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New Yorkers Net Panicy Over
the Cholera in Their Midst.
The Element '! Cm lilonce in the Con Cen
jStltutcd, Authorities is Present.
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,Tlie Ii'ctlviilnnt U Mttilciiieiitlni; the Odl
' clut l.ilnri In I'IuIiiIiir II"' I'liiRtie
' Frent Are Near and Cholera .Muit
le I'eur ( mtM en tliu Itehi'inla.
New Yehk, Sept 17. Tlie metropolis
awoke Friday morning te a cloudless
sky and a crisp, windy atmosphere.
Theso weather conditions while cholera
is near become dally an clement in the
news Munitien.
Frest l.'i net far away. The days are
already havim' chills by night and fo
yers aj noontide. The crisp air also
braces and ' brightens the population
against fright or that nervous appre
hension thnt in its results invites
the approach of any disorder. There
has net as yet in any locality of the
city been reported uny symptoms of
hysterical panic Kvcn neighbors te
these who have been stricken are com
placent and nct'tpt the situation philo phile philo
Bephlcally, If net even carelessly. The
olement of confidence in constituted au
thority is present. Daily theso who
read the j rints arc learning hew firmly
and closely the various municipal ofll efll
;cials are .co-operating. The street
cleaning department is quick
ened in its efforts, and the
people ebserve the results daily in
the renewed and mere careful scouring
of the streets. Lewer portions of the
dty are being attended te in a manner
jse thorough as te be a novelty te the
;dwellers thereabouts. The odor of dis
infectants Is upon the air. The pun
gent cleanly smell of chlorides comes
from unexpected localities. The indi
vidual is supplementing the official ef
fort, and in homes, elllces and business
places generally precautionary measures
are evident Shoulder td shoulder with
the health beard stand the police, with
IByrncs iin the forefront. Docter and
policeman for the time being arc
brothers. They travel in pairs and
groups. The hospital authorities have
lit 'open their armor of hide-bound
apathy and are alert and co-operative.
jThe coroners, tee, tire grimly active or
ready for activity. All vacations In the
beard arc this morning declared off,
and the entire stalT will wait in con
stant readiness for prompt action If un
happily they are needed.
Tlie funds for protection are daily
piling, up, and people who rend the
morning papers are reassured. In one
fund, that of the chamber of commerce,
Is the sum of $150,000 ever 1 03, 000 of the
total having come in Thursday.
The peer who read feel their anxiety
lessened. The rich, they see, ure ulcrt
with their means and this counts for
geed te the peer mere than te the
wealthy. It is an clement of strength
In the. situation. Then behind all
local effort is the proved strength
of the state and its blunt and
homespun executive. He has said he
"don't care for votes lest or wen by any
action he may take in a case like the
present cholera trouble." The people
all have rcad'ef this, they knew what
he has dene and they feel mera than
ever reassured.
Dr. llyren visited the Bohemia at
quarantine. He reports that there
were li deaths at sea, and that four
cases were removed te Swinburne
Island Friday morning. He reports
that these who died en beard the vessel
died of gastre-intestinal trouble.
Anxiety About the Sanitary Condition
of the White Let, Headquarter Ter tlie
O. A. II.
Washington, Sept 17. The cholera
visitation te New Yerk city has made a
stir in a geed many places. Washing
ton, which is reported te be in geed
sanitary condition, has been serene,
and is se still; but there is a
vigilant eye out Secretary Charles
Fester sent for Commissioner
Douglass Thursday and had a talk with
him en the cholera subject The sec
retary's special anxiety was about the
sanitary condition of the While Let,
where there are temporary sleeping
quarters for about 115,000 G. A. It men.
The commissioners report that every
thing Is in geed condition, and ninple ar
rangements will be made for the care of
these who may be sick from any cause.
The question .of instituting a medical
inspectionjef passengers arriving from
New Yerk Is under serious consider
ation, but the authorities are cautious
and deliberative en the subject en ac
count of the complications which would
arise in the rush of Grand Army vis
itor A Chilli Murilereit Arretted.
