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Fifty People Plunged Down Inte
a Cellar at Columbus.
Thore Was a Display of Fire-Works
in Ohie's Capital.
A rrirtlrtti "of a Sidewalk fllven Way and
Soen the Air I Kent With Piercing
Crip nnil (ireutis Unfnrtu
Hilten llndly Crushed.
Cei.umiius, 0., Sept. 10. Fully 30,000
people, citizens and visitors, gathered
in the stute-house yanl, Thursday
night, te witness the display of fire fire
werlts piven by the beard of trade en
the cast front of the capltel.
When the exhibition was ever a gen
eral rush was made for High street te
take the curs far various parts of the
city. That thoroughfare between
Bread and State streets was seen liter
ally packed with people, surging te and
fro ns the crowd was augmented from
cither side. In the midst of this natural
excitement the crash was heard next te
tlie Nell heuRc. The immediate cause
of the accident was singular as it was
Jnn.s Leach, a crippled boy whose
home w in Plcasantvllle, O., and who
makes a living by entertaining street
crowds by whistling and imitating
birds and fowls, thinking te catch a
few nickels from crowds as they left
the fire works, took up a position in
front of Smythe's book store, in the
Nell block and just south of the Nell
house entrance.
He settled himself en the glass grat
ing near the building, and as seen as
he began his performance the crowd
was attructcd tewurd him. He was im
mediately surrounded by a multitude
of men, women and children. In an in
stant there was n creaking, and then nn
awful crush. The sidewalk ever Iho
extended cellar had given way, and half
a hundred souls wcre dropped eight feet
below', 'A fearful scream went up from a
thousand threats as of ene man, fol
lowed by the groans and screams of
the peer victims. A .black hole twenty
feet long and six feet wide, lllled with
writhing beings, was here, where a mo
ment bofei-o joy and pleasure reigned.
The most vivid imagination can net ex
aggerate the horrors of the scene. The
crowd en the verge of the pit surged
baek, while these in the rear pushed
forward, and for a moment it
seemed that a huge mass of hu
manity was te be piled ene
upon unether until the hole was filled.
Ofllccra in the vicinity made their way
te the scene with dlfllculty. The patrol
wagon was summoned, but it was sev
eral moments before a rope could be
stretched te kcep the crowd from
tumbling in. Then the work of rescue
began. Dozens of willing hands hur
ried through the store, procured lights
and reached the victims from within.
One after the ether the injured wcre
pulled out and carried back Inte the
apartments under the store.
These who wcre last te go down es
caped with slight bruises, but the un
fortunates underneath were cut,crushed
and battered up, many having broken
arms and legs, with ugly cuts from
which bleed flowed profusely. In the
awful heap wcre old and young,
children and women nnd men. Mnny
of the children were but slightly hurt,
and as seen as light came scampered
back Inte the store and tip the stairs
like se many frightened rats.
There were many victims, however,
who could net move, pinned te the
ground and against the wall by huge
pieces of grating. The most seriously
injured was James Leech, the cripple.
His deformed and shriveled legs, almost
useless at best, were both broken, ene
of them in four places, and both arms
badly fractured in four places. Ills face
and head were cut in a dozen places,
and there were ugly bruises all ever his
body. The peer fellow's injuries are
considered fatal. Twe or three ethers
will probably dle from their Injuries.
Cern fur lladge..
Washington, Sept. 10. 11. II. War
ner, treasurer of the Citizens' executive
committee, is in receipt of a letter from
M. E. Irwin, chief of staff of the do de
partment of Iowa, asking te what
charity the department shall donate
thirty bushels of corn. The members
of the Iowa delegation will each wear
an car of corn as a badge in the big
parade, and the fact that thirty bushels
will be useju Indicates the large attend attend
nnce from that state. It will be Iowa
corn, tee, and after the parade will be
sent te the Soldiers' and Sailors' home,
this city.
Anether Chse la New Yerk.
New Yeiik, Sept 10. MnryCennerty,
a 10-year-old girl, who came from Ire
land six months nge, was removed te
the reception hospital Thursday from
the tenement. Ne. 003 Second avenue,
suffering from what has been pro
nounced genuine cholera. The case
was reported te the health department
by Dr. Kane, of Ne. 073 second avenue,
who was called te attended her. In
spector Dillingham, of the beard of
health, declared the patlent had chol
era. Campaign Opened by Goekrnn.
