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H,TMrM'"T"""f"" ' "' ' " p , tpi jj HH.I--HI n nnnii i ' U mi "rni itum ." i ....urnMiil i m mi
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St.. imWK.ei
r iNftMwP
Tiieuah A. Uavin,
, WlM.IAM It. Wai WORTH, Jr.,
Secretary umt Trrtuurer.
Theu as A. IUvin, ... Kiter ami Manager.
8nr I. T. Hickman, ,4n'l RlUeramt Roekkrrper.
William II. Cox, M. C. IIurhkll,
A. tt. J. Ceciihan, W. II. Wauiiwehtii, Jr.,
TiidmanA. IJavik.
nWrfJ? Fubtle Meir JIuUillna, fi'e. 10 Fait
Urn I lil TMra art
1 aUBfiCKlP110.V.VT.V A 1 'A Xt'K.
eat Yenr . ta 00
Mix Jtenth
Tfere Menth .............. 73
Per Meuth 5 tnU
Pauble te carrier at nut of meiitli.
Advertising rates uniform antl reason
able and made known en application at
the office.
A Werd te Republicans.
The hope of the party Uet li the erpantlen
of a ttalteart KepuhUean pre. The Repub.
((ran who read or ethrrteltt hrlp te nji-
pert a Democratic paper te the rxclutlen of
one of M own party netrtpaper t untrue
te the Jlepubtlean ran".
Unanimously Hibtcrlhrtl te by the Sat tonal
Republican League.
J. S. CLAEKSON, Preiident.
A. B. HUMPHEEY, Secretary.
We fear, says The American Econo
mist, that the usual conscience-deadening
Influence which pervades The World,
and te which all who
are taken into its
Cengiiessman employ seem te read
Wabner's "Fake." ily succumb, has en
veloped the mind
and heart of the
Hen. Jehn De Witt Warner, editor of
the Tariff department of its weekly edi
tien. Upen no ether theory can we ac
count for that person's frantic attempt
in The Weekly H'orMef August 24th te
eclipse the outrageous "fake" feats of
the uews department of that infamously
dishonest journal, which have been ex
posed by The Sun within a few days.
It may be that Mr. Warner aspires te
Beme higher position en The World and
knows that promotion depends, first of
all, upon success in engineering "fakes."
Certainly Ida splurge of August 21th
takes high rank among the most noto
rious of The World's long list of stu
pendous achievements in this Hue.
Mr. Warner selected as the subject of
his great effort the list of Increased
wages published in The American Econ
omist. He Bays:
The publication of this list was pre
cisely the opportunity for which Tariff
reformers had been waiting. The Pro
tectionists had new been forced into the
open and compelled te itemize their gen
eral assertions. A special Investigation
was made of every one of the pitiful 28
cases of alleged wage increases in Pro
tected industries since the McKinley bill,
which Tin Economist had dared te pub
lish. Belew is the result. The para
graphs with reference te the respective
nuns nra numbered te correspond With
the items as quoted from The Economist
above, ana the quotation is in uuen cuse
from the report or a irusiweriuy exami
ner: The method empley6d by Mr. Warner
In his s6 called Investigation seem te
have been as follews: He seut word te
the agents of The World in the differ
ent places named te Investigate the re
ported rise In wages there. New, It Is
nbt likely that he knew anything nheuf
most of these ngents except that they
ceuli' be depended en te get by hook or
creek just nbeut what Mr. Warner
wanted. He knew very well that they
were net "trustworthy examiners." Hut
the requirements of his fuke project de
manded that they be represented as
such, and that was enough. It is need
less te eay that as a rule their reports
centnfilictM in the main eitr statements.
That' 1b what tlieywere paid for. But
some of! theni could net screw their con-
BcleBMkdbjH(U siitllci'eiitly hard and tight
te pe?K ihem te conceal that the facts
IlfOTQI . f , ..
as we represented, uunuru
eta from The World's reperts:
fJBelge, J)elg,vllle, JV. Y.,SO per
nlv the usual advance in waxes
i,ln Dolge's factory iu 1891 and
it leeks like an advance sorely.
