is
that the copy be sent In bofero 0 o'clock
en nay ei publication.
Black Idk. owned by J, W. Fitzgerald
of this cltv, wen the four-year-old trot a
the Lexington Fair. She took the three
labt beats, Cigarette, owned by Fergusen
& Bend of Lexingten, winning the first
two. Cigarette was distanced In the race
here. Black Idp new lias a record of
2:23r, r
Tim Democrats et Masen will held tuelr
precinct meeting this afternoon nnd se
lect ilolegatea te the County, Convention
te be held in this cltv Monday. Dele-
gates will be chosen te represent the
county In the Democratic Congressional
Convention, which reeeti at Carlisle en
Tu4y. '
VIliS mi .
Wlint We May Expect Hctween This Time
and Te-morrow Evening.
U7ilt! streamer rAiu: Hliic itAtserBNOw:
With Ulack above 'twill wakmkk kiew.
If Mack' iirnratii celdbk 'twill be:
Unless liUick't shown no clinnire we'll sec.
JSTTbe above ferecusts are mnde for n
period of thlrty-slx hours, ending nt 8 o'clock
te-morrow owning.
When she Is with him be will pay
Fer sentj enO-tbtrd his salary;
Hut wlien uloue he seeks the play
Veu'll iluil him in the irallery.
There has been frost In Dakota.
Jehn L. Sullivan was a guest of Ken
tucky last night.
The Lexingten Fair lias been a highly
successful one.
Dan Shaver Is nursing an ugly and
painful carbuncle.
The Bourbon County Fair will be In
progress next week.
The street cars carried upwards of 10.-
000 passengers during the fair.
The Health Committee will begin the
work of cleaning the city right away.
i 1 1 t m m
Jehn G. Carlisle spent the day with
G. Cleveland nt Buzzard's Bay en Thurs
day. The cemiug prize-fights overshadow
even the cholera scare in the public
At a picnic at White Oaks, Morgan
county, Jehn Archer shot and killed Ed.
Cellins. Archer escaped.
While walking along the street at Lex
ington Kate Perter, colored, fell dead.
Heart disease was the cause.
It is new thought that no Revenue and
Taxation bill will be passed by the
General Assembly iu time te go into
effect this year?
The "Sanitarians" are already getting
in their work. A force of hands yester
day afternoon cleaned out the sewer ut
Third and Market.
During her visit at Pueble, Colerado,
Mrs. U. R. Bierbewer of this city fell
and sprained her ankle. She has about
recovered, however.
Miss Maud Geis entertained quite a
number of her friends last evening in
honor of her eighteenth anniversary.
All spent a pleasant evening.
Embossed Wallpaper at 0, 8, 10 and 12
cents per roll. Geed bargains; come
early and get choice
J. T. Kackley fc Ce.
In Greenup county Jehn Vnnderhoef
and Herman Newbert get into a tight and
Newbcrt shot Vauderhoef twice. Van Van Van
derhoef beat Newbert badly with his fist.
The first bale of cotton of the crtp of
1892-93 has been received at Memphis,
the date being nineteen dnys later than
the latest received during cloven years
The colored people of Georgia have
formed a society called the .Upper Ten.
The members agree that after a certain
date they will de no mero work for the
white people. i
Hen. W. C. P. Breckinridge is uew
in Washington engaged in moving his
furniture te Lexingten, where he has
leased a house and will keep his family
in the future.
Uncle Jack Heek, the famous horse herso herse
man, who hns been critically ill at his
home in Paris nnd who has several times
been reported dead, has se far recovered
UB te be able te sit up.
Nbaii St. Mary's, Marien county,
Charles Mattingly was threwii by a mule
and drugged along the ground for 400
yards. Ills skull was crushed and he
was dead when found.
Hen. O. W. Reet of Newport, and Cel
enel W. B. Baker of Alexandria, are can
didates for the Republican nomination
fr PnmmfitttVAnltli'a A Mnrnnv In fin
Cnmpbell County Distrjst.
Mils. Jehn McClure died a Crab Or
chard. Last May it was rumored that
Mrs. itlcuiurc mm eiepcu wiui it. Ljcc
Davis. This was subsequently vigor
eusly denied by both parties.