Ami an v, N. Y,, Sept 10. Beurke
Ceck-ran opened the democratic cam
paign In this state at a large meeting
held Thursday night He bald the
Force bill was the main ibsue of the
till Alcer Wed.
Drtheit, Sept 10. One of the society
events of the season was the marriage
Thursday evening of William K. Bailey,
of Seattle, Wash., te Miss Fay Alger, ut
the residence of the bride's father, Gen.
JUih&ell A. A Iger.
Hprliietleld, U Cleaning Up.
SiMUNtiVlKM), O., Sept 10. Te hurry
the cleaning up of the city the sanitary
police force, garbage wagons, etc., were
-doubled Thursday.
Nut Cheleia.
Savlt Stk. Mahik, Mich., Sept 10.
The reported cased of cholera en beard
theLyeu wre uethlug mere serious thun
.typhoid fever.
Succumbs te Heart Disease The Kiul of n
Vnlunlile hire.
Captain James Ilcflln, the head of the
police force In this city, died Inst night
shortly after 1 o'clock at his home en the
comer of Market and Fourth streets.
Ills death was sudden and apparently
without mental or physical suffering.
He had spent the clay in Cincinnati yes
tcitlay where lie had gene te confer with
the Health authorities of that city in
regard te devising menus for the mutual
protection of the two cities against the
cholera. Thus his last day was spent
as had been" the greater portion of his
matured life, looking te the welfare of
the city and the people whom he loved.
He aril veil home en the 8 o'clock train,
spent the test of the evening at the meet
ing of the City Council and at the thea
ter, nnd In conversation with friends and
physicians upon the one subject that was
uppermost in his thoughts that of pre
paration for the evil which threatens the
whole land.
He was rcnlly the chief factor in the
piecniitienary measures te he nuclei taken
and he fully realized the responsibility.
Te day would have found him at the
front with nil his untiring nnd impulsive
He anived at his home about midnight
and immediately letlred. There was noth
ing in Ills leek te cause alarm, hut in prepar
ing for bed he seemed te he almost worn
out and his wife inose te assist hlin. HIb
breathing was unnatural, but this was
attributed te his exhausted condition
caused by the unusual cxeiliens of the
After letiring he seemed te fall asleep
almost immediately. His heavy breath
ng caused his wife te he uneasy nnd It
Anally became se labored that she
attempted te arouse him' This she was
unable te de, and becoming thoroughly
alarmed she called her eldest seu and he
hastily ran for Dr. Owens, a short dis
tance nway. Hy the time Dr. Owens
in rived at the house the gallant Captain
was dead.
His death was caused by heait tumble,
from which he has been a sitlTcicr for
many years. The excitement and worry
of the day Just passed had probably an
injurious elTcct.
In the death of Captain Ilellin Mays
ville sulTcred an irreparable less. This Is
said with no effort te exaggerate, nor in
anticipation of the incapacity of any one
who limy succeed him in an elllcial ca
pacity. Fer the elllcc which he has se long and
solieuniahly filled he bail an especial fit
ness. In the. line of feuding nut crime
and bringing the cilmlnals te Justice he
was eminently .successful. Ills acquaint
mice with the criminal fiateiniiy was
varied and remarkable. Ne police etllccr
In the Ohie Valley was mere fenred or
dreaded by the worst elements of man
kind. While it was as a public elllcer that he
was best and most favorably known he
wns none the lessnppreclnted ns a private
citizen and a friend. Ocncinus and kind
hearted, nnd of a warm, Impulsive nature,
he was ever ready te de n kind net for
any one who would ask the favor. In his
long nnd eventful public, career, he, of
course, became involved in strife and dis
agreements, and like nil ether mortals he
may hnve made mistakes, but in this hour
of death nil friends nnd enemius will, in
ene voice, pay tribute te Ills worth.
James ilellin was born in tills city en
July 4th, 1845, nnd wns therefeiu just n
little ever 17 ycnis of nge. All of his
boyhood wns spent in ids native city.