Mings County Knitting Company, Broek
lyn. 5 vcr cent. In enneaverimt le tret n
and talk with one of the cmnleves 1 rnn
against the proprietor. 1 asked lilni
whether there had been any increiisu of
waves in the concern, and he did net re
call liny until I mentioned a report te
that effect In The American Economist,
when he straightway remembered thai
there had been a general advance all
around of 5 per cent.
That Is what we said.
McCermir.k Jt Ge., lTarrithurg, Pa., A?
te 50 centu a day, The only increase there
has been In this concern for several years
was iu the wair.es of about -10 labeturs.
who, one month age. were Increased from
$1 10 te 1 20 per day.
Anether cuse of Increased wages.
William Carter d- Ce., HighUimhtUlt,
Mans., 10 te CO cent a day. The best
workman in the mills has had his wages
Increased 60 cents a day, and three ethers
had received such an advance. Twe
ethers had their wages advanced 2Ti cents
a day.
All substantial advances.
Fall llicer Mills. It is true that waucs
have been somewhat advanced recently.
Which remnrk applies te 23,000 em em
peoyes. New, after these reports from his own
"trustworthy exnminers," hew did this
man Warner dare te add the following
The museum men will have te wait,
and the pedestal they have prepared
whereon te exhibit se great a curiosity as
a "Protected" empleye whose wages has
been raised by his employer must yet re
main vacant until such a specimen is
Arguing witli such n character is
surely time and trouble wasted. Ner
de we intend te waste much mere space
en him. Hut we cannot refrain from
presenting In parallel one or two Illus
trations of hew "trustworthy" the re
ports of Mr. Warner's exnminers were.
In order te reassure ourselves that
our table was correct, as we had the
best of reasons for believing when it
was first printed, we sent The World's
comments te the authors of our informa
tion ami asked for particulars. (Tim
"B. Howitzer," whom Mr. Warner could
net And, should have been printed, as we
make it out from the illegible hand
writing of our correspondent, "B.
Hannttsberger.") We have already re
ceived replies covering the majority of
the cases cited, and they corroborate In
every particular our statements as first
printed. It is from these replies that
we select the following samples and
print them side by side with Mr. War
ner's "trustworthy examiner's" reperts:
Warner's" Trustwor
thy Examiner's"
I have investiga
ted the prices paid
te the hands In the
Camden Woolen
Company of Cam
den, Me.
There has been
four looms where
they get a raise.
The reason for this
Is because It was
heavier work and
mere picking te the
They de net make
any mere en it than
they did en the
ether. They can't
get any old weavers
te work for them at
their prices. The
wages paid per day
averages from 75
cents te f 1 60. Most
of the spinners are
making very poei
All the ether hands
are working for the
same price theyhave
been getting since
the mill started.
Thellrstman I in
terviewed at Thern
asten was an old
empleye of the
Thomaston Knife
Company. He said:
"Hi will tell you
true lust 'ew it was.
YVedld get increased
10 per cent., but
we' ad te fight for it,
and it don't put us
'alf back where we
was eight or ten
years age." There
are said te be SO and
sometimes its hands
employed at tills
ractery. 1, How
ever, saw but 10 or
20 at work, three or
four of whom were
boys only 13 or 11
years old, and at
least three of whom
were women. A
forger at work in
the factory said:
"Yes, we get 10 per
cent, advance out
of the McKinley
we had te ask for it
but we only lest
four days." The
rergers were net r
ganized in January.
1801, when the ad ad
vance of 10 per
cent, was made, and
they had te strike.