Londen, Sept 17. A wholesale sys
tem of child murder was uncovered here
Friday. In the house of Mary Anu Hall
the police found a trunk in which were
the remains, of several bodies. Lltne
and chemlcale sutllcicnt for the disposal
of hundreds of bodies were found.
Mary Ann, who Is a midwife, was ar
rested while throwing the body of an
lufant Inte the river.
, AViti Cauada te Vete en Thern.
Tote.nto. Ont. Sept 17. Tlie De
minion trades congress in session here,
has decided te petition the Dominion
government te submit te the peeple of
Candada for decision by popular vote
the questions of the retention of the
wleuial status, imperial federation, in
dependence and annexation.
Kx-Gev. WiUU DeaiL
MeNTGOjipitVi Ala., Sept 17. Ex Ex Ex
aov!,TheBn.' WatU, died suddenly at
hid home, Friday morning. He was en
the strceta Thursday. He was attorney
'general in the confederate cabinet and
was governor of Alabama during the
civil war. (
tMfgti Hhlniiient of HcaUkln. .
ViOTeniA, B. C, Sept 17. A large,
ihlpment of sealskins' left here for Lou Leu Lou
Jen by the Canadian Pacific, valued at.
I'JOO.000, and filled six lurge cars. The
iklns will be ettered for uale at the Leu-l
Jeb 'full ule.; ' '
iiA i-if j-'ftg-u-
"Wl-l-'i- 'I'l'l-II. ff.WWi'.IL'.
personal ffl pints
t.X7 i;nii hurt frlf nth vhltlug l". '' ' 1"
air unliiu menu en it vMt, ilcnr. ilreji unit nett
tiitluit I'jaf.
Miss Leuie Brucr Is viMting friends In
.1. It. Stevens of Qiiincy was in Mays Mays
vllle yesterday.
W. E. Seaman of , Uilull, Knnsns, .is
visiting relatives in this city.
Mls9 Jennie Weed Is visiting Misses
Alice and Mattie Ferinan near Washing
ton. William II. Cox and wife and
Robinson mid wife returned hist
from an extended trip In the West.
E. A.
Mrs. Mary A. Burgess ami daughteis
of Richmond, Va.. have returned home
after ."pending thu summer with Dr. and
Mrs. Smith of Dever.
Miss Emma Eitel and Miss Nnnnie
Wells after a pleasant visit te Levi Celliurn
have relumed te their home In Morun Merun
burg. l'AL'i. Lansimi, a pieinliiciitrfnriiu'r of
Mercer county, and Miss May Vlley
Jenes were married nt Louisville.
Tuint.K soup free Monday at Jacob
Linn's, Market street next deer te Wells
it Higguis's livery stable. Everybody in
vited. At a meeting of the Police Committee
of the City Council last night, W. A.
Stnckdnle was appointed Chief of Police
for the time being.
J. 1). Hemmans of Maysville wrote
several insurance policies for the Equita
hie Life Insiiriuire Company here this
week. Vuneebitry Sun.
Tin-: ICeeley Lenguu is thu new name
ndeptcd hv the Bichleride of Geld Clubs.
The third annual meeting will beheld at
Cincinnati en the Second Tuesday of
September, 18!W.
l)it. It. M- Skinnkii of Fleiningshiirg
will wed Miss Lizzie Dudley also qf that
city 011 the 29th of thu present month.
Dr. Skinner is a son of .Mr. and Mrs. It.
M. Skinner efjh's city.
Tiik topics for te-morrow at the Chris
tian Church will be: Morning. "Hew
shall the Church deal with her delin
quents?" Evening, " Plagues and
Planets," ltev. xvi, 1.
Tiik double Republican Convention at
Ashland next Thursday will hn one of
the biggest political events that has taken
pjace In this part of Kentucky for many a
year. Quite a number will he en hand
from tills county.
