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P If ou Mvertemln t'ljtlUiy veu, or j ieii
(irt i(i(nuauM en nc(e(,i)Uwe drop lua note
te that tjfcct,
'Miss Agnes llnnley la visiting Mrs.
Gelden of Newport.
lien. Gnrrett S. Wall came down
Frankfort last night.
Mrs. Annle J. Williams returned yes yes
terday from Cincinnati.
Miss Nannie Uelten of Tuckahee Is
visiting Miss Ida Procter.
Mrs. II. M. Williams of Cliften is visit
ing relatives at Plsgah Ridge, O.
ur. u. r. t'earec is in the city.
is in the city. having
returned from an extended trip East.
Mrs. Eleaner Case and Mrs.
Mills returned yesterday from til.
W, II, Wadsworth. Jr., returned yes
terday from n professional visit te Frank
fort. S
Mr, and Mrs. J. 13. Newton nnd son
httve returned from it visit near Cincin
nati. Jehn Hcrtleef Buffalo, N. Y is lieie
the guest of Mrs. Jehn llelscr of East
Third street.
Jehn Broweref Lewis county is visit
ing his aunt, Mrs. Clara Brown of Cliften,
this week.
Rev. and Mrs. J. E. Wright are in at
tendance en the Methodist Conference at
Capt. Geerge Cellier returned yester
day Hern a tour through Northern Ver
mont and Canada.
Mrs. Dr. M. H. Davis of Maysltck is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam ifukill, at Paris.
Miss May me Wheeler has returned
from a pleasant visit te relatives In Cin
cinnati and Vunceburg.
Mis Gus Simmons has returned te her
home inVberdeeii after a visit te Mrs. D.
I. Babcock in Newport.
Miss M. Reger Cadcu has returned
home te Le.lni:ten after a very pleasant
visit te the family of D. Fitzgerald.
lien. Themas 11. Paynter passed
through the city last night en route from
his titumph at Carlisle te his home in
Miss Phejbe Ferman left yesterday for
Georgetown, where she has accepted n
position as teacher of music in the tcmale
Seminary at that place.
Rev J. E. Wtlght and wife left yester
day te attend the annual session of the
Kentucky Conference of the M. E.
Church, Seuth, at Middlesboreugh.
The big show te-day.
James B. Themas has
"Inte Philadelphia papers.
our thanks for
The Court of Appeals and Superior
Court have convened in fall session.
The diphtheria has
city, and there is no
danger from it.
died out iu this
longer the least
Jehn L. Conn and Miss Dela Bradford,
both of this county, wcre granted mar
riage license yesterday.
Mns. Ruby Finnell, a colored woman
living at Walten, took a dose of Rough
en Rats with suicidal Intent.
Jehn L. Sullivan, with his new play,
isboeked for an engagement nt Washing
ton Opera-house In March next.
The disjointed trestling en the 0. and
O. between Newpert and Covington has
been repiircd and nil is lovely once
Tun circus tents will be pitched en
what'is known as the " Barbour" let in
the Sixth Ward, directly en the street
car line.
The Kentucky Conference of the M.
E. Church, Seuth, met at Middlesboreugh
this morning, with Bishop Jehn C.
Kecner presiding.
The Ledgeh is in demand. A Bosten
gentleman sent for three conies contain
ing the narrative of Maysvilla Comtnau Cemtnau
dery's Pllgrimage te the Reckies.
One gcutlcman living three miles be
yond Flemlngsburg had nrrived in the
city this morning by 7 o'clock. He is
bound te see the whole circus.
Duplet Siteirrn, colored, of Maysville
is new en Unde Ham's pension list nt $S
per month from July 12th, 1890. Jehn
Walsh of this city was his atterney.
Laueii Day is a legal holiday in Ohie
anu. H eugiu iu uu m uvury siuiu.
Working poeplo ought te have at least
ene day in the year that could he distinct
ively called their own.
In the last four years the following
towns have built waterwerks: Lebanon,
first, Middlesboreugh. Plnoville, Rich
mond, Winchester. Georgetown, Paris,
Uarredsbuig and Stanford.
Anetheh pair of precious "Jays" who
don't rend the papers have been discov
ered. They live In Boeuo county, nnd
thev ho,ve been swindled out of !?2,000 in
hard earned cash by New Yerk green
goods men. M
FeH-.it liune back or for u pain iu the
side or chest, try saturating a nicce of
' tiauncl with Chamberlain's Pain Balm
and binding it onto the affected parts.