The grinders and
finishers were or
ganized and get an
advanccafter threat
ening te strike, J
was told by a couiile
of grinders that out
few are new1 coming
ever from England
They, however, said
that they knew of
some that had come
ey advanced by the
bosses" ip a way se
that It would sol be
found out that is,
thredch relatives
and friends already
en this side The
wages in the Them
asten htiue i-em-pany's
factory will
net Mverft.re 3 a
day for adult males
and mucn less inr
boys, girls and wp
men. A grinder
who has been evor
here 11 years says
that 111 is a geed
week's pay en a ten
hour basis, nnd that
from less of hours,
day 8 and weeks he
will net get in mere
than nine or ten
months a yeah
Supposing that
the 1,000 engaged in
this Industry aver avor
age (500 a j'car. (a
liberal estimate,)
and that all, Instead
of a few, had suc
ceeded, through
their labor organi
zation, in having
their wages advanc
ed 10 per cent., the
total advance would
amount te but 90,
000. The .TO per
rent, advance in the
price of knives will
amount te f-100.000
or 1500,000, and yet
the manufacturers
say that the work
ers are new getting
mere than their
sham of the McKin
ley margin.
Camden, Mk
Aug. 27. 1892. S
Editor American
Econemist: Iu re
gard te wagrs, every
hand in my mill that
recciveil $1 a day re
ceives new $1 25,
and weaving that
we paid 2 cents per
yard for we new
nay 8 cents for.
Spoelers te whom
wc paid 11 J cents a
spool new get 10
rents. Iu fact, there
is net a hand in the
mill but receives
mere wages. 1 lie
spinners 'were net
raised for the leasen
that we had a high
price-list, but they
make mere pay new
en account of a bet
ter class of goods
that wc are able te
make, se that the
work spins better
and they are able te
make better wages
In that way.
If the reporter of
The World would be
honest In his reports
why would he net
come nnd leek at
our books, instead
of nsking pcople
around the streets?
Yours very truly,
Supt. and lYtas. of
Vamaen woolen we.
Thomaston, Ct.. )
Aug. 27, 1892. J
Ed.American Econ Ecen Econ
omist: Yours of the
25th received, inclo
sing clipping from
The Neic Yerk Week
ly World, The re
port which we filled
out for you was en
tirely correct and
there have been fur
ther advances since
in the wages of some
of our men. We de
net care te make any
reply te the clipping
which you send us,
but have handed it,
witli your letter, te
some of our work
men, who have thus
far gained mere bv
the increased Tariff
than we have. Yours
J. It. Waknkii.
ItKVNer.ns IJnt'eK )
Aug. 29. 1892.
Editor American
Econemist: .1. H
Waiinkh. Secretary
of the Thomaston
Knife Ce,, handed
us your letter of the
25lh, with clipping
from The Yerk Week
ly World, under tl
tle of "McKinley
waqes break down,"
He we prepese te
answer It ourselves,
Yours truly,
Thk Qhimikiis
Khifk Ce.
He says "the first
man I lntcrvlcwe'd
nt Thomaston' Was
an old cmploye of
Thomaston Knlfe
Ce." That was my
self. He came into
the shop and asked
for the boss. I told
him where he would
dnd him.
He said: "Have
you had any Ad
vance in wages
within the last six
mbiithat" I an
swered Ne, but cor
rected myself by
telling him that we
had had several
miner ndvatices en
certain parts of the
work, and I told
him that wc get 10
percent, iu. I Riiuary,
1891. He asked me
if we had te strike
for It. I answered
Ne, nnd told him
we get it by asking
for it. There are
3(1 employed in the
shop, ami none un
der 14 years of age.
He says the. forgers
had te strike for
their advance. If
they did nobody in
the shop knew it
but themselves. He
says the minders
and finishers wcre
organized and get
an advance after
they threatened te
strike, nnd that he
was told by a cou
ple of grinders that
but few were com
ing evor from Eng
land, &c. I don't
believe he was told
any such thing, for
the reason that
there were net two
grinders eutside the
shop te tell hlmnny
such thing, nnd I
knew he was net
told se In the shop.
He says the wages
of adult males in
Thomaston Knife
Company will net
average f 2 a day. I
would like te knew
hew he knows. He
did net see the
books, neither did
he see the boss. Ner
did he want te see
the boss after he had
talked with us.
Then he went en te
say: "Supposing
all had get an ad
vance instead of a
few" but I cor
rected him by say
ing that they had
all been advanced
in every shop. He
asked me what we
attributed our ad
vance te. I told
him the McKinley
Signed for the
grinders and finish
ers by
JenN Parker.