Tiik marriaire of Edwin M. McDonald
and Miss IdaColuerd llroeko is announced
te take place en September 2Stli tit Both Beth
anylChtirch, Springdale. The bride-te-be
is a sister of Elder and Mrs. T. P. Deg
miui of that place.
Rkmkmiikh, Tiik Lf.dqkh prints "Help
Wanted," "Lest,"?' Found." and similar
notices net of a business character, free
of c in rye,
The only thing we require I
y be sent in befeie !l n'clee
that the ceny
en dny of publication
Tub cholera scare is proving a geed
tiling for the landlords of English pleas
ure leserts, and they are having fat
pickings out of Atncricnn tourists who
de net care te cress thu Atlantic nud face
New Yerk's quarantine regulations.
t, P. W. Baurk is announced in this
Jssue as a candidate for the office of City
"Assessor. Mr. Bauer is sober ami in
dustrious and in every way capable of
iniking a first-class officer. He is at
prcsenl engaged in the job printing
C. C. Casti.f.man, a stone cutter of
Glcncec, employed en thu L. and N.
Ralliead near tills city, fell from a bridge
pier seventeen feet high and sustained
sufficient Injuries te render HI in un
conscious for quite a while. His wounds
are sci leus, hut net considered dangerous.
' Tiik Maysville Q. A. It. excursionists
te Washington City will leave here en
the sixth section of Ne. 4 promptly nt
9:1)0 Saturday night. There. will be two
day conches and ene sleeper. If the day
coaches are net ample te accommodate the
party. e.tra ones will be put en at Ports
mouth. Take your grub.
Mas. JuUaL. Nklsen, widow of Rob Reb
ert M. Ndlsen, has keen granted a pen
sion at the rate of $8 per month trem
April Kith, 1891. Alse ene has been
granted te Alfred.1 Hicks of Klnnairnt
the rate of $8 per month from Fehrunry
17th. 1892. M. C. Hutchlns was the at
torney in betli cases.
Tin: Christian Endeavor Societies of
the Central Presbyterian Church, Chris
tian Church, First Presbyterian Church
and the M. E. Church, Seuth, will meet
in n Union service en the first Sunday
night in October at the Central Presby
terian Church. Everybody is invited te
attend this meeting, as it will he of vast
interest te alt interested in ciiurcu worn.
ANeriiKUspur te the C. nud O. Is te be
built, this one te leave the main stem be
tween Qulncy and Stenu City te peno pene peno
trate the tire clay and iron oie fields In
tiie Kenten furnace region, Jehn
Overturf is at the head of n company of
capitalists who will Immediately prose
cute the enterprise. The minerals mid
timber of Lewis and Greenup counties
nre attracting tlie nttmitieu of capital.
EvKtty woman will be encouraged, says
The (iOiirur-Jeuriuil, by the fact that a
woman in Louisville, en looking under
tiie bed, discovered a man. The sex lias
been scoffed at tee long because of tills
highly necessary precaution of looking
under the bed. A woman may leek
uvcry night of her life without finding a
masculine intruder below thu matrcss,
but some woman somewhere will
find him, we may rest assured. Let
every member of thu feminine sex re
selve iiet te relax her vigilante;
ma vavihttt
What We May Kxpeet Between This Time
anil Te-morrow Evening.
HViMc streamer faiii: Jiliir uain or snew:
Willi IllncK aiievk 'twill WAiiMKit irrew.
If Wrick' IIKNKATII COMIKIt 'twill bes
Unless lur.-' shown no cliamre we'll cee.
JWThn above Inreensta tire mnde lift- a
period of llilrly-slx hours, ending at 8 o'clock
te-morrow evt'iiliur.
lie wnssweltcrlnir In tlie city,
Whlle alie traveled by tlie shore.
Ami slie wrote lilni Invlnjr letters
Thcv were munctliliiK like a score,
And sliu tedd him e'er and ever
Tlitil slie thought It Just a tOmmc,
That lie waited In lliuelty
Hut he answered her demurely.
