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personal points
tsr"lf unu have frhtuti vtslttng you, or if you
Uruue'iitfnittijnrmrfaH, ijJemc (Imp un note
fe Mail eifi!ct.
Mils Laura Shea is vlsltiug la Cincin
nati this week. 0
R. Lee Drowning lcfl last night for
New Yerk City.
Geerge T. Barbour went te Richmond
yesterday for a visit.
Miss Allce Shea is in Cincinnati attend
ing the millinery openings.
Mrs. Jehn llettlck of Covington spent
Sunday here with relatives.
MUs Resa Stephens of Cincinnati
.the guest of Miss Nera Bleem.
Congressman Themas II. Paynter was
in the city last night mid called en The
Miss Belle Michaelsen of Charleston,
W. Vn., Is the guest of Miss Grace
W. S. Brlttain came down- from Lex
ington Saturday aud spent Sunday with
his family.
Miss Anna Jehnsen has returned te her
home at Mt. Sterling after a pleasant visit
te Miss Toble Farrew.
Miss Emma Schwartz of the West End
has returned from a pleasant visit te
friends in Cincinnati and Bellevue.
Miss Nannie Warder Is spending the
week with Miss Mollle Duke and Miss
Fannie Lashbroekc near Lewisburg.
Samuel Pcarcc Browning of this city
bns been admitted te the second year's
course at the Staunton (Va.) Military
Miss Mabel Foster of Cincinnati has
returned te her home after a pleasant
visit te her friends Misses Mary and
KaUc Mlller.
Miss Marguerite Byrne has returned te
her home at Elmwood Place after a
pleasant visit te her friends Miss Maud
und Anna Gels.
James Barbour. Jr., has returned from
Charlottesville Va., where he was attend
ing the summer law course at the
.University of Virginia.
Miss Anna Jehnsen went yesterday te
Paris, after a visit te Miss Tcbie Farrew
of this city. She will go from there te
her home at Mt. Sterling.
Miss Emma Vulentlt.e and Miss Mary
Cooper of Cincinnati returned te their
homes Sunday after a pleasant visit te
Mr. and Mrs. Ben T. Smith.
Messrs. A. McLachlan, 11. C. Arnctt and
F. A. Fester and wife of Cincinnati re
turned home en the F. F. V. after a visit
te the lattcr's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.
B. Greenwood.
-Mayer E. E. Pearce will leave te-morrow
for a lour through the West. The
itinerary of his trip is net fully made up
but it will probably be au extended one.
lie will be goue about a mouth.
Themas McNamaru, a well known and
popular young gentleman of this city
left Sunday for Louisville where he will
enter the College of Pharmacy. lie has
been clerking for seme time In the drug
store of Power & Reynolds.
One of the big tights is ever with two
mere te ceme.
Women began work In printing elllces
as early as 1520.
The season of Cincinnati's se-called
Ceney Island has closed.
An express engine
gallons of water per mile.
consumes ten
- A Oeiiman scientist holds that all dia
monds come from meteors. .
Seven-eiehths of the bread used
Londen is made of American wheat.
An adult laboring man uses up about
.live ounces of his muscle every day.
There are nearly three thousand
stit,ch'es in a pair of hand-sewed beets.
Alex. Rummans, late Postmaster at
Helena, is new Hvjng in Fayctte county.
The Mehammedans, it is said, censider
silk unclean, because it is predued by a
Cooking by electricity has bceu suc
cessfully accomplished by a hotel in Ot
tawa, Ont.
' A patent has been issued for a lock
which can be operated only by a magne
tized key.
The grain, the smallest weight in use,
was thus called from being originally the
weight of .a grain of wheat.
i m
IIats are no longer of a fore-and-aft
order, a single mast being considered
quite sufficient for smooth sailing.
Butterflies te the number of 150,000
will be shown in the Pennsylvania oxhib exhib
its at the World's Fair at Cnlcage.
Mrs, Richard Fhtnell, wife of a re
spected farmer, took rough'en rats at
Walten and is net oxpectcd te recover.
