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r "fy
i w
fltenal ftaint
jar ieu havefrUndi vtoltlne veu, or V veu
irnfi(nynifaieniwfaH, pleaw (imp una note
te that tffctt. I
licpreseutatlve Frazce spent Sunday
1,4. rK home.
Miss Anna Conley is visiting friends at
L- rlr.,ll....
,1 lUIUIUDlUig.
" Jeseph Gates of Bethel Is en"n visit te
'friends in the city.
Miss Alice Reth of Newport is a guest
. of Miss Alice Gunn.
. I-
v Miss LIda Manlen of Covington spent
yesterday in Maysville.
.' x C. V. Lurtey Is down from Lexington
, ,en a visit te bis family.
H ....... 7 ...,
pusses nuie and uary tun. 01 uiu-
nlnnfltt ennnt vr.ctmrlnv In Mile nit
Vl, '"U"I""JI"',"J .-....-.... .j.
".JjC MIs Flera Bleem of Ripley is visiting
t Miss Nera Bleem of the Fifth Ward.
Elme Hamilton uud Bradley Gruy of
. Augusta were in the city Sunday evening.
4' !Wjrv Mrs, Leuis Knps and Geerge llandmnn
? ift of Cincinnati 6pcnt yesterday with Mrs.
J" p . Cabllsh of Clttten.
sUmC Elder T. P. Devuinn of Hnrlncdale has
!, ,tt Pec ft lle Bluelicks where he will con-
"''&.? ' duct a protracted meeting.
m u ' Mrs. Madisen Lyens and Miss Grace
;&& Bland of Cincinnati arc visltinc the
3" , family of Geerge T. Weed.
i & , v Miss Katie Burns of Covington re
rJr v turned home yesterday after a pleasant
L visit te Miss Hannah O'Harc.
? . TInv. "R. Pnrmnn. who has been vlsitlnc
. , v t " ..----- ..-.-. c
, $& . -at wasumgten seme lime, ion en ms re
l ' turn te -iew urieans last wcck.
f .jg .
f;- J. H. Dietrich, representing the Cham-
herlaln Medicine Ce. of Dcs Moines, Iowa,
; . is new In this part of Kentucky.
Charles Burgess Poarce and his son
-Ellas left last night for Richmond. Va ,
where the latter will enter school.
Miss Hannah Fleming and Miss Mary
E. Burns have returned from Ilinten, .
Va., after a pleasant visit of. two weeks.
v Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Cox and Mr. and
Mra V.. A. Holiinsen were at Mentercv.
i Hal., last Tucsdav. Thov will be home
,& pn the 17th. '
Miss Daisy Lewis of Deleware, 0., aud
& i$A Miss Mninle Jenes-of lrontenj 0., spent
, A-f; Sunday with Miss Bertha Hill of East
; Maysvllle.
Miss Mattic Lee Maunen will return
home this week after a visit of several
Jk weeks. te relatives and friends in Mays
t JS? . villp nnil vlrinltv.
Alnv 11. firdnnwnnit will lnavu in h ftiW
davs for a trip te Montreal, Quebec, te be
ahennf nmAnir ma rr nn inn i .itiiitiiimiM
Illklbllh ilUIUUff J BKawkJiau -w -..-... --
ter about a inenui.
s iT - Mrs. G. W. Orr, Jr., and children of
tV"5jK' Cincinnati spent yesterday with relatives
ft :vai in nur eltv. 8he was uccemnanied home
by Miss Meek Orr, who will spend some
time in the Queen City.
Daniel, Montague died at Mnnchester,
aged 87 .
Hen. Ed. C. Oiieah of Mt. Sterling
has returned from a European ieur.
.... " .l.n Int (tin TJrtnti-ifllrtn III
l .v Dayton will Issue Meney Orders.
Ji ? rp.tr. MnneliADln, Telr n?Hl hn linlfl
V Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this
The rights and franchises of Mt. Ster
ling Gas Works are advertised at public
sale en the lOtb.