That lioeeuliln't leave tlie town;
He whs overrun with biislnesi
(Hi I iheilcar, ihiveleil clown!
lint se Ieiik us she was lumpy.
And tlie children were tint same,
Wliv. he'd swelter In llie city
(Hit the mernlni; broke In sheweis.
And the air was sharp mid chill,
And vacation's knell uim iIiikIiik
In tlieKlen ami en tin lilll.
And sliu tlieiiKlit she'd Just surprise him,
Hid this teiiiter-henrted iliiine.
Where he labored Innir and lonely,
And she hurried from the seatheie.
lly tlie h litest I in In that rati,
Te her home within Hie city.
Te surprise this lonely num.
lly the llirlit from out tlie window
On tint deer she rend tlie nuine
In slie stepped, and elil se Miltly
And oil I she did surprise hliu.
Where he reveled In the nlKlit,
Willi a poker deck belere lilni,
And a bottle en the rlKht,
And his wicked cronies 'round him
Ami the eliiindullers ulliime
And 'twiis warm cneimh lie I emul It
i i --
M. K. Hazi.ktt lias been appointed
Postmaster at Garner, Boyd county.
Themas Bai.i.aiiu, a sign painter of
Lexington, was found dead en the streets.
musical extravaganza, "The Na
ut the Opera-house next Tuesday
Dn. J. I.
Kidii, the well known vet-
surgeon of Lexington tiled of
liright s disease.
Maysvii.i.f. was represented at the West
Union Fair yesterday by Wilsen Hill nnd
J. Barbour ltussell.
Meiik divorces are said te be granted
in the United Stntes than in nil the rest
of the Christian world.
Tiik attorneys of the C. and O. have
taken their case in regard te the Ports
mouth furry te the Court (f AppeaR
Hknshaw and Ten Brecck are first
class artists. "Tlie Nabobs" is full of
geed, catchy music which never fails te
captivate an audience.
Thf. City of Lexington is paying eh
her indebtedness, including salaries of
her policemen, who have received no
pay for several months.
Building mnterinl dealers will make
an exhibit at the World's Fair. They
will nlse held an International Con
gress for the discussion of mnttcrs of
interest te the building trade.
Arknnsas will exhibit at the World's
Fuir n relief map of tbe slate, showing all
elevations, depressions, lakes, swamps,
coal and stene areas, arable lauds, wheat,
com nnd cotton regions,- timber nnd
prairie lands, etc.
DUrrhira In Kentucky.
"There has been a continuous tendency
te bowel disease here this season," says
Q. W. Bhivell, druggist, Wicklifie. Ky..
" and mi unusual demand for Chamber
Iain's Celic. Cholera nnd Diarrhcea
Remedy. I have sold four bottles of it
this morning. Seme remarkable cures
have been effected by it and in nil cases
it has proved successful." Fer sale by
Pewer Reynolds.
da the Aim.
Thu inspection of the passengers nnd
baggage en Westbound C. mid U, trains
iias begun In earnest.
Every train is new met nt either
Portsmouth or Ashland by a detachment
of Cincinnati nud Maysville physicians
and officers and Is thoroughly examined.
Ne suspicious cases were en beard Ne.
1 this morning. Dr. Pearce and Ultlcers
Rcsslcr ami Mmigau will meet Ne. 3 at
Portsmouth this aftornoen and Dr. Beunr
and Olllcers Crawford mid Gelilmrt will
meet Ne. 1 nt an early hour In the
Thu reports from the cholera in tlie
East nre net alarming, but there will be
no relaxation in the precaution.
One Who Obeys These Instructions
Need Have Any Fear of Cholera.
Officb City Physician. I
Mavsviu.r, September 17th, 1893. f
new oaueht.
Healthy persons "catch" cholera by
taking into their systems through the
mouth, as in their feed or drink, or from
their hands, knives, forks, plates, tum
blers, clothing, &c, the germs of the dis'
ease, which nre always present In the dis
charges from the stomach and bowels of
theso sick witli cholera.