,"Tiie hardest known weed is said te be
oecus weed. It turns the odge of any
nxe. however well tempered, se it is
One million dollars In geld coin would
weigh U.0S5.8 pounds. The same amount
of "silver coins would weigh 53,039.0
"' We acknowledge the receipt of an in
vitation te the reunion of the Orphan
Brigade, C. S. A te be held at Paris en
the28th. '
Foitthe murder of a City Marshal, a
man has been scntenccd nt Corpus
.Chrlitl, Tcx te nlnoty-nlne years' im
prisonment; Timiee hundred nnd sixty different
mountain peaks withiii the limits of the
Unlted States each exceed ten thousand
feet iu height
What We May Expect Between This Time
I and Te-morrow Evening.
l7iMMreamcr fair; Blue uain or snow;
With Black aiieve 'twill wakmeu jrrew.
If Black' hknkatii cer.Dr.li 'twill be;
Unless Black' shown no change we'U bee.
J2Thu aiieve lerecasts. nre tnnde ler a
period or thirty-six hours, einllnir at 8 o'clock
te-morrow evening1.
Slie strolls hostile the ocean blue
The center or all eyes.
In bathing rebe or vivid hue
And most alarming size.
Hut eh. hew strange, two months from new
Te soe her red lips curl.
As at the play, with frowning brew,
She views the ballet Klrl.
James Sthkne. a well-known merchant
of Louisville, Is dead.
Miss Hattik Arneld of Bellcvue had
her arm broken In a runaway Sunday.
Loek out for "A Wild Goeso Chase;"
coming seen te Washington Opera-house.
A Kansas farmer recently sold his
farm for the unique price of 100,000
. m ii
The news of the Sulllvan-Corbett fight
te-morrow night will be received in this
city by rounds.
Jehn Ecki.e, a bicycle rider, was over
come by the heat at Cincinnati yesterday
and will probably die.
The Standard, n newspaper owned and
edited by colored people, has made its
appearance at Lexiugten. ,
Judge J. S. Mitchell of Winchester,
who was ejected from an L. and N. train,
has sued the company for $15,000.
Ik some ene would slip around seme
dark night and pin n few leaves en these
trees en Butten street tney wetilun t loeK
se lonesome.
Don't forget that the old Maysville
favorite Charles A. Gardner will be at
Washington Opera-house Thursday, Sep
tember 15th.
Paris Bines nnd Miss Laura Procter,
Mower were married at the County'
Clerk's eillce yesterday morning by Rev.
C. S. Lucas.
Miss Stella Legan arrived last eve
ning from Cincinnati aud will be with
Mrs. L. V. Davis during the coming mil
linery season.
m m -
The Manchester Signal is going te put
in a cylinder press and make ether
marked improvements. Success te you,
Brether Perry.
Within the last two weeks nearly a
scere of new patients have been enrolled
at the Sanitarium. There arc new eigh
teen under treatment.
The pension agency in Tepcka is the
largest in the country. It pays out annu
ally ?15,000,000 te the veterans of Kan
sas, Missouri and Colerado.
.On account of the circus, after half
past 12 o'clock te-morrow the street cars
will net run below the Opera-house or
above the barn in the Sixth Ward.
m m n
In his autobiography Sullivan con
fesses that, although in the past ten
years he has taken in, $700,000. he has
been ass enough te spend nearly all of it.
The Ledgeu doesn't kuew of anyone
from Maysville who- has gene te New
Orleans te see the lights, but we nre will
ing te wager that seme Mayavllllan turns
up there.
Chahi.es A. Gahdneh in hi? new play
at the Oncra-heuse Thursday evenim:.
September 15th. Sale of seats opens
JHenuay, September V-iiu, at e p. in, at
Nelsen s.
Tin: steamer Mahsdam sailed from Am
sterdam Saturday for New Yerk. Among
her passengers is Miss Lucy Rowland et
Aveudale, Cincinnati, who has many
friends in this city.
The Telegraphers' Convention at
Kansas City, after n tight that caused
many delegates te eave, decided te form
n new organization te be called the
United Telegraphers' of North America.
The work of remodeling the First
Presbyterian Church is new in full blast.
The congregation expects te spend $10,
000 in repalrs, when they will have ene
of the handsomest Jieuses of worship in
this city of line churches.