, s llAUTZEii Dunkin, one of Adams
a-1 county's most uonercu citizens uich ai
t ,DunkinsvilIe Saturday, aged 70.
i ? The ladyreaders of The Leueeh are
. -1 ..I 1 1. - 1Ih T 7 Hiinln linn inilnmt
fy ' UllVItCU lUUliUrs. . Y. fima una n,unu
the tirst invoices ei new r an miuinery.
, ? !.y vCeleman Hedeku and Miss Lucy
VVUorsemon, who eloped from Bath county
10 AUOrueen, UUIU luiujiu. nmuiu iuina
stepped 'em.
Haucke's band went te Pertsra&uth
last night where they will furnish music
.for the celebration of the labor organiza
tions te day.
v - '
AN Inquirer wants te knew when the
pews for the new fli. . unurcn, heuiu,
;t Wlll'UrriVU, IIU iuiur muuiu iuuu ....... j
" lllf !.. r Mi nb it mfl tlian 1 1 t n I '
' that they vill. ,
-T, Jtl lAICi ! II. UllftM IAfl l MUU1UWII
V11119 ucen appointed Treasurer of Uun-
- . . ... Y W? Or.v.emr . rf AtA.ilnnii
' ungien lewnsuip, iu iim;u ui v. j, un
V "will, removed for shortage
J ' I !..... .1 ll. !.. .
t,v 1HF. aiarm ei iire eaiuruuy ihjeh u
caused ey a smau maze ui uuuau uu
JWpst Rfipend street bolenclnc te Mrs.
k Fred D. Bendell. Damage InconBidera-
V I. In .
The C. and O. nced mero ground at
' Augusta, Ky., for a new dupet and
kSWitCUes. THOV eucr u,uw ier mree
'V.mnnl Inte Tim liwnnrs want S15.000.
ftif The railroad will condemn.
' It'b an ill wind that blows nobody
JVoed. Albert ureenwoeu weraa i. ou
V.nilln na )m wnttznil nrnund with a vard-
?! 1 'stick measuring the breken pane of plate
5 ;,class in Jehn T. Martin & Ce.k show-uivJ&T-windew.
.VM! j At Lexingten Saturday night Jehn and
'W111 Systrunk and Dick and Jee Nugent,
nil grocers, get Inte a row ever au ac-
'r,nrwieii nnd ns thev were unarncd
Stf'were powerless te return the compliment.
L. m.. lAMl A..ml. fnr. ul WAiililnrrtfiit
St. lllfi lUtUl W1UI1U1H.K II- uii.,w..
'.i: i...e nrnnlilnd frnii miarters for oe.OOO
may depend upon it that the Maysville
U...1 Knrllinadtnm KentllckV PeStS ftrO
K.Jiti it' with a geed quarters as anybody,
.yJremradB. and Pests that apply
Vwlll have te pay accommodations,
nnmea nt nnt linlmr In limn, nut
' ' .
What We May Expect Between This Time
and Te-morrow Evening.
H7i.!c streamer faiii: JJIue hain or hmew:
With Blaclt aiievf. 'twill waumbr Knew.
If Mac' dknkath celdek 'tlll be:
Uulcss ninch'n shmvu no chnnire we'U sec.
SSTThe above forecasts nre rande ler n
period of tbirty-six hours, ending1 nt 8 o'clock
te-morrow evening.
The pretty if Iris who near white shoes
And stecklnps en the street,
At night leek llke they walked about.
All In their stocking feet.
With white, uplifted dress and skirts,
And nothing en the hend,
Gives thorn the leek as if each ene
Hud Just crawled out et bed.
Waiihen Sandehs is the new Adams
Express Agent nt Paris.
The Pope Is said te be well pleased
with Mr. Gladstone's ministry.
In the far West ns in the favored East,
they eat oysters the year round.
MeitE thnn a million pcople used the
public baths In Philadelphia this season.
The fastest tlmu In which a train has
been known te travel n mile is forty-nine
seconds and n fraction.
Sells Bkes.' big show, the pride of
America and the wonder of the world,
Wednesday, September 7th.
As seen as Uncle Sam can And out who
is President of Venezuela he proposes te
have a settlement with him.