Thorough cooking destroys the cholera
germs; therefore don't eat raw, uncooked
articles of any kind, net even milk.
Don't cat or drink te excess. Use plain,
wholesome, dicestlblc feed, as indiges
tien and diarrheea favor an attnek of
Don't drink unbeiled water.
Don't cat or drink articles unless they
have been thoroughly and recently cooked
or boiled, nnd the mere recent and hotter
they are the safer.
Don't employ utensils in eating or
drinking unless they have been recently
put In boiling water; tlie mere recent
the safer.
Don't ent or handle feed or drink with
unwashed hands, or receive it from the
unwashed bunds of ethers.
Don't use the hands for any purpose
when soiled with cholera discharges;
thoroughly cleanse them nt once.
Personal cleanliness, and cleanliness
of the living and sleeping rooms and their
contents, nnd thorough ventilatien should
be ngiuly enforced, foul water-ciescis.
sinks, faucets, cellars, fcc, should be
avoided, and when present should be
referred te the Health Beard at once and
MF.ST. The successful treatment and the pre
ventien of the spread of this disease
demand thnt Its earliest manifestations be
promptly recognized anil treated; there
fore don't doctor yourself for bowel com
plaint, but go te bed and send for the
nearest physician ut once. Send for your
family physician.
Don't wnit. but nend at once.
If taken ill in the street, seek tlie near
est drugstore, and demand prompt medi
cal attention.
Don't permit vomit or diarrlianl dis
charges te come In contact witli feed,
drink or clothing. Tliese discharges
should be received in proper vessels ami
kept covered until removed under compe
tent directions. Pour boiling water en
them, put n strong solution of carbolic
acid in them (net less than one part of
acid te twenty of het soap suds or water.)
Don't wear, handle or use any nrticles
of clothing or furniture that ure soiled
with cholera discharges. Pour boiling
water en them or put them into it,
and scrub them with the carbolic
acid solution mentioned above, and
promptly request the Health Beard te re
move them.
Don't be frightened, but de be cautious
and avoid excesses and unnecessary ex ex ex
posuicsef every kind.( World.)
Ci.kex C. 0-wf.ns, M. D., for city.
C. T. Pcarcc, Assistant.
llr Cunfldciii-e Was Well Pounded.
"I would rather trust thnt medicine
than any tloctet I knew of," says Mrs.
Hnttie Masen, of Chilton. Carter county,
Me., in speaking of Chnmberlaln's Celic,
Cholera and Diarrha-a Remedy. This
medicine can always be depended upon,
even in tlie most severe and dangerous
cases, both for children nnd adults. 2.1)
and 00 cent bottles for salu by Power &
i . m '
At The Theater.
" The Nabobs" have every reason te
feel proud of the large and enthusiastic
audience which greeted them last eve
ning. A great many changes for tlie bet
ter have been made since " The Nabobs"
appeared here last season, nnd theso who
saw tills tine nuisicnl extravaganza thou
pronounced it one of the best of Its kind.
If there was a dull moment during last
night's performance, it was net percepti
ble. There is moie absurdity and laugh
ing situations in "The Nnbebs" this sea
son than its former admirers and patrons
thought it possible te accomplish. It is
nil there, and only the eyewitness can
fully appreciate Henshaw, Miss Ten
Breeck and their excellent company of
fun makers. Miss Ten Brecck was won
derfully clever, as she always is, and was
a great favorite. Handsome Jehn Hen
shaw Is perhaps without an equal in his
line or comedy. AUnnUt (Ga.) Constitu
tion. Tiik Nabobs will appear at tlie Wash
ington Opera-house en Tuesday, Septem
ber 20th.
Any ene deslriug a copy of the new
Kentucky election law can get same at
this office.
