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Prepared te Battle With the
Dread Disease, Cholera.
Health Officials Confident of
Ability te Defeat It.
ValanbleJ'rerntttlnnnry Slcntitre Clennll-
"neiiTtlie Mala Thing-Drink Ne Milk
Mfcer U'nter Unbeiled, nmt Abstain ,.
l'reiu llutter und Clicusc.
iBA , mwK .p.tr f
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tpereenal joints
New Yeiik, Sept. 10. New that Ast Ast
atle cholera has developed among the
dwellers of this city, caeh man may ask
his neighbor, Well, what of It?
ThoBplrltef the question would show
no mero than that the speaker had,
himself, mustered the elementary truths
touching this dlsease, which 1ms been
se carefully iterated and reiterated by
the responsible portion of the press
during lrt'any days past The question
tWeuU Indicate, that the speaker fully
understood that the cholera Is neither
contagious nor Infectious within tlie
common incaulngs attached te theso
words. In this sonse, It Is te use the
language of Prof. Vlrchew, less danger
ous than diphtheria.
This expreden Implies no overconfl everconfl overcenfl
dbnee," It lies within each individual's
power ve ossure his own personal safety
nlmnst bevend a nerad venture. He
has but te drink no water and milk cx cx
cept such as have been thoroughly
boiled, and te cat no feed that has net
been thoroughly and freshly cooked;
he will abstain from butter and cheese,
and he may then possess his soul In se
renity. Cholera will pass him by. Ever
since the Moravia arrived In pert, as
the harbinger of the dreaded plague,
Btate and loculefllelals have been strain
ing every nerve te prevent Its gaining a
foothold In this city, and being spread
by various channels te the country at
The health officials have been strict
even te severity; but while all were
looking hcaward, and while prepara
tions wcre made te ropel an ndvnnce
fr6m across the water, It has quietly
made its presence felt in our midst, and
ilve corpses te-day mark Its advent.
" Hew did It get In? is the question en
every one's lips. The health officers'
faces were puzzled expressions when
asked te solve the problem. Disinfect
ants have been used with lnvlsh hand
both nt Quarantine and In the city;
baggage has been disinfected; passen
gers have been detained, even en
healthy ships, and In the city stringent
rules of cleanliness have been laici down
aiid acted upon.
The houses of the dead are net under
quarantine In the sense of being shut
up, or their tennnts belng prohibited te
go and come when and where they
please. Hut nene go or come without
the knowledge of the doctor en duty.
The medical 6entlnel never lees sight
for many hours at a time of his charge.
Ills instructions nre most minute, and
his duties in a tenement full of people
are. most arduous. He is te register
in the first place, under orders of
his superior, the name and age of
every person In the house, what they
work at and where. If they go out of
the house, he is te keep the sharpest
kind pf n lookout for the first symptoms
of dierrluca trouble, and upon its ap ap
pcaranue put the patient te bed, keep
him there and prescrlbe for hhn while
hurrying word nreund te the health
beard office. The closets In the house
or In the yard arote be his special care.
The disinfecting corps will be en the
go from house te heuse all day, and he
is te direct their operations. All closets
in the yard where a case of cholera has
occurred must be disinfected twice
daily. , .
The doctor must search every room in
the house every few hours te see that it
Is kept in order, and that no refuse,
garbage, slops or ether offal accumu
lates in cellars, nans or yarus, mm
that the bedrooms nre properly venti
lated. . ,
The persenal cleanliness of every
tenant Is the special care of the senti
nel doctor, under orders from headquar
ters. He must see te it that nene of
them, net even the smallest child, sits
down te his or her meal without first
washing their hands with soap and
cleaning the nails as well.
It Is through the mouth that the germ
of the contagion is always communicated.-
He Is te teach the tenants te
burn all garbage, vegetable refiibeand
old boues in the range when the fire
Is brisk, and let no offal be thrown In
the street- Ne family must move out
of the house- without a written permit.'
Te that extent they are quarantined.
Should new ceses dove-loped in the heuse
these are his Instructions. AU dis
charges from bowels or vomit of slek
persons te be received In vessels eon een
ttilnliiL' disinfecting fluid before empty
ing Inte the closet or privy., All soiled
bedding, bliects, pillow cases, blankets,
handkerchiefs or rags te be removed at
once nnd put into a pail or tub, with
disinfecting flufd boiling het, and after
ward boiled ferhalf en hour. Ne drink
ing vessels or ether vessels used by
patients be used without being thor
oughly cleansed by boiling soap suds.
