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Mint (Jed.
Mis L. V. Davis returned Inst evening
Trein Cinclnnutl.
Themas A. Gnrrigan of the O. and M.
wns in tlie city last night.
Miss Lucy Smith of Portsmouth is the
guest of Mrs. Snllle Bhipmnu.
Miss Ethellne Wnll is visiting Miss
Leuie Andrews nt Flcmlngsburg.
Uojencl E. P. Fermnn is spending n few
days ut his farm in Lewis county.
Colonel William C. Pay no expressed
himself te Flcmlngsburg yesterday.
Hen. Themns II. Paynter and wife
pnssed up en the U. nnd 0. last night.
Hen. W. A. Hyren of Ikoeksvillo was
n pleasant cnller en 'Hii: lkihieh yester
day. W. T. Rigg of Mt. Olivet was in the
city this morning en his way te the Ash
land Convention.
Mrs. Ollie T Poyntz has returned from
Esculapla Springs, and will leave seen
for her home at Orlande, Fla.
Miss Anna F. Cluney, who has been
visiting her friends and parents, has re
turned te her home nt Louisville.
Mrs. Henrietta Martin. and daughter,
Miss Anna, will spend n week at New
pert with the family of L. N. Yockey.
I). A. Emmitt leaves te-day for Kear
ney, Nebraskn. te assist In the beginning
of the erection of a large distillery.
Misses Lizzie and Nanlene Tellu have
returned after a weeks visit te their
ceusiu, Miss Tillie Telle, of Manchester
II. H. Davis of Clarksburg. W. Vu.,
and Miss Hattie Cobun of Salem. W.
Va.. are the guests of Captain Hamil
ton's, family
H. C. Weaver, U. C. Metcalfe, Senater
Ed. Damn, W. A. Hyren. Albert Hankln
and Riley Murphy of Hrnckcn pnssed
through this morning en their way te
C. H. Duty of The Fleminnsbunj Ga
zctte and Harry Andrews of that city
were In the city last night en route te the
Ashlaud Convention. They called en
The Leixieh.
William II Cox. A. M. J. Cochran,
Themas A. Davis. W II. Wadsweith,
Jr., D. P. Ort, J. I). Dye, Pat Summons,
M. C. Hutchlns. H. F. Clift. W. 0. Shack Shack
leferd. II. C. Sharp, Chailes E. Smith
and James Armstrong were among the
Mnysville delegates who left this morn
ing for Ashland.
The Cynthlana Fair U in progress this
Cn.utL.E3 RiiEEzr. is the happy father
of a handsome daughter.
Maiishal Thompson of Ripley has
been found guilty of being drunk.
Theiie are rumors of various candi
dates for the otllce of City Marshal.
Ruv. Cadsman Pei'E of Millersburg
will preach at Olivet Church Sunday.
Mns. Eva Uuiieh paid $5,000 for the
Mitchell farm of 112 acres en Lawrence
Rev. Sam Small has recovered from
the shot received while speaking in Indi
ana. The next attraction at the Opera-house
will be the Will E. Hurton Comedy Cem
Euwahd Thompson, a wealthy and re
spected citizen, hanged himself neat Cov
ington. James T. Catson and Nancie 0. Don Don
aldeon wcre married In this county last
, The summer rate of the C and 0. te
Het Springs, Va will continue until
October COth.
It new turns out that II. C. Frick, the
famous manager of the Carnegie Steel
Works, is a Democrat.
Mns. S. E. McAtee has routed her 130
ncre farm near Clark's Station te James
Maley for the coming year for $791.
Themas W. Kekne will open the new
Walnut Street Theater next Monday night
at Cincinnati, appearing as Hamlet.
i m i
Dltiu.ne the Q. A. R. Encampment at
Washington the H. and O. Railroad
carried 100,000 passengers Inte that city.
A. H. Thompson has rented his farm
of 155 acres near Clark's Station te the
McTie Brethers the coming year for
. ...mm m
The funeral of Jehn O'Dennell will
take place te-morrow morning at 0:30
o'clock at St. Patrick's Church. Burial
at Washington.