EvEUYTiiiNfl that is claimed for Sells
Bres.' show is actual. They don't be
lieve is misleading the public.
A new hotel in New Yerk i3 te have n
telephone connection between the oftice
and every room in the house
It is stated that forty million of Queen
Victeria's subjects in India never knew
what it is te get eneugli te eat.
The number of juvenile criminals con
victed in England in 1891 was less than
half the number convicted in 1871.
Come and see for yourselves thut the
wonderful and marvelous accounts of
Sells Bres.' show are net exaggerated.
The Viceroy nt Canten reports the
execution of 109 criminals within the last
year, charged with piracy en the Canten
Londen has 3,000 miles of sewers,
34.000 miles of telegraph wires, 3.200
miles of gas pipe and 4,500 miles of water
The maximum speed of the fastest
passenger elevaters which have ever
rrccn made Is fifteen hundred feet per
The ocean is mere productive than the
land. An aero of geed fishing ground
will yield mere feed thnn an acre err the
best farm.
i i m m -
If you knew where there nre any un
clean premises or where any tilth is le
catcd, don't fail te report the same te the
m i i - m i n
The enviable reputation which the
Sells Brethers enjoy will be instrumental
in drawing a large crowd te Maysville en
next Wednesday.
Many of our local " snorts" are putting
up their ducats en the big bruisers that
will put up their "dukes" at New
Orleans Wednesday.
Andhew Lewe and Harry Robinson,
a pair of coons, quarreled ever a game of
craps at Ludlow Saturday. Lewe's wife
and child rode In the first carriage.
Jehn Peyton, Bill Hester, William
Fant and Harvey Yeung have a geed ieb
en the street gang. They are working
out fines of 52 15 each for playing
A oane of thieves has been discovered
by the C. and 0. autherites who have
been systematically robbing freight cars.
It is thought the stealings may reach
9 100,000.
ii ii
The Democrats of Richmond had a
royal old tlme at theli county convention
Saturday. One man had his threat cut,
and there was boe70 aud battered heads
till you couldn't rest.
. . -
Mbiihitt Sweeney, ouce proprietor of
the old-time famous Spuncer Heuse,
Cincinnati, died in Chicago a few days
age. without leaving a single member of
his immediate family
A society whose purpese is te bring
the negroes from the peer districts in the
Southern states North and Northwest of
Chicago has been licensed by the Sec
retary of the etate of Illinois.
The Pollce Jiidge of Ashland has
deckled that the Council has no power
te grant any ene the right te encroach en
a street. Wonder if this could be made
apply in the case of sidewalks that are
used for Btercs? "
ii m
JesRi'H SfAiiKS, seu of J, W. Sparks,
was the only young man te take advan
tage of the offer mtu!evbv the State
College at Lexington, through the County
Judge. He was examined Saturday by
the beard appointed by Judge Fluster
and reunu te ire competent.
" - ip "tr-
etJjJ iiii
Business of the Limestone Building Asso
ciation Daring the last Quarter
Through the courtesy of H. C. Sharp,
Secretary, The Leueeii presents a state
ment of the affairs of Limestene Build
ing Association for the quarter ending
August 31st, 18C2:
Weekly dues ? 9.230 7"
Monthly dues 4J0 05
Fines 20
Interest 1,59" b?
Initiation, 07 shares- 48 50
Transfers..... 0 00
Cancellation cIiiubcs U 00
Solicitor's fees 70 2S
Mortgages cancelled 5,000 00
Stock leans cancelled MO 00
llnlauce due Treasurer 16.7)3 84
t.'i.',750 01
Paid for07sharescnncclled.8 1,927 CO
Paid leans en mertwgrcs.. . 13,000 00
Paid leans en stock 740 00
Paid expenses, salaries, etc. 180 40
Paid Solicitor 70 25
Ilulutice due Trims, as jer
Inst renert l"i.016 K)
S3J.7.VI 04
Each Share has paid in the follewing:
First series ?84 75
Second series 71 75
Third series ... 58 75
Fourth serles 45 75
Firth series 37 75
Sixth series 10 50
Seventh series 0 50
Statement itf Share.