The Idea Is te overwhelm and stamp
out the dlsease in each house, as was
done with the typhus upon lU flrbt ap
pearance. "
That this could be done was success
fully demonstrated in 1600.
Other catbs nre expected te develop
from scattered centers ei contagion,
but nene in the snine buildings. Thut
Is the Wy the health officers
propose te drlve the cholera from
the city, new It has get in, and If the
citizens will use reason and net get Inte
o.feollsh und. needless panic, they ure
sure, tlwy will Hueeecd, though they by
no means undervalue- the danger. Ev
erything I ready for an attack. The
floating hospital is In order,, and the
proposed cholera camp, the slte of
which U yet the department's becret,
can be occupied en the briefest notice.
There fa' Ne panle und no undue hurry
at sanitary headquarters.
Every possible feature of a cholern
epidemic haB been discounted and pro
vided .ntful4Bti
ray" w.tefrUmUvMwimLM'il i'V
iireuoliilfiiiviteuut'fmf.irffiM li "" '
tit that rflcct.
Geerge W. Rogers was In Huntington,
V. Va Wednesday.
Miss Julia Leach of Chattanooga is vis
ing friends in this city.
What We May Expect Ilctwren This Time
anil Te-morrow Kveninjj.
the i.Enawrs wkatiikr swxals.
inifteMreiiinei kaiii: Hiic-uain or snewj
With IHatlt aiievk 'twill wahmku ixrew.
ir ittath' iiKNKATii cer.nRu 'twill be;
Unli'SH inarh'H shown unohnnire we II hop.
Mrs. I. F. ClmiiBler of Millcrshurg is
vlsiliug relatives in this county". '
Mrs. Rev. .1. S. Sims and son of Park Park
ersburg arc visiting her father. It. It.
Hen. Jehn l McCartney of Flemings
burg has gnuu te West Virginia en a Hull
ing tour.
W. T. McColleugli and son Corden of
Covington spent n few days here with
relatives this week.
Mnysvllle te Confer With Cincinnati
Quarantine Against the Kast.
Dentil of J. W. Harrow.
J. W. Darrow, n prominent and worthy
citizen of Vanccburg, died at that place
yesterday morning after a somewhat pro
tracted illness.
Mr. Darrow waR the father-in-law of
Deputy County Clerk Jehn C. Level of
this city. , ,; ,
His age was 75 years. His wife and
six children survive him.
Is New Under Consideration By
President Harrison.
It Will Be Aimed at the Grasping
Foreign Steamship Companies.
IST'l'liu nlMivu rerecusts me imiue ler n
purleil of ihlrty-fllx lienrs, cmllinr at H clock
Miss lloswertli of Ilellidiiyshnrg, Pa.,
after a pleasant visit te Miss Anna Fro Fre
zee has gene te Lexington le spend some
time with friends.
Jehn Walsh and two daughters. Misses
Aniili! and Maud, tnuethcr with Mrs. II.
C. Smith leave te-night for Washington
City en the F. F. V.
CltAltl.US A
QAitiiNKii in "Fatl.eiland'
ivO it ff f Df
Children's Paradise "Father-
Swkkt singer Charles
A. Oardner te-
Cii.ni.i:s A. Uakdnkii at Washington
Opera house te-night. Seats at Nelsen's.
Tub Veisailles trots have been post
poned se as net te eenllict with the Mt.
Stei ling Fair.
Tiik Republican majority in Malno is
tilcnlv laiL'e enough, though The JlulUtin
seems le no disappointed.
Mits. Ciunsiei'iiKU ItussKi.r',. notice of
whose illness was printed ihTiikLkihikk
some days age, Is improving slowly.
Amoxe the amendments te the Steph
enson Revenue bill passed by the Senate
was one Imposing a tax en bicycles.
Tin: debts of the Cincinnati capitalists,
Jehn anil Geerge Cailisle, feet up ?I520.
700, while their assets are estimated at
Loek out for n female fraud who is
weihing Central Kentucky towns asknlg
for cenn ibittiens te bury a dead relative,
says The Winchester bun.