The whele country has been in a state
of alarm concerning the cholera during
the last two weeks, but thore was no sign
of a panic in New Yerk City.
Du. A. 0. BiiowNtNe requests The
Ledeek tesay that he is very much alive,
and that, Just as seen as he heard he was
dead, he pronounced it n campaign llu.
Ir is said that several members of a
Montgomery county mob who went te
Frenchburg for the purpese of lyuchlng
murderer Droekshiro, have been Indicted
by the Grand Jury of Mcnifoe county.
The Inte Captain James lleflin was
born In SpringUeld, 111., and net in Mays
ville. He came te this city when qulte
young, howevor, and with the exception
of the time Bpent n the army the whele
of his useful life was lived in Maysvllle.
, II. ! Ill
The dwolling-heuso of "William Merris
of Plumvllle wes totally destroyed by
tire nt an early hour yesterday morning.
The tire originated from a dofectivo line.
It was insured in the Farmers' Mutual
Insurance Company of this county for
Whnt We May Kxpect Between This Time
nnd Te-morrow Kvening.
M7iHe streamer rAin: liluc kaih or snew:
with ttlach AnevE 'twill waiimkii Krew.
If Ulack' IIKNKATII COLDER 'twill llOJ
Unless llUick'H shown no ohnnire we'll see.
jay"The ntioe lerecusts arc utniie ter a
period et thirty-six hours, ending at 8 o'clock
te-morrow e etilntf .
Hill Tetnpklm had tried overy sort of shltt
That a shrewd politician could hepe tu In
vent Fer Kivinir his candldnte's boemlot a lilt,
Hut the harder he lilted the lower It went.
Though he did all he could, ever) hour it
lest Kreund:
It dwindled and dwindled, as William could
Till at Inst there wi9 only one delegate found
Who would stick te his promUe and K'lve
him his vote.
In sheer desperation Hill sat down te think,
And ordered a hettlu te drown his (treat
Hut seen when he'd taken lull many a drink.
He saw that he seemed te be teelnjr thlntts
"I've K)t an Idea, an' a geed 'un," says Hill,
As he ordered another blir bottle te iruzzle.
And straightway proceeded his system te till
With dubious liquor clean up te the muzzle.
ay p
Just then thu one du legate walked through the
And Hill, looking after, elated and proud.
Cried out In his Jey: "She's beginning te
Ker te him the ene delegate looked llke a
Hill Tompkins centlded his secret around
Te all politicians he happened te knew.
And e'en te this day It is frequently found
They use his Invention te make tuelr booms
RucEtviNfi tlnily, bulk oysters 30 cents
a quait. Can oysters from 'JO te 50 cents
at Martin Bres.
m in
Mits. W. W. Massie of Paris has been
tendered the Presidency of the Art Com
mission for Kentucky nt the World's
i M m m i
At Harrodsburg. Nick and Ed John John
seon, brothers, fought a duel with pistol
and shotgun. Beth are seriously in
jured. In Whitley county, near Cerbln. David
Uesh was ambushed and fatally shot by
E. R. and D. J. McFarland. There had
been bad bleed between the parties.
The Montgomery County Fair will he
held September 27th te October 1st.
Liberal premiums are eHered, and big
purses and a fast track, premise fine
The F. C. Miller Drum Cerps of New
port f n organization that has been in Mays-
ville several times, is attracting much
attention at Washington during the OJ
A. u. hncnmpmcut.
The Pcnn Mutual Life Insurance Com
pany holds a note of $100,000 against the
St. Clair Hetel, the dudu hostelry of Cin
cinnati, and suit has been brought for the
sale of that hashcry.
A. J. McDouele it Sen, dry goods
merchants of Sutten street, have made
an assignment te II. C. McDougle for the
benefit of creditors. It is hoped the
trouble is only temporary.