This treatment will euro any ordinary
case In one or two days. Pain Balm also
cures rheumatism. CO cent bottles for
sale by Power & Reynelds.
The many friends of "Beb" Lee in
Maysville will be gratified te learn that
lie litis bcen promoted te head clerk at
the" Palace lietel, Cincinnati. Mr. Lee
was for soveral years clerk at the St.
Clmilcs Hetel in this city, and has been
connected with the Palace but a few
months, ile Is a deserving and straight
forward young man and is bound te suc
ceed '
What We May Expect Between This Time
and Te-morrow Evening.
irMfeetrentucr run: HIiicj-nAiNersNOw;
With Black adeve 'twill IfAUMeu grew.
Ufllack' HENF.ATII COt.DF.lt 'twill t)OJ
Unless Wack't shown no clmnue we'll sce.
S3yThe atee forecasts are mnde for a
period of thlrtj-slx hours, ending at 8 o'clock
te-morrow uvcnlntr.
When all the world was young, lad,
And you wero very ureen,
Yeu saeR of melting ej es, lad.
And locks of satin sheen;
Yeu saw them iu the theater
And you thought the world se gay:
Hut new jou're en the stage yourself
Yeu de net feel that way.
The new generator at the electric light
plant is working in first rate order.
Ne stueet caus below the Opera
house after half past twelve today.
Uluelick Si'ihnes have been sold for
50,000, says The Louisville Times.
The wife of L. J. Stlckley of the Sixth
Ward is very low with typhoid fever.
The Governer eilers $300 for the mur
dereis of Henry Dobsen of Crittenden
- i
It is said that a feminine admirer of
Corbett's with attempt te put a step te
the fight te-night.
Louts Redehts shot and killed Jeseph
Patterson, as the result of a political dis
cussion in Shplby county.
The barn of Geerge Frest in Adams
county was burned Monday morning.
Less $1,000; no insurance.
Te-night Hen. Jehn L. Sullivan and
Hen. James J. Corbett will endeavor te
knock each ether's head oil.
AnseLEM Baxteh, n farmer living near
Fnirview, W. Va., was killed by falling
under the wheels of a wagon.
F. M. Swei'E, n wealthy hnd prominent
business man of Seymour, Ind., dropped
dead while acting as pall-bcarer.
The members of Haucke's Band report
most hospitable, treatment at the hands
of the geed people of Portsmouth.
PiiOFKSSOii Chaules L. Swain has been
ro-appeintcd as a member of the Adams
County Beard of Scheel Examiners.
The Governer offers a reward of 150
for the apprehension of Enes Uewnrd,
indicted for murder in Whitley county.
- m m i i i -
Mayoh E.'E. Peauce started en his
Western trip this morning. He was
escorted te the depot by the cutlre police
N. W. KiMiiiteuciii of Harrison county
received the Democratic nomination for
Circuit Judge by n plurality of thirty
William Nomas is charged with mur
der in Christian county, nnd the Gover Gover
eor will give $200 te the fellow that
catches him.
In snite of its Ice and severe weather,
Labrador pessessesOOO species of llewerlng
plants, 50 ferns and ever 230 species of
messes and lichens.
i i !
Jehn Donavin, aged 15, while stealing
grapes from a farmer named Rese near
East Liverpool, O.. was shot but net fa
tally hurt by the farmer.
Kentucky Bird, a stallion belonging te
Clayten Hege of Pt. Pleasant, O., died
at Meadville, Pa., Saturday. Three thou
sand dollars had bcen refused for him.
The Alexandria Fair was a howling
success. The gate receipts wcre $1.40-1 07,
stall rent 8218 25, privileges 8407 8,
baggage room 20 80 a total of ?2,150 57.
A i'ET superstition Is upheld. A Mass
achusetts wife broke a salt-cellar, and
trouble Immediately followed. Her hus
band shot her dead and then put a bui
ld Inte himself.
Theue is mera cholera at the pert of
New Yerk and the Legislature has again
nppeared at Frankfort. Thus doth ene
sorrow tread upon another's heel, se fast
they fellow says, The Louisville Timet.
i m m ! i im
Dii. Byhem, the scientist and bactcri
olegist, has given up his practice in New
Yeik City nnd geno into voluntary and
indotlnite cxile In the pest hospitals of
Swinburne Island. He has no sort of
doubt that the disease he is te combat is
genuine Asiatic cholera, but he hopes the
trouble will be ever in five or six weeks.