Jami:sM. IJyuniss, the well-known pub
luiu.rnf I.f'xiiiL'ten. beruiv cscencd being
shot Sunday night by two policemen who
were sheeting at dogs near his residence.
Kkmi:mi!i:h the address of Mrs. Condict
en Missions this afternoon at four o'clock
at the First Presbyterian Church. The
ladies of all the churches are cordially
invited te be present.
Tin: best preventatives te cholera are
icguleram! moderate diet, thinking wnter
that has been boiled without any sour-
mash or barley in it, steady nerves, cour
age and e cool head.
Sam Davis of this county has received
from Thorntown, Intl., e magnificent
K.niriisli nmstllT and. nun. Sam's smoke
house and hen roost will be e geed place
te ovoid in the future.
Owr.N Wai.kku, colored, took a peach
from the wagon of William Helder,
white, at Richmond, und In the affray
which followed Walker was stabbed
several times and Helder was seriously
In the Court of Appeals, in the case of
Tayler vs. Tayler, from ilrnckcn, peti
tion for lehearfng and petition for modi medi modi
tlcetiou of opinion was tiled, and thirty
cloys given in which te tcspend te peti
tions. Tin- ivnnlii'fl imrtv held a convention
et Newport and nominated William Og
den of Campbell county as a candidate
for Congress In-the Sixth District. A
raiidithttu for Presidential elector was
also nominated.
What are the sweetest llilnirs en earth?
Uim Unit can imiliea rlvul's werth:
A iriiKranl rose that hlileu no thorn;
llluhes et ireltl untouched by scorn.
A happy llttle child asleep;
Kycs that can Binlle though they may weep;
A brother's cheer, u father's praise;
'rim ininiatrnlm-el' summer days.
A heart where onirer never burns;
A Klft that leeks for no returns;
Wreim's overthrown; pain's nwirt release;
Dark loetsti-ps KUliled Inte peace.
The llwht of leve In lever's eyes;
Aire that Is yeitiiiK as well as wise;
A nietlim's kiss, e tinliy's inlrth
These are the sweetest tliliw en earth.
C'ANIMDATK STl'.VKNSON IS in tllC Seillll.
Ciiaui.ks A. Gahi)m:u at the Opera Opera Opera
heuse te-nigliU
Tub Lexington Colored Fair is in
progress tills week.
Fium a llnancial standpoint the Heur-
hen Fair is pronounced e surccss.
Tin: movement of the Grand Army
veterans toward Washington has begun.
Don't forget that Charles A. Gardner
is in liis new play nt the Opera house tonight.
CincAtie railroads ere taking steps te
prevent the transportation of cholera in
fected immigrants into the West.
Gkoiiek Kk.nham.. another participant
in the Kendiill-Jarvis feud, surrendered
et Georgetown. Hut one of the Kendall
heys is new at large.
. l..t... ...lt.In..! jtnlmtri WI1J linlfl
A. llltl Jtillll iuiii;uiii uiu "- -
at Shcphertlsville. Ueprcsentativcs of
the four political parties spoke. A large
crowd was In attendance.
Tin: First National Rank of Middles
borough will be allowed te resume busi
ness upon the paying in of 50 per cent,
cash en the capital stock.
Mer-ringe of .Miss Ida Helle Kumenils te
Mr. Jehn Duley.
A large number of the friends of Mr.
and Mrs. Themas A. Davis niul of the
contracting panics gathered at the home
of the former yesterday afternoon te
witness the marriage of their niece, Miss
Ida Helle Edmonds, te Jehn Duley of the
State National Hank. It was a quiet, un
ostentatious wedding, but was cbarmiug
In its simplicity.
At the first notes of the Wedding March
nlayed by Miss Lida Herry, the bridal
A netki) ciilir. in speaking of Charles
A. Gardner, said, "ter poeliy or action,
gince of movement, Gaitlner has few, if
any, equals en the stage, and in his play,
'Fntheiltiud.' his lifting, singing and
dancing- Is nr excellence."
liTKin'KNAKT 1V.A11Y reports that he
reached the furthest point ever visited by
an explorer en the J.est const of Green
land. He Went ns far is82 degrees North
latitude, at lcust live degrees Nertli of
any pievIoiiHdisceveiies.