Whethek the election law was or was
net properly passed, Kentucky cities and
counties are taking it at fnce value and
preparing te live up te its previsions,
says The Courier-Journal.
Mequktte, the herse which wen the
2:20 trot en the last day of the Maysville
Fair, hns developed iute a trotter of the
front rank. He went a mile at Rich
mond, Ind the ether day in 2:10.
The West Virginia State Beard of
Health has issued an order which requires
the railroad companies te preduce certifi
cates of health from compctent autLorl autLerl
tics for nil immigrants transpertatcd.
Rememukh, The Ledeeh prints "Help
Wnnted," "Lest." "Found' and similar
notices net of a business character, free
of charge. The only thing we require is
that the copy be sent In before 0 o'clock
en day of publication.
Oknehal Weaveh, the Third party's
bright nnd shining star, opened the
campaign for his party in Georgia at
Waycross. Nearly all his speech was In
refutation of many charges preferred
against him In regard te his war record.
United States Srnateu David B.
Hill has purchased of Mrs. J, K. Em
mutt, widow of "Fritz" Emmett, the fa
mous actor, the latter's once beautiful
villa upon the Van Rensaclcar boulevard
In Albany, for 39,000. "Fritz" paid
f30,000 for It twelve yeara age.
Theuk will be a called meeting of St.
Patrick's Bonevolcnt Society in the base
ment of the Catholic Church this evenlng
nt 7:30. A full attendance is desired, as
arrangements will be made te attend thu
funeral of Brether Jehn O'Dennell.
ReiiEiiT Buewn, Vice-President.
The parade of the Grand Army of the
Republic at Washington was the finest in
thu history of the organization. The
veterans wcre rovlewod by Vice-Presidont
Morten nnd Goneral Palmer, the Cem
mander-Inchief. Kentucky had the
largest representation she has evor had
in a G. A. R. parade, thore being 500 men
In line.
. h rr jr1 - w. z jv. .
,ivm vsnnEW&uPQHB45i3r
TiiEfunaralofChassleC. Hall occurred
yesterday afternoon nt 2 o'clock.
United States Makshal BuncnETT Is
attending the Methodist Conference nt
The Germautewn Fair begins next
Wednesday and continues the remainder
of the week.
The new bridire ever Licking river
connecting Nowpett and Covington Is
nunting completion.
The .1. Sterling Sentinel-Democrat will
publish a list of dead beats who take the
paper for years without paying for it.
Geeiuie W. Slmmeukield, a llremnn
at Avety's plow factory in Louisville,
was nominated for Congress by the
Prohibitionists of that District.
Jehn W. MeNutt and Mrs. Adda K.
Herd. both of Lewis ceuuty, weie mar
lied at the County Clerk's eiHcu yester
day, Judge Phister etllclating.
Fihe nt Reckawny Beach destroyed
ever 100 frame buildings. A woman was
burned te death, nnd the less is estimated
te be from 2eO.OOO te Sl.000,000.
Ashland will no doubt be tnxed te the
limit of herlapnclty. The races and the
big Republican Convention together
should prove a big drawing caul.
A ijaptizing at a protracted meeting in
Bath ceuuty had te be postponed because
there was net enough wnter in the creek
te de the job in a satisfactory manner.
The Ohie authorities will take vigorous
steps te stamp out that mairying ma
chine business at Aberdeen. It should
have bceu done years age, says 7Vie Win
chester Democrat.
It is new thought that J. C. Andersen,
an ex-Chief of Police, is the man who
murdered Editor Rucker at Somerset.
His hut was feuud nenr the place and he
has mysteriously disappeared.
Theuk are 00,078 Ohioans distributed
ever every state in the Union who nre
drawiug pensions from the Government.
One Ohie pensioner lives in China, six in
Germany, ene in Brazil, live in Canada
and one in Englnnd.
After Living Willi Hint Twe Days Ucerge
Ott's Wife Left Him.
