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IThe Editor of Tne Ledekr Is net responsi
ble for the opinions exprcssed by Correspond
cnts; but nothing reflecting upon thocharao thecharao thocharae
tor or habits of any person will be admitted
te tbese celumns.1
09rCorreiendrit will pleae tend Letters i
a te reach us net litr than 9 o'clock a. m. Give
tacU in as ftw uxrrds as illU. We rcant
newt tn this dtjxirfmeut, and net advertising
notices or political atvumrnt.
The following are authorized Agents for
the runne ledger in tncir rvspective local lecal
ities: Aleranbutv Matthew Heffman.
Helena Uobert II. Cord.
Minerva Frank W. Hawes.
Sanlt H. O. Grlgsby.
Orangeburg C. K. Kess.
Springdale C. C. Deirmtin.
Mayltck Charles Wheeler.
Vanceburg Mrs. Jennie Stewart.
Alt. Camel Kelly & Foxworthy.
. lugusta Loander Tully.
Pi-Jeseph w. Williams.
Subscribers will save the trouble of letter
writing1 by paying their subscriptions te the
Agent lit their place.
David Craig was uere .Monday.
Several cars of coopers' stuff are being
leaded here this week.
Jack Tcager of Tollosbero came down Mon
day with a drove of sheep.
Dr. W. II. Outcn of Plumvllle was mixing
with friends here Tuesday.
Some of our religious people nre attending
the debate at Augusta this week.
Thcre Is seme talk of a tleur-mlll being
erected here In the curly future.
Miss Tippte Jenkins, a bright little lass, is
stepping at the Lookout this week.
Thcre will be an entertainment at the school
building en the 21st of this month.
There was a big charivari here Monday
night. The boys all behaved nlcely.
Mr. Ncal of Vanceburg Is In town, taking
views of seme of our nlce residences.
Beth the City of Vevay and the Liizlc Bay
took stock and passengers here Monday.
Jehn Hanna of N'eed-more was here the first
of the week, looking after seme fat stock.
Ed. O'Brlen, our night operator, has geno
and a new man, whose name we have net yet
learned, has taken charge
In the redisricting and late gerrymander
ing of Masen county, It Is new thought that
I'lumville will be n Republican stronghold.
What We May Expect JMuven This Time
eiiit To.31erroe Evening.
White streamer fair: Blue run or snow;
With Black above 'twill warmer grew.
If Black's ueneath colder 'twill be;
Unless Black' shown no change we'll soe.
S-tfTbe above forecasts are mude for a
period of thirty-six hours, ending at 8 o'clock
te-morrow evening.
A Memorable Meeting.
Warren Chronicle. Twelve years age
te-day, en September 28th, 1880, the
largest political meeting was held in
"Warren known in the history of Ohie.
General Grant presided. Resea e Conk Cenk
ling was the principal speaker. Jehn A.
Legan and Simen Cameren were present.
It was the turning event in the Garfield
campaign. Only twelve years age, and
yet net one of the persons above named
is new living. Grant, Garfield, Legan,
Conkling Cameren, all passed te the
ether shore.
FntE and Accident Ins. W. II. Warder.
E. P, Hee's works In Cleth .. ... 75
Scott's complete werka, 8 vel., cIHh...2 w
Dlcken'a " " ' 2 vj
One set each for M en cub,
Aster edition 12 me., 5 halt, Kuulan
binding ............. . ........ 50
Webster's International Dictionary
sheep binding ... ,..............8 60
Teacher's Bible, Ne.tcil, size 8.Sx5,Sx
1M ........HM.....M....... ..... .L.-3 25
New Testament. reWHeedTiMper!!.. or
Klegant Testaments, large print..... 75
Uncle Tem's Cabin, cloth, 50c, paper... 25
Mrs. HelmwTs works In paper .... 25
Greatest Things in the World and
ethers by Drummond, paper... 10
100 Hules and Laws en lluslneHS, cloth 75
Call ter Bargains at
Beeks, Stationery, Wall Paper, Window
Hbades, Toys, Photograph Uallery and
l'lcture Frame).
Washington Opera-Heuse.
Saturday, October 8th,
The Labadie-Rewell Ce.
In his (Treat character,
"INGOMAK, tue Barbarian,"
"PABT11ENIA, the Greek Slave."