R. D. Chinn died at his home near Mays
lick nt au early hour yesterday morning,
aged 60 years. His (loath resulted from
a complication et diseases. His wife and
one daughter survive Jiuu. The funeral
took place this morning from the family
The Masen County Building nnd Sav
ing Association yesterday paid out about
38,000 en account of the Fifth Scries of
stock, which ran out. The total amount
of the scries was $45,000, nbeut fi.OOO bo be
ing paid previous te yesterday.
Any ene, no matter who it niuy be,
that has a Just complaint to.cnter for do de do
relictien or duty en the part of lotter-car-flora
or ether empleyes et the Postefllcc,
will please repdrt the facts te the Post
master. He will take pleasure in having
any irregularities' corrected.
Olllcial Call for County Convention te
Held en September 12th.
Pursuant te instructions of the Re
publican Executive Cemmittee of Masen
county n mass convention of the Repub
licans of this county is called te meet at
the Courthouse in the city of Maysville
en Meuday, September 12th. 1892, at 11 30
n. in., for the purpese of uemlnatiug
candidates for Sheriff, Circuit Court
Clerk and Corener. Alse te select dele
gates te the Congressional and Judical
Conventions te be held in Ashland Sep
tember 22d, 1892.
M. C. Hutciiixs, Chairman.
S. T. Hickman. Secretary.
A LAiiGE barge, built by W. B. Math
ews & Ce. at the Fifth Ward Shipyards,
was successfully launched yesterday af af
tcmen. Themas Hall is owner nnd
master of the new craft.
A l'OHTEii at Berlin carried the linen of
a traveler who had just arrived from
Hamburg te the dislufcctlng chambers,
aud was taken down with a fatal case
of cholera within an hour.
Hen. Geehue Denny, Jr., of Lexing
ton will address the Republicans of the
Ninth District at the Convention te be
held nt Ashland en the 22d Inst. at"S p.
in. Exchanges please notice.
All the wholesale liquor dealers of
Grand Rapids, Mich., have been swindled
out et cents eacu tureugn ij.U.lJ.pacK
ages, each of which called for 1 and con
tained a 25-cent Testameut.
Much of the money which Mrs. Gen
oral Custer realized by her seventy-two
readings last winter ha's gone,townrds ed
ucating a young girl whose father lied
en the same field with her husband.
Saturday evening nt Montgomery,
Ala., a personal encounter took place be
tween Captain Pollard, an ex-Sherlll, aud
Captain Kelb. late candidate for Gover Gover
eor. The lie was passed and blows
- m m
Regulah meeting of Maysville Divi
sion Ne. 0, U R. K. of P., this evcuing
nt 7:30. A full attendance desired.
J. Wesley Lee, S. K. C.
Jehn L. Chamberlain. S. K. R.
Rememheh, The Ledqek prints "Help
Wanted." "Lest." " Found,1' nnd similar
notices net of a business character, free
of charge. The only thing we require Is
that the copy be sent in before 9 o'clock
en day of publication.
.in . i ...
The property holders of Middlesbe-
rough will mass meet at the Opera-house
Thursday. We presume a committee
will be appointed, armed with a search
warrant for the "boom" that the outside
world has heard se much about.
The Beard of Health met last night
and placed Marshal Uctliu in charge of
the work of cleaning up the city, lie
will at ence begin the work, and theso
who de net abate filthy places of their
own accord will be forced te de It.
Fhank Hassen and Dennis Crew yes
terday afternoon stele a watch at James
Cullcu's barber-shop. The ticker belonged
te Ed. Landgraf, aud was in his vest
hanging up in the shop. Hassen escaped
te Aberdeen but Crew broke Inte jail.
The watch was taken across the river.
The bride's cake, approved according
te the Londen Idea, stands ever five feet
high, and is made in tiers wonderfully
censiructcu ana ucceratcu with shields
nnd flags bearing the names and crests of
the bridnl pair, emblems reproducing the
uusuauus insignia, auu wreaths anil fes
toons of flowers.
Feil a lauic back or for a palu in the
slde or chest, try saturating a niece of
tlanncl with Chamberlain's Pain Balm
and binding it onto the affected parts.
This trentment will cure any ordinary
case in one or two days. Pain Balm alsb
cures rheumatism. 50 cent bottles for
snle by Power & Reynolds.