A new phase in the celebrated case of
Geerge Ott. whose efforts te have his
newly wedded wife return te him have
alrea'dy been made known through The
I .......... ... .1 l.,...l !.. U,..,l, U'M.
son's court nt Cincinnati.
Ott it will be remembercd married Miss
Clara Story, September Oth, and after liv
ing together two days the wife received a
telegram at Paris, where her husband is
largely interested in cattle dealing, from
lief guardian, Jehn Story, at Cincinnati,
stating that her sister was dying nnd
wished te see her. Mrs. Ott accordingly
hastened te Cincinnati, and has net yet
returned te her husband. The latter
mndc un investigation of her strange con
duct nnd found that the telegram was
merely a ruse from her relatives te have
her leave him. Ott immediately insti
tuted habeas corpus proceedings before
Judge Wilsen, but his wife stated te the
Court that she did net desire te return te
her husband, assigning no reason, how
ever, for her peeulinr action. Since that
time Mrs. Ott has been residing with her
married sister, Mrs. Sallle Lecsch.
About 0 o'clock Tuesdav night Ott ap
peared before 'Squire Wifsen and swere
out a warrant for the arrest of both
Leesch nnd his wife, charging them with
abduction. A Constable nrrcstcd them
nnd brought them before 'Squire Wilsen,
who placed them under bend for their
appearance next morning..
While Mr. and Mrs. Leesch were en
their way te the city in the custody of
a Censtaule, a couple of rough looking
characters appeared at the house and In
troduced themselves as agents of a so se
called Queen City Dctecttve Agency, a
private concern, about which little geed
Is known. They were supposed te be F.
S. Pendery who was discharged from the
sorvice of the Chesapeake and Ohie Rail
road, and William Morrison, known te
his intimates as "Grensy," and the two
exponents (V) of the law nttempted te in-
duce Mrs. Ott te leave the house nnd
accompany them te the city under the
plea et meeting her husband. She re
fused te go, naturally a little alarmed at
their somewhnt uncouth appearnnce, and
the two olllcers (?) would probably have
attempted by force what they wcre una
ble te de by stratagem, but the girl
screamed, ami her guardian, with some
of the neighbors, came te her assistance,
and the alleged detectives retired.
Mrs. Ott and her sister nre of the epiu
Ien that the arrest of the latter and her
husbnnd wns only a schome whereby,
during their absonce, Mrs. Ott could be
abducted. Ott is 20 years of age, while
his wife Is only 17. He has always home
an unblemished reputation, nnd' his nu
merous friends sympathize with himln
hjs peeulinr misfortune.
llanJIfcl Successfully.
The Chosapeako and Ohie handled
mero G. A. It. excursionists than any
ether read in the country, nnd a re re
marknble fact is that net a single accident
hnppened en their line, says The Ashland
They handled forty-seven trains,
which aggregated three hundred nnd
forty-nin'e conches. Allowing seventy
persons te each coach they hauled the
enormous number of 21,430 people.
Every precaution wus taken by the C.
and O. peeple te prevent nccldeuts. All
trains te Washington were given n clear
trnck, nnd section men were placed nt
stated intervals along the trnck, nnd a
man wns placed at each switch te sce
that everything was nil right.
The G. A. R. peeple are very loud in
their praise of the treatment given thorn
by the C. and O. management, nnd they
will ndvertlse this line all ever the Union
en their return home.
Few rends could have handled the
large number of trains its did the O. and
O., nnd great credit is reflected en M, E.
Ingnlls nnd his itntl efllccr.
There's te He Ne Monopoly of the Tobacco
lliisiness lit Cincinnati.
Cincinnati's big tobacco combine is net
te have the monopoly of business in that
city that it counted en nnd confidently
started out te attain.
A rival Is alrendy as geed as in the
Held. It is the Farmers' nnd Shippers'
Tobacco Warehouse Company. It will
begin business en or before January 1st
The new company ewes its origin te
the disaffection among tobacco men in
Ohie and Kentucky with " the combine."