Mahtin O'Haiu:. oiie of the most
popular of our city elllclals. announces
himself in this issue or 'I iik Lkdcikii as a
candidate fqr roeleclien le the olllee of
I'ity Cleik, a pest-lie has llllcd honorably
and acceptably In the pest
Tiik U'liled Slates Court at Mobile lias
.,i,i. .mil ii iieei'ciwit' foict'liisure of a merl
gage held by the Fidelity Trust and
Mnfuiv Vault Cemnaiiv of l.oulsville
iieainst tliu Mobile .Street Railway
tem te satisfy a claim of $5U5,8il(I .
Jehn Zirn has sold te Gcerge M, Die
nor his business hoiKe en the Kast side of
Maiktljust above Second, occupied as a
sadtllc-r bhep. for SS.-100, The jireperty
lins a fronlnge of SO J feet and a tlupth of
(1(1 feet. Tills doesn't leek very much
llke Maysvllle prepeily was in the con
V Fmuuinev Pavnk has glven tip the
position of stenegraplier for e bank at
ttnntiniriim mill returned te his old home
at I.cxingttm te nropare himself for the
Ministry. New, Ir he will only give up
the fad of parting ills name In the lulddlti
he will llntl less dllllculty in enteilng thu
Kingdom of Heaven.
pnrty cntereti. ncing preceiieu uv u lum
ber of the voting lady friends of the bride.
Tim double parlors were thrown open
and the looms claikcned and there In the
soft light shed from tlm chandeliers the
words which made the happv pair one
were imprcfsively spoken by Rev. J. h.
Wright, Paster of the M. F. Church.
Seuth. , ,
Following the corcmeny nnd the con
gratulations an elegant luncheon was
served. ... , ,
The bride is a most lovable young lady
who has any number of warm friends
and admirers.
Mr. Dnluv has for many years been
nt thoStnte National Hank, and is nmeng
Maysville's most thriving and popular
young business men.
Mr. and Mrs. Duley left later in the af
ternoon Ter oukesfia, Wis., where they
win i-i.Miiiln fur Kiiinu time. Upen their
return they will he at home at the resi
dence of .Mr. and Mis. W. I.eRue Themas,
wheie they have taken rooms.
Tin: Hist cabin passengers of the Nor Ner
vutnuui nre at lust safely ensconced in the
Surf Hetel nt Fire Island. The injunc
tion granted the cowardly haymen was
Tin: examining trial et Leuis Roberts
for the killing of S. 1). Patterson at
',-,, li, wna held at She llVV 1 0 lllltl
thu piisencr was held le "the grand
Jury without hull.
HiiMKMiiKit. Tiik Iiiukikk prints ''Help
Wnnled," "host," " Fount!," ami similar
notices net of a business character, free
of charge. The only thing we require Is
that the copy be sent In before fl e clock
en day of publication.
Tin: Court of Appeals has refused te
Interfere In the case of Oscar Jenes or
Hnth county, charged with the murder
of Tayler Vice. The Governer' has
signed his death warrant, llxiug the
execution for November -ltli.
Tiik MayHvllle G. A. R. excursionists
1,1 W.iRiilniMnii Cliv will leave here en
the sixth section of Ne, l promptly at
l):!U Saturday night. There will be two
day conches and one sleeper. If the day
coaches are net omple te oceominodato the
party, uxtie ones will be put en at Ports
mouth. Take your grub.
All of the morning papers convey the
long dreaded information that cholera has
at last gained n foothold in New Yerk
City. The news reached this city lest
niglit by dispatches received by the health
authorities. One from Hcnltli Offlcer
Prcndcrgast of' Cincinnati summoned the
authorities here te that city te confer
with that gentleman. Marshal Hcilin
ami Dr. C. C. Owens, City Physician,
went te Cincinnati this morning for that
It is reported te be the Intention of the
Health officials of Cincinnati te mnke
Maysvllle an outpost. Te place efllcers
here who will beard every train coming
from the East te leek for suspects. By
what right Ohie elllclals can establish a
quarantine station in Kentucky remains
te be seen.
Dr. Prcndcrgast says: "1 will place olH elH
ccrs today at Maysvllle, Ky., Lovelorn!,
()., and Dayton. O. Every railroad will
he guarded and evcry pnssenger exam
ined and his baggage disinfected. Ne
immigrants will be allowed in the city
ami the railroads Hint bring them here
will have te take care or thcin after the
outposts have been reached."