Strang Cast, Elaborate Costumes
Prices, 25c, 95c, 60c. 75c,
Heats en sale at Nelsen's Wcduefday, at 8 a.m.
irir tie's a itavuuLiais.
Heme Excellent lteanen fttr Leaving the
Prmorrviffe Cam)).
C. A. D. Lynch, proprietor uj the Ke
kome (Ind.) Beilor Works, has thrown oil
the niantle of Democracy and crossed
ever into the Republican camp. Mr.
Lynch is an intelligent Scotchman, and
has been engaged in the manufacturing
business since he came te America in
1870. Of his conversion he has the fol
lowing te say :
"I have several reasons for this course.
In the first place, I have always believed
in the principle of protection and that is
why I am compelled te be a Republican.
Since the recent declaration of the Dem
ocratic party at Chicago, no man who be
lieves in the projection of home manu
facturers, home capital or home labor can
be a Democrat
"I am disgusted with Democratic pa
pers en the tin pinto business. They say
tin plate cannot be made in this country.
They used te say that steel plate, steel
rails and a thousand ether thiugs could
net be made here, but they were mista
ken then, and they are Just us badly mis
taken new.
"We can make- anything in this coun
try that can be made In Europe except
itings and Queens, end the Lord knows,
we don't want them. It is en Insult te
the intelligence of the Ameiican me
chanic te say that the ignorant, poorly
paid laborer of the old country is mere
skillful than he is. Under Protection,
America has long since passed all coun
tries of the world in manufacturing and
our wages are better. Protectieu shows
for itself."
Agnes Ukdeiiwoed, arrested en the
charge of murdering Milferd Brown of
Catlettsburg has been bound ever te the
Circuit Court in a bend of S1.C00.
Ciiahi.es Jehnsen of Columbia was
found guilty of mail robbery iu the
United States Court at Louisville. lie
was a mail carrier between Campbells
ville and Columbia.
The bnse ball magnates at their meet
ing in New Yerk, decided te continue the
twelve club circuit next seaseu. Louis
ville's club is one of these that did net
draw well this 3 ear.
W. T. Relph. manager of the Louis
ville office of R. G. Dun & Ce., has
compiled the statistics of the failures in
Kentucky and that part of Indiana tribu
tary te the Louisville office for the first
thrce quarters of 1892. The comparison
with the figures for the same period of
last year is most encouraging. The fail
ures for 1802 are 124 in number with lia
bilities $1,383,480, against 105 for 1891
with liabltics of $4,201,318. The number
is seventy-ene less, and the liabilities are
82,817,821 less.
"I take pleasure in recommending
Chamberlain's Celic, Cholera and Diar Diar
reoea Remedy," says Geerge C. Bankston
of Mill Creek, III. It is the best medi
cine I have ever used for diarrheea. One
dose will euro any ordinary case." Fer
sale by Power & Reynolds, Druggists.
What the TYa-rden of a Pennsylvania Pen
ItentlaiT' Found In a Present.
"De you knew," Bald a gentleman
who b thoroughly acquainted with the
Eastern penitentiary te a Philadelphia
Telegraph man, "that thcre are flity
prisoners at Cherry 0111 who would com
mit murder upon the slightest or even
upon no provocation whatever? Why,
the overseers dally go about the insti
tution with their Uvea In their hands.
Let me give you an Illustration of the
care that has te be taken. The warden
and these about him have te be con
stantly en the alert. About the tlme
of the last chrysanthemum show In this
city a number of chrysanthemums wcre
sent out te the penitentiary te the
prisoners. There was ene that was re
markably fine, and I was asked te go
upstairs te see it WhUe looking at it
the warden said. 'Let us first make en
examination.' Then he began rcmev
Ing the earth. Down, down into the
pet he proceeded, taking out the earth
until he reached the bottom. Tbere he
discovered a small revolver. Next he
discovered a box of cartridges. New,
the 'sequel te this was that two men
wcre sentenced te the penitentiary to
gether. One received a shorter sentence
than the ether. On making ah Investi
gation with reference te the plant It
was found where It was sent from, and
then It was learned that the prisoner
who had the shorter term lived in that
neighborhood. He had 6cnt it. It had
been made up by them that when the
latter get out he was te send him the
"Well, he didn't get it," remarked the
"Ne," said the gentleman, "he didn't
get it. Everything sent te prisoners has
te be first examined before being given
te them. It is necessary that such pro pre
cautions should be taken. If after that
there are no objections the articles are
given them."