A Cincinnati Southern train carrying
party of "Pittsburgh sports te the
!W Orleans iHiL-ilistlc. carnival, when
about two miles North of Nicholasville,
Ky.. struck a buggy in which were Sirs.
J. F. Farra and two children. One babe
was instantly kilL-d, and the mother and
remnluing child cannot recover.
Sel. Willett, un eld-time Maysville
boy, who hasn't been here befere for
forty years, Is In the city. Iu company
with several ethor capitalists and practi
cal persons he will engage in the manu
facture of plug tobacco here. They ex
pect te begin operations in the near fu
ture. We nre truly glad te soe the dear
old boys returning te their first love.
A 81'EcrAL te The Courier-Journal from
ABhlnnd says: A remarkably peculiar
case developed yesterday in the person of
a colerod boy named Ferd, eleven years
old. Six years age he chewed up a piece
of a show bill, stufllug a portion of it in
enu ear. The doctors removed then
what they thought was the entire ob
struction. Ycsterdav the boy 'com-
plained of a nam in the ear, aud, en ex
amination, his mother removed the ie
maining particle of paper about the slze
of a common pea, which had been iu his
ear just six years. -
Pkeraiily no man- in public life has
hceii mere eagerly sought by thu mill mill
lishers nnd editors of the critical reviews
than Govorner McKlnley of Ohie, and lie
was receutly elfcrcd a tempting sum for
an article upeu current topics. McKin
ley, however, holds te the samu opinion
that Mr. White does.- He belleves that
the writer of audi an article as would be
expected from him should receive pecu
niary recognition communsurnte with
public recognition. The odlter of one of
thu greater reviews, in speaking of Mo Me Mo
Klnley, said it would ronuire nlmest as
large a sum as was paid Gladstone, per
haps quite as large, te induce hi in te
write a rovlew nrtlcle,aud yet I am of
the opinion that what he might wrlte
would be. worth tbe money. Iftte Yerk
Trtnifera of Kest Estate.
Mrs. Hannah M. Mullins te Mrs. Sarah
E. Sapp, let en West Second street; con
sideration, $220.
A change has been made In the city
delivery service of The Ledger, nnd
theso who did net get their paper
promptly yesterday will understand the
Attention Knights of St. Jehn.
Regular meeting this evening nt 7
All members requested te be present.
Geeiigb F. Biiewn, President.
William Merau, R. and C. Secretary.
There will be a game of baseball at the
Fair Grounds en Friday afternoon, Sep
tember Oth, between the Aberdeen
Browns nnd the Mn3'svllle Club. The
game will be at two o'clock and will be
for a purse of $50. Admission te the
grounds 25 cents.
Clean L'i.
The people of Maysville should wake
up te the fact that the cholera each day
assumes a mere threatening nnd alarming
Once established in New Yerk City it
will seen begin a Journey Westward nnd
Mnysville is right ou one of the great pub
lic highways.
See that your own premises arc clean
nnd If your neighbors' are net report the
fact te Marshal Hcflln.
A Uoed Thing te Keep at Hand.
Frem The Trey (Kansas) Chief. Seme
years age we were very much subject tb
severe spells of chelern merbus: and new
when we feel any of the symptoms that
usually proceed that ailment, such as
sickness at tl e stomach, diarrhcen. etc.,
we become scary. We have found Cham
berlain's Celic, Cholera nnd Dinrrheja
Remedy the very tnmg te straighten one
out In such cases, and always keep It
nbeut. We aie net writing tins for n pay
testimonial, but te let our readers kuew
what is a geed thing te kccD in the
house. Fer sale by Power & Reynolds.
Ilur Army's Organization.
The artillery regiments have each one
colonel, one lieutenant colonel and three
majors; the cavalry regiments have .each
one colonel, one lieutennut eoleucl nnd
three majors; the Infantry regiments have
each one colonel, one lieutenant colonel
and one major. There are in the United
States Army five regiments of artillery,
ten regiments of cnvalry and twenty-five
regiments of infantry. In the artillery
and cavalry there are twelve companies
te the regiment nnd In the infautry there
arc ten. As for battalions, there is none
In our surface, se far as concerns the
actunl organization of the army.