On the 2d day of February, 1801, he en
listed ns n piivate in Company H.,
Eleventh Kentucky Cnvnlry. On Mnreh
12th of the same year he wns promoted
te he a Sergeant. In June 1605 he wits
trnnsferred te Cempnny K., of the same
regiment. He was distinguished through
nut his whole soivice for his gallantry
nnd heroism. He was a participant in
mnny warm engagements with the enemy
nnd was conspicuous for the bravery
which in all his life wns ene of his most
prominent virtues.
In 1872 he wns elected City Murslinl of
Mnysville. With the exception of four
years, three of which he wns n Deputy
United Stntes Mnrshnt, and the ether en
the polices feicc, hu has held this elllcc.
Thus for sixteen years he lias had prnctl
cnl control of police affairs iu lids city.
In nil that time lie was never known te
waver in ills duty. His imme will always
be held in the city ler which he has done
se much In revciencc mid esteem.
Such is a hiief sketch of his life, be
tween every line of which could he writ
ten n paragraph te his cicdlt.
The funeral will tnke plnce Sunday
afternoon at 2 o'clock from the Third
Street M. K. Church. It will be under
the auspices of Mnysville Commander'
Ne 10, K. T, Deceased wns nlse a
mmnhur of the Knights of Pythias ami of
Jeseph Ileiser Pest, Q. A. II. These
organizations will prehidily talui part In
tlm obsequies.
Frem the Kiidewiiiunt Hank of the K.
of P. his family will rccclve n liberal
by, AtfnSiBS'iiUfi ssswsm
sum. This witli n revenue from ether
reiiiccs will leave ids family comfertnbly
provided for. He knew that the disense
with which he wns nllllctcd would cnuse
his dentil at no distant day, nnd he speke
with pride nnd satisfaction of the fnct
that these whom he loved would net be
penniless when bereft of his support.
His wife survives him and eight
children three sons nnd flve daughters.
All of them live at home except two
married daughters, Mrs. C. T. Brown of
tills city nnd Mrs. Arch Hntcmnn of the
m - t -s- i '
Hen Baii.ew wns shot nnd fatally
wounded by William Allen in Casey
county. A grudge of long standing
occasioned the net.
Hkat.th Ofkickii Oai.t lias completed
his report of tha mortality in Louisville
during the past twelvemonth. The total
number of deaths was I!, US I.
ReiimtT O. Incikhsei.t.'s latest political
cpigiam is: "Cleveland, in my opinion,
is a Jenah, nnd the Democratic whale
will net swallow him this year."
Tiik Judlciniy Committce of the Sen
ate lcperted that the Election bill was
passed legally. The report was made n
special order for next Thtirsdny.
DuitiNci a ball gnmc at Owcnsbore a
hut slipped from the hands of a batter
and struck Cnllie Coency en the head,
fiacturing his skull. lie will probably
Coi.exi:Tj B. I'. Je.NKS, a prominent to
bacco merchant of Covington, fell into
an elevator shaft ut Hrewn's tobacco
warehouse in Cincinnati and was badly
Tut'. Stephenson Revenue bill, hy which
the tav assessment is postponed fiem
September 15th te November leth, has
been signed by the Governer and is new
a law.
Tur. Postelllccs at Norwood, Ivanhoe
and Idlewild. suburbs of Cincinnati, have
been discontinued, and mail will in the
future he delivered by carriers from the
Wnlnut Hills elllce.
Ev-U.NiTi:i)Sr.Ti:s Censul II. Hydkk,
at Copenhagen, has confessed te further
frauds in connection with theadinlnistia theadinlnistia
tien of certain estates entrusted te him
in Ids official capacity.
It appears te he the opinion of the
wisest physicians that no one need fear
cholera who Is cm ef ill as te feed nnd drink,
keeps the person clean nnd lives amid
geed sanitary surroundings.
Tin: State Council of the Catholic
Knights of America met at Owenshoie.
The day was occupied hy a business
session, nnd at night ti banquet was
tendeicd the visitors at the Rudd Heuse.
Jamks and Juki: Paiiki:ii nnd Frank
Smith, the three men who were arrested
at Lexington, charged with horse stealing,
have made a full confession, saying they
stele the heise from a man near Junction
Tun reperts from Chicago concerning
the meeting of the celllu manufacturers
are centllctlng. It is new stated that the
association anticipates u cholera "boom,"
ami the price of celllus is te he raised at
least 10 per cent.