Ne one is better acquainted with the
institution and its management than
the gentleman whose narration of the
incident has here been given. Vie stated
it was often a marvel te him hew things
get along se weU in the institution; lie
regarded the overseers as being exposed
te mere danger than the policemen.
The latter, he says, occasionally come
in contact with a burglar and assassin,
but the former is ebUged te be where a
large number of such murderous char
acters are congregated.
--.- .- ..-.---Ill .......... ...f..,.. .,
Our Mr. "White having purchased the store property we are
in, and desiring te remodel same for greater capacity
and convenience iu handling our business, which can
not well be done with the stock in the house, we pro
pose te sell for the next few days
Come and see us. Eespectfully,
Netice of Incorporation of Maysville
Sanitarium Cempauy.
1. Netice Is hereby given that Jehn T. Flora Flera
Intf. J. C. Pecer, T. H. N. Smith, Erule Whlte,
D. Hechlntfer, Cleon C. Owens, J. A. Keed,
Themas U. Phister, W. W. Ball and M. J. Mc
Carthy have formed a corporation named
Maysville Sanitarium Company, In accerdance
with the previsions of Chapter 66, General
2. The principal place of business Is Mays
vlllc, Masen county, Kentucky.
3. The business of the corporation is te es
tablish and maintain an Institute at Maysville
for the euro of the liquor, tobacco and mor
phine habits.
4. The capital stock Is ten thousand dollars,
dlvldel Inte shares of ten dollars each, te be
paid ler in mono or ether property as may be
uprecd upon, te de paid In en call of Directors.
5. The corporation begins May 0th, 18ft!, and
is te continue for twenty-nve years.
6. The buslness of the company shall be
managed by a Heard of flve Directors, who
shall be elected annually by the stockholders
and who shall held elllce for one year and'
until their successors ate olectod and qual
fled. The Directors shall from their numbei
elect a Presldent and Vice-President, and
from their number or the stockholders, a Sec
rotary and Treasurer.
7. The highest amount of indebtedness or
liability te which the corporation Is te sub'
jeet IteeK Is two thousand dollars.
8. The prlvate property of the stockholders
Is te be exempt from the corpernto debts.
JOHN T. FLEMING, Presldent.
Attest: Titos. It. Piiisteu. Sec. and Treas.
In Granite and Marble.
108 W. Sbcend Sthket. MAYBVILLE, KV.
&aFrpeatene Building Werk,8ldewAlks, bc., at
mtlnfactery price.
Plumber, Gas and Steam fitter!
41 West Second Street,
Jewel Oas Steves. MAYSVILLE, KY.
Zwelgart's Bleck, Second and Sutten Streets.
.When htvltiKTeeih Kx traded take Om. Ab
pelutely I'Mnlew and Hfe.
Ez-rratdent Burgeon Geed Samaritan Heaplul,
Kx-ncttnic Superintendent Lengvlew
Insane Asylum,
Office and Rldurti
Third Street, one Doer H'ett of Market,
Cincinnati, Portenientb,BIfi: Sandy and
Pomeroy Packet Company.
The splendid beats of this line, running bo be bo
tweon Cincinnati. Portsmouth, Irenton Hunt
Ington, Oalllpells and Pomerpy, pass Mays
vileo as follews:
Pomprey Packets Bostena, Tolegraph and
City of Madisen pass Maysville either way at
1 o'clock a. m.
Ilenanza up dally for Vanoeburg at 8 a. in.,
returning for Cincinnati, pusses Maysville
dally, oxcept Sunday, at i p.m.
Fer freight or passage apply te
C.M. PilldTF.lt, .4 ((.
vtv-vWjWivs. -yvwy
.J-.J..-. .j.. J-j... . . m-j.jj' .a...... . - tAAiJ
Repairing of all Kinds
r'svTm. x-T& xwi
tpmmEff S0-1-- aa.m
rSii.ais&tS' Whi i;"- "".vTi "
' " I Ne. S 4:25 p. m
Add twentv-slx minutes te get city tlme.
Nes. 19 and SO are the Maysville accommoda
tion, and Nes. IT and 18 the Huntington accom
modation. Nes. 1 and S are the fast express
and Nes. 3 and 4 the F, F. V.