Sells llruttRTs' To-iaerruw.
Te-morrow will be the big day of all
the days. Sells Brethers and their big
show will be in Maysville and all the
sights and scenes of circus day will be
with us.
It is the first and perhaps the only cir
cus of the season, and it is a source of
congratulation that we are te have the
very best new en the read.
The Sells Brethers have long had n na
tional reputation which has new become
world wide. Their show- in all its ap
pointments is the largest and most com
plete that ever visited Maysville.
A large crowd will be Iu the city and
you will miss a big day if you don't come.
i m i i
Herace Greeley's Creed.
Distant markets are all but inevitably
inconsistent, uncertain markets. Europe
has deficient harvests ene year and buys
irrain of us frcelv, but next year her har
vests are bounteous nnd 6he requires
very little mere feed than she produces,
IK) matter hew freely we may be buvrni:
of her fabrics. Hence our whent new
sells very far below the price which ruled
here when Europe hnd a meager harvest.
A remote mnrket virtually restricts the
farmer te two or three great staples,
while near markets enable him te diver
sify his products aud thus maintain nnd
increase the productlve capacity of the
Mjmiii UemurruU.
Masen Democrats met in convention
yesterday afternoon at the Courthouse.
The proceedings were rather dull and
uninteresting. The slate was fixed and
everything was rushed through in the
most formal manner.
J. B. Holten of Washington was unani
meusly cliesen chairman, and M. F.
Marsh and C. Burgess Tayler wero made
All trusted and tried, weighed-in-thc-balancc-and-never-feund-wnnting
crats of Masen county were made dele
gates te the Congressional Convention,
which meets at Carlisle te day. and wero
instructed te vote for Themas ll. Pyanter,
the present representative.
A Kuttrn llf.iltb Heard.
Portsmouth through au unfortunate
defection en the part of the Republicans
who opposed public Improvements,
elected, last spring, a Democratic coun
cil. Thu council appointed a Democratic
Beard of Health, which installed Demo Deme
craic sanitary police. Democrats also
succeeded te the garbage contract nnd
te the regular police force. Previously,
there was no clenner city, nene mero
healthful or better protected. New, The
Blade has n regular column headed
"Public Stinks," in which It points
out. day after day, the foul gutter,
vaults, recking alley, stagnant hog
wallows, and a thousand and enu
neglected nuisances. Each day brings
fourth n new list, nnd yet the awful story
continues. Diphtheria, which was
stamped out under previous health au
thorities, new rages, and is aided in its
mortalities by fevers aud ether contagious
diseases. In the health department
Portsmouth officials have proved an utter
failure, aud precious lives are paying the
price of their incllldcncy. There are
Republicans and Democrats in that city
wue rcpeiu tneir iasi municipal vote in
sacK cietn
and ashes, Huntington
All eyes
are turned towards New
I uu
Itepublicnn Convention Called te Meet at
Ashland en September 22d.
Te the Republicans of the First Appel
late Court District: Thu new election law
having rendered it necessarv.thc Republi
can Executive Committee" of the First
Appellnte Court District of Kentucky
hereby declares that a convention of the
Republicans of said District, composed of
the counties of Bath, Boyd, Bracken,
Bourbon, Bell. Breathitt, Cnrter,
Clark. Clay, EstillfEUIett. Floyd, Flem
Ing. Greenup, Harlan, Jehnsen, Jncksen,
Knox. Knett, Laurel, Letcher, Leslie,
Lee, Lewis, Lawrence, Madisen, Masen,
Montcemery. Mergnn, Magoffin, Martin,
Menifee. Nicholas, Owsley, Perry, Pike,
Powell. Robertsen, Rockcastle, Rewan
nnd Welfe will be held In the city of
Ashland. Ky., en Thursday, September
22d, 1802, at 2 o'clock p. m. for the
purpose of nominating a candidate for
Judge of the Court of Appeals. The
Chairman of the Republican Committee
of each county In the District is hereby
earnestly requested te call and held a
County Convention in due time te select
delegates te said convention at the time
and place aforesaid.
The basis of representation from each
county shall be one delegate for each eue
hundred and one delegate for each
fraction ever fifty votes cast for Ben
jamin Harrison in 18SS.