It wns understood by them that "the
cembiue" uimed at controlling prices and
ether matters cennected with the business
te a degree that would be very trouble
some and embarrassing. Hence the desire
and demand for competition, which has
icsultcd in the formation of the Farmers'
nnd Shippers' Company.
That firm Is new incorporated under
the laws of Kentucky, with a capital
stock of 1,000,000. The men In it are
President J. D. Hcarue of the Third Na
tional Bank, DeWitt C. Cellins and Frank
These names nre sufficient te make it
accepted everywhere that the new enter
ptise is business from the start. Mr.
Cellins hns been prominent in banking
nnd tobacco business in Covington for
several years. He was Cashier of the
Northern Bank, and subsequently n part
ner In the big tobacco Arm of Levcll &
Buillngten. Mr. Cellins is widely known
through Kentucky, and especially among
its tobacco men, nnd possesses the confi
dence of them all as one of the most
capable and upright of the state's busi
ness men.
Mr. Frank Ferd is the well-known
wholesale grocer. He does net Intend te
take an active part In the nffalrs of the
naw company, though he is one of the
organizers and will be a heavy stock
holder. The placing of the stock is new going
en. and has been left entirely with Mr.
Cellins, who is new traveling through
Kentucky, placing the stock where it will
de the most geed.
There ate'$700,000 of preferred stock,
which it is expected will pay from six te
eight per cent, dividend. The remaining
$300,000 is te be common stock.
The cempnny has several offers for the
site of its building. It will deal with
them in another week or se and with the
purpose te make its establishment com
plete In detail.
The encouragement which hns se far
readied the new company from the
growers and dealers in Ohie and Ken
tucky has been cordial and general.
Fur Sile.
Twe lets ami part of let with geed
house en it in Sixth ward, and nine lets
and house en Center street in Cliften.
Apply te auy real estate agent or S. B.
Sidle Sranlau.
iVcw Orleans Picayune. Sweet Sadie
Scaulan. a sister of" that once eminent
actor. Will Scanlan, made her Initial bow
te a New Orleans audience last night at
the Grand Opera-house. Frem the very
first the charming little lady com
manded respect and admiration. Her
youthful, as well as her pretty face and a
tlnelv meulded figure, would have been
sufficient attraction te make her hundreds
of friends, but couple these charms, her
sprightliness, her singing and dancing
ami lier meuest ways, cempieteu me at
tractiveness thnt drew te her that big
Miss Scanlan appeared as Nera Machree,
in a piece of that name. It is a simple
story of Irish life, that at times is very
nffecting, but through which runs a
vein of Irish wit and humor that can
only be found in plays of this char
acter Of course Miss Scanlan is the
star around which the lesser planets
rovelvo. Her singing was indeed excel
lent, and several of her ballads were sung
in a manner that brought tears te the
eyes of many of the audience. The
character was a simple one, but In Miss
Scnnlan's hands it is made mero of than
perhaps what the author Intended.
Nothing but praise could be said of the
star's support. They realized that Miss
Scanlan's splendid performnuce called for
equally as faithful work en their part and
everyone did their best te please, a work
wnicn was accetnpiisncu succcssiuiiy.
This talented actress will be at Wash
ington Opera-house soeu.
It is stated that the balance of the
troops new at Homestead will leave this
week, and many of the non-union labor
ers will leave also.
The total number of Oddfellews is new
721,110. the Increase last year being 48,
807. The revenues were 87.950.0Ut 48.
nnd the sum of ?3. 112,131 00 was paid
out for the relief of sick members. Tiiere
arc 155,015 Rebeknh Degree members who
have paid 35,520 18 in relief. The total
membership, including Rebeknh Degree,
Is 802,881.
One of the eldest mills in Kentucky is
that of Rebert Ryman, in Fayette county.
It was built about the year 1800, and the
present ewner, who is 91 years old, has
been running It ever since he was a boy.