! - I I I..
Mit. Blaine's Idea is te close tralllc bo be
tween the old country, Canada and the
United States te everybody and every
thing, save the mails and citlzens of this
country new abroad, and te admit these
only niter porfect disinfectien. In ether
words, the Plutned Knight is "skecred,"
and would shut foreign microbes out
from ull bonetlts of reciprocity
Peei'LE should net expect a newspaper
te resent personal wrongs done thorn.
If the lady who complains te The Led
geh that water was th own en her whlle
she was passiucr a certain hquse, will go
te the persens living In that heuse, she
will doubtless find that it was merely an
accident nnd that no insult whatover was
M2A,tv .-ru
William Hakdestt of Lexington, who
stands charged with uulawful use of the
mallB, particulars of which have already
appeared in The Ledeek, has bcen held
te appear at the next term of the Federal
Court at Covington.
Yestehdat a couple of gypsies an
chored at the feet of Grave nlley, while a
third ene went about hunting up young
ladies who wanted their fortunes told.
It gees without saying that they did a
thriving business, and The Ledoer heard
one handsome young Miss complain,
"The nasty thing; I gave her half a
dollar and she didn't tell me nothing!"
The Gentleman from Greenup Who Generated the
Gerrymander Reneminated for Congress.
Hen. Themas U. Paynter, present Con
gressman from this District, was nomi
nated at Carlisle yesterday for a thhd
The "trade of politics" has become se
perverted that ene cannot de justice te an
opponent without having his motives
impugned; but it is only fair te say that
Mr. Paynter has made a geed Representa
tive. Se far as we knew, he has been
attentive te the wishes of his constitu
ency, and business entrusted te his care
has received prompt nttentien. This is
net saying a great deal it is true, but it is
much mere than any Democratic paper
would say of a Republican Representa
tive, no matter what his capabilities or
performances, and it is much mere than
ran be said of any of Mr. Paynter's
Democratic predecessors.
But while The Lewieu is willing te de
justice te the geed points In Mr. Paynter's
career, it cannot utter a word in extenua
tion of his con use In Congress.
He has, in season and out of season,
denounced the great American system of
Yesteuday Dr. Frazee introduced a
bill amending the present Hewitt Rove Reve Rove
nue law. The object of it is te assess
taxes en the corporate franchises of cor
porations as intended in the bill lately
C. F. Newien of Topeka. Kan., has
located a rock crusher at High Bridge
with a capacity of 500 yards per day. He
has a contract with the C, N. O. and T.
P. Railroad Company for 500,000 yards
of crushed stone.
Colonel R. D. Guyeih, formerly of
Covington, who was ene of President
Cleveland's Indaln Agents, is short in his
accounts ever $10,000, and his bondsmen,
Alex Davczne, Samuel W. Collin and
William Schllckmau, have been called en
te maku geed the amount.
A few days ege Geerge R Daulton
captured what he supposed te be a
Smuine American cagle at Brooks's bar
e Kuarded the treasure carefully, and
after brincing it te the city found thnt his
Crlze was an ordinary buzzard. He has
eon kicking and colegnlng himself ever
I II ..
A HEMAHKAiiLE fact can be discovered
with the aid of a peucil. In the twen
tieth generation preceding the present,
each person new alive had 1,000,000 of
ancestors. The exact tlguics are 1.IM8.
570, Each perseu had two parents, four
grandparents, eight grcat-graudpnrcnts,
etc. Keep en doubling until the twen
tieth generation, and you will verify the
immense nggrcgate given above
Adeut four years age a workman ut
Beaver Falls, noticing a toad about the
size of a walnut, placed it in a little pile
of sand, nnd, laying a large stene en It,
uevcr gave It another thought. A year
after this particular stone begnn te show
signs of decay, and finally cracked clettr
across. Thu crack began te widen, intil
a few days nge au apcratura was made
and out Jumped a live toad, It was found
te be of monster slze.
The Baltimore and Ohie Railroad Com
pany hns brought suit for $25,000 dama
ges against Fayette county, O.. for build
ing n bridge ever Paint creek, which
makes n thoroughfare across the com
pany's switchyards necessary.