Representation from each county in the
District is urgently desired either by
delegate or proxy. Ed. Daum.
Chair. First Appellate Court District.
m m i
Eieiity-five pupils were enrolled yes
terday at school Ne. 2.
The Maysville Pilgrims were at Port
land, Oregon, September 1st.
Henuy Geerge's paper. The Standard,
will suspend after its next issue.
Jehn L. Sullivan's wind and weight
are causing much anxiety te some people
just new.
Geerge H. Martin's donation te the
Inflrmnry Library consists of sundry mag
azines. The public schools In the city opened
yesterday and the children arc corres
pondingly happy.
Ex-President Cleveland will visit
General Stevenson at his home iu Blonm Blenm Blonm
iugten, 111., about October 10th.
The miners at Ceal Creek and Knox
ville. Tenn.. have become ugly again.
Further outbreaks are expected.
Eighteen Chinese who were smuggled
across the Mexican border, are being
taken te Sau Francisce for deportatieu
te China.
Italian emiL'rants en route te this
country were stepped at Paris, and
shipped back te Italy at the expense of
the French Government.
man i
Billy Myer. "the Streater Cyclone."
is a very gentle zephyr this morning.
The hurricane propensities seemed te be
with the ether fellow.
Emdessed Wallpaper at 0, 8. 10 and 12
cents per roll. Geed bargains; come
early and get choice.
J. T. Kackley & Ce.
One 6f the Building Committee re
quests Tim Ledger te infeim " Inquirer"
tlint the pews for the ucw M. E. Church.
Seuth, will be here in the sweet bye and
. jj i.
Her Wtttormelen, Prech. Petate aud
Grape and Cherry Duys.
Colerado baa some holidays that ether
states have net thought of, according
te an informant ei the St Leuis Globe Glebe
Democrat Among these lire water
melon day, peach day, potato day and
grape and cherry day. Watermelon
day occurs September I each year, and
Is celebrated at Rockyford. On that
memorable occasion thousands of ex
cursionists from nil ports of the state
fleck te Rockyford nnd revel in water
melons. Car leads of melons are shipped
in tram tne district, ami tney are as
free te all as water nnd air. The trains
carry back hundreds of very sick pas
sengers at night IVach day Is cele
brated at Grand Junction with great
eclat It falls September I", and all
the survivors of the Roclcyferd water
melon lebauch go there te ugain gergu
themselves. Bands of music una mili
tary companies parade the streets of
the town In the morning te held the
hungry crowd in check while the local
committees are arranging the peaches
se as te serve the greatest number at
the eame moment,- and in the afternoon
everybody falls te, and at night the
mountains of peach pits tell the tale of
the day's orgies. Then along in October
comes potato day at Monument
Fretty much the same people are te
be 6ecn there as at Ilecljyf erd and Grand
Junction, and they consume enough
Irish potatoes In ene day te check the
worst famine Ireland has ever known.
The potatoes are cooked In every imag
inable way baked, boiled, roasted and
mashed. They arc wsrvvd in great tin
troughs that line the streets, and that
remain stationary all the year. Twe or
three monster fat steers lie sputtering
upon spits in convenient proximity te
the potato troughs, and the glutton can
lcill himself eating barbecned beef and
potatoes if he wanta te. Ne ene will
try te chcclt htm If his appetite runs
riot Grape and Cherry day la new a
ucw institution lately established nt
Canyon City, the center of the biggest
fruit region In the eastern part of the
state, but the date is net yet mentioned.
That it will attract thousands is attest
ed by the brilliant aucccss of the ether
three feast days I have mentioned. The
governor attends each of these celebra
tions with his entlre staff, ami he would
damn himself politically In Colerado if
he should decline te he and eat himself
McAulilTe Still the
Weight Champien.
Succumbs After Fifteen
Het Rattling Rounds.
KetUInc Like the Fighting Ever Seen In
the Olj-mpleaij-w Knocked Detrn
Twice In llapld Snccxwiiien
McAutltre.OfU I'lrnt.Illoed,
New Orleans. Septa Jack McAuliff
still retains the light-weight chanplon chanplen
ship, ft was no easy victory, however.