Tiik. Bourbon Safety Vault nnd Trust
Company has quit business en account of
excessive taxation.
i - -
A thiai. of speed between English and
American locomotives will be an in
teresting and novel feature of tlie World's
An enterprising manager of a baseball
club in Teledo, O.. hns determined te
give the citizens of that town baseball by
olectrle light.
Tiik Sixth Kentucky Cavalry held a
reunion nt Somerset. Over 500 old sol
diers wero present, nnd a number of
speeches wero mnde.
It has only been ciglity-yenrs since the
first tomatoes were introduced into
America. The original plant was culti
vated us a vogetabie couriesity at Salem,
If the atmosplierlo pressure is feurteen
pounds te the square inch as usually
reckoned, the man of uvornge slze is con
stantly subjected te n pressure of 28,000
Dit. Hammend of Washington has col
lected seventy eases which fnive occurred
in that city during tlie last ten years of
men dying suddenly from runnlug Jitter
street cars.
It. It. K. I'.
Members of Maysville Division Ne. 0,
U. R. K. P., will meet at Castle Hall to
morrow afternoon at 1 o'clock te attend
the funeral of Captain Heflin.
J. Wksi.RY Li?k, S. K. C.
Jehn L. Chamberlain, Recorder.
. '
Members of Limestone Ledge, Ne. !10,
K. of P., arc requested te meet at Castle
Hall te-morrow afternoon at 1 o'clock te
attend the funeral of Captain James
Hetlin. All visiting brethren arc cordi
ally invited te nttcrid.
I). P. Out. Acting C. C.
Jehn L. Chamberlain, K. of it. S.
Te the 1'ubllr.
Office City Physician, )
Ne. 4 West Third street, j"
The public is informed by this netice
that a sanitary inspection of every resi
dence and property within the city of
Mnvsville will becin at once.
Any cemplnints et nuisances must, ue
made te the City Physician in writing.
Ne attention will he paid te anonymous
communications. Ci.f.en C. Owkns,
City Physician.
Captain llellln's Funeral.
Jeseph Heiser Pest, G. A. It., will at
tend the funeral of the late Captain
Heflin in a body and will also take part in
the parade. All old soldiers whether
of the G. A. It. or net nre cordially in
vited te participate. Alse the S. of V.
The arrangements as published in yes
terday's Lkdhkh that the obsequies would
be under the direction of the Knights
Tenipiars have been nlicred. The Iv. of
P. will iiave charge.
Members of the Washington Fire Com
pany will meet te-night te tnke action In
regard te the funeral.
In Time uf Peai-r 1'iepare fur War.
Have you ever thought what you would
de In case you, or seme one of your fnm
lly. was taken with a severe attack of
colic, cholera merbus, dysentery or di
nriiiien. In such cases it Is net unusual
for fatal results te fellow before medicine
can be piecured or a physician summoned.
There is nothing thnt will give permanent
relief se quickly as Chaniberlain's Celic,
Cholera nnd Diarrha-a Remedy. It never
falls even in the most severe cases either
for children or adults. Why net keep it
at hand? 25 nnd 50 cent bottles for sale
by Power & Reynolds, Druggists.
An Invitatluu.
Limestone Ledge Ne. 'M, K. of P., of
which he was a charter member nnd
who will have charge of the burial of
Captain James llellin extend cordial in
vitntldns te the following named secleities
and organizations te participate in the
Maysville Ceininandery Ne. ttk K. T.
Confidence Ledge Ne. .r2, F. nnd A. M.
Masen Ledge Ne. IM2. F. and A. M.
Jeseph Heiser Pest, G. A. It.
M. 0. Hutchlns Cnmp. S. of V.
Neptune, Amazen and Washington
Fire Companies.
J. Wnst.F.y Lnn. P. C.
T. It. PmsTKit. V. C
I). P. Out. C. ('.
I'uder llieltu.ikcr' t'entr I,
It is new said that tlie controlling in
terest in the Latonia Jockey Club is held
by the Applcgates, well-known book
makers of Lexington and Louisville.