The Sixth Ward Scheel will net open
Monday as announced, the diphtheria
net having entirely abated In that por
tion of the city. Thore are some cases in
close proximity te the fcchoelhouso.
Weed II. Bewen. formerly a premi
nent revenue officer of Covington and
for two years past DoeKueeper ler the
Lntenla Distillini; Company, died sud
denly, aged 40 years. He leaves a,widow
and two children.
Tub report that a lurge let of raea from
cholera iufected countries weru taken
from the steamship Jleman of the Ward
line ut Bosten ami shipped te Cincinnati,
is net true. The rags are still en beard
the Jtemnn, ami Iho ship Is in quarantine.
Selld Brethers' Mammoth Men Men Men
QL'orie and Circus will be hore in all its
glory next Weduesdny. It la the first
snow in waysviue tmt season and will no
doubt attraet an immense crowd from
Uftlcinl Call for County Convention te lie
Held en September 12th.
Pursuant te instructions of the Re
publican Executive Committee of Masen
county a mass convention of the Repub
licans of this county is called te mect at
the Courthouse in the city of Maysville
en Monday, September 12th. 1892, at 11 30
a. m., for the purpose of nominating
candidates for Sheriff, Circuit Court
Clerk and Corener. Alse te select dele
gates te the Congressional and Judical
Conventions te bc held in Ashland Sep
tember 22d. 1802.
M. C. Hu'rcniKS, Chairman.
S. T. Hickman. Secretary.
i i m
'h'. C. Ricitesen has the first paw-paws
of the season.
T. B. CHINNI8 still critically ill at his
home en East Second street.
Samuel, the four-year-old son of W.
T. Enls, is very 111 with fever.
In Saxony about 70 per cent, of the
werkiugracn cam less than $150 a year.
The "Army of Heaven" Is coming te
New Yerk. It is a rival of the Salvation
ists. Op the 20,000,000 workers In the United
Stntes. less than 1,000,000 belong te labor
A pair of eye glasses belonging te
Byren Rudy have been found and can be
had at this office.
People In the vicinity of Washington
are driving stock te the creeks and haul
ing water for domestic purposes.
Dennis Mackev, the old sexton of the
Catholic Cemetery at Washlgten, is se
seriously ill with neuralgia of the bowels
that his death is heurl expected.
The topics at the Christian Church to
bacco will be: Mernlug, "Geed Cheer in
a Dark Heur," Matt, fii, 27. Evening,
"The Value of Our Visitors," Prev. xxix,
The Wemau's Christian Tempernnce
Union 'of Chicago has placed a "slot
drinking machine" in the Posteflico
Building of that city. A penny in the
slot causes it te hund out a cool drink of
Chicaoe has established quarantine
against Canada, nnd immigrants bound
for the West will net be nllewcd te leave
the cars in passing through the city.
Immigrants who step there' will nlse be
Attention of Ledger readers is
directed te the advertisement of J. T.
Kaekley & Ce. iu this issue. Te close
out several lines they are "offering very
attractive bargains, prices being marked
in plain figures.
Excitement was caused in New Or
leans by a false report of yellow fever
cases en beard of an incoming steamer.
The Beard of Health has instituted a
quarantine against all vessels likely te be
infected with cholera, and ordered day
light inspections.
TnEiiE will be services in the First
Presbyterian Church tomorrow morning
nt 11 o'clock and In the evening at 7:30,
conducted by the 1'asteritev. J. fc. nays.
The Westminster Society of Christian
Endeavor will meet at 7 o'clock. A
cordial invitation is given te the public te
attend these services
Dr. Jenkins and Professer Briggs of
the New Yerk Health Beard arc making
a bacteriological examination into the
chelern cases which appeared en the
Moravia, and the result will be mode
public as seen as completed. Ne new
cases have been reported from among
the passengcrs of the ship.
Fer a lame back or for a pain in the
slde or chest, try saturating a piece of
tlannel with Chamberlain's Pain Balm
nnd binding it onto the affected parts.
This treatment will cure any ordinary
case in one or two days. Pain Balm also
cures rheumatism. 50 cent bottles for
sale by Power & Reynelds.