Ne. 4 (F. F. V.) is a solid train with through
dining car and Pullman sleepers te Washing
ton, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New Yerk.
Through Pullman sleeper te Itlohmend, Vn.,
and Old Paint Comfert. Ne. 2 IB a solid train
with Pullman sleeper te Washington, making
all Easteru and Southeastern connections.
The accommodation trains are dally oxcepl
Sunday; the rest are dally.
Direct connection at Cincinnati for points
West and Seuth.
Leave Maysville at
6 :80 a. m. f or Paris, hex-Ington.CIneInnatl.Itlch-
tnend. Stanford. T.lv.
lugsten, Jolllce, Mlddlesboreugb, Cumberland
Gap, Frankfort. Louisville and points en N.
N. and M. V., Eastern Division.
Leaves Maysville at 1:45 p. in. for Paris, Cin
cinnati, Loxlngteu, Winchester, Itlohmend
and points en N. N. nnd M. V., Eastern Divis
ion, Northbound.
Arrive at Maysville at 10.00 a. m. and 8:45
p. tn.
All trains daily oxeept Sunday.
Add twenty-six mlnutes te get city tlme.
The Ohie and Afhstetp-
j;( Hallway
is the short line be
tween Cincinnati and
St. Leuis, and all of its
trains run through solid"
te St. Leuis. Ne transferring of baggage or
of passengers who travel en O. and M. trains.
Less than ten hours Is our tlme te St. Leuis,
whero our trains make connection in the
Union Depot with trains of all Hues for the
West, 8euthwest and Northwest.
The Ohie and Mississippi Hallway Is the di
rect and fast line te Louisville.
The Ohie and Mississippi Hallway gives spe
cial attontlen te colonists going west, either
slngle or In parties. Our agents are pro pre
pared at all times te furnish Information as te
rutes and routes te points West, and when
passougers are ready te start W.il socure thelr
tickets at lewest rates and attend te oheok eheok oheek
lng baggage through te destination.
Fer tickets via O. and M. Hallway and
further Information call en agents of connect
ing lines or address C. W. PAHI8.
Central Passenger Agent O. and M. Hall
way, 48 West Fourth Streot, Cincinnati, O.
The latent Lecal AnwitheUct for the
Painless Extraction of Teeth.
Fer keeping your teeth and gums In erder
use Sapenla, best teeth wash kuewn te the
world. Onice. Soeond street.
Gee. M. dinger & Sen,
KiUaatei made en all clauei of Werk,
Leck Bex 417, MAY8VILLE, KY.
Am. I. He It Known that Wllllnm It. Cox,
Themas A. Dnvls, W. II. Wadsworth, Jr., Sam
uel T. Hickman, A. M, J. Cochran, M. C. Hus
sell, Q ee r go L. Cox rind Allou A. Edmonds,
have this day associated thcmsolves together
and beceme inonrperatcd under and by vlrtue
of Chapter 50 of the General Statutes or the
State of Konttieky as The Public Ledgor Com
pany and by that name shall sue and be sued,
contrnet nnd be contracted with, and shall have
perpetual succession and n common seal, with
pewer te alter sumo at ploasure.
Akt. '. The capital stock of said Corpora
tion shall be (5.0U0, dlvlded Inte shares of
810 each, nnd the same shall be transfera
ble by wrltten assignment en the certificate,
and when transferred the certificate for same
shall be surrendered te the Company and can
celed, and new ones Issued In lieu thoreof,
Aut. 3. This Corporation Is orgaulzed for
the purpose of publishing a nowspaper In the
city of Maysville, and distributing the same
throughout the state of Kentucky, and forthe
carrying en of a goneral nowspaper business
in said city and state.
Akt. 4. The prlnvpal place of buslness of
said Corporation shall be at Maysville, Ky.
The capital stoek of said Corporation may be
Increased at a meeting of the stockholders
ftboae holding a majority of the stoek assent
ing therete) te any sum net oxcecdlng (10,
000. This Corporation may orgunlze when
300 shares of Us stock is subscribed. Stock
may be paid for In money or equivalent nt an
agreed contract price, and nny stock net sub
scribed for may be sold from tlme te tlme,
as the Directors may direct and authorize
and the certificates of stock shall be signed by
the President and Secretary, and the corpo
rate seal shall be afiixed te same.