Use lets of water, inside and outside,
Is the prevailing prescription both in Eu
rope and America, when cholera comes
around. Seme doctors add salt and
ethers camomile. If this decs't pull you
through, says Blsmark's physician in or
dinary, then put yourself in the hands of
Ged, for these are the only remedies
known te be eftlcacieus.
Protection which has made this the lead
ing manufacturing Natien of the earth;
He has voted for every measure that
has for its purpose the disruption of our
present incomparable financial system a
system that has challenged the admiration
of the ablest financiers of the world,
He has opposed every measure that
meant n betterment of the Natien's
He is chiefly responsible for the dis
graceful gerrymander of this District,
whereby the voice of a highly respecta respecta
bie minority has been stilled just as the
assassin stitlcs the voice of his victim with
one hand and applies the stiletto with the
These arc some of the reasons why
The Ledeek will oppose the re-election
of Mr. Paynter; ethers will appear as the
campaign progresses.
Personally, Tem Paynter is sucti a
clever fellow that we wish he was a Re
publican; politically, he will travel ever
Ills gerrymandeied District this fall and
tell mere lies than a fisherman.
F. T. C.vLVEitTef Louisville has bought
the Bluelicks Springs property 250 acres
of land, the springs and hotel for $20.
000. He will bottle the water. There Is
no prospect of a hotel being built.
At the Queen's Theater in Montreal,
Canada, the actor impersonating the
"Ameiican Admiral" was hissed, the
stars and stripes snatched from his hands,
tern and dragged tlireuch the streets.
Rememheh, The Ledeeh prints "Help
Wnnted." "Lest." " Found, and similar
notices net of a business character, free
of charge. The paly thiug we require Is
that the copy be sent in before 0 o'clock
en day of publication.
DuniNe the absence of Mayer Pearce,
'Squlre Jehn L. Grant will act in the ca
pacity of Mayer. The elllce of the Chief
Executive of the city will be left in com
potent hands, 'Siiulre Grant having en
ether occasions been Mayer pre twn.
He can be found at all times either in the
Mayer s elllce or in his own.
Aheut 2 o'clock yohterday afternoon
the workmen were heisting a derrick en
the fifth fleer of M. C. Russell's new
building when the rope broke The
derrick fell across the North wall of the
building, knocking oil several courses of
brick, many of which fell en the reef of
the adjoining building nnd thenre te the
street below. Fortunatelv no one was
passing, nnd beyond a little less of time
no damage whs dentt.
All comrades and friends going te
Washington can secure cats and accommo
dations in the MeGoedo Buildiug by pay
ing $1 25 to-elther of the committee,
Geerge Crawford. Gcerge dinger, Jehn
V. Day, Jehn Walsh ami Dr Pangburn.
The money must he pnld by the 14th of
the mouth, or they will be left out. Com
rades will meet at Pest room en the night
of the 17th. All friends going will meet
at O. and O. Depot, Secure your tickets
at the depot, Time of departure will be
given later. Take your grub.
Te These Interfiled.
Returns of the Sullivan-Corbett light
te-night will be received by rounds at the
Commercial Club rooms en Second street.
All arrangements have been made with
the telegraph company, and all theso who
have subscribed their names or wish te
de se will meet at the club rooms at 10:30
. .
A Ueneral liiiu.
Seme of the colored folks held a moon
light fete en the Fleming pike near the
city last saturuay nigut.
A battle royal was one of the features
of the evening, and several of the par
ticipants came before 'Squire Grant yes
terday te receive their rewaids.
Stcve Yeung, ene of the leading spirits
in the affair get ?5; Mary Hunter drew
$3 50; Bettic Miner ?2 and costs; Frank
Lewis was dismissed.
List of Advertised Letters.
Belew Is a list of lettcrs remaining uncalled
for at the Maysville Postetllco for the week
ending September flth, 1SW:
Hrenu. Mrs. Minerva Paxton. Alice
Clarke. Julia
Payne, Hattle
Pinscr, Jane
Pellltt, Hehert A.
Hegers, Mrs. James
Shepard. Cindy
Smart, Mrs. Iluttle
Sparks, Harry (.')
Veay, William
Waller. T. H.
Well", Charles D.
Winters, Harry J.
Wilsen, Joe
Weeds, James
Yancey, Marcclus
Clnrk, Fanuie
Frest. Mrs. May
Ollbert, V. V.
Glascock, Annle
Green, Ellle
Hardin. I). C. (-')
Hendricks, Her.
Hicks, Stockwell
Hutlman, Mamle
Ien, D. M.