If this means that all people coming
West en the C. and O. who nre liable te
have cholera nre te he dumped at this
city, then we pretest.
Would it net be a glorious tiling (for
Cincinnati) if Maysvllle would only act
the part of e Geed Samaritan, and tuke
the burden of cholera upon herself that
Cincinnati might he relieved of the
The Kentucky State Heard of Health
should tnkc the matter in hand and let
these efilcials knew that Cincinnati can't
unload her greasy and pest-ridden immi
grants into Kentucky.
If the Cincinnati people want te co
operate with us and help keep the plague
out of both places all well nnd geed.
But it should be understood that hcie In
Meysviilc, the Maysvllle efllcers will be
The Southern boundary of Ohie is the
Ohie river and there her jurisdiction
The best tiling for everybody te de is
te keep cool anil net get excited; be
careful what you cat and of your habits,
keep yourself and your premises clean
nnd abeve all don't get scared. The
cholera is no worse than many ether
evils that surround us all the time.
When Messrs. Hcilin nnd Owens
return this evening we will knew just
what is going te be done for the protection
of Mnysvllle. All may rest nssured that
the scourge will be kept out or Maysvllle
If possible.
Otllcer Stecktlale, with all the authority
or a Health Oillccr, has been detailed te
meet all traini for the present nnd te
prohibit any ene from getting oil who
lias n suspicions leek.
In Time uf Peace 1'repare fur War.
llnvn vrill ever thought What VOU WOllltl
de in case you, or some one of your fam
ily, was taken with e sevcre attack of
colic, cholera merbus, dysentery or di
arrhcea. In such cases it is net unusual
Ter fatal results te fellow before medicine
can he procured or a physiclonsummencd.
Thcre Is nothing that will glve permanent
relief se quickly as Chamberlain's Celic,
Cholera and Diarrheea Remedy. It never
fails even in the most severe cases cither
for children or adults. Why net keep It
at hand? 23 nnd 50 cent bottles for sale
by Power & Reynolds, Druggists.
The tpwerth League Entertalus.
The pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. I.
M. Lane was thu scene of a very pleas
ant event last Tuesday evening.
On Hint occasion the Kpwertn ucague
of the Third Sticet M. E. Church enter
tained in honor of the League of
Augusta. Rev. D. P. Helt of Vanceburg
was present and gave a very interesting
and instructive talk which greatly en
thused the Leaguers.
Many expressions of thanks and of ap
preciatien were given te the Committee
of Entertainment for the pleasant and
social time that was had by all.
Lessened Demand fur tbe llurie.
It hns already been stated that the elec
tric meter has displaced about thirty
tiimiqiinil horses In one vcar in the street
railway service. In cities where the
electric railway is in genernl use livery
stables arc going out of the business and
private families are giving up the use of
carriages, partially because of the facili
ties of rapid transit anil particularly for
the reason that It is net pleasant te be
passd by the swiftly moving cars, especi
ally when the risk of a runaway must be
considered. If there Is a lessened demand
f..r thr. imrse. which new seems orebable,
tliere will be a less number raised, as he
is of no economic value except ns a
beast of burden. The land new devoted
te his support may be utilized Ter ether
purposes. The competition or the elec
tric with the steam railway is also significant.
A Lady's Ari-umpllnhmeutR.
Leuutille Times. A knowledge
fancy work and the making of pretty
articles rer ornament or use is possessed
by thu majority or women, but rew of
them understand the manufacture of
little, dainty but cheap playthings for
children. Ai tides which cost nothing te
make, and yet furnish a child with se
much amusement. Severnl ladies in tins
city supply themselves with extra pin
money by the sule of rag dells of all
kinds, and these old-fashioned toys are
mero popular with the young folks than
the handsome French dells, purchased In
the toy stores. Mrs, HrecKinridge of
Covington is a perfect genius in this
respect. With a few bits of paper, silks
twl rihlimia. Hit naint. a hammer and a
rutle wooden box she manufactures the
loveliest little dell-houses which arc com
plctc in every tletuil. The liliputinn fur
niture is daintily carved ami upholstered
in silKs ami satins, aim inu uunums
glory of each room is e small baso-biirner
bteve, made of paper and covered with
stove polish. Mrs. Bieckinridgu wishes
te go te the World's Fair and make these
pretty playthings where visitors may see
her at work and order dell-houses of auy
size or price they may wish. Ne child
will be able te resist the temptation te
possess one, nnd the low price at which
they nre sold will enable nearly every
youngster te gratify his or her wish.