On the 21st of February. 1871, Andreas
Llpp deposited ftj in the Probnte Court,
Cincinnati, which belonged te his ward,
Jehn Rieuian. Jehn had gene te Cali
fornia nnd the money was net likely te
be called for seen, nnd Andreas thought
no safer course could be followed than te
deposit it with the Court. He took a re
ceipt. Recently his former ward had
called upon him for the money, and a
few days age he visited the Probate Court
with his receipt for the purpose of col
lecting it. The books of the Court, how
ever, show no such credit, and Andreas
is without remedy unless he can find the
responsible olllcers of the Court of that
day and get the mouey out uf them.
i i
The last time cholera visited this coun
try in anything like serious form was In
I860, when up te late in October the
deaths in New Yerk reached upward of
1,200. In Brooklyn, owing te the bad
sanitary arrangements, seme 800 denths
occurred, In Philadelphia there were
834 deaths; iu Cincinnati, where the dis
ease prevailed in the late summer and
fall, there were about 1.200; In St.
Leuis. 3,532; Chicago, 078; Richmond,
Va.. 104: New Orleans. 131: Vicksburi:,
510: Memphis. 680; Leuisville, 152.
There wcre three or lour intai cases in
Maysville Frem actunl returns and
from estimates It is believed that mero
than 12,000 people died of chelern In the
United States ip the year of 180(5.
ii i i .
A lived Thine Iu Keep at Hand.
Frem The Trey (Kansas) Ohief. Some
veare ace we wcre very much subject te
scvere spells of cholera merbus; nud new
when we icel any ei tne symptoms mat
usually nrccccd that ailment, such as
sickness nt tl e stomach, diarrheea, etc.,
we beceme scary. We have leuiui Chain
berlnin'a Celic, Chelera nnd Diarrhcea
Remedy the ycry thing te straighten ene
out in Biich cases, aud always keep It
about, We nre net writing this for a pay
testimonial, but te let our readers knew
what Is r. geed tuleg te keen In the
heuw. Fer sale by Power A Reynolds.
Tratmrera el Heal Eitate.
Suewden Reads te Themas Davis, col
ored, ten acres of land near Murpuys
vlllc; consideration, $C0O.
Tbe Me Shew.
Don't forget that Sells Bres.' Mammoth
Shew will be in Maysville en Wednes
day next, September 7th.
ft is even bigger and better than it ever
was, many rare Australian and Seuth
Sea Islands crcutures never before cxhib
ited in this country, having been added
te the already vast combination.
The circus deserves the reputation it
enjoys, and is worthy the biggest patron
age the public can bestow upon It.
The big show never was and never will
be divided and will be presented here in its
We would advise our country friends te
ceme te Maysville in time te sec the great
street parade.
Jlars' Mountain!.
Professer Pickering reports that Mars
has two mountain ranges near the Seuth
Melted snow has collected between
them before Mewing Northward. In the
equatorial mountain regions snow foil en
the summits August 0th and melted Au-
ust 7th. Eleven lakes were seen near
oils Lecus varying in area from eighty
by one hundred miles te forty by forty
miles. Branching dark lines connect
them with two large dark areas like seas,
but net blue. There has been much trou
ble since the snow melted in the arcan
clouds. These clouds are net white but
Yellowish, and nre partly transparent.
They new seem te be breaking up, but
they hang densely en the Seuth side of
the mountain range. The Northern
green spot has been photographed.
Many of Sckinperelli's canals have been
seen single.
Itepublicnn Convention Called te Meet at
Ashland en September ,2'M.
Te the Republicans of the First Appel
late Court District: The new olectlen law
having rendered It necessary, the Rcpubli
can Executive Committee of the First
Appellate Court District of Kentucky
hereby declares that a convention of the
Republicans of said District, composed of
the counties of Bath, Boyd, Bracken,
Bourbon, Bell. Breathitt, Carter,
Clark, Clay, Estill. Elliett. Floyd. Flem
ing. Greenup, Harlan, Jehnsen, Jacksen,
Knox, Knett, Laurel, Letcher, Leslie,
Lee. Lewis, Lawrence, Madisen, Masen,
Montgomery, Morgan, Mageflln, Martin,
Menifee. Nicholas, Owsley, Perry. Pike,
Powell, Robertsen, Rockcastle, Rewan
and Wolfe will be held in the city of
Ashland. Ky en Thursday, September
22d, 1S92, nt 2 o'clock p. m. for the
purpose of nominating a candidate for
Judge of the Court of Appeals. The
Chairman of the Republican Committee
of each county in the District is hereby
earnestly requested te call and held a
County Convention in due time te select
delegates te said convention at the time
and place aforesaid.