Kirk. Henry C.
McKlnley, .Mrs. Ellen
Miner, H.J
Mlller. Maud
J2T"One cent due en each of abevt.
Persons calling for these letters will plcase
say that they ure advertised.
Themas A. Davis. 1'estmnetcr.
Luugest Sentence In ttie Lnlih haaaaigt.
The longest sentence in English litera
ture is found in the act of Parliament,
29, Geerge IIIV chapter C9, entitled "An
act te prevcut the enlisting or engage
ment of his majesty's subjects te serve
in foreign service, and the fitting out or
equipping in his majesty's dominions ves
sels for warlike purposes witjieut his
majesty's license." The second section
of this act contains but one sentence.
with 807 words in it, and without a single
step between its first word "and" nnd its
last word "convicted." The seventh sec
tion of the present English foreign enlist
ment net forms one sectence of 000 words
Gladstone forms longer sentences than
any ether English writer and speaker,
present or past. One of his longest sen
tences was in a speech in August, 1890.
nt the National Liberal Club. It occu
pied twenty-four lines of news type, and
contained 214 words
v Tbr Ideal Wife.
"There is no greater blessing can be
fall a thinker than a union with a woman
who is at least his peer in her apprecia
tions," writes Wnlter Blackburn Hart in
The iVt'v England Magazine; " and It must
be remembered that Balzac claimed that
'appreciation is complete equality.' A
woman worldly enough te protect a
thinker from the world, and unworldly
enough te live with in the world of his
thought and immncinatien, is the ideal
wife for the man of high aims, and with
such a woman n mnn can live serenely iu
the most desirable society. Emersen
aptly puts it thus: ' When a man meets
his accurate mate society begins and life
is delicieus.' In an atmosphere of love
and sympathy one lives mere vividly;
there is a spur in every meeting, an in
spiration in every absence.
"Life Itself begins with such a union,
the old ndage that ' he lives twice who
lives well,' has mere meaning when it is
twisted te read, he lives twice who loves
well, and wisely. The man who is rich
iu himself, his sympathies, his various
magnetisms, and reciprocatiens, is the
truly rich man; his store does net tempt
the vulgar te robbery or excite the envy
of his neighbors, for te them this world
of the immaglnatleu is nothing; and
granting all possible human separations
and afflictions such a store will last a life
time. These nrc the riches te accumu
late. One's own society is thu society te
cultivate; ami te make it attractive te
one's self and ethers, one must cultivate
one's keif. This is the ferret of true
greatness, true gentleness, true manners
and true morality."
Uew It Keels tu He Knocked Out
Says Jehn L Sullivan In his new book.
"I have never been knocked out myself,
as the public well knows, but as I have
put se many ether men te sleep after this
fashion I have had a geed chance te find
out what their feelings were. The most
effectual point te reach a man te knock
him out is right en the point of the chin.
In explanation of this the doctors tell me
that point is connected with the spinal
column, nnd the effect for the time is te
paralyze the brain, though net effectually
te weaken him. The sensation, as it is
described te be, is ubeut the same as that
felt by a man who has been under the in
fluence of ether and is coming out of it.
A man's mind, they tell me, seems con
fused, sick, giddy. He has no feeling of
pain, but simply a sense of numbness or
deaducss which renders a man non earn
pos mentis for the time. Te verify what
I have said about there being no :iln, I
can mention severe! Instances where men
have ceme te after having been knocked
out, mid instead of complaining Of pain,
asked various questions, showing that
they were simply insensible te all feel
ings or acquaintance with the surround
ings. I have heard men ask very differ
ent questions. Fer instance ene fellow
at Nashville, Tcnn., that I had knocked
out, came te in about twenty minutes,
and the first thing he said was, 'Did I
wlnV Anotherman that I had knocked
out said, "When de I go en 7" net re
membering anything about fighting I
think, In fact I am sure, (hat the effect of
a man being knocked out is net as serious
as people think, mid leaves no mark, nor
dees in inlllctny special damage."
Mahshal Heflin has begun in eat nest
te clean up the city, He had a large
ferce at work in the First Ward yesterday
and everything leeks as neat as a new
Colonel Laiian T. Moeke of Boyd
was Chairman and Hen. Gieen R. Kellar
of Nicholas was Secretary of the Demo
cratic Congressional Convention nt
Carlisle yesterday.
Geerge Dixen Whips Jack Skelly
in Eight Rounds.