The Hen. JenN De Witt Warner
took a pretty big contract when he set
out te demolish The American Econo
mist aiid the report of the Semite Com
mittee. Lately there have been added te his
already arduous task the reports of the
Democratic Laber Commissioner and the
Democratic Superintendent of the Bank
ing Department of New Yerk state.
They all unite In corroborating our
former stutement that "the simple fact
of the matter is that wages have been
higher, work mero plentiful, trade
brisker, foreign commerce larger, ave
rage duties Iower, manufactured com
modities cheaper and every class of citi
zens mero prosperous since the McKin
ley Tnrlff passed than they were before
in many yenrs." And we repeat tlmt
sir. warner is eniy running uimseii ri-1
dlculeus In trvltiK te obscure these evl-1
dent facts.
Qathared Frem All Tart of the Country
by Taltfrapti.
Schools at Anna, 111., have closed be
cause of diphtheria.
The captain of the atcamer Mala,
from Hamburg, died at Rotterdam of
Aslatie cholera.
Sevcn ceses of cholera and three
deaths have occurred in the village of
Mclx-Dcvant-Virten, In Belgium Lux
emburg. At the republican state convention at
Trenten, N. J., Tuesday,' Jehn Kcan
was nominated for governor en the sec
ond ballet
W. a Flower of Pittsburgh, Pa,
swam 100 yards in the nataterlum in
C9X seconds, beating tlie world's recerd
8Ji sccenda
At Shelbyville. IncL, A, M. Ztcglcr, a
a furniture finisher, shot and fatally
wounded his wife because she refused
te live with hint
Anna, 111., was visited by quite a se
vere earthquake shock at 2 o'clock-Tuesday
afternoon. Windows and dishes
were rattled perceptibly.
The North German Lloyd btoamer
Alter, which arrived in quarantine Mon
day 'morning, was released 'at 10:15
Tuesday and procecded te her pler.
C Molley, the U. 3. consul at St.
Jehn's, N. F., has Buffered a sovero
beating at the hands of four drunken
policemen, from whom he was rescued
by cltlibna. The offenders have been
Frederick O. Clark, book-keeper for
Wm. IL Pest A Ce., Hartferd, Ct, has
disappeared. Before laavlng he signed
a paper saying ha had embezzled at
least $15,000. The firm is temporarily
Twe mere car-leads of cotton waste
f rem II araburg have bobbed up serenely.
They arc of the same let which reached
Cincinnati, billed te Jeseph Jeseph &
Ce., a part of which was destroyed by
incendiaries at Fester's Cressing last
Saturday night
The strlke at Shoepbergor's Sixteenth
street mill, Pittsburgh, Pa,, has been
declared off by the Amalgamated asso
ciation and the men are returning te
work at the employer's terms. The
works will be operated Independently
of the Amalgamated association here
after. Mrs. May MoWerkman, daughter of
Enes B. Keed, the vcrtcran editor, com
mitted suicide at Indianapolis, Ind.,
Tuesday night by taking morphine.
Demestic trouble was the cause, she
having separated from her husband, a
former clerk In the pest oflice. She was
41 years old.
Official returns from CS counties in
Arkansas give the following vote for
governer: Fishback, dem., 00,035; Whip
ple, rep., 24,143; Carnahnn, P. P., 23,
444; Nelsen, prehib., 1,062. Seventeen
counties are yet te be heard from,
which will give Fishback a majority of
at least 4,000 mere.
Jehn Htan. the efficient Superinten
dent of the County Infirmary, has been
exhibiting in town BOme remarkable
rensting ears. They are large, full
grained, plump and very Bwcet. This
corn was planted en the 24th day of June,
and the ears were ready for eating en
the 5th day of September. The seed was
obtained from the Agricultural Ilureau of
Kentucky through the kindness of Lud
Over Keet Lenr uud the Largest Krr
The largest opal ever found en the
Amerlcun continent, if net in the world,
Is exhibited in Shn Francisce, CaL It
is eleven Inches long, five inches wide
and one and n quarter inehen thick, and
came from Guerrere, Mexice. It h the
property of Juantioldman.ef San Fran Fran
ciseo, who is interested in tlie mint
from which it came. The value of th
specimen, according te the owner, U
The opal, says' the Jewelers' Weckir,
was imbedded in a ledge of amorphous
reek a short distance below the surface.