When the sale of Judge Perkins's stock,
which controlled, was erlginnlly reported
Secretary Hepper promptly denied tlie
rumor that it had gene te the owners of
Garfield Park, Chicago, but admitted that
the track had passed into the hands of a
syndicate of Kentuckitms. This latter is
reported tolnclude the Applegatc and the
" Suburban" or Enright Poolroom Com
pany, and ether horsemen who held, it is
said, a franchise for a rncecourse in Ken
ten, and nn option en a tract of land near
Latonia, both of which were used as
leverage in the acquirement of tlie con
trol of Latonia.
.Thexe Marriages.
Huntington Herald. There is some
speculation among the expectant public
ns te who will till the vacancy created In
the matrimonial business line by the
death of 'Squire Massie Beasley of Aber
deen. It is te be hoped such an indus
try may drop from sight forever. Frem
eight te ten thousand couples have been
united in illegal marriage by 'Squire
Beasley and his predecessor, 'Squire
Shclten. A great portion of the matches
have been productive of misery. Inno
cent, trusting girls in their teens have
bcuu lured from comfortable- homes by
drunkards, gamblers and debauches,
against the will of loving parents, and
have entered upon lives of wretchedness
from which there is tee often no escape
but death. We have known the tough,
whisky-soaked, tobacco-stained old bald
headed sinner whose soul had been black
ened by a thousand foul escapades, steal
from her happy hemu the child in her
pinafore, nntl usher her into n life of mis mis mis
orable abuse, intolerable suffering and
thankless drudgery. And thore was no
recourse. Out upon such business.
Ohie should wipe this stnin from her es
cutcheon, new and forever.
" It is about time that Maysville shut
down ou the runaway marrying business.
A man named Harrison Bradford is under
the Impression that he has fallen heir te
tlie Inte 'Squire Beasley's business nnd is
marrying peeple light along. It does
net appear that he has any legal authority
te make the tie binding, and he Is likely
te be the cause of a great deal of unliap
plness and misery."
Part of the above is nil right, but would
the gentlemnn who wrote in for The Ath
laud Siynal tell us whnt Maysville has
get te de with tlie mntter? Tlie Inte
Squire Beasley was and Harrison Brad
ford is a resident of Aberdeen, Brown
county, O., entirely out of Mnysville's
Hknshaw nnd Ten Brecck, In the musi
cal comedy "The Nnbebs," will make
their first nppoarance in Maysville at the
Washington Opcra-liouse en next Tues
day evening. September 20th. Tlie two
stars are said te he without nn equal in
their line or comedy. Beats new ou sale
at Nelsen's.
...... . .ii.jii. -
.An Infernal Machine Found in
Gov. Flower's Roem.' ;
Mayer Grant Asks President Harrison
I te Step Immigration.
Anether Dentli Frem Cholera lrf Kew fork
City Severut Mere Hunplclem Caiai
Itcpertrd I mportatlen of Heet Sugar
Frem Hamburg and Alten.
Nfav YenK, Sept 17. A mysterious
box, which Is believed te contain an in
fernnl machine, has been received by -Gov.
Flower at his cholera headquar
ters In the Windser hotel. The nature
of the contents was fortunately discov
ered before any harm was done. The
box was followed up by a letter, the
contents of which indicated that it was
inspired by the same disordered brain
which planned the mysterious machine.
The manly stand taken by the gov
ernor in resisting the mebat Fire island
nnd in placing tlie unhappy passengers
of the Nermannia In the shelter pro
vided for them by the state seems te be
the only excuse for the outrage.
Dr. Asheley A. Webber, of Brooklyn,
reported te the beard of health Friday
night the death of Miss Meyer at 291
North Eighth street under circum
Btanecs that lead him te believe a case
of Asiatic cholera. Twe inspectors
were detailed te investigate and re
port. Twe additional suspicious ceses were
reported, one en Fulton and another en
McKibben streets. They are being in
vestigated. At a conference of the health beard
their attention was called te the im
portations of beet sugar, which comes
largely from Hamburg and Altena.