Ne.Mmre In 1st series June 1st, lbti... 310
Ne. cancelled durintr Quarter
Ne. shares In 2d scries June 1st. 1802. ..158
Ne. cancelled during thoeuartor
Ne. shares in 3d series June 1st. 1SIU...31I
Ne. cancelled during the quarter. . . U
Ne.shBresln4th series June 1st, lbitt ..300
Ne. cancelled during the eunrter 0
Ne. shares In 5th series June lst.1892 ..4W
Ne. cancelled during the eunrter 19
Ne. shares In (miseries June 1st, 1S(I2...57
Ne. cancelled durlngthe quarter 33
Ne. shares In 7th series June 1st, 1892..078
Ne. Issued during the quaiter .... 07
Total Ne. shares In Association. . . 2.7B3
0fllci.il Call for County Convention te lie
Held en September 12th.
Pursuant te instructions of the Re
publican Executive Committee of Masen
county a mass convention of the Repub
licans of this county is called te meet at
the Courthouse In the city of Maysville
en Monday, September 12th. 1892, at 11 30
a. in., for the purpose of nominating
candidates for . Sheriff, Circuit Court
Clerk and Corener. Alse te select dele
gates te the Congressional and Judicnl
Conventions te be held in Ashland Sep
tember 22d. 1802.
M. C. HuTcniNS, Chairman.
S. T. Hickman. Secretary.
Danville is infested with a gang of
chicken thieves.
The progressive citizens of Flemings
burg are organizing for the establishment
of a butter and cheese factory, te begin
operation May 1st, 1893.
Embossed Wallpaper at 0, 8, 10 and 12
cents per roll. Geed bargains; ceme
early and get choice.
J. T. Kackley Ce.
Lewis Haiuus, Constable at Russell,
was badly cut by a man named Jehn
Ramey. whom he attempted te arrest.
The eincer took his man, however.
Mus. Mahtha Bks3, a sUtcr of Mrs.
Hettie Davis of this city, died August
24th at Keokuk, Iowa, aged nearly 01.
She was born In this city and married
James Bess before removing te Iowa
some tlilrty-eight years age. iter Hus
band has been dead several years.
Thrce children survive.
Yeu'iie net obliged te believe, this
Lewis county yarn if you don't wnn, te.
Mrs. Sallie Willis of Sand Hill Is almost
blind, but she beats the record witli her
tongue. When she wants te thread a
nccule she simply puts the needle and
thread in her mouth and with her tongue
she threads It iu less time thau most per
sons could with their Angers.
Chaiiley McMeans and Miss Lizle
Watkins, a verdant couple from Greenup,
swooned down en Irenton te get married.
Finding that a license and the incidentals
would cost about ?3 CO Chawles an
nounced that he had only 82, and yanking
his girl by the nrm he snid, " Let us go
back home whlle we have money; we
can get married there;" and the license
clerk was forced te make a red Ink entry
en his record, " Errer, says he hasn't
enough money te pny for license and
Bun Hatfield, a carpenter at Frank
lin, O., met with a painful aud peculiar
accident. He was shingling a reef when
he lest his balance and fell te the eaves,
when a large geld band riug which he
wero en his little flmrcr cauuht upon a
nail. The momentum acquired in rolling
down the toef carried him Over, and for
n. second he hung by the nail, when the
ring, having cut completely through the
finger, gave way and he dropped te the
ground. Except the less of the finger lie
UBtalned lie serious injury,
. m i
Tub first birth that has occurred in tliu
Frankfort Penitentiary for 6qveral years
was recorded Saturday, Lily White, the
mulatto sent from Lexingten for the
noted whelesale poisoning of a family, is
the mother, At the woman's trial her
condition was developed, uetwithstnnd
ing she had been in jail continually for
fifteen months. It was also dcvolepod
that she had resorted te n most extra
ordinary ruse te oscape hanging, but It
has never been proved who was the party
te the ruse that had Iti uuusual climax,
Theke is an epidemic of flux at Stone
City, Lewis county.