Her CunOdenre Was Well Kuumled.
would rather trust that medicine
"Tim Public LederV llig Steam Press
Temporarily "Knocked Out."
than any doctor I knew of,' says airs.
Hattle Masen, of Chilton, Carter county,
Me., in speaking of Chamberlain's Celic.
Cholera nnd Diarrhtva Remedy. This
medicine can always be depended upon,
even in the most severe nnd dangerous
cases, both Ter children and adults. 2")
ami W) cent bottles Ter sale by Power ii
Ilrilliant Nuptials at the Heme of the
llrnle Last Kvening.
Tlie marriage or Miss Fonnle Davis te
Charles Lambert or Cumberland. Mil., at
the home or the brhle's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. M. Davis, at 0 o'clock last evening
was u very brilliant nlTnir.
Many friends and relatives from e dis
tance were present and the filcuds of the
young brlde in tills city were there in
large numhers. , ,
Miss Clnra Davis, a sister of the bride,
nnd Gus White of Cumberland, Mi!.,
were the attendants.
The legal coreinenv was performed by
Judge Themas R. Phlster, and the im
pressive rites of the Jewish Church were
genu through with by Rabbi Charles
Levi of the Plum Street Temple, Cincin
nati. , , ,.
A elegant collation was served by Mar
tin lires., caterers, ei mis cuy.
The bride Is well and fnverahly known
te a large rlrcle or friends In this city.
The groom Is a prominent young busi
ness man of uiimeerianu, ami.
Mr. niul Mrs. Lnmbert left en the 8
o'clock train last night Ter their Eastern
home. t
An Occident, annoying and unavoida
ble, prevented Tiik Lbimiku from making
Its appearance at the usunl time yester
day. The large press upon which the paper
Is printed broke at a very essential point
just nfter we had started te run oil yes
terday's Issue, and it was impossiuie 10
proceed further. Cincinnati and per
bans New Yerk will have te be applied
te for material with which te repair the
shattered machinery, and It will be three
or four days before everything will be
running In the old way again.
Messrs. Resser & McCarthy of The
Bulletin have kindly given us permission
te use their press until ours Is remedied.
While it will be Inte, you can leek for
your paper each day.
We trust that our friends and subscri
bers will have patience with us in our misfortune.
in nrilMi-that our coot! friends of Ihe
JlulUtin may net be incenvenienced tee
much, Tin: Lrimikh will appear about 51
o'clock p. m.,until damages nrc repaired.
lb Will Iterate a Landing te AU VeiieU
IlarlnR en Heard Cholera Infected
IiumlRrantB The One Wr te
Dliclnltna Ship Ceinpnnle.
Washington, Sept 15. At the state
department It is stated that an impor
tant proclamation will issue from that
department seen. In ether official
quarters it is Intimated that the docu
ment will bear upon the cholera ques
tion. Inasmuch as the proclamation or
stntement will issue from the stnte and
net the treasury department, it may
emanate from President Harrison. In
timations were eflicially made that the
president had In mind a proclamation
which would rcfuse a landing te all
ships having en beard cholera Infected
immigrants, and would turn back te
their ports of embarkation the entire
cargoes of human and ether freights.
It has been a serious question In the
minds of the president, the secretory el
the treasury end ether officials, whether
it would be either lawful or just te re
fuse a landing te American citizens
simply because they sailed from ports
infected with cholera or were passen
gers with theso who wcre suffering
from or had died with cholera. And
yet there was another side te this point
at Issue. Te refuse a landing te heal
thy Immigrants simply because they
sailed from Infected ports or wcre with
infected passengers, and at the same
time admit te landing our own citizens
who were equally subjected te the dan
gers of Infection, would net only be a
violation of the spirit of harmonious
international relations, but an insult
te the countries from which the Immi
grants come.