Akt. 5. The Corporation shall be managed
by a DIroetory of flve persons who shall be
elected annually at the Company's office In
Maysville, Ky., en, the 1st Meuduy In March of
each year. If, for any reason, thcre should
net be an elcctleu held at the tlme fixed, the
Directors lu olllce shall continue as such until
their successors are elected nnd qualified.
Akt. 0. The Directors shall choeso from
their number a President and Vloe-Presldont,
and from said number or the stockholders a
Secretary and Trcasurer, or, If they soe fit,
they may combine these two officers into ene.
They shall elect an Editor, and may elect an
assistant te the Editor, both of whose duties
and tonure of olllce they may fix and pro pre
scribe by by-laws of the Company, which by
laws a majority of the Directors may adept
for the management of the Cempany'8affaIrs.
Aiit. 7. The Company shall net Incur an
Indebtedness exceeding, In the aggregate, at
any ene tlme, a sum equal te ene-half of the
capital stock paid In.
Akt. 8. The prlvate preperty of the stock
holders of this Company shall be exempt
from all debut or liabilities of the Corpora
tion. Aiit. 0. The Corporation shall begin when
It shall have organized, as provlded for herein,
and shall continue as long as may be neces
sary, according te law.
In witness whereof, the said Incorporators
hnve hereunto set thelr hands this lOtb day of
March, 1SS.
William H. Cox, A. M. J. CecnitAN,
Themas A. Davis, M. C. Russell,
V. H. Wadsworth, Jr., Gee. L. Cov,
3 T. Hickman, Allen A. Edmonds.
State or Kentucky, I e.
Masen County. fsct
I, T. M. Pcarce, Clerk of the County Court
for the county and state aforesaid, de certify
that the lorcgelng Article of Incorporation of
The Public Ledger Ce. was, en March 10, 1S(K,
produced te me In said county, and acknowl
edged by said Themas A. Davis. William II.
Cox. W. II. Wadsworth, Jr., 8. T. Hlekraau, M.
C. Hussell. Geerge L. Cox and Alten A. Ed
monds each te be thelr act and deed, and en
March 14, 1892, the same was again reproduced
te me and acknowledged by A. M. J. Cochran
te be Ills act and deed, and ledged for record,
whereupen the same, together with this cer
tificate, hath been duly recorded In my olllce.
Given undermy hand this 14thdayef March,
1SW. T. M. PHAHCE, Clerk.
. Dy T. D. Blattery. D. a
t M.C.Eussell&Sen
f will be fenud en the
II! ilnriiiir tlm lmlldintr of tliplr new
iJ Imnen
Call and See Them.
The general practice et Law.
Small, the Tailor
Ne. 110 Market Street,
Opposite Central Hetel.
ROUT. A. cecmiAN
KV, 1
A. V. J, COCnilAN
Te Article One of Articles Incorpora
ting the Oakwood Distillery Ce.
Article te amend Artlole I or Articles or In
corporation of Oakwood Distillery Company,
of Maysville. Masen county, Kentucky, re
corded In Deed Heek Ne. K). page 443.
He It known te all whom It may cencern,
that at u meeting of the stockholders of the
Oakwood Distillery Company, Maysville,
held at Its olllce in Maysville, Kontueky,
Friday, June 3d, 189".!, it was agreed
that the corporate name of said company
be changed from Oakwood Distillery Com
pany te Poyntz llrothera Company, and
that borcafter the buslness of said corpora
tion be conducted uuder the corpernto name
of Poyntz Hrothers Company. And It was
further agreed at said meeting that Hen U.
Poyntz, Secretary and Treasurer of said
Oakwood Distillery Cempauy, be and he was au
thorized te make preper acknowledgment of
said ehange of name bofero the Clerk of Ma
son County Court, and cause same te be pub
lished and rcoerdod as required by law.
Sec, and Treat, 0 Oakwood Distillery Ce.
State or Kentucky, I .,.
Masen County. f001,
I, T. M. Poarce, Clerk of the County Court
for the county nnd state aforesaid, de certify
that the foregoing Instrument of writing was
this day produeod te me In said county nnd
aoknnwledged bofero me by lien H. Poyntz, n
a party thoreto, te be his act and deed, nnd
ledged for record, whereupon the same, to te to
getlior with this certificate, hath been duly
admitted te record In myolBce.