William Sickineeii the confectioner
has closed out business and left the city.
Walter Ovehten. the well known
banker of Newpert, died Saturday, aged
Chaulie Flemine of Flemiugsburg
has taken the premiums at four fairs this
fall as the best boy rider.
Weed H. H. Bewen, who died suddenly
nt Covington, was a brother of Mr?.
Captain V. J. Vah of Paris.
i -m i i i
Geumany bus issued an order prohibit
ing the entrance of Russinn immigrants
ou account of the cholera epidemic.
Leonidas Cox and Miss Leu Jamisen,
both of Hillsboro, were mnrried at the
County Clerk's office in Flcmingsburg.
Rev. J . E. Wiheiit preached the clos
ing sermon for the conference year at the
Courthouse last night. This terminates
three years service in this charge.
Jehn Wilcoxsen, the negre who mur
dered a young man named Coffee, his ob
ject being robbery, was killed by a mob
In the Edmonton jail.
ii in
Tiieue wcre 170 business failures in
the United States and Canada during the
last seven days, as against 217 for the cor
responding week of last year.
R. L. BnewNiNO the Dry Goods man
will leave te-night for New Yerk te pur
chase the season's stock. Loek for nice
goods and handsome bargains en his re
turn. Fitzpathick, a few years age the most
successful aud aristocratic tailor in Cin
cinnati, is new serving out a thirty day
and $25 tine sentence in the Workhouse
of that city.
The Maysville Colored Scheel has been
painted and papered and leeks like n new
pin en the inside. The hope of the
trustees is that the teachers may be
inspired by their surroundings.
Talton Hall, the ninny times mur--derer,
died Friday at Wise Courthouse,
Va. His dcatli was sudden and due te
heart failure. Of course the rope around
his neck and the subsequent fall had
nothing te de with It.
W. C. Payne, Agent Adams Express
Cempnny, who has supeivisery charge of
this section, recently found 287 "0!d
Dess" packages in the office at Richard
son. This was largely owing te the sus
pension of beating en the upper Sandy.
' i i
David L. Haisdesty of Lexington is
in the hands of Uncle Sam's representa
tives for using the mails iu sending out
circulars offering te furnish sample cases
of whisky te agents, aud charging them
85 50 for whnt was worth only 1 65. It
is thought his aim was te defraud people,
as he was net a liquor dealer.
.- -i
TnEHE is a great big row ever the pos
session of Wesleyan College, Cincinnati.
The Browns are in occupancy aud the
Trustees have resorted te all sorts of
trickery te get them out. having failed se
far by legal procedure. When religionists
indulge in such disgraceful scenes, it's
about tlme te step talking about the
wickedness of Vine street.
William Helder aud Owen Walker,
the latter a pilfering negre, became in
volved in a tight nt the K. C. Depot at
Richmond and both received dangerous
wounds. Helder stabbed Walker in the
back, and the latter responded by shoot sheet
ing his assailant in the abdomen. The
negre was stealing vegetables from Hold Held
er's market when he was attacked. Betli
were arrested. The wounds are serious
and may prove fatal te each.
Hen. T. II. I'aynter New Has Eneugli
Vetes te Nominate.
Bracken, HnrrUnu and Nlche las coun
ties had alieady instructed their delegates
te vote for the ronemination of Hen.
Themas U. Paynter for Congress nt the
convention te be held at Carllsle to-mei-row
Saturday Carter, Greenup, Lewis, Luw Luw Luw
ronce and Mhseu held their nicetines and
each of these counties sent up delega
tions Inst ucted for Mr. Paynter. This
insures his renominatien beyond a
eiehteenth judicial district.
In the primaries of Harrison county
Saturday W. W. Klmbreugh wen by
800 majority, defeating Hansen Kennedy
of Nicholas, Winffeld Buckler of Rob Rob
erteon, and Themas Owen of Nicholas,
in the order named, for nomination for
Circuit Judge.
Kennedy wen iu Nicholas by 800.
Reports from the remaining counties
of the District Pendleton and Robert Robert
eon indicate a close vote, with the
chances in favor of Klmbreugh.