It Is en Elkhorn creek, which stream
turns its auclent wheels. Miss Lucy Loe
Hill is making arrangements te have the
mill in its entlretv transported te the
Chicago World's "Fair, nnd old man
Ryman will go along te run it
The Kentucky Deaf Mule published at
the I), and 1). Institute In Danville, says
Among the new pupils this year Is Daisy
Billings of Louisville, blind, denf and
dumb. She Is ulne years of age, has
bcen deprived of sight nnd hearing since
infancy, and her education will prosent
seme unusual preblems. She Is n pleas
ant looking, henlthy child with plenty of
sonse and with the examples of such
cases of Laura Brldgcman nnd Holen
Kcllnr bofero us we feel hopeful of being
able te de much for her meutal develop
ment and the training of her moral na
ture. We have net yet ndopted a plan
for her education, but will de se seen, und
her progress will be watched with Inter
Ez-Masoe Ceuntyn!I)ead la IlllneU.
A letter has been received by The
Ledeek from O. G. Atherton at Arrow Arrew
smith, 111., telling of the death at that
place of W. B. Strode an ex-citizen of
this county.
He died suddenly of heart disease. He
had just returned from a business trip
nnd as he entered his house he fell
prostrated and died in a few minutes.
Her Cnntldence Wai Well Founded.
" I would rather trust that medicine
than any doctor I knew of," says Mrs.
Uattie Masen, of Chilton, Carter county,
Me., in speaking of Chamberlnin's Celic
Cholera nnd Dinrrhoea Remedy. This
medicine can nlwnys be depended upon,
even in the most severe und dangerous
cases, both fur children and adults. 25
and 50 cent bottles for sale by Power &
Sale or Stock.
C. F. Tayler sold the following stock
for Mrs. S. E. McAtee yesterday," Werk
herse $131 50; bay mare 133; aged mule
111; old horse 955; old horse 91; old
horse 90; yearling Ally $130; yearling
gelding 79; yearling mule $75; yearling
mule 59 60; cow 229; cow 38 50; cow
32; cow 40 50; steer 50; steer $33 75,
steer ?30 55; steer 37 50; 13 meuntnin
ewes 100. Stock hogs 5 cents per pound.
Diarrhea In Keutiuky,
"There hns been a continuous tendency
te bowel disease heie this season," says
G. W. Shivell, druggist, Wickliffe. Ky.,
" aud an unusual demand for Chamber
lain's Celic. Cholera and Diarrhtua
Remedy. 1 have sold four bottles of it
this morning. Seme remarkable cures
have been effected by it and in nil cases
it has proved successful." Fer sale by
Power & Reynolds.
Half Fare llar est Excursion.
The Ohie and Mississippi Railway will
run ene of its popular harvest excursions
te points West, Northwest and Seuth
west, leaving Cincinnati September 27th,
and te points Seuth and Southwest leav
ing Cincinnati October 25th, tickets geed
for return twenty days from date of sale.
The O. aud M. is the direct fast line te nil
points in tetritery named'via St Leuis
Pullman chair cars nnd sleepers en all
trains. Fer rates, tickets and further in
formation call en or address agents of
connecting lines, or C. W. Paris. Central
Passenger Agent, 4S West Fourth stiect,
Cincinnati, O.
In Time efl'e.iie I'reji.ire for N.ir.
Have you ever thought what you would
de in case you, or some one of your fam
ily, was taken with a severe attack of
colic, cholera met bus, dysentery or di
nrrhcea. In such caes it is net unusual
for fatal results te fellow before medicine
can be procured or a physician summoned.
There is nothing that will give permanent
relief se quickly as Chamberlain's Celic,
Cholera and Diarrha-a Remedy It never
fails even in the most severe ca'-es either
for children or adults. Why net keep it
at hand? 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale
by Power & Reynolds, Druggists
Married thl Mernlu.
The marriage of James Dunn and Miss
Lnuia Benn was solemnized this morning
nt 9 o'clock nt St. Patrick's Church
The groom is n steady and industrious
man, and is well known In thN city,
where he has long been connected with
the railroads. He is at present yards
master of the L. and N. at this point.