The fight, though
short, was of
the biff- bang
order and the
hottest ever seen
in the Olymple
club-room. Mc Mc
Auliire terrible
right did the
trick. In the
fifteenth round
he knocked the
Jack McAuliff. Streater cvclene
silly and was berne from the ring en
the shoulders of his second.
Te canvas the rounds in detail is
needless. Te analyze the cause of
victory and defeat is mere te the pur
pose. Ajiy close observer of man, any keen
student of human Impulse, saw at the
outset that In his heart Myer did net
expect te defeat his opponent. There
was in his stolid face no glint of hard
resolve. He was there because the
match was made; because he had been
trained for the encounter; because
ethers, If net himself, believed there
was a chance for him te succeed. The
two men arc scarcely te be compared ad
te scientific form, etic shambled, the
ether trod firmly; ene slouched loosely ,
as he squared away, the ether was
alert, springy, confident.
The offensive throughout the battle
was assumed by McAuliffe. Myer te
be sure, led occasionally. lie could net
nhvaystand and u-ait, giving his fee,
his owMtlnie for rest When in the
second Vlfcnd McAullfFe knocked his
man dei twice, there came into
Mycr"s face an expression born in his
hopeless heart at the onset When in
the eighth round McAuliffe caught
Myer en the right check and the bleed
trickled down his face, there came into
the eyes of Myer a leek like that dumb
animals give te theso whom they ac
knowledge their masters.
He would fight Oh, yes; but te win
was net in Mycr's near-by history and
he knew it Game, however, no ene
will deny, but his bailies were general
ly short and his wabbling anatomy held
In it no power te stay or step his
opponent. The taunting smile en Mc
Aullir6 face was met by Myer with an
expression of pitiful willingness te en
dure as leDg as he could. He had no
steel in bis muscles. There was no
vicious spring In his arms. It was the
spectacle of a sleek, forceful racer
matched for a race of speed and en
durance with a patient, hcavy-hecked
horse from the farm-yard.
When In the fifteenth and Inst round
McAuliffe slatted his fists en Myer's
stomach, face and neck the willing fel
low he struck sank te his knoes, reeled
backward, recovered and lurched for
ward as though te rise. It was impos
sible. The dumb helplessness of the
second round was noticeable, no fell
back upon the ropes, balanced, swerved
and fclL
Meanwhile, as though made of steel
springs, McAuliffe steed with arms in
position te strike down again his heavy
fee should he get te his feet, but the
ten seconds passeL.and the shouts of
victory broke forth.
Myer lay defeated, but no mere sure
ty defeated than when he entered the
ring. The difference was that exhaustion"
and bruises had been added te the de
feat that lay in his heart when time
wis called. Myer is net of u class te
meet McAuliffe, and the result of the
fight is the demonstration of the fact
Andy lluun and MuAulllIp.
-New Orleans, Sept C Befere peer,
bleeding Myer, unconscious had been
lifted from the ropes, tlw seconds of
McAuliffe were hugging and kissing -him.
Referee Duffy announced that
McAuliffe would fight anyone-hundred
and-thlrty-throe-peund man In the
world for f 10,000 a side. It was accept
ed by an unknown man, it is believed
en behalf of Andy Bewen.
The U'nithur.
Washington, Sept. 0. Fer Ohio Ohie
Continued cool weather-, fair; warmer by
Tuesday night or Wednesday; northwest
Fer Tennessee and Kentucky Fair,
except clearing te-night In Eastern
Tennessee; slightly warmer; north
winds, becoming variable In western
Fer West Virginia and Western Penn-'
sylvanla Fair, except clearing te-night
in Western Pennsylvania; fairer and
warmer Wednesday, northwest winds.
Fer Indiana umd Illinois Fair, ,
warmer; north winds, bocetnlng vari
able Cmrllcid l'urlt lUlded.
Cuicaoe, Sept 0. Twe hundred of
ficers, commanded by Inspector Lewis,
Capt Mabeney and Blettncr, raided
Garfield Park race track Monday after
noon, und arrested ICO people The
prisoners were carted oil te the station,
aud all were released en bail within a
short time. As in the raid of last week,
the arrests were made upon warrants
sworn out by private individuals.
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..j ivfmtee.
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