Given under my hand this 3d day of June,
15SH. T. M. PKAKOK, Clerk,
Uy J, 0. Levol, 1). O.
PIT T PlKaegQjtT.
Ma) or . .. E. E. Peurcu.Jr
Cltv Clerk Martin A, O'Hare
Collector titid Tivesurer... .H, A.CechraK, Jr
Marshal JamesHctlln
Assessor A.N.HuD
Weed nnd Ceal Inspector William Davis
Wliarfmiister. C. M. Phister
City Prosecutor J.N. Kehoe
City Physician Dr. C.C.Owens
City Undertaker . ........ Q. A. Mcans&Sen
Kceper Almshouse Mrs. Sarah E. Sapp
Afete Pint Thursday Evening in Each Menth,
William H. Cox. President.
First ITard.
Fnttrth irartl.
(1) W. H. Cox,
(3) Conard Hudy,
Second irnnl.
(1) J. C. Pecer,
Ci) M. F. Kchoe,
(3) C. U. Poarce, Jr.
Third irard.
(1) E. W. Fltzgerald,
(8) H. It. tllorbewor,
(1) Thes. M. Weed,
(2) Hebert Flcklln,
(3) H. L. Newell.
Fifth Ward.
(1) Goe. C. Fleming
(3) H. T. Haulman,
(3) J. I. Salisbury.
Sixth irartl.
(1) Goe. Sohreedor,
(2) Polk Hicks,
(U) ti, u. uatterman.
The fiirures Indlcate the number of yean
each Councilman has te sorve from January,
Confldeuce Ledge Ne. 53 Meets first Mon
day nigh tin each month.
Musen Ledgo Ne. 342 Meets second Monday
night In eaeh mouth.
Maysville Chapter Ne. 9 Meets third Mon
day night In each month.
Maysville Cemmandery Ne. 10- Meets fourth
Monday night tn each month.
DelCalb Ledgo Ne. 12Meets evcry Tuesday
ttlnggeld Ledgo Ne. 27 Meets overy Wednes
day night.
Plsgnh Encampment Ne. 0 Meets Becend
and fourth Mondays In overy month.
Canten Maysville Ne. S-Meets third Monday
night In each month.
Friendship Ledgo Ne. 42, D. of H.-Moeti
first Monday night (n each month.
KNienis or prrniAS.
LImcstone Ledgo Ne. 38 Meets overy Friday
Maysville Division Ne. 6, U. H. Meets first
Tuesday in evcry month,
P. O. S. A.
Washington Camp Ne. 3 Meets overy Thurs
day night.
a. a. n.
Jeseph Hciser Pest Ne. 13 Meets first and
third Saturdays in each month.
M. C. Hutehlns Camp Ne. 2. S. of V. Meets
first and third Wednesday's of the month.
Werann's Hollef Cerps Meets Becend and
fourth Saturdays In each month.
k. or 11.
Maysville Ledgo Ne. 2778. Meets first and
third Tuesdays in each month.
St. Patrick's Hcuovelont Soctety Meets
overy second Sunday.
Sodality or the U. V. M. Meets overy Sun
day. Father Mathew Total Abstinence Society
Meets first Sunday In each month.
Ancient Order of Hibernians Meets third
Sunday In each month.
Knights or St. Jehn Meets every Tuesday
German Heller Society Meets first Monday
night In each month.
Acacia Ledgo Ne. 24, F. A. M. Meets second
Wednesday night In each month.
Mt. Hormen Chapter Ne. 8, H. A. M. Meets
second Friday In each month.
Palestlne Caramandery Ne. 0, K. T. Meets
fourth Friday in eaeh month,
e. u. 0. 0. r.
Maysville Star Ledgo Ne. 1948. Meets first
and third Friday night in each month.
Housoheld of Huth Ne. 37. Meets second
Thursday night In ench month.
Conge Hlver Tabornaelo Ne. 60. Meets first
Thursday In each mouth.
Evans Ledgo Ne. 9. Meets first Wednesday
night In each month.
u. d. r.
Geed Will Ledgo Ne. 46. Meets first Satur
day and third Wednesday night Ineach month.
Yeung's Tomple Ne. 44. Meets first Monday
night In each month.