The bride is a daughter of A. Bena, the
confectioner en Second street By her
sprightliness and charming manners she
has wen for herself a large number of
warm friends.
They departed immediately for St
Leuis en a bridal tour
Don't Fall te Kri;Mrr
The law says. " In cities of first, sec
eud, third and fourth classes a registra
tion of all qualified voters in such cities
and towns shall be held en the tlrst Tues
day in October and en such ether days as
the city councils of such cities may pre
scribe, the last, however, te be net later
than the third Tuesday in October The
General Assembly will doubtless pass the
necessary legislation dividing the cities
and towns of the state into their respec
tive classes in time for a registration of
voters in October, 1892, It shall be the
duty of the County Clerk in each county
where a citv of such c)as is situated, te
furnish registration books, and the elec
tion officers for the precincts embraced
in such cities shall held such registration,
anil the persons se registered as pre
scribed, shall be the legal voters of such
Where We (let Our Cbulera.
Lexington Leader. Cholera breeds and
riots in tilth. Hamburg Is said te be ene
of the filthiest cities in the world, nnd
for the past fifty years has been ravaged
by epidemics Up te the present time
mero than fifteen thousand cases have
occurred there during tlte present Asiatic
cholera visitation. A very large num
ber of the victims are the dregs of the
city's population. They live in abject
misery in the filthiest quarters, en streets
se narrow that the houses, above the first
stories, almost touch, thus keening out
sunshlue and air currents, and inclosing
wnrmth and moisture te feed the pesti
lence. Hamburg is the greatest emigrant
pert of Europe It is situated upon
the Elbe some distance abeve its
mouth. The Elbe rises in Austria nnd
Bews Northwest, past Prague, across
the frontier, then past Dresden. Con
tinuing its course past Madgeburg, it
fdrms a confluence with a Northern
branch coming down past Berlin. Its
waters are polluted by the sownge of
Berlin, Madgeburg, llalle. Drcsden,
Prague, Poison and the towns and villages
along its main course nnd branches. It
Is no wonder, therefere, that the wnter of
the Elbe, which the emigrant ships take
en as a supply during their voynges
across the Atlautic, is full of dlsease and
At Hamburg are concentrated rail and
water lines reaching into Russia, Austria
And all parts of Germany. These gather
in that city the scum of -Europe, nnd a
consclencoloss steamship line dumps it
upon our shores.
Hamburg Company Sued by a
New Yerk Attorney,
Fer the Detention of Himself and
Wife in Quarantine.
Three Suspicion Cese Ileperted te th
New Yerk Denrd of Health Quarantine
Lifted I'rem Severn! Heuje. Mt
Mnrjr Connerty Jlecerered.
New Yekk, Sept 22, Tke first of a large
number of suits ngalnst the Hamburg
American Packet Ce., for damages for
the detention of passengers in quaran
tine, wns begun In the United States
circuit court, Wednesday, by Courtlandt
S. Van Rensselaer, ex-asslstnnt United
States district attorney, who, with his
wife, was a passenger en the Norman Nerman
nla. He had been traveling through
Europe during the summer, and when
In Londen and atxjut te return te
this country, he went te the
Hamburg line office and demanded
te knew whether It was the Inten
tion of the company te transport steer
age passengers en the Nermannla, stat
ing that. If such was the case, he would
take passage en seme ether line, se as
net te incur the dangers of possible
cholera. He was assured that the Nor Ner
munnin would sail from Hamburg with
no steerage passengers. He and his
wlfe were put en beard the Nermannla
subsequently by the usual tug, and
when he was en beard and tee late te
leave the ship he learned that the steer steer
age was well tilled with passengers of
that class.