It Is reported that President Harrison
has contended for Bome days that we
should treat our own citizens, under oil
circumstances, upon the same ground
that we treat foreigners, and that we
must turn back the entire shipload, hu
man 'freight and all, and refuse quaran
tine accommodations or landing, that it
was the only effectual" way te discipline
the steamship companies which are dally
disregarding their premises te cease im
migration traffic at infected ports till
cholera has subsided. It is here be
lieved In official circles that the presi
dent has framed his proclamation upon
this subject and that he will either Issue
it Wednesday afternoon or give the
steamship companies another warning1,
which they can net mistake.
There is no deuty that the president
has determined te put an abrupt step
te immigration from Infected ports at
all hazards, and if net by appeals te the
humanity of the steamship compan
ies, then by the enforcement of extreme
powers nt the hand of the chief execu
tive. it is net impossible that the particu
lar statement or proclamation premised
Wednesday afternoon at the depart
ment of state will relate te the Ven
ezuela trouble, and will be intended te
allay fears of serious trouble, and the
president defer his cholera ' proclama
tion for a day or two for that reason.
Te show hew the people of the west
are standing by the president in his
position towards quarantine and the
cholera, letters are coming daily te the
White Heuse from mayors and ether
officials of large cities of the west,
especially affected by the influx of im
migrants. Among these letters arc
documents from the mayors of Detroit,
Teledo, Cleveland and ether Ohie cities
praising the president for his prompt
action, and urging, if possible, mero
stringent enforcement against immi
gration. They ene and all advise a
total suspension or prohibition of immi
gration and ask him te act at once in
the matter. Letters from mayors in far
western towns especially ask for a
temporary restriction of immigration.
At tbe rcqucstef the president, Att'y
Gen. Miller has given the president an
opinion that under the general immi
gration laws the government has full
power te de whatever it pleases with
Immigration, and thus he has full pow
er te turn them back and net allow
them te land.
UUrrhtM lu Kentucky.
" There has been a continuous tendency
te bowel dlsease here this season." says
G. W. Shivell, druggist, Wickllffc, Ky.,
"anil an unusual uemiuui uji u""'u"
lnin's Celic. Cholera and Dlarrhtea
Remedy. 1 have sold four bottles or it
this morning. Seme remarkable cures
have been effected by It and in nil ceses
It hns proved successful." ter sale by
Power & Reynolds.
f..i I., i.ie ,i..iiiiintinn of the comic ele
ment in the German character, which,
with e singular power or observation, he
hascnugiii irem inu. inu "" iw....v iw....v
hnve medu him the universal favorite or
the laughter-loving theater-goers.
Sate Kebbed.
VAi.rAitAise, Ind, Sept 15. Masked
robbers Tuesday night drilled the safe
at the Dulancy Clockworks. The night
watchman was gagged and bound with
ropes, and the safe was broken in a
manner indicating the work of profes
sionals. The plunder consisted of about
?100 In money and many valuable pa
pers. Ne clew te the perpetrators,
1'iiyliiK the Penalty.
i,kw YenK, Sept 15. The steamship
companies are paying a heavy penalty
for their carelessness with their stcorage
passengers. The Hnmburg-American
liner Columbia, lefl Wednesday without
a single passenger, cabin or steerage,
and nlse without a slngle ounce of
freight They carried only ballast
Dereuted Candidate Suicides.
Loudexvili.k, O., Sept 15. Fred
Smith, aged 50, a prominent and well
known citizen, committed suicide Wed
nesday morning by drowning in Black
ford Creek. He was defeated in the re
cent election for justlce of the peace,
which unbalanced his mind te the ex
tent of taking his life.
A Contractor'! Full.
Knexviixk, Tenn., Sept 15. Arthur
Dennelley, a member of the firm of
Conden & Dennelley, contractors, who
are building sewers here, fell from the
fourth story window of the Palace
hotel, Wednesday morning, at 3 o'clock,
receiving Injuries from which he will
Taltnaice Coming Heme.
Livkm'oel, Sept 15. Rev. Dr. Tal
mage and Leuis Klepsch, who visited
Russia te distribute the cargo of the
Christian Herald rollef steamship Lee,'
In the famine province, sailed for New
Yerk Wednesday ou the steamer City of
Paris. . '
" ft .
s? -
i 'l i
bitYt A. Xvfatet.

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