0. A. R.
McKlnnevau Pest Ne. 160. Meets fourth Sat
urday night In each month.
Weman's Hellef Cerps Ne. . Meets first
Tuesday in each month.
Hen. A. E.Cole, Judge Maysville
J. H.Sallce, Commonwealth Att'y... Maysville
Hen D. Parry, Clerk Maysville
Allan D. Cele, Master Commissioner. Maysville
Court Meet .
Masen At Maysville, Tuesday after the sec
ond Monday lu January, April, July aud Octo
ber. Fleralng At Flemlngsburg, third Monday In
May and November.
Grcenun At Greenup, fourth Monday In
toeruury anu August. , j A-
Mswis At vanceDurff ,socep.:rcaay jn
June and December.
Nicholas At Carlisle, Tuesday after third
Monday in September and fourth Monday In
March. -
Meet Second Monday in Each Menth.
Tbes. It. Phister, Presiding Judge . Maysville
Charles D. Newoll, County Atterney. Maysville
T. M. Poarce, Clerk Maysville
Jehn W. Aloxander, Sherlu. Maysville
J. C. Jeffersen I De t, I .Maysllek
SamP.Porinef"00""09! Maysville
Hebert C. Kirk, Jailer..., Maysville
Jehn D. Hec, Cerenor Maysville
JehnC. Everett, Assessor Maysville
G. W. Hlatterman, Soheol Sup't Maysville
(.Quarterly Court meets Tuesday after the
second Monday In March, June, September
and Decomber, and has civil Jurisdiction te
the amount of 9200. 1
Maysville Ne. 1. Jehn L. Grant, Magistrate,
holds court the first Tuesday In eaeh month.
Jacob Miller, Magistrate, holds court the
fourth Tuesday in eaeh month. Win. D. Daw Daw
eon, Constable w
Maysville Ne. 2.-T. J. Plckett, Maglstrate
holds court the first Saturday In eaeh month.
William Peppor, Maglstrate, holds court the
fourth Saturday In each month, J. II. MeNutt,
Dever James Earnshaw nnd Frank Luns
ford. Magistrates, held courts en the first and
third Wednesdays In March, June, Soptember
and December. Jehn Hunyon. Constable
Mlnervn O. N. Woaver and Jeseph M. Dyar,
Magistrates, held courts en the first and third
Thursdays in March, Juue, Soptember and
Decomber. William E. King, Constable.
Gorraantewn Leslle H.Mannen and Wm. Lj
Woodward, Magistrates, held courts en tbe
first Friday and third Saturday tn Match,
June, Soptember and Deoembor. Wiiflam
Feul, Constable , . -
Sardls J. M. Hall and James II. Grlgsby.
Magistrates, held courts en the soeond ana
fourth Saturdays In March, June. September
and Deoembor. A. J. Suit. Constable
Mnysllak-Charles W. Williams and J. D.
Hay mend, Magistrates, held courts en the soo seo soe
ond and fourth Fridays In March, June, Sop Sep Sop
tember and Decomber, James H. Hoberson,
Lewlsburg Isaae L. Mellvaln and Jeseph
M. Aloxander, Magistrates, held courts en the
soeond and fourth Thursdays In March, June,
Soptember and Deoembor. S. M. Strede, Con
stable Orangeburg M. D. Farrew and Lewis M.
Cellls, Magistrates, held courts en the first
Saturday and last Monday In March, June,
Beptomber and Docembor. W. II. Ceryell,
Washington Edward Helfry and Arthur F,
Weed, Magistrates, held courts en the fourth
Tuesdaya and third Wodnesdays In March,
June, September and Docembor. Geergo O,
Geirgln, Constable
Murphysvlllo-Jehn E. Wells and W. W.
Worthlngten, Magistrates, held courts en the
fourth Mondays and third Thursdays In March,
June, Soptembor and Doeomber, II. T. But
ollffe, Censtable,
Fern Leaf Samuel E. Maatln and Pewell O.
Owens, Magistrates, held oeurta en the soeond
and fourth Saturdays In March, June, Septem Septom Soptem
bor and Doeombor. Charles Walllngferd, Con
stable Helena-William Luttrell and Jeseph W
Hateraan, Magistrates, held courts en the soo seo soe
ond and fourth Wednesdays In March. June,
Soptember and December. James It. Farrew,
. iV
ssssaSESB Ii

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