It is of the mineral species known as
glrusel, or fire epul, which Is found only
en the North American continent and
mero extensively In Mexico than else
where. Humbeldl brought from Mex
ico the first specimen seen in Europe.
Mr. Geldman's Opal Is supposed te
weigh about rnwen hundred carats, Ita
exaet weight- cannot- be ascertained en
account of the mass of rock Inclosing it,
but it iu much larger than the four
thousand pounds sterling opal belong
ing te the Hungarian crown Jewels ex
hibited at tha uonden exposition of
1851, which, velghcd only flye hundred
and twdty-Blx and one-half carats, liut
that one was of the pious known as 'the
precious opal, which, en account of its
peculiar translucent hue, is valued mere.
Frem the center of Mr. Geldman's
opal can be cut a fine stAnu three and
one-half fnches long, two and one-half
wide and one and' bne-balf. Inches la
depth. The remainder of the stohe wa
be cut into a large number of geaaa'e!'
vary inf sum.
FLerm Winter patent M.90O4.M; runcjr,
3.aS.M: family, l8.t028.SSi extra, K103
3.I3; low Kr&de, 11.802.00; spring pteat, W.U
SUM; Bpring fancy, fJ.0Oni3.Ki; spring fsmlly,
13.0033.40 Rye flour, l3.8Ck33.75.
Wukat The market 1b probably as strong
te-day as yesterday, but buyers are backward,
and while recclpts are ample they are net
offered very freely; 1 ear Ne. 2 red, spot,
switched, at 7Sc.
Ceiin There Is a steady feeling and offerings
are only moderate, whlle the demand la limited.
One ear mixed ear, nearly yellow, spot track,
at bOtf e; t car mixed ear, choice, spot, track,
at 61c; cars Ne. S mixed, spot track, at Me; 1
ear Ne. 3 mixed, spot, track, at 50c.
Oats Are easier and offerings are liberal.
At the lower prices prevailing, however, there
la a very fair demand. One car Ne. S whlU,
spot, track, at 3vc; 1 car Ne. 8 white, spot,
track, at 350 : 1 car Ne. x mixed, spot, track,
at 13a
Ktk There la no demand te speak of, and the
market Is entirely nominal. Ne. 2 la quetable
at (7c, and Ne. 3 at 48247a
Caxtus Shippers: Ooed te cUelce.l4.2yii 4.65;
common te falr,3, 004.00; Oxen; Geed te choice J
butcher, U.0U&4.SS; fair te .geed, t3.ttQ3.fi5;
common, t3.0O32.75. Heifers: Ooed te choice
heavy, i3.003L&0; geed te choice light, t2.75
8.85; common te fair, ll.lea8.5a
Ileas Select heavy shipping, t5.453S.65i
fair te geed packing, 16.1526.40; common Snd
rough, 14.8535.00; fair te geed light, te.0O35.8S;
fat pigs, lt.50i25.00. ,
Sukkp and IiAMBS.Sheep Weathers and
yearlings, tl.SSQITS; extra, 15.00; (at ewes,
rs.7534 25; common te fair mixed, t8,75a3.5e;
stock ewes, 13.0034 00. Lambs nest shippers,
14.7535 00; fair te geed, 14.0034.75,' butchers',
New Yerk, Sept. 11
Wukat Moderately active: September,
78Vc: October, 78Mc; November, 81 14c; Decem
ber, 82JJC
Ktk Nominal; Western, wacfle.
Ceiin Stronger, fairly .active; September,
(flye; October 6635flc; November Me; De
cember Me,
Oats Firm and ablet: October. 38'fc! Ne
vember, SflUc; Ne. 8 white October, 40e; West
ern, J7HS480.