The basis of representation from each
county shall be ene delegate for each one
hundred and one delegate for each
fraction ever fifty votes cast for Ben
jamin Harrison in 1SS8.
Representation from each county in the
District is urgently desired cither by
dclcgnte or proxy. " Ed. Daum.
Chair. First Appollate Court District.
Lure-Jinking en the Stage.
"The art of making leve en the stage
is ene thnt few actors acquire," said an
old Thespian. "A woman naturally
clings te a man with grace, grasping his
arm' with cleverly implied passion or ten
derly nestling en his besom. But n man
doesn't get en te the rcstkctlclsm of the
thing witli the same ease and grace.
Harry Lacv was a dream of a lever,
though, lie had a trick of weaving his
arms about a woman with a sinuous,
seductive movement that brought a little
lump into tbe threat of every woman in
his nudience. He always preferred ap
proaching ixs woman from behind and
then drawing her back into arms that
seemed made for thnt purpose Edwin
Ueff, with the Bostonians, isn't n bad
lever by any means. Funny things,
while en this topic, but you knew when
Bnrrvmore was supporting Langtry they
hated each ether worse than poison. He
declares she would put plus In her bodice
te stick him, and they kept up a regular
quarrel the whole time they were billing
and cooing and embracing in the most
ardent fashion. ' Don't held me se tight,
sir; you Luve evidently never had your
arms around n lady.' Langtry would say
in a whisper. 'If you knew hew
thoroughly distasteful this is te me you
would never accuse me of getting near
you,' he would reply. De people ever
make love en the stage? Net that I knew
of; It is all purely business.
Tim avorego duration of lives In the
ITnltiwI Stnlrin- .11. H v-pnrs fnr stnri'knen-
ers; 43.0 years for teamsters; 41.0 years
fr Ennmiui' i? 9 venra fnr mpplinnlps? Jfi 4
years for merchants; 62.0 years for law
yers, anil in.- years tur uinuurs.
W. B. Carpenter of Cincinnati has
returned from the annual session of the
United Typethetcc of America at Terente.
He writes that he wants his nnme
"wedced in" for Bosten in 1895. and re
grets that he couldn't have tfone te Cole
rade insteuil ei te laiiana.
Thad Ruoelb'8 sawmill 'en Salt Lick,
flve or six mlles from Tollosbero, was
destreved bv Qre a few nlehts ae.
Themas II. llamrick le3t about 80,000
feet of popular lumber valued at about
1,300. Ne Insurance en either lumber
or mill. The fire is supposed te have
been the work of an Incendiary.
Among the many letters received by
W, LaRue Themas congratulating him
unen his election as Dcmitv Grand
Matter of the GE. U, ti. A., none is
mero highly appreciated, than that from
Colonel Edgar e. Dudley, Acting Judge
AdvocAte General Department of Ari
zona, with headquarters at Les Angeles,
Dr. Jenkins, of New Yerk, Doesn't
Like $e President's Action
In Begerd te Detaining Veasel In tfanraxu
tlne for the Space et twenty I)r,
fc and Says lie Will CxerelM Ute ,
l , Discretion In the Blatter.
New Yem:, Sept a There 6een a
probability of a clash of authority eris
Ing between the federal government
and the state authorities, as repre
sented by Dr. Jenkins
The recent order of the president for
bids any vessel cnrryhig immigrants te
enter pert until after twenty days
Dr. Jenkins said be would use his dis
cretion about keeping a vessel in quar
antine for twenty days. If he saw fi
he would quarantine a vcesel mere than
twenty days, or less. He claimed that
he had full authority, and that the
president's order could net affect him,
or cause him te de otherwise than ea
his Judgment Induced him.
"I don't want te be understood as de-.
fylng the chief executive," said Dr.'
Jenkins. "I shall de all in my power
te assist the national authorities in
keeping cholera from entering the,
country, but I certainly think I have
the right, by virtue of the authority
delegated te me as health officer of this
pert, te decide en the number of days,
that a ship shall be kept at quaran
"I shall decide the question in the,
case of each ship according te the Bani-j
tnry conditions prevailing en beard dty
the time of her arrival here.