J, T. Simen of Harrison was nemi
nated for Commonwealth's Attorney with
out opposition
The barns of Geerge Parker and Wil
liam Reese of Celd Springs were burned
Friday evening. Ceal oil was found a
few davs nce snrlnkled en the rosidence
Of Themas Dameron nt the seme place,
and it is new thought that fhebugs were
at work
The editor of The State New of Le
Jngten was In Maysville during thu fair
and among ethor geed things he says
about the city and its citizens is the fel
lowing The genial Captain Reser took
geed care of ye editor yhen in the city.
The fair was In progress and the hotels
crowded, he invited us te hU palatial resj
Idonce ou Frent street, we slept with Ida
eldest son who. by the way, is studying
ferya veterinary surgeon, he having made
a trip te Eurepe recently, returning with
seme kuowlcilge of thelllgh profession of
which he seeks te become master We
found him te be a very intelligent young
gentleman. His prospects are very nat
tering for the future and The Xcwt wishes
some day te record the fact that Mr.
Resor ia second te none In his profewlen.
Kepnblican Convention Called te Meet ut
Ashland en September 2 2d.
Te the Republicans of the First Appel
late Oeurt District: The new election law
having rendered It nccessary.the Republi
can Executive Committee of the First
Appellate Court District of Kentucky
hereby declares that n convention of the
Republicans of said District, composed of
the counties of Bath, Boyd, Bracken,
Bourbon. Bell. Breathitt, Carter,
Clark, Clay, Estill. Elliett. Floyd, Flem
ing, Greenup. Hnrlan, Jehnsen, Jacksen,
Knox. Knett, Laurel, Letcher, Leslie,
Lee, Lewis, Lawrence, Madisen, Masen,
Montgomery. Morgan, Magoffin, Martin,
Menifee. Nicholas, Owsley, Perry, Pike,
Powell, Robertsen, Rockcastle, Rewan
and Wolfe will be held In the city of
Ashland. Ky., en Thursday, September
22d, 1892, at 2 o'clock p. m. for the
purpose of nominating a candidate for
Judge of the Court of Appeals. The
Chairman of the Republican Committee
of each county in the District is hcrebj
enrucstly requested te call and held a
County Convention in due time te select
delegates te said convention at the time
and place aforesaid.
The basis of representation from each
county shall be one delegate for each one
hundred and one delegate for each
fraction ever fifty votes cast for Ben
jamin Harrison in 18S8
Representation from each county in the
District is urgently desired either by
delegate or proxy. Ed. Daum.
Chair. First Appellate Court District.
Remember, The Ledger prints "Help
Wanted." "Lest." " Found,'' and similer
notices net of a business character, free
of charge. The only thing we require is
that the copy be sent in before 9 o'clock
en day of publication.
W. E. Brown has been arrested at
Marien, charged with the murder of
Henry Dobsen. Dobsen was called te
his deer en the night of August 12th, and
when he enme out was shot. The evi
dence is strong ngninst him.
MicnAEL Gwinner, living near Win
chester, O., while driving a two-year-old
colt te pasture, was kicked in the head
by the animal. His skull was crushed
in and the hoof of the colt penetrated his
brain. He died almost instantly.
Near Covington Weed Bewen, a well
known revenue officer, sew his little boy
about te full ever a precipice. He run te
him aud caught him just as he was fall
ing. The father then started back te his
work, but when he had gene a few steps
fell dead.
The empleyes of the Newport Rolling
Mill went en a strike because the the mill
used iron that had the Carnegie brand en
it. Suppose it hed been branded with
the name of some British concern that
pays its workmen less than half the
wages that the Carnegie Company pays?
i m i
According te M. Flaramarien. the
French astronomer, the mean tempera
ture of Paris during the past six years
has been about two degrees below the
normal. It is also stated that Great
Britain, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria
and Germany have also been growing
cold "
Themas Marshall, who attempted te
murder J. P. Stephens, Town Marshal of
Willard, a few evenings age, and. after
stabbing him in the abdomen, made his
escape, was arrested and placed in jail
at Graysen. Stephens is net dead yet.
but his physiciaus say he cannot posslble
The wine cellar of the Heuse of
Commens is cnpable of storing away
some 8150.000 te $200,000 worth of wine;
as it is, the present stock uew amounts
te ever 8150,000. The cellar itself is
about 210 feet long, and there are in
numerable sub cellars arranged en cither
While crossing a railroad bridge a
Covington Otte Ante saw e little child en
the track in front of the train. He rushed
out and seized the child and dropped
through the bridge, holding with one
hand until the train passed The citi
zens who witnessed the brave act will
give him a geld medal.