Hk.mk.mhku, Tiik Lkduku prints "Help
Wanted." "Lest," " Found, nnd similar
notices net of a business character, free
of charge, The only thing we reiuire is
that the copy be sent in befeie I) o'clock
en day of publication.
Rev. E. O. Gukmiant, the Presbyte
rian evangelist, has organized a church
with thirty-eight members at Hnzzaid,
the county seat of Perry, and rnised $000
tewnrd building n house of worship.
Hiizzard has never had n church or n
Tiik Ripley ferry question has been
settled for the present. The council has
granted the C. nnd O. until November 1st
te put a suitable beat in the trade. The
railroad owns the ferry right en the Ken
tucky side fera distance of tweiniles.nnd
has this advaiitnge ever the people.
A suit for $5,000 hns been filed by
Miss Nera Tingle at Georgetown against
tlm c, N. U. and T. 1'. Kailiead. Plain
tiff alleges that the train failed te step
for her te get off at the platferm: that
she was carried some distance beyond
and had te walk hack late nt night.
The Mnysville G. A. R. excursionists
te Washington City will leave here en
the sixth section of Ne. 4 premptlv at
0:110 Saturday night. There will be two
day conches nnd ene sleeper. If the day
coaches nre net nmple te accommodate the
party, cxtiu ones will be put en nt Ports
mouth. Take your grille
Washington Opera-house wns ciewded
te the doeis Inst night te see Chnrlcs A.
Gardner nnd his matchless ceiiiimny in
"Fatherland." It wns a select nnil highly
appiechitive audience. Gardner's voice
has lest nene of its sweetness, all of his
songs being received with evident satis
faction. Mr. Gardner is always sure of n
warm welcome in Muysville.
Patents hnve been Issued te Keiituck
inns as follews: Albeit T. Hcmls, Louis
ville, lumber truck; Sebastian Kenz, as
signer of one-half te S. F. Harlan, Louis
ville, machine for wire springs and cou
plings; James McDermett, assigner of
one-fourth te 1). A. Kellar, Louisville,
casing stove-lining; William M. Tayler,
assigner of ene-half te O. L. Searcy,
Wace, vehicle wheel; Hemer T. Wilsen,
Louisville, burglar alarm; Jeseph.!. Mar
tin, Bollevue, and W. II. llrewntlelcl. as as
sigeors of one-third te L. K. Mnrty, New
port, lubricator.
llrr funltclturt Wim Writ Kuuutlril.
"I would rather trust that medicitie
than any doctor I knew of," snys Mrs.
Hnttlu Afasen, of Chilton, Carter county,
Me., in speaking of (Jliiunbei Iain's Celic,
Cholera and OltirrlitiMi Remedy. This
medicitie can always be depended upon,
even In the most severe and dangerous
cases, both for chllclren and adults. 25
nud 50 cent bottles for sale by Power &
Cincinnati te Act in Concert With Our
Lecnl Health Olllcinls.
Theio was a called meeting of the City
Council last night, presided ever hy W.
II. Wadsworth, Jr., the object of which
was te consider measures for the preven
tion of the Introduction of chelera.
It wns stated that Cincinnati hnd tnken
the Initiative, nud Hint Dr. Prcndcrgnst,
Hcnlth Ofllcer of Hint city, was anxieiw
te coepcrato with Mnysville ir nn effort
te stay the march of the pestilence.
Dr. C. C. Owens, City Physicinn, who
had Just returned fiem n conference with
the Cincinnati authorities, briefly out
lined the plan te be adopted Hint Cin
cinnati would furnish, nt her own ex
pense, ns many physicians nnd ns in any
policemen as might be necessnry te n
thorough inspection of all incoming
trains, only asking that Maysvillc furnish
a similar number of each, the entire
corps te be under the direction of the
local authorities.
The ferce operating from tills point is
te meet all C. ami O. trains, at Spring
dale, and all K. C. trains nt n point
snlllciently dlstnnt from the city te allow
a thorough examination of passengers
nnd hnggnge before the trnin reaches the
Il is net intended te mnke n "dumping
ground" of Mnysville; but If nny train
cariics a passenger who is destined for
tliis city and who Is sick witli cholera he
must net be permitted te enter the city,
but must be tnken elT the train nt some
iselntcd point nnd placed in n hospital te
bu provided by the CifV Physician and
the County Heard of Hcnlth, the lntter
repiesenting the Stnte Heard of Health.