Although it was net thought advisable
te prohibit its importation, It was
recommended that great care be exer
cised in its reception.
After receiving reports from 'all the
city officials having the sanitary condi
tion of the city in their care, and con
ferring at length with the heads of the
various citj' departments, Mayer Grant
decided Friday night that it would be
advisable te request the president te
step immigration from infected Euro
pean ports entirely for the present
The following message was accordingly
sent te President Harrisen:
Mayeii's Ofkick, Sept 10, 1S92.
Hen. Bf.n.i. IlAitniRe.v, President Exec
utive Mansion, Washington, D. C
Dear Sir: As mayor of the city of New
Yerk I deem it my duty te call your at
tention te the present condition of sani
tary affairs in this city.
While there is no cause for alarm in
the present condition, and whlle every
thing is done by the authorities te pre
vent the spreading of the cholera,
every precaution sneulu ee taken te
prevent its further introduction in this
I, therefore, request that you, as
president of the United States, exercise
nil the authority you possess te prevent
further immigration te this country un
til all fear of the introduction of chol
era shall have disappeared, I am, with
great respect, very truly,
Hugh J. Chant, Mayer.
Craven for Aniuutl llloed.
Cem Mill's, O., Sept 17. The mys
terious fiend who has been ruthlessly
slaughtering live stock in the northern
suburbs for several weeks is still at
work. Friday morning a valuable
horse belonging te Jehn German, a
dairyman, was found lying dead in the
pasture, with its head severed from the
body. Since the bloody work began
many suspects have been arrested and
several of them narrowly escaped lynch
ing, but the pelice nre unable te appre
hend the right party.
The Weather.
Washington, Sept 17. Fer Ohio Ohie
Fair; slightly cooler in cxtreme south
west portion, variable winds.
Fer Tennessee and Kentucky Slight
ly cooler; north winds, becoming varia
ble. Fer West Virginia Generally fair;
warmer Saturday morning.
Fer Indiana and Illinois Fair; slight
ly warmer in northwest Illinois, winds
becoming east te south.
Friday' (lames.
I Cincinnati..
ICtllcnee 3
) llosten
. I WuHhtngten. S
.10 (St. Leuis 4
. U 1 1'hllailclputa. I
. 4 I Haltlmore S
. 3 lrituburs 5
j Cleveti
1 Xuw V
I HroelUyn..
1 IjOuUvIUe,.
Lrngue Standing.
Won-Lest PerCt.
Cleveland 88 16 . .703
llosten - 33 St .611
IHltabursh 31 22 1684
Cincinnati IM , 25 .KS
Ilroeltlyn , 28 2(1 .518
CIllClSTO 27 2d .600
New Yerk 2d 27 .490
PlillndcltJhla 2d 28 .481
Louisville 2t 29 .452
Haltlmore 22 29 .431
Washington 20 33 .363
St. Louts 20 35 .363
Ne Mere Immigrant te Come.
Washington, Sept 17. Secretary
Fester received Friday morning the
agreement signed by the steamship
cempanij s in which they say they will
net ship any mero immigrants at pres
ent te the United States. Sevcral telo tele
grams have nlse been rccetyed urging
that a quarantine of ninety days be
established against all immigrants from
Scalded Her Child te Death,
Vai.vauaise, Ind., Sept 10, A llttle
child of .lames Early, of this county,
wns scnled te death. The child was Bit
ting en the steep playing, when the
mother came out of the house carrying;
a tub partly filled with boiling water.
Just ns slie was passing the child a
handle et the tub broke and let the het
water drench the llttle one.
It Came Frem Hamburg.
Cincinnati, Sept 17. Collector of
Customs Amer Smith Friday detained
a fine banner imported by St Bernard's
Catholic church. It was purchased In
Munich, Gertuany, and shipped by the
way of Hamburg. It was. fumigated
and stored In the cellar of the custom
hoube uutll thu quarantine U raised. '
HrJ '.

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