Fer a hunc back or for a pain in the
side or chest, try saturating n piece of
flannel with Chamberlain's Pain Balm
and binding it onto the affected parts.
This treatment will euro any ordinary
case in one or two days. Paiu Balm also
cures rheumatism. 50 cent bottles for
sale by Power & Reynolds.
William Dunn, the well-known trainer
of Danville, has bought of Jcsse Dunn
the yearling trotting Ally Fannie Pitt
man, by Gambetta 1172. dam by Banker.
The price paid was ?I,000. This is con
sidered the fastest trotter of her age in
the state She will net be sent for any
fast work this year, but is expected te
make a phenomenal mark next season
The Falklands Islands produre no
trees, but they de produre weed in a
very remarkable shape. Yeu will see
scattered here and thcre singular blocks
of what leeks like weather beaten,
messy, gray stones of various size But
if you attempt te roll ever one of these
rounded boulders you will find yourself
nimble te accomplish it. In fact, thu
stene is tied down te the ground tied
down by the roots, or in ether words. It
is net a stone, but a block of living
The family of Jehn Williams, a farmer
who lives about eleven miles West of
Danville, was awakencd at a late hour of
the night by n crackling of flames, and
barely had time te cscape alive They
Inat nvnrvttilnir nunn te tlinir rlcltlilnir.
and Mr Williams's son-in-law lest his
hair, which was singed off by the nre Do De Do
fero he was awakened. Old man Williams.
u-lir, la nmmtntl n flfiiwvnrniiQ mnn. hni!
e.m trnnliln witli aeniH tiim-li rlinrnntnrs
in the neighborhood, and, as ene them
was seen lurking in me uusucs suuniy
after the fire, he thinks ene of them tot
iilu rnclitnnn, ntlrn lln awnnr VAn.
i-nnnrn. and it Is notMmnrehnhlo that one
or two sheeting scrapes will result.
-AT OUR DOOR. ' ' '
Steamers Nermannia and Rugta ..
Arrive With Cholera.
Twentv-Thrcfl Deaths n Sea en tha ;.
Latter Vessel, and Ten Sick.
A DtotleR-aUbed wecffr XJt, Amaef
Them Mr. aad Mr. E. L. Gokl, Mr.
end Mr. A.M. Palmer aed Cera peicr i
Xarler Scharwbnka Qaareattne.
New Yebk, Sept ft. The steamer
Bugia arrired Saturday rooming from
nembtrrg and reported twety-tbxe
deaths at sea from cholera and tan
cases mero en bear The ship has
been ordered te the lower bay.
The Bteareer NermanDla, from Ham
burg, which arrived Saturday morning', i
brought out CCS italoen, W0 scoend-clos
and 552 steerage passengers. The nan 10
of Lettie Cellins, the English music
ball singer, was en the list, but was
struck off.
Mr. E. . Gedkln and wife, Mr. A. M.
Palmer, vrife and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. S. Van Rensselaer, Pret Xavier
Scherwcnk- and lien. A. Wellington
Wallace were also en the list. Dr.
Jenkins will net give out any news un
til 11 a. m.
The Nermannia and Stubenhuk were
ordered down te the lower bay te keep
company with the Moravia. They have
new anchored there.
The steamers Lnhn and Gallia left
quaratlne Saturday morning at 6:13 and
OtlO respectively.