If tiny passenger destined for ether
points he sick, It will be the duty of the
health elllcials te isolate him from the
ether passengers en the train and te
notify the efllcers at his point of destina
tion te be prcpnrcd te receive nnd care
for him en his arrival.
Tills system will be adopted along the
entile line of the C. and O. Railroad
between New Yerk nnd Cincinnati,
everywhere the Cincinnati elllcials being
under the direction and subject te the
eiders of the local authorities.
In general, passengers for Cincinnati
and Western points who may be stricken
will be cared for nt Cincinnati, where
ample prevision hns nl ready been made.
If the person he tee sick te proceed
further, the lecnl authorities nre free te
dispose of him ns they think best.
At the meeting Inst night there were
present nearly all the physicians in the
city nnd n goodly number of citizens,
and before flnnl action wns tnken the
matter was pretty fully nnd freely dis
cussed by Dr. J. I. Ilenar, representing
the Cincinnati Heard of Health; Dr. O.
C. Owens, City Physicinn; Drs. Themas
E. Pickett nnd II. K. Adnmsnn of the
County Heard of Health and Dr. Gcerge
M. Phillips. Dr. S. M. Cartmcll of the
County Heard and Dr. J. T. Strode were
present also.
After a discussion by the members of
Council, the City Physician was empow
ered te appoint nn assistant if necessnry,
nnd these, in conjunction witli the County
Heard of Health and the local police,
supplemented by the Cincinnati efllcers,
weie given full power te pievlde hospital
accommodations and te dispose of the
sick persons as the exigencies of the case
might require
As a further precautionary measure,
the City Marshal was Instructed te notify
nil persons thnt garbage and kitchen offal
must be deposited in bnrrels or boxes
nnd te provide enrts for hnuling this te n
beat te be procured for the purpose, that
it might be thrown into the river at a
safe distance from the shore.
Captain O. M. Phlstcr of the fMitranee,
who was prescnt, generously ogrced te
tow this beat te mid-stream free of cost.
This extra nnd gratuitous service en
Captain Phlster's part may disarrange
his ncros8-the-rlvcr trips somewhnt; but
we belleve the people of Abordcen, with
the geed of the citizens en both sides of
the river at heart, will second his efforts
te prcserve the public health.
Ceuncllmen Hnulinnn and Newell
culled attention te the "dumps" en the
Second street extension and near Iluuter'a
mill, and the Marshal premised te leek
after them.
After the adjournment of the Beard,
Marshal Ilcflln made his detail for the
work of inspection, including Ofllcers
Edwin Gecpcr and Lafe Rosier of Cin
cinnati, two very intelligent gentlemen
who are here te assist our authorities,
nnd the examination of nil trains began
this morning nnd will continue ns long as
the danger lnsts.
It is due te the railroad authorities te
say that they nre in full sympathy with
the movement, linving issued nil necessary
orders for the stoppage of trnins wher
ever nnd whenever necessnry te enrry
out the wishes of the officers.
Tun West Union, 0.,Fnir Is In progress
this week.
. m .
A Kansas farmer traded Ills farm for
100,000 cigars.
CeuiiETT is a Republican and Sullivan
is n Democrat.
At Georgetown Colonel Rebert Rankin
died from the effects of a fall.
Frank Fisciieu and Miss Lizzie Rltten
bans weie married at Covington.
Ress Skaoes. the Kentucky giant,
joined Sells Ilres.' show at Paris.
The C. and O. is double-tracking nil
of its lines through the mountains.
Jim Smaiit, an assistant brakeman en
the K. C, had his feet cut oil at Coving
ton. .Iamf.s Youne was attacked and se
riously stabbed by two unknown men at
Five members of the Dnlten gang of
train robbers have been captured at Dent
ing, N. M.
Tiik Lexington Convocation of the
Episcopal Church will meet at Ashland,
September 28tL
A. T. TnuMne and Mary Robertsen, a
colored couple, were granted n marriage
license yesterday.
The Sixtli Ward Scheel will open next
Monday. Children can nttend with no
danger from diphtheria.
The Democrats of Newport have nomi
nated William Henglebrek for Mayer and
.1. II. Smith for Treasurer.
Tiir National Convention of the Asso
ciated Keelcy Bichleride of Geld Clubs
Is in session at Dwight, III.