, PiTTsncnart, Sept 14
Cattlx Market steady at about yesterday's
Ueqs Market sstlve; Philadelphia, te.OOft
5,75) mixed, ti.5oas.ee; best Yorkers, ta.teas.ea;
grassers, 15.0035.85; seven cars hogs shipped te
New Yerk.
Sntir Market acUve at a decline of IB32O0
off from yesterday's prices.
DALT1MOHB, Sept. 11.
Whxat Dull; spot, 75Me; the month, 75c;
October, 'Ce; December, 7Jiei steamer, Ne. Z
red, eKQ70Hc,
Cern Dull and firmer; spot and the
month, 5e; October, MKe bid; year, 540 asked.
Oath Firm; Ne. 8 white western, 96KA
170; Ne. 8 mixed western, 3SKQ39C
ItYC-Stcedy; Ne. t, 63c bid.
Chicago, Sept. 14,
F leu 11 and QiiAiM. Cash quotations; Fleur
steady and unchanged', Ke. J spring wheat 73 H
7JKl Ne. 3 spring wheat, 653680; Ne. 8 red,
T2KK,Sc; Ne. 2 corn. 48tf 0; Ne. 8, 47e; Ne. 8
eats, StHe; Ne. 3 white, 35c; Ne, 3 white, S3
C&34e:Na 3 rye, Me; Ne. Z barley, 653C7e;Nal
t. a b., 4364e; Ne. 4, f. a b., 36345c; Ne. t flax
seed, 11.07,
PuiLAbt'f.PHlA. Sept 14.
Whxat A shade Armer, Ne. 2 red In expert)
elevator, 74e; Ke. 8 red September, 74HJ
Cens Options streng: local car lets merej
freely offered and declined He, but a geed tradei
was done at revised prices. Ne. 2 mtxed and!
high mixed In elevator, 50e: Ne, 8 high mixed
la grain depot, 57S7Hc; Ne. 2 mixed Septem
ber, 64Jii&4ic.
Qats Stronger; there was a fair local trade
demand, but little or no speculation, new Ne. 1
mixed 37Hc: Ne. 3 white new, KiQiJfte: old Ne',
I white, 48Kei new de, 41 Ke; Ne. 8 white Sep
tember 40340K0.
Tolxde, O., Sept It
Whkat-DuU, firmer! Ne. 8 cash and Sep
tember, 73,c; October, 76Ue; December, 79e
May, 8IH0.
Ceiin Dull and steady; Ne, 8 cash, 4f Ke.
. Oats Quiet; caah. Sic.
Rtk Dull; cash, 6D0. , ,, .1
Clevsr- bckd
October, tfl.SK),
Presidential Campaign' of 1892!
t I
The Presidential Campaign of 1802 will, without deiiht, he the most Intonsely
interesting nnd exciting In the history of the United Slntes, nml country pcople will
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cussions of the day ns prcsenteil In a Nntle'niil journal, In nihillieii te Hint BiipHctP
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The Leading Republicim Paper of the United States!
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WThe money must, in all cases, accompany the orders.
Address nil euleis te
Dress Goods.
Dress Goods.
We linve just received fifty pieces of Dress Henda In
Whipcords, BROADCLOTHS,'" Ottomans,
Crepens, '- Serges,
iu all thu new ami desirable shades for full,
from no cents up te SI 50 per yard. Alse
a uew line of Gimps hi silk, ateel'aui! Jett.
Dress Goods.
Dress Goods;
Maysville Carriage Company,
Manufactuhuiih and Dkai.kus in
, Deerinfir Harvesting Machinery.
Adjoining Opera-Jiqusc, MAYSVILLK, KY.
seasonable)?.! GOODS,
And Housekeeping Goods Generally Always en Hand
e r3s
'i .
Tinware, Tin Reefing, Guttering and Spouting.
JOBiWOIlK OK AM, KINDH KifrnK-it IntlmbntniMiMfr.
uoneral Jeb Werk.
SEOn pri. n,tm 28 arid 30 W. Second Street :-: MAYSVILLE,' JKY,
; Nevtuber, M.HM. jyl

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