The City et Reme, left for her deck at
10 a. m., and the City of Berlin and
Europe are still anchored at quaran
Deth Leg Cat OtT and ti FutaUy In
jured. "
Sci0TevnE, O., Sep. 0. Henry
Kemper, employed at the G W. Maner
ing saw mill en Benser run, four miles
from this place, met with a probably
fatal accident. Whlle assisting In the
work of running the mill he fell en the
large saw. Bis right leg was cut off at
the knee Joint, the right hip frightfully
cut, and the left leg mangled below the
hnce, necessitating amputation. Ha is
the same young man who was knocked
in the head with a rock and almost
killed, a short time since, by some
drunken hoodlums at Portsmouth, O.,
from which Injury be had hardly re
A -nrtcrMratertualr Mlulas.
Jaceson, Mich., Sept & Themas
Purccll, a farmer of Pulaski township,
thts county, is mysteriously missing.
Tuesday be drove te Concord te pay a
000 mortgage. Hb horse and buggy
were found where he left them, but
nothing has been seen ei him since 7
o'clock that evening. Feul play Is sus
pected. Uis family relations were
pleasant. lie was prosperous and could
have no reason for going away. The
authorities arc working en the case.
IUxippiinc of n e- 6 tar.
Bostex, Sept. 5. A cable message
from the European Union of astrono
mers te Mr. J. Ritchie, jr., announces
the reappearance: of the new star in Au
riga. This star was discovered by a
Scecth astronomer in February last, be
ing visible te the naked eye, and gred-
ually faded away until invisible in the
telescope. It has new reappeared, be
ing of the 0.9 magnitude en August 31
and 0.8 magnitude en August 81. The
spectrum is monochromatic.
Oruve Accusation Against liartlla.
City op Mexico, Sept. 5. A formal
written accusation against ex-President
Barillas has been presented te the
Guatemalan congress. The document
bears several thousand signatures. It
embodies the charge of the "murder" of
the Conriquez brothers under a formal
pretest for their removal that they
intended festering revolution while
they were really victims of private ven
geance. Killed Her Stepmother,
Bakdstewn, Ky., Sept. &, Tbe eldest
daughter of Jehn Nalley, living in the
GTcenbriar section, objected te a step
mother being brought Inte the family.
Her father, however, took te himself a
second wife. Saturday morning, as the
bridal couple returned home, Ml6s Nal
lcy seized a shotgun and emptied tha
contents of both barrels into the head
of her stepmother, killing har Instantly.
A Storm at nntntmrg.
nAMnuna Sept. 5. A storm from the
southwest raged Suturday In this city.
Torrents of rain fell, and the thermom
eter did net Indicate ever 03 degrees. A
tumnltuoes crowd assembled in front
of the residence of the president of pe- '' '
Ilea, in the suburb of St. Paul's, and be
gan rioting. The police wcre summoned
and succeeded In dispersing the mob.
Chlcugea Mew.
Chicaoe, Sept. 5. The state beard of
health Sunday issued a circular letter
te all Immigrant-carrying transporta
tion companies asking their co-operation
in the preservation of the public
health, which is tlireatened by the pres
ence of cholera en the Atlantle sea
board. TonneHHee Miner Rotureo Tralnlnc.
IvSO-VU.LB, Tenn., Sept 5. The
miners at Ceal Creek and Oliver's are
getting ugly egaln. Firing has been
going en at the pickets at both places
ever since la te Saturday night Addi
tional troops from Nashville and Harrl
man are new en their way te the mines.
Tyvbeld Fevr In Aaylatn.
SvnACtreE, N. Y., Sept An epl
demie of typhoid fever has broken eat
at the New Yerk Hospital for Feeble
minded children in this city. Nearly
fifty cases ere raging and a dozen
deaths have occurred, though the mat
ter was net made publkt
tHepiMd Down and Oat.
I.VDiANATOLta, Ind, Sept S. Gee. C
Stell, of Logfi-spert, has peremptorily
resigned as secretary ei the people's
party state central committee, hit
understood that n.nry Vincent, editor,
of tee Non-CeaformUt, will
him. , ..
' a
- j
i .
' '
& ?
UJE-HuK'n t
" ' i i'lii, -'ijS;

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