Tun National Burial Association is in
session at Chicago. The meeting is net
te prepare for n cholera visitation.
At Covington Frank Weicliman wns
run ever by an electric car, receiving
injuries from which he died in u few
At Enterprise the two-year-old child
of Lewis Withrow was scalded te death
by overturning a kettle of boiling wntcr
en herself.
Tun Viinceburg Sun pioneunccs that
town a premising field for a whisky-euro
establishment, and hopes one will be lo
cated there.
Jehn F. Siieri.ru & Ce. of German
town have secured the booths and ether
privileges during the coming fair at thnt
Diana's stntue will be placed upon the
Agricultural Building of the World's
Fair, notwithstanding the pretesls of the
W. ('. T. U.
Iu Thur uri'Mce I'rr pare for War.
Have you ever thought whnt you would
de in case you, or some one of your fam
ily, was taken with n sovere nttnek of
colic, chelcrn merbus, dyscntciy or di
arihica. hi such cases It is net unusual
for fatal results te fellow before medicine
can lie procured erttpuysician summoned.
There is nothing that will give permanent
relief se quickly as Clinmberliiin'.s Celic,
Cholera and Diarrhivn Remedy. It never
fails even in the most severe cases cither
for children or adults. Why net kcep it
at hand? 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale
by Power & Reynolds, Druggists.
' Swuru In as an Attorney.
James Rebert Spurgcen, colored, n
practicing attorney ei Connecticut, en
motion of L. W. Galbraith, wns Kwern
in ns a member of the Masen bur yester
day by Judge Themas R. Phister.
.Mr. Spurgcen is a nntlve of Richmond.
Vn and is n graduate of the Hampton
Nermal and Acriciiltiiral Cell ego and was
a member of the class of '02 at the Yale.
Law Scheel where he graduated witli n
high rank in May hist. He was noted at
the law school as an orator and an excep
tional scholar. He wns also a member of
the famous Kent Club of Yule, being the
only colored man connected with thnt or er or
gnnizntien. He will locate in Mnysville for the
practice of his chosen profession.
, At The Theater.
"The Nabobs" have every reason te
feel proud of the large and enthusiastic
audience which greeted them last eve
ning. A great mnny changes for the bet
ter have been innile since " The Nnbebs"
appeared here last season, nnd theso who'
saw this ilne musical extravaganza then
rroneunced it one of the best of its kind,
f there wns n dull moment during last
night's performance, it was net percept!
bio. Thore Is mero absurdity and laugh
ing situations in "The Nnbebs" this sea
son than Its former admirers nnd patrons
thought it possible te accomplish. Il is
all there, and only the eyewitness can
fully appreciate Ilenshaw, Miss Ten
Brecck nnd their oxcellcut company of
fun innkers. Miss 1 en Brecck was wen
dcrftilly clcver, as she always is, and was
a great favorite. Handseme Jehn Hen
slmw Is perhnps without an equal In his
line of comedy. Atlanta (On.) GeMlitu.
Tiik Nnbebs will appear nt the Wash
liigtnn Opera-house en Tuesday, Septem
ber 20th.
Arrival of the Bohemia in, a Very;
Bad Condition.
Her Coming Dreaded as Much as Hei
Sister Ship, the Scandia.
Eleven Drntlm nn the VeyaRrt Jletween
llninlmrc nnil New Yerk She Had
OH1 Strrrape I'amcncerJ Frem
I'rst Impeded Jtef-lens.
New Yeiik, Sept 10. Thursday night
unether plague ship arrived in pert
with Its story of disease and death en
the voyage.
Eleven mero victims add te the long
list of these who have died of cholera
between Hamburg and New Yerk.
This is the story of the steamship
Bohemia, which reached New Yerk
Thursday night and anchored In the
lower quarantine.
Her coming has been dreaded as much
as the coming of her sister ship and
hlstcr death house, the Scandia. She
left Hamburg at the time when the pest
was at Its worst, and her 081 steerage
passengers, gathered from the Infected
regions of Germany and Russia, were
confidently expected te bring the chol
era with them, and these expectations
wcre realized.
"We hnve had eleven deaths en
beard," said the captain. "They were
nil of little children. There Is no sick
ness en beard at present The last
death was flve days age. Nobody has
been ill en beard since then."