"I am acting Independently et thaj
president I don't mean by that that
I am going te allow a cholcra-uifceted'
vessel te enter the pert of New Yerk. I!
realize my responsibility with refer-i
ence te the city el New Yerk just as:
much as the president realizes his re
sponsibility In regard te the country.)
Conditions might be such that aqaaruni
tlned vessel ceald saiely be released'
In five days, and again, if disease
kept breeding, 6he might be detained a
year." !
Collector Hendricks said he did net'
think Dr. Jenkins would bring ea
conflict between the federal and 6tat,
authorities. Bat if such a thing should,
arise the federal power would prevail.
Ne vessel can land passengers or cargo
nntfl the vessel Is entered at the custom
house, and Collector Hendricks will act
according te instructions ei the Wash
lngten authorities.
McCarthy unci Craig Deemed.
CeLUirucs, O., Sept 3. A double
hanging will occur at the penitentiary
annex next Friday morning. The
state beard of pardons Friday refused
te interfere with the death sentencea of
Edward McCarthy and Charles Craig,
the Cincinnati murderers. This de
cision was net unexpected in Craig's
case. The fate of McCarthy, however,
was a great surprise. Mr. Euhns, the
member In charge of his case, argued
a long time te convince the ethers el
the beard that McCarthy's sentence
should be commuted te life Imprison
ment, Called te WaablnKten.
Chicago, Sept 8. Dr. Jehn R. Hemll-.
ten, ex-surgeon general of the UnltedI
Marine hospital service left hurriedly)
for Wushlngten en the 8 o'clock
Friday morning. He went in response
te a dispatch from Secretary Tester,!
telling him te report at Washington'
for duty at once' Dr. Hamilton has
been through enej epldemle el cholera
and one of yellow fevcr. He drafted!
several of the acts of congress establish
ing strkt quarantine nt ports of entry.
The Weather.
Washington, Scpt. Fer Ohie, West
Virginia and western' Pennsylvania
Fuir, warmer, east te south winds.
Fer Tennessee and Kentucky Fair,
warmer, east te south winds.
Vex Indiana Fair, slightly warmer,
cast te south winds.
Fer Illinois Fair, except increasing
cloudiness, with showers in west and'
north portions Saturday or Saturday
night; cooler in west, south winds be
coming west (
SuuihvUle Cleaning.
Nasuville, Toen., Sept fi. The city
authorities have promptly pet te work
te place this city in geed 6anltary con-
dltlen, tn anticipation el the possible ,
entbreni of cholera In the United
States. Thursday, In special session,
the common council, at the instance of,
the mayor and health officers of the city
and state, voted an Immediate appro
priation of 615,000 far carrying ou the
work of sanitation.
Friday' Games.
(Cincinnati 8 I Dosten i,
i Brooklyn & I Chicago 1
J Cleveland... 3 l Philadelphia. 3
I Washington. 1
I St. Leuis...
I New Yerli
t Loulfivtlie
CM I Mttabunrh 8
ill Baltimore. 0'
I 'Louisville 5
INtiw Yerlr 8
Seond game.
Hew They nantc
Wca Lest. Per Ct.'
Cleveland , 31
Bosten 24
Pittsburgh '. 'S3
ClaclnnaU .,., S3
Philadelphia 1
Brooklyn SU
Chicago 1
Louisville 21
New Verfit 1
Boltlmeri It
Si Leuis 10
Washington 13
Chinese chcme te Get te America. . -HoxeiXLivScpt
a Of late the Ckli
nese are becoming naturalized In, la
creasing numbers, as brought out by,
questions addressed te the minister, et
the Interior; their purpose evidently te
te attempt te secure entrance into .Um
United Strtcs as Hawaiian c1Uim
MK"tK Naval Gcw.
Wa&iiingtek, Septjl EYw-malec '.
nave eeeeu given ter tee sbwbmkw . ' j.t
four six-Inch guns with tklr earMMMu-
nd circle complete from the WMhtint 7
ten navy-yard te the ChUtfe Wi
. , i
? M
me Burreumung country, ' (
, j
' . j
. . ' .
w ' 'iSask.i.ilyk.lL,
tV-nt.uaJ&ti'M zi&jt .... .
iJ?&.i Slr

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