Deth Ferght Like Demens, Each Eager
te Win the Rich Purse.
In the Third Jleand Skelly Gets In Semt
Geed Werk, Uat Dlxoe Counter tn
Geed ghupe Skelly Is Knocked
Down a Number of Times.
New Ohleans, Sept 7. The fight be
tween Geerge Dlsen (colored) and Jeck
Skelly (white) for the light weight
championship, took place Tuesday
night It took Dixen a few seconds
less than thirty-two minutes te knock
all the championship aspirations out ei
Jack Skelly. The fight lasted eight
rounds, and, after the first one, the re
sult was never in doubt 'The rich
purse of S7.50O nnd the slde bet of ?5,00J
was a gift pure and simple for the littl
colored champion. In the opening
round the colored boy fought for th
Brooklyn lad's head and face, but he
seen found that Skelly had this part ei
his anatomy well guarded. Then It
was that the black fellow changed his
tactics. He began a bembardmant en
the stomaeh, ribs and heart He did all
of his initial work with a left-handed
half upper cut Fer four or five rounds
he made play for the same spot
It was net long until the effects of
this savage treatment was shown tn a
great red blotch en Skelly's left rib
nnd above his heart. The savage on
slaught en the lower part of legitimate
fighting territory caused the Brooklyn
Ixjy te lower his guard. This was Dix Dix
on's opportunity, and he began te play
for the point of the Jaw with his right
Skelly tired under the rengh treatment
te which he was subjected and gradual
ly grew weaker, until in the closing
rounds he was a pitiable sight His
wind wns geno and In the last two
rounds he was little better than a chop
ping block for his opponent Dixen
was apparently as fresh and full of
fight as when the battle began.
Frem the sixth round until the close
It was only a(question of hew long the
New Yerker could stand the severe
visitations from the colored boy's
wicked fists. He was game and fought
beck as long as he had the strength te
de it The end came in the eighth. All
Dixen had te de wus te go up and hit
his defenseless opponent
A cablegram from Charlie Mitchell,
of England, was read in the ring. It
was a challenge from the Britisher te
fight the winner of the big battle Wed
nesday night for $10,000 a side, within
ten weeks from the present time, before
any club in England or America offer
ing the largest purse.
i y
lJI -H Vl
Then another challenge was read
from Johnnie Murphy, of Bosten, te the
winner of the Skelly-Dixen fight for
$2,500 a side, with a deposit of 8300 in
the hands of Mr. Prank, the official time
keeper of the club. Several ether chal
lenges would probably have been read
had net a member of the club arisen in
his seat and stated that the Olympic
Club had nothing te de with making
matches; thnt they shebld be mnde out
side and settled within their ring.
After the fight this evening Jack
Skelly said: "I don't think I hit Dixen
once In the battle. It was simply a
case of the hands being-quicker than
the eye. I ain sorry ray friends in
Brooklyn lest their money en me. I
was simply outclassed."
Billy Madden, manager of Joe God Ged
dnrd, tried hard te make himself heard
when Mitchell's ccallcge was read in
the ring Tuesday evening. He said te
me that Goddard would fight Mitchell
for flO.000 a side and pest f5.000 at
The XWiUhcr.
Washington, Sept 7. Fer Indiana
and Illinois Fair, except Bhewcrs in
north portion; warmer, south winds.
Fer Tennessee- and Kentucky Fair,
warmer by Thursday; east te south
Fer West Virginia and West Pennsyl
vania Fair, slightly warrner; winds be
coming cast te south.
Fer Ohie Fair, warmer; south winds.
Rivers The Ohie will rise slightly;
ether rivers will rcmnin stationary or
ilse 6llghtly.
Guinea Played Toceday.
I Pittsburgh. 5 J New Yerk- ?11
1 Washington 4 IChlcage I
J'PlttsburRh.. . 13
1 Washington II
'Second game.
Uew They llnuk.
Wen. IrfMt Per Ct
Cleveland I S3 It .7K
Uosten - SO IS JMI
Pittsburgh ... SS 18 .KM
Clccumatl SI 21 .UK
Chicago SI St AX
UroeUyn S3 H m
Philadelphia , S3 98 ,4M .
LoulsvtUe . 81 M .IR
NowYerU IU as .
Daltlraere IT M JW
SL Leuli , IT M .3K
WatbtBctea IS SB .Ml
iuUf y '

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