"Hew long after you left pert did the
first death occur ?"
"About the fourth day. The chil
dren were very young. The eldest was
between four and five years. They
were all in the steerage. Ne adult pas
sengers have died or been sick."
And thus another chapter is added, te
the sorrowful tale from down the Hay,
Here is the situation in a nutshell as It
ib Thursday night:
One new case of cholera and some sus
pected ones. That is the city's story.
A sewing woman hurried away te the
Reception hospital, the first patient te
be sent there; a dozen cases under sus
picion, mere or less serious; four suspic
ious cases reported in Brooklyn, which
later were declared te be only cholera
merbus; suspicious cases reported here
and there, but with small foundation In
fact, and a new pest ship in the lower
The Weather.
Wamiivotex, Sept 10. Fer Ohio Ohie
Fair, slightly warmer, except at lake
stations; west te north winds.
Fer Tennessee and Kentucky Fair,
slightly warmer; west te northerly
Fer West Virginia and Western Penn
sylvani Fair, slightly warmer, except
in northern portion of western Penn
sylvania; west winds.
Fer Indiana and Illinois Fnir.sllght
ly warmer in southern Indiana and
s ightly cooler in western and central
Illinois; north winds.
I'lrnt Dentil In llrneklyn.
New Yeiik, Sept 10. The first case
of death from suspected cholera oc
curred in Brooklyn Thursday, P.Tescpha
Malccka, 21 years old, of 520 State
street, was taken 111 Wednesday. At
night she passed into a state of col cel
lnpse, Thursday she vomited, and when
a physician was called she was dead.
The girl had eaten heartily of green
corn and tomatoes, and the jjase was
put clown jte cholera merbus. A bac bac bac
tcriolegic examination is being made.
The girl arrived from Poland in Jan
uary. -teiiftutlnnul Ke'iert In llnltlmerc.
Bai.timeiie, Sept 10. The sensational
rumor that a girl had died of cholera in
this city wns circulated Thursday after
noon. Miss Mamie Mcncklc, a Russian,
who arrived from Hamburg eleven days
age, died at 1151 East Lembard street
last Monday night Twe physicians at
tended her, and one of them insists that
her death was due te cholera. The
ether asserts that nephritic colic was
the cause. Health Commissioner Me
Shane is iavestigating the matter.
(iiiinei l'layed Thursday.
J Cincinnati 7 J Hosten 4
Ilroeldjn 4 (Chicago 1
j Hnltlmore 10 J 'Hosten 10
tClmcland 5 (Chicago 5
JCleelsnd 5 J Pittsburgh 0
i llaltlmore 5 ( Philadelphia 4
J New Yerk II I Waihtngten 0
1 LeulsWlle 3 1 St, LeuU S
Second game
League Standing.
Cleveland 37
Hosten 33
Pittsburgh 31
Cincinnati S7
Uroeklyn 7
Chicago -6
New Yerk S6
Philadelphia M
I.ouisille 21
Uultlmore SI
Washington t)
St. LeuU ID
Lest. Per C
16 .098
!0 .033
St .690
SS .519
Sd .509
M 00
27 .490
SS .481
9 .420
34 .370
35 .351
Christened ami Killed.
Piui.irsnuiie, Pa., Sept 10. At the
christening of a Hungarian babe near
Morrisdale, whisky was free as water,
One of the drunken Huns, while walking
about the room stumbled and fell en
the child, instantly crushing the life out
of it.
Sjinpathy for President Harrison.
Omaha, Neb., Sept 10. The United
States Military Telegraph corps,
at its meeting Thursday, adopted a
resolution of sympathy with President
.Harrison In the Illness of his wlfe, and
praying for her speedy restoration te
(ilnss Works Shut Down.
Gnr.ENsnune, Pa., Sept 10. The
Orcensburg glass works, owned by
Kuhn Bres., shut down for an Indefinite
period Thursday morning, thereby
throwing three hundred men and boys
nut of employment The works are
new nailed up.
Mrs. Harrison's Condition.
Loen Lake, N. Ym Sept 10. An in
quiry at the president's cottage at 11
o'clock Thursday night was met' with
the rcsponse that Mrs. Harrison was
about the same as at the last report,
and that the rest of the family had re
tired for the night
.-. ftrsi -

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