He then gees en te recite the history
of the breaking out of the plague en
beard and of the ship being placed in
quarantine for thirteen days with Its
attendant discomforts and the suffer
ings and hardships of the cabin pas
sengers en the steamboat Ccphus after
ward, and winds up by demanding
f 10,000 damages and prays for the Nor Ner
mannla te be condemned and sold in
order that his claim be paid.
The health department received
Wednebdny afternoon from Prof. Biggs
the result of the bacteriological exam
inations mndc In the case of Jehn Knox,
the fireman of the steamship State of
Nevada, who died aboard that vessel
last Sunday night, and erf Leuis Wein
hagan, who was found sick en Sunday
night last and removed te the Reception
hospital. The report states that both
cases were genuine Asiatic cholera.
The health beard reported the fact of
the death of the State eJ Nevada's fire
man from Asiatic cholera Wednesday
Anether case of suspected cholera was
reported te the beard of health Wednes
day afternoon. It was that of Patrick
Stewart, who wns found sick and re
moved te the Reception hospital Stew
art is a boiler-maker employed in the
Brooklyn navy yard.
Mrs. Vlucense Grappoles died Wed
nesday night, it Is suspected, from
cholera. She was seized with vomiting
and diarrhea during the afternoon and
in a couple of hours was in a state of
Tin- YlVMther.
Washixoten", Sept 22. Fer Ohie
Shewers: south winds.
Fer Tennessee and Kentucky Fair
in west; occasional light rains in east
portions; slightly warmer in extreme
east portions east te south winds.
Fer West Virginia and Western Penn Penn
eylvnnle Threatening, with occasional
rains; east te south winds.
Fer Indiana and Illinois Showers,
except fair In extreme southern por
tions; slightly cooler In extreme North
western Illinois; south winds.
Auethir MurderlNeur Somerset, Ky.
Semkiiset, Ky., Sept 22. The third
horror of what seems te be a carnival
of tragedies, occurred some fifteen
miles east of this place, Tuesday night
Seme few days age while revival ser
vices were being held near the Rock
castle county line, the McFarland boys,
desperate characters, became enraged
at a young Stavlln boy. They went te
the revival services, called him out and
shot him, causing wounds that will no
doubt prove fatal
Trtccrnphvm Strike.
Cr.DAH RAHns, In., Sept 22. All of
the telegraph operators and train dis
patchers en the Burlington, Cedar Rap
ids and Northern railway, with one ex
ception, went en a strike for higher
wages, and te secure the adjustment of
ether grievances. The superintendent
of the railway has refused te accept a
schedule presented by the grievance
committee of operators. About two
hundred men are out
WiHlneediiy'K Oilmen.
I Cincinnati. .. . t ISL Leuis. 2
1 Louisville 3 1 Chicape 6
IPittsbure S lllroeklyn. fl
ICkncIanJ 3 Philadelphia 8
I.eit;u! Standing.
Cleveland 40
Pittsburgh 3.'
Uroeklyn 33
Cincinnati 29
NcwYerls 29
Chlcace V8
Philadelphia 2S
Louisville -!
Baltimore 2.1
Washington 19
SL Leuis SO
Lest Per Ct.
17 .TOC
21 .ess
26 .Kg
28 .853
27 .618
27 .418
29 491
30 .4S3
31 .448
3i .418
38 ,315
3M .313
A Nevel Suit.
Vam'ahaise, Ind., Sept 23. Rev. G.
W. Swltzer, pastor of the M. E. church
at Michigan City, is the plaintiff in a
novel action te recover damages for the
preaching of a funeral discourse. The
pastor ofllclated nt the lest rites of one
of his parishioners, and suit is new
brought te recover ten dollars, this
amount being the parson's fee for the
A Soldier Suicided.
CCeluwdur, O., Sept 23. Private Har
ry Elliett committed suicide from de
spondency, at the U. S. barracks,
Wednesday morning. He was serving
his second enlistment Last wlnter he
married a young lady named Rider, in
this city, against her father's consent
Thore has been trouble, and the pair
have net been allowed te live together.
IHk., .liA
ijLx.1rJWii it'mblir

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